BoxyCharm November 2019 Spoilers Round #2!

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We have more spoilers for the November 2019 BoxyCharm box! (Thanks, LunaLee, for the heads up!)

The November box will include:

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Your Choice of Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum for your November Box.

What do you think of the November spoilers? 

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscriptions or those who canceled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.
(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Boxycharm Premium waitlist is open now!!! Grab your spot 😃

    • Woot! I did! 😁 Came here to say the same thing lol.

    • I’m on it. 🙌 Thanks.

    • When is the best time to sign up for BC without being charged for October and November?

      • November 1st. That way you will only get charged for the base box of Nov. And maybe upgrade to premium if it’s still available since there is a wait list.

    • Signed up for it. But I wonder how do I not get the December boxes, as in, when can I cancel but still get the November boxes (regular Boxycharm and Boxycharm Premium)?

      • Once you get charged for the November boxes you can cancel anytime before December 1st. So that u don’t get charged for that box

  2. Who makes up the spoilers? Are they officially from BC? Someone is being extremely misleading.

  3. I hope Boxycharm forgets that they sent me a Becca highlighter years ago and sends me another one in a different shade than the last one. I hate all highlighters except my Becca highlighter.

    • If I get the highlighter, I’d love to work out a trade!

  4. The 3 items that BC guarantee are the 3 FIRST spoilers THEY posts. this month you would get are 1 of the the dose of colors eye shadows.
    Either the TIS balm or the iconic spray.
    Either the iconic lip gloss or the hank n Henry mascara.
    Every thing else is a random and if you sign up in the month of October you are going to get what was left over …..
    I don’t get hype up from spoilers from other site because I know those are NOT guarantee items.

    • Dose of Colors is not given to everyone. Boxycharm mislead the masses on that. It’s Dose of Colors OR Tarte, regardless of using a code or not.

      • I didn’t get either! I got a facial wash, eye primer, face balm/ primer, red lip pencil, beige lip gloss 😕

        • I’m really sorry they did that to you. I thought mine was bad because they didn’t give me a new subscriber gift as promised. Very disappointed in this company.

  5. Has anyone received their promotional gift yet? Supposed to be a Tarte Pallet but i forgot to use the code. I emailed and they said they were sending “something”. wondering when they send it? i already received my first box. but no promo gift yet.

    • I received mine in my October box but I definitely used the code. I’ll be surprised if they still honor the promo since it wasn’t on your order. Hopefully I’m wrong and you’ll have better luck with their customer service than I have in the past.

    • I’ve got Tarte clay palette as free gift. I didn’t get DOSE palette and many of new subscribers too. Value of box over $125 BC advertised is included with free gift. Without free gift, $107 value. I’m not sure when they shipped, I did recieved my box week after signed up.
      My GBP Oct box value over $200. I think I’m going to stick around month or 2 with BC to see if anything change when price go up next month.

  6. Anyone know what date and time the pop up sale in November starts ?

    Thanks ☺️

    • I think it’s only quarterly? Not monthly.

    • They had said November would be a pop up month, just didn’t say what day

  7. I just wish that BC would be transparent with their customers. They don’t care about keeping their loyal customers because they have so many new ones coming that see these spoilers to replace the old ones. They will learn of their deceptive ways soon enough, but by then, more new subscribers will replace those. And, the cycle continues.

  8. Nice box…I would almost sub if I got to choose from each category being I already have the tarte contour palette. I like both of the skin care items…I used the juice beauty eye serum on an everyday basis but the other face serum looks interesting (reg. price on the eye serum is 50 dollars and the other serum 90) …I would actually like both skin care products but I realize that’s not an option. For 21 dollars it’s maybe worth a chance either the lip or becca is acceptable but prefer lip but then color is important but for the price it’s all nice…eye shadows are pretty colors though I rarely use eye shadow any more.

    • The tarte palette is only for new subscribers in the month of october. It doesn’t come in the November box. They do add ons/choice 7th-9th this month where you could choose between Step items, November being the Kypris and juice beauty then you can add on the one you didn’t choose for $12. That’s an amazing deal for both! Just some tips for the future 🙂

      • Thank you! I did not know one could add on the other that way and it’s reasonable price imo for to try a a new product…~…😊…~…

  9. I am neither whining or complaining. I received the Paula’s Choice, the Iconic lippie in an orangish shade, the TIS, DoC in Baked Browns and the garbage Jonte Blue lip liner. But I am commenting because I think people should know what kind of company Boxy is and to be aware of their deceptive advertising. According to MSA spoilers, we will get our choice of the Kypris or the Juice Beauty. Nothing else is guaranteed. The eyeshadow palette just says it will be included in the November box; NOT that everyone will receive it. The same is true for the DoC lippies and the Becca. They did not say that everyone will receive one or the other. The wording says if you receive one, you will not receive the other (with their use of the word “or”). Boxy is infamous for misleading advertising so it’s important to read EXACTLY what is written. Even so, Boxy will often not honor what they promise. Bait and switch occurs regularly and variations always vary wildly in value. But if what people are saying is true, Boxy has sunk to a new low if they are deleting subscriber comments. That in and of itself confirms that Boxy is a dishonest company and people should subscribe at their own risk.

