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Favorite Cherished Heirloom Jewelry – Should We Review It?

ByMSASep 29, 2019 | 78 comments

Favorite Cherished Heirloom Jewelry is a monthly jewelry subscription box:

A unique, premium quality subscription box that sources genuine sterling silver jewelry and accessories from large estates and vintage collections. Have fun building your wardrobe around our unique accessories! The pieces are yours to keep. Each box will contain from one to three pieces of solid sterling silver jewelry from various decades.
  • Genuine sterling silver jewelry
  • Sourced from large estates and collections
  • The jewelry is yours to keep! Get fresh pieces every month.
  • Heirloom quality precious materials.

The Box: Favorite Cherished Heirloom Jewelry

The Cost: $35 per month

The Products: 

Each box includes 1-3 pieces of sterling silver jewelry sourced from large estates and vintage collections

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Second box received and also not impressed. Received a cubic zirconia necklace with Made in China stamped on the side – it also has 925 stamped there, but….not very happy with the quality. Also received a charm bracelet with the stone charm glued to the holder – not heirloom to me. Asked them to cancel a few days before renewal and they renewed it anyway and never replied to the email. I went in and cancelled it myself through cratejoy but customer service seems to be nonexistent.


Thank you for letting us know how to cancel. No customer response at all so was glad to be able to cancel at Cratejoy. Very disappointing box.


This is all sad news. Strange that the first experiences were mostly positive with the second boxes being flops. Thanks to all for keeping us updated! I wonder if MSA ever ordered one.


Received my second box and not impressed. Not sure they even read my thoughts about the first box. Cocktail type ring in silver but not marked. Came in a box which stated sterling. Rows of cz stones. They sent a form this time with description and put a value of $50.00 on it. The other piece was a necklace which is awful. Looks like it was pieced together. Gold plated chain with a silver wishbone thing and two dangles hanging off in still another color metal. They valued this one at $60.00. Unlike other subscribers I have received only two items in each delivery. I was so hopeful this would be a better box so was disappointed. My 12 yr old granddaughter will like the ring but don’t think she will even like the necklace.


I’m still following this thread also. Thanks for the updates! The first round actually sounded appealing. I expected hit or miss but it seems like the second boxes were a lot worse all around. I wonder if MSA tried this one out.


I have been following this thread to see all the updates and I would not be impressed either with what you have received. First of all why do you always only get 2 items when it appears others get more? The necklace does not sound like a $60.00 necklace. This definitely teaches me not to order more than one month at a time. I think that you should email them and tell them how disappointed you are with what you have received and the amount of items you’ve received. I would so they can make it up with your third box. I would love to see what MSA receives.


Thank you. I will email them and post if I get a response. After my email I will be curious what my December box will look like. This box could have had some potential but I have found much better items at the thrift store for far less. I am assuming that they sell the good stuff individually and put the rejects in these boxes.


I received my second box today too, and I also wasn’t impressed.
I received:
1. A sliver ring with two waves on the front. When it’s turned to the back, you can see it’s actually two identical rings soldered together very poorly. There are solder chunks, a spot where the curve of the ring was filed flat, and a tiny bit of paper towel stuck in the corner (at least I think it was paper towel… I hope it was paper towel). The only marking on the ring is “Mexico”. They called it ”artisan” and valued it at $80. I wouldn’t have paid $5 for it.
2. A pair of silver oblong loop earrings. They’re about an inch long and look to be decent quality. They came in a box which said sterling silver. The posts are flat and had markings, but they were so tiny I had to dig out a jewelers loop to read it. It’s marked 925. They valued them at $40, which I think is a reasonable amount compared to a purchase of something similar at a jeweler.

Nothing near as good as the 1st shipment. It was fun to try, but I think this it I for me.


So, I think they made a mistake and sent me a second box this month because I just received another box in the mail this morning. This time there were 4 items.
1. Hand made crucifix pendent. It’s about 1”x1” it’s not really a cross since the the bottom length is the about the same length as the top and sides. It’s really a square of sheet metal that has about 1/3 of length and width cut out of each corner and then had a hammer taken to it for texture. Maybe my style when I was a teenager in the early 90’s. It is stamped 925. They valued it at $48
2. Filigree ring with a large oval brick colored cabochon. Marked “China” and 925. Again, not really my style, but I can see some people liking it. They valued it at $42.
3. A pair of large cubic zirconia earrings with one silver back and one gold.
4. They called this a “Bonus” with a $12 value, but it’s my favorite thing in the box. It’s a dainty ring with scrolling silver and a peach colored stone. It has a few dings in it, but I have a burnisher from college that it think will fix it. It’s marked 925, but again, it was so tiny I had to use the jewelers loop to see it.

