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Ipsy October 2019 Customization Open Now!

Customization is open for October 2019 IPSY glam bag!

Here are the options for the October bag:

Which product are you choosing for your October bag?

We also have spoilers for the October 2019 IPSY glam bag!

First, in case you missed it, here’s the glam bag design this month:

And here are the first spoilers:

  • Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser
  • SIGMA Blending Brush E25
  • KALEIDO Cosmetics Eyeshadow
  • Lipstick (Anyone know the brand?)
  • IT Cosmetics CC Cream

What do you think of the spoilers? If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

Ipsy is $12 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!


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Comments (137)

  1. I never saw a single thing that said I could choose anything. I checked for days.

    • You need to contact IpsyCare as soon as possible to see what is going on with you not being able to pick a product this month. I know they are supposed to start personalization today for this month but they may be able to still let you pick your product this month.

  2. I would love to see more spoilers before I decide and make sure we’re not getting all 3 bags that are the same size?

    • No, there is 3 different sizes of the bag. There is no way 5 or 8 Full size products could fit in the regular bag plus the 4 deluxe size products for the Ultimate.

  3. Hey, i was told that there is more spoilers posted on Facebook yesterday, i dont have Facebook, so if anybody happen to see any new spoilers, would you please reply to me and let me know what they was? I know the Ultimate bag had new spoilers but i dont know about the other two bags, i just have the regular $12.00 Glam bag.

  4. I did not see a choice page. Does everyone get this option?

    • Hi V;
      I’ve been a subscriber to Ipsy for 3 years now. The choice is a new thing. The first month they introduced the choices, I had skipped the box the month before and did not get the email required to get the link to the choices. That was the only time I didn’t, so I don’t know if it was an oversight or if you can’t choose an item if you skipped the month before.
      You could email Ipsy customer service & they’ll probably give you the choices. I’ve found their customer service to be pretty good. Good Luck!

      • Thank you!

    • Download the Ipsy app and it will be right under the Glam Bag tab!! As of now, they have stated in their faq that the option to pick will start on the 24th of the month but that it is a first come, first serve kind of basis.

  5. If I clicked that I didn’t want any of those items, do you think they’ll give me one of them anyway? 🙂 The colors are too warm for me, and I have way too many skin care samples and mascara samples. I almost got the mauve lipstick, but it looks warm. I would have chosen the red. I was mistakenly assuming they would let us choose one item from ALL the items or at least a color choice of the item (red vs mauve lip). Hopefully by clicking no thanks, they know I don’t want any of those items. A girl can dream! 😉

    • On the choice page you were able to choose something that said “no thanks” on each item or you mean you just chose the option that said something like “no thanks I don’t want to pick”? I’m guessing that only means they will choose one for you but you should definitely update everyone if all of your items end up being things not in the choice options! That would be good to know.

    • NOT choosing is telling them that you want THEM to pick for you- ALWAYS choose one! By not choosing will NOT count as saying you don’t want any of the items.

      • Exactly. Also, these are not all the items. They’re giving selection options fTom a small group of items for the month.

      • Do you suppose that the items you can choose from are items that EVERYONE will get no matter what? Or if you don’t choose one, you may get 5 completely different items (though less likely, I would think). I’m so curious about how it works…

      • They will select based upon individual profile.

  6. I’m excited for October’s bag and glam box that I’m getting. I am very fair skinned with dark hair and dark brown eyes so the eyeshadow pallet and mauve lipstick will look good. Thank you ipsy, colors I can actually pull off. ❤️

  7. Just a guess, but since everyone is saying all 3 tiers will be getting the same Regular size BB bag in October, I bet the light pink bags they advertised with before will be the bags for November. Just a guess though.

    • Who has said that? Ipsy said that plus and ultimate are getting the same bag as each other this month, but I didn’t see where it will also be the same small bag from regular.

    • I saw a video today that had the bags. Plus and ultimate are getting a larger black bag with Betty silhouette.

  8. My choices were different and I was able to choose the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion! So excited!

    • Me too, because we were choosing for Glam Bag Plus not the classic bag.

  9. I got the It CC cream in Fair.

    I think Ipsy did a good job with the types of product offered this month — I see people saying they picked a lot of different things (contrasted with the comments on the Ultimate Glam Bag post, where most people picked the same thing).

