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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review – October 2019

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2019 beauty box subscription review

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. (This box was voted as a best makeup subscription box and a best beauty subscription box by MSA readers!)

open box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

all included items inside

About Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Subscription Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free US shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month.

Ships to: The US for free and Canada for $2.95

Our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2019 Review


Here is our info card complete with all of our items.


Our bag was covered in matte black sequins and features a red Betty Boop design.

Now, on to the items!


Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum, 1 oz  – Retail Value $65.00

I am not super crazy about this brand but my mom really loves it! She also has been trying to settle on some sort of skincare routine and recently requested a serum. This one might be a great choice for her since it is targeted towards dull or aging skin. It contains 9 different plant extracts that should help with dullness, spots, and overall skin texture. I liked the texture and how effortlessly it absorbed, leaving no film behind and immediately providing a nice hydration boost to my skin.


tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in ‘Fire Dancer’, 3 g – Retail Value $22.00

I was really wowed by this shadow. I don’t think I have ever used something this metallic on my lids in my entire life. The shade is also stunning, a deep chrome garnet that is highly reflective, but also dark and moody. Despite its dry and slightly chalky texture in the pot, this formula is smooth as silk, and the “chunks” smooth out to pure metallic magic when you swipe your finger. This hue is going to be truly stunning for extra fancy holiday events, but for daily use, it also worked well as a liner.

The most metallic shadow I have ever tried.


Tréstique All Over Starlighter Powder Stick in ‘Ultra Violet’, 1.5 g – Retail Value $18.00

I am not sure how I feel about this product, but I don’t really love unnaturally hued highlighters. This one has an electric purple flash that doesn’t really flatter my overall look very much. It does look better when I use this very sparingly, but I prefer a nice pearl or champagne. The packaging is pretty cute though! The “pencil tip” top unscrews to showcase a domed powder inside which is very, very easy to apply with just a swipe.

This is a very heavy swatch, so you can see something, as when properly blended it is more of a glow that you only see when I move.


Betty Boop x IPSY Cheek to Cheek Blush Palette, 8.4 g

I was disappointed with this palette. The colors are spot-on for the types of blushes and highlighters I gravitate towards, and I love the idea of all three together. Sadly, there is a pigment issue that makes this a lot of work to actually use, even on my pale skin. Admittedly, these do work much better with fingertip application, but with a brush is it a ton of effort to get enough out of the palette and onto my skin.

I had to really work to get these swatches this pigmented.


Jules Smith Beauty Power Gloss Duo in ‘Namaste All Day’ and ‘Serene Queen’, 14 g – Retail Value $32.00 (currently sold out)

Finally, our last item is a pair of lip glosses. I am a gloss fan and these two shades work really well on me. The first is a peachy shade with a subtle golden shimmer. It is pink enough to work easily on my face but peachy enough to be perfect for fall. The second is significantly sheerer, and is primarily a pink shade with a similar flattering golden flash. It was lovely on my lips for a “no makeup” sort of look, or as a topper on a dramatic lip shade. These are on the heavier side for glosses, but I like that since it means they have better staying power than a thinner formula.

Top, Namaste All Day, bottom, Serene Queen

Verdict: This box has a value of $165.00 which is awesome for a $25 box. Although the value was certainly there (that serum alone has a retail value more than double the box cost) I was a little indifferent about the items I received this month. I disliked the Betty Boop palette and I was also not terribly fond of the purple highlighter. The serum will make a great gift for my mom, and I will never complain about being able to shower her in expensive skincare items at an Ipsy price. I also really loved the metallic eye pot and the duo of lip glosses, so this box wasn’t a total bust. Three out of five items isn’t the worst ratio, especially for a $25 investment worth much more. I do have my fingers crossed for a better November.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You’ll likely start with November as your first month. As of publication, there was no Ipsy waitlist!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $25. Here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • Purlisse Serum $9.85
  • tarte Shadow $3.33
  • Trestique Starlighter $2.73
  • Betty Boop Palette $4.24
  • Jules Smith Lip Gloss Duo $4.85

Alternatively, each item has an average cost of $5.00.

