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BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm October 2019 Spoiler Update!


We have a spoiler update for the October BoxyCharm thanks to boxycharmsneakpeek!

FYI – BoxyCharm will increase to $25 on November 1st. Lock in the $21 per month price by signing up for a pre-paid subscription before 9/30.

The first October spoiler now includes more variations:

The latest spoiler mentions that subscribers will receive a Dose of Colors or Tarte palette. They don’t include an image for the Tarte variation but we do see a new Dose of Color Palette – Dose Of Colors x iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette – $35

Here’s a look at the other Dose of Colors palettes:


Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette – $32

The October box will also include:

Smashbox “Always On” Liquid Eyeliner OR Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

The October BoxyCharm will also include:

Iconic London 1 Prep-Set-Glow Spray in Original or Glow OR Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

What do you think of the October spoilers? 

BoxyCharm also announced updated to the subscription:

Customization – NEW! Starting this November, test complexion swatches for products better matched to your skin tone.

Choice – NEW! BoxyCharm subscribers select 1 item in their box every month. BoxyLuxe subscribers select 1-3 items for their BoxyLuxe every 3 months.

Add-Ons – NEW! Add more beauty products at member-exclusive prices with free shipping every month.

BoxyPopUp – MORE beauty and lifestyle product deals at up to 80% off will NOW be available every quarter, with the next one in November.

Value – The BoxyCharm box will NOW be valued at over $125 (up from $100) every month starting this November.

To deliver this ever-improving member experience, we’re updating the BoxyCharm price to $25 per month starting November 1, 2019. The BoxyLuxe price of $49.99 every 3 months remains the same.

To lock-in your BoxyCharm box for $21 per month for a limited time, sign-up to a prepaid subscription before Monday, September 30, 2019 11:59pm EST.

Click here and use coupon code GETMYBECCA to get a free full-sized Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder with your first BoxyCharm box!

Full Details:Available to new subscribers or those who cancelled before August 1, 2019. Valid for the month of September, or while supplies last.

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (122)

  1. Has anyone tried the promos like free Becca powder for re-subscribing? I don’t think I cancelled before the 1st. Will it work? I usually do a 3 month subscription at a time so it was likely after but when I tried the code it said it went through.

  2. I canceled boxy this month (regular and luxe) but would like to resubscribe to get November’s boxes.. regular and possibly premium, plus get back on the list for luxe. Do I need do wait until November 1st to do so if I want to avoid getting October’s box, or…?

  3. Have they already given the option to choose for October? I just signed up the last day of September and wondering if I missed the chance to choose for October

    • Yes, I got the email to choose between the Iconic London Glow Spray OR Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Skin Balm around mid September. It was a little disappointing because if BoxyCharm paid any attention at all to my profile quiz, they’d already know that I would never ever EVER choose anything with the word “glow” in the title. I was really hoping for a choice on the palette.

    • I’m confused too, would love to know the same

      • Yes, I got the email to choose between the Iconic London Glow Spray OR Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Skin Balm around mid September. I got the email confirming my choice on 9/17/19.

    • Me too

      • Yes, I got the email to choose between the Iconic London Glow Spray OR Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Skin Balm around mid September. I got the email confirming my choice on 9/17/19.

  4. Email me I have a bunch if you’re serious.

  5. Hi all,

    Does anyone know if I was to re-subscribe now (9/30) if I would get the September or October box? Also would I still have the option of choosing one of my items or would it be too late? I don’t want the september box but also would like to get a choice in one of my items. Thanks!

    • I just subscribed today and was charged for the September box and will be charged again tomorrow. I also did not get to choose.

      • Ahh, that’s a bummer! Thanks for the info!

  6. I have more eye shadow palettes than I will ever use so I’ve started a collection of makeup products that would make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

    I also started to rotate my eye shadow palettes on a weekly basis. On weekends, I will grab all my single eye shadows and use them.

    This way it forces me to use up my current collections before I open up another palette.

    I’m a makeup junkie and I can’t help myself. For the price of the subscription, there’s really nothing to complain about.

  7. I love boxycharm but I also have so many black eyeliners. 🙁 I know ill end up with it , o well.

  8. I honestly do not need anymore black eyeliner. Love Boxycharm, but a couple a year is more than enough, I have 30 of them!

