BoxyCharm Premium New Subscription – Everything You Need To Know

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BoxyCharm has launched BoxyCharm Premium!

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Sign up for the waitlist here!

Here are all the details from BoxyCharm about this new Premium subscription and changes they are making to the BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe subscriptions:

Last year we brought you BoxyLuxe. This November we’re introducing BoxyCharm Premium, a
NEW and BIGGER monthly beauty box valued at a minimum of $175 for only $35 a month!

Quantities will be limited. Be sure to sign-up to the interest list here.

That’s not all
You asked. We listened!
(For ALL Charmers – BoxyCharm, Premium and Luxe)

 CUSTOMIZATION – Now, this one is huge! From the first beauty subscription that
brought you full-size products, we’re bringing complexion customization out of the store
and into your home. In November, you will receive a complexion pack to test and select
your perfect shade for future Boxys. Stay tuned for more details!
 CHOICE – Now, the power is yours! You get the chance to choose one product in your
box each month. You don’t have to wait. Choice for October will OPEN TODAY! Follow
our Instagram Stories to know when it opens. @boxycharm
 ADD-ONS – Now, you can have it all! We’re introducing Add-Ons at member-exclusive
prices with free shipping. But hurry! Quantities are limited and will be available first
come, first served. Add-On your favorite products starting Thursday, September 19th,
2019. Follow our Instagram Stories to know when it opens. @boxycharm
 BOXYPOPUP – Now, back by popular demand, BoxyPopUp is here to stay! Starting this
November (just in time for Holiday shopping) and returning every 3 months, indulge in
up to 80% off top makeup, skincare and lifestyle products.
 VALUE – Now, your BoxyCharm is even bigger and worth even more! We are increasing
the minimum value of each BoxyCharm from $100 to over $125 starting this November.

To Charm you with Customization, Choice, Add-On, BoxyPopUp, and over $125 Value (up from
$100), we’re updating the BoxyCharm subscription price to $25 per month starting November
1, 2019. The price of BoxyLuxe will remain the same. Month-to-month Charmers can lock-in
their $21 for a limited time by upgrading to a prepaid plan by September 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM

We hope you’re as excited as we are about BoxyCharm Premium and the Charmer benefits
we’ve been working on just for you. We can’t wait to keep Charming you!

Your BoxyCharm Team

What do you think of these new changes? Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hey, so how do you go about doing the customization? I’ve been on the website, and can’t figure it out.

  2. ADD ONS ARE LIVE!! But super underwhelming, it’s all stuff from Septembers Boxycharm and Boxyluxe, the touch in sol product from october choice selection and a few other things that aren’t very exciting to me. The only thing that looked good is the Elemis mask for $12

  3. Can someone please help me?! I know we cant get luxe and premium at the same time at this point…..also, we wont know u til November 1st whom will be getting premium…..

    Do we need to cancel luxe now in case we get premium, or do we wait and see if we get on the premium and THEN cancel luxe?!

    I dont want to cancel my luxe unless I know I am going to get premium and then risk a waitlist for luxe again….but I’d rather have premium then any of them…….

    Does anyone know how this part works?!

    Thank you

    • In order to get premium, you have to keep your base box subscription (if you upgrade to luxe, thats fine too but you HAVE to keep the regular boxy). In November, you will be charged for regular boxy AND premium, after that first time, then you can cancle the regular (and luxe upgrade) only if you wish to. You can have both…you just cant get the quarterly luxe without the basic boxy too unless you only subscribe on the luxe months, then cancle again….but doing it that way you may not be guaranteed a luxe box and also risk not being able to customize. Hope that helps!

      • So premium hasn’t started yet right?! Like I’ve seen an “interest ” list and then a “waitlist” does the “waitlist mean people have already signed up and its filled up now?!
        And we cancel luxe once we get off the premium “waitlist” or before?!

        Thanks for the info 🙂

        Also, anyone know what time “add ons” are supposed to start tomorrow?!

        Boxy does everything so confusing and even their limited edition and everything’s are always messed up and it kinda seems like they are rolling out way to much too quick and its confusing and. Ot a good idea.

  4. I haven’t seen the add-ons being added to as this email stated it will open on September 19th…. has the date changed? Anyone know?

