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We have more spoiler info for the December 2019 Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Cat!)

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The December Allure Beauty Box will include:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit – Retail Value $40

AND here’s the new info:

The December Allure Beauty Box will include 3 full size items! (5 items total)

What do you think of the December spoiler? (Check out full November spoilers here.)

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the October box. The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box and get a free bonus gift. (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (95)

  1. Most of the Anastasia palettes have colors I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

  2. Whoa… what if the collab is with Natasha Denona? Boxycharm is already giving out the ND Bloom Blush & Glow palette in this month’s Boxy Premium, and the set of 4 swatches on the right seem to match up to it. The bottom left swatch might be a shade of I Need A Nude lipstick, and the top left swatch might be a new shade of the Liquid Crystal Chroma eyeshadow. That would mean the box has to be bigger than usual. If I’m right, I’m buying myself a cheap bottle of champagne to celebrate LOL.

    • I think some think the collaboration is ABH since two of the products are ABH, but i don’t think the lip variants match to the swatches in the pic above. I guess we will know soon….. it does look like it’s going to be makeup heavy.

    • I was thinking the very same thing!! Merry Christmas to us!!!

    • So, allure has the full box on their website but I don’t see these items for these swatches😓.

  3. I’m really excited for the Anastasia palette!! I’ve been wanting it for a long time but didn’t want to pay $40 for it, and if it ever popped up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, someone already dug their nasty fingers in it. Now it’s finally mine, yay!

    • That is something that truly amazes me! Those are the only places I have ever seen that actually sells “used” makeup and other products. I saw a dirty, nasty, obviously used foundation bottle that was in the clearance bin at a Marshall’s. This thing was only 1/2 full and marked down to $10.00. 🤢 I really can’t believe some of the stuff they actually put on the shelf for sale. So disgusting.
      I have seen this pallet before, and I think I might have actually gotten one for my daughter. We both recently did a makeup clean out. So, I would have to ask her. I was considering resubbing for this, but after looking at her makeup, she seems to prefer more natural highlighter tones. That and I was really tired of the variations and they have already confirmed color variations for December.

      • I also bought a Nars eyeliner from the website and it was completely dried up. Thank goodness they let me return it.

  4. My November box was supposed to be here yesterday. E-mailed them and said they would send it out immediately. Um, OK. If I don’t get it by late next week, just cancelling anyway. I liked out skincare heavy it was. This box is a total miss for me. Not even one thing that is exciting to me. Ah well. Maybe January will be better. 🙂

  5. Just read on the Allure site that there will be variations for December based on your “history” with them. Not sure I am happy or not – I appreciate they want to reward loyalty, but hope no one gets the short end of the deal

    • Good to know! Thank you! That helped me make my decision on wether or not to resubscribe for December. Nope.

      • How do you unsubscribe?

      • Hi Kerri. You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting their customer service by phone: 1-800-274-1603

  6. ummmmm just saw that Anastasia palette at TJ Maxx. These boxes are getting worse and worse.

    • Lol! Ya… This isn’t their 1st box this year that looks like whoever is putting them together likes to shop at TJ Max & Marshall’s. FFF is the same way.
      I’m curious how long this pallet has been out. It’s so familiar… Did I already buy this for my daughter at Marshall’s? Last year or the year before??? Idk, I think I did… It looks so dang familiar! I was considering resubbing for this, but I just looked at some of my daughters makeup and she has highlighter in every shade imaginable! There’s her obvious favorites and some that have barely been touched. Funny thing about pallets, we buy them and end up only using a couple of shades. I gave my teen an Avon 12 shade palette because I never use it except for 2-3 shades mainly but I have replaced those with cream shadows. She only uses that eyeshadow pallet and 2 others I gave her, including doucce. But, she has her favorites. I can tell that every shade has been tried and I can tell from different photo shoots what the photographer wanted as far as makeup goes. At this point, this pallet would probably be a waste. All of her highlighters are not these types of shades. She referred to this as Jr. high highlighter. 😂 But, depending on the rest of the spoilers, I might resub for the December box and give the 6 yr old granddaughter the highlighter to play with.
      The thing I really can’t stand about Allure is the whole variation thing. I would probably still be subscribed if it were not for that crap.