  9. I signed up for the September Boxy to receive the free Becca powder.
    I was indifferent to the variation, although the Violet Voss pallete didn’t really look like something I would use consistently. I ordered my box the second week in September and still have not received it.
    I’ve been on a break from Boxy for a year.
    Yesterday I received an email letting me know that there was a delay in my September box and that tracking will be provided in a few days.
    They gave me a complete peek into my box ( I’m receiving the Tarte pallete instead of the Violet Voss).
    Also, they are giving me 1000 charms for the inconvenience.
    I really thought this was nice and a step in the right direction for Boxy.
    Although I left Boxy for Ipsy Plus…
    The tables may be turning, as Boxy seems to be stepping it up and Ipsy Plus is rolling out these subpar collabs.
    For now Ipsy Plus is on pause and I’m pleased with Boxy.

    • Lol! Yeah not so fast here.

      I had to beg them to intervene and for a replacement for a lost in mail Boxyluxe that was sent on September 6th. They STILL have not shipped out a replacement.

      They still have a lot of work to do, IMO.

    • I resubscribed on the 18th and they have not shipped my box either. Very curious. I also got charms to compensate and bought an extra item with them. Still no idea where or when ill get my box but? They will have to send something eventually? Cant be in a hurry

  10. My comments disappearing again….Great!

  11. Oh no, I love Boxycharm but I find black eyeliners way to harsh for me, honestly I look like a raccoon and it draws attention to my crows feet.
    I have over 30, wondering if I can trade the whole lot for like a Glamglow cleanser. I have already donated 12 pounds of cosmetics ughhhhh

  12. I have been cutting box after box after box. I’m down to pearlesque, boxwalla, Ipsy and Boxycharm. Pearlesque and Boxwalla will be the very last to go. And Ipsy is also farely safe. Boxycharm is on the block though. Ive been getting Boxycharm since the beginning of boxycharm but I’m about done with them. Fabfitfun was another favorite that I cut after the fall box (which I have yet to receive btw). I promise though, if I get another glittery glowy setting spray or another liquid eyeliner (which I will never use) then boxy is gone for good. Argh!!!


    • Same!

    • Me too! I spent way too much time and money at the dermatologist before I realized they were causing my allergic reactions.

  14. If any of you end up with a colorful palette you don’t like and I do I would love to trade if anyone is interested <3

  15. I’m excited for October’s BC and hope I receive the baked browns or cool browns this time around I never get what I really like on eyeshadows 😭 I always end up with mauve or wild colors lol but it’s ok I mean for just 21 dollars a month can’t beat that, and about this months add ons 🤮 I have everything they have on the sight except for the face primer/ moisturizer I believe it is, but I will be getting that for next month so why would I purchase anything from the add ons 🤷‍♀️ Now July’s pop ups I loved, but I didn’t buy anything because everything I wanted was sold out.

    • I’m always hoping for the crazy colors, to go with my teal and purple hair….but I always end up with the neutrals! So maybe we can trade…lol.

  16. I’m gonna say it… I’m excited for this box! I would love to get a dose of colors pallette! I’ve been wanting to purchase one since I saw awesome reviews from several YouTube beauty influencers awhile ago. I appreciate the chance to try things that I could never afford to just play around with were I to purchase them separately. Mom of 4 right here, who has a deep love for makeup and skincare. It’s the only thing I allow myself time for as my ‘me’ time creative outlet. I’ve been doing sub boxes for years now, and the value is still there for me. I think this one is looking pretty good with good brands and a nice assortment of makeup and skincare! Thanks BC, this mama would not be able to glam it up if it weren’t for you. ❤️

  17. Yess nd one wanna donate there palette or sell it super cheap I’ll gladly take it! Any skin care or make up lol.. My 2 yr old & 13 yr olds love doing makeup on me n themselfs lol n i love doing it as well

  18. Boxy add ons were slim and just leftovers – any leftovers I never liked anyway wow that’s a
    Sad way to start off and try and compete in this sub game – easy pass – saved my money .

    • I literally ONLY like the dose of color pallete that they just now are showing. I do not care for any of the others at all whatsoever. Crossing my fingers…

  19. ADDONS ARE LIVE!! but very underwhelming. It’s all stuff from septembers boxycharm and boxyluxe and the touch in sol product from October’s choice. Plus a few other things. The only interesting thing to me is the Elemis mask for $12

  20. Add-ons are up

    • I grabbed the Glassy balm and Elemis superfoods mask

      • I grabbed the same two item, a gift for my daughter. The ad on prices are good if you know you like the product but not good enough to try a product. The ad on selection wasn’t really exciting but it’s a start. I’m excited for future ad on sales.

