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September 2019 Target Beauty Box – Available Now!

Target Beauty Box July 2019

The September Target Beauty Box is available now!  

The Box: Target Beauty Box

Cost: $7

The Products: No description given on Target’s site, but from the picture, it looks like:

  • Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor – 1 ct
  • Trim Salon Board in Pink – 2 ct
  • TRESemme Botanique Color Vibrance and Shine Shampoo – 0.27 fl oz
  • TRESemme Botanique Color Vibrance and Shine Conditioner – 0.27 fl oz
  • Miss Spa Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask – 0.88 oz
  • Dove Dry Serum Powder Touch – 0.028 fl oz

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (111)

  1. I am not even sure I would want this box if it were $1. About the only good thing to do with this box is to buy it and donate to the hurricane victims in the Bahamas. This will be marked down for sure for them to get rid of.

  2. Hard pass on this box….and the 3 before it. I have never seen four months of boxes available at the same time. Take that as a hint Target..

  3. The description is up on the site. 7 items… what a joke!:


    Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor – 1 ct
    Signature skin-conditioning solid contains vitamin A and aloe to gently moisturize skin, while the four-blade razor
    and pivoting head provide precise control for a smooth, even shave.

    Trim Salon Board in Pink – 2 ct
    Gently buffs and smooths out edges, giving nails a soft, shiny finish so polish goes on seamlessly and looks perfect.

    TRESemme Botanique Color Vibrance and Shine Shampoo – 0.27 fl oz
    Blend of pomegranate and camellia oil deeply nourishes hair and gently cleanses strands, giving locks a beautiful, healthy glow.

    TRESemme Botanique Color Vibrance and Shine Conditioner – – 0.27 fl oz
    Pomegranate and camellia oil provide salon-level conditioning that won’t strip strands of their gorgeous color, leaving hair silky smooth and shiny.

    Miss Spa Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask – 0.88 oz
    Aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate deliver a healthy dose of hydration, while the sheet mask allows the yummy ingredients to absorb into skin—hello glow!

    Dove Dry Serum Powder Touch – 0.028 fl oz
    Dry serum formula absorbs into skin instantly and provides up to 48 hours of odor protection so you’ll smell delish and feel clean all day long.

    Number of Pieces: 7

    • If the razor does not come with a refill, the total value of the box may be less than the $7 charged.

    • There is also a “$3 off Beauty purchase of $15 or more” coupon that you can use online or with the Target app. It expires 10/5/19. I wish the coupon could be used in-store without the app.

      • I’ve had trouble with that $3 coupon.

        I purchased 3 beauty items for $21. I had three manufacturer coupons (paper coupons from the Sunday paper inserts; not target coupons nor cartwheel coupons), one for each of the three items for a total of $9 off the transaction. The manufacturer coupons brought the total down to $12. The $3 Target Beauty Box coupon wouldn’t go through. The clerk pointed to the screen and said, “The coupon won’t go through because you already received savings off the transaction”.

        I didn’t fight it . The Target items were priced online around $6-7 each, and these products are selling at Walgreens and CVS for $12.50->$15+ each. The transaction was already a really good deal.

        I would understand if a Target coupon or a Cartwheel offer brought the total below the required $15, but I didn’t think manufacturer paper coupons would/should be included.

        If Target is going to offer such underwhelming boxes they should at least allow the $3 coupon to be off anything beauty with no minimum purchase requirement.

  4. What everyone thought for a $7 box this not fab fit fun you don’t have to buy it I like it

  5. What you think you was going to get with a $7 box Fab fit fun this is just something for people to try with little money.

    • No, but compared to Target’s boxes of the past, this box is a joke! So is FFF at this point. 🤷‍♀️ Can’t even send everything in the same box! EVER!!! ???

    • What did I think we were going to get….?
      The same quality and value of boxes that they produced for the last several years (excluding the past 2-3 months). They have produced some amazing boxes for $7! They have even done curated boxes by brands like The Honest Co. And Sonia Kashuk. Those boxes were bomb and encouraged me to buy from those brands. The Target boxes used to be so good that people set their alarms so they wouldn’t miss them before they sold out.

      • You win some you loose some. I don’t get so worked up over theses boxes if I like it I get to each it’s own just saying. It’s your money spend it as you want.

    • Well you’re exactly the person they’re looking for. Someone who says oh well it’s only 7.00. In a couple of weeks it will be free.

      • The smart remark is not needed ok! Yeh it probably be free for me!!!

      • It wasn’t a snotty remark what do you get for 7.00 Starbucks?

  6. I bought one because I have a $5 gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I can use the razor, nail files and mask.

