BoxyCharm October 2019 FULL SPOILERS – All Products!

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We have the full product spoilers for the October 2019 BoxyCharm!

FYI – BoxyCharm will increase to $25 on November 1st.

The theme for October is:

There is magic in the night when BoxyCharm glows by moonlight! Welcome to Boxy After Dark! 💕 #BoxyCharm #BoxyAfterDark

First, here’s a look at the three box variations we’ve seen so far. 
One version:
Source: Latinboxy
  • Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette
  • Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm
  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
  • Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Eyeliner? (anyone recognize this product?)
Other versions:
Source: boxypreview

Version 1:

  • Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette
  • Hank & Henry Slick With it Mascara
  • Iconic London 1 Prep-Set-Glow Spray in Original or Glow
  • Smashbox “Always On” Liquid Eyeliner
  • Chella Beauty Slanted Tip Tweezers

Version 2:

  • Dose Of Colors x iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette 
  • Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm
  • Milk Makeup Blur Spray
  • Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Chella Beauty Slanted Tip Tweezers

The October box will include:

Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette – $32 OR Dose Of Colors x iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette – $35


Iconic London 1 Prep-Set-Glow Spray in Original or Glow OR Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss – $26

Smashbox “Always On” Liquid Eyeliner OR Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant OR Mellow Tinted Brow Gel

Chella Slanted Tip Tweezers OR Illuminati Cosmetic Sponge OR Hollywood N Vine Long Eyeliner Pencil

Here are the other products that may be included in the October box:

GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE ™ Daily Conditioning Cleanser

Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo – Clout

Elemis – Superfood Vital Veggie Mask 75ml

Spongelle – Mani Pedi Treatment Set

SKIN&CO – Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Mist


Steve Laurant – Jelly Highlighter

Tarte – Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter

Briogeo – Don’t Despair Repair Strength + Moisture Leave-in Mask

Koh Gen Do – Spa Cleansing Water Cloths (10 – pack)

Milk Makeup – Blur Spray

BECCA – Anti Fatigue Under Eye Primer

JonteBlu – Lip Liner

Luna by Luna – Pencil Eyeliner

Crown Industries – Sheet Mask

Steve Laurant – Lip Liner – Uptown

What do you think of the October spoilers? 

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscriptions or those who cancelled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.

BoxyCharm also announced updates to the subscription:

Customization – NEW! Starting this November, test complexion swatches for products better matched to your skin tone.

Choice – NEW! BoxyCharm subscribers select 1 item in their box every month. BoxyLuxe subscribers select 1-3 items for their BoxyLuxe every 3 months.

Add-Ons – NEW! Add more beauty products at member-exclusive prices with free shipping every month.

BoxyPopUp – MORE beauty and lifestyle product deals at up to 80% off will NOW be available every quarter, with the next one in November.

Value – The BoxyCharm box will NOW be valued at over $125 (up from $100) every month starting this November.

To deliver this ever-improving member experience, we’re updating the BoxyCharm price to $25 per month starting November 1, 2019. The BoxyLuxe price of $49.99 every 3 months remains the same.

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Boxycharm is getting worse and worse. It’s becoming such a joke. And the customer service is an even bigger joke. They’re pretty nonexistent at times. And when they do exist they are incompetent as hell. I’m over it..but the last straw is them continuing to ship my boxes through OnTrac. Been with them since 5 years ago when I was getting nyx and maybelline in the box each month. I just can’t take it anymore. I find myself more pissed off and frustrated, full of anger each month than happy. Yosef is getting rich and that’s all he cares about. Hes the crappiest ceo of any company I’ve dealt with.

    • I’ve been with Boxy for 4.5+ years. I was also around for the “no name” items. I remember when we received Coastal Scents and thought that was a big deal. I love that name brand items are now a normal thing, but I HATE the filler items. $5-$7 items? I don’t even buy myself cheap items like that, so why are they being sent to us every. Single. Month.?

      I know that I’m far from alone with my next comment/thought. Joe always made us “promises” and said that certain things would never change. When the Luxe box was introduced, all of those promises were tossed aside. He REFUSES to acknowledge our questions or comments. Out of everything, that’s what bothers me the most. He always told us that our loyalty was basically the world to him, yet new customers are treated better than his most loyal customers. For the life of me, I don’t understand. Boxy has become sneaky. They’ve changed values, item counts, etc., without even addressing it with customers. When we notice the change and bring it up, we are ignored.

      Someone said that Boxy made over 40 MILLION dollars last year. I believe it. Just think about it this way. The DOC palettes retail for $32. We can add one on for $12. They are still making a profit off of it, by letting us buy it for $12. They are sending 2 filler items a month. This month some retail for $5 & $7. They bought them for next to nothing.

      It’s pure profit.

      • One of the main points of a business is profit. You don’t have the connections to get those products at the price boxycharm does, so if it bothers you that much, save your 21 dollars and buy the 32 dollar palette. (Let that sink in)

        • Lol. Hahahaha exactly. The complaints are unbelievable. Is this what the world has come to? The Entitlement. We are paying 21 dollars for over 100 dollars of product. Ugh… Idk. Upsetting.

    • Boxy charm has declined to the point of ridiculousness. I resubbed for the last 2 boxes and they were painfully bad, not even worth the $21. Not a single item has resold and I have everything priced just to get my $21 back. Nobody will even pay $10 for the Essentials or Dose of color palettes.
      I got:
      *Baked browns palette
      *Iconic spray in original
      *Paula’s choice BHA (I picked this over Smashbox Eyeliner)
      *Iconic gloss in sex kitten
      * Hollywood & Vine black eyeliner

      September was
      *Natasha Essentials palette
      *Dr. Brandt sleeping mask
      *Hank & Henry Black eyeliner pen
      *Microblade eyebrow pen
      *Moda brush set (5pc)

      All of it sucked. You used to be able to sell some stuff to at least break even. Nobody will pay $10 for the palettes or Dr. Brandt even!

      • I didn’t even get a palette! I resubbed to get a palette and did not get any of the Dose of Colors palettes.

        • Same :/ I’m so disappointed

        • My sneak peek also does not show a DOSE of Colors pallet and I’m pretty bummed out about it.

