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BoxyCharm Premium November 2019 FULL Spoilers!

We have the full spoiler for the November 2019 BoxyCharm Premium! FYI – There may be variations. 

One variation of the November 2019 BoxyCharm Premium will include:

Natasha Denona Bloom Blush and Glow Palette – $55
Dragun Beauty Dragunfire Skin Perfecting Potion – $25
Becca Cosmetics Glow Gloss in Champagne Creme – $22
QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Care Cream – £109 ($140)
Kopari Beauty Coconut Rose Toner – $25
BoxyCharm 5 Piece Brush Set

What do you think of the spoilers?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

The BoxyCharm Premium waitlist is open now! Click here to sign up for Boxycharm Premium!

Good to know:

  • You will be billed an additional $35 every month, in addition to your existing subscription(s)
    (Additional $5 per month will be applied for shipping outside the contiguous U.S.)
  • Every month, you’ll receive a BoxyCharm Premium box in addition to any of your regular BoxyCharm or BoxyLuxe subscriptions
  • No refunds or exchanges and you may cancel at any time; subscription renews automatically
*You will be billed an additional $35 (on top of your existing subscription(s)), prior to, or during, each BoxyCharm Premium shipping month. Subject to availability and depending on your placement on the Waitlist. For all terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.


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Comments (214)

  1. So disappointed with Ipsy GBP lately I’ll take my BC and on waiting list for ultimate … I need to feed my addiction somehow 🥰🤣

    • I got an email last night saying Im off the waitlist, yayyy. But no info about picking one specific item though.

      • I was reading the Premium FAQ’s or one of the promotion emails, I can’t remember which, but it said there would be no choice for November. The first month with a choice will be December.

        I just wish I’d have gotten off the list. Not having a choice this time would be no big deal. I doubt I will get December’s box either. Lots of people signed up for Premium just minutes after it opened but didn’t get it this month. I didn’t know it was up until 3 hours later so I’ll probably be waitlisted for months. Unless of course the future bags aren’t nearly as great as this one and lots of people cancel.

        Congrats to you though! Enjoy!

  2. The boxycharm website says the premium box will have one choice item each month. Do we still think this choice is going to happen for the November box?

    • I doubt it. Seems like choices would need to be made earlier if they were going to be applied to the November box.

    • Choice begins in December.

  3. Lol!! The whole time I have been reading the comments about the Nikita dragun concealer, I was wondering what product it was. I scrolled up agian to look at the picture and the item I thought was a liquid lipstick was actually the concealer!😂😂

  4. Ok, kinda interesting…love the ND palette, noticing the lack of filler junk, not totally trusting the Boxy bait and switch, and not going to get burned on a new Boxy launch. Overall it’s clear our girl Boxy is upping her game after a very lackluster year, but for now Im gonna stick with the basebox, pay my extra 4 bucks, because Boxy clearly needed a raise, and see what they do with swatches for foundation and concealer.

    • I will be very surprised if any of the makeup samples are cool toned. Boxy seems to think warm is universal

      • I agree with you 100%

      • We can only hope!

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with needing a “raise”. Beauty companies are beginning to charge sub boxes more for the products they are including so they need to cover that extra cost. There is a youtuber the not so evil stepmother that investigates all things sub boxes and she talked about this in one of her videos.

      • Can you send me the link? I wanna see her YouTube videos.

  5. I’m not subscribing but I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for the ND blush palette on the swap site 👀

  6. I’m on the waiting list. I’m super excited for the Natasha pallet and the Becca lipgloss, plus the eye cream sounds like a dream. Hopefully they bill me for November premium 😍

  7. I’m a little confused.
    So if you join the waitlist for November and you get a Boxy Premium then you have to get a Boxycharm regular box? Are they two separate boxes or if you get Boxy Premium you have to pay the Boxycharm $21 and $35 and get one premium box?

    • Boxycharm is raising the price of its base box to $25 starting November 1st. To get premium you have to have the base box $25 PLUS premium $35 and will receive two boxes. For now, you can not get premium without base.

      • Ok thank you!

      • Thank you for clarifying. I was confused *brand new subscriber * so we get 2 boxes ! Very cool worth the money !

    • They said after you get off the wait list you can cancel your regular box

      • Thanks

      • true.. BUT if u cancel base box and have boxy luxe- you’d be canceling luxe as well.. since luxe is only a base box upgrade. I think that’s y they’re giving out spoilers for luxe now to deter ppl from canceling the base box.

    • Hello I will like for the company to charge me for the premium boxychar and the $25 regular boxy charm ,Thank you

      • This website is NOT the company. It is a site dedicated to discussing the company. If you want to place an actual order, you will need to contact boxycharm directly.