If you don’t have a jewelers loop, I’d suggest getting one. You can get one for under $10 on Amazon. Mine is 30x magnification and it’s great. You never know when you need to look at something up close.


I received an email after I received my box asking for my thoughts. I appreciated the follow up and responded but did not hear anything back. Will be curious to see what is in the November box.


It sure if anyone is still following this, but here’s what I received.

It came with 5 items
1. Gold plated cocktail ring with 14 clear stones in a circular cluster. It’s actually pretty.
2. Silver ring with large off of center aquamarine stone. It’s marked 925.
3. Silver ring with 12 small diamonds. This is marked sterling. It’s a simple band with stones running across.
4.Silver ring marked 925 with three large garnet colored stones. I doubt the stones are real due to how large they are, but they capture the light and really sparkle. It’s a size larger than I selected.
5. A gold colored bracelet with a chunky chain and two large heart charms. Yikes! Eight year old me would have loved it. I think it was tossed I just to get rid of it.

It was fun to be surprised and I’ll give it another month to decide if I want to get a longer subscription or if I’ve had enough.

Ragan Buckley

For what it’s worth, 925 and sterling are different ways of indicating the same thing (i.e., 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper, which is added to harden the material as fine silver, which is 99.9% silver, is rather soft).


Glad you got such a great box. I am curious how they choose what to send as my box only had two pieces, a ring and a pair of earrings. Did you just purchase one month? I had signed up for three months.


I just paid for one month at a time. I’m not sure whether or not that’s why I received more pieces. Maybe yours were a better quality than mine.


Thanks for the update. I think there are a few of us still following to see what people receive. 😀


Sounds like a great box, thank you so much for posting this. It seems like you received a much better box than the other ladies. Did you specify no earrings?


I did not specify no earrings, they just didn’t send any. I wish there was an option on MSA for boxes like this where people get different items to post photos. I think it would help set expectations.
The ring with the aquamarine stone and the bracelet were not what I’d call heirloom pieces, but the others were pretty nice especially considering the price.


I received my box today. I got a ring and earrings set plus another pair of earrings. The ring and earring set have pink and clear stones. The pink stone on the ring is a very large (read – huge) emerald cut and has two clear baguettes on either side. The earrings are the same but on a smaller scale. As someone else noted, all stones are open in back. I requested a size 6 ring, but received 5.5 so it only fits my pinky. I’m taking them to a jeweler to determine if they’re genuine sterling and what the stones are. The last set of earrings I received could be from the dollar store. Very modern design multiple circles hooped together, stamped 925 but are gold. Taking them too to be confirmed sterling. Would I have purchased these at an estate sale? No. Will I give this another month? Yes, two actually – best two out of three wins on whether I keep it or not and of course if the things turn out to be not sterling, that’s a deal breaker right there. It is an intriguing sub. Just would like to receive some truly vintage dainty beautiful jewelry next month. In my actual size.


Thank you for sharing and am curious what you find out about the pieces. I signed up for 3 months so am hoping the next box is a little more to my liking. Plus the next box will determine if I will gift a subscription to a couple of people on my list. This is kind of a hard subscription as jewelry is so personal for likes and dislikes.


Must add though…..I love pink and clear stones and my go-to style is emerald cut. Odd that they knew what I would like – odd in a good way ☺️ I do like the second set of earrings but was just so surprised at how modern they looked – not heirloom, if you get what I’m saying. The ring and earring set have a nice heft to them and seem to be quality items. The gold earrings are more dainty.

Also for those requesting an anonymous review – that would only work for ONE review. Since these items are unique, the sub owner would know who reviewed simply by seeing what they got. To keep it anonymous, it would have to be reviewed by someone different every single month. Maybe it would be a nice chance to do member spotlights – have a different MSA member review it every month (I really like the idea!).


