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BoxyCharm September 2019 FULL SPOILERS – Variation 3!


We have spoilers for another version of the September 2019 BoxyCharm box! (Thanks, Retpunzel, for the heads up!)

One version:

Another version:

Another version:

Source: caro_vlsz

We know all subscribers will receive one of these palettes:

Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette


Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette


Too Faced Natural Face Palette


Image: hankandhenrybeauty

Hank & Henry Beauty Liquid Liner in Blickity Black


M·A·C Cosmetics Frost Lipstick in CB 96

What do you think of the September spoilers? 

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet:

Click here and use coupon code GETMYBECCA to get a free full-sized Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers only. Ends September 12, 2019 at 11:59pm ET or while supplies last.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (169)

  1. UGH I just tried to upgrade for the luxe box but I wanted it for December and it said Sept so I cancelled my subscription. how do I re sub to just the regular box for now? contacting their CS dept is like tryin to get through to the white house… help…

  2. Hey my box is 1.35 lb not sure of the dimensions, does anyone have a clue what is in this box?

  3. Is the September boxy still available

    • Hi irene. I do believe it is still available. Hope this helps m

      • Thanks I want September but October spoilers hmmm

  4. I would love to trade the tarte park ave princess palette for too faced. And the violet voss for the other tarte palette. I’ll throw in the dr.brandt mask with the violet voss for the tarte palette

  5. I got the park ave princess and the violet Voss. I would like to trade for too faced and the other tarte palette. I’ll throw in the mask with violet Voss for the tarte palette

  6. Omg !! Love the disco kitten mask however me being me in a hurry I slathered it on my face , and even though I had a band on my hair to pull back my hair I got some on my baby hairline and boy did that hurt pulling off I think I broke some hairs along the way 🙁 next time I’ll be more careful . I bought the silicone meme brush online for $8.00 b/c on website it said it works well together . It’s kinda bad advertising on the box though b/c it says use the silicone brush to apply . There was moments included . Oh well still great mask next time I’ll watch those baby hairs 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I got the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette and would love to trade it. I would really love the Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette. If anyone is still looking let me know please.

    • I have the VV and desperately want the Clay Play! It’s the reason I finally decided to get BC. I know it’s crazy, but I’ve gone all these years and that one product roped me in lol!

    • To The Who girl I’ll trade see email below 👍

  8. Hey everyone! I just received my box and it was FedEx. It weighed 1lb with the dimensions 16x8x1 and had these in it:

    Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette
    Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask
    Moda Brushes 5 Piece Brush Kit
    Hank & Henry Beauty Liquid Liner in Blickity Black
    Laura Geller Baked Gellato Swirl Illuminator
    Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

    Honestly love everything in my box except the highlighter, so overall happy with what I got 🙂

  9. My box comes sat, weighs 3 lbs n it’s 9x5x4

    Anyone else get a box like this n what u get??!!

    • I just got mine and it was 3.1 with dimensions of 7x5x3. Unfortunatly, I got the VV and Park Ave palates, glow recipe, and brushes. If anyone wants tj trade for the Tarte Clay Play I would trade most of my box for it!

      • Wow Leah that’s a great deal. I promised one of them I dunno which one to Michelle if I get it but we shall see. If I get the one u want and not the one she wants i will gladly trade with u. I loved alot of the other stuff in the boxyluxe lol. And who can pass up on a deal like that?

      • I signed up just based on the possibility of getting the Clay Play lol. I really want it!

      • Yeah leah I understand. I’ve done it before lol. Well I hope we can figure out a way to get it for u. One of the channels I watch I know she just got it and really wants the violet voss. If u would like i can give u her YouTube name. I know she would trade u and she already has it. Hope this helps.

      • Sure! Even if we can’t trade I always love finding new channels! What’s her name?

      • Oh of course leah I love finding new channels too. Her name is Elizabeth Wolfe. I think I spelled that right lol.

  10. Which box is 0.7 lbs 0.32 kg and 3x2x2

    Did anyone get these dimensions and what did you get ? Please and thank you 😁

  11. What’s the other alternative to the Mac lipstick ? What else is in its place ? Bc I don’t want Mac either :/


    • It’s the mac lipstick or the hank n Henry eyeliner.