    • My email says the add ons open on the 24th

      • Thanks! I never received an email from Boxycharm so this is helpful.

        • You’re welcome😊 I was very confused when this was posted saying the 19th because the first email I got said the 24th

        • What time do add on start?! I’m a day sleeper and need to be asleep but dont want to miss it..

          • I’m not sure, my email just said the 24th with no time. Its driving me crazy because I want to be able to get to it as soon as it goes live. I wish they’d post a time

  5. Sorry maybe I’m forgetful, but if I sign up for boxyluxe now will I get September boxyluxe ( b/c I don’t want this box I want the upcoming boxyluxe)
    can anyone let me know how it works say I sign p for boxyluxe in October will they automatically send me September’s boxyluxe?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

  6. Where is the optin to sign up for boxycharm premium? can someone help 🙂
    I went to my boxycharm page and looked under account preferences , but only see option to upgrade to boxyluxe

    Thanks !

    • You will get an email from boxy, and you sign up for a list, and then wait until November 1st to see if your still waitlisted or if you get the premium.

      It’s kind of confusing too because they say you cant get premium and luxe right now because a program glitch…and this is boxy so we never know what’s going to happen. Haha

      Just google “boxycharm premium sign up” and scroll down and you will see where it comes up to sign on at.

  7. I don’t quite understand the purpose of the boxycharm premium. I’m perfectly happy with the original and boxyluxe. Now there’s a separate option in the middle, with completely separate products? I guess it’s just more choices and varying price points for us. What I am very happy with is the monthly product choice they are giving us. That alone is worth a few extra dollars for me. B oxy is my only beauty subscription, so I want to customize as much as I can!

  8. So, basically, they saw what Ipsy did and decided: That looks great! Let’s copy them!
    I’m afraid to subscribe to the premium one and get Boxycharm leftovers. I’ll wait and see.

    • Actually, I think its the opposite. At the $50 price point, Ipsy did their Ultimate and just relased it every month instead of quarterly, about the same amount of products as the Luxe. I think it was smart of Boxy to do one at a $35 price point, its a middle ground for those who cant swing $50 dollars a month but who want a little extra than they’re getting in Boxy or GBP. Honestly, I would rather have two GBP with different items than the GBU, that would be 10 full size for the same price without the trial size items which bug me. Its like searching through a little sea of samples. I would get a lot more use out of 10 full size products.

      • i agree, Natiesha. except the GBU has different & better products (at least this first box does); GBP gets betty boop while GBU gets well known & desirable products. otherwise, i’d rather get 2 GBP’s & get to choose 2 products. instead of $10 worth of sample sizes, i’d rather just keep the $10 extra dollars. as of right now, i am subscribed to IPSY GBP & GBU and BOXYCHARM & BOXYLUXE & PREMIUM. i already have a LIFETIME supply of every category. i’m in way over my head and i can’t pull myself out.

  9. gosh…I just cancelled this month just in time before…all this mess comes out..good by boxy..

  10. Ooops! You are correct, both would be $60. See why I’m confused…I can’t even get the math straight!!!! 😸😹🙀

    • This was supposed to go under Squirrelygirl’s comment a few posts down. Don’t know why it appeared at top.

      • Haha, all good! It’s very confusing indeed! It’s clear that Ipsy and Boxy are trying to out do each other, but I honestly think there is room for both- IF they keep it simple.

  11. I am very upset with them upping the price of the normal Boxycharm! The price was the reason I signed up. If things get too much more expensive then I just wont be able to continue to subscribe with them. I really enjoy getting my boxy every month but they really need to take into consideration the price point that they promised in the first place. Not everybody has unlimited funds for beauty products and when you up the price more than $5 a month that’s a big hit in the long run. ($60 extra a year) When I first signed up I was paying the $21 then they put taxes on it and made it $22 something a month. And now I’m supposed to pay $27 something? This is just not okay!!! I am very upset! And I really wish that they wouldn’t have ruined such a great thing.

    • The price increase is actually only 4$ a month and they are giving a guaranteed value of at least 125 vs 100 a month and offering a customization option monthly, which add to cost. I think the 4$ for higher value and an option is well worth it. They are also letting you lock in the current price for the next year if you do an annual subscription before 9-30. This is what I did. They don’t collect sales tax, your local state does.