  10. I am neither whining or complaining. I received the Paula’s Choice, the Iconic lippie in an orangish shade, the TIS, DoC in Baked Browns and the garbage Jonte Blue lip liner. But I am commenting because I think people should know what kind of company Boxy is and to be aware of their deceptive advertising. According to MSA spoilers, we will get our choice of the Kypris or the Juice Beauty. Nothing else is guaranteed. The eyeshadow palette just says it will be included in the November box; NOT that everyone will receive it. The same is true for the DoC lippies and the Becca. They did not say that everyone will receive one or the other. The wording says if you receive one, you will not receive the other (with their use of the word “or”). Boxy is infamous for misleading advertising so it’s important to read EXACTLY what is written. Even so, Boxy will often not honor what they promise. Bait and switch occurs regularly and variations always vary wildly in value. But if what people are saying is true, Boxy has sunk to a new low if they are deleting subscriber comments. That in and of itself confirms that Boxy is a dishonest company and people should subscribe at their own risk.

    • You are so lucky to have received the Paula’s Choice. I have 3 boxes and I didn’t get it any of them. You are so right with everything you said. Most people thought they were either going to get the Smashbox eyeliner or the Paula’s Choice this month, but I didn’t even get the Smashbox eyeliner in any of my boxes either. Also, one of them didn’t have a DOC palette.

      • I have 2 boxes and got the exact same things in both boxes, has this been your experience as well?

        • This month I didn’t get identical boxes but I normally do. I chose different choice items was a new subscriber on one account, so I got the Glamglow

          • what else did you get in that box? i haven’t recived mine yet but i know i have the glamglow too.

      • The no palette thing is what’s blowing me away. It’s happened to several people this month. In my five years with Boxycharm that was the one and only thing you could for sure count on. Everyone always got a palette. It might be different colors or sizes or retail values but no one got a box without some type of palette, and almost always the same brand. I cannot believe they’re no longer including the one item they’re so popular and well known for in every box. That’s really not fair at all. I realize some people don’t actually want a palette but until they truly start using our profile/preferences, they should continue to send them to all customers as they have for years. The very least they could’ve done was announce this change so customers would be made aware of such a big change. But of course they might lose customers, more importantly MONEY, that way or worse yet, lose potential new business by being so forthcoming and that’s just not going to happen.

        • In 2018 they were doing a palette every month for that year. It wasn’t permanent.

    • Very true. I think the key to being happy with Boxycharm is goin in without any preference for what you get.

    • I’m very confused about this subscription bc the MSA spoilers say “the (month) box WILL include” and then lists a few products with the OR qualification, which lets us know we will receive one but not both items. To me that is really strong language which means if you order a box you WILL receive one of those two items. Is it not a huge problem then that some subscribers don’t receive either of those items at all? The spoilers I’m looking at here on MSA for the October doc palette and the smash box liner/Paula’s choice do not say SOME boxes will include or ONE version of the box will include. Any attorneys on here? I just don’t see how Boxycharm can slip by with that language. Am I misunderstanding? I’m a new subscriber and I’m kind of wondering what I got myself into bc even though this is kinda a mystery box I don’t usually order something unless there is customization, or beauty quiz follow through, or firm spoilers.

      • I’m not an attorney, but I am a language expert. You are correct about their wording, and BC is committing advertising fraud by this practice. What is equally disturbing is how MSA is supporting this practice and not addressing it with us…the consumers. Complete silence by MSA to our concerns.

        • Thank you for responding. The only loophole I could come up with, which doesn’t even make sense, is if “THE box” could be considered some kind of umbrella term for their brand. But no. And I totally agree with you, it’s disturbing that MSA is posting these fraudulent claims. In the very least if they are going to continue partnering with Boxycharm they should revise spoiler posts moving forward so that what is advertised is indeed what subscribers receive. No wonder there are many comments here by upset subscribers. Im baffled that this is happening and seems to be the standard practice rather than a once or twice occurring mistake.

        • 👏

          • TY!

        • Boxy is not doing anything illegal. Saying that a box “will include” or “will include a palette or a liner or a lippie” does NOT mean that EVERY subscriber will receive a single item that Boxy spoils. “The box” does not mean “your box”. Read the fine print. Boxy (like Ipsy) has a VERY large number of variations. They reserve the right to do so and if they wanted (with the above language), they could send one subscriber a palette, one subscriber a liner and one subscriber a lippie. They have then technically fulfilled their advertising claims that “the box” would include a spoiled item and they could send every other subscriber a box of 4-5 full size Jonte Blue liners if they wanted. The ONLY way they are legally responsible for including a spoiler item is to say “EVERY SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE THIS ITEM.” Even then, the fine print likely says while supplies last or substitutions may be made due to product availability.

          What Boxy does is very misleading, but not illegal. They count on people subscribing when a highly desired product is featured and they KNOW how customers will interpret the language that is used. For example, look at the box photos that they use for advertising. It usually has every spoiled item or the most popular or expensive products in the picture. No one gets a box like that, not even the Influencers.

          As for the brow gel size discrepancy, that is something altogether different. If they stated something in the product description that wasn’t what was received, that could be ruled as deceptive practices. But so what? What could happen to them? Likely nothing more than giving subscribers grounds to file a chargeback with their credit cards.