    • I’d rather have Mac than Hank and Harry

  12. My FedEx tracking says my box is 6x4x2 and 1 pound! I am getting the Becca gift with it! Has anyone received a box with these dimensions? I am hoping for either the Tarte or Too Faced pallete!

  13. My tracking info from FedEx says my box is 6x4x2 and 1 pound! I am getting the Becca bonus gift! Has anyone received a box with these dimensions? Really hoping for the Tarte or Too Faced pallet!

    • Hey gang! I rec’d my Boxycharm box yesterday, 09.11.2019, a full 3 days *ahead* of the day stated on my tracking info, but I’m not complaining! Anyway, I just wanted to say that my box is yet another different version than any of those listed in the body of the spoilers so far.
      Dimensions: 9″x6″x3″
      Weight: 2lbs
      *Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette
      *Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask
      *Moda 5pc Brush Kit (eye brushes)
      *Hank & Henry Blickity Black Eye Liner
      *Billion Dollar Brow The Microblade Effect: Brow Pen

      • Wow!! You got a great box!! I would die if that was mine!

      • Sounds like u got a good box love. I hope you enjoy it.

      • Did you mean weight was 1.2 lbs? Im wondering ,because my dimensions are same as youts but weight is 1.2 lbs.I havent gotten my box yet and wondering if I ll get the clay play.

    • Hi! My box is exactly the same, with the becca powder as well. I thought the dimensions where wrong, it seems so small. I was also hoping for the too faced palette, but looking at the weight/dimensions, it seems we will get the vv ☹️ I will not be home to open my box, so please let me know what you get!!!! 🙏 I am so curious!!!

    • Same weight/size here!!! Please met me
      Know if you get yours before, and I will do the same!! 😊

  14. Hi guys, I’m a new charmer.

    My box: WEIGHT
    0.9 lbs / 0.41 kgs
    16x9x1 in.

    Did anyone get this same box? I have the Becca powder in mine.

    Thanks for any help!

    • My exact box ….im still waiting. What was in your box? I should have the Becca powder as well.

      • I think the variation they send is the one on the page when you sign up during the month.

        I can’t remember what was on it.

  15. My box is .7 lbs but is 16*9*1 anyone else have these dimensions? I really want the tarte face shape pallette

    • I have the same box but haven’t received it yet.

  16. welp! i’m here to let you all know that, the dimensions don’t have anything to do with what you receive! i had the bigger dimensions and i still received the VV palette.
    I’m not completely unhappy, as i will use it more than the other two. the paid price compared to the value, is a steal.
    i’m just thankful i didnt get that MAC lipstick. >.<
    i got:
    Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette
    Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask
    Moda Brushes 5 Piece Brush Kit
    Hank & Henry Beauty Liquid Liner in Blickity Black
    Billion Dollar Brows The Microblade Effect Brow Pen

    • Really? Well I guess I’m back to not knowing again then lol. The surprise is back!!! What were the dimensions of ur box?

    • Actually Christina I think I like ur box lol. I would be happy with that. I’m with u, the only thing I really don’t want is the mac lipstick. I do love mac but I can’t pull off that shade I’m way too pale lol. But thank you for the heads up!!

      • mine was 16x8x1, i was hoping for the too faced, but i dont think i’ve seen one person say they got that one! it’s not a bad box and all! and i conveniently broke my morphe pallet yesterday morning 🙁 so, the VV will come in handy!

      • Really? Thank you for the heads up as well. I wouldn’t mind getting the violet voss palette.

  17. For the folks complaining about the Violet Voss palette, try it out. It’s not as bold as it might look. Today, I used Dusty Rose as a transition, Cinnamon on the outside and crease, Pink on my lid, and Cream on by brow bone and inner corner. It’s beautiful! The other colors can be loud if you want them to, but also blend out for a soft look.

    Remember when everyone was complaining about all of the nude palettes?

    The box is $21. If you hate everything, sell it. You can make more than $21. Just sayin’.

