BoxyCharm November 2019 Spoilers!

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We have our first spoilers for the November 2019 BoxyCharm box! (Thanks, LunaLee, for the heads up!0

The November box will include:

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Your Choice of Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum for your November Box.

What do you think of the November spoilers? Which skincare item do you want?

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscriptions or those who canceled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.
(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My Oct. box has the Snow Angels palette. I haven’t seen any unboxings with that palatte. Did anyone else receive the snow angels.

    • Yeap. I did. I have been obsessively watching unboxings and none had the snow angels.
      I guess they had the least amount or those variations with sassy siennas and baked browns got shipped first. I’m not mad about it, although it seems to be a tricky one 😀

    • I got the Butter London palette! What the heck???

      • Me too! I wasn’t too happy

  2. My box weighed 1.1lbs, 9x5x3

    I got TIS (my choice)

    Iconic lippie in nearly nude

    Chella Tweezers (feel pretty nice, I don’t mind)

    Skin & Co Radiant Dew

    DOC Baked Browns (only thing I didn’t like, not my colors! 😕)

    Overall wayyyyyyyyy better than Ipsy!

    I like it!

  3. My October Boxycharm was the biggest let down ever. I opened the box, took products out and shuffled them into my makeup bin which I never use. This months I also not impressed with a selection at all. Looks like they are increasing price, but products are getting worst. How was your box? Anything exiting?

    • My October box was as well. The iconic spray was leaking and my palette which were the Sienna colors (not my colors) one of them was cracked and it was a mess everywhere. Then a black eye liner pencil that looked like it came from the dollar store. My whole box essentially looked like some items picked up at the dollar store. I will continue through the end of the year, but if the boxes are not of better quality by then I will be cancelling.

  4. Is anyone willing to swap either the Warm Brown or Sienna for their berry palette? I’m getting two boxes and neither is what I wanted (the berry)

    Still waiting to get approved for the swap page here (been waiting forever) let me know here and we can connect!

    • I got a sneak peek at my box and it appears I am getting the berry palette, definitely not my colors. I’ve never swapped products before, but let me know if you still want too!

  5. I can kind of understand the substitution for new subscribers. Is boxy just expected to keep an infinite amount of the product on hand? When they purchase, they have good idea of the amount they need for their current subscriber base, plus extra to replace broken product, but when you have a huge base that just subscribes for one month for one product, how could you possibly anticipate that number? It sucks for the new people, but I get it from a business perspective

    • They don’t have to do a promo if they don’t have enough product. They can use a waitlist. They can clearly state their intentions to properly set expectations.

  6. I did not get the choice email (did my November choice on the website though) so I cannot see my spoilers. I expect to get a tarte palette because I used the code to resub. If that means I don’t get the DOC palette I’m actually OK with that because the colors are way too dark for me. I do think Boxy could have made it clear that this was how they planned to handle those who subbed using the tarte code though. I hate that people who resubbed specifically for the DOC may not get it!

    • Exactly my feelings. The fact that they arent straight forward with the whole tarte palette thing is the frustrating part for me. It just seems a little shady when they arent being straight forward with everything. Disappointing for sure. I am looking forward to some things in my box still so it doesnt feel like a loss or anything. Just wish they would have been more transparent is all

      • I am so excited for the November box. I love the new Dominique Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, but I didn’t want to pay full price for it, so this is such a great surprise!! Also, Juice Beauty and Kypris?? (I might have gotten both) 😉

  7. My box is 1lb.
    Getting :
    Baked Browns
    Touch in Sol
    Lip plumping gloss

    What could be my fillers at 1lb ?

    Thanks 🙂

    • I never got the email saying a preview of what I’m getting. My box is .8 and shipped already. I checked my junk email. Is anyone else getting one the same weight as mine? If so what are you getting?

      • My box weighs the same and I’m getting the Touch in Sol, Iconic lip gloss in love struck, and the Blushing Berries DOC palette. My box arrives on Saturday.

