Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2019 Glam Bag Ultimate!

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October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Ultimate this month:

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

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  1. I got the same box this month. With repeats and doubles in my gbp and gbu. Yeah not happy

    • I am not happy with Ultimate neither.
      I emailed ipsyCare because I thought I will be receiving 7 fullsize and 5 samples even though they claimed I will get 8 fullsize and 4 samples.

      I got answer from IpsyCare this morning. There are even more samples instead of fullsize product in my box. So I ended up getting 4 fullsize product and 8 samples!! (Because some that I believed as full-size were actually deluxe size samples) I just cancelled all my glam bag plus and ultimate membership.

      Here’s the answer from IpsyCare:
      Don’t worry! I’ve confirmed that you’ll receive 8 full-size products and 4 deluxe samples in your Glam Bag Ultimate this month.
      Full-size items:
      1. REALHER Do Your Squats Shadow Palette
      2. MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
      3. BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Liquid Eyeliner
      (it would rather be considered as a deluxe sample. Also I chose “rarely” in my profile since I started ipsy membership from this May)
      4. LASTING SMILES Lip Balm
      (retails $3.99. Seriously can it be considered as fullsize item in Ultimate box??)
      5. F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES Midnight Pro Trio
      6. THE SAEM Natural Sheet Mask Set
      (just two simple mask sheet! In my profile I chose “rarely” and I have never gotten sheet mask from my ipsy bag or plus)
      7. BIORACE Hydrating Treament Serum
      8. CONTEXT SKIN Matte Lipstick
      (this is the item I could addon for $3)

      Deluxe Samples:
      PAPA RECIPE Eggplant Mud Cream Mask
      CELA SKIN Creme de la Creme
      DEWY TREE The Clean Lab AC Dew Foam
      REAL CHEMISTRY Day Cream

      • I have the same box as you with two exceptions..I got the huda topaz instead of the realher thankfully and i got the farmacy instead of the murad which was my chosen item. Ipsy should be ashamed on these items they are considering full size for this expensive box as they are all items that you would get in a regular glam bag. Also, I never recieved an email like others that I would get an extra item to make up for the plus and ultimate makeup bags being the same. I emailed ipsy care yesterday as well about the promised 8 full size items and here is the reply I received.

        Thanks for writing, and I’m so sorry for the trouble!

        We’re aware of this issue, and we definitely want to resolve this for you as quickly as possible. I’ve forwarded the info you provided to our tech team, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update.

        Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

        Take care,

      • I ended up backing out of the Ultimate but I seen many members who really had confidence that Ipsy would knock it out of the park. I feel like Ipsy cheated their member with this bag. $50 for those items is a scam!! Ince I seen spoilers I knew to cancel. I feel ipsy owes their members an apology and to fix this. I could have swore they also said glam bag plus and Ultimate would have different items. I think they rushed because of BC announcement and they just threw what they could in this box.

        • bwahahahahahaha never gonna happen. if only ipsycare cared a rat’s behind!

          • Lol right! You need to eat the cost,consider it a learning experience and move on. Ipsy won’t do anything to “fix” it.

        • Agree. I felt cheated. I wasnt supposed to get face mask and got 2 and of course real her….like it’s just junk. They could at the very least threw in the make up geek high for everyone…like this is no where worth 50 dollars for junk products. Sad they are doing this to people.

          • I was curious how it would add up, value wise. Compared with previously receiving GBP (or other combos now). So I did the math – researched all the items & prices – even to figure out what the samples are worth. Thus giving a box total. So unless a size arrives different from what my account states so far, the box value I arrived at is
            Full size $205.00
            Sample size $22.44
            Total box $227.44

            Advertised value $250+

            The truth is – several items they are counting as full size are cheap to purchase. The sheet masks are $1.99 each. Eyeshadow is $6.99. Lip gloss is $7.99. Value of several deluxe samples come out to 3 & 4 dollars a piece. This is not me complaining- I realize it’s a good deal total. But the reality of the math is – what’s advertised is possibly not what will be received. It seems there are several great items (usually received in GBP) with a bunch of filler items (that would normally be in the base Glambag). To stay competitive with Boxyluxe, which costs the same, they will have to step it up. Unless it improves, I won’t be able to justify double the cost. Lately Ipsy has been doing great, so hopefully this is just working out the kinks.

          • I popped by to see how many others are dissappointed with the Glam Bag Ultimate. I too thought they would blow us away with this first one.. Im getting the same stupid Betty Boop cheek palette in my gbp and gbu. When i emailed, their resolution was to give me points! Points that i can purchase old crap from their point store! (And things i already have!) I told them im not happy, and that i would prefer a new item.., and they didn’t bother to respond. Ill be canceling both next month if i don’t see an improvement. I’m getting some garbage sheet masks as one of my “full size” items too.

      • Wow! I’m an IPSY fan but I’m really ticked off. I actually only received 4 full sized items and 8 Deluxe samples as well. I wrote the following to them saying I only received 6 full size items but I really only received 4 because of the 3.99 lip balm and the Betty Boop eyeliner that was included in the regular glam bag.

        My email:

        My Glam Bag Ultimate contains 6 full size items not 8, and a lip balm is one of the full size items.

        Full Size:
        1. Huda Beauty Topaz Palette
        2. Farmayc – Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Balm
        3. Betty Boop X IPSY – Black Eyeliner – included in $10.00 regular IPSY glam bag
        4. F.A.R.A.H. Brushes – Midnight Pro Trio
        5. Biorace L’eau Hyrdating Treatment Serum
        6. Lasting Smiles – Lip Balm – $3.99 value

        1. Papa Recipie Eggplant Mask .5oz – full size is 3.4oz
        2. Dewy Tree: The Clean Labe AC Dew Foam 15ml – full size is 140ml
        3. Cela Skin: Cream de la cream: 30 ml – full size is 75 ml
        4. The Saem: 2 Sheet Masks- full size is $14.99 for set of 13
        5. Real Chemistry Rescue Day Cream 20 gm/20 ml – full size is 50 ml
        6. Context Skin – Sweet Emotion – I don’t consider this a full size as it was offered in the regular glam bag and available for an add on price of 3.00 not 12.00 which would be a full size item.

        The eggplant recipe is for oily & problematic skin which I’ve never ever had! I hope you can understand my disappointment in my bag and I look forward to hearing back from you.

      • I have the exact same box and I have rarely on the same items that you do. Not personalized according to profile at all. They just have a bunch of variations.