    • I’m with you on that one. The main reason we sign up for subscriptions in the first place is to try new things. I don’t why people are so afraid of color. If I was content with the same boring brown and beige colors I may as well just go to Saphora and pick Urban Decay 2. Come on kids give it a go. It’s only eye shadow have fun with it.

  18. Hey ladies, I just got my box today. My box weighed 3.25lbs. I got the Glow Recipe Pineapple Brightening serum, the VV palette, the Tarte Park Ave Princess which i DID NOT WANT, and WILL NOT USE!!! I also got the black Hank & Henry eye liner, the Stila BRICK RED lipstick that I CAN NOT pull off with my pasty butt, the Sutra clipless iron, the IGK hair balm, and the Dr. Brandt sleeping mask. I chose the brushes so I don’t know why I got the curling iron. So, in case any of you are getting that box, that is what I got. I’m happy with 6 out of 8 items. I can deal with the curling iron once my hair grows out a little more. But the brick red lipstick, and the Tarte Bronzer palette GOTTA GO!!!

    • NOOOOOOO! Mine weighs 3.1, so I’m sure I’ll be getting the same as you. I want the Clay Play Palette so bad!! The chance of getting it was what made me finally sign up for BoxyCharm. I knew I would end up with that VV palette! I almost wish I didn’t know what the other variations were. I always feel like I missed out on something even though I get so many items I normally wouldn’t have.

    • I will trade for the things you don’t want or won’t use.

      • What did you get? I’ll definitely be willing to trade a few thugs I’m sure!

      • I meant I will be willing to trade a few things. I don’t know how my phone auto corrected things to “thugs” lol!

      • Leah, our phones have a mind of their own. I haven’t gotten my box yet but it should be here sometime this weekend I think. I will let u know though.

  19. Anyone want to trade pallets? I got the VV, and I don’t wear bold eyeshadow…
    I said that on my profile, so that’s really annoying that they don’t follow that.

  20. This is my first Boxycharm. I got the Becca Powder and also upgraded to BoxyLuxe. I see that some people can tell what they are getting by the weight/dimension. My box weighs 3.1lbs and is 7x3x2. Anyone have an idea which box I might get? I’m sure the Becca Powder will affect the weight. I’m just really hoping I get the Clay Play Palette! That’s the main reason I finally decided to sign up! I’m sure I’ll end up with the VV palette. That’s just my luck, even though my profile said I don’t like bold looks and only where neutrals lol.

    • Yeah I’m getting VV too and wanted two faced or tarte even though my palette says eyeshadows as 11 and highlighters as 1 , they don’t even look at our profile or I would of gotten a face palette instead of VV. Why do beauty profile if they don’t even take it into consideration , I’m so fed up with boxy being a loyal customer for so long .. and always getting what I don’t want :/ guess that’s the luck of the drawer and it S$CKS lol

    • I feel the exact same way about the VV palette. I would never wear those colors, ever. Mine is 2.70 lbs but withoutthd Becca Powder but haven’t received mine yet. Will you let me know when you receive yours and which one you received please? If I receive mine first, I’ll also return the favor. Hope you get the items you wanted. ☺💛

      • Did you get yours yet? We have a similar weight so I’m thinking whatever you get I will get as well.

    • Based on the size of your box you’re definitely NOT getting the curling wand, so I’d expect the brushes. A lot of people seem to be getting the Violet Voss but I hope you get your Clay Play! Maybe you can trade for it.

      • Thanks!! There is a lot of VV palettes going around! It almost seems as though I would’ve had a better chance getting the Clay Play if I wouldn’t have upgraded!

  21. I am pretty sure I am getting the eyeshadow pallet and I DO NOT want it!! I would trade for the Too Faced or Tarte pallet in a heartbeat!!!!

    • I thought so too, but this eye shadow palette is great! lots of pigment and lasts all day!

  22. Does anyone know what the BIG announcement or a hint of it might be?? I am so tempted on cancelling, but then I have serious FOMO..HAHA! Just not impressed lately..they better bring their “A” game next month! I haven’t gotten my box yet..fingers crossed for VV! And no Mac orange lip!

    • If you don’t get the VV palette I would be happy to trade you, in never gonna use it and would much rather have one of the other palettes!!!

