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BoxyLuxe September 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyLuxe December 2019 Spoiler #2!

We have new spoilers for the December 2019 BoxyLuxe box!

The December 2019 BoxyLuxe may include:

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil OR Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Source: BoxyCharm

Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose – $55

Today, we bring you the FIRST December BoxyLuxe Sneak Peek!😍BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive 1 @storybookcosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose 😱🎉 (valued at $55) Upgrade now so you don’t miss out! PLUS BoxyLuxe Choice window for December opens on Tuesday, October 29! 🤗 ❤ #BoxyCharm #BoxyLuxe

What do you think of the spoiler?

FYI – BoxyCharm boxes have many variations so it is not guaranteed you’ll receive the items from the spoilers. 

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $25-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $53.99 for that quarterly box. 

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet:

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

Details: Valid for new subscriptions or those who canceled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.

FYI – From Boxycharm: “Don’t worry, NEW members that participate in a gift with purchase promotion still have a chance to receive a box variation that includes the sneak peeks of the month for existing members. Although they can’t guarantee which variation NEW Charmers will receive, you can rest assured that the Boxy Team all variations will be equally amazing.”

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (64)

  1. Trickortarte code doesn’t work…

  2. If you decide to only sub to boxy premium does that mean you only pay $15 extra for boxyluxe? Or do you have to stay subbed to the regular boxy to get luxe? And when do we get to choose an item for the November regular boxy? Thanks for any help

    • You have to stay subbed to the regular box in order to get Boxyluxe. The customization time for the November box is over already, it was Oct 7th, 8th, and 9th. You’ll be able to choose for your December box in November…

    • You can only do BoxyLuxe as add on to the base box that is $25 starting in November. We can start choosing items on 10/29 according to their Instagram.

  3. Check your emails. Tons of spoilers for boxy pop up have been released with prices. There is some good stuff at killer prices

  4. I checked the ingredients for the elemis and while good the rose part they tell you all about it the last ingredient! The smell actually comes from added fragrance. 🙄 it’s like they threw a few petals in the vat for garnish.

    • I generally like Elemis, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the ingredients list on this one either- a lot of carrier oils and not much else that’s really interesting. Oils are a pain to fit into my skincare routine also- I find them tricky to layer with other products and they’re usually not the best option for my oily skin.

      • I read that elemis was bought out by loccitane this year and they Do test on animals

      • Well there goes me loving Elemis! Thats to bad..

      • If you count the actions of the umbrella company L’occitane, then yes, by that definition, Elemis would not be cruelty free. Not everyone defines it that strictly though. As far as I know, Elemis does not test on animals or sale products in mainland China.

    • Yes! Thanks for checking, I was just going to do that and you saved me the time. The bottle is so pretty, but rose perfume on my face? No. I don’t get rose products on my face at all. Love my roses in my garden but not on my face. The smell is too strong.

    • I know! I dont know how I fell about boxy! I GOT SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD IN MY BOX!! I received the Becca soft light powder in Golden Hour in MY OCTOBER BOX. No one said anything about this product, it’s not listed in any of their possible choices for October products…. I don’t know how to feel. I mean its a rather luxurious product- $40 for .35 oz of powder, but still.. I have seen no one else who has had this. I don’t know how to feel! happy because it’s luxurious or sad because I received something that was not on the list.

      • Yeah I got this and its just so weird. I dont even know if its still good to use since this one is not on the variation list. I emailed them but they just replied with a bunch of crap. And I cant remember where did I find out that this product was discontinued actually.