      • Full size
        1. FARMACY – Green Clean Cleansing Balm
        2. THE SAEM Natural Sheet Mask Set
        3. C’EST MOI BEAUTY – Reflect Lip Gloss – Opulence
        4. BETTY BOOP x IPSY – Ipsy X Betty Boop Blush Palette in Cheek to Cheek Palette – Cheek To Cheek
        5. BIORACE – Hydrating Treament Serum
        6. F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES – Midnight Pro Trio – Midnight Blue Collection
        7. HUDA BEAUTY – Obsessions Palette – Warm Brown
        8. Makeup Geek – Highlighter – Lit

        Sample size
        1. PAPA RECIPE – Eggplant Mud Cream Mask
        2. CELA SKIN – Creme de la Creme – The Very Best Cream
        3. COLOURED RAINE COSMETICS – Eyeshadow – Champagne Life
        4. L.O.C.K. COLOR – Unicorn Glow Hydrating Primer

        Their product selection for Ultimate is shameful. What they are considering “FULL SIZE” is a joke. Seriously, this box should have been for April cause they made a fool outta me. Ipsy should be ashamed for ripping off their loyal customers.

      • Same here. Super super disappointed..what did they say back to you?!
        This is just awful and wish I would have listened to everyone’s vibes about canceling this box

  2. I think I got “value” for my Ultimate even though obviously not every item is what I would have bought. What I don’t want or can’t use will be given to friends and that is also “value” to me because it gives me pleasure to be able to give something to a friend.

    I received

    MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser – I selected this based on reviews and my liking their products. The retail value is $40 and that almost covers the cost of the bag – actual cost to me if I bought with tax would have been $44 :-).

    Realher I Feel Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette – Unlike others I don’t have a hatred for this brand. I received a trio of blushers awhile ago and it was one of my go-to blush products

    Nanette Lepore Beautiful Times Perfume – Love perfume so I am always happy to get some. Not sure what the size will be – hopefully a full size but even the small purse spray is $25 so I am already over the $50 cost for the bag

    The Saem Sheet Masks – not really a fan of sheet masks so I will probably give them away. On the other hand, they are fun when I am lazy because I can apply them in bed and not have to deal with washing them off 🙂

    Papa Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask – I don’t “need” another mask but this seems interesting in terms of ingredients. I don’t have acne per se but I could use a “cleansing” mask versus a hydration mask so I will give this a whirl. Since I am already over my “value” in terms of actively liking the perfume and Murad, I’m ahead of the game even if I just use this a few times – or I can gift it which gives me X amount of “value” in terms of my liking to give things to my friends.

    Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer – I discovered Purlisse through my subscription boxes and this sounds great as I don’t need a super heavy moisturizer. Not sure of the value but full size is $45. I wouldn’t spend that amount on a moisturizer but even a good drugstore brand of moisturizer would be at least $15 or so.

    C’est Moi Beauty Reflect Lip Gloss – Not really a fan of lip glosses but obviously I am going to get lip products in a box. Someone in my circle will appreciate it

    Colored Raine – Glamour – Not a super fan of loose shadows because I’m a bit of a slob and invariably wind up spilling on the counter and then not cleaning up carefully but someone will like it in my circle

    L.O.C.K Color Unicorn Glow Long Wear Primer – Always like trying one of the Korean brands and this seems like an interesting product

    Betty Boop Cheek Palette – Unlike others, I don’t hate the thought of this collaboration. The colors actually seem functional for my coloring. I have no idea what the “value” is but even a drugstore brand like Maybelline costs about $15 for this kind of product

    Biorace L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum – I love serums and retail value for this (assuming it is full size) is $62. Even a Deluxe Sample size would have “value” to me

    FARAH Brushes – It’s nice to get some face brushes. I can use a good foundation and stippling brush because those seem to get more of a workout than eye brushes

    • The Coloured Raine shadow is a pressed powder. It’s especially great for slobs since it’s a “foiled” type shadow… you just wash your hands, drag your finger across the surface of the shadow, drag your finger across your eyelid, & wash your hands again. Done!

      • Thanks. I saw some powder picture and thought it was a loose shadow.

    • I have the exact same bag! Like you, while I may not have selected each of these items for myself, I would not say I am disappointed either. I still feel like I got a good value, especially with the add-on items I was able to select. Between those and the bag, I ended up spending over $80. I am very pleased to be getting the Murad cleanser, Farmacy cleansing balm, and Dr. Brandt exfoliator – which have a combined retail of $153. So, it is like I got those three for over 40% off…and the rest of the items for free. Not bad! Maybe I will love those other products too, maybe I won’t – but I’ll choose to focus on the positive. 🙂

      Glad to hear of your experience with the RealHer product line. I have not tried this line yet, but wanted to keep an open mind about it. Despite the negative feelings many have in relation to RealHer as an ipsy offering, I have found relatively favorable reviews elsewhere.

      • I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I really like the RealHer palettes I have. They stay put on my troublesome oily eyelids longer than some very pricey palettes from well known and highly rated brands.

    • The Nanette lepore perfume is a vial sample of about 5 sprays. FYI for those who received it.

      • I thought it was a 10 ml spray? Those last for a while. 10 ml is the size of the travel perfumes at sephora.

        • You thought wrong. It’s a sample vial. I got it in my regular bag last month.

          • So it,s worth less than two bucks!! My calculations were off the 10 ml size! I guess this way they cant try to pass it off as a full size? 😒

          • Picture is showing the .34 oz size.

            If it’s going to be the straight up sample it’ll be hilarious.

          • Unless they are putting bigger sizes in the Ultimate it’s the same free vial type sample that you get from Sephora or Macys as a bonus sometimes.

  3. Is the Farmacy Green Clean in the GBU full size? I had it as an option to add-on and usually if I receive it in my box, I don’t. Does that mean it’s actually sample size in the GBU?

    • It is full size.

      • Whew! Thank goodness! That’s the only item I got this month that I’m happy about, so I would of been rather upset if it was a sample.

        • I’m truly glad that some people are excited about this, especially since they’ve paid. I cancelled last month and feel like I dodged a bullet. Ipsy had potential to really up their sales and wow people with this first bag, and instead I feel like they weren’t ready and it was a total flop. Definitely makes me hesitant to sign back up again.

    • I’m getting the Betty Boop eyeliner in my bag and noticed that it was available as an add on this month too, it’s not usually like that.