      • Awesome , Thank you Lisa! I don’t know when my box will get here, it hasn’t updated in Fedex yet 🙁 I will let you know!

      • If she doesn’t get the VV and I do I will happily trade you. I will never use the VV.

  23. The weight of my box is .71 does anyone know what exactly is in or or got the same box? also if I end up getting the violet voss and anyone wanted it but got one of the other two i would happily trade

  24. Got the VV pallet, I would love to trade for either one of the other pallets..I also got Laura Geller gelato swirl illuminator in the wrong shade for my skin tone..and the MAC lipstick that I will never ever wear..anyone have a shade of pink they would like to trade for?!?! Also received ANOTHER makeup brush far not impressed Boxycharm..out of the boxes I have received there have only been TWO products that I actually use..very disappointing.

  25. My box weighs .7lbs but the dimensions are 16*9*1. I hope that means I’m getting the tarte pallet. It the largest one so that would explain the size of the box. I know it’s not the violet boss because the box with that pallet has different dimensions. Relieved because that was the one I was least excited about.

    • Mine is .7 too… If you get your box before mine, plz post it on here && I will do the same! Thanks!

    • I have the same DIMENSIONS 16x9x1, what did you get???? super excited to know what i got.

      • Rana, me too girl. I’m trying so hard to wait patiently lol. I just checked mine. They keep changing the delivery date. It now says Wednesday delivery instead of Monday like it was. But it’s already in grove city which means I will get it way before Wednesday lol. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. If u get urs before me please post what it is n I will do the same. Thanks.

  26. Just received my Boxycharm box :c

    I was really looking forward for the too faced pallet but got the Violet Voss. I did a finger swatch but realized this is exactly like a pallet I already have.

    Would anyone be willing to trade? I’ll add in your favorite candy as a bonus lol

    • If I get one of the other two palettes I will still trade you. You sold me with the candy lol!!

      • Keep me updated :)!!

      • Will do Michelle. It says the delivery date is Tuesday the 17th but it usually comes a day or two early. Fingers crossed. What size was ur box?

      • Mine is the 0.7lbs dimensions 8×5×2

        A lot of people that had those sizes, had VV palette

      • Ok good I guess. At least I know I won’t have that palette. My dimensions are 16x9x1. Someone said that would be the tarte palette because it’s the biggest. So we shall see. Fingers crossed for u.

      • Update Amanda,

        Still got my violet voss palette. If you dont get the too faced or tarte, I may just mail it to you since I know I wont use it plus the candy 🙂

        Keep me posted about your package!

      • Aww Michelle that is so sweet of you. I’m still waiting for my box. It says the 18th now Wednesday but its already in grove city which is one stop before my post office so hopefully I get it tomorrow. If not it will be Monday. I don’t know why they changed it lol. They did it just to mess with my emotions

      • Also Michelle, I thought I knew I was getting the tarte play by the dimensions of my box but now someone says they had the bigger dimensions and still got the violet voss. So now I’m back to not knowing which palette I will get again lol. Fingers crossed.

  27. My boxy is 0.7 lbs this month. did anyone have a similar weight?
    whatcha get?! I REALLY love the too faced palette and have my fingers crossed. but, i’ve learned with boxy that you typically dont get the one item you want out of all of them, lol.

    • My box was 0.7lbs dimensions 8×5×2, got the violet voss

      • This is my box too… The .7. What else was in your box? I want the eyeliner & not the lipstick. Lol.

      • My box is the 2.7 lbs what did everyone get with this weight? I already have the TF face palette and Clay Play palette as well. I also hope I didn’t get that water bottle.

      • Got the crappy box, of all the things all I wanted was the brow pen! I got a shattered Laura Gellar highlighter 😔. Signed back up for nothing. Though very happy about the Dr. Brandt, so 21 bucks is always worth it! Im not necessarily bummed about the box but for a 6+year subscriber stop screwing with all of us to make this box look awesome when we all end up getting the leftovers. No more fricken eyeshadow palettes!!!!