  7. WOW..this is going to be a great box allure..loving those colors.

  8. I finally unsubscribed with the last box. Too many ugly lipsticks and subpar eyeshadows. I gave my daughter my moonchild palette a month or two ago because I don’t find it usable. Meh.

  9. Any long time subscriber get a “welcome to your first box” email recently? Super weird. It said it was also including a gift…

    • Yes! I just came here to mention it. I used 3 emails for Allure subs and the 2 not being used received the welcome message. So strange!

      • Weird! My current email is the one that got the message.

  10. I just received my October Box and I got a free Wander Mascara for signing up and then I had the option to purchase the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum for $10!!! I am loving Allure

  11. I loved the October box. However, I really didn’t like the black glittery liquid shadow. The bath soak was great. Very soothing on my tired sore body! Allure usually sends great products. I’m happy to see the original boxes are back. I can’t wait to receive my November and December boxes!🎠

    • I’m using the black liquid shadow to do my daughter’s Halloween makeup, so I will use it at least once!

      • My daughter used it on Saturday with her Halloween makeup. I liked the idea to use it as an eyeliner haven’t tried it yet.

  12. Does anyone know when u should subscribe to get December’s biz but not November’s?

    • December


    I am calling the collab right now. Read ’em and weep.

    Or Read ’em and be happy!!

    Although I like wander beauty eyeshadow.

  14. Sooooo…. It’s an Anastasia collaboration??? But how many BLEEPING variations???

  15. I subscribed to October’s box and realized there aren’t 3 full sized items. WTF? Does this happen often? And, two of the full sized products (glittery eyeshadow trio and BLACK glitter eyeshadow cream) are completely useless.

    I’m BEYOND DISAPPOINTED that I didn’t do enough research before signing up. As a subscription newbie, I thought, the boxes would be a great way to get a good deal and save money, but I feel like I’ve just wasted money instead and accumulated more junk. 🙁

    A box that was supposed to bring a little joy and delight to a depressing month has just bought more anger. Thanks Allure Editors – I’m sure you don’t care about ONE subscriber’s disappointment but this box is supposed to be curated by Allure Editors (“testing over 50,000 products”) and “this” is what you’ve selected? October’s box looks more like a marketing/PR box. Before subscription boxes, samples were designed to be FREE and given to people to lure them into buying the full sized products. But, now we’re paying for samples to TRY on our delicate skin. I wonder how may Allure Editors actually use the Model Co eyeshadow trio and cream that’s in this box.

    JUST so angry that I had to vent so other subscribers won’t feel like they’ve just fallen into a trap and wasted their hard-earned money on…probably overstock or expired cosmetics to their subscribers as the “curated by Allure Editors”

    • Allure is very transparent about their box contents will in advance. There are already full spoilers for November, and some spoilers for December – and it’s late October. I’m sorry you feel duped, but I did not care for the October box – so I simply cancelled my subscription. I believe they will also skip a month for you as well.

      As far as I am aware, Allure doesn’t have a promised or stated value every month, and they don’t have a promise for full-sized items.

      There are a lot of great boxes out there, hopefully you will find something else you enjoy.

    • For me the m61, the bum bum and the eye drops were worth the cost. I was glad to try the SR ice, which I did not like. It is cooling as the blame suggests and while that might be great for my body, mint/menthol is a no no on my face. The trio was actually decent (hugely popular in Australia, where the brand originates) but not the brand for me. However, I am able to donate it and as it has a light, Ned, dark tone will be a treasure for someone. The black eyeshadow might have been a shout out to Halloween but Yikes, it was a total, “oh, hell no!” to me and right in the trash. So I thought it was an okay box and at least all of the brands were recognizable, even if I didn’t care for them.

      My tip to you is to sub through amazon for this box. That way you can check the spoilers and cancel and resub every month if you want. It’s easier to cancel and resub through amazon for me although I typically always feel I get $15 worth. We are all different in that regard:)

      • I don’t think anyone should “throw anything away” donate it there’s so many shelters out there like Salvation Army, Christian charities , safe haven etc.. that live to get unused make up, unused skin care .. they pick it up for free . I’m just saying I never waste anything, there’s plenty of things I don’t want , but at least I know someone will get use out of it .. 🥰

      • Nah, that black model co is garbage. It takes forever to dry, transfers in the process, does not blend and when it does finally dry, it has a weird texture and flakes off in clumps. I’m not donating that so it can go to some unfortunate soul and make them feel that much more unfortunate! I save a bunch of good stuff for shelter donations, not crap I wouldn’t wear myself. My model co is also in the garbage where it belongs. I’ll donate the trio, that one is nice.

