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BoxyCharm Customization – Check Your Email!


BoxyCharm now has an optional complexion customization quiz available. Subscribers, check your email for a link to the foundation quiz:

We want to bring you foundations and concealers PERSONALIZED to your skin tone. That’s where YOU come in! Answer a few questions so we can start to learn a little more about your complexion.






If you aren’t familiar BoxyCharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $25.

Check out my reviews of BoxyCharm boxes, our posts of BoxyCharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (70)

  1. Oct 29 still no e-mail and no response from them as usual.

    • I only get shipping and confirmation emails from boxycharm, nothing else, not sure why others get emails about all sorts of things such as spoilers, updates on pop up sales, and now this. I asked them about the spoiler email and they said it was only sent to a select group of people. So yeah, not everyone gets emails from boxycharm.

  2. Has anyone else still not received this email? I haven’t and I emailed them about it and another issue the day after this posted. The same day I got an email back that contained nothing but a few FAQ’s copied and pasted from their website that had nothing to do with either of my questions. I replied and told them that and it’s been five days with no response. I swear if they didn’t offer such good deals and I wasn’t such a serious beauty product/sub addict I would never give them my business. There are so many major issues with their customer service, ethics, and other business practices. I wish I could make myself go away and stay away! 😄

    • I totally agree! I love the deals and sometimes get good stuff, but there are times it’s a total waste and their customer service is horrible – probably the worst I’ve ever dealt with (if you actually get to deal with anyone there). I’m so sick of the bait and switch, I wish I could just pull the plug but I haven’t……yet. And I also have not received the e-mail, and usually never get them.

  3. It’s understandable that they can’t list every shade of every foundation. But, they could list all the shades of foundations like Estee Lauder double wear, and Mac studio fix.
    Because a lot of us even if we don’t actually wear those brands (which I don’t), do know what shade would be equivalent.
    If I’m discussing foundation with someone online, like on Reddit or here, etc. I can usually say something like “I’m near a DW 1N0, or mac NC10 ” so we can understand somewhat what shade a person is and share foundation swatches or recommendations based on that.
    If they dont have your exact shade, you could try looking up matches on temptalia, or findation etc., to find something equivalent to enter from another brand

    • This is foreign language to me. I like the pictures to find closest match.

  4. I got my email on the 13th, I had already forgot about it. If you need to search email, my subject was “Not a drill! Complexion customization is here.”

  5. I just got an email about 30 minutes ago. I filled out the questions but they didn’t have my shade listed on the foundation I use. So I left the shade blank.

  6. Haven’t received the email. (Nor have I received a response from my reply to customer service 2 weeks ago.)

    • Mine was in a Spam folder, and sometimes replies from them end up there too for some reason. Check it:)

    • Same, Marion. It’s maddening.

  7. Ah maybe it’s only for those members who signed up for premium. I’ll keep an eye out in my email for now=$

    • Meant =)

    • I havent gotten one.

  8. If you didn’t get the email never fear, it really isn’t useful as a measure of what you wear. One of the most popular foundations, Estee Lauder Double Wear, is not an option. You can choose the compact (which I had back when it was still available) or the powder. That makes it hard to customize foundations when shades and (very popular!) formulas are not even choices.

    • the estée lauder shade names are the same among all 3 formulas. so even tho i wear the liquid foundation in 1W2, i just selected that same shade from the compact version. still conveys the same info on your shade & tone.

    • I agree. I don’t use the Estée Lauder foundation, but for one of my concealers, they offered the brand and type, but not my shade. I left it blank because I don’t have warm or neutral undertones and those were the only options. None of the cool-toned shades were there.

  9. I got nada.
    But I have no doubt they’re going to botch this one as well.

    • Yep,

  10. I’ll be surprised if they use any of this “customization” at all, anyway.

    • Indeed

  11. They had my brand of foundation, but not the shade…. *sigh*

    I’m a base box only subscriber and got my email today.

    • SAME HERE, for BOTH my foundations too

  12. I got my email about this on the 17th. They had the brands and shades I use so hopefully we can get a good match for me and hopefully they are still gonna send out the sample cards.