  8. This looks so good to me. I want BGP. BC please take my $60 on Nov 1!

  9. Boxy is killin’ it, but… Fool me once (trickortarte- no DOC for me) shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Im hoping and praying Boxy wont be shady… agian… lol. And yes, Ill be here to complain about it if IT hits the fan 🙂

    Ipsy needs to step it up and stop with their lame collabs no one cares about (Id love to resub to Ipsy if they could get their act together).

  10. Love everything but the weird random Dragun Beauty concealer most people won’t be able to use.

    • Agree! I wonder if they will even look at our preferences for our skin tones…hope so

      • it’s marketed “for ALL skintones”. so we’re skrewed either way.

      • It’s a corrector not a concealer. So this would be used, then a concealer.

    • I have the dragon beauty concealer and you use it under your foundation my skin is light to medium 🙂 it actually does amazing things for dark circles. Its supposed to be that color 🙂 I hope i get premium so i can get another!! But dragon beauty under eye powder is super amazing so hopefully we will be able to add on that to go with it !! Hope this helps you ladies

      • i have fair skin & don’t have undereye circles. i wear concealer/foundation to cover mild redness. adding bright red in addition to try & cover would be asinine. but i’m glad it works for your complexion.

  11. Great balance of make up & skin care with a side of brushes.
    Let’s hope this is the box & no disappointing surprises.

    I’d be happy once to get what I see advertised.

    I’d even be willing to pay extra to get the unicorn box.

    I’m all in.

    • I agree!

    • What’s a unicorn box?. Thank you.

      • The one elusive box that everyone wants but hardly anyone seems gets 😊

  12. I don’t really support Nikita Dragun because of how problematic and petty she acts on social media, but I am curious about the potion because I have dark undereyes. I’ll give her a fair try!

  13. Is there a use for the Dragun color corrector other than acne scars, under eye discoloration or drag makeup? Because if not, that’s not a product I would have a use for.

    Kopari just doesn’t excite me at all, there are so many other better, more effective skincare brands.

    I’ve never heard of the QMS brand. Based on a quick Google search, not many other people have either. It’s a European brand apparently, but I don’t see where it is being sold or talked about on any reputable, recognizable site 🤷‍♂️ So, I’m side-eyeing the $140 price tag on that eye cream reeeeally hard…

    Boxycharm brand brushes that they’re claiming some outrageously padded value for. Enough said.

    Unless you just really want the ND palette, I have a hard time finding any of the other products worth the price of the box. And there will most definitely be even lower value variations in that box after billing.

    I can see where some might be excited for this, but for me it’s an easy pass. Eagerly awaiting the inevitable bait and switch to come though, lol.

    • Sounds like a concealer that my house would be very happy to get then. So fingers crossed.

    • I saw it used as a base for eyeshadow. Think sunset looks

    • RubyWooWhoo, totally agree with you on all of your points. Why are BC and Ipsy collaborating with some of these lesser-known influencers, like Gigi whatever and Dragon whatever? Just a rhetorical question. At least they put a spoiler that is the price of the box, but most of us already have items that are better in quality than everything else. Boing is a great color corrector for dark circles, but the color of this one looks so dark for someone like me with a pale and cool complexion. The inevitable variations that will come out of the woodwork after payment processing will really be interesting.

      • I can’t wait to see all the disappointing variations.

      • Lol right Alice! I’ve got my popcorn ready for the inevitable drama and outrage when the box sells out,the website crashes and nobody except for the reviewers gets the ND palette and eye cream lol

      • Lol! Yes, indeed!

      • i think everyone is getting the ND pallet who gets BCP and brushes. i wanna know what the other variations are, tho i think maybe the premium might actually be just that variation? maybe? because i havent seen nor heard any others and BC only has those items on the website not only to promote it but it looks like that is it. Honestly i would be okay with just premium being one box. maybe?

      • You’ve got me cracking up! haha That’s why I wrote that those would come out of the woodwork, because quite a few know it is going to be a tragic comedy. If only Shakespeare were alive and subscribed.

      • He would appreciate the comedy/tragedy!

      • Their entire marketing budget is spent on influencers. Their business plan is built around advertising on social media to accrue new buyers. Their have been several articles in financial magazines.

    • Not thrilled either. Guess I am confused on the hype.

    • The benefit of kopari is its organic 😻 I don’t use rose scent but this might feel good on a hot day on arms or legs.

    • I have a set of Boxycharm brushes and they are freaking amazing. I actually like them better than my Luxie brushes, and that’s saying something.

    • Good Housekeeping in the UK did review (and like) a different QMS product, so that does make me think they’re a legitimate brand.