          It says I’m getting the Tarte cheek/blush pallet, The Touch in sol balm, and the Iconic London gloss in Love Struck, I have no idea what the other two items are going to be, but would have been nice to get a DOC pallet =\

          I signed up in September and got a September box and am now patiently waiting for my October box. It says it shipped on the 9th and won’t be here until the 22’ be, which I think is a little ridiculous.

          If any of your guys sneak peek showed the same 3 items please let me know I’m curious what else you got or will get.

          • I got the butter london pallet instead of the dose pallet I am so mad about it like where did that come from I just got it too today

          • What the heck is the butter London pallet? I thought we were ALL supposed to get a dose of colors pallet. They are also saying that for our November box that EVERY single person is supposed to be getting the Dominique cosmetics celestial thunder pallet- we will see. I REALLY want this one!

      • Omg really? That’s crazy I absolutely love that dr.brant sleeping mask. I will buy yours if u still have it.

      • Hey I would gladly buy the DOC palette and iconic spray if you still have it 🙂

  2. After reading all these comments, I thought with a box weighing .80, I was going to be getting a Dollar Store eyeliner and a few candy wrappers! I would take candy wrappers over that dried out Bang brown eyeliner pot or an exploded ugly burnt orange liquid lippy!

    I received the Sneak Peek for the October box. I am receiving:

    The Dose of Colors- Marvelous Mauves (I am thrilled because I thought for sure I was getting that orange one).

    The Touch in Sol Skin Balm.

    Iconic London lip pumping gloss in Love Struck.

    I am sure the at least one of the other two products with be a Dollar Store eyeliner in some horrid neon color and some candy wrappers.

    I haven’t received the box yet, I am pretty happy with it. I think I am doing pretty good with 3 out of 5 but I am NOT getting my hopes up for the other two products.

    • You made me laugh with your candy wrappers comment! I am getting a Tarte palette for resubbing and who knows what else (I didn’t get a choice email with spoilers). My box weighs 1.6 lbs though so whatever I’m getting it’s heavy…

      • I subbed for the first time with the tarte promo as well and my box weighs 1.6. I really hope I am still getting the dose palette and not the glam glow cleaner. That’s the only reason I signed up.

        • I subbed a few days ago and mine says 1.7lbs
          I will also be so disappointed if i don’t get the DOC eyeshadow palette. I don’t care about the other items I get

      • What’s you end up getting

  3. i’m under the impression that I’m getting version one. I re-subbed and will also be getting one of the tarte pallets. but, choice is open and they gave me a sneak peek at my box, which hasn’t shipped yet.. lol. im getting the baked browns (not super stoked, may save for a Christmas gift for someone else), touch in sol and the iconic London in nearly nude. i can’t really complain either way, its well worth what i paid.

    • My email said the same. My box has shipped and I believe my box weight is 1.08lbs.

    • Darn it! I just resubbed too and thought that must be why I can’t see what I’m getting but apparently not. Hopefully I’ll get an email at some point soon. The suspense is killing me! 😥

    • I am not even getting a palette in my sneak peak for my new 2nd box. I’m getting glam glow cleanser. Boxycharm really had an out when they said “ most charmers” may receive the dose of colours or a Tarte palette. The glam glow is now retailed at $12 in the charm room. That’s quite a difference then $45 palettes. I’m in Canada so my base box is $38.

      • Same for me. I’m getting the glamglow over a pallette? Are they kidding? If they didn’t have enough then give us another palette in their inventory. Not a cleanser over makeup. I’m so pissed.

        • Lol after getting the orange palette, I’d have been way happier with the glam glow.
          Overall not my favourite box. But least the items are useable (except orange palette)

  4. Choice and add ons are available for November

  5. My box was 1lb. No dimensions anyone know what’s in it ? Thanks

    • Mine weighs 1 lb. and no dimensions. It is Dose of Colors in Blushing berries, Iconic London – Prep, Set and Glow and Iconic London Plumping Lip Gloss

    • My box is exactly 1 lb, also. The email showed DOC Baked Browns (probably too warm toned for me), Touch In Sol balm (my choice item), and Iconic Plumping in Nearly Nude. It didn’t show a fourth or fifth item.

      Anyone else with 1 lb. exactly?

      When I went to the review part of the October box, it showed the listed 3 items from the email with October box label by those, and it also had the same label by the Hank & Henry mascara and the Iconic spray mist in original, which I’m extremely pale, so that is a better choice, if that means anything.

      Does everyone have the same items showing up in the review section that I listed, or is that a possible way to see what is actually going to be in the box?

      • I have the same items listed on the review page and my box is 1 lb, same baked brown and Touch El Sol. I was wondering if the icon box item meant that is what your getting.

  6. It would be nice if BC gave us the choice between a few curated boxes since there are so variations.

    • Agreed! I chose the Touch and Sol, but DESPERATELY want the Smashbox liner! But since I chose that instead of the spray, I probably won’t get the liner 🙁

      All I want is to choose what variation I get!!

      Last month I got the Violet Voss and I can’t stand it and Mac ORANGE lipstick! Why do we get such bright colored items? ESPECIALLY in ORANGE.

  7. My ideal box would be variation 2 but instead of the tweezers, I would want the beauty blender.

  8. You should start adding the box weight to the variations 🙂

    • That’s a great idea! I hate guessing and trying to watch a bunch of YouTube videos just to “maybe” find the correct box.

      • I think the whole guessing thing is part of the fun. I enjoy watching everyone and then when the boxes start rolling in, people are like “I got this and this and my box weighed 1.746 pounds and was 2ft by 4 inches” lol. The only bad thing is, some people dont come back when they get their boxes to tell the others, yet some do.