  21. I’m getting really sleepy (I’m a day sleeper). Where did we get the idea that add-ons start today? And if so, WHY won’t they tell us a release time? Boxy loves to do this sort of thing and enjoys keeping us on pins and needles to build excitement. Boxy, I think you’re playing to the younger set….maybe they enjoy the game? But they are in SCHOOL. I just want to choose my add-ons and go to sleep. What is wrong with telling us when they go live???? What time did the last pop-up sale go live (just as a general guideline)? Did they announce it beforehand ?

    BOXY!!! Step it up!!! I can barely keep my eyes open. Please just give us the details……pretty please!! 💤😴😤

    • I’m a day sleeper..I got an email saying 9/24

  22. IDK… This box is looking pretty good to me. I’ve sure as hell seen worse from Boxycharm. LOL Since I already own all the Dose of Colors matte palettes except Pretty Cool, I hope I receive that one or the iluvsarahii palette. Not the Tarte palette, please! I’d be fine with either the Smashbox eyeliner or Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliant. Not super jazzed about the customization choices. I know I would never use the Iconic London Spray, though, so I picked the Touch in Sol Glassy Skin Balm. I’m oily, but maybe I can use it at night. If not, I’ll give it to my BFF, who has dry skin.

  23. When are the “add ons” if they are tomorrow, why dont we have any info on release time etc?!

    • There on their site right now and boring as heck :/

      • Thanks dot!!! Hahaha I grabbed the brushes, and the violet voss pallette I didn’t get last month (got tarte one…not the bronzer and blush one but the other one ) and I grabbed the stila lip in red.

        The brushes I’m going to gift to a friend for Christmas, along with the tarte pallette I got last month, I think she will like it and I can try to play in the violet voss one and hopefully not look like a clown. Not sure if I will like the stila lip either, but I figure for 6 dollars and I’m already ordering 2 things , might as well try it out.

        Someone on YouTube is saying there might be this cross between a clarosinc and frouo (dont think I spelled it right) on boxy pop up next month….her channel is Elizabeth wolfe… maybe you can find something you like on the pop ups next motnh?!

        I wish I would have got the brush set the dream catcher one on pop up last time, but it was sold out when I seen them.

        This month’s box looks like it will be good. Kinda excited to see what shows up. Lol

        Hope you’re having a great day/night

  24. Thats exactly what I said. They showed 4 different palettes. But yet somehow everyone seemed to get the Violet Voss. Considering all of my family and friends got the Violet Voss and I read they send different batches out at different times and I subscribed this month and late, I was almost positive I would get a different palette and I didnt. I was emailing with a rep that actually told me they do their best to go by the beauty quiz. Thats not true because I marked no eyeshadow. They need to switch it up and give other kinds of palettes rather than just eyeshadow.

    • This is the problem. People complain about all the eyeshadow pallettes (I collect them so bring it on because I like to try good brands so I can buy more from) but there is only so much makeup they can send over and over….people start complaining and you get water bottles and spongellea crap. Thing is, I’d rather have a makeup box vs all this other stuff they are trying to do, and the thing is they are trying to keep everyone happy and these changes suck.

      I’d rather have makeup with well l own brands, even an eyeshadow pallette every month, with brushes, and even ugly brown and neutral lipstick over and over and over with maybe 1 high end skin care vs waterbottles, and curling irons and spongellas. Lol

      • Say it louder for the people in the front and back who constantly complain. Every. Single. Month. LoL

      • Lol. Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

      • Omg yess it kills me lol no matter what some are just not happy!! I love my boxy n even of i dont its 21$-25$ a mnth come on now,one of those items slone is going to cost u about the same amount. Yet they wanna complain !! So cancelle it go with FFF or just buy what u want lol i dont understand why so many people have to keep complaining ugh

      • I agree that the complaining often seems excessive but with BC it’s sometimes warranted. They play shady in that they will often spoil a couple variations then immediately AFTER the 1st when everyone has already been charged they will conveniently spoil a third underwhelming variation like it’s no big whoop.

