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Allure Beauty Box November 2019 Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the November Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The November Allure Beauty Box will include:

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer OR Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum

The November Allure Beauty Box will include five other products.

We also have FULL spoilers for the October Allure Beauty Box!

The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

*Update – There will not be shade variations of this item. The October Box will include Model Co Eyelites in Granite (Silver) and  Model Co Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in St. Tropez.

What do you think of the spoilers?

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the September box. The September Allure Beauty Box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box and get a free bonus gift. (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. I’m honestly done with Allure, Macy’s & Sephora Play! All of the other subscription boxes got competitive & upped their game!! These boxes are soooo not worth the money compared to the other subscription boxes on the market. Who wants teeny weeny samples when you can get full size awesome products for just a few bucks more?! Not me!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • What’s a sub box you like? Looking to leave Allure & Sephora and want to find a new sub. Looking for suggestions.

      • I know everybody is ticked off at Ipsy right now and with good reason. That being said, I recently made budget cuts and Ipsy is the only sub that made the cut. Reasons; I can share most everything, add ons, cash back in purchases made thru Ipsy, Ipsy offers, rewards points, prices. I purchase the occasional Target box. At the moment, Birchbox has a bogo deal if you want to try them.

  2. I have to say I have enjoyed my October box. The only exception is the ModelCo dark black/gray glitter eyeshadow. Too harsh looking. I am in my 50’s. I think that if I was younger and still going out at night, this might be fun. For someone my age, it’s just kind of scary. I’m surprised I like the Bum Bum cream as much as I do. I’m not usually one that likes fruity, beachy smelling things. I think I will buy a larger jar of the cream.

  3. I finally canceled this stupid box!! So annoying that you have to call to do it, or you can email, but I was nervous about that. Good Bye Allure!!

  4. When are we getting more spoilers for the November box? After the underwhelming October box, I need to figure out if I’m finally canceling or not for November. lol

    • I’m waiting for more spoilers too! We usually have them by now. The question for me is not whether I am cancelling, but just whether to sign up for the month through Amazon.

    • It is strange there is nothing else revealed as of now. It appears too many people are pausing or canceling when they reveal what is in the next boxes. They have been so disappointing lately. Hopefully we will get more than one spoiler soon so we can decide whether or not we want the November box.

  5. I have to say September’s box really made me mad! First of all I didn’t even come in September what I thought was stupid and then my box was all beat up! so much for the nice box that they upgraded. And then my glow stick was all melted and then the cap. Allure I wish you would stop putting such bright lipsticks and liners and start mixing it up with maybe some nude colors or something more natural

    • All comments very true. I subscribed to ALLURE box in 2014 and recently paused it in July of 2019. What I noticed was when I first subscribed in 2014 all the way through beginning 2018 the boxes were great, nothing repeated then I slowly noticed I would get the dreaded “or” or a repeated product. I don’t get because Allure has a millions brands it can partner up with that are wayyyy better especially this Model brand. Ughhhh please! Oh Vey! What I disliked the most was there was and is a product on the “or” that I will want and then the other is the repeated one. And guess what I would always get the repeated one, really?? come on. I miss it immensely as I love Allure Magazine so the products are great for the price but I dont want a bunch of repeated products that I will never use and can’t even give away. Same reason I stopped Ipsy which is horrible! Birch Box is the only one I have now and they are about to be out too. I keep checking monthly to see whats there. But, I just looked and Model eye shadow is there and a color I have gotten and still sitting it its box. Never used it. As I said Allure you should be able to do way better in this department.

      • What Allure has done is sad… I canceled my Birchbox 3 years ago. I resubscribed for September because no allure and they had a bogo deal. I’m getting ready to take a road trip for our 10 year anniversary and I figured I would get some good sample size stuff. Lol! Yes, I did, but, what’s funny is the fact that in my extra random box from the past, I did get some items that I got 3 years ago! 😂🤷‍♀️ I remember telling Birchbox in an email that I had had enough sunscreen sample ms from them, 2 in every box for 3 months is enough, if I get sunscreen next month I will cancel. Boom! Next month, 2 more sunscreens! One of which I got the same exact one in my mystery box. 😂 I thought the actual box for September was bland but it came with a decent size bag too. All in all, I got my money’s worth. But, I just don’t see the value in it for me. At this point, Ipsy is the only one I’m still subscribed to.

      • The model Co Shadows are really nice, at least the ones I’ve received. Very creamy, pigmented, and blendable. I’ve been really impressed with the formula, it’s much better than a lot of eye shadows that sell for more inflated prices that I’ve gotten in subs.

        I’m pretty happy to get another trio, especially since the trio sets are great for traveling.

