Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2019 SPOILERS!

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We have the spoilers for the October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in October. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are the first spoilers for the October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus:

  • BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY That’s So Betty Eyeshadow Palette
  • BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner
  • TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Priming Water
  • DR. BRANDT SKINCARE microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator
  • TARTE chrome paint shadow pot
  • GLOSSIER Milky Oil

One of the following products will be in your October bag:

  • BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY That’s So Betty Eyeshadow Palette
  • BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner
  • BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Cheek to Cheek Blush Palette

What do you think of the first spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the September Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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  1. these colors dont really say betty boop to me…

    • How is there no classic red in it?

      • Seriously!

        • skipping October

          • I already cancelled an deleted the app. Wasn’t loving the products lately.

      • There is a classic red lip stick… it’s just not shown in this 1st round of spoilers. 🙂

        • The ultimate spoilers are different. They are posted in here now. They look good!

      • I love my glam bag plus , but these collab eye shadow palettes haven’t been that great. It was the same thing boxy kept doing awhile ago, and those were always the less popular palettes.

        • AGREED 100% These bags started out great! Those colors are almost clownish. One of my co-workers has already stopped her subscription and I’m contemplating it myself.

    • Agreed also who makes this palette? Is it a cheap palette made in China?

    • Me either

  2. I actually really liked the Tetris colab. I would like the eyeshadow, just not the Dr. Brandt. That’s one product line I feel is way over rated.

    • Really? I loooove Dr. Brandt products, every single product I’ve ever tried works like a charm, and I see results usually after just 1 use.

      • Wow, it’s crazy how people like different things. I get both the regular and plus. And signed up for the Ultimate. Any Dr.Brandt and Murad products I get immediately get dumped in my reject drawer to collect dust because I will never use them. I’d rather have a collab than that stuff any day.

        • Hey if u have any of the murad lightning serum I will gladly buy it from you. I wanted that item more than any item that they have had so far. When I was a teenager I got sun poisoning and ended up with bad sun spots and scars on my forehead I tried a sample of it from Sephora and it actually began to lighten them up but I cannot afford 72.00 I barely make ends meet now. But I would love to feel way better about how I look I hate looking at it so I Kno others do. Anyway if u or Kno someone who does have it please please reach out to me thank you so much

          • Hi Michelle,

            I REALLY recommend getting on the Mercari app and you can find the Murad serum for around 25 or 30 Bucks right now, and you can also haggle the price with sellers. I purchased two of them for $20 each and free shipping about a week and a half ago. And my severe sun damage is already fading significantly after only using for 5 nights. I hope this helps! And good luck!

          • Hi,

            I am part a few face book groups that sell makeup at very low prices. You can create a in search of.

    • I feel the same way about Glossier!

    • I feel the microdermabrasion stuff is and smells just like soft scrub lol.

      • I love Dr. Brandt products, I got a sleeping mask in my September BoxyCharm and I’m obsessed with it.

        I only got a single eyeshadow from the Tetris Colab in a goldish color and I love it. Its actually very pigmented and I feel the quality is great.

      • I am shocked at the people hating on the tetris pallets. Must have been inconsistency from pallet to pallet. Mine are creamy, pigmented, blendable. Buildable and little fallout. Some of my most vibrant looks this summer came from my tetris pallet. I reach for it all the time, that and my huda obsessions mauve

  3. Yikes. I’m really hoping that doesn’t mean Ultimate will have all of the BB collab products, including the lipsticks. The only thing I am interested in so far is the Glossier, and only a little since it is an oil and I’m swimming in those.

    • It’s nkr a fave oil it’s acrually a makeup removing oil/micellar water

      • Not a face oil*

      • Thanks. 🙂

  4. Skipping glam bag plus. I don’t want any part of this collab after the crap that the Tetris collection was. I will keep my regular Ipsy for add ons.

  5. I am not a fan of any of these spoilers truthfully. But if I can pick I would do the brush.

    • So what about the Toofaced products they showed today? I thought maybe some of those would be in the bags in October, I’m disappointed 😪

  6. It would be really sucky to get the eyeliner compared to the other items…. ugh

    • I agree

    • I agree but even with all the eyeliners ipsy sends me I could always use another. I can’t really use blush but I know i can use the other two.