  7. Disappointing and boring!

  8. I go into my local Target frequently. They have tons of new, interesting products from new, interesting brands. That’s what should be in these boxes. I understand that they are just getting this stuff from the manufacturers, but you would think these new brands or new products are what those manufacturers would want to promote.

    • You can make up your own selection of products st the target store for $7 and get all stuff you want. They have a huge selection of trial size items.

  9. I must admit, there was a time not so long ago, when Target boxes were a no brainer as far as excellent value goes. Recently, the boxes are lackluster with very low value. I understand they’re only $7.00 and free shipping. However, they’re also uninteresting. I used to look forward to the monthly Target boxes… however, it’s been four or five months since I’ve purchased one. What a pity. 🙁

    • My feelings exactly

    • Me too, it’s been months since I purchased a box, i just have dozens of face masks and don’t need a razor or sample store shampoo, I dropped all my other boxes for Target , they had mascara, lipstick , eyelashes , lots of fun stuff but for the past 3 or 4 months , blah

  10. Lynn, please stay safe. I live in north central Alabama….we get hurricane remnants from time to time, but our monster is the tornado. I’d prefer not to be in the path of either. I didn’t read your whole post, I just read a sentence or two and jumped to the reply. I hope you and your family will be safe, and I am simply broken hearted when I think of all the suffering the animals and wildlife will go through with nowhere to go. The saddest thing I think is when an animal watches his/her family leave without them. OK, from be safe to animal cruelty in less than 60. Take care.

    • Thanks Punkykiki! The worst is suppose to come overnight and tomorrow. Praying we don’t lose power as that’s the pits!

  11. They still have 6 other boxes up for sale that haven’t sold out yet. Hello?! McFly?!!! 2 of them are down to $5 but I’m still not going to buy them.

  12. It’s not April Fool’s Day but I can think of no other explanation for this box.

  13. And did anyone else notice MSA took out their sentence of “these sell out fast” 🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Ha! I didn’t notice, but yeah, with a five-item box where at least three are completely worthless, I do wonder who would even think of this as a good deal.

  14. At this point target boxes are pure entertainment value! 🤣🤣🤣 between wondering who comes up with these, and who would actually buy them! And then the comments are the BEST part, thanks target for the entertainment!

    • So true!

    • The last one of these boxes I bought was Mays. There just so uninteresting lately. I wonder what happened. I used to really enjoy buying these. Kind of a bummer.

    • I agree… The comments are almost as enjoyable as those for Slutbox. At one time, I really loved this sub. No longer, though

  15. We try these boxes to find new (exciting) products, not dull, boring ones. I’m not going to waste my money this month.

  16. They didn’t even bother with a theme this time.

  17. After last month’s monumental letdown, I didn’t think Target could get much worse.

    ** Target: “Hold my beer” **

    • 😂

    • Flame thrower of the year award 🥇🔥

  18. I just opened my Walmart quarterly beauty box ($5 shipping). I’m been thinking of cancelling as the items are kinda meh. But I got a razor (bic soliel sensitive), hello toothpaste, naturally whitening fluoride, a biore nose blackhead strip, brow pomade (a bit darker brown than my brows) a lotion and a pantene hair rescue shots. Nothing tremendously excited, but usable and I’ll probably get $5 worth of use. Compares quite favorably with this Target box.

    • BIC Soleil razors are my favorite.

    • True, I actually really liked the Walmart beauty box, but these recent target ones have been bad. The last target bb I liked was the men’s one in time for Father’s Day. I got one for my son and husband… they were a good value.

  19. OH dear.

  20. Wow. I feel like they’re not even trying anymore. So many wonderful brands and interesting new products at Target that I’d love to try and this is what we get. Not even one thing that entices me! 🙁

  21. I’m surprised Target hasn’t learned by now that these recent boxes suck and no one wants them. Women want a makeup item in the box. Mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, something! The value is just not here and Target stores are full of past boxes that aren’t even selling on clearance.

    • Actually no we don’t all want makeup. Tempted by razor but no.

      • Absolutely none of the women in my family want that razor. It’s either “too rough on bony knees” or “you can’t get it hard to reach places”. 😂

      • Agreed. I’ve found some very nice non-make-up products in past Target Beauty Boxes. Birch Box, Allure, Sephora’s Play, etc. all all full of makeup products. That’s why I don’t purchase those boxes.

  22. Target didn’t even bother to list the items on their web page.

    Wonder what the theme is this month; “Mostly lightweight crap that shouldn’t cost us much in postage”?

