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Allure Beauty Box Review + $5 Coupon – October 2019

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands. (It was named one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.)

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

all contents

About this Box

The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month + free shipping. Save with a yearly subscription.

COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: The US and Puerto Rico for free

Allure Beauty Box October 2019 Review


A handy booklet has all the product info inside.

There was also a $20 off code to use at Gorjana.



ModelCo Eyelites in Granite, 5 ml – Full Size! Retail Value $12.00

This is a little more dramatic than I generally wear on my lids and I didn’t exactly love how dry it was. What I can say for it is that it is sparkle city! I actually might give this a try as a liner instead of an eyeshadow for that very reason. If you gravitate towards more dramatic lids, this will be a great shade for you, especially as we start to drift towards the holiday season.

Loads of shimmer in a deep charcoal base.


M-61 PowerGlow Peel, 3 pads – Estimated Value $6.60 (Buy 30 pads for $66.00)

I always tend to enjoy these individual peel pack-type of products and this was no exception. It couldn’t be easier to do some deep facial exfoliation from home! These pads have a potent combo of glycolic and salicylic acids which pack a whole slew of skin benefits such as smoothing your skin’s texture, reducing the size of your pores, softening fine lines (over time), and more. You just rub these all over a clean face for about a minute then follow up with a good moisturizer. No need to rinse! I tend to use these at night because my face tends to get red with any exfoliating product. I noticed smoother skin instantly!


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 25 ml “purse size” – Retail Value $10.00

Everyone I know raves about this stuff but I have never really given it a fair shot because it smells so incredibly edible and I am not wild about “food” scents. My curiosity got the better of me with this sample, and though I really disliked the scent at first, it did kind of grow on me. Even better, I loved the velvet finish from this cream! I did try it on my “bum bum” and it did look noticeably smoother. I probably won’t continue to use it there since I am not that worried about that end, but I did love how smooth it made my thighs and upper arms look. Am I a convert? Maybe!


ModelCo Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in St. Tropez, 3 g – Retail Value $18.00

These shades are so fall appropriate. I am actually really relieved to go back to more natural shades after a summer filled with ’80s-inspired brights in so many boxes. You basically have a complete eye look in this little palette, complete with a pretty vanilla, warm bronze, and deep spiced brown. They are all well pigmented, smooth, and blend beautifully.

A very pretty fall trio, indeed.


Mini Valerian & Hops Mineral Bath Salts, 2.1 oz – Retail Value $4.00

I have sampled these before and I enjoy them for a few reasons. First, they smell so blissfully relaxing! Valerian is an herb that is closely tied to better sleep, so these are a total dream before bed. These salts also turn your water a deep blue, adding to the magic! I recommend enjoying these at night, with enough candlelight to enjoy a book while you soak.


Bausch + Lomb LUMIFY Eye Drops, 2.5 ml – Retail Value $11.99

I previously reviewed this product pretty thoroughly and since I have some sort of odd eye issue happening right now I am going to share those thoughts here:

I don’t regularly suffer from red eyes and I had never looked in the mirror before and thought that the whites of my eyes could be whiter. I have heard that a lot of people like this product because it makes your eyes look brighter in pictures so I thought I would give it a go. I am a contact lens wearer, so I waited to put them in until 10 minutes after using these drops. I chose to use them in one eye at first so I could see any difference. They do not burn, and actually feel nice and hydrating! Although the box says you can see results in as little as a minute, I didn’t notice anything for closer to 15. I had pretty much given up on this product but then my husband peered and me and triumphantly announced: “It is happening!” Sure enough, one eye was absolutely more white. It wasn’t that the actual surface was whiter, but more like all the red veins had shrunk or disappeared. Honestly, it was incredibly weird. The effect only lasted about 4 hours for me, but I did notice a difference. Would I buy this product again? Probably not, as I don’t usually have red eyes and I don’t spend much time thinking about the whites of my eyes. I could see using this product before having photos taken, or for some other random event where you want to look extra bright though! It wasn’t a “smack you in the face” type of difference, at least for me.

lumify test

Left: No Lumify, Right: Lumify after 15 minutes.