      There are some other lower cost boxes out there if this increase is too much for you, however, they are all going to collect sales tax for your local state.

      Hope this helps.

      • The customization option is for ALL three boxes. Base box and premium have one customization and boxyluxe has 1-3 choices.

    • While I understand that the increase is not something you are happy with, the reality is that the costs for any subscription box are going up – shipping rates have skyrocketed as well as the cost for workers so the cost for Boxycharm to actually just physically pack and ship has gone up and of course all of these costs impact their supply chain as the brands have increased costs to supply the products for the boxes.

      Subscribing to a beauty box is a luxury in my opinion. Honestly if I was on such a tight budget that $5 or so a month was significant, I wouldn’t be getting ANY beauty boxes as one can get great products for all one’s needs for less money especially when one factors in that not all the products in a box would even be something one would buy. How many eyeshadow palettes does one need or lipsticks that aren’t a color one would buy.

      I find subscription boxes to be a fun form of entertainment but I am using purely discretionary income to purchase them. When I was on a tighter budget, I never would have bought them and was perfectly fine with purchasing only those beauty/grooming products that I really needed and found great products at lower price points. I still like Suave shampoo as much as any of the expensive samples I’ve received. ELF makes great products as does The Ordinary.

      • This is probably the most sensible comment on the internet. 100% agreed.

    • Agreed 100% and I’m sure nothing will truly change – just blowing smoke for more money, no customization , poor CS I’m so done with Boxy – disappointed month after month about my box bc they fail to even consider profiles or reviews on products I write – complete fail cancelled easily through email

  12. I’m so confused on the premium box. It will be a totally different subscription but under the same box name but at a higher price with less items? Boxyluxe/charm has always disappointed me as i ALWAYS get a subsitute thats not even an option in the spoilers. I don’t even understand how to sign up for it as there is no option on the website. Good thing because the premium will probably be left over stock from previous boxes like this last boxyluxe was 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • I could not agree with you more Eastof18.
      This is confusing and I also get the box with all the leftover random stuff that isn’t in the spoilers. I have one foot out the door.

  13. I’m someone who IMMEDIATELY upgraded to both boxy luxe and ipsy plus as soon as they rolled out with zero hesitation, but for some reason I’m not tempted at all by ultimate or premium. I get why there’s no overlap since they’re appealing to their base, but it seems like a totally different subscription box … basically a second boxycharm for people who would rather get two versions of boxy and cancel a different beauty sub. I feel like it would’ve made more sense if they made a monthly option for boxyluxe. I am excited about increased customization though … I know some people haven’t been impressed, but I got all three of the items I chose in the quiz for this month’s boxyluxe so I have to give them props. Also, does anyone else think that the customization and pop up sales kind of defeat the purpose of upgrading? Like if they go well and we’re able to get the products we REALLY want (either in our box or at a huge discount) then why gamble? I know there’s no overlap between boxes, but I have to assume a lot of the premium products (or at least the brands) will be featured in the sale (kind of like most of the charm room items are from old boxes).

  14. This might be the kick I need to cancel. I have been a loyal Boxy customer for years but there are other things I feel like they should be focusing on…like their customer service. I won’t go into my last C.S. experience, but it was pretty off putting.

    I feel like this is pretty haphazardly planned. Like they are jumping in with eyes closed and hoping it pans out (maybe because Ipsy beat them to it and now they are scrambling). I’m on overload right now, so I am just going to sit back and see how it all unfolds. For now, no Ipsy GBU or Boxy Premium for me. Next month’s box will decide whether I stick with regular Boxy and Luxe.

    • I was sort of thinking the same thing about their creation of Boxy Premium. Actually, I could see having 3 different subs for both Boxy & Ipsy being a bit too much for each of them to handle, and within a couple of years I can see them both going back to only one box and say something like they want to set their focus on only one extraordinary box for subscribers and that one box will allow them to include higher quality products with a better curation and better customer service, etc., etc.

      • Luna and I should open up our own sub box that actually makes sense 😉

        Just kidding! I wouldn’t be able to handle the inevitable unhappy people.

        I guess I should just stick to walking dogs lol

        But yea, I can totally see them giving up the three wonky tiers for one REALLY GOOD one.