    • Totally agree they don’t look @ beauty quiz b/c I marked same thing – and got same answer from rep :/ plus a smart a$& remark oh well “ we’re a diamond in the rough” I’m like really guess you’ve been in the rough for years with no chance of becoming a diamond “ at least Ipsy tried to make things rights and their CS is beyond amazing ! But BC oh boy .. less then desirable CS

  25. Definitely not my favourite. I really do like Boxycharm overall but could have skipped this month. I’m going to downgrade from my prepaid 3-month to monthly I think so that I can cancel and only buy the boxes that look good (especially with that price increase, will be buying fewer and fewer I guess). Definitely don’t need another bright eyeshadow palette- when I subscribed I thought you got a palette monthly but of different things (ie eyeshadows, blushes, contour, etc). Also hate Paula’s Choice as every one of their products makes me break out (I tried an entire skincare routine from them for several months trying to see if anything would work)- my friend loves them though. Well, we’ll see- always people who will be happy to take makeup off my hands!

    • I agree I’d love to try different palettes , I’m drowning and suffocating in eyeshadow palettes from BC – change it up a little . I so look forward to getting a contour of face palette , but every month I’m let down with more eyeshadows I cannot use .. sighs .. I do try to make best of it and be happy with at least 2-3 items out of box .

    • This is what I am doing as well, especially with the box for us Canadians now going from $35 to $42 a month Canadian. I will just go month by month. I expect I will be skipping more often than buying, as I can find some pretty awesome palettes (if I want them) or skincare at any of the discount retailers (i.e. Marshalls, Winners) myself since that seems to be what they are sending more and more of. I did not get the highlighter in this month’s box (which I would have preferred) but I found it at Winners for $3.00 this week anyway….I did like the VV palette this month as it was far more neutral than I expected and the formula has been very blendable and long lasting for me, but that and the Dr. Brandt are the only “wins” for me this month (no. more. eyeliner. please.). All the eyeshadow palettes are great I think maybe if you are building a collection but otherwise, it just seems overwhelming.

  26. So many variations! Boxycharm is like a huge grab bag. I really do not want another Tarte Palette.

  27. This new variation of the dose of colour has pretty much the same shimmery colours as the Butter London pallette from July. That makes 7 different variations of just eye palettes for one month plus who knows what the Tarte pallette would be? Not sure why they added the 7th variation and I wonder if Tarte will be eyes at all?

  28. I really hope I dont get the tarte or the brown dose of colors I dont do neutrals much I want the pop of color.

    • Agreed! I would be fine with anything except Tarte and the brown one Dose 🙂

    • Same here. I’m on overload of neutrals and I hardly use them. And I have so many tarte palettes now. I actually don’t think I have any dose of color palettes so I’m like to try one as long as it’s not all neutrals. I like some color to my shadows.

      • I’m so jealous! I love tarte but only have 2 tarte palettes (both are mostly shimmer 😠) and I have several colorful pallets and it seems like every pallette is most or all shimmers – even the rare neutral ones that I might get! Ugh

      • Neutrals/cool tones are good for me. I wonder how hard it would be to let everyone choose the palette they want. It would be one way to keep customers happy.

  29. @Boxycharm, i really hope i get the Dose of Color palette in 1. Marvelous Mauves or 2. Pretty Cool,. And the exfoliant. Please oh pleasssseee!!!


  30. boy am I glad I cancelled this box last sick and tired of them just sending me eyeshadows…they need more to pick from…and now going up..heck no..boxycharm…I now get 2 ipsy boxes which are better than yours..

  31. LOL, I am glad that I didn’t resubscribe.

  32. The amount of complaining is crazyyyy to me. Its a sub box people act like they are paying retail price for everything. You cant even buy these palettes for $21 or $25. Ive explored and learned so many new things from these boxes I wouldn’t have tried on my own. There is so many outlets to trade or sell the things you don’t want. I love that for $4 more dollars I get a choice now and its worth $125 instead of $100. I used to love reading the blogs but now its such a bummer because no one is excited anymore just mad. BOOO lol

    • I feel the same way. Like the skin care or the hair stuff they sent last few months were great. I would have never even looked at them in the store. And I’m loving having them now. Shades of lipstick I wouldn’t have thought to try are perfect on me. Granted not everything I get I love but for the thrill and the chance to try new things it’s worth it. Besides I have plenti of friends that are happy to take what I don’t want lol

    • Thank you so much for expressing some gratitude for getting these great products at a great price. Sure I won’t like every product but at the price boxy charges I can afford to try them. Every month I like several products that more than pay for the box. What I don’t like I gift. No loss. Honestly if you just wait for your box to arrive without getting involved in the hype, it’s a nice surprise. What else could you spend $25 bucks on that is as nice as the products boxycharm sends you. If you know something that is, buy that and cancel your subscription.