      • So what about the Toofaced products they showed today? I thought maybe some of those would be in the bags in October, I’m disappointed 😪

        • Hi, where did you see Too Faced products for October? That would be nice…

  7. I really hope they come with something much better than this for the GB Ultimate.

    I am definitely skipping GBP after seeing these spoilers.

    I don’t really like getting ipsy branded items I wish they would stop this.

  8. Seriously? The first month for Ultimate is collab time? Dumb move, Ipsy. We remember the crap Tetris collab. I don’t want cheap makeup. I guarantee every ultimate bag will have the whole BB collection. I’m seriously considering unsubscribing. The only spoiler here I care for at all is the Dr. Brandt and it a weak 3/10 enthusiasm level

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • I agree with you, these dumb collabs are a no for me!

      • Is it just me or is that blush palette looking super similar to the Ofra blush palette we JUST got last month? I mean quality I’m sure will be no match but the colors amongst other things makes it look and feel like a dupe repeat.

        • You took the words right out of my mouth! It seriously looks like they took the same shades from the Madison Miller x OFRA collaboration blush palette and slapped Betty Boop packaging around it. Wouldn’t be surprised if the same lab made it too. Not all that thrilling! I’m more excited about Boxycharm’s upgrades than Ipsy. Definitely disappointing!

          • The ofra Madison miller was pink rosey tones. This one is more peachy pink color. And Betty boop is an actual brand on its own. Bailey sarian did a video using some Of the Betty Booo stuff and the formula actually looks pretty good

          • Betty Boop is not an actual makeup brand. The products are made in China by Personalized Beauty Discovery Inc which is the company commonly known as Ipsy.
            I saw the video Baily made. There’s a reason she specifically did an “understated subtle look” with the palette. Because it’s a cheap formula and that’s all it’s capable of. You really can’t take the opinion of a sponsored video as gospel. She was literally paid to say good things about the products.
            We all used the Tetris collab. It was terrible. Anyone thinking this will be different is either extremely optimistic or delusional

        • I didn’t say betty boop was an actual makeup brand. I said it is an actual Brand and that yes ipsy probably did make the makeup alongside of Betty boop.

    • Exactly. I’m disappointed cause Oct is my birth month, oh well I guess but I 100% do not need a no-name in house branded eyeshadow palette in my collection and I don’t have any teens or Betty fans to gift it to. I really hope there’s a few better things to come or I will be skipping absolutely.

      • October is when I was born but I just have day. Is it now a thing to celebrate an entire month?

        Anyway I do not like this stupid Betty Boop crap. It is just another cheap way for Ipsy to give us low end products.

        I wonder if the GBP bag will be a Betty Boop one. Or maybe the GBU will be Betty Boop?

        I am trying GBU one time but honestly there is the same type of product over and over.

        • “Birthday Month” is the most self absorbed, narcissistic idea that I would like to know and when did this become a “thing” because it cannot be anymore “me, me, me” if it tried and guess what? NO ONE CARES. Even Jesus only gets one day get over yourselves!

          • 🤣 lol I’ve thought that so many times but never had the nerve to say it so thank you for voicing how incredibly narcissistic it is

          • Omg go away and let people enjoy things. No one asked you. Don’t like it, don’t do it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Yes, everyone has a birth month. And saying it’s your birthday month doesn’t mean they celebrate every single day of it. And even if they did – oh well. Unless you are funding it or it truly inconveniences you, than let it go. The feelings for people having a birth month can better be used elsewhere if it bothers you so much!

        You do you Deanne! And enjoy all of October! (I’m also a little jealous, I’d have loved to be a Halloween month baby!)

    • Agreed! None of this is exciting. I’m almost out of the Dr. Brandt and do like the product but I dont “need” it especially with all of the other ones I have. I may be canceling also. Still haven’t received any shipping updates from DHL & the last time that happened, my box got lost, had to be replaced with refunds for add ons (which I was excited for), then the replacement box was missing items so I had to get another partial refund. I have three add ons in this box and no signs of it. Tetris collab was worse than some drug store brands in my opinion so I dont have high hopes for BB. Disappointing

      • No update for my ipsy this month from DHL either! This worries me as I have add ons with mine also! Not happy about this. Ipsy has enough customers now that they can provide better shipping especially after upping the monthly price.