        I dont even look because I like to be surprised. I wish I could read the comments here without seeing products each month because the comments is ALWAYS where everything goes down!!!! Hahaha

        Hope everyone is having a great day, remember to take some time for yourself, and dont forget to tell everyone that you love them, because tomorrow or the next hour isnt promised :D. Hope everyone gets the box they want…and GOODLUCK everyone for premium sign up. I’m so worried I will miss it since I’m a day sleeper, and by the time I wake up, everyone will have filled the spots, and I’ll be on a huge waitlist!!! Heck, it took me 8 MONTHS before I got off boxys waitlist for the regular box when boxy first started because I kept missing the email because I sleep during the day!!! Lol

  9. Mine is 0.85 lbs. I just watched a YouTube unboxing with the same weight and it had the Dose of Colors palette, Hank and Henry Mascara, black eyeliner, brow gel, and Iconic London Spray. I so hope this isn’t my box! Also, it was variation 18 so there are at least that many variations this month.

    • Ashley was the black eyeliner the smashbox one ?. i also got a .85 weight

      • No, it was the Hollywood Vine one.

      • The .85 box has dose pf colors siennas palllette, a pencil eyeline, iconic spray, hank henry mascara, and brow gel.

        • I hope this is not mine. My spoiler says the TIS skin balm, DOC baked browns and iconic London in love struck. My box weighs 0.8 lbs 8x5x2. The TIS is what I chose.

  10. I resubbed for the tarte palette, and I expect a bunch of repeats. A box of st. Lauren lip liners & jonte blue liners!

    • I did too and am getting a glam glow cleanser as the first sneak peak on my email. No dose of colours. I guess they are considering our Tarte palette gift as our palette for the month. That’s shady imho.

      • i’m not sure! i resubbed and i’m getting the DoC baked browns.

      • That’s what happened to me. I resigned BECAUSE of the pallete options as I love DOC. The free tarte pallete was something I could gift to a friend. Turns out they considered the free gift my palette. I would have rather had the doc pallete. So annoyed. I already unsubscribed.

      • I wish I would have seen this sooner!!! I resubbed for the dose of colors palette and I didnt get one. I thought everyone got one of the variants of the palette. I’m so bummed!!!

  11. If this month is a let down I’m cancelling. I’ve subscribed 2 years & used to love Boxy – because it was reliable before they started this 50+ variations crap. To me there’s no comparison between the Paula’s Choice / eyeliner / brow gel. A year ago everyone got at least 2-3 of the wanted / valuable items. There was literally one item I kept from my last Luxe box. I’m sick of liquid black eyeliners & Tarte palettes. The list of “possible” items to be included is a hot mess of random stuff.

  12. It’s my understanding that Boxy is up to about 1,000,000 subscribers at this point and it’s become clear they don’t have the staff, infrastructure or available product to accommodate that number of people. As a result their boxes have gone way downhill and they are utilizing highly deceptive, bait-and-switch tactics to attract and retain subscribers. I’ve become very tired of spoilers and PR unboxing videos that look completely different from the boxes myself and other paying customers receive. Customization is nice but it’s on such a first-come, first served, while supplies last basis that I’m not sure how much it’s going to mean. I’m questioning if I really want to start paying even more money per month for a declining service. I’m hoping that the price increase will allow Boxy to make those desperately needed improvements and bring them back to the former glory. I’m pulling for them.

    • I’ve been going back and fourth whether I should comment on this thread.

      I agree with most everyone about the decline in the boxes. I remember when you received the spoilers that were advertised and there was 1, maybe 2 variants….BUT the spoilers that were shown were what you got. Now it’s shows great stuff and then oops we have a variant, then oops we have another variant…and then another and another. Now you’re guaranteed to get a black liner and mascara with every box.

      And I don’t understand why people are annoyed with the people who complain about the repeats. As a long time subscriber I don’t want to get repeats in my box, I would expect the new products. If they want to get rid of old stuff give it to the new subscribers who don’t already have it…….BUT they attract the new subscribers with the new and exciting products that they spoil but who even gets them? I would love to know if anyone gets Paula’s Choice, Touch in Sol or Milk. I doubt not the ‘regular’ people but the so called ‘influencers’.

      Anyhow, with a million subscribers I can understand the variants because most companies don’t have a million pieces to send. But keep them equal like 2 moisturizers from 2 different brands and you get either or.

      I was subscribed to BC but quit a while ago because of all these variations and getting something completely random. I did resub for the last box to get the Becca powder but it was a gamble considering I didn’t know which shade I was going to get. Although thankfully they guaranteed everyone would get the powder. I still have no desire to go back unless they fix this mess although to be honest I may never go back because with IGBP I can choose 5 products each month and I’m quite happy with them.

      • I’ve come to view Boxy Charm boxes as a 2-3 item box honestly because atleast 2 of the 5 items are cheap, bottom barrel fillers that no one wants. I really wish they’d just leave them out altogether.

        The third Item is usually some cheaper, lesser desired variant of the item everyone really wanted but hardly anyone gets, which is frustrating.

        The other 2 items are usually exciting enough to make the box worth getting for me. Now that we are picking an item each month, maybe that gets a little better. I like the products Boxy has offered the last few months, but I’ll cancel them at the drop of a hat if they slip, because truly liking any less than 2 out of 5 products in a box isn’t enough to justify paying for it.

      • I agree with everything you said but I do have a question. How are you getting to choose your five items in your Ipsy Plus every month? I’ve been getting the worst boxes from them lately, full of products that don’t match my profile or reviews even slightly. This month was unbelievable. I ended up only liking one item—the one I picked for myself. Had it been an expensive skincare item I might not have been so upset, but it was the BB eyeshadow palette that I definitely wouldn’t pay $25 for. If they’d let me pick more than one, even just two I might not have cancelled.
        So did you really mean you get to pick your five items or you just meant they’re doing a good job with your customization and ending up with five items you’d have picked for yourself given the chance?

        • I dont know, but I’m assuming the you get to pick 1 item per bag, and them you can add 5 extra add ons and pick through add ons, what you want to get yourself….you still pay extra, but it’s a better deal then buying elsewhere….

      • I’m getting the touch in sol. I think many normies are getting that one, but only that one. My motber in law isnt even getting a DoC palette. She is getting a tarte cheek palette. And she has rosacea and can’t put anything on her cheeks without making them worse. So she could have cancelled this month if they had advertised properly.

      • Hello Stephanie 🙂 What is IGBP?