  10. I was rather underwhelmed by the choices for Ultimate. They were pretty much leftovers from what I’ve already received in the past in IGBP. I’ll hold my final judgement until I receive the box.

  11. I was pleased with the choices, I picked the Belief Aqua Bomb for my regular bag and the Betty Boop Eyeshadow palette for my plus. I was less impressed with the choices for the plus.

  12. Well, I am not new to subscription boxes, but I am relatively new to Ipsy. I just upgraded to annual and locked in $120 price. I did it because now I enjoy a bit more makeup as I am learning how to use them, lol, and I miss the option of picking one item from when I had Birchbox (left when they took away the point system). Birchbox only offers 3 items to pick from, so so far I am happy with Ipsy’s 10 choices. I also appreciate the skip feature and longer time to review the items. I think BB bag is cute and I picked double-ended brush. I have separate makeup items for travel bags to minimize space/weight, so it will be great. I am not sure if all subscribers get one BB item in each bag. Hope to receive the mauve lipstick, but let’s see!

    • I like your logic! I’m going to lock in the annual price as well and just cancelled Birchbox.

      • Hi Alice! I also realized that Ipsy doesn’t charge my annual until 10/1 (I think same for monthly). I just think it is a best beauty bag for $10 price range in the market. Enjoy!

    • KAy sub boxes are great way to learn makeup and about skin care , I learned a lot over the years and reading , watching, and other opinions on here and videos – I hope you enjoy your new founder beauty boxes and future into make up and skin care ✌️

      • Hi Dot! I am new to Ipsy, but I have subbed other beauty boxes for a few years (read, product overload in small NYC apartment, lol). I am more into skincare because I believe in investing in skin. But now I enjoy more makeup and it is fun! I don’t use any bright/crazy colors, so my makeup is boring, but I feel that I can still play around and have fun with new products. What are the products that you thought you never use or need, but use regularly now? For me for makeup, I never thought I would use primer, bronzer or highlighter, but I like them! For skincare/hair care, I discovered micellar water, essence, face masks of all kinds, hair masks and anti-frizz products. I never have to go skincare/makeup shopping for a long while. I also got creative by using facial scrub that is a little harsh for my face for body, face products that are a little too rich for my combination skin on my neck/hands, etc. I also started gifting items to my family, friends and teachers and they love it. Then donate some to Project Beauty Share.

  13. I was half asleep and selected the It CC which is awesome but the light is too dark for me. I wear the fair shade – I have very pale skin.

    I should have chosen the facial radiance pads.

    I want the red lipstick because for some reason I look better in red lipstick it is’t too dark. I look awful in nudes because my lips are darker than most people with my skin tone and I look dead. I have had a lot of makeup artists see me in nude versus red and they say the same thing.

    And I joined Ultimate but can’t choose what I want. Darn it!

  14. I’m signed up for all three Ipsy bags, but I definitely thought the regular Ipsy bag had the most interesting choices. Wish I could have picked several but maybe some will be offered as add ons. I went with the serum as it sounded interesting. I hope I get the mauve lipstick in my bag. I wouldn’t mind getting the IT foundation, but I already have the full size so I decided to pick something new.

    • The regular IPSY has much more items overall that you could get, the pool is much larger that is why it has more “interesting” choices.

  15. I chose the FAB radiance pads. I’ve been wanting to try more FAB since I love their coconut smoothie priming moisturizer. I kind of wanted the mauve BP lipstick. Hope I get it anyway

    • I’m really loving the FAB lotion I received in Beautyfix.

  16. I chose the It CC Cream! I use to get it all of the time and I was going to buy one. I’m happy with that! I just hope I don’t get a red lipstick.

    • Me too 🙂

  17. I went for the crown duo brush. I know, I know…I’m a total brush collector *coughhoardercough* but I was fine/happy with the selection. For ten products there was a pretty wide variety of items. At this point? I know people are going to complain either way. But me? I’m pleased 😄

    • I thought that the variety was excellent. Very pleased.

  18. pretty disappointed with this especially since it is now $2 more!
    nothing in the bag scream out as great !

    by the way, does anybody know if companies give these samples away free to ipsy? a lot of this stuff is like gwp sizing which makes me wonder

    • Not only does Ipsy get some (or all?) of the featured products for free, but they even charge companies a fee to let them be featured in Ipsy bags or as Ipsy Offers, etc. due to the exposure they’ll receive. The fee is part of those companies marketing expense.

