Happy Rebel Box Fall 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

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Happy Rebel Fall 2019 Box SPoilers

We have full spoilers for the Fall Happy Rebel Box – thanks, Andrea and Erin, for the heads up!

Here are the 4 different options depending on what you picked as your spoiler items:

Mariposa Party Collection:

Mariposa Stemless Wine Glasses | Geometric Placemats (6) | Geometric Coasters (4) | Heart Wine Stones | Bling Magnetic Wine Charms | Gem Necklace Bottle Opener | Mermaid Circle Garland | Brushstroke Appetizer Plate | Brushstroke Dinner Napkins | YAY Mylar Balloon | Gold Confetti | Gold Straws | Gold Dipped Flatware

Saguaro Party Collection:

Saguaro Stemless Wine Glasses | Geometric Placemats (6) | Geometric Coasters (4) | Heart Wine Stones | Bling Magnetic Wine Charms | Gem Necklace Bottle Opener | Mermaid Circle Garland | Brushstroke Appetizer Plate | Brushstroke Dinner Napkins | YAY Mylar Balloon | Gold Confetti | Gold Straws | Gold Dipped Flatware

Cheers! Party Collection:

Cheers! Pint Glasses (4) | Geometric Placemats (6) | Geometric Coasters (4) | Pair of Polar Beer Cooling Pour Spouts | Admiral Bar Cart Cocktail Towel Set | Gem Necklace Bottle Opener | Gold Noir Patterned Garland | Brushstroke Appetizer Plates | Brushstroke Dinner Napkins | YAY Mylar Balloon | Gold Confetti | Gold Straws | Gold Dipped Flatware

Rose Gold Party Collection:

Dipped Crystal Highball Glasses (4) | Geometric Placemats (6) | Geometric Coasters (4) | Admiral Bar Cart Cocktail Towel Set | Gem Necklace Bottle Opener | Rose Gold Circle Garland | Sip Sip Hooray Appetizer Plates | Sip Sip Hooray Mylar Balloons | Rose Gold Confetti | Rose Gold Straws

What do you think of the spoilers?

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Ships to: US

Check out my Happy Rebel Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ok, I’m not sure what MSRPs these products have but I can confirm that I can source the rose gold box for the following prices:

    4 Glasses $49.98 (wayfair)
    Bar towels $16.99 (wayfair)
    Wine opener $23.51 (Amazon)
    Bottle opener necklace $12.61 (Amazon)
    Coasters $14 (happy rebel)
    Cakewalk party supplies: $36 (Happy Rebel)

    Total: $140.48


    I would STRONGLY encourage Happy Rebel to offer an additional item in their winter box for anyone who also purchased this fall box to make up for this (similar to how JourneeBox adds something extra in their boxes for annual subscribers).

    People just started to forget about how they felt cheated by Happy Rebel with their $50 mystery box debaucle a couple years ago. This box will inevitably remind people all over again, except this time we are feeling cheated out of $100.

    I don’t really care what the MSRPs are for these items if they are all readily available for less at countless websites. Saying this a $250 dollar box is like saying a box that includes those 24k gold face masks is actually worth the $2500 absurd MSRP attached to those products, rather than the $29.99 price at which EVERYONE sells them.

    If Happy Rebel doesn’t make up for this in an Identifiable, tangible way (I mean something more than just stating that they “are taking in the feedback as we look ahead in curating future boxes”) this box will be my last. To unapologetically just “look ahead” is not ok.

    • Agreed.

    • Yeeeeessss!!!!!! Thank you!

    • And to say the party packs were included as a “fun add on” implies they are considered extras not to be included in the overall value of the box. Not cool; maybe the winter box will be as good as last year’s…

    • Wow, this thread is something else. I can’t say that this was my favorite Happy Rebel box but I opened it before I went to this post because I like being surprised as I open my boxes and don’t like being influenced by MSA comments (which lets all be honest are usually negative, and I like being happy with my boxes lol).

      I can’t say this has been my favorite box of HR, but I got the rose gold collection too, but instead chose the “placemats” lol that I will definitely use as trivets because I love the design and love how they fit together (which they actually do!). The glasses are just fab and I love them more in person than I thought I would.