          Does Boxycharm CARE what their subscribers think? In a word, no. They do not care if you unsubscribe or if you write a scathing review on MSA. If they did, Boxy would stop deliberately misleading their subscribers. But they know there will be a million more people sign up to get a Tarte palette or whatever items they are spoiling for the next month. So if you want to stay with Boxy, I suppose it may be best to avoid the spoilers altogether and accept that you will receive a mystery box as Cady said.

          • I tend to agree. And Boxy may not care when people leave negative comments, but they should. Because if they shaft enough subscribers leaving them salty with dishonest practices and enough people are vocal about it, Boxy’s reputation will begin to preceed it and eventually even those who have never subscribed before will equate Boxy=Scam. There are a finite number of people in the world interested in purchasing subscription boxes and people eventually grow tired of BS.

          • Where are you seeing “the fine print”? I don’t see fine print on the MSA spoilers which say “the November box will include” doc lippie or becca highlight. There wasn’t any fine print on the October spoilers.

          • Advertising fraud IS illegal.

      • Just like for October when they said we would get paulas choice, smash box eyeliner OR brow gel. And most people didn’t get any of those products. Including myself.

        • Same. I didn’t get any of those. And, I didn’t get a DOC palette. Really disappointed and I hate this deception.

          • May I ask… what did u get?

          • I got a cleanser, a lip gloss, the glassy balm, a lip liner, and a brow gel. No palette and no new subscriber gift.

        • I think I got the brow gel. Which i don’t use at all. I also got a ridiculously cheap looking eyeliner. It literally looks like a dollar tree black eyeliner pencil. It’s almost funny how cheap it is

    • Box twins ! I loved my BC for October !

    • @Punkykiki I agree completely! Very deceptive company. I did not get a DOC eyeshadow palette this month, which I read as if we were ALL getting one. Everything listed above for “spoilers” is nothing more than a possible variant! I got glamglow cleanser, TiS glassy(which I picked), red lip liner, nude gloss, and dark brown brow gel (I’m platinum blonde) box is garbage and with my coconut allergy, I can’t use most of the products even if I wanted too. I thought November’s box looked great and could possibly redeem this current box, until I realized what you said and then compared my box to the current October spoilers.

      • I got this exact box, I believe, plus the Tarte Clay Play palette (I subbed using the code). Did you also receive a Tarte palette or just the items you listed? Unless my math is wrong, the value of my box is a little over $150 WITH the “free” Tarte palette and $109 without the palette. I’m ok with what I got, but I’d be bummed if I hadn’t received the Clay Play.

      • That’s what I got. We have every right to be angry.

    • This is in response to Punkykiki, I am not bashing anything you’ve said but in regards to the company not guaranteeing every charmer certain items, it actually has been confirmed that everyone will receive the Celestial Thunder pallet. Not to be confused with the Celestial Storm pallet by the same company. The Celestial Thunder pallet is exclusive to Boxycharm as of right now. It could be released for retail sale later on. As for the other items, you’re right, we don’t know for sure what items we will be getting. There are so many variations so I don’t think its that they’re being deceptive because it clearly says “you could receive one of these items”. Also, I personally think that’s half the fun. You get a few spoilers but then you are left guessing as to what the remaining items will be. I don’t think that’s deception. If you go on Instagram, facebook or YouTube, you can follow a few accounts that are in direct contact with Joe, the CEO and he gives them sneak peeks. If you’re not you should follow Joe on social media, he’s always posting videos with hidden little easter eggs in the background and he gives great info about boxycharm and all the stuff they’re working on. Also you should follow “boxyscoop” or “boxycharmsneakpeek” on Instagram. Those are two of my favorites accounts and they have super up to date, reliable info.

      As for the items we know about so far, I am getting the Kypris Serum. I would be okay receiving any of the other variations except the DoC lippie. I’m not a lipstick girl. Cant wait to see what other spoilers we get in the weeks to come.

      • Hi Lacy! I have not seen any spoilers other than what was on MSA, but if they said everyone will get the palette, that should be happening. 😺 The thing is, I’m not going to go chasing after Boxycharm on every social media platform. I think a lot of subscribers love that aspect of Boxy and I can see where it would be fun, but it’s just not something I’m inclined to do. My reason for commenting was to explain what was and wasn’t deceptive advertising practices and the difference in truly making false claims vs leading people on with wording that can be interpreted to mean something that it really does not. They absolutely did that last month with the Smashbox liner or Paula’s Choice or Mellow Brow Gel. If the average person read it, she/he would think that meant that one of those products would be in his/her box. The big difference is that “the box” may contain anything that is going into the box for that month. “The box” is not anyone’s particular box. Plus, “you may get one of these in your box” is better wording but the spoilers here don’t say that, they say “one of these will be in the box”. Again, “the box” and not “your box” wording can be confusing. So yes, while Boxy isn’t technically scamming, they are definitely misleading their target market. The brow gel may actually have been deceptive but I have not followed that thread. The bait and switch is based on the same premise of “the box” and “your box”. Great spoilers appear, people think they will be getting certain items, money is charged and the next day things have changed drastically. Lacy, I didn’t feel bashed at all and I hope you didn’t either. I think it’s cool that you enjoy the full Boxy experience. I’m just not motivated. Nothing is really exciting anymore…I’ve been an addict for a very long time. I feel so jaded…..😞😸

  11. I would love the becca! Especially since I dont wear lip products

    • I also wish to have Becca as I already receive Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in one of previous boxes.

