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BoxyCharm October 2019 FULL Spoilers – Variation 3 + Coupon!


We have full spoilers for another version of October 2019 BoxyCharm!

FYI – BoxyCharm will increase to $25 on November 1st.

The theme for October is:

There is magic in the night when BoxyCharm glows by moonlight! Welcome to Boxy After Dark! 💕 #BoxyCharm #BoxyAfterDark

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscriptions or those who cancelled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.
One version:
Source: Latinboxy
  • Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette
  • Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm
  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
  • Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Eyeliner? (anyone recognize this product?)
Other versions:
Source: boxypreview

Version 1:

  • Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette
  • Hank & Henry Slick With it Mascara
  • Iconic London 1 Prep-Set-Glow Spray in Original or Glow
  • Smashbox “Always On” Liquid Eyeliner
  • Chella Beauty Slanted Tip Tweezers

Version 2:

  • Dose Of Colors x iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette 
  • Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm
  • Milk Makeup Blur Spray
  • Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Chella Beauty Slanted Tip Tweezers

Here’s a look at the other spoilers:

The latest spoiler mentions that subscribers will receive a Dose of Colors or Tarte palette. They don’t include an image for the Tarte variation but we do see a new Dose of Color Palette – Dose Of Colors x iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette – $35

Here’s a look at the other Dose of Colors palettes:


Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette – $32


Smashbox “Always On” Liquid Eyeliner OR Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant


Iconic London 1 Prep-Set-Glow Spray in Original or Glow OR Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

What do you think of the October spoilers? 

BoxyCharm also announced updated to the subscription:

Customization – NEW! Starting this November, test complexion swatches for products better matched to your skin tone.

Choice – NEW! BoxyCharm subscribers select 1 item in their box every month. BoxyLuxe subscribers select 1-3 items for their BoxyLuxe every 3 months.

Add-Ons – NEW! Add more beauty products at member-exclusive prices with free shipping every month.

BoxyPopUp – MORE beauty and lifestyle product deals at up to 80% off will NOW be available every quarter, with the next one in November.

Value – The BoxyCharm box will NOW be valued at over $125 (up from $100) every month starting this November.

To deliver this ever-improving member experience, we’re updating the BoxyCharm price to $25 per month starting November 1, 2019. The BoxyLuxe price of $49.99 every 3 months remains the same.

To lock-in your BoxyCharm box for $21 per month for a limited time, sign-up to a prepaid subscription before Monday, September 30, 2019 11:59pm EST.

Click here and use coupon code GETMYBECCA to get a free full-sized Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder with your first BoxyCharm box!

Full Details:Available to new subscribers or those who cancelled before August 1, 2019. Valid for the month of September, or while supplies last.

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

PLUS Special Offer
PLUS Special Offer


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Comments (55)

  1. Heads up everyone….anyone that used the code for the free tarte palette will not be getting a Dose of Color Palette! I emailed Boxycharm because I was so upset about it and no reply yet! Basically they told another person the tarte palette counts as their palette for this months box, which isn’t fair since it’s a free bonus item!

    • wait WHAT?? are you serious? are they at least gonna sub another item in for the dose palette?

      • Don’t take what she says to heart. I too used the Tarte code and am getting the Tarte (confirmed via email) and the DOC which also was confirmed via email as one of my three spoilers. Now they may have changed it without my knowledge but I don’t think that’s likely.

  2. i just subscribed for the 1st time, forgot to add the trickortarte code of course, the whole reason i signed up lol! I emailed them immediately and they basically told me too bad. they are sending me a promotional gift though. Does anyone know what it might be??

    • It will probably be the BECCA Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder which is AWESOME!!! I love it so much! I never even used to use setting powder and now I can’t do my makeup without it! 😊

    • It will probably be the Becca Hydra-mist Set & Refresh Powder which is freakin awesome!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I never even used setting powder previously, but now I can’t do my makeup without it!

  3. I received an email that said my box had shipped and it said that Choice & Add Ons for November will be October 7-9

    • Thanks, Erin!

      • You’ve welcome Kenley!

      • Sheeze…You’re, not you’ve. Well, at least I spelled your name right Kenley! hahaha

  4. I hope I get variation 2 I used Paula’s choice for years, I think it’s a good product, but Sunday Riley for me shown better results.

    • I got the variation box with the tarte pro glow pallette. Has anyone received the same box?

      • Oh wow that’s weird. Is this your very first box? The reason I am asking is because I got the tart pro glow palette in one of my older Boxy charm boxes.

      • No lol I have been a member since Aug of 2016 and I remember that palette in the June boxyluxe. I know its odd

  5. Oh man Variation #3 looks like the golden ticket! lol

    I have to say that, over the past 5-6 years, 90% of the time I’ve gotten what I was hoping for. And when I look back at the really old boxes, I can’t believe that anyone complains about the fantastic stuff they send out now LOL

    I chose the Touch in Sol when I received my email. But I am really hoping for the Paula’s Choice and one of the regular DOC palettes with it. This box would be perfect!

    Please and thank you @BoxyCharm Faries

  6. They are dead set on sending me a 6th black eyeliner…

  7. I’m so tired of always getting eyeliners

    • Glad I cancelled this box.

  8. I just signed up for boxycharm. I currently have GBP and wanted to try out GBU but seems like many of em here cancel or didn’t like what they’re getting this month so here I am. I’m so exciting that I’m getting a free tarte palette and first box from boxycharm. yay!

    • Same

    • You will love boxycharm a lot! I feel it’s better than ipsy but keep ipsy bag and ipsy plus bag with boxycharm & boxyluxe. That’s not all of them but boxy has my all time favorite every month I rip into that boxy that comes to my door early in the month. Love love

  9. I would love box #3 ! One can hope—- it just seems you never get the product you want. August I got the barbie sparkling mask , so ya.