  23. Well. Sad that these Target boxes stink now, BUT on the bright side I am glad because instead… Ipsy & Ipsy Plus let you add on 5 QTY ($3 or $12 items) Add-Ons instead of 3 QTY now, so this money went to Ipsy instead! So many exciting products!

  24. This is awful. I used to get up early to see the Target box but it’s so disappointing now.

  25. OMG more foil packages …… not interested at all.

    • Is that Deodorant a foil packet?😬

      • 😂 Yes!

  26. Target spends money on designing a beautiful box, and then fills it with mostly low cost items. They truly have audacity to describe the box as having 7 items (the shampoo/conditioner foil packet and the 2 nail files equate to 4 of the 7 items in the box). Until Target puts a description on their website, it’s not clear if the razor is the $7.89 razor that comes with 2 refills, or just 1 shaving cartridge.

    The boxes started losing their cachet when Target started listing 2 cotton rounds as one of the box items. Meanwhile Walmart sent a very nice Fall beauty box for a lousy $5 complete with a razor and .5 oz tube of Roc eye cream.

    • Agreed and the Walmart box was off the chain this time. Mine are usually mediocre, but I was totally happy with mine. Especially with the Blistex.

      • The Walmart box was really good this season. There were full sized Roc eye creme, Soleil razor, Blistex lip products, and small Ceravie and Cetaphil samples, plus Biore nose strips, a face mask and a Nivea foil packet moisturizer. All high quality products, and the box was packed.

  27. The box itself is pretty, but the contents are a JOKE. And how interesting that Target cannot even be bothered to list and describe the items- probably too embarrassed. These boxes have become dreadful. Note how many are still for sale on their website, when they used to quickly sell out out. New curation team, stat!

  28. My desire to purchase a Target box has never been lower. It’s been steadily declining for months. Guesses for next month: a single panty liner, a foil packet of hairspray, a bobby pin, a green lipstick, and a foil packet of mascara. Extra bonus item: two tic-tacs.

    • LOL!!! Foil packets of hairspray and mascara!!! 😂 That’s hilarious! You WIN!!! 🥁🎤🤣

    • That’s hysterically funny!!!

    • HAHAHAHA!!! Thank you so much! Perfectly describes the depth to which this once-coveted box has sunk. ….One panty liner and a couple tic tacs: priceless! (Or rather, yours for $7!)

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Your post is hilarious 🙂 I feel the same way, another month of disappointment.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHA that’s hilarious!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Love it, That’s to funny. Probably accurate sadly.

    • 😂! FTW!! You totally nailed it! So hilarious and so true.

    • My predictions for October: One square of Quilted Northern. A couple grains of Calgon’s newest bath salts, a pumpkin scratch and sniff card to promote Glade’s newest scent, and a toothpaste foil packet.

      • Scratch and sniff card! 😂

    • LOL, also they will probably go the Wal-Mart beauty box route and just send a bunch of ad cards for samples they didn’t put in the box. No coupons either, just the ad.

    • Hahahahaha! Ditto!

    • OMG that truly gets a real LOL from me !! Thanks.😊

    • What flavor of tic tac do you imagine.

      • Probably those fruity red/yellow mix ones that no one buys…certainly not the orange (my fav) 😂

  29. Remember when Target boxes were so awesome that they sold out almost immediately?

    • I remember! I used to look forward to seeing the new Target boxes. Now they are disappointing. I haven’t bought one in months. 😕

  30. This is the razor I use, so it’s great for me!

    • Yes, I use & love that razor, too. But, I get refills on Amazon (or on Sale at CVS) for about $3, so if the rest of the stuff in the box is worth $4 to you, it is a good deal 😉

      • Well, I need new nail files and I’m always up to trying a new mask…plus I’m curious about the Dove item, so I think it is 😊

      • Gotta say, the discovery of the Dove dry serum antiperspirant was worth the cost of the box for me. I love it and just bought a full size!

  31. Well, at least I didn’t get up early for it.

    • 😂 I didn’t get up early, but I did click the link like a lion ready for the kill! Then … WTH 🤷‍♀️

  32. In the mayhem of hurricane prepping I was hoping for a glimmer of sunshine in this box and it’s just as disappointing as being in the path of this hurricane☹️

    • Oh my! I am so sorry you are in the path of hurricane Dorian. Will be adding you to my prayers. FYI, if you feel like treating yourself, Birchbox has more than one promo going on. They are $15 + tax per month. On their website, they have promo codes. You can only use one. You can get your 1st box for $1 + tax or 2 for 1 @ &15 +tax. Since September is my birthday month and Allure sucked, I skipped it. Not going to purchase this box, which I too had high hopes for… Ipsy didn’t nail it this month but I love the bag, didn’t want any Add Ons. So, I caved and did the 2 for 1 with Birchbox and it’s been 3 years since I canceled them. Doubt I will stick with them.