      I looked up the prices you quoted and found the same numbers. However I will point out that the items on Wayfair are listed at the same prices Happy Rebel has them listed for on their website, but are currently marked “on sale” with like a red tag and text that makes me think it’s a temporary mark down or something like that, but who knows. Many of their other listings show the “wayfiar” price which is lower than the regular price but not tagged as specifically on sale. I don’t think it’s fair to expect HR to chase sale prices that could come and go at any time. In fact I think I am going to get some more at this sale price, thanks to you calling it out! 🙂 Now why True would list their same items on Amazon at a lower price, I have no idea (yes it’s actually listed by True and not a 3rd party Amazon seller) and think that’s really weird, but fair to point out that they are available more cheaply elsewhere. I have actually noticed that in the past when shopping on Amazon so I guess a lot of companies do that.

    • Totally agree with this!! Well said.

      Companies can claim whatever MSRP they want (especially if they’re doing it in coordination with one umbrella company for all the items) but buyers know cheap when we see it. $100 is a lot of money and we accept that we may not always like the theme or the items but we want to feel like we got at least $100 worth of quality. Esp comparing this box with Zoe Box of Style or Popsugar (or even Margot Elena at $50) and other boxes at that price point which most of us are familiar with.

  2. All of these comments got me curious and I went out and looked at the reviews and wow the past boxes had some really nice stuff in them. I have never gotten this one before, but I see what you are saying.

  3. Hello all,

    I would be happy to provide a comment to collectively address some of the questions that have arisen on this thread.

    Pricing – We listed the items individually on our site at the MSRP price provided to us by True Brands. As others have already mentioned, this information can be confirmed via the True Brands website. It is our standard approach to list items at the MSRP pricing provided to us by our brand partners. Sometimes we tweak a bit to account for shipping costs since we ship every order free, but this time everything is pretty straight ahead. Our two Happy Rebel creations were priced based on our research of comparable items on the market.

    Customer Service Concerns – Blog comments on a 3rd party site are not really an effective vehicle for us to address customer service requests. Customers should reach out to us via email. This can be done directly (get happy @ happy rebel box . com), by replying to any email ever received from us in the past (promotional emails, shipping notifications, etc), or via our online form.

    Party Packs – We actually considered these to be more of a fun add on item to the rest of the pieces of the collection, but they are certainly getting the most attention. It is clear the party packs are not a popular item from this box and that has been noted. Of course our goal is to put together collections that we think the most number of members and potential new members will enjoy, so we have read all of the comments on this thread and are taking in the feedback as we look ahead in curating future boxes.

    As always, we enjoy connecting with MSA readers and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us.

    • More boxes like the winter box I missed out on 😭and I’ll never skip😁 but I understand that’s not always possible😪

    • You said the same thing when your mystery box debacle happened. That you were taking feedback into consideration moving ahead. I’m sorry but you can’t oopsy we will do better next time your way out of this disaster. You straight up scammed your customers on this box. I don’t think you will have many customers left if you don’t fix this.

    • I get that, but a fun add on to what? There really was no single high quality item like the bags or even the fancy candles you’ve had in the past. I got the colored glasses and they didn’t seem to have that kind of quality.

      I appreciate you accepting our feedback though and hope for better in the future.

  4. Wow, I am really glad I passed this season. The copper high ball glasses almost roped me back in, but glad I hated the place mats enough to sit it out. After such a knockout Summer (thanks Kiko!), this is definitely a low point for HR 🙁

    • That Tidy Up one HR did was almost as bad as this.

      Sometimes they have amazing boxes; other it is a box full of crap.

      This one is worse than FFF.

      I think Popsugar is my favorite sub box.

  5. Random Question

    Did anyone else get the crock screw without instructions?

    • Yup, no instructions, AND no AC adapter like it said was included on the box. Did you get an adapter?

      • I did get an adapter. It was in the bottom of the box.

        • Bummer. I guess they just omitted mine. They are going to give me a new one though so that is good. This was the one item I liked in the box. It’s pretty easy to use even without instructions.