      • Luna, that actually sounds like a brilliant idea and I truly hope that’s what they end up doing. And the sooner the better. After October’s HORRIBLE Ipsy Plus I’m now down to just the regular Ipsy bag and only because I idiotically purchased a full year’s subscription to avoid the price increase. So as of right now I’m down to one small beauty sub. I truly can’t believe it. I’ve been so addicted for so long and have been subscribed to so many boxes, some consistently for years and others off and on. I did a thorough inventory of all my beauty products recently and it was a real eye opener. Between the results of that and my frustrations and disappointments from Boxy and Ipsy it was less traumatic to cancel than I thought it would be. Although I admit that after canceling Plus I’m tempted to return to Boxy. I’m going to do my best to hold out though. At least until I see how all these changes shake out. Especially after seeing Ipsy’s disastrous rollout of Ultimate.

  15. Forgive me, but I am a bit confused. So:

    I may subscribe to regular Boxy at $25 monthly.

    I may subscribe to regular Boxy at $25 monthly with a Boxy Luxe upgrade at $50 on a quarterly basis.

    I may subscribe to Boxy Premium monthly at $35.

    I may NOT subscribe to Luxe quarterly if I only have Premium monthly.

    I may have Boxy Premium and regular Boxy both on a monthly basis with no product overlap for $50.

    I may have Boxy Premium for $35 and regular Boxy for $25 and Boxy Luxe quarterly without receiving a regular Boxy on the third month when I would receive Boxy Luxe at $50. This would be $85 every third month.

    To get all three levels, it would be $50 a month and $85 every other month.

    Add customization and product choice and Boxy is about to have the mother of all cluster f***s. Then we have Ipsy doing their thing which seems more simple, but has had issues rolling out their GBP as well.

    Maybe I’ve been in the beauty sub game too long or have beauty overload fatigue, but I think I need a break. I know many of us say this, but I’m planning on huge cuts after Christmas. I can buy the random Allure on Amazon, a Beauty Fix whenever I want when/if they return to awesome, and just get a basic Ipsy and Boxy for fun. I need to stay off this site and choose products when my emails tell me to select an item. This is really going to happen. No, really!!!! C’mon…..I can do this!!! 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸 *sigh*

    • I canceled today, they’re copying Ipsy just for the sake of copying and things are getting confusing in a way it doesn’t need to. I’m personally not like the spoilers for any of the boxy or Ipsy items for October so I canceled both. I’ll wait to see how things go and where the best value is and products I want. I didn’t like Ipsy glam bag plus at all but occasionally regular glam bag and boxy luxe. Wish there was a way to skip boxy so I don’t have to cancel and sign up each and every time.

    • Correct, except it’s $60 for Boxy + premium. They like to make things complicated over at Boxy it seems

    • Omg! This says it all! @punkykiki. Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel.

    • It would be $60 on a non-Luxe month and $85 every 3 months, not every other month. Everything else is correct.

    • Lmao..for real..this site is a KILLER on wallets and hoarding…haha

  16. I don’t think it’s clear here but you can’t get Premium right now with a Luxe upgrade. To get Luxe you have to be subbed to the regular box.

    If I am lucky enough to get subbed to the Premium, I will probably keep both boxes with the Luxe upgrade on the regular one. This means no more Ipsy though. $60 plus tax for two months and $84.99 plus tax at quarter end months.

    I am excited but also think I may end up angry lol with $4 more out of pocket and no upgrade due to site issues again.

  17. I am so confused with the premium subscription. How does the cycle billing be like if you decide you want boxyluxe? I’m not quite sure but this makes no sense to me unless someone makes it clearer for me where I can understand. Lol.

    • If you want Boxyluxe you will have to keep the base box, like it currently is. The Boxy Premium is a separate subscription. You can do all 3, but they aren’t allowing people to only get Premium & Luxe, without the regular box.

      • If I understand correctly, if you were to get all 3 you would get the premium and the regular box on a monthly basis for a total of $60/month and then every quarter you would get just the one boxy luxe for the $50? Or would you get the boxy premium with the boxy luxe for $85/quarter?

        Very confusing

        • The way I’m understanding it, you would still get Boxy Premium on the month you get Boxy Luxe.