    • Same! Had my foundations but not my shades for either one!! I had to go with my 3rd and 4th choice foundations and they don’t match my skin quite as well so I’m very disappointed that they would list them all and then not include all shade options. What was the point of doing that?? Seems like they need to work on this for sure. How can they get accurate shades for people if they don’t even allow us to choose the shades we use. Also they should of at least had a place to type in the shade if maybe it’s no longer in stock or if the name changed etc. And that way if the shades weren’t listed we could add it as well. Pretty disappointing honestly. I didn’t want to include the foundation and shades I did but there wasn’t any other option. I definitely have 2 foundations that match so perfectly and would prefer they use those, but I had to use 2 that are a bit too dark, especially for winter time. I could of guessed and gone with the next shade down but they didn’t even have it included in one and the other I wasn’t sure which shade it’d be so I just went with the one I own.

  13. I just got my email 10 minutes ago, I found it in my Gmail promotion not my primary Gmail. Search Boxycharm in your email account try looking for it like that.

  14. No email on this. (Not surprised.) I’m still waiting on a firm response about my missing October box item. I had re-emailed them yesterday. I DID get a response asking me about my ‘missing box’ and whether or not I had checked all sources – neighbors, post office, etc. (WTH? Do they even READ the emails sent by their customers?) I responded with all the detail they asked me to provide (which I’ve provided already in my initial emails). No response from that point. ~Sigh~ I know some people cannot stand the fact that there are those of us here who keep bringing this up…but, dang…this is MY money and MY subscription and I’m not getting what Boxycharm promised when I committed my money to them. I’m in business and I would soon be out of business if I didn’t provide the proper customer service. Boxycharm is beyond frustrating. I will say this…they did ship my November add-on, and it’s a lovely product (Kypris). Man, they can be so efficient in some processes and totally incompetent in others. I WANT to like them; they make it extremely difficult. I’m not going to give up on getting my missing item. They have no idea how doggedly persistent I am!

    • You have every right to share your feelings and experiences about Boxy here, whether positive or negative. The people that complain about people for complaining need a refresh on hypocrisy.
      I’ve been through A LOT in the five years I’ve been subscribed to Boxycharm. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve unsubscribed several times now with very good reasons but always end up getting reeled back in.

      In my experience their definition of reading an email is to scan your message looking for key words and phrases. It might actually be the software that does this without much, if any, input from a person on what your reply says. And the responses so often fail to address your actual issue because of this process and the pre-written/programmed replies they send back. I almost always have to send a second email to state my issue after their first response inevitably clarifies or accomplishes nothing. My understanding is that if you send more than one reply to their emails (like you logically did when they failed to respond in a reasonable amount of time), you get moved to the back of the customer service queue because their system registers your second message as a brand new one. I know…it doesn’t get much more frustrating than this. They’re only able to get away with it because they’re offering such great deals and products you just can’t get elsewhere. So basically you have to weigh the value of your products and savings against your time and frustration and determine whether to stay subscribed or not.

      Stay strong and good luck! I hope they make things right soon.

      • Thank you so much, Dani. I really appreciate your message.

      • You are most welcome. And by the way, I sent them an email last night about my account not looking right. It keeps prompting me to sign up for all 3 subscribers. And I still don’t have the customization email. I’m thinking maybe it’s because of my account not being set up correctly. Plus I want to make sure I am on the Premium waitlist despite what the website keeps saying.

        I had a reply in a matter of hours. I was shocked, then figured it must be too good to be true. Sure enough, they actually sent me a copy of 3 FAQ’s with answers from the website. Gee thanks. Of course none of the the “answers” were even remotely applicable to my issue. I replied and told them how useless and frustrating their response was and requested that a “human being actually reads my original email completely and responds in their own words. 😄🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Let me know if you get a real, human response. I’m sorry this inept business practice is happening to you, too. Tomorrow, I’m going to try again.

      • The site always prompts me to sign up. On my actual account it shows my subscriptions and that I’m on the waitlist for the premium box. I finally got me email this morning. I was getting pretty nervous. Hope you get yours soon.

      • Thank you Amy!

  15. I didn’t get one, but I’m not surprised. It still tells me to subscribe when I’m signed into my account.

    • Me, too lol!