  19. I skipped my glam bag to avoid the boopening. This is the first month I’ve ever skipped, so what is the date that I can restart my sub in order to avoid October’s bag completely but still get November’s bag and choice?

    • When you pause if you look underneath where you paused the bag it will say automatically renews I’m November- hope that helps – do love skip option on Ipsy ( wish all subs would follow suit 🙂

      • Thank you! I looked there, but it just says paused-october. I’ll keep checking and maybe email ipsy in mid October.

      • @drminniecooper,

        I am paused in September and never got an email to pick but I’ve been going into my ipsy app daily since the 20th to make sure I didn’t miss out. The choices were there for me this morning so I think you will be good in end of October!

        Cute username btw!

      • Thank you, I’ll just keep watching the account page then. (Drminniecooper is my cat, she doesn’t know I’m impersonating her on the internet.)

      • LOL!!!! Luna’s my cat’s name too! 😀

      • I’m SquirrelyGirl because I foster and release squirrels for a wildlife rehab 🙂

      • I should be using one of mine…I have an independent cat sanctuary.

    • I’ve used the skip option once (I think it was that month they had that ‘lemon’ bag). I didn’t have to do anything. I just automatically got the next month’s bag. Nothing to worry about 🙂

  20. This is just the cutest bag ever!

    GBP & GBU also get bags starting this month too, right?

    • Yes, they’ll be getting the exact same Betty Boop bag that GB is getting. It won’t be until November when they start the size variations.

      • I got an email from Ipsy 2 days ago saying the $12 bag will be different than plus and Ultimate, but unfortunately this month, it will be the same bag. They’re giving me a Trestique mascara as a bonus since the bag styles this month will be same for plus and Ultimate. So the first level tier gets it’s own style, not the same as the others.

      • Yes, I was only talking about October’s Betty Boop bag being the same in all three tiers, and that it won’t be until November when the first level tier gets its own style, along with the other tiers getting their own style as well. 🙂

  21. I really wanted to pick IT Cosmetics cc cream but i looked and it was only 4ml. So tiny. Wish it was 10ml. So i went with Murad cleanser🙂

    • I will pick any Murad anytime it is offered!

  22. This is the one and only month I’m getting all 3 ipsy subs. It’s my birthday in October & I’m treating myself, but it’s not sustainable for me & product overload would become an issue, fast.
    That being said, I hope it’s fun to see how the bags compare & try the launch of the ultimate bag. I could see myself getting the ultimate box a few times a year if it really is all that.
    What I think we’d all like is some more spoilers with some hero items we can really get excited about, right people?? ☺
    I chose the mauve lipstick, blush palette, and Farmacy.

    • Kirsten, Happy early Birthday girl!!! And I am with you. I am SO done with Sept, start flashing October at me. Show me options, spoilers… something!

      • Aww, thank you so much, Lisa! 😊 You really made my day. 💕
        Bring on those spoilers, Ipsy.

  23. yea, I got the betty b lipstick…thanks ipsy love you.

    • Me too! I hope it isn’t loaded up with mineral oil. But looking forward to giving it a try and getting the bag.

  24. I chose BB lipstick everyone is getting a Boop product and I like mauve lipstick I can’t say same about red lipstick,glasses,brush, or mascara.

    Talking about mauve the other lipstick in choice is described as a mauve pink not brown like it looks in picture.

  25. For the Ipsy bag, which product has the highest worth?

    • The one you’ll use.

      • Hahaha yes!!!!! well put!

    • Serums are usually pricey, that would be my personal choice because I like and use serums 🙂

      • That’s what I chose – love serums

      • I chose the serum too 🙂

      • Agreed! I chose the serum too. And it looks like a very interesting one.

  26. Ugh. That’s it?! Really Ipsy?! What a let down! After you get past these measly 10 items, then you are offered lots of duos to add on for $5 each and then some $12 items and then the mystery bags. I thought this was supposed to be new and exciting??? Only 10 choices and then if you don’t like those?, here, purchase these! Not much exciting to me about this now. Just makes Ipsy look chinsy & greedy.

