BoxyCharm October 2019 Spoiler!

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We have our first spoiler for the October 2019 BoxyCharm box thanks to boxypreview and Yosef!

The October box will include:

Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette – $32

What do you think of the October spoiler? Which palette do you want?

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I would really like the marvelous mauves. I always seem to get browns and shades of red or yellow. Please keep a variety going. Thank you!

  2. I’d like the top right.

  3. I would love any of those palettes except the all brown one, I have so many brown eyeshadow from my sub boxes. October will be my second BoxyCharm box and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get my September box

    • don’t worry almost every pallet I have received from boxy so far have berry and pinkish colors I am hoping to get brown lol

  4. Yea! I remember when Yosef had a sneak peak about this months ago and was looking forward to getting this. But since we hadn’t heard anything more for so long I had been wondering if it was cancelled or something. So I’m glad we are still getting this. Really hoping for Marvelous Mauves. If I don’t get that one and someone else does, I will be looking for a trade 😊 (even though I really don’t need anymore eyeshadow, lol)

    • I’ll definitely trade you for blushing berries or sassy siennas! ❤

  5. Not big on eyeshadow anymore…but looks like a great x-mas pallet!!! Thanks boxy 😍

  6. hey..if ya’ll haven’t taken the beauty quiz lately..on boxycharm go look at it there is a new form in about the middle of it…asking what you like better…check it out..filled out mine today.

    • Thanks for the info, Tammy. Just updated mine

    • Thank you I just redid mine and made some changes lol…..

  7. In Yosef’s IG story today there is a Natasha Denona Cranberry palette in the background. You know he likes to be sneaky with future box spoilers…

  8. Would love any of them but the browns or oranges. After saying that, they are all gorgeous, I just don’t look good in those colors. But I will love trying the one I get. October is already starting out to be a great box🥰🥰🥰

  9. Is there somewhere we can exchange items with other subscribers?

    • MSA does have a swaps site. On the top of the page there’s a “Swaps” link. 🙂

  10. @liz I emailed you a few pics of 2 variations of the full Sept Boxycharm boxes

  11. What happen to September? I don’t think I got August either. Last Lux I got was a hairdryer.

  12. Yosef Martin

  13. Prediction-
    Boxy will have alot of upset charmers on thier hands if we aren’t allowed to choose a palette color.

  14. I would like-
    Marvelous mauves
    Sassy siennas
    Blushing berries.

    I love the snow angels palette too but I know I will never reach for that bright blue 😞

  15. My favorites are:
    Marvelous mauves
    Sassy siennas
    Blushing berries

    In that order 😁

  16. The berries!!!!!! Or the mauves would be nice! Here’s hoping! I’ve also heard that dose of colors eyeshadows are really good too! I love their berry me mate lippie from a couple months back, it is gorgeous! @boxycharm is awesome, point blank!💜💙💜😍

  17. Oooooh I so hope I get the Marvelous Mauves!!! I’m excited to get to try a Dose palette! I’d be perfectly happy with an eye shadow palette every month!

  18. Looking forward to receiving one of these palettes, but not that murky brown one or the one with the bright blue.

  19. Whichever one I get will either be given away or maaaayyybe put into my travel bag (Baked Browns) because I already have them all.

    While that’s a letdown for me, I think it’s a great treat in the box for the vast majority of subbers. I can’t expect Boxy to actually figure out which palettes I don’t have! You guys are going to love these!

  20. I love them all except the bottom right. I hoping the major announcements he’s gonna make is that we can choose our palette! *fingers crossed*

    • Crossing my fingers with you !

    • Well you know if bc doesn’t let us choose a color,Yosef is gonna have alot of angry charmers on his hands. That’s my prediction lol

  21. Ugh. This might be the month I have to unsubscribe. I’d be happy with any of them…I’d prefer some over others but would love to give any of them a try!

    • Stupid autocorrect…

      • Haha, your phone is trying to tell you something 😉

  22. I really really want the Baked Browns pallete!❤

  23. If they follow my profile which I HOPE they do I will get the MUAVES which is the only one I would want. I’m hoping they get this right for me so I like more than one or two products like the August box was horrible for me. Sorry to be negative..

    • They dont use the profiles. They have said they are working towards using them forever now. Maybe they will let you pick. But hoping they will look at profile and know is a shot in the dark

  24. I joined Boxy a few months ago because I wanted more makeup, especially palettes. I ended up getting a boring Tarte face palette and those Butter London shadows that were kinda meh. When I saw there was a good chance of getting another neutral or face palette this month, I bailed from both regular Boxy and Luxe.