        • It’s Ipsy Glam Bag Plus 🙂

  13. I have been getting so many Boxycharm ads on YouTube I feel like they might be struggling to keep subscribers. I lasted only 6 months before I realized that my swap listings were full of Boxy items I didnt even want to try. So many variations, fillers.. and I should be the ideal customer, building a makeup collection. I think there is still a place for this but it’s a lot of $ over time if you don’t use half of the products. Or use once and then dispose because you don’t have anyone to give it to.

    • Oh it will be BLOWN up with people wanting premium next month…watch and see how many will actually get it, and then have to be waitlisted forever to get on it.

  14. Why does Boxycharm have these “themes” for their boxes? It is a complete mystery to me how any of these products tie into it. It’s a bit silly at this point.

  15. how do i find out my shipping info for boxy? I see many of you know your box is in route.
    how will i find out?

    • I want to know, too. I haven’t received any notice.

    • I just wait for my email then click on the package info. Depending on the carrier the weight could be right there or I have to click on package details(something like that)

    • Hi Carla! According to their website you will receive your tracking number by email within 48-72 business hours from the moment your box ships out of our facilities. I would double check your spam folder as well.

    • You’ll receive tracking information email when it’s shipped. You can find shipment information on it.

  16. anyone one know when there are shipping these? Thank you!

  17. This thread is full of jokes and passive aggressive comments… don’t know why but I am enjoying them… I’m feeling salty myself.

    I’ve skipped Ipsy enough that I may end up just cancelling. So so so glad I didn’t give into temptation for Ipsy Ultimate. I still will give into the second Boxycharm if I am part of the lucky few on 11/1 but it’s a work day so… we shall see. Maybe they will do it on a weekend instead.

    I do overall like Boxycharm the best but I am annoyed that we are gonna be paying $25 and potentially still getting crappy eyeliners. Just call it a 4 item box and keep the pencil! For the extra 19% in price, I expect to get 5 decent products not 4 (3 good and 1 meh). Then again, I’d rather have some known brands and more good products than 5 what the crap (Ipsy) products.

    Other than the cool toned brown palette, I’d be okay with any of the palettes.

    • This^^

    • Be so glad you didn’t get the ipsy ultimate. I did and am getting mostly things I have never heard of. I’m so upset about it. 50 bucks is alot of money to me! They will never get any of my money again. I’m done with them!

    • I have also skipped Ipsy so many times that it’s just pointless to not cancel. I’ve obviously got issues so I hold on lol I did sign up for the ultimate but canceled 2 days before. I am not a gambler and I got way too nervous. I have no regrets!

  18. Mine is .87

    • Mine is too. I chose the glassy balm. I already have quite a few of the “filler” items, since I’ve been with Boxy for 4.5+ years. I wouldn’t mind the Becca eye primer, the milk blur spray, the face wash or the lip gloss.

      I doubt the face wash is in the box though, given the weight.

  19. The Boxycharm review page for the month of October is where these past items are listed. Boxycharm previously stated that add-ons would consist of past products people may have missed or want to replenish. It would make sense that sections of the website gets rolled out in waves to prevent site crashes….choice for November and add-ons starts October 7. Just some observations. Going to wait and see if these products are add-ons or not. Still hoping they put last months Tarte clay play as an add-on. 😉

  20. Hey, all I really care about is the dose of color palette. As long as I don’t get the collab one I’ll be happy! I’m getting the touch in Sol too. Whatever else is icing! Box is 1.1!

    • That’s the only Pallette I actually think I’m going to like lol, I’m getting touch in sol as well and my box is also 1.1!

  21. Mine is 1.03 lbs

    • I’m .93

    • Mine is 1.1. Anyone know how to read the tea leaves on what the weight means?

    • Mine is too! I want to know what variation it is so bad!!!

    • Mine is 1.03 too! I picked touch in sol.

      • Me too!

      • I picked the touch in sol too. My box weighs .7 somehow. Spoilers show a palette, glassy, and lip gloss. So i already know the other 2 items will be trash, tiny, filler. I feel more satisfied with my ipsy ultimate and mostly because of the add ons.

    • How do you check the weight of the package?

      • When you track your package the weight is listed.

        • I personally love boxycharm. For 20 some odd dollars and you get 5 full size products? That’s a damn deal people. Before I would of agreed with you guys..I dont always like every product. But it’s a way to test things you may not normally get at a price that you can’t find in stores. So stopped being spoiled! I get so excited for my box every month. And now we get to choose some items! Whaaaat.

  22. Wow, y’all are SO whiny! You are paying for a $25 box of random products. If you want to chose what you buy, go to Sephora with your $25 and buy one beauty blender. I used to really enjoy this community because it was for people who loved subscription boxes, wanted to try new things or jump out of their comfort zone, sharing reviews, experiences, honest opinions. It’s now become a forum of bored complainers. I’m sorry, MSA but It’s time to find a new positive outlet to my sub addictions.

    • If I could like posts on here, yours would get all of mine.

    • Agreed.

      • I’m getting first box from boxycharm. I see my items on my account but I don’t see what I’m getting. Status : shipping
        So boxycharm is like a mystery box? I have GBP but I’m new to boxycharm.

    • Actually people do share their honest opinion and not try to pretend that they like the box with smile plastered on their face.
      Regarding trying new things, you are correct, people subscribe to try new things, however this month box filled with a lot of repeats, with things they already tried and things that took them out of comfort zone. And yes, expressing dislike to the box is part of expressing honest opinion.

      • Well said. I think some of the site’s Positivity Police don’t realize some of us have been subscribed to beauty boxes such as Boxycharm for many years. We’ve seen it go from all subscribers getting equally great, similar products and quite often the exact same products, to this total crap shoot where one person gets a product like a cheapy eyeliner you can find at Big Lots and another gets a $30 highlighter. It used to be when Boxy released spoilers, you knew you’d get at least 3 decent products they advertised. Back in the day you would often get 5. Boxy continues to advertise exciting new products month after month to draw in new business and to try to hang on to current subscribers. But when people get their boxes they often feel deceived when they don’t get any of the star products and end up with a box of discontinued items or shades and an overall totally random selection of cheap products that were never mentioned anywhere on social media. Notice how tonight is the first people are hearing about many of these products being included in this month’s boxes, well after Boxy has taken their money.