        • DHL IS THE WORST! Finally got my box..it had been opened and taped back together. ALL of my add-ons gone. Three of the items I was supposed to get were missing and 3 other items..one not in a box, one that didn’t had the little foil seal on the tube, the 3rd lokked questionable..were in there instead. No card with descriptions. Clearly someone got into my box, took stuff out and threw some random..perhaps used? crap in. I am very upset!

    • You’re probably right. Their description for the GBU just states you’ll receive “8 full-size products, 4 deluxe samples, and a bag” with a total value of $250 or something like that. There is no mention that you’ll receive mostly higher-end brands. Which means GBU will likely get the full BB collection, “valued at over $200!!” Ugh.

      I just went into my account to cancel my GBU (I already cancelled the GB and GBP last month with high hopes that GBU would make up for the underwhelming bags the past couple months), but it seems that the “manage my membership” option isn’t showing. So I guess I have to email them now to cancel? Grr.

  9. GLOSSIER!!!🥰🥰🥰

  10. Love Glossier! Excited about the Betty collab items too (I enjoyed the Tetris ones a few mos back, assuming it will be same quality). I have that primer from Boxy, but I kinda like it so I wouldn’t complain if I ended up with another one.

    I do think with the Ultimate bag, if the Betty items take up more than 1 full and 1 sample size, it will be a little BS. Let people add them on more if they want it.

  11. Not Meh…but yuck! I just moved to ultimate and I’m expressing my opinion of these spoilers. I don’t want any of these.

    The Dr.Brandt is not good for sensitive skin. For comparison – it is rougher than Gold McFadden. I ended up using this in shower as body scrub. Speaking of which – We just got this full size a few months ago? (I could be thinking of beauty fix).

    • The Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion was in Beautyfix last year (Aug/Sep/Oct 2018 – I forgot)

  12. I don’t care for more ipsy collabs honestly but I do like both of the palettes so idk. I’d rather get the non-ipsy items. I mean I liked some of the Tetris stuff but the packaging felt cheap.

    I’m more excited about the glossier and Dr brandt. Wouldn’t mind the touch in Sol either. Maybe the chrome pot too. I don’t want ultimate though because I’m afraid it will be like a guaranteed shot at getting all of the Betty boop stuff.

    I’ll stick with plus for now and just add on whatever else I want. Hopefully the website functions during add-ons this time.

  13. Yay so excited about all of the Betty Boop stuff we’re getting next month including the bag!!

  14. These spoilers were what I needed to let this sub go so I just cancelled. I am over makeup in gross amounts. I just decluttered about $300. worth of products this weekend, that I maybe touched once or twice. I have at least $150. on the swap site that just sits there. What a waste of money for me. I need to buy what I want when I see it and that is it.

  15. Glad I paused both my Ipsy and IGBP subs for October.

  16. This doesn’t excite me in the least. Sorry, with the exception of the exfoloitiant, this is a fail for me.

  17. I got an email from IPSY last month that we’ll be able to pick one product since October. Does anyone know when is it?

    • 9/24

    • I got the email too!

  18. I really don’t want the TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Priming Water. I got a primer essence of the same brand from BoxyLuxe in June, it doesn’t work with my oily face. Meh… Other products look okay, I think. Finger crossed I will get the eyeshadow palette.

  19. Maybe I’m being a hype beast, but I’m kinda excited about the Glossier?

    I could do without any more disappointing collabs (after watching Bailey’s video, the only BB item I like is the shadow palette, & I think I have a good chance of getting it) or Dr Brandt items, ever.

    I did sign up for Ultimate, so I’m nervously waiting it out, lol!

    • I love Glossier! Stay hyped and happy. 🙂

    • I’m excited about the Glossier too! I’ve always wanted to try their products, so I’m hoping it’s in my box or at least as an add-on.

  20. Ugh… I signed up for ultimate Hope we hear more news on that. Is that pallet like all Shimmer? Probably be pausing this month. I was hoping the first month of ultimate would be something ultimate LOL

    • I thought we were unable to pause the first month of the sub?

      • Geez…the Dr. Brandt is the one thing I want here, I absolutely love that stuff. I just have a feeling it’ll be very scarce like the Murad last month. I’d be ok to give that palette a try and wouldn’t mind trying Glossier, just don’t know if it’s going to be worth it to me without the Dr. Brandt. Maybe I’ll stay in hoping to get a swap with someone who gets it. Sigh…I don’t know.