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What do you think of the October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Which items did you get?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (71)

  1. I started using the Purlisse brightening serum on the backs of my hands because I did not take care of them over my life.

    It really helped. I was a little surprised by just how much.

  2. Okay, maybe I am banned my last post did not take. Wonder what I said? I was going to add that the bag shown here is different than the one I got, it had a big boop betty face on the front…a cartoon…I am a little beyond cartoon stuff. The stuff in my bag was not a match even the one I picked a primer balled up like crazy…had to wash my face after.

    • oops…I see this was the Glam Bag Plus…I just have the regular one so that’s the difference….so many bags I got confused. Pardon me on that. This one though I don’t know if for me it would be worth $25 dollars but it does explain why it’s nice stuff…the tarte eyeshadow is pretty, I like and the blush for me since I use so little I like it and the shades look pretty but I can see the point about the color payoff. All but the highlighter is nice imo.

      • Hi, Cindy! I totally understand your concern about the GBP not being fantastic. I personally subscribe to both the GB and GBP, and I must say that I don’t think that one is worse than the other. The Plus certainly has the best value ratio most months, but the Glam Bag often seems to fit my personal requests better. However, I have been noticing in the past months that the Plus is upping it’s game, and I’m even considering trying the ultimate! Let me know if you plan to try the Plus and how it ends up going!

  3. My bag was awful this time not a thing I could use but for the hard sorta lip/blush product even the one I chose as primer peeled. If I had gotten something like this one shown here I would have been wowed, but I was underwhelmed. Got a acne Murad face wash…I am beyond the acne stage and need moisture it’s profiled. I got the ugly red betty boop nail polish ..don’t wear red…on and on. I did like my add ons but I paid $10 or is it $12 for nothing …I did not even like the betty boop bag. Looks like nice stuff coming up, hope to get some…if not I be rethinking ipsy. One add on it won’t let me reiview, happens over and over, happened last month also and I keep getting a prompt to review but says no can do.

  4. I received the Boop blush and didn’t even try it, I’m very picky about the blush I use because I like it to last all day. I received the face brush set, I was looking forward to them but they’re not good imo. They need to be denser, I prefer my inexpensive real technique brushes. I received the spectra stick which looked like I put Vaseline on my face. I picked the Purlisse and I’m liking that and the Tarte paint pot in martini which I’m very happy with. This was only my second month and i feel like there are too many similar items. I would love more skin care, a good mascara, gel eyeliners and bold lipsticks.

  5. October’s bag was a complete bust for me. My bag was identical to what is in the review.

    I’m skipping November and am considering dropping off for a while. I think they have over extended themselves and are sticking us with crummy brands.

  6. I’ve just not been thrilled with any of their cheap makeup collaboration items at all and not looking forward to the GIGI one that looks like it’s yellow based. Been seriously thinking of just canceling Ipsy completely unfortunately, after 6+ years with them.

  7. Your reviews are the very best. I look to see now who is writing the review and if it’s you, I’ll spend more time reading the post. I appreciate that you share honest feedback about the products you receive.

    • Agree. Megan is not afraid to point out the negatives, even if the item was free.

      • Yes, I appreciate that she plainly states what her experience with the products are whether they be good or bad. I hate when other reviewers choose to simply gloss over the negatives and remark only on the positive aspects of the product, leaving you reading between the lines and guessing as to whether it’s something you’d actually be interested in trying or not. I’m always happy to see Megan’s reviews for this reason!

      • You all made my day 🙂

    • I really, really appreciate this feedback! I try really hard to be as honest as possible, with always keeping intthe back of my mind that someone else out the might love something I dislike. It is a delicate balance! But, if something is just really not good, I am going to say something. <3

  8. It seems like MSA is on the influencer list and received a far better bag that their readers did. Mine was complete fake product crap, nothing like the bag you received. Tarte? lol my bag was dollar store all the way. I bet your Ultimate was the influencer version as well.

