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Macy’s Beauty Box October 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the October Macy’s Beauty Box!

October’s theme is No Tricks! Just Clean Beauty Treats!:

This October we’re treating you to nothing but clean beauty, also known as natural beauty. Free of phthalates, parabens & sulfates, this is the skin care & makeup your collection needs. Over a $60 value.

The October box will include:

  • Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum
  • PÜR No Filter Blurring Photography Primer
  • Elemis Superfood Facial Wash
  • bareMinerals Mineral Veil Setting Powder
  • Koh Gen Do Pure Cotton Pads
  • Mulsin Facecloth
  • fur Wash Cloth – Cleansing & Softening

What do you think of the spoilers for the October 2019 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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Macy's Beauty Box

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Comments (85)

  1. I’ve been subscribed to Macy’s since March and this is the first month I have not received an email with my tracking info. I went into my Macy’s account and there is nothing there for orders and I haven’t been charged either. Has everyone else received their email and been charged? I’m getting nervous.

    • Sorry but if you haven’t been charged by now you’re probably not getting this month.

  2. If this was my first Macy’s box, I’d cancel and never give it another thought. Terrible. There’s usually at least 1 item that I’m excited about. Not this month. So boring. And I miss the bags! They’re always so cute and different. I’ll keep getting it just because I know they usually do better but I wish they’d bring back the bag.

  3. Most people are complaining about not getting a bag, but seriously how many mini bags do you really need? Not to mention they’ll all end up in the junk pile someday once you have too many and/or bored with them. I must be in the minority who prefer “tool” or some kind of “product” instead of a mini bag. I can’t wear it anywhere anyway.
    My only pet peeve is that they give you the so called $5 or $10 card but you have to pay more to use it. To me that actually increases the monthly payment for this subscription.

    • i don’t mind not having a bag. just too many clothes for my liking. and no makeup. just kinda… bleh!

      you do have a point about bags. i get them everytime i spend x amount and get free stuff.

    • not all bags go in junk piles i rotate them and also gift them, also if youre paying this much for a subscription you should get more than what is here. JS

  4. I didn’t get an insert or coupon inside of mine. Did they not give one or is mine just missing? 🙁

    • It’s missing. I got both.

      • Thank u! I’ve contacted Macy’s. This is actually the second time this has happened now. Smh

      • What did they do when you didn’t get it? I heard CS is pretty horrible.

    • i threw mine away by mistake. so unhappy with the box this month lol

    • Just got my bag today, and I’m happy with it. I like the muslin cloth…never had one before, and it’s very different than a standard washcloth; it’s going in my gym bag. The cotton pads are interesting because they’re chemical free, and the wipe is a single-use body wipe that I will happily use on a layover soon (so really only 2 cottony things). Really much more useful for me than yet another cosmetics bag, and less waste (so a bonus for the planet) as it will inevitably end up in a landfill.

      The primer is awesome, IMO.

  5. Are you people ever happy with any box?

    • Yes, as a matter of fact, we are happy with most of them, hense tge reason we still have a subscription. But how incredibly rude of you to say so.

      • I don’t believe it. All I see is greed and crying every single month from 95% of you all over and over. Try gratitude that your only care in the world is not liking a sub box.

      • I have one ever commented on one box that I was disappointed with. BUT you will see what you look for, so if negativity is all you see, stop seeking it out.

      • i agree with you this site used to be fun. good lord go on boxycharm when there’s a new post and you’d think the villagers were out to get Frankenstein lol

  6. Worst box ever. I really don’t need 3 types of face cloths/cotton. I miss the fragrance samples and cosmetic bag.

    • its a total dud

    • I really liked & enjoyed cosmetics bags from Macy’s beauty box. I wish they bring back, otherwise I might canceling my subscription.

      • Agreed-Macy’s should stick to a model and not haphazardly try to be all things to all people. I have been worried about trying the Elimis face wash because I don’t want to smell like a salad. If anyone could tell me about the smell of that product, then I would be grateful!
        This subscription should be split into three different versions: one focusing on makeup, another focusing on skin care, and the third to include some hair styling loot[think barrettes, hair clips, bun forms, fancy hair pins, fancy and glittery snoods], hair styling products in trial/travel sizing. Then you could continue the makeup sub until you wanted a break and go back to the skincare.

      • I have used Elemis Face Wash, and I didn’t notice any unusual smell to it. It works pretty good. I also had a rash from an allergic reaction to something else, and I think it helped normalize my PH because it calmed the rash down.

      • I am using the Elemis face wash currently. It’s basil-like. Very green and herby smelling. The matching Elemis day and night lotions smell the same way. You don’t smell the scent at all after rinsing the wash off/applying the lotion. But the whole superfood line is way more aromatic than I expected. In my opinion. I would not purchase again because it’s not a pleasing aroma to me.