  10. Oh, I want box #3! I can only hope.

  11. Has anyone used Chella Beauty tweezers? Are they anywhere near Tweezerman quality?

  12. When will we be able to see which box we got? 🤔

    • You wont be able to see it until you receive it 🙁 But Boxy usually does ship the first week of the month as long as your payment went through.

  13. I want the Paula’s Choice bad enough to overlook that eyeliner pencil, lol. $10 says it’s Steve Laurent or Starlooks.

    • Don’t forget jonte blue or however you spell it lol. That’s even worse than the others although its probably the same plm 🙄🙄

    • Yup jonte blue. I nailed it. Unfortunately….

  14. I would also love Box 3 because I would like to try the Paula’s Choice product.

    I think I chose the Touch In Sol but I don’t remember – does anyone remember the alternative? Or maybe I wasn’t given an alternative.

    At any rate, I just locked myself in for another year at $19.25 so at that price, I always feel I am getting more than my money’s worth.

    I do give away lots of stuff to my always grateful friends and the holidays are coming so I can save some of the big stuff for some nice “baskets”. With my friend circle, acts of random kindness are reciprocated anyway. I don’t think of it as a quid pro quo of course – i.e. I will give you this and you will do that but we all surprise each other when appropriate with personal generous stuff

  15. I caved and subbed to get the free Tarte item plus going to enjoy it one more time before the price hike. I also reactivated my Ipsy Plus and subbed to the Ultimate which may have been a mistake seeing how peeved everyone is by both of them.

    • Im actually pretty stoked about what i got in my ultimate minus the real her palette.

      • I’m still waiting on plus and ultimate to see what I’m getting. It’s still personalizing.

      • I still can’t see my GBP too. 🙁

  16. Box 3 would be awesome for me! This month is like spinning a roulette wheel with so many variations. I won’t use warm or bright colors (solid neutral girl) but I have a few friends who wear color well who are always grateful recipients of anything that doesn’t work for me. Can’t wait to see what the Boxy fairy puts together!

    • If I get brown, I will be happy to trade you! I like neutral, but I joined Boxy to get out of my comfort zone! The only other one I don’t want is Sienna.

  17. Look and admire the unicorn!

    • Yup, # 3 is the unicorn and the one I want. Probably have a better chance of winning the lottery.

    • LOL! It’s a joke to see the boxes that are sent to reviewers vs. the boxes that are sent to us schlubs. We still take the bait, though, don’t we (myself included)?

      • Unfortunately, me too! I just keep thinking maybe this is the month that I get the good variation. I guess I just never learn lol. FOMO is too strong!

      • Yes, I think you are right after taking the time to look at that person’s IG page. It advertises charm shop and whatever BoxyCharm posts. It’s only about BC stuff.

      • That’s what everyone was saying about last months luxe box…that only the two faced pallet was sent to influencers…but I still got that pallet so…clearly not

        And I picked the exfoliant for my choice this month, so unless they have more variations than just the 3, I’ll more than likely be getting this box. Good luck to all though!

      • Nice that you got to choose the exfoliant for BoxyCharm. They gave the choice of a TouchInSol cream or Glow Spray, only. Been subscribed for years, too.

      • I got those options because I messaged them on facebook saying I never received the email to choose anything, and right then and there they gave me the choice between the exfoliant or eyeliner. I found out afterwards that everyone else only could choose between the spray and the balm.

        I’ve heard alot of people say that they didn’t get items they’ve picked in the past though, so with it being all through messenger I’m not exactly sure about holding my breath for it. Which in all honesty, I’d take any of these variations in a heartbeat, so I won’t be disappointed in the least bit.

      • Wait we can choose this month? I didn’t get any option to what should I have gotten a email? I got the one for a add on and actually ordered the Dr brant night mask again..

      • Well they had something like 17 as variations last month…

  18. I cancelled boxy this month to try the Ipsy ultimate obviously that was a bad mistake! I just cancelled even after I had my touch in sol pick. I would have been a lot happier with ANY of these boxes esp 3 . These boxes look awesome; )

    • Same here. Luckily I ended up canceling Ultimate after the second round of spoilers but my Plus was HORRIBLE. The worst month of Plus in nearly a year and just in general from Ipsy (counting the regular bag) in five years. I left Boxy because I felt like I never got what I wanted/what they advertised and always got the worst variants. But my October Ipsy Plus is way worse than any box I ever received from Boxycharm. I’m tempted to go ahead and resubscribe so I’ll have a chance to do the foundation swatch thing. Does anyone know if they’re still supposed to be mailing that out this month?

      • Sung,
        I have Ipsy Glam Bag Plus (since last November) and Boxy Charm for years.
        Ispy Glam Bag Plus, was great for the first few month but is going downhill and this month was a disaster. The Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate was a bigger disaster.
        As Ipsy was going down hill, Boxy was getting better. If Boxy follows through with all the changes that are SUPPOSED to be made in November…..STICK WITH BOXY.

      • My plus was horrible too. I think I’m going to cancel GBP after this month.

  19. Wow! Box #3 is amazing!
    Boxy send me box #3 PLEASE!!!!!

    • Yes, me too! I selected the Touch in Sol, so just maybe 🤞🏼

      • I also selected the Touch in Sol. Sending out positive vibes to the universe for box #3 as well!

  20. Welp, there goes another brown palette. I wonder what percentage of those Dose palettes are going to be the brown one. And, I bet mainly the influencers are going to get that Paula’s Choice.

  21. This would be a great box for me!

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