I feel like it is important to mention that you absolutely should not use these drops when you have contacts in your eyes.

Verdict: This Allure box has a total value of around $72.99, which is a good value for a $15 box. As expected, the new Sunday Riley ICE cream was my favorite item. I love trying out new formulas from higher-end brands, but especially that one. I also finally made peace with the fact that I actually really like that Bum Bum cream, against all scent-related odds. It just really works! The ModelCo products were nice too, though I will probably get a lot more use from the eyeshadow trio than the eyelite. The peel pads were awesome and though I won’t use the Lumify, I will pass it along to someone who may need it more than I do. The salts were a nice treat after an incredibly over-scheduled week! All in all, I am pretty happy with this box and its contents. The variety was great!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! Scroll down this page to see what items you will get when you first sign up.

COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Value Breakdown: At $15 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Sunday Riley ICE Cream $2.14
  • ModelCo Eyelites $2.47
  • M-61 Peel Pads $1.36
  • Sol De Janerio Bum Bum Cream $2.06
  • Model Co. Shadow Trio $3.70
  • Kneipp Salts $0.82
  • Lumify Drops $2.46

Alternatively, each of the 7 items has an average cost of $2.14.

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What do you think of the October Allure Beauty Box? What was your favorite product in the box?

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (65)

  1. The Gorjana coupon is basically useless. It won’t work unless you spend at least $100, and it doesn’t work on some items.

  2. So, I have an odd question. I received this box and my SR was white. But I just swapped for one and the one I received was yellow. WTH? Is that normal?

  3. I got my box and was surprised that I received a full sized Wander mascara as well. No necklace but I guess I got a diff perk?

  4. Yeah that was a mistake to get tiny bum bum 😀
    No necklace either. Oh well

  5. When will we have more November spoilers?

    • Agreed, lately they’ve been giving out ‘spoilers’ 3 months in advance

  6. I was pretty disappointed with this box. One of the worst I got from Allure and I’ve been a subscriber for over a year. My fav item was Sunday Riley cream but it’s so tiny that it will last me only for a few days. Hopefully, November is better or I’ll have to take a break from Allure.

  7. some people said there was a piece of jewelry in their box. I didn’t get jewelery but did get a $20 off coupon code.

    • I didn’t get the jewelry piece either. I have read in various posts that Allure gives extra gifts occasionally to some subscribers. Guess it is random. This my 10th month and I have never gotten anything extra in a box.

  8. We got that black eye shadow just in time for Halloween. I got mine today and have it on the back of my hand now. Looks like something to add to your Halloween makeup stash.
    Most of us probably have lots of black eye liner.

  9. This is my first Allure box and while I was really excited about the Bum Bum cream and the Sunday Riley cream, the tiny sizes of some things are really disappointing (ahem, Sunday riley). Also, I think I may have received a sample sizes eyelite instead of the full size. The oz to ml conversion on Google doesn’t match the stated 5ml on this review. Am I missing something?

  10. I just got my box and was surprised to find a Gorjana necklace in there (along with the $20 off card). Did anyone else get one? It’s nothing fancy (and I couldn’t find it on their website), but it was a nice surprise. Maybe because I’m a fairly new subscriber (this is my 3rd box)?

    • This is my 3rd box as well and I also got the necklace. What a nice surprise! Mine is royal blue beads surrounding a gold bar; choker length. It’s pretty cute.

    • Sadly, my bum bumb cream leaked a little. I’m disappointed that they keep sending us repeats of model products. The eyedrops were random but I will get use out of them. I’ve never gotten any free add ons. I just got a coupon. I’ve been a subscriber for a year now. I hope the next box is better.