      • Well I don’t know if that happens to another people, but my bag was literally the worst and suddenly Ipsy changed my bag completely, even added me another product (13 in total) I have now a lot of skin care, but got the Huda (Instead of the realher i was getting) and the betty eyeliner (i was getting the blush pallete but i din’t really like it) I was getting the moisturizing primer when I have oily skin, perfume, the single eyeshadow. I think they changed it because it really does not complete the estimulated value of the box. Its like a miracle, but now I’m more satisfied and excited.

  4. Bait and switch.

    I went through every one of the 12 items I’m receiving and SIX of them are sample/small size.

    This, combined with the fact that they aren’t sending the Ultimate size bag this month, means they aren’t delivering on the promised product.

    I didn’t sign up for this, and am annoyed with the poor roll-out of this “Ultimate” Subscription. I feel like they jumped the gun, and should have waited until they could deliver on the promise

    • Agreed. Sorely disappointed.

    • I have all 3 bags so I was excited to choose 3 products this month.

      First choice was Betty Boop Blush Palette – did not receive it.
      Second choice was Private Doctor Serum – didn’t receive that choice either.
      Third choice was Murad Exfoliating Cleanser – I received that in BOTH Glam Bag Plus & Ultimate. …even though there wasn’t supposed to be duplicates between bags.

      The only item that was worth it in the Ultimate bag was the Biorace Serum. I also got a “Lasting Smiles” brand CHAP STICK. Retails for $3.99. What in the world is this item doing in the Ultimate bag? Ipsy bag, sure. Ultimate bag – seriously??

      I don’t really see the 8 full size products. I guess they counted the Betty Boop eyeliner, sheet masks, and Realher Palette as full size items? Oh, and the chap stick. Yasss… a full size chap stick, what every girl wants in a $50 beauty bag. So, I feel like a total idiot for buying this.

      I hope I like the Murad cleanser since I’m getting two. I guess if I want the blush and serum that I picked and didn’t get, I need to buy those as add-ons. If I do that, it will make my $50 bag cost $65. Super.

      • Sunny, that’s awful!!
        I’m so sorry you’re not receiving your choice items – totally not cool!
        Definitely try emailing them, they should correct that, for sure!

        • I have now emailed them a total of 3 times. They told me “no worries” which is beyond irritating. They added some points to my account but they won’t fix the products in my bags. I even sent them the email confirmations that show my choices. They said they have no record that I chose the Betty Boop Blush Palette or the Private Doctor Serum. They are basically calling me a liar even though I sent them my confirmations. Which is odd, considering the items I picked. I don’t think my choices are the most popular or most expensive, so it would be a weird thing for me to lie about.

          And… get this. I selected the Murad for the Glam Bag Plus. I am getting that one. They told me they don’t see that on their end. I am also getting the Murad in Ultimate. They confirmed Murad in Ultimate but asked ME to send THEM a screen shot to PROVE that I’m getting Murad in the Plus bag as well! Apparently it is my job to inform them what is in my bag?

          So I took a screen shot of my Plus spoilers and there is a little blue circle that says “you picked this” next to Murad. They keep telling me I am only getting one Murad in my Ultimate bag, and they don’t have me getting a second Murad in the Plus bag. Even though I picked that one! It is almost funny if it weren’t so maddening. And now it makes me wonder what products they have me down for, and what I will actually receive.

          I have no idea what is going on, other than it’s messy and the guy who is responding to me is totally rude. But NO WORRIES, right? I bought all three bags and did 5 add-on’s with each, so I spent a lot of money to not get my choices. But hey, NO WORRIES. Here are some points now go away 🙁

          • So disgusting! I got 4 full sized items and I’m really upset. One of my items is for ‘oily problem’ skin which I’ve never had. A breakdown on the total cost of more than one of the ‘deluxe’ items was 2.00 and under. I got a face cleanser with a value of 1.71, the lip balm was considered ‘full size’ so were two sheet masks which have a value of just over 3.00. Are you kidding me? I would have been much further ahead purchasing the basic bag and paying for add ons. I’m really ticked off.

      • Wow. I knew everyone was disappointed, but your post really shows how unprepared ipsy was for this roll out. They clearly promised several things they were not able to deliver on: 8 ACTUAL full size products, honoring choices and no duplicates between bags, not to mention completely disregarding personalizing to everyone’s preferences due to lack of product variety.

        I feel like they need to do some major PR damage control via an acknowledgment or apology. I really hope they pull it together because we were all clearly excited and ready to buy what was promised. I think if they can deliver, it could be a really amazing sub.

        • The general response has been sorry we’ll take it into consideration but not a single thing is actually being done. They’re intent on keeping the money and sending this sub bar bag in lieu of keeping subscribers. Numerous times they’ve been given outs to claim it was a mistake or a glitch but the drug in and aim the 2 sheet masks and other glam bag items are full size and that’s that.

    • Totally agree. Thoroughly disappointed! I am getting the lip balm, Betty Boop eyeliner (selling for $3 as an “add on” item, 2 sheet masks. And it seems like those are being counted as “full-sized” items.
      I couldn’t wait to cancel my subscription.

    • It’s interesting that they waited so long to let everyone sub to the plus box I was surprised to see them offer the ultimate to everyone so quickly

  5. Very disappointed. Honestly did not believe that it could be this bad. I’m frustrated with ipsy for pulling this nonsense, & frustrated with myself for falling for it.

    5/12 items are leftovers/repeats/zombie items from previous months. These items were NOT sent to me the first time because they did not fit my profile. They still do not fit my profile. What makes it extra sad/hilarious for me is that IpsyMatch knew that I did not want the Purlisse moisturizer in July, & set me to receive a repeat product (LZMI crème du Nil), instead. That’s when I gave up on that bag.

    – Huda Warm Brown palette (choice)
    – FARAH face brushes
    – Biorace serum
    – Betty boop blush palette
    – Lock Hydrating primer sample
    – Coloured Raine champagne life shadow
    – c’est moi Lip gloss
    – Purlisse green tea moisturizer
    – papa recipe mud mask sample
    – the saem sheet masks x 2
    – Farmacy cleansing balm
    – Nanette Leopore Beautiful Times sample

    What’s sad is that I would have LIKED to receive the Cela body lotion, the MUG highlighter, & the peach lip balm.

    • This is the same ultimate that I am getting. I actually think it is a very good curation and I am glad I decided to order it. I mean seriously, it was 50$ just the farmacy and huda pallet alone is valued over the cost of the entire box.