    • my box was 1 lb and I got the TIS balm, Baked browns, Iconic gloss, the truffle facial mist and tweezers

  8. I see 3 items on my email. Glamglow gentlebubble, touch in sol skin balm, iconic london nearly nude lip gloss.

    • Are you a new member? I’m getting the Glamglow as well in one of my extra boxycharm boxes. I’m wondering are they subbing the cleanser instead of an eyeshadow palette? Because if so, that is not fair.

      • It looks like you’ll be getting the tarte palette if you signed up using code for free palette

      • So i just signed back up too and i got the glam glow cleanser, lipgloss and touch in sol in my spoilers… i literally signed back up for the DOC palette. If they are subbing the cleanser for that it is completely unfair. Esp when the palette is a for sure item. I dont get it

        • Kiersten, I am in the same boat. I subbed for the first time based on them advertising that every box would have an DoC palette. My spoilers were also of the Glamglow, Touch in Sol, and nude lipgloss. I will be really unhappy if it turns out they have subbed the Glamglow for a palette. I love Glamglow but a cleanser for a palette is not a fair or equal exchange at all.

          • I emailed them and there is no DOC palette in my box. I told them this isnt okay to say that the DOC palette is in every box and then not do it based on sending the Tarte Palette. The Tarte palette is supposed to be incentive to get new subscribers or to get you to resubscribe. Not fair at all

          • im not sure, i re subbed and i got the baked browns!

          • They tricked us. Got us to sign up for the DOC palette only to use the incentive of a free tarte palette as the real BACK UP. The problem is they don’t have enough palettes for everyone that joined. Those Sassy sienna palettes they had in add ons could have been in our box instead but Joe wants every dime he can get off of us. So he sold them instead.

      • Yes I’m new member. Looks like I’m not getting any eyeshadow palette or maybe just free tarte palette. I love skincare more than make up. So I do not care much about it.

        • I dont mind skin care but i signed up for the makeup. They should be up front and say if you do the sign up promo then they wouldnt do the main palette of the box. I would never have done the tarte palette, ever. Im hoping they fix this issue and make it right. Otherwise, theyre looking pretty unprofessional and shady

  9. I like my box saw three of the items I’m getting
    My box is 1lb.
    I’m getting
    – baked Browns (which I really wanted for fall)
    – iconic lip gloss 🙂 forgot the color lol
    – touch in sol
    I’m pleased 🥰

    Hope you all get what you want !

    • I’m getting the same. 😒 I was hoping for the mauves, berries or angel palette.

      • I got the mauve, and I already had a mauve pallet, really wanted browns. I wish they would ask us what we prefer.

        • I really wanted the mauve but I’m getting the Berries instead. I’m just glad I’m getting a DOC palette.

          • Keke, I got the mauve pallet this month but already have one – are you interested in a trade?

    • My box says 8x5x2 in. 0.7 lbs. my email I got today says I’m getting the dose pallet in marvelous mauves which I’m so happy to get, that’s the one I wanted. The touch in sol balm and iconic London lip gloss in love struck. I’m happy with all these so far.

      • Same here, getting the DOC in Mauves, touch in sol balm and iconic lip gloss etc.
        I have been with BC for over 3 years now and this will be my first box with a palette that I will probably use everyday!

      • Mine was also .7 and I got the mauves, Sol, iconic lippie in nude, tarte liquid highlighter, and makeup sponge.

      MY BOX IS 1.3

  10. Check your emails!
    The choice email gives you a sneak peek into your October box.
    I’m getting the Blushing Berries Pallete, Lipgloss in “Love struck” and Setting spray in original. Box weight is 9.1

    • I haven’t received an email, but I was able to customize a few minutes ago. It would be very helpful to know what is coming. Some of the add ons were September items

      • Maybe check your junk mail?
        Has your box shipped yet?

    • I didn’t get an e-mail.

    • My box says 8x5x2 in. 0.7 lbs. my email I got today says I’m getting the dose pallet in marvelous mauves which I’m so happy to get, that’s the one I wanted. The touch in sol balm and iconic London lip gloss in love struck. I’m happy with all these so far.

  11. If they are going to offer the previous month’s leftovers as add-ons, they should at least wait until the end of the month when everyone has received their box.

    • Exactly

      • Is it me or did the choice site crashed XC

        • Loading and loading!