  14. I’m actually pleased with the spoilers. Really like the ND palette, the brushes look fun, the dragon beauty color corrector will be interesting to try and when else will I be able to try out a $140 eye cream?
    The Becca gloss will end up going in someone’s Christmas stocking and probably the rose toner too if it has rose water since I’m allergic.
    I think a lot of people were expecting more luxe items for the value they said it was, but after the huge disappointment I had with this month’s Ipsy GBU, it’s going to take a lot more to disappoint me. Really hoping I get off the waitlist.

    • I’m with you! The value is really good for the price. What I don’t end up using for myself will make good Christmas stocking stuffers.

      • Exactly and for the price everything beside’s the palette is a bonus!

    • That eye cream is mostly water, glycerin, and chemicals with a couple oils tossed in.

    • I have a full size of the rose toner from FFF. I looked at the ingredients and I don’t see rose water specifically but it does have rose extract. Dunno if that helps

      • Yes it does actually. I’m very allergic. But I’ll gift it so not a huge deal. Thanks!

      • Sure thing! Sorry you are allergic though 🙁 I have several allergies due to an autoimmune disorder, but rose isn’t one of them. Good thing, because I love the smell of it (but not rose and coconut together). Mine is in my donate/sell/swap/gift pile

    • How sad is that Ipsy has lowered the bar so far that, basically, if a box gives us marginally respectable products, we are dancing for joy? But truthfully, I think I’d like the Boxycharm Premium assortment even if I wasn’t traumatized by Ipsy GBU. The Natasha Denona palette is a win for me and the other products seem at least worth trying (unlike anything and everything in the GBU).

  15. Liz I think you need to update this post to make it clear that the 340.00 value is for both premium and regular Boxycharm combined since you have to have regular to get premium. The wording should have been 340.00 for an EXTRA 35.00 a month. Boxycharm has confirmed that this sub the case.

    • That’s still terrible wording. The marketing team needs new writers and some ethics.

      • I totally agree. This whole thing is a completely predictable expected disaster like all Boxycharm launches are.

      • I agree. This entire launch is a predictable debacle just like every Boxycharm launch is.

    • But both boxes are valued higher than $340. The Premium (without counting the Boxycharm brush set) is valued at $265.

    • I got the Kypris serum in regular boxy $90 @ Nordstrom. (I also got one for $12 add on yay!)

      ND pallette in premium $55 @ Sephora

      Cost? $60
      Value? $145, (not counting my add on)

      They could box up bottles of cat urine with those two items and I would feel like I got a great deal.

      I never worry about what the dollar value is, I worry about what the value is to me.

      If they put in reputable brands, whether they work for me or not, I’m all good.

      If they don’t I’m not.

      I use what works, and donate the rest to the women’s shelter. That’s why I get mad when they put in fake products. Just because you are poor or in a bad situation doesn’t mean I can pass off crap to you.

      I have horrible allergies and I have had three eye surgeries in the past 6 months. I’m not putting anything near my eyes that is suspect and I won’t donate it either.

      So to me, the value is great here. Name brand items except the brushes Nd the ladies at the shelter will be thrilled with them.

      With my add on I will spend a total of $72
      Three items equal $235. And the. I get a bunch of other stuff to use or donate and unless they have horrible variations, I won’t have to throw anything away.

      I am loving this.

      • I totally agree with you! I dont pay attention to the value either I just care about what the value to me is. I’m happy with these spoilers and the Natasha Denona blush palette, the eye cream and the becca lipgloss make the box more than worth it to me. I hope I get off the waitlist for November so I get the first premium box. I signed up as soon as I saw the email so I’m hoping that was quick enough

      • You had me at “cat urine”. But seriously, yes, it’s all about the value to YOU. I don’t really care if a product retails for $1,000 – if it’s not something I want or will use it has NO value to ME. I’ve let almost all my box subs expire except for Boxy and Sunday Riley so I decided to try Premium. It may be my one and only time but there’s enough in there I’d use it’s well worth $35 to me.

      • I LOVE YOUR COMMENT, YOU’R ATTITUDE !!! You’re awesome!! -have a FABULOUS weekend!!! <3

      • Thank you, Debbie! I love your comment. So sweet and honest about how do you feel.
        Someone stole my used makeup and buncha other stuffs from my makeup bag and other bags at work last weekend. I regulary gave away my makeup and other stuff to my co workers if I don’t use. She didn’t has to steal it from me if she was being nice enough to get my free giveaway. I do monthly sub boxes for fun. Unboxing new stuff is so much fun to me. I’m like little kid waiting on X-mas gift to be open every month. I don’t even care most of time what’s in it, I’m going to try out or giveaway anyway. I spent about $50-$85 a month, No more than $100 a month. My husband don’t mind me doing this. He told me to get em all I want. I don’t drink or smoke so I don’t really spend money on anything.