      • I got the BECCA soft glow powder in my replacement box that I had to get re-sent our to me bc it was not delivered to the right address. I thought it was weird but I wasn’t mad at it. Also I was supposed to get the baked browns DOC palette but they sent me the iluvsarahii doc palette. ALSO not mad at that 😂

  5. I don’t want to get too excited about this because Boxys MO is to dazzle then disappoint. I’m hoping Luxe doesn’t get a whopping 45+ variations like this months regular box. That being said they are definitely offering up better quality products than Ipsy lately. I cancelled my GBU, both of my GBPs and both of my GBs this month. I’ll be hoping for the Elemis in my box! One of my favorite skincare brands along with Amore Oacigoc and Laneige ❤️

    • The variations have gotten out of control. It’s not cool when they show a couple of great variants for the month, get you all excited, your box comes and it a lip liner and is a repeat! Sigh

    • I haven’t found the variations to be too out of control with Luxe. I feel pretty confident each box will have either the Elemis OR the Saturday Skin. We should know more on Oct. 29 when Boxy choice opens up.

  6. I’ve never tried anything from Saturday Skin, so I’d love to receive the cream. I like Elemis, but unfortunately don’t like how oils feel on my skin, so that’s an easy pass. I’m hoping that it’ll be a choice item so I can try to avoid receiving the oil. If I inevitably receive the oil at least I can easily pass it to my mom who’ll love it!

  7. I want the oil because I like Elemis products and I still have the Glassy Skin balm and waterful cream from Touch in Sol that I’ve barely touched.

  8. Saturday Skin for me. They are CF, vegan qndingredient conscious brand. Elemis got bought out by l’occitane this year and they still test on animals. A big boooooooooo from me.

    • Vegan and* stupid phone

    • Thank you for letting us know that Elemis is no longer cruelty-free (and damn!). I found out that NARS is no longer cruelty-free in one of the comments on this site.

      • Same here! I was so disappointed! I loved NARS. I found out about L’Occitane a while back and that was a major bummer. I loved their Almond bath products, especially the exfoliating paste and shower oil. I could use that duo and not ever have to put on body lotion. I miss that. 😞

      • It’s a total drag, but some GOOD NEWS- China is actually working towards dissolving the animal testing requirements! It’s supposed to be done by sometime in 2020. Now if only US, Japan and the other big countries that still do animal testing would follow suit…

        If you get FFF another one to be aware of is Kate Somerville (goat milk lotion is a choice this season). Her company was bought out by Unilever. YUCK. While K.S. is technically cruelty free, Unilever is far from it.

  9. I choose the OIL, but will there even be an option to choose of these two? I also LOVE Elemis but so expensive. Appreciate getting in a sub box!! YIPPEE if it ends up in my December box please and thank you BC!

    • October 29th is choice day

  10. December’s Boxyluxe will be amazing I will be happy with either Elemis or Saturday Skin would love to get both actually! I wonder what we get to pick from.

    • The elemis oil and Saturday skin Are the 2 choice items! Log into your account on Oct29th to customize!

  11. I didn’t get the last BL box and still on the wait list, does it mean I will get it this round??

    • I’m in the same position. I canceled after seeing the spoilers for the last Luxe. Then I ended up leaving Boxy entirely until they roped me back in with add-ons, pop up sales, Premium, etc. So I resigned up for Luxe when I rejoined last month but I am still worried I won’t make it off the list for this next one. Something similar happened previously and I signed back up for Luxe about 7 weeks before it was billed and I didn’t get it. I’m hoping enough people cancelled because of the last one not being so great and many others may have signed up for Premium and unsubbed from Luxe.

      Good Luck!

      • I sure hope we both get it. I had to cancel for a while and it bummed me out not being able to pause BL Well keeping my finger’s crossed and hope we get it for December.

      • Per boxycharm customer service: Even if your on waitlist. You can still log into your boxycharm account on oct 29 to pick between the elemis oil or Saturday skin for your December boxyluxe

      • Thank you!

    • Yes as ling as your on the boxyluxe waitlist. You can log in on oct 29 to make your choice selection

  12. I’ve been eyeing this oil!! I’m so excited and I’m really hoping it’s a choice item

  13. So, if I subbed to the new Boxy, I won’t get this one, correct? Sorry for asking, I’m sure this has been answered 50 million times

    • Hey Bonny, according to the faq on their site, your first box will be a variation of the current month’s box as long as you subscribe by 11:59 PM EST* by the last day of that month. I hope this helps!