    • I got 4 of the same products she did the one different was Dr Brandt (my choice item) instead of Purlisse. Ipsy doesn’t usually send influencers different stuff that I’ve seen.

  9. I got completely different products – and it was almost entirely a bust. I WISH I got received the Tarte paint pot!! I wasn’t excited by any of the products we got to choose from but I enjoy eyeshadow palettes so I chose the Betty Boop shadow palette. And it, like the blush palette, is pretty bad. There are some nice colors but the pigmentation is just awful.

    I also got:
    -the Lovecraft bronzer palette – but I don’t use bronzers
    -Jolii highlighter stick – I barely ever use highlighters and this one wasn’t great
    -set of 3 FARAH face brushes – meh. They might be okay but I have a lot of solid face brushes already
    -Goldfaden scrub – possible saving grace of the box. I MUCH prefer to exfoliate chemically than with scrubs but it’s a really good brand so I might give it a shot.

    I’m starting to get bummed by GB Plus. I LOVED the first couple of boxes I got, (I started in January) but the last several have been not good fits for me at ALL.

    I was impressed by the quality of the bag. I have no particular feelings about Betty Boop but it’s a nice size and seems well made. It gives me hope for future bags.

  10. If anyone got the Fire Dancer chrome pot and would like to trade it for the Steel the Show let me know. I look terrible in a smokey eye. Mine is new

    • Any chance you’d be interested in trading for Park Ave Princess Chrome pot?

      • Sorry, I have my heart set on fire dancer. If I don’t find one in a couple weeks and you still have yours available I will check back with you!

  11. That Chrome Pot is amazing! I wish I had received one, but I was happy with my bag overall.

  12. I also received the lip gloss duo and those shades didn’t do much for me so I’m gifting them to my sister. I did not like the design of the makeup bag but I love the size!! I’m so excited we will be receiving a bigger makeup bag in the GBP. The makeup bag in the GB are a bit too small and this size is perfect.

    • They appears to be almost the same color as the Gigi one that they are offering this month.

  13. I got booped with the eyeshadow palette, which is terrible in pigmentation. The only item I really like from this month is the Dr. Brandt. But the tube seems half filled, like it’s mostly air! I’ve had this product before and don’t remember it being like this. Still a good deal, though, and it makes my face feel squeaky clean.

    • Funny that you say that, I thought the exact same thing when I picked up mine and I’ve owned it before too. I wonder how full they actually are…

    • Mine was half full as well. I believe these are company seconds.

    • I just weighed all 3 that I own (all new and sealed)- 1 from this month’s Ipsy, 1 from FFF and one I bought from Ulta during a sale. I took the caps off and they all have very similar weights. 2 were 69 grams and 1 was 70g. The tubes have always had excessive packaging. I noticed that the first time I got one, but they do have the proper amount of product.

  14. I didn’t that they ship the plus to Canada now!

  15. Plus this month is way better than ultimate. I add the tarte shadow in the colour of princess. The best metallic shadow I have ever used. The best tarte product I owned.

  16. I got that trio. It was meh. I don’t mind trying new products and fully accept not loving everything. That being said, I would rather have one lipstick from a quality brand than 2 or 3 from a cheapie no name brand. Just mho.

  17. Honesty.. I love your reviews.
    I really wanted to like the B Boop colab and I received both the blush palette in Ultimate and the eye shadow palette in Plus. I like the colors as well but, there was very little color payoff. Overall as usual though, I’m ok with all three tiers this month. My plus had over a $200 value and even though I doubt the value listed as $30 For the eye shadow palette, it’s still impressive as usual. I would have been ok with the Ultimate if they hadn’t over promised and delivered a box under $200 value when $250 was promised. They shot themselves in the foot.