        • Yeah, you and everyone wants the most expensive thing listed as usual……you can always just go out and buy it, right? That is what I would do…..

          • What, a paying subscriber can’t want a product they would use??? They get to have an opinion just like you…

          • One reason people sign up for this sub in the hopes of getting high-value products for a cheap price. I would never buy such an expensive product but I would be happy to get it to try. My first GBP I got the 111Skin serum and was thrilled to try something so far out of my price range. Even though I know it’s all marketing and hype lol. I know I won’t get the most expensive item every time (no Murad for me last month) but a girl can dream. I know that logically I am probably spending more on this sub than if I went out and bought the one pricey item but I also love the excitement of getting random products.

          • No need to be Rude Samantha! There is NOTHING wrong with me wanting a product that I have used and loved before…it really has nothing to do with it being the most expensive. I just happen to love that product and it’s the only thing in these spoilers that really excites me. Sorry that you have such a problem with that, it’s much more a reflection of you than me. You come off totally bitter. I hope you’re having a better day today.😉

          • I think a lot of us get beauty subs so we can get higher end products/brands we love and not have to pay full price. We all have certain items we want in our boxes and it’s kind of ridiculous to act like she’s somehow wrong because she wants a certain product. I swear it’s like some people comment on stuff just to be negative and bring people down. We should be building each other up but at the very least not going out of our way to tear each other down.
            Just my 2 cents

  21. October will be my first time with the Glambag Plus. When they said “one of these products will be in your October bag” does that mean we will get to choose one of those three products? TIA

  22. Horrible. Gimmicky. Quality probably equal to Tetris collab. How can these not be in the GBU? Easy fillers for Ipsy. Passing on GBP and GBU.

    I’m only interested in the Touch in Sol water primer. Would like to try the Glossier product, but not worth the risk when Ipsy will have an abundance of B00P products to fill their bags. May skip reg GB unless I decide I really want the add-ons.

  23. Is this a joke? I don’t want any of this and getting 12items? Not trying to be negative but I expected an amazing month after my iffy September disappointment.

    • Same 😖😭

  24. Okay, super excited about the Dr. Brandt microderm
    Everything else is just blah…
    Definitely wish there was a volumizing/lengthening mascara and a red lip. That’s what I think about when I think “Betty boop”

    • Hahaha.
      I *really* don’t need anymore mascara lol. If it would last long enough, I probably would have enough for the rest of my lifetime.
      But you are totally right with the Betty Boop correlation! It would be fitting. ☺

    • There will be a red lip! It’s just not shown in the spoilers above. 🙂

  25. I upgraded to the ultimate… I’m guessing more then likely some of these will be included In it ☹️

    • Yuck. Im super bummed. For the 1st time EVER, I dont like not ONE spoiler. N unfortunately Ill bet ur right. What we dont get in our Plus bags we’ll still end up with in the Ultimate. Sigh.. I was pretty hyped up expecting something big for their 1st Ultimate bag. I sure hope this months Plus bag is not an indication of how bad the new ones gonna be

      • Maybe they still have some fun (still “unspoiled” lol) surprises for the first subscribers to Ultimate? ☺💕

        • I really don’t think they’ll have new products for ultimate. I think they’ll just choose the 8 full size from the IGBP variations and the 4 sample size from the regular ipsy samples. Really up to now I’m not getting enthusiastic about ipsy ultimate.

          • Ultimate is going to have the HIGHEST tiered items overall they have already explained that.

  26. Would love those eyeshadows! I have blue eyes and the center has muddy yellow flecks, purple eyshadow enhances them so much they look electric…most flattering shade on me by far and I like that the palette looks to have both warmer and cooler tone purples…very excited!

    • So I didn’t enjoy the quality of the Tetris x Ipsy pallett please tell me I’m not getting this cheap makeup in my ultimate bag 😭

  27. Oooh i’m liking the betty boop palette, Dr brandt and tarte item… Plus I’ve been wanting to try a Glossier product. Excited for this box!

    • Are these gonna be the same option for the ultimate?! I wish we would get more info on the ultimate!