    • What exactly does “chinsy” mean?

      Ipsy gave us more options for our one item choice than Boxy ever did. They give you 2 options – pick this or that – type of thing. At least Ipsy gave several options. Allowing early add-ons is a bonus to anyone who wanted any of those items. I’m sure there will be more add-ons on the 2nd of the month, as well. Cheer up!

      • Chintzy.

      • Priceless! Thank you for that 🙂

      • I assumed the previous poster asked what “chinsy” meant because she couldn’t find it in a dictionary. I was just trying to help her out with the right thing to look up.

      • Emma, yea, sadly, that’s what I thought she meant. Sad times.

    • The flash sale items are not add-ons. They ship separately from the Glam Bag. Personally, I think it’s a good way to clear out old stock. And $5 for 2 items is a better deal than the $3 per item they charge for add-ons (which delay the shipping of your glam bag — these sale items won’t).

  27. These unexciting choices confirm it–I’m skipping October! (I’m okay with that–it’s $ to spend elsewhere!)

  28. I had a hard time selecting but I chose the Murad cleanser because I’m out. I hope I get the betty boop mauve lip stick.

    • I chose the murad so I can gift it to my sister, but I’m also hoping for that mauve lipstick, either in my bag or as an add on. 🙂

      • I was skipping and decided to unskip just to get the Murad cleanser because I’m trying to build up my travel bag. I’m tired of taking my big bottle of cleanser when I travel. I’ve accidentally lost two full size Murads by leaving them in my hotel shower.

    • I also chose the Murad cleanser because it is well reviewed and the last thing I need to get is a palette – and I am sure I will be getting a palette one way or another anyway :-).

      I do have a lot of cleansers – well let me be honest and say I have a lot of EVERYTHING from my subscriptions – but this is a pricey cleanser I probably wouldn’t spring for on my own versus the palettes.

      Really there wasn’t anything I couldn’t live without.

  29. I didn’t choose any of the samples. In the past, whenever I chose a sample, the rest of my bag sucked! I usually love my items every month, so I’m not going to risk it.

  30. I get two bags. For one bag I picked Belif Aqua Bomb and the other bag I picked the Private Doctor serum.

    • Great choices!

  31. I chose the Private Doctor, new brand to me, and Love getting serums! I am holding out for Boxy Add-on’s today and depending how good/bad they are, i just might cancel Ipsy Ultimate/Plus. Just not that impressed with Ultimate, especially being first month. Hope they got more to “WOW” us.

    • Kimberly, I thought add – ons are on the first ? 🤔

      • they are available now

      • Today is choose 1 product and then you are shown the 24hr flash sale. These will ship seperate (in 3-5 business days). When they reveal your bag on the 1st, then you can choose addons. Those ship with the bag.
        I hope that helps!

    • I chose the serum for the exact same reason… new to me brand and I luuuuuv serums! 🙂

      • Either they had sold out of serums or I overlooked it. Would have been my second choice after the lipstick though. Not crazy about denatured alcohol being so high up on the ingredient list. Still, a pricey serum to try. 49 bucks full size with Sephora. And I do like some of the other ingredients–turmeric and a ferment. Hope you like it!

  32. For my classic ipsy bag, I chose Betty Boop lipstick in Mauve It Baby (very happy about that). For Ipsy Glam Plus, I chose the Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum. I’m happy w/ both picks. 🙂

  33. I picked Aqua Bomb. I love it and am always happy to get more of it.

  34. I chose the first aid beauty pads.

    • Me, too.

    • They’re awesome! I usually pick mine up on ebay for really cheap!

  35. Anyone else less than impressed by the choices for the Ultimate box? I was kinda expecting way more exciting products and certainly not a bunch of repeat stuff! I chose the Farmacy balm, just bought a makeup remover oil so I don’t need the Farmacy, but it was the only thing worth choosing. Kinda bumming and now quite apprehensive about the Ultimate box, really hoping they’re saving the good stuff and that the choices weren’t as good as it gets. Also, if I get one of those RealHer palettes in my Ultimate box, it’s an immediate cancel for me, I’m expecting better brands in a $50 box!