      • Elemis face wash doesn’t have a smell , it’s a decent face wash , but I prefer origins face wash they really clean my skin and all the make- up off with a foaming cleanser that isn’t drying .

    • Agreed, and this is my 2nd Macy’s bag 🙁 All those months watching people get awesome bags – this one is like they randomly tossed in the leftovers from another sub box. “Just make it really bare-looking -we’ll call it a clean beauty theme!” :/

  7. No idea what to do with these cloths. Not too excited about this.

  8. Another bad month. If they don’t bring back the bags then this combined with their horrible customer service will definitely make me switch. There are just way better subscriptions out there.

  9. Bummer, I way prefer Macy’s bags over Ipsy’s. Still trying to get the lip-shaped ones from some February ago on swaps

    • Just got my bag today, and I’m happy with it. I like the muslin cloth…never had one before, and it’s very different than a standard washcloth; it’s going in my gym bag. The cotton pads are interesting because they’re chemical free, and the wipe is a single-use body wipe that I will happily use on a layover soon (so really only 2 cottony things). Really much more useful for me than yet another cosmetics bag, and less waste (so a bonus for the planet) as it will inevitably end up in a landfill.

      The primer is awesome, IMO.

    • If you’re talking about the lip-shaped Macy’s bag, I have one sitting in my closet I have no use for. Happy to send it to you if we can figure out how to connect. No swap necessary; I’d rather it go to someone who will appreciate it.

  10. They just charged me. I’m cancelling based on this lame box.

  11. Ok I’m upset yet again there is no bag and they should’ve at least provided a $10 off coupon when they don’t include the bag. I like all the natural products.

    • I think they should provide a $20 coupon when they do provide the bag. Smh

    • I totally agree!

  12. I swear, this always happens every time I subscribe to a great box. I covet it forever but never sub because I think the one month I do it’s not going to be good, I miss a great box every month, then I finally break down and sub and the box turns out to be a dud. This has happened so many times that I feel the need to apologize to the regular subscribers for getting this box and jinxing it. 🙁

    • I love this box

      • Glad I didn’t ruin it for you 🙂

    • I was disappointed I couldn’t order it. Great box for me.

    • It ain’t your fault dear.they probably ran out of ideas of bag designs or something. It’s a great box. But without the ” chic pouch ” as promised on their website, it is kind of a disappointment to majority of customers.

    • Gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL,,, I cancelled due to product overload but I do actually covet this box.. still “that need to apologize” made my day!

    • Hang in there girlfriend hang in there! I find right when I’m ready to give up what are the beauty boxes comes through with a real winner. Have you tried once that are personalized such as IPSY? I had five subscriptions two different bags/boxes and I had to cancel one; boxycharm had to go. Especially with this new Ipsy program where you get 8 full-size products + 4 good size sample products. Plus the add-ons for $3. I think I’m going to narrow it down and just get this box if it turns out to be good. We shall see! I mean makeup and skincare only has so much shelf life and there’s only so much that a girl can use. So with Christmas coming up I’m going to save them for Christmas presents for all my girlfriends.
      Good luck I hope you find the Beauty box that is perfect for you.

    • I liked this month too and it’s pure luxury compared to that Ipsy Ultimate so many of you just had to have for 50.00 🤣

  13. Super disappointed with October’s box. Hated the sponge/brush duo thing instead of the bag from September, don’t need a thin piece of muslin (or 10 cotton pads either).

    I’ll probably be selling my box whole (as it’s too late to cancel), as the only thing appealing to me is the Elemis wash (and I have two full size backups of it right now).

  14. Just curious…what do you guys do with all the makeup bags? I’ve been relieved not to get them because I have stacks and stacks of them sitting in my linen closet. I’ll take ideas from those of you who seem to be able to use so many.🙂🙂 Thanks!

    • Donate them to homeless shelters (filled with feminine hygiene products and toiletries) and schools (filled with toiletries and school supplies).

    • I am with you. No more bags. I have a bunch stores in a box. I’ve used a couple for travel. Can’t store any makeup or skin care in them as I prefer clear bag so I could see my stash. Plus they are really too small for that

      • That’s my issue. I only use the clear one with the pompom on the zipper because I can pass through TSA with it in lieu of a ziplock (in precheck anyway).

    • Fill it up with toiletries . Pads, toothpaste , toothbrush. Wash cloth and some soap and lotion. Give it to women’s shelters.

    • Do you subscribe to IPSY if you are annoyed by Macy’s really high quality and cute bags?

      • I do subscribe to Ipsy. I’m not annoyed by the bags, I just don’t need 50 of them, so I am genuinely wondering what people do with them.

        I love the idea of donating to a woman’s shelter with hygiene products!🙂 Great suggestion!