      I do not want Dominique Cosmetic eyeshadow as I dont like this brand. I did not like DC lipgloss that I received previously.

  12. I have only been with boxy a few months but I noticed that in the charm room the prices of items are the same as their home websites. The only benefit of the charm room is to let users use their charM points towards products right? The charm room does not have discounted items? Just a place to use up our saved charm points towards getting a discounted product? Sorry if that’s confusing.

    • Yep. That’s it. For example, if you have 250 Charm points, that equates to $2.50 to use towards a Charm Room product.

      • Thanks!

  13. Celestial thunder isn’t a palette.. the DC palette is called Celestial Storm! I bought it myself and it’s so good, so If I get it again, I’m going to give it as a Christmas gift to someone!

    • I think that Celestial Thunder is a mini version of Celestial Storm that is exclusive to Boxycharm.

      • Oh my goodness! You’re right! This makes me reconsider whether I want the November box or not. How strange.

      • This is correct. It’s a smaller palette exclusive to boxy. I’m excited about it

  14. I am not a subscriber but am considering switching from Ipsy to Boxy. Just a couple questions- can we opt out of items entirely? I don’t want another single highlighter and it’s on my list with ipsy to not send- does boxy allow you to opt out as well?
    Also are we allowed to skip a box here and there like we can with ipsy?
    Does anyone know if I were to subscribe now (the 12th) would I still be allowed to choose an item for November?

    When one subscribes, is one allowed to immediately fill out a list of things they want and don’t want? Or do I rate things as I go along? I’ve only made it to the payment screen and didn’t want to hit subscribe just yet

    • No skipping. No opting out. They don’t use your profile. So I be prepared for 500 variations other than the one you’re dying for. They keep saying they are going to use out profiles. But yeah- so far no. If you’re new to Boxy you will most likely have a good experience for a while. The long term subscribers are getting salty with all the bait and switch and filler items. They just started letting us pick an item but be diligent in the time frame allowed. Charm room never had anything to use your charms on- the good stuff is gone instantly. If you’re wanting to try new things and like palettes black eyeliner and mascara then you’re gonna like it.

      • Very helpful, thanks for the detailed response!

    • Danelle summed it up well. Boxycharm is going up to $25 matching the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus price point. I’ve only had Boxycharm for two months and I’ve already received two black eyeliners, a mascara, and a brow gel. Too many basic eye products. One product was a Hollywood and Vine $7 eyeliner pencil (that honestly is worth about $2.50…not even waterproof). I am not sure if this is even a real brand. I can’t find it anywhere. I think that Boxycharm might have trademarked this product. The brow gel was not even full-sized, even though the card insert stated the full-size value). Would like to see better curation. However, there is a lot of value in their palettes and you will at least receive one other product that might make you feel as though you got your money’s worth. If you sign up now, you will not get the Dose of Colors palette. You will get the Tarte palette that they are using to lure you in.

      • I am a new subscriber this month. I used the Tarte coupon code and gor both the Tarte Clay Play and the DOC Sassy Siennas palette. I was happy with my box!

    • Boxy charm is a great deal, but has the biggest complainers out of any subscription I have. Every month they have at least one awesome product that’s worth more than the box alone, usually 2 or 3 products that are good. For $21 (now 25) There’s usually 1 or 2 items that I don’t like that I give away or trade, but it’s still such a good deal that it doesn’t matter. They seem to go by the profile for every box that I’ve gotten lately, and any time I’ve reached out to customer service they’ve been responsive.

      You definitely have to choose within their extremely small window, so that stinks, but you just need to make sure you do it in time. The boxes always take forever to arrive, but if you don’t stand by the mailbox waiting, that’s not that big of a deal. I’ve just started to expect that it will take a long time. Even with those things, I still think it’s a great deal.

  15. Love the November spoilers. I chose the Kypris Serum for November and added on the Juice Beauty eye treatment. I want the Celestial Thunder palette so bad and will be good with either the DOC liquid lipstick or the Becca shimmering skin perfector but would prefer the DOC lipstick

  16. After we are billed, there will be 12 more variants with only a few select people getting the DOC and the Becca. 🙄

    • Exactly. And those other variants will be wildly less sought-after or far, far lower quality products from small, unknown manufacturers so they can inflate and manipulate the retail values on the products to meet the $125 claimed value of the box. Anyone paying attention should be familiar with the Boxy song and dance by now.

    • And, I’ll never forget, or forgive, this October Tarte/DOC scam. I SO wish I hadn’t renewed for multi-months. When it’s done, I’m out of BC. They’ll never get another cent from me.

      • I did cancel for a while but got sucked back in with the Tarte promo. Shame on me for thinking things would be different. When I was subbed before, I would always receive the lesser valued box each month without fail. I read a comment before on their Instagram page where someone stated that the box you get is determined from where it ships out from. According to her, the boxes shipped out from Georgia usually have the lesser sought out variations. I found that to be true for myself but don’t know exactly how accurate it is. She claimed to have got this info from one of their CSR. 🤷‍♀️

        • This makes sense.. I subscribed only for August and received a lower value box. I’m located in SC. I’d subscribe back if they would stop with the insane amount of variations. It’s too much of a gamble. They should have at least 1-2 hero products that are guaranteed for everyone and then let the rest be variations.