    This is tempting, but I’d probably get one of the neutrals lol.

  25. So glad to see that I am not the only one that feels this way I have been with them for over 2 years and all I receive is warm neutrals I wouldn’t mind receiving 1 cool toned eye shadow palette as I do not have any light Gray which would come in handy but besides that I want colors lots of colors

  26. I hope I get Baked Browns or Pretty Cool. I will definitely NOT wear any of the others. It’s funny how some of us only want neutrals or only want bright colors. It would be so helpful if sub boxes would go by your profile. I’m sure it would take a lot of extra work on their part, but it would really help to keep their customers happy.

    It’s also funny that some of you say that you’re sick of getting eyeshadows from BoxyCharm. That is the main reason I signed up for it!! I have only ONE eyeshadow palette, and I’m not really fond of it, and I kept seeing reviews of Boxy with all these eyeshadow palettes. I thought, ‘WHY am I subscribed to Allure??’ So I switched! Just got my first box with the Butter palette–beautiful!!

    • I personally will never be able to completely feed my palette addiction or my skincare addiction, but I’ve been getting beauty subs for about a year and a half (specifically, Boxycharm, ipsy Glam bag Plus and now ultimate,) and my palette collection is absolutely insane! In most part from the subs, but I have bought quite a few of the ones I really want. So if you stick with Boxycharm, you may end up saying the same thing about palettes in about a year or so lol

      • My palette collection is so out of control. Most of them are from subscriptions as I was with Boxy almost five years until this month, and pretty much every other beauty sub out there at least off an on for about the same length of time, but I still buy some as well. I was very bad recently and bought three new ones from Sephora since they were half price. Sure, I got quite a deal but I literally have 2 drawers (craft organizer stand type drawers) packed full of palettes, most I haven’t even touched. I swear you’d think I was collecting antiques or figurines. Like I just want to be able to look at them and know they’re mine! 😄

        • This is me also. I’ve been able to learn more about which shades I actually like and use, and not just grab every new palette that comes along, but if it’s pretty enough- yep I need it. I also have a few drawers full plus more don’t feel bad!

    • I have said this so many times I have had them for over 2 years and since they do a terrible job at preferences even ipsy does when it comes to colors they could at the very least either allow you to choose to receive neutrals because a lot of people like those they like to be basic and boring I prefer to be colorful and daring so I think that you should be able to choose if you want to receive at neutrals or colors keep it simple. I have received nothing but warm neutrals from boxy basically over the past 2 years nothing exciting really and I would only want the palette that has the blue in it besides that I’m all set however I just saw another palette shown that was the Natasha Deona it’s gorgeous

      • I might suggest looking at Tribe Beauty Box instead, I think they cater to the less boring and basic audience 🧐.

  27. Ill take any palette BUT the pretty cool (bottom right). But watch them give out most of the colors that hardly sell. I seriously hope not!

  28. Oh. please no more eyeshadows…give me some skincare please..

    • I want no more skincare and more eyeshadow …

    • 👍

      • So excited. I would love to get the mauves palette!!

    • Go with BeautyFix or maybe allure for skin care. Beautyfix is nearly all skincare with some haircare thrown in.

    • Tammy, you should try Beauty Fix or New Beauty Test Tube, they are all pretty much skincare.

  29. Yes! I’m hoping I get the snow angels one, but I would love any of them. These have been on my wish list. So excited!

    • I’m hoping for any one BUT the snow angels, because I already have it. So if I get snow angels and you get something else, I will gladly swap with you!

      • I get 3 boxes and ONLY want snow angel. I will gladly trade with anyone for snow angel. My chance of getting it may be better than some but still very unlikely.. i know how they roll. I saw a Natasha Deona palette he showed too now that is gorgeous.

    • Marvelous Mauves is EXACTLY my jam. 😍

  30. Yosef’s post said there was a big announcement coming this month. I’m hoping it will be that we can choose our color preference!!!

    • I’m hoping its that they will FINALLY start using profiles. That’s the only way I’d go back to them. Although, the high number of variations, might slow me from reactivating.

  31. I want either Snow Angels or Marvelous Mauves!

  32. Please no ! I can’t wear eyeshadow and can’t stand another eyeshadow palette 🤮🤮

    • Sorry that’s just my opinion :/ I’m glad you guys will enjoy and your right At least it’s a new brand – waiting for other spoilers 🙂

    • Boxy is not the subscription for you then because they are known for giving out and eye shadow palette every month that’s why a lot of people sign up

      • No bc I do enjoy the other stuff in the box usually , usually it’s worth it for me if worst comes to worse I just donate to local charities my make up as usual .. nothings goes to waste, what I meant is I prefer face and highlight palettes which I’ve gotten some really nice ones in boxy and luxe .