      • And if you’re a person who typically pays full price for stuff, then that argument holds. If you’re a bargain hunter like me and never pay anywhere close to retail for this stuff, then it’s a far less convincing one. For example, all Huda palettes on their website were 50% off like a week or 2 ago. The Huda Obsessions palettes were $13.50 each.

        So I look at this mishmash of repeats, re-treads and no-name brands and see basically none of the products offered are of any interest to me at all. And the couple of decent ones in the bunch, though they hold no interest for me personally, could both be found for less than $30 total. I understand why people are disappointed and I’m relieved I cancelled Ipsy before it was too late this month.

        • If you bargain hunt why get subscription boxes at all.

          They are definitely not a rational economic decision since you can always just get exactly what you want and need and spend less in the long or even short run.

          I don’t expect any box to have the stated value especially since I wouldn’t be buying most of the items anyway. It’s basically just a form of entertainment to me and as long as I get a few items that are roughly equivalent to what I am paying for the box it’s worth it to me for the fun.

          • I get subscription boxes to try high end products before buying to see if they do what they say. I could pay for everyone’s box in this thread, but I don’t like wasting money, so I prefer trying before buying. Ipsy, up until a couple of months ago, followed our profiles and sent high end products. Now, we are getting products that sell at Walmart. They advertised products that weren’t put in the Ultimate box. I agree that they should go back to following profiles and maybe should have waited until they had the products to do so unless it was their plan to make money on add-ons.

          • For the same reason you do: entertainment. But also because beauty boxes can be a fantastic bargain if the mix of products is right. This Ultimate bag is absolutely not a case like that for me though and apparently not for a huge number of people.

            Bargain hunting is something I do as a hobby, not out of necessity, so I don’t mind if every box doesn’t give me the best bottom dollar price on things or if I don’t love every product. But I rarely ever justify their value or worth by saying “well, I hate everything else, but X product costs $34, so I got my money’s worth”. Because I know X product can be gotten for $20 instead of $34 if you know how to do it.

          • That’s a great way of looking at it. It is a relatively cheap form of entertainment that I look forward to every month.

        • Well let’s say I’m not subbing to ultimate next month! No FOMO for me! I’ll save my 50$. Actually it was 85 because I got both plus and ultimate. What some don’t get is if it’s not something I’d normally use or buy it’s a waste to me! I don’t care about “total value”. I’d rather take my 85$ and go to Ulta and get something I’d like to try and use. Sub boxes are absolutely supposed to be bargains.This was not imho. This was a total rip off. I got doubles of the cheek palettes, 4 highlighters between both, 3 masks 2 cleansers etc etc. I hate warm tones and got the Huda warm browns.I don’t fault them for that but let’s be honest these obsessions palettes have been going around for months at Ipsy. Half the brands I’ve never heard of and they are considering samples to me as my full size items. I also put 1 star for purlisse several times in previous bags and ofcourse got that in my plus! Perfume is a hard pass but got that too! I think if they are trying to even compete w boxyluxe they better step it up. I’ve never been dissatisfied w a boxyluxe box yet…… Im so annoyed w them this was a money grab. I was the BIGGEST Ipsy fan but not anymore.

      • Yes… except some of us didn’t receive Huda or Farmacy.

        -RealHer Palette
        -Murad Cleanser (duplicate – as I picked for my Glam Bag Plus
        -Betty Boop Eyeliner
        -Lasting Smiles Lip Balm
        -Farah Brushes
        -Eggplant Mask (sample size)
        -Sheet Masks
        -Biorace Serum
        -Cela Cream (sample size)
        -Context Lipstick in Sweet Emotion (weird orange color)
        -Dewy Tree Cleanser Foam (sample size)
        -Real Chemistry Day Cream (sample size)

        I chose the Betty Boop blush but didn’t receive it.

    • I got the same items as you and I’m very excited! I already own Huda Beauty Warm Brown but much prefer it over MUG highlighter or body lotion. What’s odd is that we all have the same curation even though it’s supposed to be based on our profiles :/

      • It looks to me like not very many people got the MUG highlight. I think it was mostly in lieu of the Purlisse.

        There just aren’t enough variants to make them really personalized, which was my frustration with GBP along with the variant items. Depending on what the November spoilers are, I may decide to just stay out of ipsy’s higher tier boxes altogether & stick with add-ons when I can. The curation I get for that bag is usually pretty good, if not great!

        • **my frustration with GBP along with the returning/zombie items.

    • That’s the exact same thing I’m getting. I could have gone to Ulta and bought a very nice palette for $50 instead of getting a box full of useless items. Seriously, this entire box will be given away.

    • Identical bag here, as well, but I’m pretty happy with it as there are several products here I’ve not received in the past.

    • I’m so annoyed and disheartened I fell for this “upgrade”.
      Customer service isn’t doing anything and stoped responding after I threatened to report to bbb; I got 7 sample/deluxe when I should have gotten 4; seriously 7.
      On top of that repeat Farah brushes (now have 4 sets) yay me.
      Icing on the cake: two opted out items lol I’m done with Ipsy which is sad since I’ve been with them for over 6 years.
      That being said I have the Cela and lip balm and the lipstick I will gladly swap with you for items you dont want.
      I would prefer a refund but I doubt they will honor that.

  6. I ended up with 2 blush palettes. 🤦‍♀️ I’m going to try to swap one or give it away. I’m pretty happy with my bag except for the sheet masks and the c’EST moi lip gloss.

  7. I’m very disappointed with my bag also! This is really the first time Ipsy has let me down . It would have been better if some of the add ons were in the bag as options to receive such as the teeth whitener , Tarte eyeliner pots, figoria eye cream , dr Brandt ,full sized it cc cream but no they are mostly add ons so they can make more money instead of putting all these brands nobody has heard of ugh!

    • most, if not all, were in the plus bag. which might even make it worse. especially after seeing our disappointing “ultimate” reveal.

    • I feel like I just threw 50 bucks away. This is the WORST sub I’ve EVER received. If not for the huda pallet I selected I got all skincare by companies I mostly never heard of. I got an eyeliner and a lippy that resembles melted chocolate. Horrible. I’m so disappointed

      • Same here. When I got to see my bag…all skincare and betty boop cartoon junk. I’m so sick of video game and cartoon makeup!! I checked “never” on all skincare products in my profile and made sure to check “often” to makeup and especially eyeshadow. Ok I got the realher palette but no option to pick a huda palette. Like literally my birthday gift to myself was a couple huda palettes and I wasted the money on skincare I cannot use and a palette I wouldn’t even consider.
        I’m done with Ipsy altogether.