    • Thanks so much Rhonda. <3

  18. I was bummed not to get the Betty Boop face bag at first but loved this bag when I got it. The sequins are really cute. Great review

  19. I cancelled a few months ago and never regretted it.

  20. Hi All,

    I’m not sure I’m feeling the new box and was wondering what date I have to skip this box by? Not sure if there’s been changes as we now get to pic our product on the 23rd.

  21. I bet that purplish highlighter would work nicely as an eye shadow.

  22. Megan, you are so cute! “Our bag was covered in matte black sequins and features a red Betty Boop design” – and that’s all you wrote. No voiced opinion = one very definite opinion! And I share it LOL.

    • Haha I am just maybe not a Boop gal. And I don’t LOVE sequins. But I know loads of people out there enjoy both so I didn’t want to be a downer

      • I’m not a Boop fan either, and the lack of reversable sequins was a miss on ipsy’s part, the bags would have been much cuter with a red flip.

      • Agreed on the flip sequins! Then I could have gifted to my niece as she is obsessed with them!

      • That would have been super cute Redwoods301! I’m not a Boop fan so the whole thing is lost on me… I’m too young I think. My mom didn’t like Boop so I never watched it growing up.

  23. Am I the only person that noticed the unfortunate line on Betty Boops dress that makes it look like her taco is showing.

    • Omg 😄 I had to my grab BB bag and looked at it if she’s showing her 🌮.

    • I totally am laughing so much that people in line at the store are staring at me. Thanks for the laugh!!!

      • 😂 you’re welcome. I knew another person noticed it too.

    • The Gudetama bag showed his rear end, so collabs may be on a trend here…

    • Lol I thought it looked like her 🐈 was showing as well.

  24. The lighting in my bathroom is pretty bright. So sometimes, for example, I think a lip product looks fairly natural on me and I am about to leave the house and look in the downstairs bathroom and my lips are a waaaaay brighter red than I am comfortable wearing outside, so I have to wipe most of it off. Sorry for the extended storyline, but I tried on this ultraviolet highlighter thingy and thought “okay, that doesn’t look bad.” Thank goodness I looked in the other mirror, because then I noticed that it looked purple and shiny, which is not the look that I am going for. It was funny though.

    • yes this! my bathroom light must be a soft light because the Huda lipstick in the allure box looked like a nice orangish-red but in the natural light, it was a bright orange…had to wipe it off.

  25. I also received the Betty Boop blush palette and LOVE it. I used Touch in Sol No Poreblem primer under neath. I’ve had a chance to use the two more pigmented shades as my base color and use the lightest shade as a topper. They apply smoothly with no skipping and no fading, throughout the day. I also received the Mauve It Baby, in my Classic Glam Bag. It’s sooooo beautiful. Fully opaque with one swipe and the shade lasts for hours. It has a lovely satin finish.

  26. I got the eyeshadow palette and it’s also terrible in terms of quality as there is almost no pigment. I even swatched with my fingers which normally produces a much deeper color but there was almost no payoff.

    On another thread there was a recommendation to use a wet finger but I have no desire to apply shadows in that way because all you can do is get one big smear on your lid :-).

    If they are going to collaborate, they should do so with decent quality. It’s not that expensive to manufacture products with good pigmentation and application – there are LOTS of inexpensive brands that manage to do it.

    • At first the eyeshadows didn’t look like they showed up on my eyes and there wasn’t a lot of pigment. I used a primer and liquid eyeliner and the shadows popped. They could be mote pigmented though and I would expect More from ipsy with all the hype on these collaborations

    • I feel the same about the formula and left a poor review for it. It’s absolutely the worst product I’ve ever received from Ipsy. I wasn’t thrilled with the Love Craft bronzer trio. They are for super dark skin and I’m fair. The other products were meh. I didn’t like that glassy skin at all. All it does for me is leave an oily coat of skin. Yuck to that. Not a good month.