        But even if this genuine breach of trust and dishonest and unfair treatment of customers was not occurring, people have a right to their opinion whether it’s positive or negative. No one ever claimed this was a Subscription Box Celebration and Promotion Only site. Are you equally upset when MSA criticizes a misleading box in one of their reviews? Probably not. You likely WANT their HONEST assessment. Many of us want that from everyone who chooses to comment here. This site is as you yourself said, to share our experiences and opinions. Some people have negative experiences. You may disagree with them or not understand why they feel differently than you, but that’s life. If you can’t handle the truth, keeping in mind everyone’s truth is not always the same, you’re right. You probably don’t need to be here. But if you’re looking for a place where negative thoughts and feelings are prohibited, you may need to start your own blog.

        • Spot on, Dani!!! There is NOTHING wrong with stating your opinion. I’ve been with Boxy, Ipsy, Allure and Beauty Fix for years. IMO, all four boxes are not what they used to be. Maybe I AM jaded or on product overload, but I think I would still feel the same way. I expect a subscription box to 1) Not engage in bait and switch. If you lead with a hero item spoiler, that should be in ALL boxes. In the past, you could expect at least three hero items that everyone received and two filler items that could be different in each box. 2) If an item is going to be a variable, make each product worth the same monetary value. 3) Don’t send repeats to same subscriber. 4) Have a great customer service team with real time access (phone, email and live chat). NO canned email responses. 5) Ease of cancellation. 6) Occasionally reward long term subscribers and not just new accounts. 7) Influencers should not ALWAYS receive the best box. Mix it up a little. If you have 100 Too Faced palettes, don’t advertise them and send them to influencers. Put them in add-ons. Fair game for everyone. 8) Make sure your computer system can handle what it’s supposed to do.

          That was really long-winded, huh? There are other things like a nice perks program or keeping brands/products fresh and not the same old Eyeko eyeliner or Smashbox primer or Briogeo. Those things are great but not as important to me as the 8 things above. Here is how Boxy scores:
          1) FAIL
          2) FAIL
          3) PASS
          4) FAIL
          5) PASS
          6) FAIL
          7) FAIL
          8) FAIL

          That is my honest opinion. If I were considering subscribing to a new box, I would hope that I could trust the opinions of others to see if the box was as great as it looked. And if Boxy is so bad, why do I stay? Because I knew them when they were great! I hope things change for them and they return to their old standards. And then there’s that whole “I am an addict” thing……here’s hoping you all get the box you want the most!

          • You have spoken the truth. Body has until December to get it together. If not, I’ll be cancelling both the regular box and the boxyluxe.

        • Get it Dani
          #yasss speak yo truth girllll

          • I received 2 separate emails from boxycharm that has a tracking number. When I click it I’m taken to DHL which then shows me the weight, movement and estimated delivery. That’s just weird that you dont have tracking. I hope things work out 😕

        • Dani, I feel like we are best friends and I don’t even know you. This was SPOT ON.

          I’ve been with Boxy for over 4.5 years. The changes started when the Luxe box was announced. Joe made promises years ago, when Boxy was smaller. After Luxe was announced and Boxy became huge overnight, his promises went out the window. He has never addressed ANY of the changes or promises that he has broken. We were told that we would never receive the same product twice. Last August, they started sending us repeat/leftover items. That’s when true filler items became a thing. Before that, we never received truly cheap items in our box, like expired pencil eyeliners. I can’t even tell you how many cheap eye liners and lip liners I have. They smell bad and I received one from star looks that was discontinued a YEAR before I received it. I opened it and it literally fell out of the container.

          There have also been several times in the last year that they’ve advertised great items and I’ve received items that weren’t advertised until boxes were being received. The first time Hank & Henry appeared in Boxy is a perfect example. They started advertising the brand in April. They said everyone would receive it. I believe it was in the September box. By September, they announced it was a variation (shocker!) and people would also get Violet Voss lipstick. I didn’t get either. I received a very dark brown Grande Lips product. I ended up getting the same lip product a few months later, but one shade lighter, when another highly anticipated product was released. I think it was bum bum cream. I received sheet masks and a brown lip color in it’s place. When I messaged Boxy, the response I received left me dumbfounded. They told me that new customers want to try new products, too. So, new customers take precedence over long time customers?

          What they’re doing just doesn’t make sense. Instead of fixing their current issues or even acknowledging them, they keep adding more options. It’s like they’re extremely money hungry. We were told that there would be customization 16 months ago. They are just now starting that process and I don’t believe it will truly be fully customized. People are interested in Luxe, but they never have enough “openings”. Instead of buying more merchandise, they introduce a new box. It’s not logical. This new box isn’t compatible with Luxe, so Luxe members would need 3 subscriptions to keep the Luxe box and the new box. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. They also don’t have a pause feature, which I think is also on purpose.

          Yet, people have asked for an App for years and there still isn’t one. If they can offer add ons to us at those prices, they are paying less than that. Without a doubt, Boxy is very profitable. They could easily address and correct issues. They choose not to. They could hire actual customer service reps and offer phone support, but they won’t.

          • I’ve read in 2018 boxycharm made 49 MILLION dollars that year.

        • Perfectly stated, Dani. When someone is spending their own money, they are entitled to have an opinion on whether or not they received what was promised. The constant whining from people about people whining is so tiresome. Everyone is entitled to write their opinions without being called whiners, which is basically what the people making fun of people are doing, themselves. I spend my money on something, only I am entitled to feel if I received what I was promised or not. If I respect everyone else’s opinions, then I expect mine to be respected in return.

          All of the new variations showing up after the charges went through is not cool. Even the Dose of Color palettes had a collaboration show up late in the game. BoxyCharm is losing its charm to me when it does things like that. I don’t have shipping information, but I was certainly charged. BC, regular and Luxe, Ipsy GBP, and Allure are all on the chopping block if things don’t start improving to the quality of year(s) ago when I started subscribing.