          • I agree. I don’t mind variations as long as they all are equivalent in value and category.

        • I had a hunch this was the case (items in box are determined by where they ship from) I have multiple subscriptions with boxy and get matching boxes most of the time. I wish people posted where their box originated from along with weight and box dimensions.

        • I got sucked back with the promo as well. It will be the last time. I feel sorry for all being lured with the Premium roll out. That will be an even larger scam. Well, my boxes ship from Georgia, so that explains the lower variant. I saw a pop up ad yesterday on a newspaper site, and it clearly stated that the TARTE palette for October was THE free promo and the DOC palette was part of the basic box contents. I’m so angry. Angry at them and myself for falling for their gimmick.

  17. Where are people finding out what variation number they got? Where can I access that list?

    • It’s on the bottom left small No. with heart front page. The paper comes with box show you value of items and stuff.

  18. There are a few new things in the charm room. An elemis facial oil…

    • Yes i want the doc lippie. I already own 4 and i luv them. They do smear when u eat but its ok.

  19. if i subscribe now, will my first box be october or november? thanks!

    • It would be October. With Boxy you have to subscribe after the first of the upcoming box to get it. You would want to wait until November 1st before signing up if you don’t want October

  20. Just received my email notification that my add-ons from September shipped. Yosef said we would all be getting emails today? Did anyone else receive one ?

    • Nope I haven’t gotten one yet either.

  21. Snore. Not into these spoilers so far. But I’m not going to whine and complain too much because as many people forget We are getting 5 full size products or Deluxe size products for $25…not for $100. If people want exact specifications Or better product matches they can go to the store and pay full price for the products…no one is stopping you.

  22. Do ya’ll think if I choose the more expensive skin care option, they’ll send me the cheaper of the two other items? I ask because I want the DOC lippie and not the Becca highlighter and if there’s a way to increase my odds, I’ll do it!

    • I will trade you if I get the lipstick. I don’t wear lipstick.

    • Choose what you actually want. None of us know the algorithm; just choose so you have no regrets.

  23. I’ve wanted to try something (anything) from Dose of Colors for years now and I don’t need any new highlighters so.. all fingers crossed!

  24. Just to help someone who wants to know what could be in their October box.
    My box weighed 1.1 pounds. It contained DOC baked browns, TIS, Iconic London Nearly Nude, Paulas Choice, and a red lips liner.
    Just wanted to help

    • Mine also weighed 1.1 and I got the TIS, Skin Co Mist Spray, Tweezers, Hollywood N Vine Eyeliner, and Baked Browns DOC palette. Would have much rather had your box.

  25. I think we’ve come to expect so much from subscription boxes. I remember the day when I would get a box and if there was just 1 item I loved, I would be so excited! Now I’m guilty of wanting ALL products to be to my liking. We all have to remember it’s a subscription just like a magazine if we don’t like those articles etc…in the mags we don’t call the editor and say why did you have writers write that! I know that’s not the best analogy but whatever! TGIF! Haha!

  26. If I cancel do I get the add on I already paid for?

    • Since Add-On items & orders always ship separately and have absolutely nothing to do with your monthly box….
      I don’t know of any reason why you *wouldn’t* get an Add-On purchase that’s already been paid for.

      Boxy isn’t like Ipsy or FFF
      (or any other sub) where your extra Add-Ons always come inside *with* your regular monthly box, so there’s absolutely NO reason why they wouldn’t go ahead and ship out a pre-paid Add-On order.

      • Oh good I ordered an extra Kypris and it’s the only item I like so I will still get it then and for the $12 I paid😊 Think I’ll cancel the box and keep that.

        • I also got the Kypris as an add-on and it’s my choice for November. I was thinking of cancelling November when I saw the Kypris was offered as an add on but I would like to see what they have planned for the December Luxe first. Hopefully a spoiler or two will be out in time for me to decide.

  27. Excited about the Becca I have a few of the regular shimmering skin perfecters but not the one shown on the far left. I love Dose of Colors liquid lippies/glosses and I am anxious to try the Dominique eyeshadow formula! I was glad we got to pick an item and I have two accounts so am getting one of each.

  28. This months box isn’t for me, but as I understand it you cannot pause only cancel and I wanted to be in on the. Boxyluxe in December so I guess I have to buy the November box.

  29. 2nd Boxycharm box. I feel our profiles are a joke to them. My first box I threw everything out. They seem to send ugly brown eye shadow and unbelievably bad eyeliner. Really not impressed. I will give it one more month. Then try another company any suggestions? I already subscribe to Ipsy.

    • I’m a fan of test tube. Lots of skincare

  30. Wow yeah I believe it…all of the makeup we spend tons of money on is so dirt cheap for them to make it….we are all getting ripped in actuality!!! Lmao yet we still buy it 🤷

    • I sold makeup at a huge department store for seven years. The cost for a tube lipstick was $1.83 on the cost sheet. Then, these companies sell the lipsticks for $20-$30. This is why Kylie Jenner is a billionaire and every celebrity is starting their own makeup line.

      • There’s also the cost of the sales people, testers, retail space, marketing, etc, butt yeah, there’s still a good profit margin.