    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. I paused my Allure sub on Amazon for September and October but I think I’ll un-pause for November because I love Peter Thomas Roth products and I’d be happy with the other product as well

    • It says “OR”… I’m so sick and tired of the variations. I canceled because of it. If it were not one or the other, the odds are not in your favor as a long time, loyal subscriber, I would still be subscribed. I certainly don’t want the freeze but would love the other. 🤷‍♀️ When I called to cancel, she asked why and told me that’s what everyone else is saying. Well… Doesn’t that say something to Allure???

      • Yep after I saw OR I’m out! I know I’ll get the freeze stuff🙄. Model and Co is horrible, the worst liquid shadow to date. I wish they would partner with influencers more bc the boxes are only good during those months. Whoever is curating these mix boxes needs to be terminated…allure should have plenty of beauty options for their boxes. The staff test or try the good stuff but throw a lot of odds and ends in the box. Everyone is upping their beauty boxes so we expect more.

      • After I got my box in April, which was a bunch of leftovers and a color printed card that stated I’m getting this box of leftover crap from past boxes because I’m such a valuable customer. Lmao! During that time, I had been seeing people post about getting jewelry in their boxes for their anniversary with the sub and other various extras, but I have never received anything like that from them. Then, in April, new subscribers got the good boxes and I get the shaft. Someone posted in a MSA thread that it was their 1st box, they got 2 sign up gifts and a gold plated necklace?! I called allure and they assured me that they do send their loyal customers a gift every year. But I had never gotten anything. They said they would send me 2 since I had been with them for 2 years. Never got anything except a package containing 4 Sunday Riley products, but upon closer inspection, my address, someone else’s name. I wrote a lovely note, resealed it and had it sent back to them, express mail at their expense. I waited until it was already on the way back to them before calling them to let them know about their mistake. Then I became an every other month subscriber until now. Nope. When I called to cancel, I was asked why. I gave them a list including never receiving what I was promised. I was offered nothing to stay. Bye Felicia!

  7. I received my September box on 9/24. Final straw for me! I used to love the Allure box but in the past year, it has become really inconsistent. Some months are good, other months are just meh – September was beyond disappointing. I did get the Laura Mercier travel translucent powder and am happy to have a travel size but everything else was truly terrible. Such small samples or drug store items that I would feel embarrassed donating them to a homeless or woman’s shelter. By their own retail pricing, one of the samples was valued at 37 cents! The Ciate highlighter (?) was so bad & threw it away. I tested it on my hand and it felt like sticky petroleum with a very slight shimmer. I like subtle highlight but there is no way I’m putting petroleum byproducts on my face! Considered using it as a lipbalm but the stickiness did not dissipate so think I’d be happier with a Dollar Store chapstick knockoff!! I expected them to offer me another “3 months at $10/mo” which would have been a firm NO but they cancelled with no argument this time!

  8. YUK !! Model and company I have tons of those from sub boxes, All I care for is SR . Wish they can get rid of all those cheap fillers model & company, eyedrops , bath salt , really Allure ?? where’s the new and prestigious , break through company who deals with high end make-up and breaking trends? You send this mess of products – it’s actually insulting
    Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream- YES 2 Full SIZE , like when they sent Full size CEO oil ( when they were actually a good sub) but doubt Full Size now
    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream- too sweet of a smell for me
    M-61 PowerGlow Peel- blah
    Model Co Eyelites in Granite (Silver)* – Boring / cheap
    Model Co Metallic Eyeshadow Trio in St. Tropez. (Brown – full size)* – Boring/Cheap wow who cares really full size LMAO
    Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt in Dream Away – Nope boring filler
    Bausch + Lomb LUMIFY Eye Dropsever use in m eyes – those eyedrops sitting in a factory and heat here in the west No thanks

  9. Excited about trying the new Sunday Riley cream.
    Always happy to get another bottle of the Lumify drops.
    I am OVER the Bum Bum cream (hate the smell and the texture), and I have numerous samples of the Mineral Bath Salts.
    I’m ambivalent about everything else. The eye makeup will probably go to a niece.
    Allure – you need a better curator. DO BETTER.

  10. I really wish they would get a better curator for the box. I feel like this is kinda like a target or walmart box. I dont skip or pause…I’ve been subbed for 5 plus years and this is sad. It’s like they make one great month around January and then hope people stay for months or forget. I’ve known a lot of my friends have all cancelled this box in the last 6 months because the curations and same old same old.