  6. It’s pretty telling that Johanna hasn’t responded to anyone’s comments; especially those who received the wrong glasses. Makes me think she is embarrassed about the “curation” of these boxes (I would be, too).

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. There also hasn’t been an email with the reveal or any pics of the items on Instagram.

  7. OMgawd…. for all you ladies who received this box, I’m so sorry. This is a complete disaster. It makes FFF fall box look good. Heck even Trish Paytas’s box is a winner compared to this.

    This box is the creme de la crap. Paper party favors…what the f

    • So Trish Paytas has a real monthly box? I can’t stand her screeching voice so I do not watch her videos? Is it a bunch of cheap crap from China?

      • It’s the cheapest of cheap crap from China….pink plastic see thru purse. Train wreck Look it up, her box is called Glitter Bitch

  8. I just opened my box and opened the copper highball glasses to make sure they were ok. Every single one of them has chips in the copper plating and two of them have some kind of scratches or slight cracks in the glass. I tried to take pics but the reflective copper makes it really hard. Hopefully they’ll be enough to get replacements because those glasses are the only reason I bought the box – and there isn’t anything else that I really want in it.

  9. I am newer to this site, but some of these comments I see about the RVs are really surprising to me. All of these prices are verifiable on the True Brands website. Everybody was going crazy, so I looked them up myself. I posted a reply on another comment about brand pricing standards if anyone is interested in learning more about how they work (I know it is a topic a lot of people are, very understandably, not at all familiar with)… but HR pricing these items at MSRP should be…. expected? Considered completely normal? Whether you place the same personal value on them, or think the brand itself is overpriced, that is another story, but most likely the price HR sells their items at is out of their control. I mean if you like an item and want to buy more get them at Walmart for their lower price instead of from the brand directly/HR but it’s not like HR is doing anything wrong by following the brand MSRP…

    • Depends on your definition of wrong. Ethically they are well aware that the total value of this box (as in what we would pay for these items) is well below the price of the box. I’m not even a person who cares about getting a deal, I just want to at least break even.

      And dont worry, I have a solid understanding of economics.

      • Haha how could they possibly anticipate the personal value each of their subscribers would apply to each one of the items in this box? It has nothing at all to do with economics, and everything to do with the legalities of brand pricing standards and contract law. My definition of wrong is accusing a company of gross ethics violations for simply following the rules. I am sure after seeing these comments they will be more careful to feature brands that do a better job of protecting their third party pricing online in the future.

        • Honestly it’s not hard. HR typically does very well with selecting quality items and introducing us to new brands. No other box from HR is something you could pick up on a Walmart trip for the exact same brand. It’s just not what we’ve come to expect. HR let go of their standards with this one, which is where ethics comes into question.

    • Thanks for that insight Johanna 😉

      • Yep. Either Johanna is Ali or she’s paying people to defend her. Happy Rebel sets their prices. Your claim that they can’t control their prices is absurd. Yes most of us firmly understand basic economics.

        • Y’all wild 🤦🏽‍♀️

          • You’d be surprised, it’s a thing that really does happen. I dont think Johanna would stop that low, but I am surprised we haven’t heard from her yet.

      • I’m 💀

    • I’m not sure anyone knew all this stuff was bought from this True Brands website (how would we know that and how do you know that? I am curious). But, I just went there, and the paper napkins in my box are going for $3.99 while paper plates are going for $5.99, and the banner is like $9.99. So really I’m still not sure how this stuff adds up to $250. If there are somehow 20 paper/plastic products in here that add up to $250 I would be surprised but it still would not feel like a good value.

      I think the problem that most people are expressing is that the box is basically a bunch of cheap paper party products which is not what any of us expected and is not consistent with what we are used to getting in past boxes.

      • How did I find the True Brands website? I typed “Viski” into google and it was the first thing that popped up 🤷🏽‍♀️ Adding together the three lowest priced items in the box won’t get you to $250, hun. You would need to look up all of the items and add it together to determine the total… and no the box is not all paper products, there are other items in there as well? At this point I am wondering if you got an incomplete box?