      • I’ll have to agree to that Nicole if it’s useless I won’t donate either , I didn’t get that black thing though , but yeah somethings I won’t donate either ..

    • I hear you and understand. Even if you see the spoilers it’s still a gamble. I felt the same way about that black glitter shadow. Completely useless! I would be embarrassed to even donate that (I donate a lot; but, dang, we don’t buy these boxes to donate.). I’m going to try to use it in some of my art. At least it won’t go into the landfill. Don’t ever be afraid to post your true thoughts and opinions here. Some people may try to make you feel bad about being negative. It’s happened to me several times on this site. Just ignore it. They’re trying to exert some false power over those who don’t agree with them. Others are very kind. We own our opinions. Try to read a lot if reviews on various subscriptions to get a feel for them. I hope you’ll find one that pleases you and provides some fun trying useful products. Find The Good.

      • i completely agree with you! unsubscribed as well. they only rock products in dec-jan then its the same old. i have had much backlash from people who dont want to hear a thing against anything and will try to shut you down the minute you try to give an honest opinion. Its a free right but seems like cyber bullying at times when people cross lines and try to impose over others!

    • It’s $15.

      • Exactly! What does one expect for 15 dollars…

      • Allure clearly shows you exactly what you’ll get before making the decision too… OP is acting like they were completely sidelined.

        Just because they didn’t like the products, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily Allure’s fault. That’s the point of sample boxes. To try things.

    • I’m sorry that the box was a miss for you, it was for me as well. I really appreciate that you took the time to vent. I want to get all the opinions – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ones that make me laugh ( that’s you Slut Box…the Slut Box subscription just to clarify). I’m going to subscribe through Amazon now. Too many crappy boxes of late. I know Allure is only $15…but I don’t want to waste $15 on products that I won’t use.

    • I’m sure I’m on the minority here but I loved oct box. The black eye shadow was a nooo but everything else I love! Love those eye drops and the r expensive. The brand new Sunday Riley ! I mean it’s brand new…can’t get better then trying a brand new product. Like it or hate it that’s what beauty boxes r for. To try things out see what you think.

    • Allure gives full spoilers a month or so in advance. More than enough time to cancel if it’s not up your alley. If you’re expecting the world in a $15 box, you’re going to have a hard time. For boxes that have been around, there are old reviews that show their general pattern of contents.

    • Lisa: This is a step up from an all sample box like Birchbox which I believe is $12/mo. now and it used to be $10 for ALL samples. Allure has a much larger array of products for sub boxes compared to Birchbox as Birchox is limited to what they sell on their site like Sephora. With Allure you normally get 1 full size product at least. In December they usually step it up for Holiday. $15 is a great deal as most of the products in Allure box are deluxe or trial size. Not every box is going to be a hit, but it’s a subscription box, not a pick your own product box. Sephora Play and Birchbox are sample sizes. I truly get more bummed when i buy old Sephora Play boxes from their site on occasion for $8 or $10 on sale. Sizes are very tiny, but i do find something i like here n’ there.

      • Even though I am not currently subscribed to Allure right now, I have to agree with everything you are saying. I have tried all of the above and I still think that Allure is still the best value and usually the most useful of all of the above. I have not been subscribed to Birchbox for 3 years. But I recently went for their sale, free random box when you sign up. Birchbox is now $15 per month! So, considering sizes, an upcoming vacation, I figured I would get some useful stuff. I did, but, I also got a couple of items I got in boxes 3 years ago. One sample was a face cream and there is only one use in the tube, two if cut the tube open. Coola sunscreen, which is good but it was only one application. All in all, I don’t think Birchbox is worth $15, but I’m happy with the 2 boxes for that price.

  16. So this will be a make up box for December?

  17. That AB palette has been at TJ Maxx etc for almost as long as it’s been out. I just saw it for $12.99

    • i saw it there tonight

      • That’s why it looks SO familiar! 😂 Maybe I won’t be resubbing for December. I was thinking about it but I actually bought my daughter this last year. Not to mention, who knows if it would get here in time for Christmas. They’re going to have to have something pretty awesome for me to resub.