      • Agreed. People should be allowed to be honest

      • Clapping….yes it’s the repeats and dollar store fillers that got me. The misleading 4-5 products but then 2 of them are fillers…I guess I just have a bad case of nostalgia for how simple it used to be ..sigh…and I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll receive my choice. That is where the poop show will really start if they mess that up with everyone. They try, but they just can’t get some things right yet. Then to send out replacements constantly must be costly for them. They shoot themselves in the foot month after month and some people are just over it. They need a better I T system in place to stop the mess ups. That’s what they should be putting their money into right now.

      • YOU get all my ‘likes’. Some of us prefer honesty.

    • Agreed! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ I honestly stopped posting on here about a year ago even though I have increased my sub boxes cuz I’m tired of the comments too… I’m sure that there will always be some who hate everything but seriously! I try my hardest to remain a positive person even though I’m disabled with a chronic pain disorder that will r eventually take my life. I love having the ability to grow my makeup collection thru sub boxes even though I don’t usually have the ability to leave the house. I’ve become obsessed with skin care and self care too thanks to these wonderful monthly boxes that show up on my doorstep and they bring me so much joy as well. I really hope that people will realize that there is so much more to life than spreading negativity… Misery doesn’t always love company….

      • Lori d. I am also disabled. I know it’s not a contest but you sound like you have more of a problem than I and am truly sorry for that as there are some things only we understand. But that being said, since I do get these boxes for a little boost every month, it gets old when the same thing happens over and over. Seeing others get different boxes and then when I get stuck in the crappy box section and being sent the wrong shades and things that you need to ask them to correct is stressful also. The variants stink. And having been with them for so long hits home that it used to be better. I I didn’t have and outlet to talk with others about these issues I would feel more frustrated. I guess everyone has their own outlook on how to be happy. And you and I are doing the best we can but both in different ways… I’m grateful for the important things in my life but I’m not going to take crap from a company when they screw me over either. I was robbed before because the guy figured I was an easy target you know, the weakest one in the heard. And I guess that experience sticks with me and makes me want to stand up for myself more. Like I know boxycharm doesn’t know I’m disabled but damn it I’m tired of being pushed around. ✌

    • If you’re looking for a “positive only” type of community on the Internet, you WONT find it. That’s the wonderful thing about these forums… we are allowed to express opinions whether they are bad or good. “Only positive comments allowed” sounds too much like a dictatorship to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • You’re so right, they way people complain is disgusting. Just don’t subscribe, no one is forcing you!

    • We ARE giving honest opinions. They may not suit you, though, lol.

      • There are honest opinions and then there is just complete miserable banter. No one is meant to like everything, but you do get to experience things maybe you normally wouldn’t of. It’s a box where you know there will be a bit of a surprise. There are other subscriptions with no variations and complete spoilers that don’t change. Boxycharm is not the only option, it just doesn’t make sense to complain month after month after month to just stay subscribed and just not cancel.

        • agree!

    • See the this is. We HOPE someone from boxy will actually read these and hopefully listen?? When you post on their pages all you get is a generic cut and paste reply to EVERYTHING. It’s not getting through. These are real feelings by mostly long time subscribers that should have some say for or against what is going on. At least that’s what I hope and it’s how I feel. We have been through the trenches with them some since the beginning so yes good or bad our opinions matter.

    • 1000% agree

    • Well we DO want to try new things. That’s the point. I actually own and hate the DOC palette. I received park princess ave when I already own that. I would like to try new brands not just tarte DOC black eyeliner and PUR. I feel like we get tarte 80 % of the time and I’ve been using tarte since 2001. I have positive and negative things to say but that’s why I come here to chat about the highs and lows. If it bothers you that much then why are you adding negativity to the coversation?

  23. Choice for November Boxycharm starts Monday 7 -9.

    • Oh and add ons

    • What happens on monday?! Are we talking Oct 7th?? Is that add on or pop up sale?

      • Oct 7th is choice and add ons. Pop up is in November

        • Ok THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!!! Is 7 to 10 in the am?!?!

          • P.s. what time zone does the 7am (if its am start) ?!?!

  24. Just got my email saying my box shipped. The weight is 1.08 lbs. Does anyone know the sizes of both palettes? I always love to guess what I’m getting.🤣

    • Mines .8 lbs

  25. I got my shipping confirmation. My box weighs 1.7lbs, which includes the Tarte Clay Face Palette promotion. I probably got a bunch of filler items 🙄

    • Same. 1.7 lbs.

      • Same: 1.7 lbs and 9x6x3 in
        What are your dimensions?

    • mine says it’s 0.9lbs…. and I’m getting sad….just the thought of getting less or not the plate I want

      • Mine is 0.85lbs. I chose the Iconic London Setting Spray

    • same, mine said 1.7 and i have a promotion item, i got a mail saying i’ll also get the glamglow cleanser, the glossy balm and one of the iconic lip gloss so im not haveing high hopes for the rest of the items

  26. I resubscribed because of the DOS but it may not last long. I was unsubscribes for 4 month because of too many filler and repeat type boxes. Kicked Ipsy along with 3 others to the curb this month. Maybe I will just get off the sub train and go shopping at Sephora and Ultra for the holiday sets.

    • Not a bad idea 🤔

    • That’s what I did.

  27. Dang I subbed again with the target promo in a moment of weakness. I’m cancelling after this month if I get any of the random crap not in the original few variations. This is why I cancelled in the first place. Bait and switch Ipsy did the same thing. Both are gone after this month.

  28. Boxy garage sale.

    If I have to end up with repeats please, please, please give me the Glamglow!

    • Oh, yeah, I love that cleanser! And I’m almost out!

  29. Omg, now I am super nervous about getting all these junk since this is going to be my second month… They are probably thinking that, “hey, she won’t mind the leftover since she has never got them…”

    You would think they would have learned from Ipsy big fail launch this month…

    I guess my money will be saved.

    • 😱

  30. Uhm….oh boy. So li they are baiting us with a few cool items, then like “well most likely you’ll get a few of these crappy cheap items you’ve already received in an old box.” W.T.F.