      • 19.99 for The Box from Fashionsta. MUCH MUCH BETTER than Boxy or Ipsy! They are rocking it! ❤

    • I 100% agree. I have discovered so many products that i would have never used before. I love it. I share it with my daughter who is almost 16. It’s like a little bonding thing when we “fight” over who gets what. It’s all in fun. I tried fab fit fun, I tried Ipsy.. I honestly love boxy. So what if i don’t use everything and neither does she. For $25.00 a month it’s awesome. I give away what i don’t use. She gives her friends things she doesn’t use. And if all else fails, the colors we don’t use could be used on Halloween, or theme days at High school. We have subscribed for almost 2 years and have no plans to stop anytime soon!!

  33. I unsubscribed also but not because I’m unhappy just because I honestly don’t need anything, my teen daughter doesn’t want anything and my sister doesn’t want or need anything. Basically I’ve run out of family to give to and I’ve got a huge box I just donated to a single mom who will be giving to her friends stuff also. Maybe in a year I’ll resub when I either use up or *gasp* things expire. I wish there was a sanitary way to donate partiality used skin care etc.
    hopefully someone just starting out gets my spot and enjoys boxy like I did 🤗

    • U can donate ur partially used items to me anytime lol I love makeup just dont have alot since i only just started

      • Glambot will buy used makeup and skin care, but they only take certain brands and the list is relatively short.

    • You can sell partially used skincare on Mercari. It’s an app where people buy and sell each other’s new and used stuff. I’ve made $100 getting rid of makeup and skincare I didn’t want.

  34. What tarte palette are they talking about i havent seen it. I much rather get a dose of color.

  35. I really want to see these add ons on the 24th , curious about products and price . Also sticking around for pop up sale in November . After that I think it’s time for me too go .. your right too many unused products ( but love donating those to charity , so win win there ) but I find myself purchasing one item I truly want recently , mostly when you catch a great sale .

  36. I really enjoyed Boxycharm when I didn’t have a large collection. It truly is a great deal when you are trying to figure out what you like; and building up a collection. I think the problem here is that so many of us have been subbing for a long time, and having received some really good boxes have quite high expectations. It’s ok to let a box go. It will take a few months to get over the FOMO but by then you will have saved enough to buy that one decent product in the box, and you will have a lot less clutter in your life.

    • Yes. To all of what you conveyed. Ive been subbed to Boxy for so many years and i just have too many items/duplicates that i know i wont use and end up giving away. I rather at this point, unsub and just buy the one or 2 things i really want thats missing from my large collection (that my teenage daughter raids so it all gets used for the most part). Less clutter in my life is more appealing the older i get. I feel that for sure.

    • So much this. I have been on product overload for some time now, so it’s gotten harder and harder to impress me. I had so much fun with boxes in the beginning, but now it’s just a drag watching stuff pile up and go to waste. I’m so glad I got to try so much and find some HGs, but I def need to cancel all but 1 or 2 boxes.

      • Ditto to all of the above. I finally unsubscribed from everything but FCSC (Fortune Cookie Soap Co.), Ipsy and Ipsy Plus. I may not even continue with Ipsy Plus or I’ll just skip most months. I’ll still probably resub and unsub from other boxes from time to time based on spoilers and I will likely still buy a one-time box here and there. I am open to trying other types of subscriptions at some point but I definitely need a long break from beauty and lifestyle boxes.

  37. Would love to see the ultimate spoilers!

  38. Well, that’s a bummer. I was prepared to sub for October just to get one of the monochromatic Dose of Colors palette (receiving the Paula’s Choice BHA liquid would have been a nice bonus). Not sure if it’s worth the gamble now. Seems like enough people want different palettes that it should be fairly easy to swap, but knowing my luck I’d get the one palette that no one else wants….

    • If I get the new one, and no one else has swapped with you, I’d be happy to swap it with you for close to the cost of shipping. I have zero interest in the new one that they wait this long to show people, because I’m cool-toned and have so many palettes with this color story that aren’t opened.