          It shouldn’t be that hard Boxycharm!

        • Yup it did crash, mine won’t even download 🙁

    • I don’t need duplicates and my box does not get delivered until the middle of the month.


  13. I believe that they are adding last months add ons in our October box so if you purchased any that will be included in the weight of your October box.

  14. It’s up! I grabbed the serum as my choice and a glow spray in Addons.

  15. I think making us check social media for the add on or choice selection is the final straw in Boxycharm for me. It feels like if you aren’t an “influencer” you need not apply. When Sephora says they are open on Monday, they mean regular business hours, not sit at home and wait for us to email you that we are ready to receive your peasant money. This fake anticipation build up is a first world problem and I am so over it.

  16. Someone said that add-ons were going to be today as well. Does anyone know if this is confirmed?

    • Add ons available now but they are including several of October box items. If we haven’t seen what we are getting for October how do we know what to buy?

      • I picked up the Iconic spray as I chose the Glassy Balm for my box so now I’ll have both. I’m actually happy I was able to choose the other item in the add ons.

  17. Anyone know when choice goes live today? I remember last month it was around midday just wondering if today will be the same or earlier or later

    • anyone know if the choice item only for Luxe or all subs?

      • There isn’t a Luxe box this month, do you mean premium?

        • yes, just wondering if all sub levels get to choose

    • I was wondering do the variations of boxes change or do you received the same variation box # . for instance I have never received varation box #1 .

  18. Oct box .9 lbs/.41 kgs and 16x9x1

    • Mine was the same weight. According to customer service, I am getting the following:
      Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette – BAKED BROWNS
      Touch In Sol Pretty Filter – Glassy Skin Balm
      Iconic Lip Plumping Gloss – Love Struck
      Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-in Mask
      Luna By Luna Eyepencil- Pegasus

      • thanks!

    • Mine was the same weight. I am receiving the following:
      Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette – BAKED BROWNS
      Touch In Sol Pretty Filter – Glassy Skin Balm
      Iconic Lip Plumping Gloss – Love Struck
      Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-in Mask
      Luna By Luna Eyepencil- Pegasus

  19. My October BC was 1 lb no dimensions anyone else get that weight? And does anyone know which variation that is ?

    Thanks 😁

    • I have the same!! And I want to know.

      • Yeah me too! Now there using a service carrier On Trac ? Wonder what kind of delivery this will be mine is sitting in Texas

    • Mine is 1.1.Hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting any of those heavy repeat items like the wipes, glamglow or Elemis. The repeat items really should go to new subscribers, but Boxy hasn’t said that would be the case.

      • I saw 1.1 is the one with paulas choice

        • Oh man! Mine was 1.3 and I was hoping I had the Paula’s choice.

          • I think there is still hope for me to get the Paula’s Choice. According to the add-on email I received, I have the same palette, lipgloss, and Touch in Sol product she had, so here is hoping I receive the Paula’s Choice this month!

        • I watched the video I think you are referring to and she had variation 24….24!?!

        • Oh, that would be great!

        • mine is 1.03, anyone know what that is?

  20. I love Dominique Cosmetics! I already have Celestial Storm but I don’t mind getting this smaller version. My niece will get a great palette out of it.

    At least it’s better than the broken water bottle I got last month. 😬🙄

  21. Cringed at the colors of this eye shadow palette, which I’m entitled to my opinion, and we all like different things. I respect that some will love and some will not. That is okay and no one should be bashed for their opinions.

    Looked at reviews of the larger version of this palette that pops up from the link, and the reviews are not good at all. Not looking forward to this palette, at all.

    • It’s a mix of neutrals and brights, not sure how else to make everyone happy with the colors. I’m more worried about the Dose of Colors palettes coming this month. I worry that all of us that are bored of neutrals will get them and vice versa.

      • There isn’t any way to make everyone happy, that is for sure. It has to be hard when they are selecting palettes. Also, don’t think a box should revolve around any particular color story, so I wish there were a few cool palettes somewhere near the amount of warm ones that have been popping up for a couple years. I buy my own cool toned palettes, so I think maybe the surprise subscription route is probably running its course for me. If I subscribe to a box with variants, it’s not like I have room to complain if I pay for them to send me whatever they choose. As far as October, it sure would have been nice to be able to choose the Dose of Color palette one wanted this month. It might not have been as clear in my comment, but nearly all reviewers on YouTube slammed the larger version of this palette, Storm, because of issues other than colors.