      • Kyle Jenner = Colour POP just buy it from Colour POP

  31. Guys check out the size of the Mellow Brow Gel if you got it in your box- it’s a mini size 5mL product, not the full sized 10 mL product they’re claiming a $16 value for. I got variation #18 and my box value is supposedly $103, but since they’re not sending out the full size on this, it’s actually below the $100 it’s supposed to be 🤔

    • so you paid 21$ for a 103$ value box. wow, that is terrible…..

      • Read her post again. It’s NOT THE VALUE BC stated. Thars the whole point of her post.

        • Her information is not correct. Did anyone go to the Mellow website to verify what she was saying? Because I clearly see that a 5 gram tube is selling for $16

          • All I can tell you is that as of 2pm yesterday, there was no size description on the Mellow website anywhere, but other places where this product had been sold showed the 10mL size product as full size, $16. After this came out in the beauty boxes subreddit, people started posting on Boxy’s Insta page inquiring about it. They immediately and repeatedly deleted those post. A few hours later, the “5mL” descriptor pops up over on Mellow’s website where it had not been before.

            Mellow is a small, Austrailian company, so my guess is a phone call frim Boxy was made and adjustments were then made to the website. It’s not like people are beating the doors down on their website looking for Mellow Brow Gel, I’m sure Boxy is moving most of their product for them at the moment. So Boxy said jump and Mellow said how high. I encourage you to check out the subreddit I mentioned if you’d like to see pics of the 10mL full size product.

      • @blondie1021 I think you’re missing the point. First, that brings the value under $100. But second, and more important, they are being shady. Boxy claims they send full size products and that the boxes will have a value of $100. If they are substituting a deluxe sample and the value is not what they state, then that is a problem. You should get what you signed up for and what you paid for.

        The fact that it’s still a good deal doesn’t mean you aren’t being cheated.

        • Exactly, thank you. And they delete my posts on Instagram when I ask for clarification about this, too. So apparently it’s a sensitive subject for them.

          • You’re welcome. I completely agree with you. They scammed me out of the DOC eyeshadow palette for October because I signed up for the ‘supposedly FREE’ Tarte palette (clay play or blush, their choice). I felt completely defrauded even before my subscription started! My box contents list a no-name (really, there is no name on the list as a company) ‘anti-fatigue’ product as ‘free’. WTH??!! That wasn’t even on the list of products for October BC. I’m completely confused by their business model. It’s a heck of a way to keep subscribers, that’s for sure. I committed for multi-months, so when they run out, I’m done with Boxycharm.

      • That’s not the point at all, but thanks for chiming in. They did not provide what was advertised. Period, point blank. And the value is not $102, it’s several dollars short of $100 because they’re claiming the full sized product value and providing a product half that size.

      • I agree blondie not much to complain about but I see what they mean as far as not reaching the promised value😊

    • They lie a lot. Once my paid subscription is over, I won’t renew.

      • Yes, I cancelled previously due to this type of routinely dishonest behavior, but they seemed to be improving in the last few months, so I thought I’d give them another shot. But, same old Boxy!

        • They’re all alike. As long as subscribers are willing to part with money, they will continue to do what they please. No one can tell my I wasn’t scammed for what was promised in the October promotion.

          • They said you would get EITHER dose of colors or tarte pallette. Which to me meant if you signed up and got the tarte pallette, you wouldn’t get both. That’s how I understood it to mean.

            I got the mellow gel too. The only brow thing I’ve ever got and liked was the MAC eyebrow pencil from boxy a couple years ago. I dont like the way a brow gel stuff make my eyebrows look kinda crunchy and odd, so I tossed it. But I dont ever pay attention to value of boxes, as long as it has main items I want to try or brands I have heard of and liked and wanted to try, because I dont live near a sephora or makeup store and cant just go in and see things in person.

            Sorry you all are unhappy. ..hopefully next month will be better for your preferences

    • They promise 4 full size items. The 5th can be a deluxe travel size and has always been that way. The Mellow website literally says the $16 product is 5.0 grams, which is the same as 5ml so I am not seeing how your information is correct.

    • The 5ml is the full size represented on the Mellow website, I don’t understand how or where you got 10ml from? But the packaging is a little different than the site.

      • Thank you Jamie! This kind of thing drives me nuts. I mean, you wanna be mad at boxy, fine, be mad at them but for correct reasons. Why spread incorrect information and get everyone’s feathers in a ruffle over something that is not true?

    • I don’t see any 10 ml or 5 ml but I see 5.0g for $16 on mellow website. That’s only size they have on their website. I thought ml is for liquidy stuff. Sorry if I’m wrong.

      • 5 grams is the same as 5 ml. Grams are typically used for dry products and ml for liquid.

  32. I was just thinking this box may end up making up for my October box where I basically paid $21 for just a mascara. I’m not a big highlighter fan but some Becca ones are subtle and I’ve never tried a DOC lip product. Of course there’s a huge risk of a bad color for me personally, especially when so many boxes send mostly warm brown nudes, peaches and orangey reds, none of which work for me at all. But hey I’ll get to try the formula at least.