    • I feel exactly the same. Especially since I already own every single product choice except the Huda palette and brush set. And neither of those impressed me as they’re both repeats from Plus. I really hope I don’t end up regretting spending that $50. Especially since I am actually getting all 3 bags this month because my sister and I are Betty Boop fans and I wanted to get both Plus and Ultimate to see how they compare. I’m definitely not seeing any difference so far. Hopefully they are saving the best products to surprise us. 🙏😳

    • What a let down! There really isn’t anything I want in this badly enough to pick it. Then it goes onto adding on $5 duo’s & then bundles, and then mystery bags. Thought this was going to be a fun and exciting new thing. Getting greedy much Ipsy?

    • I chose the farmacy Bc I genuinely like it and it’s way overpriced regularly but I saw these and I was so underwhelmed. 50 dollars is another league for these kinds of boxes and to do that and get Real Her products? No thank you.

    • I am blown away by the selections. I usually add on the max options but these choices were extremely disappointing..all this hype and Boom what a let down, by now I have or have tried everything. I usually don’t even get on the site this early but I was so excited. What a let down.

    • I am having the same reaction as everyone here. I actually got them to cancel my Ultimate and signed up for the regular and the Plus instead. If I had chosen, I would have picked Farmacy too. 3 eyeshadow palettes that all look rather similar isn’t much of a choice. 🙁

  36. I would have liked to have had the option to get the sigma brush that’s in the spoilers but instead it was a crown brush :/

  37. I was kinda underwhelmed at the choices (maybe I thought there would be more, like in add-ons?) but I chose the Murad cleanser for my daughter (perfect travel size). My mom’s bag I chose the serum

  38. I paused my regular bag and plus because I was super excited for the ultimate and the Betty Boop spoilers weren’t exciting to me. I just got my options to choose and boy are they nothing to write home about. After all the hype there is nothing great to choose from. I ended up choosing the Murad cleanser (even though I JUST received in a previous plus box) because I’m hoping I don’t get any of the other options and I actually like that cleanser. So far I am underwhelmed after all the build up.

    • I did the same, canceled my regular and plus bags to get only the ultimate was so super excited for all of the hype! Then when I looked at the selections, I almost canceled everything! Ugh! This is sad; was so looking forward to IPSY knocking their first Ultimate glam bag out of the park! I have all of those options except those boring REALHer eyeshadows, bc FFF wore me out on that brand years ago! Love what they stand for but their eyeshadows aren’t that great of a payoff. Anyways, let me get back on track, I chose the Murad cleanser & I’m going to give this a new ultimate glam bag month or two if I keep getting a pile up of repeated products I’m going to pause $50.00 + tax is a waste she. You’re getting the same products every month! I had to cancel my Birchbox and Sephora Play Box Bc of years of repeats! Hoping Ipsy pull through!

    • Regular bag seems better choices than plus and ultimate. Was thinking to upgrade but today changed my mind

  39. I was able to sign in without any problems and pick an item for all three bags….Has anyone heard anything on Boxycharm,are we still able to do add-ons today,or did Boxycharm change that

  40. I like that they’ve added the option to pick an item, but I’m not feeling any of these selections… debating if I should not pick at all…

    • If you’re fine with mauve lipstick & hate the other Betty Boop items, the lipstick would be a good choice.

  41. The choices for Ultimate looked the same as past choices for Plus. And as a matter of fact, one of them was a past item I received in Plus – the Murad Cleanser. Not feeling very special at the moment and hoping the other inclusions will be wonderful enough to make up for the lackluster choices presented today for the Ultimate folks.

    • My thoughts exactly!!! I picked a huda palette in hopes of not getting that questionable Betty Boop shadow palette but that selection didn’t inspire much confidence.

    • I’m feeling a bit let down myself. Honestly I only had any interest at all in two of the choices and even those didn’t actually excite me at all. I ended up choosing the Huda palette despite the fact that I need another eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in my head. I’m really hoping they’re saving the best products for the computer match. If not, this will be my first and last month of Ultimate.

    • I’m not sure that Ultimate is supposed to be “better” or “special” compared to Plus. You just get more products for more money

      • Pretty sure that Ipsy mentioned it being more than just “more”. And didn’t they also mention we didn’t need to worry about dupes if we got the Plus and Ultimate together? Yet the Murad is there – so will we be seeing more past items from Plus? Yeah – I would never have signed up to just get more items. There was verbiage used to imply that Ultimate was a higher level of product. Things that Plus would not be offered. And to have a past Plus item there, right out of the gate as a choice does not inspire confidence.