      • Love your comment 😘

    • Except that’s not true at all. The listed RV on the BC site for all the items spoiled above is $342. Barely more than $340 but still technically $340+. That doe not include the value of the base box which has a min RV of $125.

      • You’re right. I’ve said it all along, they lie. I don’t believe anything BC advertises. I can’t wait to see all the disappointing variations.

  16. Why is anyone surprised that once again the products aren’t great, the spoilers are most likely a maybe you’ll get and the value wording is shady? This is how Boxycharm is every single month every single time there’s a new level box.

    • Yep. It’s such a scam. I’m still waiting for them to answer my email.

      • Every single Boxycharm launch has been a predictable debacle. Every time.

      • Yep!

  17. I opted out because I can’t afford two boxes. The only thing I would want I don’t really need anyway. I already have way too many things from past boxes as it is. Coconut anything and my skin is a no-no and the brushes just look weird to me.

    • Same here! I’m actually glad they released these spoilers because it just confirmed for me that I don’t them!! I think I got caught up in the Natasha Denona hype, even though when I really look at the palette, I find myself saying “You have similar things in your collection already.”

      • I know, right?! I can’t believe all the fuss over that palette. It certainly doesn’t lure me. I wouldn’t use it. I already have better products with better colors. Truly, why not just buy the palette if one wants it and not be sucked into this BC sub?

  18. I’m on the waitlist, and trying to decide if I want to stay on it. I do like the ND palette, Becca lip gloss, Kopari toner, and the brushes, and I think those are worth $35…IF I get all 4 of them and not eyeliners, sheet masks, or other variation filler items. The “there may be variations” has me very hesitant. We’re paying an extra $10 for only one more item than the regular box, so I wouldn’t want that item to be yet another eyeliner.

    Does anyone know if the ND palette is guaranteed to everyone? Because if not I think I’m going to pass. I’m not excited about the eye cream, since it has collagen in it and I’m a vegetarian. I would definitely be gifting that. I also am not interested in a dark orange concealer. So if those are variations I’d be happy not to get those!

    • The ND palette IS supposedly guaranteed. I watched a very popular YouTube chick’s video where she actually showed her IM conversation with Yosef himself clarifying that every single subscriber will get the palette. I’m not going to be that shocked if he fails to keep his word on this since he’s been known to break it pretty frequently. But I promise you I will get a refund if he lied. There’s just too many confirmations all over social media and various websites for them to get away with it this time.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the eye cream. It’s gonna be the fantasy item everyone wants (mostly just because it’s expensive) but only Influencers, YouTubers and a few regular folks will get it. I was really excited until I realized that once again, we’ve been mislead. $340 WAS for just the first Premium box, which makes sense considering we’re required to spend over $80 + taxes to get it (October and November regular boxes and the $35 for Premium.) Now it’s only $175 so there’s no way all or even most subscribers will get over $100 more than that (total RV for the variation shown above is well over $267 depending on what RV they give to the brush set.)

      I’m just so fed up with all the shady and sneaky behavior and deceptive wording and promotional posts, videos, etc. They got me to resubscribe for the CHANCE to get off the waitlist and get the ND palette. They didn’t have to BS about the value or anything else that will eventually come to light. But they did and I was pretty excited about some of these spoilers, especially that eye cream, only to find out I probably have less than a 1% chance of receiving it. This major bummer comes after realizing that signing up for Premium the first time when it was announced did NOTHING to help me get a box. By the time I heard about the ACTUAL sign up starting, over three hours had passed so I probably won’t even get off the waitlist.

      I left Boxy a few months ago after being subscribed for over five years because I was so tired of their shenanigans. But between the promise of Premium, add-ons, pop up sales, etc they reeled me back in. I don’t know why I thought it would be any different this time around.

      • This right here is why I never subscribe to Boxy and never will. I see far to many comments like this one and you couldn’t have said it better. I heard there were at least 45 box variations in October, that’s ridiculous, especially since they don’t advertise it that way. I know a lot of people are pretty upset with Ipsy right now because of the Ultimate, which was also really deceptive/false advertising, but with all Boxy’s crap variations they may as well be set up more like Ipsy. At least then people would realize that there will be another 20-30 items you might recieve. Consumers would be a whole lot less frustrated if they at least knew what to expect. I always wondered why people complain so much about having a billion eyeliner pencils…I blame Boxy solely for the eyeliner overload.😅 I don’t get Boxy and I also am not overloaded with eyeliner, so maybe that explains it.😆

      • Boxy has the price of the brushes on their website at $65. I doubt that price, honestly. Not impressed with the premium at all. My October box had a RV of $103 🙁

      • That eye cream is full of problems according to cosdna analytics. I wouldn’t put it on my face even if I were a corpse. Just putting that out there…

      • Can you please share with is what you found out about it please?!? I looked it up on that site and put in “QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Care Cream” and it came back with not found under product search and analytics…but I’ve never used that site so I’m not sure

        Thanks 🙂

    • I agree that the concealer won’t work for me since my skin tone is Ultra fair but I always feel products for women of color are I represented in Beauty boxes so I am happy for them. A $55 palette for $35 is good enough for me. Especially since this is the only item from the brand I would actually buy 😻

      • That should have said under represented.