  18. It just seems like alot all at once when they haven’t even nailed down customization you know? I have been a faithful charmer for over 5 yrs.and it won’t change. I don’t like the price increase but I understand it.

    I don’t like that I cannot have the premium and upgrade to lux though,that doesn’t make much sense and boxy should think about changing that on the next coming months before luxe gets here again.

  19. Can I get the premium only?

    • Yes you can! You can cancel the base box and choose to only receive premium which is what I am going to do BUT you cannot get luxe without being subscribed to the base box.

      • In the live video, they said you had to have the basic box in order to get the premium. Once you get off the waitlist for the premium, you can cancel the basic box. If you want boxy luxe, you can re-subscribe on the luxe months then cancle again if thats what you want to do for now. I am thinking they will make it easier in the future.

      • Only after the first month! For the first month you HAVE to be subscribed to the base box and when off the premium list you get and pay for base and premium for Nov. . AFTER the first month you can cancel your base box.

    • Yes, except for the 1st month you will get both and be billed for both. After that, you can cancel the regular box.

  20. Boxycharm will never be able to pull this off, they don’t even have an app. To many variations this is going to be a fiasco I’m sticking with Ipsy GBP & GBU I do wish them luck

    • Yup, this is going to be a huge mess! I’m just going to sit back and watch it crash.

      • I have my popcorn ready! I can’t wait lol

  21. So if I have the regular box and luxe and want the premium can I get it if I cancel my regular box, or do I still have to keep my regular $25box too?

    • someone said you cannot have only premium and luxe…as of now, you need the base for luxe

      • Which is nutz right? 👀 I hope they change that.

  22. I don’t know which one to chose. Yikes! I love Touch In Sol but the spray looks great too. Wish they would let you chose the shade. That dark would be too much for my fair skin.

  23. I had to go ahead and locking for 6 months for the charm. I choose the gloss skin for the choice. I will give the Choice a try, face it, I gotta know!

  24. I chose the iconic prep and glow spray ☺

  25. Customization is open. I have to say, not very impressed with the options. Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glass Skin Balm, Iconic London 1 Prep Set Glow Spray, or have them choose for you.

    • Right? I was extremely underwhelmed by those two choices, I don’t know what I was expecting but it was definitely more than that. I chose the Touch I’m sol pretty filter glassy skin balm.

      • That’s what I chose too.

      • That balm is extremely thick and greasy.

  26. Live now in your account everyone 2 products to choose from!

    • Thanks Diane!

    • Thanks!! Granted….the choices….yikes

    • Ty Diane for the heads up,very gracious of you 👍

  27. BOXYCHARM October 2019 CHOICE IS NOW OPEN! There are only two options

    Iconic Set and Glow Spray


    Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

    I chose the Touch in Sol product

    • Ty for letting us know and being so informative! I really appreciate nice ppl like you ❤

      • You are very welcome! I would’ve hated for some people to have missed the option to choose. I’m glad it helped😊


  29. I feel like this is going to spread Boxy too thin. I have always loved my Boxycharm boxes and also Boxyluxe, however I feel like the quality of the regular boxes went down when Boxyluxe was introduced. I worry that having a third box of new products to fulfill will spread the good pieces out even further.


    It’s pretty underwhelming though, only two options. I chose the Touch In Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin balm

  31. I read the FAQ about Premium membership, and what I understand is that I have to be a Boxy ($21 which will be $25 ultimately) member to become a Premium member.

    So this means for November I will be charged $21/$25 and $35 both? So i have to get 2 boxes in November ? And if I plan to get Luxe….I have to get both Boxy and Premium again?

    • Regular boxy which is $21 will increase to $25 in Nov. This is for 4-5 products. If you go premium, it is essentially and upgrade to the regular box, costing $35 for 6-7 products. So you will pay $10 more for more products.

      Boxyluxe remains the same price and it is every 3 months.

      • If this is how it will work (and I hope it works this way), it is good but if it will work the way I feared, then 🙁

        • Boxycharm and premium will be independent of one another. You dont have to have charm to get premium

          • For the first month in November you have to be subscribed to ,and be billed for the base box in order to be taken off the list for premium. After the first month you can cancel the base box and stick with the premium but you absolutely have to buy both boxes that first month. This was asked and asserted several times by boxy on Facebook.