      • MSA.. thank you. So, everybody’s first box is a mix of older boxes, not new items? 😢

        Marie, I’m on the wait list for the new box( I think I’m getting that box for sure) and I still have the regular box that gets upgraded every third month. So only Two boxes that month or three?

      • Oops, I must have read it wrong, items from the current month’s box…I get it now😂. Thank you.

      • I think unless/until they allow people to subscribe to Boxyluxe with only having Premium and not the original box you will get 3 boxes total that month. They’ve said no one will get duplicates as far as Premium and the regular box but I don’t know if they’ll promise that if you get all three. Hopefully they will because that’s only fair. You’re paying over $100 on those months so they definitely shouldn’t send you duplicates.

      • You never get 3 boxes unless you have 3 subscriptions. If you subscribe to the regular box and BoxyLuxe, you do not get the regular BoxyCharm box in December, March, June and September when you get BoxyLuxe. If you also subscribe to BoxyCharm Premium, then you would get BoxyCharm Premium each month. If you want the regular BoxyCharm (or base box) in December and also BoxyLuxe, you would have to have a third BoxyCharm regular subscription.

    • You’ll need to also subscribe to the regular box and then upgrade to Boxyluxe to get this.

  14. I absolutely LOVE Elemis marine oil and am so excited to try this. I have been holding off because of the price, so I really hope this is a choice item.

  15. I’m loving the Elemis products thanks to Boxycharm. And I love oils. So it’s a no brainier for me with the oil. But with my luck, I wouldn’t get it. It’s rare with Boxycharm that I get what I hope I get.

    • October 29th! Choice day for December boxyluxe!! You can choose between the elemis or Saturday skin

  16. I’ll take the Saturday skin.
    I sure hope there’s a little pink tool in this box.

  17. Love the skincare.

  18. oil, definitely the oil

  19. I had decided to stop getting BoxyLuxe since I’m not interested in the lifestyle products (I don’t use heat styling tools or plastic bottles), but this has me reconsidering. I would love to get the Elemis oil. Too bad we can’t get both of those skincare items! (I felt the same way about the Tidal Cream and the Pineapple Serum). The palette doesn’t excite me, but the colors are pretty. I don’t like the bulky packaging, so it won’t be on my handy stack of sleek, flat palettes.

    • There’s a good chance you’ll BE able to pick one and get the other as an add-on. They did that this month and last month- let you pick one for your box and offered both choices as add-ons

    • As long as you are on the boxyluxe waitlist you can choose between the elemis oil or saturday skin on OCT 29TH! Log into your boxycharm account and pick which item you want. They will most likely have both products available for add ons. So you should be able to get both items (one being your choice) (second being a add on! Hope this helps

  20. How long does it usually take to get off of the Luxe waitlist?

    • I rarely hear of people not making it off the waitlist for the next available box, though that could change at any time I suppose. I feel pretty confident in saying you’ll probably get December’s box though.

      • You do not need to be off boxyluxe waitlist to customize your boxyluxe!!! Oct 29th is the day. Just log in and pick your selection

      • As long as your on the waitlist. You can log in on the oct 29th and make your selection

      • Umm… ok? But did I or OP mention anything about the waitlist? I just saw and responded to a question asking if they would get the next box…

    • I have never tried saturday skin and I have tried elemis and lOve their products… which one should I choose..

      • That Glacier cream is amazing. It’s literally made from glacier water. It’s a gel texture and is super refreshing and absorbs really quickly

      • I absolutely love everything I’ve tried from the Saturday skin line!!!

      • That is awesome, Jodi!

  21. Damnit I’m in for the oil if its a choice!!

  22. Oil 🥰

  23. Yay, skincare 🙂

    • I second that! 👍

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