      • Thanks Dawna! All prayers appreciated and needed! Thanks for the tip on BB

      • Thanks Dawna! Prayers are appreciated and needed! It’s taking forever to get here!

      • I know! Last I checked it was moving at approximately 5 miles per hour. I’m sure the fact that it’s taking it’s sweet time moving along is making it worse on everybody’s nerves.

      • It’s now moving at ONE mile an hour. Pure torturous wait

      • I’m hoping it will take a northerly course. Hugs from tornado alley!

  33. Best box ever-bought several!

    Okay, I am awake now. Do you think Target would hire me to take over selecting items for their boxes? It’s like they just gave up and are trying to get rid of stock.

  34. I have not subscribed to Birchbox since 2016, exactly 3 years. Ipsy & Allure & the occasional Target Box. Allure has been sucking about every other month. So, I have been skipping whenever I want including September. However, Birchbox has more than one offer at the moment. If you go online to their website, they have promo codes. You can get your 1st box for $1 + tax, or, 2 for the price of 1. Regularly $15 + tax. I like the boxes and since Allure sucks this month, so does Target, and there wasn’t anything I wanted to add to my Ipsy, I took my Allure money and I will get 2 Birchboxes.

  35. They need to go ahead and fire the group responsible for the recent box currations.

    • Agree. Very disappointed with this and the previous box.

  36. Nope! Don’t need any foil packets Target! We can actually get those for free by emailing companies and asking to try a product. Not to mention, Walmart practically shoves these in your face while shopping… aaand then people actually list this crud on the swap site? Lol!

    • You can get those free at Target if you just ask the salesperson in the HBA department.

  37. Easy pass. My wallet thanks you, Target!

  38. An antiperspirant in a foil packet? Yikes.

    • It says it’s a serum. So I’m intrigued

  39. Usually when box prices go up, the value at the least stays the same.
    Seriously? This is basically landfill except the razor. Leave the foil packets to Walmart, Target.

    • 😂

    • I hate that Dove tests on innocent animals

      • Grace, I agree. There is no reason whatsoever for companies to do this. I also don’t know why people don’t want to know this stuff or simply just don’t care. It CAN be complicated to figure out who does what. Some do it and simply refuses to stop (Proctor & Gamble), some do not do it and advertises as cruelty free but their parent company does, some are cruelty free but not vegan and some are modern day rock stars and refuse to test or use ANY animals in their products. It is just so UNNECESSARY.

  40. Oh Target…..
    what happened to your boxes?!?!?!

  41. Even the Dove sample looks like a foil packet. The Schick razor is probably worth (slightly) more than the $7 cost of the box, but you might be able to buy the razor for less than $7 when on sale and/or with a coupon.

    I’ve used that razor and found it to be very clunky with a bulky hunk of product surrounding the blade. It was hard to shave bony areas like knees and ankles.

    Two nail files. Let that sink in…

    • Horrible.

    • The razor is only worth more than $7 if it has an extra cartridge which I’m guessing it doesn’t. If it has a single cartridge then it’s worth $4-$5.

  42. This could be the box for you if you need a new razor. Otherwise Target, this box is a mess. This is one of the worst.

    • I don’t understand what people expect for $7 and free shipping? They do have to make a little $$, you know? Geez

      • People expect good, usable boxes that Target used to put out in the past.

      • People expect what the Target boxes used to deliver in the beginning. Decent, interesting products, better sizes, more products. Even if not all of those benchmarks, at least try to hit one. Go look at reviews from 2017 and earlier and you will understand why people are upset.

        I try not to complain on spoiler posts. I can simply just groan and click away. I’m sorry to complain here but you had a valid question. Again, look at any box from 2017 and earlier and you will understand why past customers cringe when they see a spoiler now for a Target box.

        @Liz, there are new Ipsy rewards up btw.

      • Did anyone else have trouble using the $3 coupon online? The code is too many digits for the field, or something.

      • These items are free to Target. Absolutely free! The cost IS for paychecks, warehouse, shipping… I’m not spending $7 for a chunky razor that won’t fit everywhere I want to shave, cheap emery boards that I can buy a package of 10 for $1 & foil packets. Nope.

      • No, they don’t. It’s factored into the cost of customer acquisition for them and for the manufacturers, who furnish *free* promo items for us to try. Target should only charge what it costs them to warehouse, pack and ship it. Walmart at least say that their box is free with $5 shipping, which is closer to the truth.

  43. What a random selection.

    And even a brand like Tresemme now comes in one-time use packets??

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