  22. Are you talking about The Inkey Eye Brightener with or without the caffeine ?
    They have two version on Sephora for less then $10.00 , but which version? Thanks

  23. Who’s with me that believes all 3 items will become a variant item down the line? And I’m betting the Kypris will not be included in the ‘pick you one item’ choice which starts this Nov.

    • Well you will find out tomorrow since the Choice pick for November is tomorrow.

      Pick your item actually started for the October box in September. That was the Iconic spray or the Touch In Sol balm.

      • Angela, where do I do to submit my choice pick for the November box? I am fairly new to Boxy and do not want to miss this offer. Thank so much.

        • Choices last time opened around mid day if I recall correctly. I believe they just announced it on Insta but I just refreshed the Boxycharm web page a few times in the day and the Choice button showed up in right hand corner at some point.

      • Angela I went out to Boxy Charm and I do not see where I can choose an item???

        • The choice option isn’t live yet. It doesn’t show up on the website until it goes live. Hopefully it will be up soon, I’ve been refreshing the page all morning lol. That’s the only way I knew when it went live last month

    • Nope. Yosef already announced that those 2 items are our pick items in a FB video. I believe he also said all subscribers will receive the exclusive to Boxy palette

      • Exactly. The choice has already been announced and happens tomorrow.

        And it would make sense if it is an exclusive to Boxy product that all would receive it. I mean that might change but its marketing for boxy to have an “exclusive” product.

    • It states above that it is a choice item.

  24. I’m cool with either choice, but is this for reg Boxycharm or premium? Since the value is supposed to be up to $125 for the reg box now ? if you choose the more expensive item, will you get just more less ideal products to make up the value difference. Wish there was more spoilers lol

    • That is a good question considering the serum is worth almost twice as much as the eye treatment. If you pick the serum are you more likely to get cheap crap like Jonteblu eyeliners? I suppose it would make sense given that the $90 serum and palette alone almost covers the promised value of the box. But who knows? It usually seems pretty random when it comes to those “filler” items.

    • Box values always vary. Sure $125 is the advertised but sometimes even when it was a $100 box it could be $175. I believe Josef said variations next month could mean your box value is up to $200.

      The Kypris price jacked up recently. Used to be more like $70/$75. I don’t put much stock on the “value” assigned for reasons like that. If you are going with price per ounce the eye cream for example is more expensive.

  25. That eyeshadow palette does not do it for me. I don’t wear those colors.

    • There’s both brights and browns. Do you only wear gray, black, and white? That’s all that’s missing.

  26. I’m in the minority here but October’s boxy spoilers had me wanting to come back. This palette does not. It’s just not the colors for me. Love the brand but as of now, not coming back yet

    • Me either. When does the premium subscription start? If it starts in November, I’m not going to have a choice since I want to get the first box and will have to get both in order to do that.

  27. I want that palette!!!! So glad I stayed with Boxy.

    • Darn it. Each time I contemplate cancelling, I see something good in a spoiler! That eyeshadow palette looks really pretty! And both face products do too! I’m not even sure which I’m going to pick🤔

  28. Holy moly – that serum retails for $90 😲

    • Sometimes the price of the item does not referent quality as in 111 products there prices are absurd and the quality just isn’t there , IMO. But, this serum did get great reviews however one person said it used to be $75.00 and did a fast increase to $90.00 .

      • I read that too and found it a little suspicious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cosmetic item increase that much at once. Especially a newer product from what seems to be a fairly new company. I definitely wouldn’t be happy if I had been using that serum regularly. But from the description it just doesn’t sound all that special to me. I’m 44 and starting to show some more noticeable signs of aging. I still look younger than my age but that won’t last. I need stronger anti-aging ingredients in my skincare. If it doesn’t specifically mention retinol, fighting wrinkles, or age spots I’m not usually interested. I realize topical treatments are never going to have a tremendous impact but I like to believe they might make a slight difference. Otherwise I wouldn’t obsess over skincare products and beauty boxes. And where’s the fun in that? 😁

  29. Definitely signing back up for November! Really want that palette

    • I cancelled my membership but am signing back up for November. I like what I see. Hopefully I will get the mauve eyeshadow palette for October as it’s my favorite color.