        That’s what I meant 😁😁

  33. Nice! Looks like I’m resubbing in October🎃

  34. If one of these is in every box (hopefully not an either/or situation) this is definitely a step up. Finally a different brand that’s liked by most and not the same old stuff. I’m staying for this box now because it was on my chopping block.

  35. I think this will be the month I finally cut the cord with Boxy. I’m drowning in eyeshadow from being with them for a year. Unless there’s another full size amazing skin care product, this is an easy pass.

    I honestly don’t know how people use this much eyeshadow, I still haven’t even worked through the first palette, and I wear eyeshadow every day.

    • I’m more of a collector of eyeshadow palettes rather than someone who actually goes through a whole one. I use different ones all the time, but hardly ever reach the pan. I think I’ve only ever mostly used up one palette in my life: Too Faced Chocolate Bar!

      • I am the exact same way! More of a collector of eyeshadow palettes! I try to rotate which one I use each time and never go through an entire palette. I have so many already but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more lol. It’s an obsession of mine right now, that and lipstick. You can do so many different looks with eyeshadow and the palettes are just so much fun to experiment with and to discover new looks and combinations.

    • 👍👍 yes more skincare

    • Same here. I got the Butter London one recently from Boxy and thats enough to last me a year. I canceled Boxy after two boxes bc I do not need constant eyeshadows. I wonder the same what do people do with all these eyeshadows…seems like they make a lot of clutter. Skincare I like though.

      • Try ipsy!! I have been getting ipsy since July and I love it so far.. They send a lot of skincare products which I love and I’m sure you would too 🙂

  36. I would only want or use the mauve palette, but my daughter’s stocking says yes to any of them. 😊

    • The Mauves would be the only colors I would want.

  37. Sure this could be great if you actually get the one or two colors you’d like! The others are terrible, and it’s very personal. All depends on which one they send you :/

    • Yes! I would only use the mauves, all others would be wasted on me. Only a 17% change I could use the one I received. I think I’ll swap for one!

  38. I wish you could choose the one you want. I already have Marvelous Mauves, Snow Angels, and Baked Browns. They are all fabulous, and I definitely want any/all the others.

    • Follow me on IG or Twitter (marcie_atl) & we can trade if you get a duplicate because those are the 3 I want! Lol

  39. Super excited about this reveal! I’d honestly be happy with any of them.

  40. I hope I get one of the 2 I don’t already own. Fingers crossed. This is a great spoiler though.

  41. So excited for these! I’d honestly be happy with any of them.

  42. Oooooh I’ve been wanting the Marvelous Mauves for-ever! I have been considering dropping but I reeeeaaallly want this pallet! ❤️ 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

    • I’m sure u will get anything but the one u want! 😒. So disappointed in this box. My fault tho, I had to leave for money issues after 3 years (wish they had a skip month feature like Ipsy) anyway. Came back the next month and it’s like my boxes (that once were magnificent) are now the throw aways. Thinking I’m done for good this time. ☹️

  43. OOOOOH… I’d like the Mauves or the Cools.

  44. We should be able to choose which one we like, that is the thing that I don’t like about Boxycharm that they have variations of products but we aren’t able to choose.

  45. Either of the two on the upper right as I already own two lifetime’s worth of the other options to the extent they are wearable. However, one of my friends will be sure to enjoy whatever doesn’t work for me.

    Truly this is an instance in which color preferences would be great.

    Is this a Boxyluxe month- it’s hard to keep track.

    • Boxyluxe is every three months: March, June, September, December 🙂

  46. I own two of these (brown & mauve). I paid full price for them and they are great palettes. The two I have are all matte with a pigmented and easily blendable formula. I’ve had the Berries one on my wishlist forever but I’d also be happy with Sienna. The other two, I really have no desire for.

  47. Anything but the top right

    • Pretty Cool or Marvelous Mauves, but definitely NOT the top right!

  48. Love the pinks & neutrals. Can’t wait!!!

  49. I’ll take either of the lower right side 👍

  50. Anyone but the neutrals please!

    • haha – exact opposite of what Jean said! Neutrals ONLY, please! (Trade you for whatever super-colorful palette I’ll definitely end up with 😀 )

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