    Hoping they bring new vibes and better curation like it was years ago…happy thoughts

  11. I think about canceling Allure every month and don’t do it. For the price I think you usually get at least one worthwhile product- at least I have. I use the Lumify eye drops – my eye doctor told me they have similar ingredients to my glaucoma drops just in a very mild form so they are completely safe for me to use. Hoping for some additional good November spoilers but for now I’m still in.

  12. Well I am a medical smoker and won’t use the eye drops just so I don’t look “medical” I don’t use any kind of eye drops. When I am in pain, the last thing I’m worried about is red eyes…so no judgment here for whatever the reason it someone my use them. But I do feel that if I were, since they are going into something as important as my eyes, I would feel much better buying them in person so I know where they came from than out of some random beauty box. Who knows how long they sit in hot boxes on trucks and in packing facilities going through so many hands… just my two cents but I am an overly cautious person ✌

    • You could have the same handling and storage issues with the product you buy yourself in a store.

      • Yup. This.

  13. I do love allure and the products, or I would cancel…also, I don’t make comments unless i’m paying for the sub. boxes…at 58 it seems I have tried almost everything..but they keep coming out with new products all the I like trying different items..but allure is one of the best for 15.00.

    • Same here:) Iv been subscribing for 4.5 years, for $15, it’s a great way to try new products..
      If it’s an off month, I’ll put it on hold.

      • But not even one does the see spoiler and pause/cancel game. We just stay subbed right through, and it sucks. They got a new curator a year or so ago and every since then, its went down quick. Like we’ve got st tropez twice in a year, we’ve got 4 model co products recently, same product, just different colors, it’s the same brands, same items. Nothing new, and the brands are even nothing iconic where your like…”oh ok, we trust this brand and know it’s been around a while and will work for most people ” like the MAC box…but its series like January they put out great boxes, and there is a frenzy of people making tons of profiles to sub to get the major item, and allure Hope’s they stay, or forget and it is what it is…. this is becoming worse then a walmart box. I’m paying almost 17 a month for it. If they lowered it to 10 dollars a month and kept it like this, then I GLUED it wouldn’t be so bad.

        Here is the thing. I tried ONE shadow from natasha denona from allure one month back….after trying it a few times, I have now went out and spent close to 1,000 on her pallettes because they are like ,magic……and that’s what I’m in it for these boxes…I dont live near a sephora…I’d LOVE for allure to get name brand or amazing indie brands to send out, because I dont just want a box, I want to try things and find things that are amazing and then I will invest in products.

        This box also has ties TO THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY!! It should be the #1 box put here about new and great things coming out!! It makes no sense they are not. They have money in their budget and connections to bring amazing boxes…this is what’s so sad recently. I’m cool with an off month, or a bad item here and there….I get it…. it these are like tjmaxx rejects.

        Just my .02

  14. Wtf I haven’t gotten mine yet.
    Also subbed only because of the bum bum in October. Going to cancel. Their website is a big turn off also, like how can you make a website that is that bad? With your chicken claw?
    And what are those drops for? Can somebody explain why beauty boxes decided to make people stuff their faces with pills or this ridiculous drops. I am not putting anything in my body unless you are a doctor. Hell no

    • I am sure you will be sorely missed. smh. The Lumify drops are eye drops and they are amazing. I don’t think the boxes make you do anything, they are a fun way to try new products without having to pay full price for them.

      • She didn’t say anything about a subscription making her do anything. Can you read? She’s talking about their worthless, outdated website. Don’t like what someone else has to say about a subscription? Don’t even understand what someone is saying? Well the, scroll on pumpkin! Allure isn’t your mama!

      • “And what are those drops for? Can somebody explain why beauty boxes decided to make people stuff their faces with pills or this ridiculous drops. I am not putting anything in my body unless you are a doctor. Hell no”

      • Dawna, I can read, question is can you? This is exactly what was said and I quote:

        “Can somebody explain why beauty boxes decided to make people stuff their faces with pills or this ridiculous drops. ”

        Perhaps you should take your own advice and scroll on next time instead of jumping on me.

      • Didnt mean anyone to feel confronted with whatever I said or something. I just expressed my opinion.
        To be honest I used drops only when prescribed by doctor since it any way it is a medicine. I agree some people do love them, i personally don’t see them being in beauty boxes as well as pills, that is it.

      • Hi Macaroni, I wouldn’t sweat it, I don’t think anyone, including myself felt offended or confronted by you. People are entitled to their opinions, and everyone likes different beauty items. It was the other respondent that was nasty and snarky in more than one of their comments, that I think people found offensive and off putting. Not every product is suited to everyone.

        If you haven’t gotten your box yet, just hang tight. The first box usually takes a bit longer, up to a month to receive.