      • I’m not seeing how it could be an upgrade when it says that products in Boxycharm/Luxe will be different than what’s in Boxy Premium. An upgrade would suggest the same products as Boxycharm plus a few more extra products. This announcement says there will be no overlap between subscriptions.

        Also, how in the world are they going to have enough of each product? Look at how many variations there are each month with Boxycharm alone. I can’t imagine how many there will be with this premium version. And will Influencers and You Tubers continue to get the best products? This is certainly intriguing and maybe even a bit exciting if I’m honest. But Boxy hasn’t proven to be the most honest, fair or reliable company in the past so it’s definitely a wait and see for me.

        • That bothers me influencers , bloggers , and you tube people always get the best variance plus majority never pay a cent for their boxes unfair , and the rest of us get whatever 🤔😡

        • Influencers get free boxes, and they also buy boxes on top of it. Plus you have people getting multiple boxes just to resell items to make money off of, which spreads it out even worse.
          It all factors in, and boxy dont do good with limited edition boxes, let alone all of this, plus add on and pop up sales

      • Will they color match the Iconic Prep and Glow to our skin tone though if we choose that? Because I am way too fair for the dark one.

    • Looks like you have to get the regular boxy to get boxy luxe from what I’m seeing on their website, at least for now.

      • Yes, it’s always been that way.

        • Sorry, I meant with Premium you couldn’t get luxe, like you can get luxe with regular boxy.

  32. I think I’ll be watching and waiting to see how this plays out. I skipped Ipsy plus this month, but I’m hesitant to sign up for this yet. But I am glad they’re going to be doing the pop ups regularly. I just wish they would let us use charms for that.

  33. I’m confused, the email I got says add ons start on September 24th but on here it says September 19th. Did anyone else email say September 24th?

    • my email said 24th. gonna have to be on alert from the 19th-24th

  34. I just got the email too, I signed up for the BoxyCharm Premium waitlist. Thank god it starts in November since I signed up for Ipsy Ultimate too and that starts in October. I’m excited about the choice option, the add ons, and the foundation/concealer swatches. I guess I’ll have to cancel Birchbox (was already planning on it anyways), Play By Sephora, and Allure to keep up with Ipsy and BoxyCharms new upgrades!

    Can’t wait to see what the choices for October’s boxes are today whenever it opens

    • I never get the email

  35. I want to know what does it mean when they guarantee regular box and premium box will not overlap. I guess I mean both in terms of quality and customization.

    • My guess is that they mean the specific products included won’t overlap, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could still end up with two different products from the same brand between each box, or you could get two of the same product types between each box. I wonder if they had color variations on palettes, lip products, etc. if they would include one of each color from the same brand & product type in each box, but still say they’re different products, because technically they are?

  36. Every time they have offered customization, they have sent me the wrong product. Not to mention I always get the lesser valued box each month without fail. This is going to be a hard pass for me at least.

  37. And the challenge has been issued. Boxycharm just served the same thing as Ipsy with a lower price point. Even though you get more with Ipsy, I feel Boxy has more premium items. So it’s all about time. Only time will tell which is best.

    • Starting in October you get to choose one full-size item for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. This sub may have better items – we’ll have to wait and see – but it’s not doing anything Ipsy GBP isn’t, and it’s $10 more expensive.

      • Sorry, my mistake – looks like both Boxy and Ipsy GBP will offer customization at the $25 level. I’ll be interested to see how they differ themselves in terms of products.

      • Except with BoxyCharm premium you get 6-7 full size products a month but with Ipsy GBP you only get 5 full size products per month. That makes the extra $10 worth it to me at least

    • I’m on the fence with which one has better items. I think Ipsy probably is better in skincare which is so much better for me and Boxy is better in the makeup.category. But yes, we will see in time what happens. I will be getting both premium boxes though.

  38. I think I’m going to just stick with regular boxy until I see some of the other boxes 1st… I already get boxy charm & boxyluxe…. i get ipsy and ipsy plus… I’m thinking about getting ipsy ultimate, but if boxy is raising their price to $25 and the ipsy plus is $25 +tax that is $50 already… i dont want to spend too much money on products.. I have alot of skincare and makeup I have barely used and gotten through.. I gave away a lot of.prducts that I couldn’t use on my skin to others and I’m still in overload… I think I will wait and see how the boxes are going 1st before I make that commitment.