    • Me too! I love Tarte so would love to get the chrome pot, I love Dr. Brandt products (just got a sleeping mask in my Boxy and absolutely love it), I want the Glossier product as well, and out of the Betty Boob items I really want the eyeshadow palette because the colors are gorgeous.

  28. Probably another skip month for me. The only thing I see is the Dr Brandt. Nothing else I need or want. The Pallete I won’t use the colors, don’t use liquid eyeliner and haven’t even used my No Poreblem I got in my boxycharm yet. But i would love the bag (if it’s a Betty Boop version)….. but is it worth $25 and possibly majority of items won’t use. 🤷‍♀️

    • Yeah the only thing of any value is the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion n i still have plenty of this product plus unopened Exfolikate so no need for this at all

  29. Will there be time to cancel after we see the options we can pick from ? I figured I would wait and see if there is an item worth the price of the box, if not I am going to cancel.

    • The choice is supposed to start 9/24, you have to pause by the morning of the 30th iirc.

      • Thank u! Ill b watching closely up until then n may pause this month if nothing good shows itself

    • My understanding is that product selection will be next Tuesday and they don’t bill until the end of the month, so yes, you’ll have time to cancel I would assume.

      • Awesome , Thank you ! I will at least hold off until I see those options.

  30. A lot of the products would be repeats from recent Boxy and Ipsy.. only really new and unique is the BB collaboration and I can do without eyeliner and blush since I just got it and even an eyeshadow palette. Ugh.. I wanted to get all three for a couple months for the matching different size bags.
    Think I need to skip plus though. $25 Is too much for a medium bag.

  31. If anyone is interested Bailey made a tutorial on all the Betty Boop products coming in Ipsy next month on YouTube.

  32. Not very exciting at all.
    Might be my first skip!

  33. I would love to know the company behind ipsys collaborations with their makeup. they did the same with the tetris makeup. like who makes it ? it’s made for Ipsy but how do we know the quality of it? is it just PLM or are they affiliated with a certain company anyone know ??

    • It’s a non branded. They create this when big brands don’t give them products

  34. Yay glossier!!!

  35. Blah! Looks like another skip month for me. Not a fan of the bag or the products.

  36. Wow. Seriously underwhelmed. Glad I canceled ultimate

    • These aren’t Ultimate spoilers they’re GBP spoilers.

      • Guarantee these items will be in ultimate. They won’t likely only save their collab for the medium level sub. It’s gotta be cheaper for them. I’d bet a months wages the Ultimate subs will get the entire BB collection. Which is EXTREMELY disappointing. No one cares about an Ipsy collab. Especially after how horrible Tetris was

    • You subscribed and cancelled without getting a single bag or seeing a single spoiler?

  37. If I wanted low quality character makeup I would go to Claire’s or Justice. Happy for the bag, not happy to again receive no brand theme makeup of meh quality. I hope they actually limit it to one item per bag, Ultimate will feel a lot less ultimate packed with this stuff. Again just like the Tetris stuff this “looks” cute as heck but the quality is questionable for me. The skincare looks great, hopefully this time I will get lucky and get more than 1 skincare item.

    Gimme I need it

  39. I am so stoked to get Betty Boop products, my mom adored her so much, and my mom is no longer with me so this brings a smile to my heart ♥️

  40. Priming Water & Milky Oil??? Sounds like a bunch more things I can live without. So far I’m skipping again.

  41. I’m afraid due to the sudden death of my husband, I will have to cancel all of my subscription. Buh bye friends, be happy and gorgeous!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your loss.. 🙏🏻

      • Probably another skip month for me. The only thing I see is the Dr Brandt. Nothing else I need or want. The Pallete I won’t use the colors, don’t use liquid eyeliner and haven’t even used my No Poreblem I got in my boxycharm yet. But i would love the bag (if it’s a Betty Boop version)….. but is it worth $25 and possibly majority of items won’t use. 🤷‍♀️

        • UGH SORRY!!! No idea why this posted on yours. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts and prayers to you.

    • I’m very sorry for your loss, prayers for comfort to you

    • I’m sorry for your loss, prayers for peace and comfort. 💕

    • I am so sorry to hear this, I know this is soul crushing, I hope eventually time brings you comfort and that all the best memories of him stay with you always. My condolences *hugs*

    • I’m so sorry for your sudden loss. My prayers and best wishes go out to you! God bless you.