    • Me as well! I’m subscribed to the regular box and on the waitlist for both Premium and Luxe. Yet every time I log in it prompts me to sign up for all three. I’m wondering if that’s why I haven’t received the email? Also, why does it take them a week to send one email to all their customers? One more reason they really need to upgrade their IT system.

  16. Odd that they don’t have “normal/balanced” skin as a choice.

  17. Don’t panic people. Its probably a slow roll out. I got my email 4 or 5 days ago. Based on this, I think people are going to be receiving emails on an ongoing basis vs everyone getting one all at once.

    • 👍

  18. Are the ones getting the Premium box next month the only ones getting the email?

    • It’s probably a slow roll out. I got my email 4 or 5 days ago.

      • We would probably get it faster by Pony Express.

      • A few years ago when I was rushing to get body work done I kept getting stuck at every single red light, making me later and later. I was super frustrated and could feel my BP rising. I called my M.T. to let her know I would be late and to tell her how frustrated I was. She told me to take my time and said that maybe the red lights were an opportunity to pause and appreciate what was around me. At the time, it kind of irritated me. I do not like when everything seems to go wrong, but what she said has always stuck with me. Now when I find myself in a frustrating situation I cannot change, I hear her voice in my head (whether I want to or not) . Some times it makes me laugh and some times I get annoyed, but it always makes me stop and reflect on whether it’s worth the stress I am causing myself.

        To be honest, I’m not sure Boxy/Ipsy will make you happy. They do some things really well and are total failures at others. It’s one of those things that you have to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether it’s worth it for you personally. I’m sorry it’s been a bad experience for you.

      • Thank you. Ipsy has been a total hit for me. Love it and prompt response. Boxycharm is what it is, I suppose. I want a response before November billing. Time is running short on that lol. They should all have a chat feature. They could truly learn from Dermstore.

    • And no. I’m not getting premium and still got one.

    • Got mine yesterday and I don’t get premium, but I do get Luxe.

  19. I have 3 accounts and only got the email for one of them.

  20. When I log into my account it says that a testing strip is to be sent to match the right shades. Does anyone else see that message?

    • No….I just logged in and don’t see that anywhere 😳👀

  21. Why are some getting the emails and not everyone?

  22. I just got the email and the 1 out of the 2 foundations that I use ( the kat von d portrait foundation) is missing some of the shades, and my luck one of the missing shades is mine so I picked the next closest one which would still work out ok.

    • That happened with me twice when I was doing the questions both for the foundation and the concealer. Luckily I use different foundations so I chose another one but still had to use the closest match and the same with the concealer. I hope it works out having to do it that way.

      • Same here. The Clinique formula I use wasn’t listed, nor were the Laura Mercier concealers. I ended up selecting a Lancôme foundation and Tarte Shape Tape shade.

  23. As usual, no e-mail from them.

  24. I received the email… I gave samples of what samples of foundation that I used in the past, but the ones that I used werent there. I hope that they are able to make the perfect match of my complexion.

    • They had my Chanel and my MAC. I’m hoping they knock it out of the park with this! I’d love to get foundation and concealer!

  25. Got my email @ 12:02p MST Super excited!! 🤗

  26. I did not get email

  27. I didn’t get an email either…..

  28. No email for me yet. I thought they were going to be mailing out foundation samples for us to try. That’s one of the reasons I went ahead and resubscribed in October instead of November. I really wish they would stop announcing and promoting things before they are sure they are able or willing to follow through on it.

  29. I haven’t received an email yet. I hope they send me one.

  30. I didn’t get an email.

  31. I don’t have an email from boxy

  32. So funny, but the quiz selections? They didnt list my color in ANY of the foundations I have used and matched 🤣 why dis they leave some of the shades out?? Srsly, this might be funny….oh well

    • I know. They don’t have Pearl for Too Faced Born This Way foundation. My perfect match.

      • Best ever match I’ve had is Fenty Pro Filter shade 185.. i picked 150 but I know that one is too light. The didn’t list Estee Lauder flat out double wear or the shade in the others formulas they did list, nor the Revlon Colorstay shade I wear…smh

    • When did you get the email?

      • I recieved my email on October 19th, hope that helps!

      • Really? Maybe they are sending them out in batches then.

  33. FYI – the shades listed are not the full range of shades each brand offers.

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