        • Condescending much, hun?

  10. I wonder what Johanna who owns Happy Rebel has to say for herself? What possible explanation is going to make this box acceptable? You messed up badly lady. This is a box of Party City clearance that is in no way worth what you are claiming.

    • Paper plates…..I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that as the main item in a subscription box!

      • Main item? Who would consider any of the party items the main item?

        • Well the big item in my box with the colored glasses seemed to be a bundle of paper party products. I don’t think I have an item worth more than that, for real.

  11. This box was a miss for me. I’m so glad I skipped!

  12. I was worried I messed up by skipping but now I am relieved that I skipped. I really liked the highball glasses but I have so many glasses already which is why I decided to skip.

  13. Hmm, I’m not sure that the girl who pays $82 for a set of 4 glasses is the kind of person who wears a $12 beer bottle opener necklace found at Walmart. The mats would be cool if they weren’t the size of a sheet of notebook paper and are therefore completely useless for their intended purpose. The towels are cute. The rest of it I’d expect to find in the Dollar Spot at Target. Not really edgy or classy.

  14. Ugh. After reading these reviews, at least I know it isn’t just me – this was my first box from HR, and I was super excited about it – WHAT A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The glasses are lovely, but everything else feels like junk. Not at all worth the money

  15. I feel like the items fit a party theme, and they’re cohesive in that way + I feel like they DID deliver on the theme. But, this is not worth it for the $100 price point and none of these items’ style really fit in with what I expect from Happy Rebel.

    • In order to not be negative, this is the comment that I agree with the most. The value reminds me of the worst of the Robb Vices boxes, but this box only costs $100. I also agree with the people who commented that previous boxes were outstanding (I really did wish that my budget included those HR boxes). I would be happy if this was an Ellen box (the last two were both shambles), but this is a royal disappointment for a HR box: shame on the curators for this box.

  16. I received my box last night and I’m so disappointed. I got the Mariposa collection and didn’t even bother taking anything out of the packaging because I know I’ll never use any of it. It would be one thing if the items were quality, but the wine charms, heart stones and bottle opener all look super cheap. The one item I would use—the glasses—arrived broken. It wouldn’t be all that bad for a lesser-priced subscription box but for $100 I expect more, and I expect much more from Happy Rebel! Just blah.

    • I should have done the same. I don’t feel good even swapping this stuff – it is all so low quality. No way I could ask the RV they claim for this. It’s probably all getting donated.

  17. I subscribed to the summer box, which I loved, so despite the placemats being a miss for me, I kept an open mind. Then when there was an option to swap for the wine opener, I went ahead and decided to keep the subscription. But I wish I had stopped myself.

    The rose gold highball glasses are gorgeous, so I looked up the party items on their respective websites, which are owned by an umbrella company out of Seattle, that seemingly over values all of their products, but there isn’t anything on the sites or in the box I would pick to drop $100 on by choice for any reason, including the glasses and wine opener combo.

    The summer box was such an incredible value, and the Kiko bag itself was worth the $100, so this quarter was a let down to say the least. Hard to believe the same group that curated the summer box also took responsibility for fall.

    • Totally agree!! I loved the summer box and the last winter box. Spring was so-so. But this box is so opposite what they’ve curated in the past, both in style and value.

  18. I received my box yesterday & truly HATE it! Cheap paper goods, ugly/ cheap bottle opener, placemats that are unusable with even my tiniest appetizer plates, since they’re so small, and my rose gold box didn’t even come with the cheap silverware & napkins. This box is in no way worth the price. I’ve never been so disappointed with a subscription box.

    • It’s so awful. It makes me wonder if the “real” box fell through and this is something they pulled together last minute. I mean, who came up with the $252 RV? It is telling that they don’t break each item down by price. NO way this is worth even 40 bucks. I got the pink set and it’s just horrible. The glasses are not even glass, I don’t think (or if they are they sure look and feel like plastic).

      • Are you talking about the Mariposa wine glasses? It doesn’t sound like you even opened the package. They are very clearly made of glass, not plastic, or even feel like plastic.