      • I’m doubtful about the color corrector too, since I’m pretty fair as well. But, I will give it a whirl. I’ve been wrong before and, frankly, I’d try just about anything that works to cover my raccoon eyes. I’ve been using the peach color corrector from LA Girl, which I was sure was going to be waaay too dark and it works pretty well for me.

      • All the yes’ on the LA Girl Peach concealer! I’m super fair skinned and that stuff works wonders at hiding my extremely dark & noticeable under eye circles. I actually just picked up a red concealer, like full on bright lipstick red, to see how that works with my fair skin and undereye circles.

      • Yes!!! Some more LA Girl fans! I absolutely love the peach color corrector! I’m also super fair and it does a great job on my dark circles. I’m also 42 with dry under eyes, so not a perfect canvas. I can’t use just anything anymore, but the formula on the LA Girl is great for me, it’s not drying and does not crease. It’s a holy grail for me!

  19. DON’T FORGET TO READ THE NEW ‘FAQ’ SECTION ON BOXYCHARM ABOUT THE PREMIUM UPGRADE! Copied from the “Is the BoxyCharm Premium waitlist the same as the interest list?” question: On November 1, 2019, active Charmers will be activated from the waitlist in the order in which they joined.* If you successfully come off the waitlist, you will be charged $25 for your November BoxyCharm and $35 for your November BoxyCharm Premium. You will be billed for both subscriptions on this month and may then modify your BoxyCharm or BoxyCharm Premium subscription as you wish, any time. If you cancel your BoxyCharm Premium subscription and then change your mind later, you will need to join the BoxyCharm Premium waitlist again.

  20. The ND palette is pretty for sure although I’m not sure about the blush color,it looks dark for me. I don’t want the orange drag concealer from Nikita though 😞 it doesn’t seem worth the upgrade to me and I’m still stinging from the gbu box.
    I’ll be opting out but good luck to everyone who wants one ☺

    • Honestly the spoilers didn’t seem to be bad until I saw Dragun Beauty if I get an item from this brand I’m cancelling. Does anyone know if Boxycharm offers an option to submit a brand we do not want in our customization? I don’t support Nikita Dragun she is one of those drama filled influencers.

      • Influencer = drama = narcissism = “look at me! Look at me all day long!!!!”

  21. The Farsali spray is going in your base box if you are getting both the base box and premium. This is because the full brush set is going in all premium boxes and a set of two of the brushes is going in all based boxes. The Farsali is being switched for the set of two brushes, so you won’t get a duplicate in your two boxes.

    • @Cynthia
      From your mouth to the Boxy god’s ear…

      • Her info came from Yosef’s stories today. Whether you want to trust it or not is up to you!

      • Whatever Yosef says take it with a grain of salt. He’s got a history of being less than honest with his customers.

      • Don’t believe anything Yosef says. Take his words and promises with a grain of salt.

  22. I don’t mind this for $35; solely because I want the ND palette. Who knows if I’ll even get it; I’m a little peeved that I had to sign up for October and be charged $21 for a box I don’t want and again next month have to pay another $21 for a box I really didn’t want. I think it’s a little underwhelming to be touted as a $340+ box, and then there’s two lip products and an expensive eye cream. I got a Becca gloss at TJ Maxx for $14 and still felt I overpaid.

    • I agree about the requirement to get the $21 October box plus the $25 November box (doesn’t the rate increase start next month?) on top of the $35 to get the Premium. So a total of $80-85 depending on your taxes. My related issue is that they seem to have backed off of that $340 figure and are only promising the $175. So for those of us that didn’t want the regular boxes, we’re kinda paying $80+ for $175, so barely double the value. This is not a great deal in the sub box world. So really they should definitely send $340 value to everyone for the first box. After that you’ll only have to spend $35 to get the Premium box so $175 is more than fair.

      If they are in fact backpedaling on the $340 it means, like I was afraid of when I first saw these spoilers, very few people (probably Influencers and such) will actually get that eye cream. For them, their boxes likely will be worth the full $340. I subbed to Boxy Premium (and re-subbed to regular as was required) for the ND palette that we’re ALL supposed to get, but I’m mainly into sub boxes for the skincare. It’s very frustrating to see a product like this being promoted when unless you have a YouTube channel or a ton of Insta followers, you’re probably not going to get it. Chances are probably similar to playing the lottery.