      • That’s exactly what I did! I saw these spoilers and signed back up today. Excited for Octobers box but I really can’t wait for Novembers because I want that palette and the other products look amazing too

  30. wait..I’m confused. Is this a new palette that isn’t out yet? it says Thunder but it links to Storm.

    • It’s a Boxycharm exclusive only available to Boxycharm members from what I’ve seen on YouTube.

    • It looks like it’s going to be a mini palette made for boxycharm cuz it’s only showing 8 and the other palettes bigger

  31. I am glad to be going out with a bang. I somehow managed to purchase an annual and it will be up in January. Hoping the last two months are great. It is starting to look hopeful as I hope to get the pallet and serum.
    Really hope I can avoid any more Tarte products. Seems every single time there is a Tarte option, I get them and unlike probably many others, Tarte and my skin just doesn’t seem to get along and I’m really not in love with Tarte.

    • I’m with you on that. I don’t like Tarte much, except their tartelette palettes are decent. Everyone raves about shape tape but I’m allergic to something it (probably fragrance). I just don’t find the brand exciting

  32. I’ve been wanting to try Domenique Cosmetics shadow formula, so I’m very happy to see this! I prefer cooler toned colors, but I think these are beautiful too. And from the pics, it looks like mostly mattes with just a couple of shimmers which I’m really glad to see- I’m on glitter overload, lol.

    I think I’ll pick the serum- looks interesting. The eye cream I already have a couple of deluxe sample sizes waiting to be used and I’m not the biggest Juice Beauty fan anyway.

    Boxy has done a great job of keeping my interest over the last 3 months and and now I’m looking forward to November too! Ipsy who? Ipsy what? Lol

  33. How do I get the November box? If I sign up now, is that the October box?

    • You’ll just want to wait until November. If you sign up now, you’ll get the october box and then november when the months over. Which for October, you can get a free gift. They’ve had those every month since August, so maybe there will be one for November too? Hope this helps!

    • Hi Rio! According to their website, your first box will be a variation of the current month’s box as long as you subscribe by 11:59 PM EST* by the last day of that month. Hope this helps!

  34. When do you sign up to get November and not October? Is the choice on October 7 or November 7? Thank you!!!

    • On November 1st for November’s box and choice is this month though, October 7th.

      • Thanks. Are you saying to choose my November product I have to sign up now and get October and November?

        • Yes, that’s right. If you sign up after the 7th of October, you will not get to pick an item for November’s box.

        • What RubyWooWhoo said! If you want to choose an item for November, sign up now and stay alert tomorrow for the chance to make a choice for November. Don’t forget to use the promo above for the Tarte palette gift.

  35. I love both the palette and the serum! I’m so glad there is a choice to NOT get the Juice Beauty item because all of the Juice stem products I’ve tried through Boxy & FFF add ons have done absolutely nothing for my skin. The Kypris brand is amazing though! So excited for November’s box!

    Also, why do people even complain about getting eyeshadow palettes in Boxycharm?? Isn’t that kind of the point of the box? There is always a palette in Boxy and only so many blush and bronzing/highlighting colors. However, there’s like a billion shades of eyeshadow so… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    • That’s true. They’ve sent an eyeshadow palette pretty much every single month for as long as I can remember. I was with them for ever 4 years. It wasn’t always a giant palette but even when I started you’d at least get one with 3-4 colors. So it does seem pointless to get upset over something that’s basically an integral part of their brand. There are more complaints about the shades but there’s no way to make everyone happy. Some people are “so sick of neutrals” but when Boxy sends bright colors people are mad about getting “clown colors.” I have my criticisms of Boxy but I do think they do a pretty good job of mixing it up as far as eyeshadow palette colors. I do wish they would branch out more often instead of sending so many from Pur and Tarte. I have serious issues with the rest of the VARIOUS random products they send, but their practice of sending palettes to everyone every month is actually something I feel they’re doing right.