  18. I just subscribed for October… PLEASE JUST SAY IT’S NOT TARTE. Lol, sorry, but I haven’t even received that many makeup-centric subscription boxes and I have like 8 Tarte palettes that I’ve never used. Anastasia’s matte lipsticks are horrendous, but I’d be happy to check out some other items from the brand.

  19. Anyone get Allure Magazine? If so, look at the October issue page 16. That top left image looks like the image on page 16. If I am correct, that’s Haus Glam Attack in Rose B*tch.

    • Srr, nah think that’s reaching a bit. It’s just an artsy lipstick smear (They all look similar, just like the one here and on page 16) and theres no way the collab brand For December’s box is Lady Gaga’s Haus labs lol. It’s obviously abh what with them already showing the Abh moon child highlight palette as one of the full size items.

      • It’s not just the color, it is the whole outline of the smear! I compared and it looks identical! I don’t think ABH is the collaboration.

      • It may look identical in shape because those swatches are photoshopped from the same picture, just by changing the color.

      • You have a good eye! As an artist and photographer, I appreciate those attributes.

      • ^^^To SBR

      • Agree w/ Sarah. I think the Lady Gaga connection is a reach. That’s a lot of reading into a random smear/search 😂

  20. Does Allure ever offer a yearly on Black Friday that’s better then what they offer now? Tnxs

    • No

  21. Just saw that palette at Marshall’s. I feel like that’s happened a few times with products from sub boxes. Maybe old stock trying to get rid of?

  22. Am I the only person alive who doesn’t know how to use highlighter? The ABH palette is pretty but I don’t want to look like a space alien. Maybe it’s just not for my 47-year-old self. I try to keep the sparkle to a minimum. Interested to see what the other products are though. For $15 it’s a pretty easy bet to make.

    • I’m 40 and just started using highlighter. I love it. I just use a fan brush to lightly brush it across where light would naturally hit my face from above and I feel it helps me look more dewy and youthful.

    • Try just a little below your brow line! I also do a little at the top of my cheeks. I am barely holding on to 45🤪.

      • Thanks! That is the one trick I DO know. I’m just not sure about applying it on my cheeks/temples.

      • I love love highlighter , practice, practice , practice lol, watch tutorials pick up some
        Try different looks – I like the tips on Pinterest for highlighting and contouring my face , too me it relaxes me , and I find it artsy and fun, plus overtime , I’ve gotten pretty good and find contour and highlight really add dimension to my face .. anyway highlight away beautiful people !!! 🎃🥰

    • Jean, it can be really tough to find the best placement of highlighters on your face, I know when I first started using it, I did it so wrong because everyone that I saw using it would put it almost right beneath their eyes. It took me a little time and playing around to realize that my cheekbones are much more prominent than the average person’s, so the best placement for me is MUCH lower than the average person, on the fullest part of my cheekbone, and not above it. Just play around with it and dont be afraid to put it where you might not expect. You want to put it where you WANT light to catch it. I run my highlighter all the way back to my hairline because with my bone structure it would honestly look bizzare if I didn’t. You can also play around with different formulas, if you are looking for something subtle and dewy, the charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter is a gorgeous option. you’ll get it!! have fun 🙂

    • I echo everyone who has said practice and experiment. At 51 I never leave home without highlighter, but I found the perfect match to me through a sub box. And the perfect match is critical to looking dewy without over glittered.

      I use Becca backlight primer as both my highlight and foundation. I apply with a #53 Sephora brush which is a large sweep. It has just the right amount of glow without being too glittery. I apply a little more on the areas I want to highlight. I am not a fan of ultra matte foundations. I don’t like it when I can tell someone is wearing foundation so this works great for me, a nice natural glow over my 10 layers of serum, essence, toner, sunscreen etc:)

      As far as all the highlighters I get in the boxes…. I crush the powder ones up and add to my body lotion. This tones out the effect of the highlighters and gives me an all over healthy glow. If the are liquid, I add them too. I have super dry skin and use body lotion everyday.

      Have you ever seen someone with a ton of highlighter on their face but their, neck, décolletage and arms or legs if showing are totally plain? To me that looks like outer space. So since we get a crap ton of highlighters, this is what I do with them. Works great!