  8. I am actually pretty pleased with my bag.

    Murad, lip balm, lipstick, serum, eyeliner, brushes and all skincare samples. I have rated all of these highly.

    Meh… RealHer in Do Your Squats and sheet masks

    Would have liked to try the perfume:)

  9. I am actually pretty pleased with my bag.

    Murad, lip balm, lipstick, serum, eyeliner, brushes and all skincare samples. I have rated all of these highly.

    Meh… RealHer in Do Your Squats and sheet masks

    Would have liked to try the perfume:)

  10. Not sure if I’m getting October’s or not. I forgot I took the Paypal charge permissions away and they were not able to charge me for Ultimate or Plus. I updated the info but not sure if I’m getting Octobers. Not really excited for anything but still don’t like the unknown.

    • As long as your payment was processed before October 6th you will receive October’s bags, their site just takes about 6-10 days after your payment to update and let you add your add ons. I intentionally wait until the 5th of each month to allow my payment to process every month. Gives me time to check reveals, I tend to get a better curation due to the crap variations already being shipped out, and my add ons tend to be different ( you still get the option after the 2nd to add on the same amount of add ons, but the add different choices due to the main typical ones selling out, and I avoid all the bs product variations by waiting). I don’t know, but it works for me, plus I see the main products being sent and all that months products and go in and change my profile accordingly to avoid receiving those things. Like I have absolutely no hair types or products checked and I never receive any, I didn’t check any nail products and never receive any, and so on. I just play the system, and process payment on a prepaid cc card accordingly once I see what the majority receives, and change my profile.

      • Thanks!!

    • How do you get to pay with pay pal?! I would much rather do this, but when I go I to my account I just see my credit card. I’ve had issues with my card being hacked (not at ipsy) so it would be great of I could use PayPal in places where we can.

      • It was available when I signed up. I just did a mock order with a different email and it’s still there. I think once you put in a CC you can’t use Paypal after that.

  11. I got the same except a Real Her instead of Huda. I feel like Real Her is the Snake that pops out of the can of nuts of subscription boxes. Sad face.

    • Having said that I do feel the number and size of products is a good value for the money, and I will use the cleanser, but I’m disappointed with the brands. Not sure how many Real Her and Farrah brushes these people can possibly send me…

    • Lol, Christina! (Thanks for something to laugh about this disappointing morning.)

      • I’m glad (and sorry) you get it :p

  12. I cancelled (actually just skipped October) last minute and was having serious FOMO thinking they were holding out the good stuff until reveal day but I am glad I cancelled. If November spoilers aren’t great I will just cancel Ultimate altogether.

  13. Okay my bag finally showed but I can’t tell what is sample and what is full size. SHADY that we can’t tell sizes Ipsy. I’m way underwhelmed with the brands and items in GB & GBU. My GBP is okay. What a bummer month of bags October is. The brands included ar not prestige or even recognized by me is a huge disappointment. I feel ripped off at $50 if the Pharmacy cleansing in full size isn’t in my bag. BUT it allowed me to order one for $12 so I assume its not and the one showing that I will get is a sample size. DEF canceling GBU. Also got huda in Warm brown, NO WAY! I’m fair skin and only have neutral and mauves chosen.

    • I got the Huda Warm Browns too and it sounds like I have similar coloring to you. No way I’ll use it. I have neutrals selected. Maybe they consider anything brown neutral?

      • You hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what they mean by neutral.

    • farmacy was my ultimate picka and I still had to option add it as an addon on all 3 of my bbags. If you click the description of the items you can see the sizes.

    • All shades of browns are neutral, you can even tell that by the pictures they have beside each eyeshadow option as examples of that specific option in the quiz. Plus browns are always what each brand considers neutral or nudes (it’s interchangeable). If you don’t want browns never choose neutral or nudes, because it’s such a broad spectrum from a light khaki to dark almost black brown that you could end up with. Moral of the story Nuetral/Nude=Browns.

  14. So the ultimate & plus bags are the same?

    • Yes. Ipsy sent out an email to people getting both and promised a free mascara to make up for it and the bag spoilers were posted here yesterday I believe.

    • They’re exactly the same? Why is one $25 more? I hope there are additional products at least

      • Just the actual “bag” is the same, not the contents.

        • I see six samples
          Coloured Raine
          C’est moisture beauty
          Cela skin
          Sheet masks
          Lemon verbena mask
          L.O.CK. primer

          The eyeliner should count as a sample, too. But I’m thinking g they are counting g the colored rsine and the sheet masks as full sized items? Wow.

          • Pretty sure the C’est Moi Beauty is full sized also. So it’s the lipgloss and the sheet masks.

          • It appears my bag has 6 to 7 samples in it as well. I am pretty upset.I have reached out to them. If this was there intention it should have been made public.If I could buy them as $3.00 add ons why would they be in Ultimate as full size. I have always like Ipsy , however had this been discussed before hand I would not have signed up.

          • I would hope the C’est Moi is not considered full size I got it in my regular bag last month, it is a sample size lipgloss about a third to half size of the full size lip glosses.

          • Yeah, it looks as if they’re taking some of the things we would consider deluxe sized(because we’ve always received them in the regular bag and never the Plus) and counting them as full sized items. Honestly, only 4 things in mine I would actually consider a full sized (per the standards ipsy has set) item. I’m honestly mad. About friggin makeup. I need to walk away

          • I agree here. I’m seeing mostly samples. I upscale wanting full size products. Not very happy right now. Sad face

          • They are considering the 3 dollar sheet masks and 3 dollar chapstick as full size actually😤

          • C’est Moi isn’t full sized. I got it already, and it’s just okay. Not a very glossy gloss, and doesn’t show up on me, but it’s not overly sticky either.

      • One has 5 products one has 12 it is just same make up bag.

  15. If anyone is curious I went through the details on my bag and calculated values:

    The Saem sheet mask set (assuming counts as full) – $4
    Papa Recipe Eggplant clearing mask (sample) – $2.80
    C’est Moi Beauty lip gloss (full) – $8
    Cela Skin lotion (sample) – $12
    Coloured Raine in Champagne Life (sample) – $7 (without case)
    Kaleido Cosmetics eyeliner (full) – $8
    LOCK Color Long Wear Primer (sample) – $4
    Betty Boop blush palette (full) – ??
    Biorace L’eau Hydrating Serum (full) – $68
    FARAH brush trio (full) – $48
    Huda Beauty palette in Warm Browns (full) – $27
    Farmacy Green Clean (full) – $34

    This gives a total of $223 so to meet the $250 value the Betty Boop palette has to be valued at least $27. We can all argue the value of that and the FARAH brushes.