  11. Did anyone receive a free gift in their box this month? I received a Gorjana black choker.

    • Ha ha, I just posted asking if anyone else got a necklace in their box. I got one that is basically a turquoise string with a gold tone bar, choker length.

      • This is my third box too, so maybe that does have something to do with it. I signed up to get my mom a subscription with Allure today. Once I got to the billing section, it asked me if I wanted to add on a Caudalie Vinoperfect Anti Dark Spot Serum full size for $10!!!! I was like…Ugh, yes please! It’s $79 at Sephora!

      • Turquoise is my favorite color BTW! That would have been perfect for me. I gave mine to my daughter to wear with her Halloween costume. It did feel nice to receive a little something extra just because.

      • I got the Gorjana Choker too except mine isn’t turquoise. It’s gold and howlite. And it’s my third box too so maybe that is the thing. Seems everyone who is on their third box got one. It’s honestly super cute and really brightened up my day as I wasn’t expecting it. And I think I’m going to use that $20 off coupon. They have some really cute jewelry on their website

  12. I have dry eye and received a sample of Lumify from some other source. I found that it did make my eyes look whiter but at the price of feeling scratchy. I’ll pass this one along.

    (As for the rest: got a small Bum Bum Cream from FabFitFun and liked it; happy to get another. I have a set of Kneipp herbal bath oils and love them so that’s a goody, as are the exfoliant peels and the moisturizer. Not sure about the ModelCo products – if I use the Eyelites it will definitely be as a liner, and probably just the yellow/gold powder shadow.)

    • I loved the last Model Co trio I got in a box (might have been from Allure, different shades.) The shadows are creamy and pigmented, definitely a higher quality than one would guess from the price point. I’m happy to get another – it’s my favorite item in the box next to the Sunday Riley.

  13. I’m sorry but that last photo of the whites of your eyes reminds me of the Blair Witch Project from 1999!!!!

  14. Has Allure direct subscribers been charged yet for October? I skipped September but only September, but I don’t have complete confidence in customer service🤪.

    • I was charged on 10/3 and usually get it shipped mid-month.

      • Thanks! I called and was told that I am on the 10/12 pull….

  15. I love lumify it makes a huge difference as you can see in the review photo. Why are we getting 2 modelco products? I don’t have any use for their products. The eye lights are very dry and flaky and the eyeshadow is drugstore quality at best.

    • I totally agree!!!

  16. Can I ask where you found the bum bum cream 25ml for $4.69 cause I haven’t seen it for less than $10.00

    • Estimated value of 4.69

    • Seems she took price per ounce of full size & calculated. If it’s actually sold somewhere at that price I’d like to know too

    • Hey Tammy! It does look like this size is for sale on the brand’s website for $10. I overlooked it previously so I am going to update my links and calculations. My $4.69 estimate was indeed based on the per ml cost of a larger size.

  17. hi, all the links connecting to msa cloud do not work..

  18. I’m actually looking forward to the bath salts the most.

    Very interested in trying the Sunday Riley, since all of their products have been really great for me, and the Bum Bum cream (I think I’m the only person whose never tried it lol).

    Only real dud is the brown shadow. I already have a neutral palette, which I rarely use, and we received that brand before and mine got hard pan after a couple of uses.

    This is my only subscription at the moment. Ipsy is paused since the quality (and quality control) seems to have dropped and Boxycharm has too many variations–too risky.

  19. The positives: This review was great. Written very well. Two thumbs up.

    The negatives: I cancelled Allure two months ago and this box is not pulling me back in. Boring brand repeats. I guess it’s time to find another box at a similar price point.

    The random: I spend a lot less money since the forum went away but I sure do miss it.

    • Yes to all of the above! I cancelled after the spoilers for this and November and nothing about this made me regret it. That liquid eye shadow is super dark and would just gather dust in my drawer.

      The forum totally fed my sub box need. I truly miss the discussions. Reddit is good, but never as busy. 🙁

    • Yes, once a try a product by a brand, I never want to try anything from that same brand again.