    • there’s only one lip product. the nikita dragon looks like it should be, but it’s a color correcting concealer. it’s marketed as being suitable for all skin tones. which is extra lame because that means it’s possible i could get it even tho i have fair skin with mild redness that would look horrible with bright red “corrector”.

      • I’m skeptical about the color corrector too. I think it’s safe to say it’s only usable if you wear foundation (and probably a full coverage formula too). But we’ll see.

    • Next month the regular box is $25,

      • I’m not willing to pay even more for a box and then discover I’ve been had. Boxy has lost A LOT of trust with their subscribers, who have tired of the monthly bait-and-switch. I am definitely going to hold off until I see exactly how this is being executed

  23. I hope that this is what we ACTUALLY get! And not just the palette and then random crap like I feel I have been getting the past few months with my BoxyCharm.

  24. FYI the amount advertised for premium of over $340 value includes your regular box since you have to be subscribed to both

    • 😯🤔 tricky tricky.

    • I think that if that’s the case, they need to be very careful with their advertising…
      “November’s box worth $340+ for $35” should be worded like “November’s boxes worth $340+ for $60”

      There’s gonna be some unhappy customers….

      • There’s always unhappy customers but why is anyone surprised? Boxycharm is shady about everything.

    • That’s not true. You can go look at the breakdown on the BC website. Add up the RV of all the items listed, and it comes out to $342… that has nothing to do with the base box value.

      • Yes, but it is a requirement that you receive the base box as well as the premium for the first month. The RV may be $340 for the Premium alone, but you are paying at least $60 (instead of only the $35) to get the advertised value because you cannot JUST subscribe to premium for the first month.

  25. Oh my. The word “may” is getting a lot of use in spoilers. 🙂

    • Indeed. And this site keeps deleting my posts about the BC scam.

  26. I need to try $140 cream on my eyes!! I hope I’m getting the box and mine contains Natasha Donova plus the eye cream

    • I’ll be that’s going to be the unicorn item, that very few people end up getting. IJS.

      Pinning your hopes on any item that’s a *may* is a crapshoot.

    • That’s not a well known or tried and true brand. It appears to be a rather obscure brand from Europe with no real presence anywhere. The company has been around at least 4 years, but no one talks about it and they aren’t being sold by any reputable or well known retailers. If you’re going to take that $140 price tag and run with it, at least take the salt shaker with you, lol.

  27. The ND pallets is everything. I am hoked with it when I tried it on in Sephora. Can not wait!

  28. I may be wrong, but I think the $300+ value they promised is for this box PLUS the regular $25 box combined, since we have to get both boxes the first month. Then after the first month it goes back down to the $175+ value. I think they just worded it wrong in their advertisements.

    • I think they are putting the Boxycharm brushes at a high value at $73? because all the products listed above have a combined value of $267. But I may be wrong and you right. I do not think those brushes should be marked at such a high price tag.

  29. Not close to their touted rollout value. I KNEW they weren’t going to hold up on what they advertised. I’m bitter over what they failed to give me in October as a new subscriber. They sure didn’t keep me long. 8m still waiting on a reply from my email regarding my missing gift item. Glad I didnt fall for this hype.

    • I got my missing item sent separately from the October box. I would keep a lookout bc their just now shipping their missing items from boxyluxe mistake, and I got my Sunday Riley cream yesterday 😊 hope u get your item soon

      • Thank you!

    • I’m sorry and I hope they get it resolved for you. It stinks when things go wrong and they don’t fix it. I won’t say I’m bitter but I am no longer a customer of a couple box subs. Honestly the two that have never let me done are Beautyfix and test tube. I don’t always love my boxes but they have always been fair and I appreciate that. Crossing my fingers that this is resolved and you have something good happen to you in the meantime.

      • Thank you! I completely agree about Beautyfix. They are outstanding.

  30. I’m happy with these spoilers, even with the boxy branded brushes. I love seeing a toner for a change. But how does the skin perfecting potion work on everybody’s skin tone?

    • Oh baby, click the link and see for yourself. Totally cracked me up. Not a product I will use but can donate. It will blur and act as a concealer if you don’t have skin Any member of the cast of the Munsters would envy like I do. I appreciate them including a product for people who do not have super fair skin like me. I can’t use it but I appreciate them including a product that can be used by others. Seriously, click the link and look at the models, they show the before but not after photos. 😹

    • That’s what I don’t understand. Or believe honestly. After looking it up I’m guessing it might work for people who use very full coverage foundation but that’s certainly not everyone. I’m thinking it’s marketed more towards all the younger people that do the full face complete with contouring, highlighting, cut creases, false lashes, etc.