    I wish some of the other items were full sized like the primer and lotion but overall I’m not that upset about spending $50 since I’m getting my Farmacy, the serum I want to try and a bunch of other stuff I also am interested in trying (which is the point of sub boxes). The best part to me is that if I end up really liking any of them, it shouldn’t be very expensive to buy full size since, true the ipsy way, a lot of them are fairly affordable. LOL. But I am glad I skipped Plus and regular this month because it would be product overload (and I’m not that trilled with the options for Plus either). I ended up just adding on the Purlisse serum I originally chose for my bag before skipping.

    • In my opinion, those Betty Boop items aren’t worth any more than what they are selling for within the collection. The entire collection on Ipsy offers is $39 right now, so for Ipsy to put a $30 value on just the palette within the boxes is a complete rip off.

    • Those sheet masks are selling for $1.20 each on the manufacturer’s website.

      • I only saw the avocado one on their site. It was $1.89 and sold out. I found them both on a different site for $2 each. I rounded up and took the $2 for simplicity.

    • I was curious how it would add up, value wise. Compared with previously receiving GBP (or other combos now). So I did the math – researched all the items & prices – even to figure out what the samples are worth. Thus giving a box total. So unless a size arrives different from what my account states so far, the box value I arrived at is
      Full size $205.00
      Sample size $22.44
      Total box $227.44

      Advertised value $250+

      The truth is – several items they are counting as full size are cheap to purchase. The sheet masks are $1.99 each. Eyeshadow is $6.99. Lip gloss is $7.99. Value of several deluxe samples come out to 3 & 4 dollars a piece. This is not me complaining- I realize it’s a good deal total. But the reality of the math is – what’s advertised is possibly not what will be received. It seems there are several great items (usually received in GBP) with a bunch of filler items (that would normally be in the base Glambag). To stay competitive with Boxyluxe, which costs the same, they will have to step it up. Unless it improves, I won’t be able to justify double the cost. Lately Ipsy has been doing great, so hopefully this is just working out the kinks.

  16. Actually very happy with mine! I’m getting:

    – Farmacy Green Clean – Picked this!
    – Huda Eyeshadow Palette on Warm Browns – Not the colors I would have chosen, but excited to give it a try!
    – Makeup Geek Highlighter in Lit – Love highlighters and haven’t tried one from MG before!
    – Biorace Serum – Yay, needed a new serum!
    – Betty Boop Blush Palette – Yay, love blush!
    – Farah Brushes – Yay, was hoping for these!
    – The Saem Masks – Yay, been a while since I did any sheet masking.
    – C’est Moi Lipgloss in Opulence – Awesome! I got Bliss last time so was hoping for this color too.
    – Papa Recipe Mud Cream Mask – Yay, love masks!
    – Coloured Raine Eyeshadow in Champagne Life – Meh, will be gifted.
    – Cela Cream – Yay, needed more body cream.
    – Unicorn Glow Hydrating Primer – Meh, but will try.

    10 out of 12 is pretty great!

    • I received almost the same bag, two products different. I am happy with the ultimate, lots of skincare. And the plus I am happy with as well.

    • you received 6 samples. paying twice the price as Plus for one extra full sized item.

      • Six samples and six full sized, so like getting regular ($12) and Plus ($25) together ($37) but with one extra item each. Those two extra items make up the $13 difference to me.

  17. No FOMO here! First time I’ve ever suspended Ipsy since starting. The spoilers didn’t do anything for me personally so I am waiting for November. Hoping they are done transitioning with everything new and November is awesome!

  18. I got this same bag except instead of the Cela cream which I would have liked, I got a perfume sample, not really an equal swap. This bag is so bad, no way they looked at my profile at all. So much cheap garbage and samples( way more than 4 are regular bag level sample items). I have rated the Farah brushes at a 1 for a year. None of my bags this time seemed to follow my profile, my plus bag has the 2 items I am opted out of. I think Ipsy has gone all Icarus on us and tried for too much and failed. Definitely canceling “ultimate” most likely canceling my other 2 accounts in their entirety. pretty bummed out

  19. Honestly never thought I would say this, bc I am a loyal ipsy fanatic. I am appalled by the items I received in ultimate. My jaw dropped when I saw my reveal.

    To add insult to injury, the regular GBP which I have never paused one single time, save for this month to try ultimate, had products miles above the JUNK I received in ultimate. I have no words for this, other than cancelling ultimate immediately and going back to my trusty glam bag plus. Just wow. What a waste of money. Truly. This entire bag is going on mercari.

    • EXACTLY my thoughts….. first time EVER I can honestly say I was disappointed with Ipsy.

  20. Liking to swap Huda Warm Brown for Topaz!

    • Looking lol not liking

  21. I woke up early for this? Kinda bummer my GBU isn’t even showing with its contents so I cant and wont shop for add on’s til it does. Overall I am also disappointed. Agree with the non name brand comments and will DEF be canceling.

  22. I cancelled my regular and Plus for this. About to cancel this too and leave it all. Coloured Raine and realher and 2 sheet masks and brands I’ve never heard of for $50. Nah, thanks fam.

    • i got this same bag (i chose the farmacy). what are they considering as the EIGHT full size & FOUR samples???
      1.farmacy 2.huda 3.betty blush 4. biorace serum 5.brushes…the remaining SEVEN look like the samples you’d get in a regular $12 ipsy bag. that is the same as getting a $25 plus bag + a $12 regular = $37…not $50.

  23. My GBU is FANTASTIC! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I’m excited about my picks from Ipsy! You never disappoint. I will use everything in my box and cant wait for November. Thanks for making my day!

    • No no no!!! One thing is to receive the products you have in your profile as not preferred (That with me that is perfectly fine) and another thing is to be treated as a fool in your face. They said 8 products FULL SIZE !!! No matter where in the planet you are, this was a false publicity. I wonder what the BBB would think

  24. Does anyone want to trade the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Palette for the Topaz one?

  25. I cant even see what’s in my GBU! WTH is going on again? I can see GB & GBP but it wont show my GBU so I wont order any extras I guess. This is frustrating for it not to be showing.

    • I still can’t see mine either… Came here earlier & saw others having the same problem but I see some saying they are able to see it now, are you? I wasn’t able to see my gb last month & gave up waiting at the end of the night & did add ons, of course I ended up with 3 doubles bc I added on 3 items I got in my gp which is so very upsetting still bc I wanted other items too & would have chosen them, instead I have multi of the same samples… I do NOT want to repeat that this month, especially with full size or Betty Boop items! So frustrating!!!