        • Yes, I got the pink ones. I opened one box. They don’t feel like glass to me. If they’re glass they are coated with plastic or something.

          • To be fair plastic glasses go a lot better with this landfill inspired curation.

            Also are you sure the glasses were supposed to made of glass? It could have just been like the 5 dollar foot long at subway where they claim it was more a name than a description to be taken literally.

          • They might be coated with plastic. I have a set of four stemless wine glasses of different colors, from Pier 1. Imagine my *shock & awe* when the colors started peeling off! At least they’re glass, underneath.
            Not saying that’s what these are, but it’s entirely possible.

  19. This box is all trash. I asked for the wine opener instead of the placemats and received the placemats; I asked for the “cheers” glasses and received the pink ones. E-mailed and was asked to provide proof of my requests. I responded and haven’t heard back since. And I agree with everyone — the party items are paper plates and (paper) straws. No clue what I’d do with them so they will be tossed (I can’t use for a birthday because the plates say “sip sip hooray”). Cancelling this box — huge miss for me.

    As an aside not sure what kind of plate would work with the placemats — they are SO small. Sadly these will be tossed as well. They should’ve scrapped them altogether instead of putting them in the box — I just can’t see what purpose they would serve — they are that small.

    HUGE fail on this box — probably the worst fail I’ve seen in any of my sub boxes in the 3 years I’ve been receiving them. Sad that I paid $100.00 for a box of garbage essentially. Ugh. Can’t even gift any of the items.

    • I received the wrong glasses as well. Going to email them now, but how do you prove your selection? Can’t find anywhere on my account that shows what I chose.

      • If you can’t provide proof that you ordered a specific set they won’t do anything. I got the wrong ones and the option I was given is to ship them back (my cost) and pay for them to ship me the ones I ordered. And if they break during the return shipping it’s on you (they state they must be received in saleable condition). Basically you are stuck with them unless you can provide them with proof of your selection. Ugh. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

        • This is the nail in the coffin for this box. The actual boxes are hit and miss but the customer service is horrendous.

      • I’ve always gotten an automated email copy of my selections. Should be from “Google forms.” It says on there what you selection was.

    • I think there was something wrong with the request form. I requested the green wine glasses. I wrote to them later about a different issue. I mentioned I had requested the green wine glasses. I was told I had actually requested the red glasses, but they would change it for me.

      I received the green wine glasses and the electric bottle opener. I do like the box. The disposable items are high quality and look nicer than in the pictures. I think the heart shaped wine stones are cute. I’ll use most of the box at some point.

  20. I love it! I’m going to put the decorations up next week and leave them up until before Christmas. I’m an artist with a day job and I live alone so I occasionally resort to disposable tableware when I’m deep into creating in order to give myself a break from dish duty. So I will probably use the plates and utensils while getting my next painting or knitting project done. And I never got the hang of the cloth napkin routine so I always use paper napkins. I never get these things in plain whit but choose coordinating pieces like these! The necklace is a great statement piece even if I don’t use it to open bottles. The glasses will hold a LOT of wine and, since I’m a white wine drinker, the frozen reusable cubes will keep it cold. The magnetic charms are great for stemless wine glasses. And I love the edgy placemats and matching coasters. A change from my current floral ones for the cooler season. I love the way Happy Rebel is a bit edgy without being weird!

  21. Oh my. I am SO glad that I skipped getting the Fall box, none of the items here are my style. I don’t even really drink. I had skipped because I was concerned about the material of the placemats and how in the world I would clean them, especially if food or drinks got in the crevices. Then when the wine opener became an option due to the placemat problem, I knew this would not be the box for me. It’s very rare that I dodge any bullets in the sub box world, so I just got lucky this time.

    I still love Happy Rebel and hope that the Winter box will be a much better fit for me.

  22. I’m so pissed and will likely cancel my subscription after they have the audacity to send cheap-looking paper plates and paper napkins in this $100 box. No way this crap is worth over $200 RVs.

    @HappyRebel what did you do, go to Party City and buyout the entire clearance bin? Even the box you shipped this in looked thrown together. I’m a great mind to ship the entire contents of this crap box back and make you figure out what to do with it. I rarely drink so this entire box is a miss! Heart-shaped wine stones? Seriously?

