Luxor Box October 2019 Spoiler!

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We have a spoiler for the October 2019 Luxor box! (Thanks for the heads up, Cathleen


Each October Premier Luxor Box will include:

Dean Davidson Voyage Bag – $195

All Premier Box members will get this chic crossbody mini bag! A few of our favorite things about this bag:

  • It’s made with ethically sourced vegan leather

  • Dean Davidson = amazing quality

  • The strap is adjustable and removable

  • It’s the perfect fall accessory

Bonus: It doubles as a travel jewelry organizer! (The custom jewelry organizer inserts are removable.)

What do you think of the spoiler?

Luxor Box is now quarterly. Check out the full details here.

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  1. I only paid about $41 for this box with the gilt deal, so I’m not complaining. This is my last box on the deal though, and I am going to cancel after that. If I paid the $175 new price I’d be outraged at this item at half of the entire box value. I don’t think it’s a bad item, but I do think it’s overpriced for what it is. it’s been fun while it lasted, Luxor Box, but after this I’m out. I’ll enjoy the fun items I’ve received, and use them, so at least I’ve gotten my money’s worth!

  2. *Snickers*
    They’ve lost that luxury feeling.

  3. Be sure to cancel your account, as I just looked at mine and it auto-renews. Frustrated, because I didn’t see any easy way to cancel. Instead, I had to email them to tell them not to renew.

    • What a disappointment. The last box I liked the sunglasses and the rest was just meh but this purse or jewelry case is truly a let down and the retail price is ridiculous. I just received my PS box and I loved the purse and while I don’t subscribe to BOS that seems like a more luxe box than this one. Hoping the rest of the box improves but so far not looking great at all. I would never pay full price if this is the caliber of items and even with the Gilt deal so far in this box I don’t feel l am getting my money’s worth yet.

    • Thanks I just emailed as well since there is nowhere to cancel your subscription. When I clicked on cancel under my account there was nowhere to actually cancel; very poorly designed.

  4. No FOMO here. I subscribed to Luxor about 3 years ago, and the boxes were awesome back then! Since then, nope.

  5. I finally cancelled after having been a subscriber since the first box. Last box was a disappointment with all the costume jewelry and this spoiler is also disappointing. I would rather spend my subscription dollars with a Luxe Provence since every box is fantastic and truly Luxe.

    • Aw Connie, that’s a tough one! You stuck it out for a long time! I was with them for two years (started about a year in) and then realized I was putting everything up on ebay (and not being successful selling them!). Luxor had so much potential…

      I didn’t know Luxe Provence was still around because MSA doesn’t review it anymore! I’m gonna go check them out….

      • I agree, Luxor had potential and with all the subscriber input not sure what went wrong. I love Luxe Provence and the customer care is exceptional. I have been so happy with every box I have received and it almost feels like it is a gift sent by a close friend. Very special.

        • I can’t figure out what they send in their boxes! I’m trying to google it with no luck. Is it all clothing?

          • Never mind, I found some answers on the site.

  6. If the total value is supposed to be $400+ and this is almost $200- then the remaining items won’t have as much RV as this one item. I assume they are going to go over that $400 but add some more over priced items and you’re done.

    I used to have FOMO all the time with this box until I actually subbed to it and then it seemed to go down hill. Hope I didn’t jinx it for everyone. LOL

    • Good point- we could be getting a liquid lip Laritzy item and an overpriced hand cream and be done in terms of rv 🙁

    • I had the same problem – had wanted this box for a long time, then finally got it, and it has been pretty disappointing.

  7. Disappointing :(, still have two boxes left. I can’t wait to be done with this subscription.

  8. This is my last Luxor box and I’m disappointed that it’s over. I always have FOMO over the final spoilers. But at the new model I’m not sure if I will get another year. :/

  9. I just looked up the case/bag on their website. It’s actually quite small…

    Bag Dimensions: 7″W x 4.5″H 4″D
    Top Handle: 6″
    Removable Strap: 42″

    The new bag in the fall popsugar box (which some people are stating seems a bit too small to really be usable) is actually longer and taller than this one. (Those dimensions are 7.5”W x 5.5”H x 2.5”D)

    I still think I can find a use for this case, but I was surprised by the size.

  10. I think I’ll take the strap off and just use it as a train case for travel. Or a fancy case for my “go to” items for an in home manicure.

    I don’t hate it (despite the “vegan leather”) but does anyone remember what the minimum RV for this box is supposed to be? I’m a bit concerned that this item just swallowed up what I’m guessing is well over a third of the total RV of the box.

  11. So glad I quit this box, vegan leather screams fabfitfun$50 box to me!. Ouiplease is going to have a leather bag in their next box that is true quality. For the increase in price I would expect higher quality.

  12. 200 $ US for vegan leather ? Come-on!

    • 👏👏

  13. $198 tiny pleather bag? Ugh, great, another crappy thing from Luxor. Glad it’s my last box, since I’ve disliked almost every overvalued thing they’ve sent.

  14. Hmmm, when I think of Dean Davidson I think of jewelry (sold at Nordstrom) not handbags. I wonder if they will include any jewelry from that brand as well.

    As for this spoiler, I think the style is kind of cool/unique, but I have to admit my excitement waned quite a bit when I read “vegan leather”. I don’t care how “amazing” the quality might be, I’ve yet to have vegan leather anything that stands the test of time. For whatever reason eventually it either flakes or cracks or stiffens or something else weird, so I’m not overjoyed to see it in a high end, high priced box. Sigh…

    Fingers crossed the next spoiler will make me smile though (if there is one).

    • Please no more costume jewelry! Last box had 4 pieces! They really need to balance the boxes out- one beauty, one lifestyle, one jewelry or accessory, one home item. Not that hard.

  15. $195.00 RV for pleather? Easy pass. PS and RZBOS both had leather bags in their fall boxes at a much lower price point.

    • I love my bag from BoS!

  16. “Ethically sourced” vegan leather is hilarious. Were the dinosaurs who died to make the oil cage free?

    • Ethical sourcing refers to more than just the material itself — it speaks to working conditions as well as the environmental impacts of creating the textile. So, if it is made from a petroleum product I’m sure the impact on the environment is also taken into account.

    • Too funny 😂

    • I’m sure your comment will trigger ruffled feathers but I enjoyed it.

      • Thanks Paige. Some people don’t understand when a comment is just a joke.

    • this is the best comment i have read in ages! i’m saving it for personal use, fantastic!

      ‘no caged dinosaurs died to make this pleather. that we know of. personally. we didn’t kill them anyway.’

    • You read my mind
      so ridiculous !!
      made with ethically sourced vegan leather!! Omg

    • I actually came here to say almost the same thing – but far less funny. 🙂

      I would prefer a quality canvas to faux leather every day of the week. And there is no such thing as “vegan leather”. It’s vinyl. Or pleather. Or whatever. Or call it faux leather. People are perfectly satisfied with the “faux fur” label (I’m not getting into the question of fur – that seems just what it’s called when it’s not real). Why the need to slap a “vegan” label on a leather-like material?

      • Because being vegan is cool……😸😸😸😸😸
        And wearing dead animals is not.
        *I’m going for “Most Hated Commenter” on the boards. 😹✌🏻️🐷🐓🐖🐄

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