  31. Yikes, I almost resubscribed, but held off to see more reveals. Glad I did lol.

  32. Yikes, I haven’t seen anything as junky as some of the end of that list since…my Ipsy Ultimate reveal a few days ago. I am being haunted by cheap sheet masks!

    • You just gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had all day!
      THANK YOU for that!
      I agree with you 100%! Maybe that is why I got such a good laugh!
      Sending you positive vibes for an epic box with no junk and no sheet masks!

  33. Wait. What?! Where are these random leftovers coming from? Jonteblu? Sheet mask? They have too many subscribers. They apparently aren’t able to get enough of the good products for everyone. Then they should have stopped accepting subscribers and opened a wait list. SMH.

    • This right here is why I don’t subscribe to Boxy, even when the initial spoilers look good.

  34. No matter what I get, this is still a higher value box than Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate, so I’m weirdly content. I’m just breathing a happy sigh because I got them to cancel the GBU so I don’t have to pay over $50 for a bunch of stuff to fill up my trash can.

    • How did you manage that?

      • I made a public nuisance of myself on their Twitter customer service account. I hated having to do it that way because I honestly do prefer to be nice, but nice unfortunately no longer has any discernible benefits when it comes to unsatisfactory purchases or transactions.

        • Hero

          • I don’t feel like a hero because I really hated having to be so publicly vituperative, but it was the only way to avoid being stuck with a big box of garbage and having to pay through the nose for it. @ipsycare is the Twitter account, by the way.

    • I completely agree with you. The BoxyCharm is way better then any of the Ispy bags, and the Ispy bags have nothing on the Boxylux

    • No way!! Please share how you got them to cancel! I’ve been trying with no success. 🙁

      • You need to go tweet at them on their @ipsycare account. Then they’ll ask you to follow and DM them and then you need to forcefully complain.

  35. Well, I just cancelled FFF, Boxy, Allure, Kinder, Tribe, and Ipsy Plus. I’m down to regular Ipsy Glam Bag (annual) and Beautyfix. I generally get a kick out of receiving GB, and I love the add on deals, so I’ll keep it until renewal next year (when price goes up), and then won’t renew. So, that leaved BF. I love it most and have truly enjoyed the skin care discovery provided through that box. However, I probably will cancel it as well. I’m curious about Clean Beauty and ‘might’ try it. What I’m really thinking of doing is not falling into any subs, and just follow this site to learn of new products through reviews, spoilers, etc. I don’t shop brick and mortar (too far and no time) to scope out new products, so I rely on online discoveries for most items, anyway. So, that’s where I am.

    • Update…I just cancelled BF, too. So, that leaves me with Ipsy. I’m pretty proud of myself and I just heard my bank account breathe a sigh of relief.

  36. I recently subscribed to Boxy for the first time in years because I liked the look of the September Boxyluxe so much.

    I was a good girl & followed through on my plan to cancel after receiving Boxyluxe!…. until I got FOMO on the Dose palette & resubscribed. 🙈

    • How are they getting away with having so many variations of boxes and calling them a subscription box? I get a few variants but when I get a box full of leftovers that they have already sent me in previous boxes they are no longer worth my money or my time

    • I didn’t even get a pallet I’m so mad that’s what i signed up for

  37. Wow!! I have soo many of those products already. I really hope I don’t get a bunch of repeat items!

    • Do what I just did…cancel, lol.

  38. This month is a total 💩shoot!

  39. I FINALLY cancelled Allure after receiving a sample worth 37 cents last month! I usually enjoy a few items in Boxycharm each month – but the variations are getting to me. If I get another Jonte Bleu item this month, it may be the final straw!!

    • What a coincidence, the Jonteblu is also worth 37 cents! Terrible as a liner, but is the perfect length for scratching that itchy spot between my shoulder blades that I can’t reach…

      • 🤣

  40. Of course 99 different variations this is the very thing that made me cancel before

  41. They’re having popup next month…so why not just use the stock of the previous items for then? This makes for a HUGE amount of variations, and quite a few options people really won’t be that impressed with getting. I’ve never once seen anyone go “I was really hoping for those makeup wipes, eye/lip liner, and sheet mask! Thanks boxy!”

    Idk…to me, they already had a big enough selection to where they didn’t need to include items from previous boxes🤷🏼‍♀️

  42. I don’t understand…before it was that every box would include Smashbox liner OR the Paula’s choice. Now it’s the Smashbox liner OR the Paula’s Choice OR some random off brand brow product. But also it could be OR the milk makeup setting spray because of the one variation box we’ve seen.

    Seems like a bait and switch for the people that get the brow product….

    • I get your point, but Mellow isn’t really an off brand so much as a smaller relatively new brand. Their reviews are pretty good.

  43. These are way too many variations. Yikes!

  44. Well I am pretty sure I’m getting most of the light items since my box weight is 0.7 lbs lol so that leaves out Paula’s Choice. I picked the pretty filter cream and if I get those sheet masks I’m gonna scream!!! I already got the shaft with Ultimate passing off $2 sheet masks as a full size item, so I hope BC doesn’t do it to me too lol

    • That isnt a full size item in ultimate it’s one of the deluxe items.

      • No, they told me that they consider it a full size item.

        • I was also told it was full size when I complained to customer service about not having 8 full sized items.

  45. Remember the good old days when Boxycharm had no variants?

    • Yes indeed. This is just nuts. I remember back when I first subscribed nearly five years ago. You just didn’t see one person getting a $6 eyeliner or sheet mask while someone else got a $20 highlighter or primer. I understand different shades and maybe even different brands but they could at least send the same type of product and similar quality of brand to everyone. They’re just all over the place now. I think they have a buyer purchasing large lots of wholesale makeup. Overstock, discontinued products and colors, maybe even imperfect items (like the ones that are supposed to come with boxes).