  39. Hope this isn’t a cluster #@!*

    • Of course it will be lol.

  40. How can I pick my one product today ??

    • I was wondering the same thing

    • They’re going to send emails (or you can follow their Instagram and Facebook pages to find out) when the choice opens up and then when you go to the BoxyCharm website it’ll have a choice option in the menu bar. I can’t wait for the choice to open up and see what options they have

    • I had a square icon next to the shopping bag icon and it let me choose between two available items.

    • Rebecca their is a “Choice” icon next to the cart icon on the upper right corner.

    • It now go to your account

  41. This all sounds exciting! I also love that both Boxy and Ipsy are in competition!

  42. These changes for Boxy has made my entire day! I am so incredibly excited. I cancelled my Ipsy Plus with a quickness!

  43. Its not letting us sign up for premium, will they send another email with that option? Confusing but reading here. Thanks

  44. So this is the body version of Ipsy glam bag plus, got it.

    • Boxy *

    • Lol. Right! It’s funny to me. But in the end, the competition between them gives us – the subscribers – the best options to pick for us. Personally, I’m sticking with Ipsy.
      Boxy has shown time and time again, that they can’t do customization. They have allowed people to pick an item, more than once, and still don’t send that one item. It is smart for them to do more pop ups. The site should be able to handle it better, without everyone rushing to buy whatever, within a short time frame. Ipsy does their daily deals and has been for years.
      I do hope they can get the profile thing figured out though! If they do, I might go back.

  45. I’m excited to see they’ll be doing the Boxy PopUp regularly. I missed their 1st pop-up as I was in a “I’m going to be good and pass” state of mind that day, but as usual with all of my “I’m going to be good” moments when it comes to beauty boxes, I regretted it. I’m taking a break from Boxy for the rest of the year, but I’ll definitely be giving it a whirl, at least quarterly, to make sure I can get in on the Boxy PopUps. 🙂 I’m also excited to see the other changes too!

    • Yeah, I’m on an “I’m being good” break myself. Doesn’t mean I’m not low-key pretty excited though for when I’ve worked through/gotten rid of some of my extra stash though! 😉

    • Hi, Luna! What do you mean by “quarterly”? Are they offering one of these subscriptions on a quarterly basis? Or do you mean you’ll just subscribe and unsubscribe in time for the pop-up sales?

      This all sounds great, especially given my frustration and loss of confidence in Ipsy Plus. But I can’t help but be very skeptical. I just don’t see how all these changes could possibly go smoothly when typically one new feature or option with them has been disastrous or hasn’t happened at all despite promises. I’m also still concerned about whether or not us “little people” will have a chance at actually getting the best variations finally. I just can’t imagine how they’re going to have enough inventory for all these boxes when month after month they end up having to throw in random old repeat items and/or discontinued products in some of the regular boxes just to be able to fill them with the promised number of products.

      • Hi Dani! I believe they stated that the pop up sales will be held on a quarterly basis (which is the main appeal to Boxy for me), and I’m assuming that only subscribers can take advantage of their sales (which makes sense to me), so I’m planning to sub just to their regular box on the months that the pop up sales will occur…. starting next year. 🙂

        • Great plan! I think that’s what I’ll do as well. I got some great deals during the last Pop-Up and would’ve gotten more if they hadn’t sold out so fast. I still managed to spend $100 so that was probably a good thing. I’ve been too disappointed in Boxycharm and Luxe to really be interested in their new box. Especially with their habit of sending the best products to Influencers almost exclusively. And of course I already have so much more makeup than I want or need at this point. I think the quarterly plan will work out well in that regard and even more so financially since I lose control with those Pop-Up prices.

          I’m still unsure about what to do about Ipsy. Just when I thought I was close to a decision they brought out Betty Boop! Now like you, I want them all! Well, all the bags anyway. I like the BB eyeshadow palette but don’t need or want the eyeliner or blush palette. I just really hope I don’t get 80% makeup again. I’ll be beyond disappointed if I spend $85 (plus the inevitable pre-sales and adds-ons) and that’s what I end up with.