      • Still unable to see my ultimate on one of my accounts, my daughters account showed up all 3 bags. My account I can only see my plus and not my ultimate 🤷‍♀️

  26. At first I was so dissapointed. Then I went thru all three tiers and found I am ok with most of it. The regular bag, I love 4 out of the 5 samples. Plus, I’m really good with 4 out of 5. The Ultimate, I’m good with 7 out of 12 items. What bothers me is, they don’t list the sizes of products anywhere so, I don’t know what the full sizes and what the sample sizes are in my Ultimate for the most part. Anyone know what size the Papa mask is?
    Overall, I’ll be content but, will be pausing all my subs at least till I see spoilers.. and definitely will cancel my Ultimate all together. It was just very underwhelming. Ipsy really missed the mark on this.

    • Hi, open the details about the product where it says why you’ll love it, how to use, etc, and then below where reviews will be, I think it says details. Open that it and it shows sizes. I think the mask is 0.5 OZ.

      • Thanks so much for taking the time to help me. Very much appreciated.

    • It took me a minute to realize, but if you click on each individual item and look for details at the bottom, hit the plus, and it will show sizes

  27. In conclusion: depending on spoilers, I’m definitely either downgrading back to the plus or skipping next month to try Boxycharm premium.
    This is not worthwhile for me!

  28. I actually think for $50 this looks great! There are a lot of new brands and items from recognized brands I would love to try. It’s a great way to try things you wouldn’t normally buy which is why I like sub boxes. Takes me out of my comfort zone and gets me trying new lines.

  29. Honestly never thought I would say this, bc I am a loyal ipsy fanatic. I am appalled by the items I received in ultimate. My jaw dropped when I saw my reveal.

    To add insult to injury, the regular GBP which I have never paused one single time, save for this month to try ultimate, had products miles above the JUNK I received in ultimate. I have no words for this, other than cancelling ultimate immediately and going back to my trusty glam bag plus. Just wow. What a waste of money. Truly.

    • i feel the same exact way. except i’m going to give ultimate another chance before canceling.

    • Wow. I am so sad that I spent $50 on this . I thought the first ultimate would be some amazing wowza deal. I got two primers and two masks in mine. Plud those useless brushes and blush. I never use blush or masks and do not need more Farah brushes . I dont even have nieces left to give this stuff too. They all already have brushes and masks and said NO MORE.
      The only item I look forward to is the tiny perfume.
      I got the HER palette and the blah lipgloss and eyeshadow. Basically a bunch igf stuff we’ve all seen. I could have bought the Margot Elena box so sad.

      I have a feeling there are mass cancellings happening.

  30. Glad I paused for October

  31. I am so bummed. I have to accounts and signed up for all three tiers on both. Glam bag ultimate is a joke. I wasted $100 on absolute junk. I literally didn’t even really want the item I picked in each of those but thought they would make really nice gifts. I have a lot of friends bdays coming up so I thought this would be so winning. Nope. Glam bag plus is much better then ultimate. I wonder if there’s a way to cancel anyway. Horrible

  32. Also, if anyone is interested in Swapping the Huda Warm Brown for Topaz please let me know. I’m still waiting to get in swap site (6 months and counting 😬) I wanted topaz but only had the option for warm brown. Thanks!

  33. My card failed for everything I will fix it so I still get glam bag and glam bag plus but I don’t want ultimate after seeing all the disappointment of the spoilers! How do I stop it from rebilling me? If I don’t update my billing info for ultimate membership but do update for the other two that I want will that work or will they automatically try to charge my card again for ultimate? It’s not worth $50 I should have cancelled yesterday now it will only let me cancel November.

    • Maybe change your card for the month?

    • Mine I have different cards on the different bags at times & I can easily update one of the cards, to receive or charge just one to that in particular card & it does only update for that in particular bag & says so on the website or app when you are updating the billing info! So if you only want to receive one or two options, update those & leave the other one alone! It should only be for the one bag you update for & you have to update each bag individually… Now ipsy does have billing issues & I have had the wrong card charged many times, so I can’t promise you anything but that’s how it SHOULD work & usually works properly

  34. I got Liz’s exact bad. Definitely cancelling. Brands I have never heard of ugggh. Should have gone with everyone else’s gut feeling. Mine was way off.

    • **bag** but bad too

    • Me too, minus I picked murad instead which makes me think they didnt check profiles AT ALL. I also get boxy and boxy luxe, and this was my deciding factor. Definitely cancelling ipsy.

  35. I should’ve canceled when I saw the spoilers but I had hope. Well all hope is gone now because I will only use like 2 items in the bag. This sucks. I’m definitely not sticking with it. Felt like a complete waste of $50. I should’ve just kept my 2 glam bag plus’ and risked getting duplicates because this bag is useless. What the heck do I need more brushes for? I get a set in every box in every subscription! Ugh! Frustrated! I usually don’t complain this much but why?????

  36. So glad I cancelled and switched to gbp instead. I love my gbp and my GB this month

  37. I hope they take the criticism to heart when making future decisions about what to put into the box and maybe I’ll resubscribe. While I’m sure the promised retail value is there, these aren’t recognizable brands or anything I’d ever consider paying that “retail value” for and I don’t think this box will succeed like this. I have no qualms about having cancelled after seeing the spoilers, I have never been upset about a subscription box ever but if I’d paid 50 for this, I’d have been genuinely a little upset.

  38. My bags horrible. Cancelled after I saw my reveal. Though my plus sucks too.

    • I dont usually leave comments but I decided to this time. I VERY happy with my ultimate bag. It is well worth the 50 dollars. I am honestly shocked at all the negativity left in the comments. I read the outline for the ultimate bag. It never claimed to be a quarterly type of subscription bag. It provided what it claimed. So I’m thrilled. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I just wanted to add mine.

      • That’s great that you love your bag! Mine is Duplicates and items that said they put on my 2 no list. Which stinks. I was so enjoying my plus so I chose Ultimate. Maybe I got a fluke bag who knows.

      • I am with you! I actually really like most of my ultimate too and I think it is a great value.