      • I have loved the mixed color choices in most of the palettes. I got one Pür palette that was nothing but brown and I just couldn’t get excited about it. It was a dozen shades of brown. One of the few things I didn’t even try before I passed it on to my aunt. I wear brown but I only need one or two.

    • 👍

  36. I’ll choose the juice beauty. Not fond of that pallet. It’s not colors I would use.

    • That palette makes me cringe.. So bad 👎🏼

      • What about it is bad? There’s a color they’re for everyone unless you only wear gray.

        • I was wondering the same thing, that palette is gorgeous. Its not too over the top vibrant or too boring neutral. I signed up for BoxyCharm again so I could get that one in November hopefully. I guess everyone has different taste though, I just dont get it making anyone cringe

    • I agree. I won’t use the palette either but the choice options look great. I will wait for more spoilers before signing up since I wouldn’t mind either choice options. But not feeling the crazy colors since I’ve already received a bunch of crazy colored eyeshadow palettes from Boxy and Ipsy that are sadly piling up since I tell myself I will use them someday…

  37. I’m going to try the Kypris!!! I love serums…. and pallets….

  38. Now this is what I’m here for!!

  39. More eyeshadows 😒no thanks.

  40. I’m in for next month. Excited about November’s Boxy. Can’t wait to get my Boxy this month.

  41. I got the 111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Gel as an add on from Ipsy last month and it actually made my under eye area worse 🙁 I used it twice a day for 3+ weeks and just threw the rest away a couple days ago. It made my under eye area look so dry and thus more wrinkled. I need a good eye treatment so I think I will choose the Juice beauty. Price tag isnt everything, i will say that. No way would I pay anything for more of that 111Skin eye gel!

    • I tried The Inkey List Eye Brightener for less than $10.00 and let me tell you it’s the best eye cream I’ve used! This is my opinion as I feel the same way about 111Skin!

      • I want to try Kypris!!! Eyeshadow?Oh no!

      • Oooo, thanks for the tip!!! I will check it out!

      • Oooooh! THANK YOU FOR THE TIP/NEW PRODUCT INFO! Always looking for affordable new things/brands to try!♥️🙋🏻‍♀️
        Love supporting new brands rather than bigger, more expensive POPULAR ones, that aren’t as good & a lot of times are just hyped up.
        Just looked it up, & it has GREAT reviews!
        You’re 😎, Thanks again!♥️

      • Are you talking about The Inkey Eye Brightener with or without the caffeine ?
        They have two version on Sephora for less then $10.00 , but which version? Thanks

    • That eye cream made my eyes swell shut during the night. I’ll never be ordering from them. I must have some sort of allergy.

      • Oh my gosh, i didnt even put the two together 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I had the same thing and put it down to seasonal allergies!! Not only were my eyelids puffy, my eyes have been so red and itchy. I was using allergy eye drops every day and was able to stop around the time i threw the rest of my sample away…wow 🤣

  42. I want that palette – but I am sure it will later become a variation that only a few get. I’m starting to think I am better off just buying the things I really like and cancelling all my boxes. I used to love them for trying new products and brands, but I seem to always get stuff I can’t use or don’t want. If I knew for sure I’d get that palette it may change things, but they always put these cool things out there and then it always becomes a variation – and I never get them.

    • I’ve had about 15 subscriptions boxes at one point and now canceled all except one. Figured I’d be much happier saving all that money and buy products I actually need.

      • 👍

    • Joe said on Instagram everyone gets the palette. 🤗

    • Oooooh! THANK YOU FOR THE TIP/NEW PRODUCT INFO! Always looking for affordable new things/brands to try!♥️🙋🏻‍♀️
      Love supporting new brands rather than bigger, more expensive POPULAR ones, that aren’t as good & a lot of times are just hyped up.
      Just looked it up, & it has GREAT reviews!
      You’re 😎, Thanks again!♥️

  43. So why not just send subscribers the actual full size Celestial storm palette? Why create a mini version just for Boxycharm?
    Also, Juice Beauty is a terrible brand with subpar ingredients.
    The third brand I don’t know.
    None of this makes me want to resub.
    Do better, Boxycharm!