      I will agree that I miss the forum, though.

    • This will be my first…and last…Allure. I’ve been trying all kinds of boxes and I’m not really getting excited over them. I am enjoying trying some new things; however, I’ve already found some favorites and I believe I’m going to stay with them, and maybe read reviews here to find individual stand out items I may want to try…just not by purchasing sub boxes.

  20. Worth of for the lumify alone! I got that in another sub box and have been wanting to buy another. For me everything else is bonus, but especially excited for the Sunday Riley! Thank you!

  21. I actually like this box. I may have to grab on from Amazon in hopes of getting the bum bum cream. BTW, that tiny bum bum cream retails for $10.

    • Don’t all subscribers get the Bum Bum cream?

      • Yes.

    • Thanks for the catch Steph! I was peeking on Sephora and didn’t know on the brands site it was a for sale size. Going to correct now! <3

  22. This is the first Allure box all year that’s not for me. The only thing in it I’m interested in is Bum Bum, but I already am familiar with its scent and don’t need another body cream/lotion type item. Skipping October but look forward to see what November has in store 🙂

  23. Good idea to use the Eyelites for eyeliner, rather than eyeshadow! I’m excited for most of this box, other than the brown eyeshadow.

  24. Megan, you (our fragrance queen) weren’t able to describe the scent of the SR product??!? Wow, it must have a really unique scent! lol I plan on getting this box through Amazon primarily for the SR, and now I can’t wait to see what it smells like. 🙂

    • I legit couldn’t place it! It reminded me somewhat of calamine lotion? But also clay? I have no idea! Let me know what you think!

    • It has notes of almond a bit of coconut and a small hint of maybe vanilla. I have the full size.

      • I’m noticing there’s no cosmetic bag. Did they get rid of them? Not surprised if they did, the plastic was not a big hit.

      • They went back to the box in September.
        They’re as nice as you remember.

  25. I took a 6 month break from all beauty boxes but Allure is the 1 to draw me back in it was a hard choice between Macy’s and Allure

  26. Wow! That ModelCo liquid eye shadow is WAY darker than it looked in the spoilers! I was expecting a silver-gray kinda thing. That’s pretty much black!

    Thanks for your review, Megan!

    • It was darker than I expected too! But those sparkles though!

  27. That Model Co. Eyelites garbage looks like if you added a little bit of olive oil to some dirt.

    Megan, great review – per usual. I debated buying this box because I want to try the new Sunday Riley, but the cost breakdown helps me see that it’s really not worth it to buy this entire box for just one itty bitty product.

    Speaking of Sunday Riley, have you heard anything about the Fall Sunday Riley box? I haven’t seen or heard anything and it seems a little late in the year to have not release spoilers or anything. (And yes, thank you, I know that was an amazing segue.)

    • Hey Christy! No deets I know of on that SR fall box. Marne reviews that one (that lucky duck!) and I know she has been curious too. Hopefully we have some info to post soon! <3

  28. Great review, thank you!
    I had to chuckle about the comment on how the summer was filled with 80’s inspired colors. I agree, it was fun but I’m glad to get to these more neutral fall colors.

    • I am over teal and hot pink lids FOREVER. Though I always love an obnoxiously bright lip..

  29. Somehow I’ve missed out on the Bum Bum craze until now. I ordered the box just to try it. 😀

    • If you like it I recommend grabbing the holiday set while it’s out! It has a HUGE cream plus a full size body wash, hand cream and body spray. It’s a good deal if you live the scent like it do!

      • Thanks!

      • Hi MzKayleeJames! Is that the Bum Bum Carnaval Extravaganza set?

    • I resisted for so long Tiffany! But I do kind of get it now.. I wish they made a floral version or something though.

      • Acai Body Power Cream!

      • Yeah I like the açaí more than the original.

      • Same here 🙂

      • I saw that one on Sephora but thought it also might be fruity. I will have to check it out on my next visit there. Thanks for the rec!

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