  39. Thanks for the awesome eye palette collection Boxy!!! I’m off and running on my own now. And don’t get me started on brushes…. you were great!!! All the best, I’m sure I come back one day soon.

    • Same here!!

      • Whats the Tarte palette?

    • I’d love to exchange info so we may be able to swap some things

    • Freakin tarte gah well I bet 90% of us will get tarte and pr will get dose

  40. Both of those palettes are on swap from me cuz they are made in China. I actually like those adventurous colors but….. I dont trust the quality control.

    • LOL

  41. More variations? 6 different colors aren’t enough variation? There’s only 3 that I’d use, and I don’t even want anything else in the box. 😑 The other items will probably be cheap eyeliner and some lashes. Should I skip? I have serious FOMO though. 😩

  42. Fingers crossed for one of the five pan all matte Dose palettes.

  43. If I got the palette with the blues colors I’m done as well or fake eye lashes again I’m sick of getting the stuff stuff as well we do pay for this stuff we should get to pick all of our stuff that way we all can enjoy and be happy.

    • It’s a sub box, not Sephora…

      • Exactly- that is reality with sub boxes, you pay a discount for the unknown. Better to just buy.

    • But why not let us choose the colors we want. I only use cool colors, so why send me a warm palette? I’m not the only one wasting my time.

  44. More variations! Oh boy! Boxycharm subscribers are so lucky. And their raising the price? Yippee! I think Boxycharm is working on being the most hated sub box right along with FFF.

    • But the value of the box is going up by $25. And they are still offering the original box price with a prepaid membership. I honestly dont get the hate of this box.. sure, sometimes variations suck and other times they work out in our favor. If they had NO variations people would be complaining that there’s no variety 🙄 For the cost, BoxyCharm is still one of the best subscriptions out there. Especially for makeup.

      • I do agree!!! Remember how we all got the butter London palette and that month there was barely any variation! Everyone got that palette, brushes, and the Becca powder. Guess what, so many people still complained. But whatever, we ARE spending half of what we would spend on one item for five, gift or sell or trade what you don’t want, all the complaining is so obnoxious. But then again, what would I be doing with my mornings if I didn’t have all these comments to read through and laugh about.

      • LOL. I <3 your comment. And you're so right. Christmas is coming and I don't know any women or teens that wouldn't LOVE a palette from a good brand, or whatever you get that you don't like. I joined boxy to try out NEW TO ME products, so bring it Boxy. Plus there are others if people aren't happy with Boxy.

      • ✋…positivity needed!! Thx

      • Jajjaja my thought exactly. For the money we pay for the sub box how is there so much complaining month after month. I have loved all my boxes except for the oryza lip gloss and appeal liner. If we walked into ulta for 21$ I couldnt purchase a good mascara. Let alone 5 items. I think sometimes its lost on us the purpose of sub boxes and its to try new things. On the other hand an overload on a specific item over and over does get overwhelming. But i do love the variations and waiting to see what i get each month.

      • Awesome comment! ❤️ I’ve subbed to Boxy for quite awhile (along with so many others that I’m too ashamed to even tell you a number! 😂) and yes, there are some months I like better than others! But Boxy makes it VERY easy to just skip a month if you don’t like it (unlike some others) and start back the next month if you want to!
        After years of getting beauty subs, I was just wowed by the Becca powder from Boxy’s August box!! 😍 Love it and need to find more Becca powder! Actually, thinking back, I loved everything in that box!
        So there is still happiness and joy from this box for me even after all these years!
        It’s fun, people! Just skip if you don’t like it and maybe let up on all the negativity…it’s actually not healthy for ya! 😉

      • I agree with most of what you’re all saying. Those of us sitting on an enormous product overload (giving myself the side eye in the mirror) are just a little jaded. But the thing that DOES get me is that Boxy is infamous for spoiling a hero item early. Then as the end of the month approaches, the hero item is now a variant (much like Allure). That has happened with Boxy over and over and over again. They are also great at featuring a product that most regular subscribers will never get. Did I mention their charm room kind of sucks? Well, I guess that did it. I’m sure to get the Dose Browns and the eyeliner now (wanna bet?). 😸

      • Yes regift or trade whatever I love boxy and what I don’t like I give to my daughter so her makeup collection can grow as vast as mine!