      • Just because a past Plus item is an option for the Ultimate doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it in the Ultimate if you’ve already gotten it previously. I suspect they are re-aligning some of the products into the “tiers.” This is not the first time a product has made a reappearance (by far), this time it just shifted to Ultimate which wasn’t an option before. Now if it is simultaneously an option in both Plus and Ultimate I’d be more concerned…

      • Yes, the Ultimate will have the “top tier” items according to IPSY. It will become more obvious going forward.

      • I really hope & Ipsy should have sorted this out 1st that for $50 would be higher end products. I’m not a complainer ever about anything but getting the Glam Plus, BoxyLuxe and Boxycharm I figured I would try the ultimate and 1-2 of the products is okay but I just feel like it’s overall a bunch of junk unfortunately. Nothing special that really sets it apart like BoxyLuxe where you might get a straightener or blow dryer or something extra special. Heck those types of items you could at least sell it if you had multiple & make your $ back for a box of junk. Just a little disappointed that nothing really sets it aside from a regular box or GBP. I hope there is some crazy surprise that pops up to make it worth it. Otherwise I’ll stick with my 2 Boxy’s & GBP. I look forward to my quarterly treat. Honestly, 22 full size items is probably over kill anyway 🤷‍♀️ I already own a small Ulta store!

      • I am with you on the Ultimate! I am so glad i didnt waste $50.00 on products that i already have. I am joining BoxyCharm this month and going to see if i like them better Ipsy. I just get the regular Glambag because honestly nothing really impressed me enough to get the Plus, but i am wanting to start getting Full size products and BoxyCharm looks like they feature more high end products. If it was not for the add ons with Ipsy, i would have canceled a few months back. I hope Ipsy comes through for me this month because if i have the same problems as i did the past three months, i am canceling for sure and sticking with BoxyCharm and Allure.

    • I picked the murad face cleanser because I wasnt happy with the betty boop lip color and the other products. I’m still debating if I should just skip this box for October… im.hoping for good products, but I really want the betty boop bag because its adorable…

  42. I haven’t received an email

    • You don’t need one – just use the Ipsy app and it should give you the choices.

      • Does not for me through the desktop or android app. 🙁

      • Hmmm….it did for me. I hope yours goes live soon.

      • I had to sign out of the app and sign back in, but i was also able to get to it through chrome

      • Signing out and in worked. How dumb that it does that. Thanks for the tip though!

      • Log out and log back in again

      • My phone doesn’t download app so if that’s the only way I can customize I’ll never be able to and I will definitely cancel my account

      • It’s not the only way – you can do through the website as well, so no worries.

      • I didn’t use an app. I just happened to login and the option popped up in my browser. So hopefully it works for you too.

      • I got the fab radiance pads. Wanted to try those. But the other choices look…underwhelming. I like the belief moisture bomb, but I have a few already. I thought there would be a ton of options like everything in the bag this month type of choices.

      • How did you even know when choice opened? I was waiting for some kind of notification….just found out about it today and missed out because you only have 24 hrs to make a selection.

      • I didn’t receive no notice either but i knew that it was going to be on the 24th because in our Ipsy bags there is a card they put in our bags every month (that tells about the products that we recieved) that said that the 24th was the day we got to choose a product.

  43. Happy to share that I was able to log into Ipsy with zero difficulties and choose one product from all three boxes with zero issues. HIP HIP HOORAY!! This is not the norm for me so I’m very pleased and grateful.

    • Me too! I’ve been trying since 6:00am because in the past they’ve gone live early and those have been the times things went more smoothly. I wasn’t super impressed with the choices, especially for Ultimate, but still glad I had a say at all. I was tempted to join the new Boxy until I saw you only got to choose between two items. And those two were definitely worse than most of Ipsy’s choices.

      • Has anyone gotten a choice email from Boxy for October? I never received the ones last month and I don’t want to miss out again. Thanks!

  44. Sigh, must just be some people. Not live for me.

    • Try the APP…that’s how I was able to choose!

    • It’s supposed to be everyone from now on!

      I had to logout & log back in to my acct to choose this morning.

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