          • I would have been right there with you if I had decided to partake in the pop up sale. 😉 Out of curiosity, I tallied up everything I would have purchased if I decided to indulge, and I would have purchased around 10 items (all skincare of course 😉 ), and my total would have been $147! lol!!! Ya, I would have rolled up the sleeves, pulled my hair back, and took off my earrings if I had participated in that sale cause I saw it when it first went live and those prices were no joke. lol And worst case scenario for me is that they either sell out of stuff I want right away or there’s just nothing I really want and I just “end up” with the regular box…. which is fine with me because I’ve usually liked what I’ve received from Boxy even though I usually do gift around 2 or 3 items per box, but the items I keep still make it worth it to me… and I honestly don’t mind gifting out some of my box contents. 🙂

            As for Ipsy, I just plan to re-sub based on the bag spoilers. The good thing about that is that there’s usually only 2 or 3 bags per year that I MUST have, the bad news about that is like you said…. I want them all!!!! lol! so I’ll most likely sub to all three boxes to get them. While the motivation to spend that $80+ is to get the bags, I know I’m still getting a buttload of products that most likely I’ll enjoy so I’m not *really* spending all that money just for the bags. At least I’m going to tell myself that. 😉

    • Add ons are open and they’re not good

      • They are not good at all, it’s all september boxycharm/boxyluxe items, the touch in sol product from october choice and a few other things that aren’t worth it to me. The Elemis mask is the only interesting one for $12

  46. I signed up to know when the Premium is rolled out as well. This is kinda exciting! 🙂

    • This is getting insane. Also I dont think boxy has every not had a fiasco happen when they tried to customize so I find it funny they are advertising customization

      • They don’t customize at all

        I do enjoy the pop ups a lot , except when they run outta stock bc ppl stock pile on multiple accounts :/

  47. I’m glad Ipsy and Boxy are in competition, it makes it so they have to keep doing more to get our business. I personally prefer Boxy over Ipsy (I get both) so I’m pretty excited for the improvements to Boxy.

    • This is exactly why it’s so important to support Politicians and legislation that protects our dwindling free market economy.

      It keeps prices competitive and allows middle and lower classes the ability to afford stuff. Otherwise, we will end up screwed like Australia where Sephora has a mafia grip on exclusive selling rights and access to products.

      • By requiring brands to sign contacts with them, Sephora has exclusive selling rights to a lot of brands here in the United States as well. (Google/GoodSearch it.)

  48. Holy wow, im going to have to drop some subs. Im up for all 3 ipsy, all boxy, slay glam and the fashionsta the box…its tew much

  49. I just got this email as well…

  50. I’m not surprised, Ipsy just rolled out a new program. I figured Boxy wouldn’t be far behind! I signed up to know when the Premium is open

    • How and when do we choose our product? Hi don’t see that option in my account?

      • It’s on now

        • I had a choice between Touch in Sol Glass Balm, Iconic London glow mist, or let them choose. Is that a variation from what others had to choose, or is that seeming to be the same for everyone? Living in a humid environment and combination skin, glowing is not what I need more of, but chose the balm since the spray nozzle got some negative reviews of not working well and having to be shaken so well every single time.

    • I signed up to be notified. I think there is a waitlist already. I want the premium but I kind of wish it was the same as boxycharm with just a couple more luxury items . I’d hate to see all the boxycharm boxes and wish I had that stuff. They said no overlapping products. I can’t afford both . I have ipsy plus and I get my mom and myself Birchbox still as well . I wish I could afford both and gbu!!! 🥺🥺😍😍💕💕😂😂😂

      • Be happy you didn’t get the GBU. I’m never disappointed but I actually am this time around. Other than this serum it was a giant waste of $$. And I don’t require a lot to make me happy honestly. But 3 different kinds of face masks when you don’t like them to begin with is eeekkkkk! I just figured they would knock it out of the park on the 1st try so I didn’t want to miss out. Boxy consistently is always amazing though so I’ll cancel that and do the 3 Boxy’s & GBP. If I had to pay all myself I wouldn’t be having it but hubby renews my Boxy for my birthday every year.

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