  39. OMG! This is terrible. I should of cancelled when I had the chance, but I thought that Ipsy would be holding out and make their first Ultimate an amazing bag! Well, I was sorely mistaken. I went ahead and subbed for 3 Ultimate bags on all 3 of my accounts. I got the same bags on all accounts despite them having different profiles. I did select the same choice item on all three. Anyways, several of the ones I got were samples from last month’s bag, so I am not sure which are samples and which are full size. I feel like I got more samples than full size. Here’s what I got and for those that cancelled, feel glad you dodged the bullet. Wish I had!

    Nanette Lepore Perfume
    The Saem Sheet Masks (opted out of these)
    C’est Moi Lipgloss in Opulence (opted out of lipglosses)
    Colored Raine Cosmetics Eyeshadow
    Ibom Clay Mask
    Lock Color Primer
    Betty Boob Cheek Palette
    Biorace Treatment Serum
    Farah Brush Set (getting this in my GBP on the same account; thought we were getting different products in each tier)
    Huda Beauty in Warm Brown (wanted Topaz but was not an option for me during choice)
    Makeup Geek Highlighter in Lit)
    Farmacy Green Clean (I chose this one)

    • We are bag twins exactly

      • I literally feel sick to my stomach that I paid $150 plus taxes for three of these!

    • I’ll trade you the perfume if you don’t want it for the violet voss palette from boxycharm??? I love perfume and never get it

      • I received the Violet Voss palette in my Boxycharm too. Got anything else to trade, Denise?

        • I’ll look tonight. And let you know. Seems like we get the same boxes though lol

          • Denise, I definitely need to cut back. I get Ipsy, Boxycharm, Sephora Play, Allure, Macy’s, Beautyfix, ect.

    • There is no way that is a $250 plus value!

    • Bag twins!

    • If i tell you what I got in my bag you will actually be happy about yours.

    • Me too. Not excited about one single product. First time not seeing the personal value for Ipsy or Boxycharm in the 3 years I have subbed.

    • I got the exact same bag !! And to say I’m disappointed would be putting it mildly.

  40. I’ve never heard of most of the brands. I don’t think that is a good thing.

    • No, Michelle this is not a good thing at all! I pay $50 for my Boxyluxe. I get less products but at least they are brands that I have heard of.

  41. Definitely no regrets about canceling. There are a few products I wish had been in the regular or Plus bags or at least as add-ons but not enough to have purchased this level. Besides, I likely wouldn’t have gotten anything I wanted. I certainly didn’t get a single product that matched my profile in Plus and only one in the regular bag.

  42. Sooo glad I went with my gut and cancelled on the 30th…yikes!

  43. My comment didn’t post. I’m pretty disappointed I feel like I’ve already received those Farah brushes or one or two of them and I’m getting them again I have opted out of highlighter and getting one they’re giving me the warm Brown palette which does not match my profile but at least it’s not real her and I’ve already received the shade of colored rain shadow I’m getting. Pretty disappointing launch for an ultimate service if you ask me

  44. I’m actually ok with what I’m getting for items, but like someone else said I can’t tell what’s full size and sample size (aside from the obvious ones).

  45. Wow mine is terrible, I am opted out of lipstick and they are sending me the brown one. I’ve contacted them but not holding out hope they will switch it out.

    • Let me know what they say; I got a repeat item and two items I opted out of as well and asked to switch those (3 total) items out before it ships; especially since this is a $50 bag.
      I’ll let you know the response as well.

      • i also have repeats i dont want

        • Ah, I thought it was just me. I got duplicate items in all three of my bags. I feel jipped because I could have gotten a different item. I am hoping they make amends because they said there shouldn’t be any duplicates across the three bags.

          • They said they would give me a three dollar add on credit for November GBU only.
            I’m done – been with Ipsy for 6 years and they didn’t even want to accommodate I got 7 sample items and only 5 full size ontop of two products I opted out of… and repeat item?! No … just no. Not cool and I’ll take my money and go elsewhere

  46. Honestly I can’t believe I went for the ultimate. Two lots of face masks, brushes when I say no thanks to tools, another moisturiser from the same brand I’ve had twice before, some glittery lip gloss I won’t wear… these are all going to be Christmas gifts. So unimpressed. I really thought there would be some WOW item and it’s just really shoddy

  47. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of teed off people with this bag…

  48. I am disappointed too. I already received the Farah brushes and I’m getting them again I’ve already received the shade of coloured Raine eyeshadow I’m getting, opted out of highlighter and I am getting one and they’re giving me the warm Brown eyeshadow palette which at least it’s not real her but nothing in my profile indicates warm colors will work for me. Part of my disappointment comes from me already being with Ipsy for a while and therefore receiving these items but I’m also very sad at the lower quality choice is over and their lack of customizing to a profile they’ve had for years.

  49. So glad I canceled. I finally like beautyfix this month so I will grab that instead along with the Sephora luxury box. Don’t need the makeup.

    • This has to be the worst box I think I’ve ever seen for $50..This was a total bait & switch on the part of Ipsy. They took advantage of their loyal customers and duped them into signing up for this. When I saw my product reveal I was taken aback by h oi w little value it was and all the samples, drugstore sheet masks, an eyeshadow single, tan Sparkly lipgloss and the list goes on. Only 2 brands I had ever heard of out of 12 products.
      I have contacted Ipsy care and requested a refund before the box ships. Waiting to hear back. I also noticed on their website that they accept returns for a $5 restocking fee. They will pay return shipping. So if I don’t get a refund I am planning on returning the box once I get it.

      • That’s very good news about the $5 restock fee. I’ll go that route if they don’t refund me sooner. I’m still stuck on the dang lip balm. What on earth:(
        I’ve officially cancelled my future glam bag ultimate membership. I’m deciding between glam bag and glam bag plus for the future and will probably stick with just GB. Hard to feel ripped off at $12.

      • The problem with restocking is that they will then resell those unsealed and unsanitary items to someone else. I have ordered just 2 offers, and both of them had unsealed eyeshadow with fingerprints in them.

  50. I can’t figure out what they are counting as samples? I feel like I got five or six samples and only 6 full sized and the products are all repeats kinda disappointed should have gotten the glam bag plus

    • Me too. I emailed to ask which ones were actually full size. And does anyone know if we have multiple bags on one account do we have to opt out of items on each one or if I opted out on my GBP wouldn’t that mean I shouldn’t get that product in my ultimate?

      • There are limited bag variations. When you opt out of a product it doesn’t mean you won’t get it, it means they will try to match you to a bag without it when possible.

    • i received 6 samples also. select “shop” under each one & it will take you to the full size, showing you that it is def just a sample. so for twice the price of Plus, we got 1 extra full sized item.

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