      • Omg mine is too I didn’t want VV 🙄🙄🙄

        I wanted Tarte clay or two faced if anyone wants to trade please let me know 🙂

        Thanks 😁

      • That is what my dimensions say, too. Did you get the Hank & Henry and the brow pen, too? Mine is just showing label created and hasn’t moved but my curiosity is killing me. Thank you!

  28. How does Boxy let you know when your box has shipped? Also if I get the Violet Voss palette I would be happy to trade for either the Tarte or the Too Faced palette.

    • Me three if I get VV I’ll trade for two faced or Tarte shape face please 🥰

      • My box weighs .7lbs but the dimensions are 16*9*1. I hope that means I’m getting the tarte pallet. It the largest one so that would explain the size of the box. I know it’s not the violet boss because the box with that pallet has different dimensions. Relieved because that was the one I was least excited about.

      • my dimension’s changed, it’s now 16x8x1 in, someone please tell me i’m not getting the VV pallet?!
        i typically LOVE eye shadow pallets, however these are colors i seldom use as is.
        i’m dying for the too faced pallet. i’ll take what i can get because either way its a great deal… my fingers are just crossed lol

    • How do you know what box your getting? Mine didn’t even ship yet :/


      • If you go into the Fed ex site you can find out the weight and dimensions of your box. If someone gets the same weight and dimensions then you probably have the same things they got. But you have to find someone who already got their box or got a spoiler email telling them what variant items they’re getting.

      • Thanks

  29. Is it the Clay Play Vol 1 or Vol 2?

    • Vol. 1

      • Hi Gina, so it is vol 1? Someone opened their box and told me it was vol 2 lol. Idk.

  30. They have been using our beauty quizzes but only when it comes to say, the shade of Becca powder you got, I think they used them the first time when we got the ColorFx face pallets with the highlighter, blush and setting powder(I still use mine everyday, one of my favorite products from boxy ever!). So even though they aren’t being used to pick what version you get they are being used to make sure you get the correct shade of a particular product. Make sense? Also I feel for twenty bucks I always get my money’s worth. Boxy is the only sub I get and it has majorly increased my makeup stash. Sure I’ve gotten a pallet or lipstick that I haven’t liked but I can always find a friend who be pumped to have a prestige brand make up product no matter what it is. If you expect to like every product every time you’re just setting yourself up to be disappointed. In a world where one bottle of foundation costs $40 I can gamble $20 on five full size products from brands I couldn’t afford to buy separately.

    • Omg I love love that colorfx palette my favorite thing from them too 🥰

    • I agree. I generally love everything I get but even if a few items were in there I may not care for I still get way more for the $21 I spend. My friends and I created a local group for trading makeup we get in our makeup subscriptions so maybe you ladies can do the same. That way you can hopefully get what you want. I’ve had Ipsy and Burchbox and neither of those compare to what you get in Boxycharm.

      • The Dr Brant mask is worth over $54 alone. Any variation of this box is worth around $150 not a bad deal for twenty bucks.

    • I love that Fx palette as well. I didn’t get it in my box but I swapped for it and it looks and feel amazing. When I first received I tested it on my bare skin and it transformed my naked face.

  31. I’ll take it!!!

  32. I sure hope I get that violet voss palette! It’s so pretty

    • If you don’t, I’ll trade you! I got the VV and I wanted the Too Faced or Tarte.

    • I got it and would much rather have the Tarte or Too Faced palette so if you don’t get it I would LOVE to trade you!!

  33. Hello ladies i just read about almost every comment left on here and i see that i made the right choice in cancelling my sub. I thought i was the only one getting disappointed in each box. I used to get excited when i saw my box in the mail couldnt wait to open it but now idc anymore. Feels like nothing i get is what i expected or what i wanted. And not my color or shade. I sub for makeup buy for some reason i keep getting face masks and dry shampoo samples etc. I am so disappointed idk why we have to do the beauty quiz for to begin with if they dont go by it. Ladies if theres any of yall that would like to donate/give any makeup yall dont use please let me know. Thanks

    • Wait…So you’re glad you cancelled and you essentially hated it. BUT, if anyone has anything they’d like to send you for free you’ll take it? LOL bold…

      • 🤣🤣

      • Laura can you please show me where I said that I hated it?? I said i was disappointed bc it seemed like every box i got i didn’t get what i was hoping to get, what I wanted or my shade or color… Never once did I say I hated it I actually like their things, but it sucks that they don’t go by our preferences! And yes I did ask If any ladies had any that they don’t use or want I’d take it bc there might be a chance that its something I liked or shades or colors I like.. But thank you for your comment..