    • i put them in my gift drawer and use them for birthdays and xmas gifts, i feel them with items i dont use and other items as well. people love them who dont subscribe to things like this.

      • “fill” LOL

    • I use them to organize toiletries for travel. I also use them to gift stuff in! Inevitably, I accumulate an item here or there that isn’t for me and I put together a little gift bag for someone.

  15. I am really disappointed with the October box. I don’t need 3 makeup type cloths in same box. I also miss the cute makeup bags.

  16. I cancelled my subscription recently simply because I have a backlog of products, and I’ll never use them all if I don’t take a break from this subscription. (I wish they would allow you to skip a month a few times per year!). However, October’s unveiling makes me feel not so bad about cancelling. I miss the bags…and the cotton and face/wash cloths are too similar, so the variety of products is lacking here. If this box doesn’t go back to what it once was, I’ll have to reconsider subscribing. I do like this “clean beauty” theme though!

  17. These are super tiny samples.

  18. 😢 no bag.

  19. well, it is what they are showing on their site now.

    Like most fun sub boxes, I have to wonder if they’ve turned the subscription boxes over to a fulfillment partner?

    This bears NO resemblance to the early, really great bags and products. I am really sad,

  20. I’m not at ALL sure this is the Oct. Macy’s box contents. Extremely light on reusability and usually, there’s just MORE.

    Also, where’s the makeup bag?

  21. SO WEIRD! this i s not at all the products that were on the macys website from this morning, for Oct. they had a make up bag and totally different products. Oh well, another month of products i have absolutely NO FOMO.i took a few months off and so far i havent disappointed myself. Macys sub is slipping, it used to be the best one out there.

  22. Mineral Veil is the best!

  23. Three cloth-type items is weird. THREE! Only one was needed. A clean lip balm and clean fragrance sample would have been a balanced box. I just find this odd. I’ll use them all over time, so that’s good, but why such an unbalanced box?

    • Agree. And they always have a fragrance sample! Second month without a bag. Where’s the bag?!

    • My friend said maybe they were going with a “Mummy ” theme for october. Hence all the cloth

      • Ha! That’s hysterical.

  24. Macys doesn’t send out spoilers until they are ready to send their boxes out. Someone said that they make just enough each month to send out to subscribers so usually there are no extras to send out to new subscribers.

    I don’t mind not knowing beforehand because I find that this is one of the few subs where I have a greater chance of liking /using everything. I wish that they would bring back their bags though.

  25. Cotton pads, face cloth AND a wash cloth? Not thrilled with my first bag. I hope they get better!

  26. Three cotton type face cloths? That’s very strange… and Elemis? We just got Elemis in Boxycharm a couple months ago. Where is the fragrance sample? That’s one of my fav’s. I’m a little disappointed this month, but I am happy about the primer and setting powder.

    • I think the fur cloth is for your lady parts?

      • WHAT?! :O

      • I watched the video on the Macy’s website and it made it seem it’s used all over body like after gym

      • I didn’t watch the video lol so you might be correct. I just remembered the fur oil we got in another box, and that’s what I thought of

  27. Are they stopping with the no make up bags? Because that’s the main reason I subscribe

    • I was wondering the same exact thing! What happened to the makeup bags? I also got no coupon or insert this month. Just some items wrapped up in pink tissue paper?

  28. I’ve never subscribed to Macy’s box before. I clicked on the link but it says it will be for the November box. Can new subscribers not get the current box? Super bummed, because this looks like a great box for me. Love the natural beauty stuff.

    • I did the same and I’m bummed too!

      • It that’s what’s in them I’m selling mine on mercari or ebay

    • No they can’t. It’s like that with Macy’s every month. By the time spoilers come out, it’s too late to get that box

      • 😩 I get why they do it, but honestly it means I’ll never subscribe to them. I don’t want most of the junk they usually have. I’m actually interested in this one, but can’t get it. I’m not going to subscribe to their boxes every month in hopes I actually like one of them.

      • I am the opposite. I am usually liking everything they send every month. Going on 1 year of being subscriber. Don’t see me canceling any time soon. Glad some of the others like Allure release spoilers in time to cancel. That box has gone downhill.

      • Thanks so much! I had no idea they did this. I’m too overloaded on product to pay for a sub without spoilers right now but some months I really regret not subscribing to this one. Now maybe I’ll get a second chance for some of them !

  29. 2nd month with no makeup bag bums me out .. that’s the main reason I subscribe .. hopefully next month there will be one!

    • Yeah I thought that last month. But 2nd month with no bag means they’re pulling a Sephora Play! and ditching the bag. Sooo sad…. the bags were soooo cute!!!

  30. Not very exciting, but oh, so useful. Good job Macy’s once again. My longest going sub

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