    Straws? 8 Paper Plates? Paper Napkins? Wtf……

    You all lost a life-long customer with this dismal curation of crap. You have two boxes left. And the comments from our 2000+ closed FB group after seeing what you sent are worse than what I’m seeing on here.

    • To be fair the comments here get REALLY filtered so that’s not surprising.

      Where do they promise a $200 RV? And also keep in mind its HR RV not real world prices.

      • It’s listed as $230+ on the enclosed card in the box……

        • 😂😂😂 HR is 🤑🤑 all the way to the bank.

          I’m sorry your got stuck with this darling. I wonder if you can try to get a refund since they didnt deliver on a promise if you bring your CC company into this. No one would believe this is 230 RV even in a magic world where these curators apparently dwell.

    • This is cheap crap and there’s no way they don’t know it.

    • There’s a Facebook group? I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning as wasn’t aware of this group. How do I join?

      • F3 and more. Closed, unbiased and consumer ran

        • I really would like some guidance on how to find this group. I’ve searched and can’t locate on FB.

    • There’s a Facebook group??? I’ve been a Happy Rebel (well not so happy this time) for over a year. What’s the group called????

  23. My entire box (Mariposa Collection) is up for swap or sale . Check my swap profile if you’re interested!

  24. Yikes… Im really glad I passed

  25. This is one of those boxes that I avoid full spoilers (and comments) until I receive the box and get a chance to look at it with unbiased eyes. I’m influenced by negative comments, unfortunately.
    I received my box yesterday and I love it! I found the curation very cohesive. I received the rose gold box. Everything hits the theme of party ready. The bottle opener is really pretty. I won’t wear it as a necklace but the chain is easily removed. The highball glasses are the best item in the box. The only item I didn’t like, and it’s a small part of the box, was the package of balloons.

    • I do that with most of my boxes also and because i love the surprise factor too.

  26. Wow. I was considering a subscription to HR and I am glad I didn’t do it. I could get similar/same items at a dollar store and/or party store. …and am I understanding correctly that there are only two glasses and not even a set of four? $100? Paper plates, napkins, disposable flatware and straws? No way.

    • It’s four glasses, which is the redeeming factor for this box. And the glasses are very nice.

      • I think the copper glasses look a lot nicer. Might have redeemed this a LITTLE more for me. My pink plastic glasses (which were not what I requested either BTW) are junk unfortunately so now I have four of junk rather than two.

  27. Wow, I didn’t realize the plates were paper. Even if they were plastic it would be better. I’m so glad I skipped this. For $100 they need to do much better!!

  28. Wow – SO glad I dodged this bullet! I feel bad for those stuck with this one.

  29. My local Daiso have almost the same placemats! And why would give 6 placemats but only 4 coasters?

    • Initially it was only going to be 4, but then the placemats turned out to be smaller than advertised, so they added an extra 2 to each box.

  30. Wooowza. I remember how positive all the comments were when the placemat spoilers were released. (I almost subscribed when I saw them myself!) But then they Oui’d it and confessed that they are not actually placemat size, si I held off.

    My sympathies for everyone who stuck with it and gave them the benefit of the doubt. This box is a big miss. Nothing here reads fall holiday. Anyone who has a party in the fall, will likely have a Halloween or Thanksgiving party. This party setup all looks like Graduation, or New Years to me.

    • I feel it’s relevant to note that this is the second time in less than a year that one of the hero-type items was not as originally described. A couple of seasons ago, HR had a wall planner that ended up being a thin, flimsy thing rather than the sturdy, thick piece initially spoiled.

    • LOL – “they Oui’d it”, that made me laugh out loud. The only difference is that Oui doesn’t usually admit to the ol’ switcharoo before sending out the box.