      • I dropped plus for ultimate, but I’m hoping ultimate has the glossier, dr. Brandt, and the touch in sol. Not a fan of the Betty Boop stuff though.

    • So sorry dear sub box friend..my thoughts are with you 😥

    • I’m very sorry Barbara! Take good care of yourself.

    • My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    • Deepest sympathy. You are surrounded by love.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your husband passing. My heart goes out to you.

    • I am so very sorry, Barbara. My condolences.

    • I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you

  42. Omg I love that blush palette! I hope it’s available as an add on since nothing in plus ever seems to appeal to me enough to subscribe.

  43. WIll these be in ultimate? Do I need to sub to both? Argh!

  44. Is there a bag spoiler?

    • yes…it’s a Betty boop bag…toooo cute …look at October bag spoiler!

      • Where have you seen what the bag looks like? All I can find is product spoilers. Thanks!

  45. Omgds!! This spoiler is AMAZING!! I UPGRADED TO THE ULTIMATE! I HOPE these items are offered in The Ultimate as well!!

  46. Oh exciting! Have been looking forward to seeing some more Ipsy spoilers.
    I’m trying out the new Ultimate… Assuming the spoilers will be the same as the regular bag and the Plus, just as a combo of the two.
    Hoping for that Dr Brandt!
    Like soooooo many I’m on eye liner overload. Must have a queue of 10 by now, and have given so many away.
    But, get what I get, and no doubt I’ll be happy regardless!! ❤💕

  47. I’m assuming this is for Ultimate too?

  48. So far, the Betty Boop items are not thrilling me at all (and I love Betty Boop). The only two items that intrigue me are the No Poreblem and the Glossier items. Everything else so far is just, meh.

    • UPDATE: The Betty Boop eyeshadow palette is just okay. The Betty Boop cheek palette really looks beautiful. I’d love to receive that item, for sure.

    • Same. I’m not a fan of the Ipsy collabs anyway, but I had pictured much cuter packaging than this on the BB colab. I’m sure I’ll end up with that eyeshadow palette in the Ultimate bag.😒

      • I hope you get a great bag, this month! I’m with you on the packaging, but the blush palette looks really pretty. I’d love to get the Glossier item, too. 🙂

  49. Please no more Touch In Sol primers!!!! I’ve received duplicates of all of them and I don’t use any of them! I’d LOVE to get a Tarte chrome paint pot though.

  50. Literally drop everything I was doing to read this…hoping also for an ultimate spoiler </3

    • Now, that I have gotten over my disappointment and actually _looked_ at the items. I must say, I don’t really care for the Betty Boops items. I am surprised there was no mascara and lipstick because that’s usually when I think of.

      All the other items are meh (for me) since I already have them except the milky oil. I do like Touch in Sol but, I rather the other primer. This one I usually end up squeezing out too much.

      • There are two Betty Boop lipsticks(2 reds) and two glosses(clear and pink) I saw them in a or video on YouTube!

      • The lipstick will be in regular that is what the unknown lipstick is in Ipsy spoilers . Bailey did a YouTube tutorial on Betty Boop products coming in Ipsy .

      • There are some BB glosses and lipsticks as well, if you look up Bailey Sarian on YouTube, she has the lip products and eyeshadow / cheek palettes in action. One lipstick is bright red, one is more “mauvey”

      • A couple of Betty Boop lipsticks have been spoiled. I’m guessing the Betty Book spoilers posted above aren’t the full spoilers.

        • I saw the lipsticks also, I just can’t remember where.

          • Funny, I listed the channel that the Ipsy spoilers are on, but my post is not getting posted. I saw them on YouTube under Bailey Sarian. There is a red lippie. It’s really pretty

          • Maybe it was that YT video that someone posted in another Ipsy post? That’s where I saw it 🙂

          • I believe it’s the lipstick featured on the classic glam bag spoiler for MSA!

        • Ahhh, Lipsticks! Super excited now! I have probably over 2K lip products and still get excited for new ones 😀 (Yes, I do have a problem)

          Thanks for letting me know! **immediately cancels all meetings for the next hour**

          • oooh!!!! I’d love to see your lip product collection! 😀

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