      Although my daughter will totally want this pallette so I wonder be crushing it up but passing it on:)

    • Heck, I’m in my 20s & I still don’t understand it. Sometimes I put too much & don’t realize. Sometimes it looks like a straight edge. I still like paying around with it though lol

  23. ABH liquid lipstick is always cheap at Marshalls so bet that will be one of items maybe in shade Ashton since they like to send browns ? I bought that shade for $7 there. Then maybe a single eyeshadow or lip liner? I definitely think ABH will be collab because of highlighter.

  24. Ok, am I the only one who thinks the set of 4 swatches look like the colors in the ND palette that boxyluxe will have in Dec?! They wouldn’t both have the same palette, would they?

    • No, you’re not! It does look a lot like the ND palette in Boxy Premium. That would be a pretty big ticket item to throw in though.

      • They had the full size Sunday Riley ceo ($80) one month, so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. I would be ecstatic if it was.

    • I wish! Probably not though.

  25. Three full-size ModelCo 😀

    Actually, I might sign back up for December, especially if there is a good sale in November.

    • lol, didn’t we get 2 last month. They do love cargo as well. Though I don’t think “we” love either.

    • As long as it’s not black glitter lol

  26. Three full-sized products per subscriber can get pretty pricey altogether for an advertiser, so I am guessing a reliable drugstore brand (Revlon? Maybelline?)

    Collaboration = “someone who agreed to give us more freebies than usual for you.”

    • I think Allure does a collaboration every December if I’m not mistaken.

    • It definitely won’t be drugstore like Revlon and such, they have never done that in the past. Their boxes used to have 3 full size in them quite frequently, it all seemed to change when they got their current curator about a year back. I think the collab is definitely ABH, maybe with Norvina. I really hope we don’t get an ABH liquid matte in this deal, they have one of the worst formulas ever, I’d truly prefer a Revlon or Maybelline lipstick. Lol! I’m excited for this box though. I never complain much about Allure, their box is usually pretty solid for the $15.

    • I’m betting it’s Nyx.

  27. Sunday Riley…hard pass. Never touching her stuff again. I can’t believe that these boxes are looking the other way when she lied to everyone whith her fake reviews to get her brands launched.

    • Everyone does this. This is why it’s important to read multiple reviews, check out profiles. I only trust reviews from people who aren’t rookies on Sephora, especially if it says they are rouge.

      • Agreed! Also if something has thousands of reviews, I’ll go back to older reviews to make sure that there wasn’t some kind of promotion. That’s usually a good indicator people got something for free and gave it a glowing review in response.

    • If we’re going to boycott every time a company does something unethical and dishonest, we’ll all end up making our own homemade soap and using olive oil for moisturizer. This SR business is probably on the milder end of the spectrum for messed up behavior, she just wasn’t discreet enough about it and got caught. Trust and believe that the other brands you continue to buy from have all done worse but it flew under the radar.

      • Yes, there are a lot of businesses (unfortunately) that may be dishonest and/or unethical. But it DOES matter bc if they’re being dishonest for their own gain, then they can’t really be trusted in any of the claims they make about their products (eg; safety, ingredients, sales, etc) Trust is vital in any “relationship”

    • I know they lied about reviews , lied or not SR makes some of the best products and my skin really benefits from them! No ones perfect but I deff support SR .. some excellent skincare products ❤️

  28. I cant wait for the November and
    December… I’m excited to get these products. I have been keeping ipsy on pause until I see some good spoilers so this gives me a chance to buy and extra box….

  29. I will most likely not be getting December as I am more in to natural looks and this highlighter is not very natural looking. I do however love the look of November so will be signing up through Amazon.

  30. I’m assuming is ABH since the palette

    • Yes that is what I was thinking. We already know this palette is one full size. Most likely one of their lip products …

  31. Hmm… The second set of swatches look like swatches of cream lipsticks. Perhaps we’ll receive a lip palette, as well? Either way, December is shaping up to be a great Allure month. 🙂

  32. I can’t wait!!! So excited and it’s just in time for a little Christmas gift for myself! Yayy!

  33. Looking good!

  34. Okay, so does that mean Anastasia Beverly Hills is the special curation because the Moonchild palette is a full size and we’re supposed to be getting a total of 3 full size products from the featured brand?! I hope I hope I hope!!

  35. I’m not very good at guessing their favorites. We’ve received so many different brands this past year!

  36. I’m in for November & December! That Anastasia palette is GORGEOUS! I’m waiting for November to sign up though since I dont need October’s stuff.

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