It wouldn’t have to be a different reviewer every month. Couldn’t it just be a “new” 1 month subscription, sent to a different name and address every month?


Thank you for getting back to us! I think it’s a great idea having a different MSA member review it every month.


On an additional note had really hoped for something quirky like the bee ring. Neither item would have been anything I would have given a second glance to.


I signed up for 3 months and received my first box today. I received a ring and pair of earrings. Ring stamped 925 but could not see anything on earrings as pretty small. No other hallmarks. Kind of an 80’s vibe. Was a little surprised as both are gold plated and was expecting silver. Ring is an elongated heart with pave stones and the earrings have a similar look with pave stones. Appear to be nice quality as the stones are all open on the back and hard to tell but looks like no small stones missing. Neither are that exciting to me so will pass on to my granddaughter. Not a fan of heart shaped jewelry. Curious to see what comes next month.


Thank you so much for sharing. What you received does sound like nice quality but for some reason heart jewelry seems easier to find. I am sure your Granddaughter will love it.


Thanks for the update, Connie!


I’m still fighting the urge to get this. I can’t wait to find out what anyone gets. Has anyone received shipping info yet? I’m wondering how long it will take after sign up.


Yes, would love to see a review!


Yes. Would love to see what other people get also.


Sounds intriguing….. Love the detail of vintage pieces. Sterling is my go to.


Love to see it reviewed and agree with the others anonymously would be best. Liking that bee ring.


I signed up for one month to give it a test. It’s too risky to me to sign up for a longer term. I love that bee ring and really hope that’s the type of thing I’ll see.

Wishing there would be a place where people from here could post a photo of what they get….


Would love to see this box reviewed. I would subscribe without hesitation if the quality of the peices is good. Please do review this box. Thank you.

Dootsie Bug

The fact that they say 1-3 pieces per month gives me pause. At $35/month, unless it’s something REALLY special, I’d rather just buy something I know I’ll love from a local artisan. They don’t carry my ring size and I don’t see any mention of style preferences or particular requests (no pierced earrings and larger bracelets seem like they would be popular options.)


I would love to see it reviewed but even more important, would love to hear what other subscribers get. I really only wear dainty jewelry. I didn’t look at the sub website so maybe they explained it but I would hope you could do some kind of “profile”. For example, no pierced earrings, no bracelets, no huge pendants. Maybe that’s too much to ask?? People source estate sales all the time to sell on eBay, Poshmark, etc. If you’re really looking for estate pieces, you might do better looking elsewhere.


This looks great! Love that bee ring. Definitely interested to see some sample boxes.


Yes, please!!! And anyone who has already ordered, please come back to this thread and give us your thoughts. I will do so also if I can’t stand it and go ahead and order a box.


Definite yes!


Yes, if you review it anonymously. It sounds like an exciting box. I love historical times. 😊


Yes please, I love silver vintage jewelry!


Yes please!


Yes, yes, yes! PLEASE review! This may be the box I need to replace all the beauty subs I recently unsubscribed from. I’m relieved to hear they offer size 8 in rings, although I can only wear that size on my ring finger. And I wonder if they’ll even have many in that size considering it’s as high as they go. Of course, there were many more thin people in previous generations without all the cheap and tempting fast food and junk food options so I guess it makes sense.

I also agree about the box being anonymously reviewed. While I do believe MSA offers a more accurate picture of the average person’s box than many other Influencers and You Tubers (they definitely don’t always get the very best Boxy variations for example), I would feel better if the sub box owner didn’t know it was being sent to a massively popular sub box review website. Perhaps someone known to be very objective like Megan or Marne could have the box sent to their home? That is if they both at least like silver jewelry. I know many people strongly prefer gold. I just think it’s particularly important to see a realistic representation of what “normal” subscribers can expect to receive.
I know there’s at least one jewelry sub box that’s always reviewed super positively on here that I feel has almost all very out of date (vs vintage), cheap and often over-the-top looking jewelry. So it’s equally important to have someone that’s not too easily impressed review it. 😄

Thanks for bringing this box to our attention! I hope everyone who jumped right in, like I am fighting the urge to do, will come back to this post to describe and review their box even if MSA decides not to subscribe.


Awwww, this could be a fabulous box! But I only wear gold. Still, it sounds very promising!


Oh my goodness that bee ring is to die for! Yes please review~!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.