    • Really?
      Are you an ipsy subscriber? Maybe you should see THEM & THEIR “ULTIMATE” NIGHTMARE.
      I think this box looks great! To each their own, i suppose.
      I think the palett is beautiful and is a great brand! Just wish it had the purples that the FULL palette has! As Purple is my jam😎💁🏻‍♀️

      • Totally agree! I will take a few shades from an awesome palette of a well known (and loved) brand over a bunch of shades from a no-brand palette any day (Ipsy/Tetris I’m talking about you!). No box can please everyone but at least Boxy always includes a couple of great we’ll known brands. I cannot wait to get this palette! I only like 7 shades from the original (one of them is the purple) and this little palette includes 6 of them! Yay!

        • “well”

          …fixed before the grammar police come to get me 😂

      • 👍

      • Agree totally 👍

  44. that palette isn’t actually called celestial thunder, its celestial storm… so that feels like a fake mockup or possibly some variation of it that is a boxycharm exclusive ie that tarte palette they did

    • This is a new second edition of the Celestial palettes. It will not be available on the website until after Boxycharmers receive them first. And it will be in all the boxes.

  45. I hope the options above are our choice items for November.

    • Oops, I see they are, duh. 🙂

  46. When can we choose? 🙂

    • On the 7th

    • I LOVE the colors in the palette! It’s got some useful daytime neutrals and some fun new colors I don’t have (even though I have a billionty palettes from subscription boxes.) I love fun colors even in my 40’s, though I know they’re not good for every situation so I play with them when I can.

      Also with winter coming I’m going for skin care that says “quench” on the bottle.

      • Billionty 😆 agreed, in my 40s but love a mixture or mature and fun colors. From my limited experience, boxy has taken turns sending me fun colors one month then easier to use the next. Really like the mix!

      • Also here for the 40s and having fun with colours! I have hooded eyes so it is a little easier to get away with the fun colours even in my professional job: only a bit peeks out it’s only on my lids 😉

  47. I just treated myself to the Pur Crystal Clear Palatte, so I’m cancelling all my sub boxes. I decided I’d rather get stuff I want instead of stuff I may or may not use. First world problems I suppose.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve done. I get reg boxy and allure just to try new things cancelled everything else, kinda waiting to see when Natasha Denona palette will be befoe I cancel boxy.

      • There will be a Natasha Denona palette in Boxy? I missed that somehow! I hope it is soon and that I get it!

    • I did same. The only one I have left now is Ipsy regular. I was giving away so much. I finally saw the $$$ going out…

    • I did the same this month, canceled Boxy and Ipsy plus. Was giving too much away! I actually went to a store and bought some things I wanted!

      • That is the smart way!

    • I have been happy with my sub boxes but there’s some brands that don’t ever market through sub boxes. And it’s also rare to get a concealer or some few other things that are needed so I’m leaning more towards filling out my makeup with purposely chosen things.

  48. I think I’ll try the Kypris serum. It’s completely new to me

  49. OMG love juice beauty brand!! The best and their reasonably priced for high end skin care – so if you want to buy a larger size it’s financially reasonable – plus their line gets results ❤️💕

    Since I want it I probably won’t get it 🙁 anything I want from BC , due to variations I usually don’t get . But 🤞🤞 if we get to choose I’m choosing that 🙂

    • That will be a choice item on the 7th!

      • I dont see the choice button. Looking in the black bar top right?? Help

    • I never get things I’ll use anymore. Cancelling for good

    • I’ve only tried one juice beauty item and it was the blemish or acne cleanser I got from a subscription. Beautyfix I think. Anyways, wasn’t impressed and it smelled so nasty. I didn’t want to waste so I used it up but I wouldn’t buy it again.

      • Yessss it’s smells awful and I have full sizes that I’m mad I have now lol cause I hateeee the smell of juice lol but I’m excited about the palette

    • Does anyone know if the serum is safe for acne-proned skin? Sounds good, but I get breakouts easy..

  50. I want that palette 🥰. Not that enthusiastic about the chose options though.

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