  27. It’s so interesting to hear everyone’s experiences with the Betty Boop blush! I had low expectations but turned out I loved it and had no issues with pigmentation or splotchiness. Maybe the difference is in the brush. I use a dense and semi-stiff brush for blush application, so it’s much easier to pick up color from the pan than, say, a fluffier blush brush.

    • Hey Nanners! I am glad your Boop palette was a winner! I did try quite a few brushes and still had pigment issues myself. Maybe there is some inconsistency across the produced palettes?

      • Oh bummer, then it sounds like quality inconsistency to me 🙁

  28. THANK YOU for posting an honest review. I see many reviews where the author will find something good to say about an item that they may have hated, hiding their true opinion. I am glad for the refreshing honesty, especially about the Betty Boop cheek palette.

    • I also find it refreshing to see an honest review. If all posters do is post fabulous reviews all the time I start to question the sincerity to the reviews.

  29. I purchased the lip gloss duo as an add-on and was really looking forward to them. Personally, I thought they were pretty terrible. The colors are nice but the formula is really sticky and smells and tastes like what you would expect to get from a 99¢ store. A little got on my tongue and the residue was unpleasant and lasted a long time. I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone is considering buying them should they become available again. There are way better lip glosses out there, high and low end.

    • The smell and taste in the lip gloss is probably due to the mineral oil, which is a petroleum byproduct. It is not good for lips (or any skin) because it clogs pores. For me, living in a dry climate, it dries out my lips every time. I was very disappointed to see that in the ingredients.

      • Good to know, thank you, I’ll have to check out that ingredient. I had heard petroleum derivatives are undesirable but I have yet to do my due diligence researching them.

  30. I have yet to receive two full-size lip glosses or liquid lip sticks as ONE of my items for the month. I know they’re available for add ons but sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay extra for things that they include in the box that month. If they can send me a million red lipsticks they can send me a duo lip set occasionally you would think. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent plenty on add ons but when they send you things that you’ve opted out of I refuse to pay for something in its place that my beauty profile shows I really like.

    • I think they even had a lip gloss trio last year (I was not yet subscribed to GBP). Strange that just one small lip gloss is considered a full size item in ultimate, but in the same month Plus got the duo.

      • I got that trio. It was meh. I don’t mind trying new products and fully accept not loving everything. That being said, I would rather have one lipstick from a quality brand than 2 or 3 from a cheapie no name brand. Just mho.

  31. I got the blush in my Ultimate bag and I was surprised I like it! Maybe I have a lot of moisturizer on and it sticks better? I don’t know. I use serums and moisturizer and the It foundation and the blush worked good. I’ve wore it the last two days.

  32. I got the same exact box but I got some huge palette for my points. I thought it was well rounded but I think I am gonna put on hold because I just don’t need anymore of everything honestly.

  33. Agreed!! The bb blush is not pigmented at all:( Love the glosses, they ended up being my favorite item! The highlight is pretty if you blend it out a lot, however, I’ve had much better highlighters. Love any and all of the serums!! Send me all the serum!!

    • #teamserum FOREVER

  34. The eye shadow is amazing, like shimmery without glitter. I received Martini, which they described as a golden green. It’s very pretty. I also could not get any color payout from that blush palette and found the shade of the Trestique is probably not going to be great for all skin tones. The only thing that I received that is different is my choice item of the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion. I was impressed with the three items that did work, and found this to be an amazing value for the price. I will just add the highlighter and blush to my donate bin and enjoy the other items.

    • bummer about our blush palettes. They looked so pretty in the pans!

  35. The glosses look really pretty on- you can’t tell that from arm swatches. I’d love to see the eyeshadow on as well. I agree with the blush palette- mine went on splotchy trying to get enough on the brush and they contain talc. The glosses are a win though 🙂

  36. I’m getting;

    – Purlisse Serum- Yay!
    – Jules Smith Duo- Meh but ok…
    – BB Eyeshadow palette- blah
    – Glossier Milk Oil- Intrigued
    – Dr. Brandt- My choice item, so yay!

    Overall I am happy. I am also happy with 3/5.

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