      • For real! But she doesn’t hate it!

    • I dunno if people will send stuff for free, but you can use this site to swap items you don’t like, and then you can pick specific items in the colors you want. It works great! Anything I don’t use, I swap for the things I like. Everyone wins! Try it out; you’ll love it. 😺

      • Hey! I just joined the site because I was hoping to swap out the Violet Voss palette but it said the swap site was by invitation only?

  34. I’m so very disappointed with this months base box items. I’m always getting highlighters or bronzer so I don’t need that then the other one not really liking it either I will be over the moon if I get lucky and get the violet Voss one. Then I hate liquid eyeliner just not my thing. So I hope I get lipstick but from the looks of it I don’t think that’s one of the variations. Im new to boxycharm and I think I might say bye bye I have ipsy anyways and love it plus its cheaper. Not a happy boxycharmer!!!! Not at all.

    • I will be happy to trade if I receive the Violet Voss Palette, if you’re interested. 😊

  35. It is decided. I have to cancel the BoxyLuxe. I would be so much happier with any of the three Boxycharm variations I have seen for September at $21 than I am going to be with the BoxyLuxe at $50. This will be my second Luxe and the second time I would have been happier with the Charm.

  36. well, another month of whatever,,i got the violet voss eyes…wanted the mac lipstick..i think i’m going to cancel boxycharm..i never get what I want..what the point of beauty profile?

  37. I just reviewed most products on boxycharm app – if you can’t review something and it only gives you option to buy probably means I’m not getting it right????

    What do you guys think?? Has that happened to you when you review in advance ??

    Bc I do wanted that tarte palette and I couldn’t review it 🙁

    If anyone’s gets tarte I’ll trade for whatever I get please – mostly I don’t want VV eyeshadows ;/

    Thanks 😁👍

    • I’ll def trade ya bc the VV is the one I want the most!

      • Ok sounds great brandy look out for my posts when I get me box if I get the VV which I think I am bc I was able to review it I’ll email to trade 🙂

      • If she doesn’t get the VV and I do, I will be happy to trade! I really want the Clay Play, it’s the main reason I finally signed up for BoxyCharm!

      • If I get the VV I will definitely trade! Especially for the Clay Play! I would trade multiple items for it. I want that damn Clay Play so bad, and I know there’s no way I’ll be lucky enough to get it lol!

      • If I don’t trade with Michelle and get the tarte palette I will trade. I did tell her first so if she still has hers I won’t be able to but if not I will lol. That’s actually the only palette I didn’t want is the tarte one. Which if it is the box with the biggest dimensions then that’s what I will end up with. My box is .7 lbs and 16x9x1. So we shall see.

      • Understandable, you told her first so she should get first dibs. However, if she doesn’t trade with you I will be happy too! Just keep me posted! I hope you get what you want though lol! I hope we both do!

      • Thank you for understanding and for the best wishes. I will def keep you both posted. I think by the dimensions it will be the tarte palette. Does anyone know that for sure?

      • Not for sure, but based on what others have said I think you are right. My dimensions are to small to be the Tarte Palette I think.

      • What are they?

      • Weight is 3.1 and dimensions are 7x5x3

      • Oh wow that is like way smaller. Tue can’t get here fast enough lol. I’m trying to wait patiently it’s just so hard.

      • I got the VV, Park Ave, Brushes, Glow Recipe, and the darkest shade of the Stila which I will never where. My profile says all buses and neutrals and they send me a dark red lipstick🙄

      • Yeah leah that’s crazy. They say they only use our profiles to see what skin tone we r to know what shade of a product to send? Well then that don’t make sense. If they really used it for that then u shouldn’t have gotten a dark red lippy. Smh!! I hopefully get my box tomorrow fingers crossed.