    Then it hit me. These two products will almost certainly be variants. Look what happened last month. And the month before that…the month before that…
    So everyone who is getting excited should probably slow down and for the people getting bummed out, cheer up. This says nothing about these products being guaranteed for everyone. Last month everyone got an eyeshadow palette and the skin balm or shimmer spray. I’m pretty sure one item of the third set of spoilers released was the Paula’s Choice, the product I and so many others wanted badly, but as usual those went to every Influencer, Vlogger, and Blogger plus a tiny percentage of “regular people.”
    I don’t know about the popularity level of these two products but if there’s one that shines much brighter than the other, that one will be November’s Paula’s Choice.

    And before everyone jumps all over me for not thanking the Boxy Gods for their plentiful bounty they practically give to us for free, I’m actually not whining or complaining. I’m just reminding everyone to do what I Just remembered to do which is to carefully manage your expectations when it comes to this box. I often forget to do that when early spoilers come out and I’ve been subscribed for years. I imagine that many newer folks are getting carried away with excitement or frustration wondering which of these two items they’ll be lucky or unlucky enough to get. For those pleased with these possibilities, pray, add them to your vision board, etc.
    If displeased by these two possibilities save your anxiety until after you’re billed and they release some of the other dozen or more spoilers. 😉
    🤷🏻‍♀️ Just sayin…

    • Well said, Maria! 100% agree! I love the part about the Boxy Gods thing! 😂😂

    • Any time I part with my money, I have a right to complain…we all do…especially when a company blatantly frauds their customers.

      • Wow. Talk about first world problems.
        Just remember you are paying $25 for like a $100 Worth of products. And-spoiler alert- you can always go to the store and pay full price for products you actually want. It’s called shopping. And it’s a surefire guarentee that you will get exactly what you want. Just saying. Sub boxes dont promise that every customer will jump up and down with glee everytime they open a box up. You’re only paying 25 bucks, LMAO. That’s why it’s a sub box. You try stuff out that you get for basically free and if you like it you like it… if you don’t you dont…it’s a gamble.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. It’s not about the value, it’s about the deception and bait and switch that is happening every single month. One of the October spoilers clearly stated charmers will get either the Paula’s Choice or Smashbox eyeliner. I’ve only seen these variants revealed in PR unboxings! I got variation 39! One of the items I received is a repeat item for me from about 18 months ago. More concerning is that the liquid “highlight” has no safety seal and the box indicates it expires 6 months after “opening” … It’s a year past its expiration at a minimum! I keep telling myself I’m going to cancel but am pulled back in my the infinitesimal chance I’ll get a Becca highlight or a Dose of Colors lip product. I’m more frustrated with myself than anything. I tried to cancel Allure a few times and got drawn back in. It wasn’t until I received the September box and it contained a tiny sample worth 37 cents (by their disclosed retail value of the full size item) that I finally cancelled! (I found a full size Kevin Aucoin sculpting/eyeshadow palette at TJ Maxx the next week for $14.99 — money much better spent than Allure.)

      • Becky, I completely agree. I’m about done with all of them. In fact, I will be as soon as my prepaid subs are over (Ipsy and Boxy). I’ve already cancelled all the rest. I’m sure you — as I — did have fun with them; however, I’ve finally hit my boiling point. I ordered some items that I really wanted from Lavido today and I’m thrilled over those. I guess you could say that I’ve come to my senses! I don’t have a lot of disposable income and I’m truly frugal with what I purchase. I despise being duped. I’m going to do just as you are, and purchase exactly what I want.

  33. These Dose liquid lippies cost $0.42 at the wholesale store i use to check

    • I just bought 2 at ulta, they are not cheap. They are amazing, wear very well with virtually zero transfer

    • Wow yeah I believe it…all of the makeup we spend tons of money on is so dirt cheap for them to make it….we are all getting ripped in actuality!!! Lmao yet we still buy it 🤷

    • Tell me more about this? What’s a wholesale store?

    • Dose of Colors doesn’t sell at wholesale stores. If you’re talking about Aliexpress, those are fakes.

      • Yes they do..there are lists for bussiness that want to start their own box sub box. They send out warehouse lists each month to companies so they can place orders. It could be ready to expire, not selling well, or packaging is messed up etc etc they sell it to the warehouse to make some sort of profit back.

        We the public are not allowed to shop or buy from it, and it’s difficult to get ahold of lists unless you know whom to talk too.

        I believe it was said Boxy sourced from this type of list back when they first started, but since they are bigger, they have better connections and dont anymore….the majority of other sub boxes to.

        Ipsy has started their own “shell” companies to make makeup/skincare etc so it stays “in house” and they make waaay more profits doing it this way, vs buying from well known brand etc.

  34. Can’t stand dose of color so drying yuk and I already got that , dislike spoilers so far :/

  35. Becca highlighters are my favorite. Except half the time from Sephora they arrive broken. Hope this doesn’t happen to us here!

    • Oh no! I actually like Becca highlighters, as far as highlighters go. I don’t use them much but I like Becca and Hourglass when I do. If I had to wager I’d bet I won’t get one anyway. That’s probably a good thing because the last bronzer I received that was shattered all over my box and it’s contents (and me and my clothing after opening it), wasn’t replaced. They gave me some Charms instead because they were out of the product. If I remember correctly it happened to many of the highlighters from the same brand they sent that month as well. And they were not nearly as nice or as well known as Becca. I’m guessing only a select few will even get the Becca highlighters (unless they got a great wholesale deal on them because they’re discontinued or near expiration or missing their boxes), so they surely won’t have enough to send out replacements. Hopefully they learned from what happened last time, but that’s not very likely. 😄

  36. When will they go by our profiles? Bc I def don’t need another highlighter or dark lipstick. Please please please boxy!