      As for the other spoilers, WOW! I’m trying not to get my hopes up not just for any particular product, but for even getting off the waitlist. But IF, in the unlikely event I actually get this box, I would LOVE that eye cream. Of course, so will everyone else I’m sure, even if they don’t need it given the value. But I need it for these fine lines and loss of firmness dang it! 😄 In fact the eye cream may well be that elusive hero item that typically only Influencers/YouTubers and a handful of non-famous others receive.
      I also like those brushes. Even if they’re not top quality they’re cute enough to satisfy me. Of course the ND palette is fabulous and I usually like Kopari products. I’m just trying not to think too much about receiving any of them in case I stay waitlisted and there’s no point.

      • You should try the eye cream by Lavido. It’s all natural and cruelty free. I’ve gotten excellent results and it’s not expensive. The product they’re showing here is mostly glycerin and chemicals! (Junk!)

    • I watched a couple videos to see what the corrector is all about and it definitely works on all skin tones. I’m excited to try it out, it’s something I wouldn’t have bought and tried on my own, which is why I love beauty boxes.

      • I am not convinced orange will work on my pink undertones. Sure lighter or darker skin, but not cool toned.

  31. I appreciate the variety of products, and the brands that are familiar – but not usually in sub boxes.

    The only thing that makes me seriously unhappy is the Boxy branded brushes. There is zero need for Boxy to be making in house products, and I cannot imagine how terrible they will be.

    Also, if you have not yet – please go to the link for the color corrector. The models look insane.

    • I did that as soon as MSA posted the spoilers and totally cracked up. This is a product that I will not use because I look like the live child of Casper the ghost and an albino so it will be way too dark for me but is it a real independent brand and not a made up product for box value so that’s fine with me. I can donate real products with a clear conscience.

      I’m fine with the boxy brushes as well. I think they will be the same quality as morphe and possibly even made to the same factory. I can neither confirm nor deny I have a family member who is in a position to know that info. I have always wanted to try the kind that looks like a small hair or shoe polish brush. This way I can try the style before investing in a high quality one this Christmas when they go on sale at ulta or Sephora. If I don’t like them, I can donate the rest.

      And honestly, 35 for a pallette that costs 55 means a good deal on the pallette and all the other stuff is free!

      I’m a tough cookie and I am a total two thumbs up to these spoilers, brushes and all. I don’t expect 350 for 35. No one could stay in business that way. I just want them to be fair, and give us real brands so we know their safe. They have exceeded my expectations on both fronts here.

    • Do you happen to know how to find the link?

  32. Thank you, thank you MSA for providing full spoilers! For 35$ I am happy with the blush pallette alone but I think this box looks way better than my last boxyluxe 😹 super happy to see so many actual brands. I hope they will not have a ton of variations. This is how IPsy should have rolled out. Will I use everything? Nope. Do I feel like they are keeping their end of the bargain if the boxes do look like this? Yep.

    • We’re so glad to hear this, Debbie!

  33. Had this not been advertised as a premium box valued at $300+ I don’t think people would have been so disappointed.

    It should have been advertised like Ipsy did. As a BoxyPlus. Not quite BoxyLuxe, def not quite what I would consider Premium. But a good value being a just a bit extra.

    I, personally, think for $35.00 this is a great box. They just advertised it wrong.

  34. Hmmm…not exactly what I was expecting for $340 value 🤔

  35. I’m happy with this!! Totally worth $35!!! And so much better than Ipsy failure of a box that they charged $50 for!! I actually had signed up for it and backed out once I seen the spoilers. Not long after I decided to try BC premium and BC did not disappoint. I was hoping they would come through. I’ve been subscribed to BC for 3+ years so I’m happy they are offering a premium. I was getting a little bored with the regular box just because I have so much. This premium is perfect though. Love those spoilers.

  36. Everyone can simply opt of the waiting list if they are not happy with the spoilers which is GREAT! I do not need this box as I already have the natasha denona palette and while I think its worth the price alone I think Boxy shot them selves in the foot boasting the $340 value and including a boxy charm branded item. I actually like the way the brushes look but that is a stretch and will only lead to more complaining even with the option for people to cancel their waitlist spot. Kudos to them for some spoilers before it was too late to do so.

    • Look at Yosefs IG stories … If I understand correctly there will also be a farsali gold spray added in for premium that is not pictured. Can this post be updated to show that item also?

      • The farsali spray will be for the base box

      • I think you get the spray in your regular boxy if you are subscribed to premium, and if not getting premium you get a brush instead of the spray.

    • I’m pretty excited to try items I’ve never considered buying like the corrector fluid by Dragun. For me, this is a great value for $35. I cancelled a couple other boxes to make space in my bank account for Boxy premium. Everything shown I would definitely use!