      • I got the Violet Voss and PAP I knew I wasn’t going to get the Clay Play

      • Did you get yours yet? Mine was exactly what I feared!

      • Hey leah. I was just checking to see if u were able to get urs traded? I get mine tomorrow. I can’t wait. But let me know if u have or not n I will let u know what I get.

    • Dot you’re a genius!

      • Lol thanks 🤣🤣👍

    • I just went on there to see if it works for me and anything i clicked on it would let me review it. And i know im not getting everything lol. So i don’t know about that being what you will be getting in your box.

      • Well idk wouldn’t let me review everything , so who knows that’s why I asked everyone 🙂 good in a way I may be surprised .

      • Same here. I thought the same a few days ago and was like hmm sneaky, sneaky…I wonder…but yeah. It gave me the option to review literally everything. I clicked through to be sure. Though I’d gladly take everything if course (:

    • I don’t think what you can or can’t review has any bearing on what is in your box. I tested your theory and it would allow me to review all three palettes. Unless I am getting all three palettes 😛 Great thought though. I wish there were account-specific spoilers as I hate waiting.

    • Hi dot if I get the tarte palette I will gladly trade you. I really want the two faced one but I like the violet Voss though too lol.

      • Amanda, I’ve tried replying but it hasn’t posted. Anyway, for sure I can do the Glow Recipe!

      • Hey leah it’s ok they have been doing the same thing with my replies for some reason too. But anyways well I kinda have bad news. So my box says delivered but I have no box. I had to contact the post office and everything. I did email boxycharm to ask what I’m supposed to do and I think they are just going to replace it. So now I’m back to waiting again. I wanna cry lol. I was so excited. I’m sorry love.

  38. Ahhhh man. I took about a 6 month break after 5 years of being a subscriber and this is the first box that’s luring me back in! Personally the Dr. Brandt is worth the entire box for me, but I am so bummed to see the brow product as a variation, let alone the fact that the other option, the highlighter is paired w the eyeshadow palette. If I was guaranteed to get either of the contour palettes OR the brow , I would resub in a heartbeat. I think most if the products are great this month, I just so happen to be needing a new bronzer and brow product currently and I am overloaded on everything else!

  39. Did you get this months box already? When customer service said they dont use your profile/quiz to determine what box you get did you ask them why or then what good does it do us to complete the quiz?! I just hope I don’t get the water bottle thingy the rest of the stuff I am fine with. What do you not like about the products?

    • I got Laura peach glow, violet Voss, Moda brushes, dr Brandt and Mac lipstick

      • I am new to Boxycharm, I just subscribed today, how can you see you box ?

      • I’m so very disappointed with this months base box items. I’m always getting highlighters or bronzer so I don’t need that then the other one not really liking it either I will be over the moon if I get lucky and get the violet Voss one. Then I hate liquid eyeliner just not my thing. So I hope I get lipstick but from the looks of it I don’t think that’s one of the variations. Im new to boxycharm and I think I might say bye bye I have ipsy anyways and love it plus its cheaper. Not a happy boxycharmer!!!! Not at all.

      • Have you gotten your box yet? If you didn’t get the VV I would be happy to trade if I get it. I will never use it. Mine is scheduled for delivery on the 14th.

      • Taraared,
        That is the exact box I’m hoping for. What was the weight of your box?

    • I’m getting the water bottle infuser which is disappointing. I hope the rest of the items I get are good

      • How do you KNOW your getting the water bottle? I have yet to get a sneak peek email.

    • From what I have seen, everyone who get the water bottle gets the Tarte Clay Play. So, I’m praying for that damn water bottle! Even though, I will never use it.

  40. I am just hoping i dont get the one with the MAC lipstick as i am not a fan of that shade, at all!!!

    • Omg same here! Why do they pick the craziest colors in their boxes… Lol.