      • I absolutely LOVE my butter London palette if nobody wants theirs i totally buy it!

      • I have one… I’d be willing to sell

    • Agree!!! I used to luv them. Well, like my mom always says…”Their too big for their britches”…….a shame cause they used to be the bomb. I get ipsyglam. And sorry but they r awesome.

  45. Oh I used to love BoxyCharm. Another month I won’t buy. It’s unfortunate too for there is never anything of interest in the Charm shop when I do buy the box and now I see something I want but don’t want the box. I honestly think the original boxes are suffering because they are making bigger boxes. Ipsy glam plus was great at first. Lately the boxes are skippable. We’ve noticed when it’s boxyluxe time the origami box suffers. Oh well just means more money in my pocket 🤷‍♀️

  46. If I get that collab palette, it will be the final straw for me. I’m tired of getting palettes I’ll never use. Fingers crossed for a Dose 5-pan palette.

  47. They really should’ve given us the option to choose which palette we wanted. I would’ve loved a tarte palette and others will be annoyed they received. If I get another colorful palette I won’t use, I’m done 🙅🏻‍♀️

    • 89 of the Violet Voss eyeshadow palettes and 78 Pur Festival palettes from Boxy _are on the swap site presently…including both of mine. Obviously, a lot people don’t want these bright, shimmer and sparkle colors. The five pan Dose palettes are the first they have offered this year that are all mattes. Like you, I hope I get one of those(except Snow Angels).

      • Ya and when you see youtubers do these crazy looks with the colorful palettes I’m like: just gave me a reason why Im not buying that. Also, the dose sarahii palette has been on sale for a while as well as the other doc palttes. I will cry if I get a Tarte palette. Don’t like most of their products that I have tried.

      • That’s EXACTLY when me and my friends said…crossing our fingers we don’t get Snow Angel’s.
        I was lucky enough to receive the Tarte Palette last month, but was dreading I would get the VV.

    • I totally agree. I’m so sick of colorful colorful eyeshadow palettes when I have done everything that I can to indicate that I don’t like them. Ipsy is the same way. This month was extra sucky for me because because both had palettes that I really wanted and both sent me clown colors eyeshadow.

      • I finally decided I am done with Ipsy now and FFF as soon as possible. I will stay with Boxycharm if they allow me the $35/month membership. Waiting to see what happens…

      • I too, HATE the bright color eye palettes! Ugh!!! Try a new brand…urban decay NUDES, 1,2 or 3!!! Or ALMOST anything else besides those bright colors!🤨…PLEASE! I get a box for myself AND my mom…seriously thinking about cancelling if we get anymore!

      • I also HATE the bright colored pallets! Hated the Violet Voss pallet!! It’s never even been used! Just collecting dust! When I signed up I specifically marked I perfer nudes, neutral shades! All I have gotten were bright colored ones. They have the questionnaire for a reason. I’m sure there are people who prefer the colored pallets, so give it to them. I don’t know why they ask what we like if they are not going to give it to u. I won’t keep throwing my money away for makeup I won’t use if this keeps up!

      • I’m 69 yrs old I don’t wear these bright eye shadows. I don’t do black eyeliner either. When I signed up I specialized what I wore. I’m just about done with boxy charm.

      • I personally LOVE bright colors or any crazy colors make me get out of my comfort zone with eye makeup!! I personal disagree😌I love crazy colors!!

      • I agree! I just turned 50 and the bright colors are too much. I wouldn’t mind once in awhile but not every single palette. Also agree with the black eyeliner. Tons of liquid black eyeliner. Blah. But…I think my biggest pet peeve is the highlighters. Why why why soooooo many?

    • Agree 100! I did not like the Vioket Voss palette as the colors are too bright for my taste and if I get one of the very bright Dose of Colors palettes I will be disappointed. That definitely should have been a choice of.

    • And I’m the opposite if I get one more tarp hell I’m done! I have had received so many tarte eyeshadow palettes from boxycharm can wear I like their face products I am over there eye products!

    • I’ll be more than happy to buy the colorful pallets off of u!! I love COLORFUL PALLETS !!

      • I have color pallets for sale

    • That’s what I said too because every month I get a colorful palette some eye brushes liner and eyebrow pencil and if I wanted the same crap every month I would have just stuck to Ipsy

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