    • Exactly! I have no red lip products and no lip liners. So, they send…a bright red lip liner. It’s freaking maddening. Why offer a lengthy profile if it’s not used?!

    • I suggest taking screenshots of EVERYTHING they say this month about spoilers, who gets what etc..before they can change their story… I wish I had done that this month

  37. I just subscribed to this box. Do they send out a notice when you are able to select specific items for each month? Thanks!

    • You won’t be able to select until your second box since you missed November selection. For now, you’re at their random mercy.

    • They only allow one choice. This month it’s either the Kypris serum or the Juice beauty rye product. I don’t know if a new subscriber gets to choose. You will have to check your account on their website. And it’s only open for a couple of days. I think it was the 7th through the 9th, so you might not be able to pick your item. You could try emailing customer service, but be prepared for a “sorry, not sorry” response from them. Good luck.

    • You have to sign up for Boxycharms mailing list with your email to be notified. They send out an email when it is time to customize, but we knew the schedule for this month ahead of time.

    • I just subscribed last week and they had me pick the November choice right after signing up. I think I might have also gotten email that day or the next.

  38. Really want the lip gloss… Have wayyy tooooo many highlighters lol.

    • Those aren’t glosses. They are liquid lipsticks that dry down to a matte finish. I really wish they were the lip gloss version though. I have such problematic lips with dryness no matter what exfoliant, treatment, lip sleeping mask, or lip balm I use! So I usually don’t go for liquid lipsticks.

      • Have you ever tried Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm? I discovered it years ago when I was having the same problem with my lips no matter what I tried and how diligent I was about applying it. It worked miracles for me. I don’t know what changed but I’m just not nearly as susceptible to that level of dryness anymore (at least not on my lips), but I ALWAYS have a tube of it on hand just in case. If I end up spending a lot of time out in the cold and my lips go crazy again I use it for a night or two and they’re completely recovered.
        Despite the potentially awkward name, it’s long been considered a cult beauty classic for lips as well as a great nipple treatment. Be sure to buy the original though. There’s a tinted version (obviously not necessarily marketed for nips 😉) now but I personally don’t feel it’s as effective.

        • I just started using Dr Lipp a couple of days ago and I’m gonna give it some more time, but first impressions are good.

        • THANK YOU!!! I love dose of color matte, and jeffree starr for this reason. I’ve never heard of the nipple balm, but just placed an order for some and excited to try it!! I’ve tried everything and drink lots of water daily and us lio masks , exfoliating and other lip balms, agave is nice, but dont really help long term!!

          I’ll have to remember to find your comment and let you know how it goes!!

          This is another reason why I Love this site, because it ALL GOES DOWN IN THE COMMENTS!!! Hahaha. Enjoy trying and learning about things that might be magical I’ve never heard of or tried!!

        • Dr. Lipp is no joke seriously the best thing for my lips that otherwise peel and peel and peel.

  39. Love it all so far! Keep it up Boxy!

  40. Still not feeling the eyeshadow palette but the rest of the items look good. Really want to get the premium already. That’s the main reason I’m staying subscribed for the November box.

    • I really want to try the dose lip product. So over shimmery products.

  41. Love Becca. This is looking really good to me.

    • I agree. Looking forward to this box.

  42. I love both of these!

  43. The first eyeshadow palette I’m actually excited about receiving!!! Can’t wait!!

  44. I wish we could have picked from these 2 instead of the choice we had

    • Seriously! I 100% agree. The value difference could also be quite large, but so we’re the face things. This spoiler was one of the more exciting for me.

      I’m still trying to keep an open mind about the palette. It just really seems like a BS deluxe sample if the Celestial Storm palette but without the cool colors we don’t get all the time. I really wanted to try the purples and the shimmering blue.

  45. I would like the Dose lip pie. If I do get the Becca I do know whom I will gift it to.

  46. We’ve gotten both of these before, I’m sure they’re sending different shades but still…excited about the rest of the box but this is a disappointing spoiler for sure!

    • Not everyone got them though. I didn’t get the Dose. I got a different variation and when they did the Bevca 1/2 of us got a liquid highlighter.

      • Yeah, for me personally I’ve already received both the Dose liquid lip and the Becca powder highlighter, just kind of a bummer, especially since I didn’t really care for either product. Dose liquid lipsticks are super dry and the Becca highlighters are just OK for me

    • I don’t believe their spoilers anymore. Last month they said we’d get either the eyeliner from smashbox or that other item and the vast majority of us got neither. Not to mention all the unicorn spoilers they put out where almost no regular subscribers receive the item, but we see them in all the influencers boxes. I would love the company so much more if I felt they were honest.

      • I got the smash box liquid eyeliner

  47. If anyone happens to end up with the dark highlighter – remember me. I’ll trade. Lol

  48. Kinda loving everything but it could be because ipsy just set my expectations so much lower.

    • It’s likely that Julie 😂

    • Yep. Same!

    • Lol same!

  49. Love Becca 🥰🥰🥰

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