      • This particular color was a gift with purchase freebie from Nordstrom on National Lipstick Day. I imagine Boxy got an extra special good deal on it. I think many of their products/shades are chosen that way. Many palettes for example are already on sale or you’ll find them 50% off shortly after the month it’s featured in. I think that’s part of how they afford all the products for $21. They buy discontinued or soon to be discontinued products and/or colors at a super low rate. That’s why people complain about all the brown and purple lip shades for example. But if you’re an Influencer or You Tube star, you’re not going to have to worry about getting those products. As for the rest of us…we must take what we can get because no matter what it’s still a great deal if you end up liking at least 2 products per box. And it’s definitely a great box to build your makeup collection if you’re just starting out or updating your collection. Probably half of my makeup (and I have a TON) came from my almost five years of Boxycharm boxes. In the end though, I didn’t like the way they started giving certain people not just free boxes, which is pretty common for promotional purposes these days, but also the boxes were almost the only ones with the best variations. The products they heavily advertise and get everyone’s hopes up. It wasn’t like that until about a year ago. Between my collection being so overly full now, never getting the better variations, and all the competition like Ipsy Plus out there, I said goodbye last month. I was set to receive the Luxe box and seeing it now there’s no FOMO. I actually think the regular boxes are better this month. I’m still happy I left but who knows? I may get pulled back in again at some point.

      • I completely agree! I almost wish I never saw the possible variations, and only saw the contents of my box. Seeing what else I could have gotten makes me feel like I missed out every time! Subscription boxes are supposed to make you feel like you hid the jackpot and got tons of great stuff for way less money. Seeing the great products you could have gotten makes you feel doubly let down I think.

  41. There is another variation shown on IG which has Laura Geller’s Gelato Highlighter (looks like Guilded Honey)

  42. So very disappointed in this box to have received products that I will never use. Boxycharm customer service has informed me they do not use the preferences set on the website to determine what variation of the box you will receive. Looks like I will be canceling rather than upgrading.

    • I have been using that Becca powder almost every day since I got my August Boxycharm, I love it! It feels so nice, and stays put really well. I hate normal powder, but this water powder weirdness is fantastic.

      • Me too! I love that stuff!

      • You have to use Becca powder you can’t just let it sit like other powders , bc it is kinda like a wet setting powder which is so neat and so is the way they packaged it . But, if you let it sit too long it turns into a weird consistency . So I’m trying to use this setting powder first before all the other ones I have .

      • Well where do u live ill send u mine….lol i have 2 now… Lol i gave one to my 6 year old….

      • Ha! I’d take your spare in heartbeat!

      • I want it!

      • Isn’t that powder amazing!?

    • I haven’t received my September boxyluxe but my fingers are crossed because if it’s not good I’ll be cancelling also because, for one: Why do we take a beauty quiz if not to get the company and colors we request and for two: I’ve received pink lipstick that I don’t wear and other stuff I’ll NEVER wear! I keep crossing my fingers and hoping for make-up that I love ( or atleast) like and will wear- because that’s why we order boxycharm N upgrade to boxyluxe is to pay for what we WANT! I left ipsey because the products were to small only to come to boxycharm to be disappointed! I’m praying 🙏 that this month is all I hope I’ve even updated my beauty quiz several times in hopes that in kicks in.. Another concerned charmer!!

      • Which Palette were you hoping for?

      • I’m feeling the same way I continue getting colors I will never use. My skin tone is medium dark and tired of taking the quiz to match my colors and then receiving the opposite colors. I never get the darker tones of anything in my box. I have messaged boxy charm about this several times and it had never changed. I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting ripped off and it’s becoming very annoying, frustrated!!!!

      • Not yet! Definitely let me know what you get!! What do you think about Boxys new box they announced?

      • Hey leah, so I’m guessing that response was to me lol. I thought for sure I would’ve helped u get it traded by now. Damn that bites. I’ve really been trying for u girl I swear lol. But mine says it’s out for delivery yay!! So we shall c here in a few hours, whenever my mailman decides to come, on which palette I will get. I got my fingers crossed for u love. Btw do u know what all u were trading for the palette? I was just curious. I think I was getting my hopes up for the serum lol. But anything is fine. I’m getting so impatient lol. He can’t come fast enough.

      • Amanda…I can swap the serum, if that’s what you want and you don’t get it. I have tried it once though, but it’s still in the box.

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