  31. I’m a little torn on this box. I seem to be in the minority as I actually like it, but I am disappointed to that is mostly disposable items. So I’m looking at the items I think I’d get regular use from using the lowest price I can find online. I opted for the wine opener instead of the placemats which is selling for $23.51. I got the mint wine glasses, which I really like and are larger than expected ($14.99×2). I’m happy with the inclusion of the coasters and will probably be using them as trivets, which I needed (we will say $12). I’ll be using the mermain circle garland in my mint green office ($8.50). I think I’m going to find a cute bin to keep all of my “girls night essentials” in which will include the wine charms ($14.27), wine stones ($11.40), and the gem bottle opener, but I’m gonna loose that chain ($4.99). So the total comes out to $104.65, but those last 3 items are a stretch, bring the total down to $73.99. So I may have broken even on this box if I include my new “girls night” bin thingy, which will get used fairly often.

    Given that the total values listed for the boxes are over $250 I think (sorry, I don’t have the cards on me) now I need to see what the value is for all of the disposable items. Napkins ($5.95), paper plates ($5.99), cutlery ($8.95), straws ($5.49), confetti ($5.49), and balloons ($9.99). Those total $41.86 for a grand total of $146.51. So unless those coasters have a retail value of $100+, the listed RV of these boxes are stretched well beyond reasonable limits.

    • I feel much the same way and received the same box. I know I’ll use the wine opener and glasses, but that may be about it. I was particularly unimpressed as some of the items actually looked like they’d been tossed around – with scratched plastic. All in all, a very disappointing month.

    • The items are in the HR shop on their website so you can see all the RVs there.

      • You seem to have missed the point. The price for this stuff, typically at Walmart, is significantly lower than what they are posting on their website.

        The mint wine glasses that I selected are selling for $14.99 for 2 at Wayfair and $17.27 at Walmart. So even with the walmart price, we are looking at $34.54, which is a far cry from the $54 RV listed on the website.

        The electric corkscrew is $23.91 at Walmart compared to the $50 RV on the HR website.

        The gem bottle opener can be found for $4.99, as opposed to the list RV of $28. The other Blush products are slightly inflated, but not quite that drastic.

        For the party packs, looking strictly at Walmart prices, the napkins generally run for $5.95, plates $6.95, straws $5.49, Bamboo Utensils $8.95, balloon $9.99, confetti $5.49 and garland $9.99. That’s a total of $52.81, compared to the HR RV at $54.

        Happy Rebel has been honest before about slightly adjusting their listed retail values to factor in shipping expenses, so I’m ok with the slightly inflated RV for the party packs. But the $20 differences for the glasses and the corkscrew seems a bit extreme.

        • The regular pricing is easily verifiable on the True Brands website, I did it myself. Now why HR is including items available online at Walmart is a good question by itself, but Walmart has huge negotiating power and use it to undercut other businesses. Maybe they negotiated being able to offer a lower sales price than regular MSRP, but many times when retailers list their prices below MSRP they are doing so against the brands guidelines. Unfortunately it happens all the time. They get more sales, but it’s technically a breach of contract. Many brands have entire compliance departments with the sole purpose of sniffing out these sellers and suing them. I doubt HR has the negotiating power of Walmart, and are more likely following pricing guidelines set by the brand. All this to say, it is not “extreme” or “beyond reasonable limits” for HR to simply list items for the regular MSRP, especially since the reality is they may have little choice in the matter.

  32. Oh my.

  33. I’ve never been disappointed by Happy Rebel, but I am extremely disappointed in this box. The glasses are pretty. The towels are nice. The rest is just…. no. Disposable party stuff? Really?!

    • Did you get 2 towels or 3?

      • 3

    • As soon as I saw placemats, I said NOPE! 😂😂😂

    • I did not even get towels…..

  34. Yikes! I’m glad I skipped.

    Off topic but is anyone else looking forward to seeing what’s in the fall Sunday Riley box? It’s the last fall one left to release among the ones I keep an eye on. What boxes are you all looking forward to seeing or getting in the mail?

    • I also can’t wait to see what’s in the fall Ellen box.

      • Unfortunately, I saw some leaked spoiler and it was atrociously terrible.

        • How can I find the leaked spoiler? I’m going crazy waiting for one lol.

          • I just looked around on instagram and it looks like a silver necklace with a brain design. Not my style.