      After my disastrous Ipsy Plus (my worst in a series of bad ones for several months now) and subsequent cancellations of both subscriptions, I really thought I might consider coming back to Boxy. The pop-up sales are great and with a new $35 sub level and the promise of personalization (finally!) it was starting to seriously tempt me. I’m so glad I held out for this post. With my luck I’d get that awful shimmery spray, a highlighter, an ugly eyeshadow palette full of browns or reds/oranges (useful only to make me look like a zombie for Halloween), a lip liner and a sheet mask. That’s the kind of boxes I tended to get, especially in the last several months before I left. Prior to that time period I got Version 1 about 95% of the time which was sometimes decent, sometimes not so much. But once I started getting versions higher than 5 or 10 I felt like my box came from a combination of TJ Maxx and Big Lots. I couldn’t stand seeing the great spoilers then finding out only Influencers and a small percentage of “regular” subscribers received them.

      I don’t know how in the world they’re going to add a third subscription when they’re sending out all this miscellaneous crap every month in the regular box. And making you keep this box in order to get Premium (my understanding is you have to buy both for the first month) and/or Luxe is just wrong. Ipsy really screwed up and did customers wrong with their Ultimate subscription but at least they didn’t make you keep your regular bag in order to get it or Plus. Boxy must’ve bought massive truckloads of junk to keep filling the regular box. I just can’t bring myself to be part of that. I’ll definitely have FOMO over the pop-up sales and maybe the add-ons. I’m hoping at some point they’ll have gotten rid of all these reject products and I can consider coming back.

    • Yes, I do and I miss those days.

    • I also miss those days. The last couple of years my happiness with Boxy, diminished. Then I cancelled last year, after the first Luxe box fiasco. I keep waiting for Boxy to get it together again AND implement using profiles. The widely varying box values, per version, per month – doesn’t help. C’mon Boxy!! Make me want to go back to you…

  46. I’m a little confused, havent they sent a lot of these already this year.?

  47. Wtaf ??? They are all over the place !!! So many things they already sent and they never keep track of who got what already. Glad this is my last box. Chopping ipsy also. Staying with allure for now. They screw up less.

    • Absolutely I did the same thing canceled everything but Allure and boxy I haven’t canceled yet I was kind of pinning it on this box

    • I got rid of Boxy a couple of months ago and left Ipsy after the October reveals (literally minutes after I saw my Plus products). I got rid of Allure too because the last few months haven’t appealed to me. I’m sure that’s partly to do with all the products I already have stockpiled. 😄
      I can’t just quit beauty sub boxes altogether so for now I’m trying out Kyut. It’s a little more expensive ($30 including shipping) but I feel much better about buying clean beauty that’s cruelty free anyway. And then there’s the fact that everyone gets the same products. Until a sub box can really deliver a truly personalized and fair box to all, I think it’s wiser to pass on the subs that advertise this feature and stick to subs that send the same stuff to all subscribers. Hopefully that will change sometime in the near future because getting only the types and shades of products I want/need is definitely the dream! It appears from reading comments that some Ipsy Plus customers have already achieved this but I didn’t even come close.

      • Kyut box looks awesome, this is the first I’ve heard of it so thanks for mentioning it! I just started a subscription to the Kinder beauty box last month, and I’ve been subscribing to the Petit Vour beauty box for years. Petit Vour sends the exact same box to all subscribers every month (and I think Kinder does also).

        • Mary,
          I’ve been considering Kinder and Bombay & Cedar in addition to Kyut. If you want to try Kyut, now is a great time. They’re offering 30% off your first box with code KYUTIEPIE. Also, I really wanted last month’s box and they let me have it even though I was far too late. They told me to just place my order then email them my order# with instructions on which box I wanted (the one Marne reviewed was “Vacay Bar” and everything looked good to me especially the eye treatment and cleanser.)
          I thought that was quite nice of them. I feel pretty confident that the peace that comes with buying cruelty free, healthier ingredient product boxes will make up for not getting as many products as you get with Ipsy and Boxy. And I know it will be far less annoying and stressful waiting to see what junk I get stuck with every month.

          • Thanks, I did join Kyut (through the link I found here at MSA) and got the 30% discount! I agree, there absolutely is a peace in knowing I will get cruelty-free products with clean ingredients every month.

      • Well this is the box we need to stay subbed to if we are interested in the new box starting so they can though anything in and we have to take it or lose the new box. Funny how that works huh

    • Isn’t allure only samples though? Basically for the same price?

      I cancelled birchbox because I couldnt justify getting sample products for barely less than boxy with full sizes

      • Allure has alot of full size items. usually one or 2 a month.

      • Allure is only $12 a month, some full size, mostly samples. There are some excellent luxe brands but I cancelled because I would get the same exact eye shadow shade like three months in a row.

        • Allure is $15 a month. It is slightly less if you prepay for a year. Ipsy glam bag is $12

  48. That first box above is pretty much my October dream box. If they added the Becca or Glamglow instead of the brow product, it would be perfect. A girl can dream.

  49. Holy repeat variant items, Batman! -_-

    • Hahaha lol. Well at least you made me chuckle. Thank you for that!

    • 🤣

    • We were guaranteed no repeat items in boxycharm. I think the people that get repeats are the ones that cancel and then resub. I have been with boxy for a year and a half and have had no repeats.

      • I have but in different colors so “technically ” not a repeat but when I always get the jonte blue in some form, it gets old fast.

  50. I will be super happy if I receive the Becca Anti Fatigue Under Eye Primer. Not interested in much else; maybe the tweezers.

    • I’d love to get that, too! I’ve heard such good things about it for quite a while.

      • I got variation 32❤️ I got the Touch in Sol Glassy cream, Dose of Colors Baked Browns (its powdery, I bet a lot of people’s show up broken). My palette wasn’t broken but there was eyeshadow dust all over the inside of the box and on the outside. So watch out if you open it over your lap. I also got Elemis Superfood mask which I’m very excited about as I’ve never tried it and love masks. I also got the lipgloss in nude and not a fan of it, it’s too light and smells like mint. I like mint in my mouth, not on it but it’s got a good texture. Just have to mix it with something like the Stila Angelo in Boxyluxe last month. And I got a baby blue eyeliner. The Luna and Luna…it’s not a 7$ JonteBlu BUT I have no idea what to do with this thing, I have brown eyes and olive skin…baby blue isn’t exactly MY color. Lol. Anyway, great box. Variation 32 is worth 141$.

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