  37. If you opt out of waitress do you cancel or are you guaranteed a box?

    • If you opted out of the waitlist this month then you should be guaranteed not to get a box. They said they will start charging November first in order of those on the waitlist. If you don’t want it, I suggest cancelling your spot on the waitlist now.

  38. Yeah……..glad I didn’t sign up for the Premium waitlist. I just resubscribed to Boxycharm (against my better judgement 🤦🏾‍♀️), so I guess I’ll be sticking with the regular Boxycharm (and all three Ipsy tiers; I skipped GBP this month and just subscribed to GBU this month) for the time being.

    • $35 + $25 =$60 and you get two boxes one the regular which is $25 and one premium which is $35. If you have both subscriptions you’ll get different items.

      • Yes, I’m aware of this. But I’m just not interested in November’s Premium box, and since the Becca lip gloss is the only item in the box that I like, the $35 wouldn’t be worth it for me. I’m going to give the GBU a chance, despite this month’s outrage over the Ultimate. I might give Premium a shot in the future (if I keep Boxycharm, that is). However, I hope that everyone who’s on the waitlist for Premium gets one next month.

      • *I meant Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate and Boxycharm Premium

  39. They said in the email to sign up that the first box had a value of over $340. With my calculations they are pricing the Boxycharm brush set at $73. That’s a little ridiculous if you ask me.

    • I believe there is some kind of “ gold spray” as well, but just not pictured.

      • Yeah, that’s the Farsali spray. It’s actually going to be in the base box in lieu of the two piece brush set because Premium is getting the 5 piece so there aren’t repeats.
        So, everyone without Premium will get a two piece brush set in their box and Premium members will get the Rose Gold Farsali mist instead

    • They are now saying that the 340.00 includes the premium and regular box together not the premium by itself since you have to have both.

  40. Definitely not worth the extra money.

  41. Not great but better than Ipsy Ultimate lol still not worth the extra money for me personally.

  42. Yes you can opt out of the waitlist on your account.

    • This was in response to the lady that asked if she could cancel now. I thought I clicked reply to her post.

    • I really thought seeing the ND face palette that BC was going to knock it out of the park. I’m glad I didnt bother resubscribing to get on the Premium waitlist. I really want the face palette but nothing else that’s being shown do I want or need so I’ll just purchase the palette from on of my FB groups. A couple girls I know sell them for 35$ plus 4$ shipping. Still looks a lit better then what ipsy provided with Ultimate but I’m burned out with all these boxes and need a break anyways. Save my money and just buy what I want instead of getting boxes of stuff I’ll never use. Hope everyone else who wanted this box loves what they see 😁

  43. Not great. Not worth the extra money for me.

    • Is the Boxy charm premium $35 plus the $25 ? So we actually are paying $55 for the Premium
      Subscription instead. I am confused 😐. I didnt know exactly what I’m getting myself into. I saw the regular Boxy charm and I actually like that one better than the Premium anyways.

      • You pay $55 and get both boxes each month! It isn’t like BoxyLuxe which replaces the box… you will get premium every month alongside the regular boxycharm… then the BoxyLuxe every 3 months of you subscribe to it. So there shouldn’t be any overlap in products between the regular and premium boxes.

  44. So, that equals ~$267 (not including the inhouse branded brushes). How does that fall in line with the advertised “November’s box worth $340+ for $35”. I do not believe the brushes are being valued at $73+.

    Like others, I’d sign up if there were any sort of guarantee that they weren’t going to switch out half the products for sub box specific brands.

    • They’re saying now that 340.00 is for both premium and regular combined and they meant 340.00 for an extra 35.00 a month. Totally shady but not surprised at all.

  45. Not great but definitely better than Ipsy Ultimate lol still not worth the extra money to me personally.

  46. These spoilers are not exciting at all. Definitely not what I expected for the first box. I appreciate them showing us before so I can save the $35.

  47. I wouldn’t mind this for $35.

    I’m especially interested in the Skin Perfecting Potion since concealers do nothing for me but make me look worse and I’ve been noodling around with peach eyeshadows, which sort of work.

    I just don’t trust Boxycharm that this is what the actual box will contain and I don’t want to have to subscribe to both regular and premium.

  48. I was just about to email this to you Liz!

  49. I’m pretty happy with that. I need a good eye cream, and this alone is cheaper than what I was going to get.

  50. Can I cancel now? Hahaha

    • You can opt out of the waitlist yes, just log into your account and under account preferences there’s an option to opt out of the waitlist for premium

    • It is ridiculous. Not worth my hard earned money.

      • I like the base box better than this. Opting out out the wait list for now. Making sure another Ipsy Ultimate. 😬

      • Same!

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