          • That sounds weird. I’m not very experienced with instantgram, could you give me an idea of what to type for the search so I can see it?

          • If you search on insta for #bekindbyellen and look at the recent posts there are a couple that feature a necklace by fashionatomy with a brain design to raise awareness for mental health disorders. The link to the # suggests to me the item will be in the box. Now that I looked deeper into the brand, which makes other designs to raise awareness for breast cancer and bladder disorders, I can see why it would be in the box- if it is in the box.

          • Thank you!!! Not really my style, but I guess it would be for a good cause.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the SR box too. It seems really late this season, but at least they spoil everything at the same time. I bet they’ll have the new SR moisturizer in it! *heart eyes*

      I’m also cautiously stoked about the Ipsy Ultimate bag.

      • The new SR ice ceramide moisturizer is so lovely.

  35. I take it back they raided Walmart clearance bin. That gemstone necklace is 13 there at full price and the napkins are 5. I guess it’s being a rebel to put Walmart party gear in a 100 dollar sub box and expect to keep subscribers.

  36. This is a mess! I am so glad I passed! Happy Rebel is a hit or miss. This is an epic fail 🤮🤮🤮

  37. I actually canceled another sub box so I could subscribe to happy rebel. The spoilers this season did not appeal to me, I’m so glad I didn’t subscribe yet. I really feel for the people who paid $100 for this.

  38. This looks like the clearance rack at my tj maxx. It’s all cute and I guess would be great for a book club night but is most of this disposable? If the napkins are cotton and the straws reusable I guess it would be a bit better.

    • I bought the black & gold napkins, utensils and plates all for under $1 in the Cheers collection. I think the brand was Cakewalk (Kroger party section staple)

      I do like the placemats & glasses though. Though placemats that aren’t big enough for placemats, so really just felt trivets.

  39. Omg. $100 for this? 🤭 I’d be so disappointed if I was a subscriber

  40. Selected the dipped crystal highball glasses and was sent the green wine glasses. Very disappointed! The Happy Rebel customer service contact form on their site does not seem to be working so have not been able to contact them, but hopefully they will make it right.

  41. This was my first box, and it will likely be my last. Of all the items in my box, I will probably only use the glasses and the coasters. I can’t believe I spent $100 for this.

  42. Head start for my Holiday Party!

  43. What a disappointment! Where’s the rebel?

    • The rebel is in the eye of the beholder. I think the coasters, crystal dipped high ball glasses, and the place mats are edgy…but I still have absolutely no regrets about skipping this box. While I appreciate the cohesive theme, I need this stuff like I need a hole in the head. I’m trying to get rid of this type of stuff, not acquire it. The only item I really like is the glasses set.

  44. Okay so I’m a bit concerned here. I chose the highballs, which suggests that I’ll get the Rose Gold Party collection. So… First, those glasses look like their accent plating is PINK, but the description said COPPER. Those glasses were the reason why i didn’t skip this season. Second, this collection has 10 items while the other two have 13. What’s up with that? O.o

    • The glasses you selected had a higher retail value than the others. So it seems some other, lower value items were added to balance it out, like napkins, disposable cutlery, wine charms, and wine stones. Though yours also has the bar towels that the wine glasses didn’t come with. I think, despite fewer items, the rose gold set still has a higher retail value.

  45. So glad I skipped this box!

    • Almost skipped…wish I had.

  46. Easy pass for me.

  47. I would have been pretty annoyed if I’d signed up for this box based on the glasses spoiler that I liked… “sip sip hooray” 🤮

    Not to mention that aside from the placemats which are too small to be placemats this is way too expensive for mostly disposable party stuff.

    I know they read the comments here. What are you doing?? Your boxes aren’t always my style but they always have solid high quality often interesting items. Please don’t turn into FFF.

  48. So this sub is definitely very hit or miss with me, with this one being a miss. I’m sure the items are high quality, just nothing I need or want right now. I love when they have the Kiko items!!

  49. Meh. Nothing edgy or rebellious about any of these things.

  50. Looking at this I have a hard time seeing the “rebel” part I was told about.

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