      • I agree – those eye drops are amazing! Ever since we received them in a PSMH box (last year?), I’ve been buying them regularly. They are a little expensive, so I appreciate getting them in sub boxes. I also swap for them anytime I can.

      • Agreed. Lumify eye drops have been great for me during allergy season. (Oh, n im not a “smoker” as 1 other poster responded condescendingly. Also, husband works in a power plant n these have helped him tremendously as well.

      • I love these drops! they are the only thing that work to remove the redness from my eyes. I sit at a computer a good 8-12 hours a day for work and the eye strain is fierce!

        I couldn’t find any on my last business trip and resorted to Visine, which did nothing for the redness. Lumify brightens even the most tired and irritated eyes 🙂

      • Blondie, you actually just made me giggle😉

      • 😁

      • Right? Cancel, problem solved. Can’t make everyone happy.

    • Lol! Those lumify eye drops are basically just like visine eye drops but instead of being in that section, they sell them in the beauty section. It temporarily shrinks some of the capillaries in your eyeballs to make your eyes look brighter. I don’t know if you remember commercials for visine, but their advertising is “It gets the red out!” It’s a popular product for people with allergies, “smokers” lol! I’m not sure if it was this same exact brand but they put one in a Target Box and I put it in a joke gift basket for someone. I canceled. We have already gotten the eyeshadow this year, both actually… went h suuuure… maybe it’s not repeated shades but nonetheless, I still can’t get rid of them, not even for free.

    • I don’t understand about eye drops either. Never have I ever used any eye drops in my eyes. What is the purpose? My eyes seem pretty good without any drops. Am I missing out on something?

      • If you get allergies or got tired red eyes, making you look sickly… you use them to soothe and brighten your eyes. You are lucky if you don’t need to use them. I do from time to time. Like when I am on phone for a looooong time and I look in the mirror the following morning and it’s pretty obvious I worked my eyeballs overnight. Lol!! I usually just use visible and that works for me.

      • I can’t imagine that you have never heard of “dry eye,” a common condition that many people suffer from. That is one reason people use eye drops. Plus it’s good to have some on hand in case you get an irritant in your eye that you need to flush out. Plus eye drops are often prescribed after different procedures, like cataract surgery for instance. There are many uses for them, but if you don’t need them, then good on you.

    • Bum Bum cream is for next month, not September. Patience…it will come.

    • Yeah I agree like supplements and eye drops , I’m the same way I can’t use hardly anything that’s unfamiliar especially being a juvenile diabetic , no way that’s increased risk for pancreatitis from supplements no thanks ! I sign up for beauty products and make up not supplements and eye drops . If I wanted that I sign up for a fitness box or something simplistic . And excellent point eyedrops in heat and I live in extreme heat that dried out my 111 serum in less then 3 hours in my mail box – no thank you allure .

    • To be fair, everything that you put *on* your body also get absorbed *into* your body.

  15. Ugh ANOTHER model &company eyeshadow?!?! Why oh why are they repeating the same junk?! We just got the maroon ones a few months back…just like the liquid crap. I’m giving this one more month and if it’s this bad again I’m done.

    I usually stay with subs, but been with allure 5/6 years now and never get a gift, or random things, these boxe are horrid, and they dont seem to care….the allure side will say they have nothing to do with it, so you cant really speak to someone about curation etc.

    Winder if enough cancel they will bring the curations up

    • Agree, enough with the repeats. Not only same brand and same products, but also more metallics. So over all the metallic and glitter products.

  16. OK, eye serum experts. I have a question. Do you use two different eye serums in your routine or just one? My thought was that you would use two; one for morning and one before bed. The night cream would be the preventive serum and the day would be one for reducing puffiness, firming skin, etc. We all know that creams and potions are temporary fixes each day. Surgical procedures or fillers, Botox etc. are the only things that give long term results (months for Botox and fillers, years for surgery). Personally, I feel Botox and fillers are a waste of money if you’re on a budget. Just find products that work for 12 or 24 hours, apply them everyday and save your money for a surgical procedure. My friend did that with her eye bags. She used temporary products everyday until she finally saved enough to have them surgically removed and the results are amazing!

    So, one or two serums/creams? And what product do you use for SPF in the eye area?

    • If I happen to have an eye serum specifically for night time use (like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum which I love!) I’ll use one for day and one for night, otherwise I’ll just use whatever I happen to be using (regardless of what it’s attempting to treat) for both day & night. I don’t have any real eye concerns right now, so I guess I’m currently in the preventive/maintenance stage.

      Also, while I will always try to use an eye cream with SPF in it, they’re actually a bit hard to come by sometimes, so again I just use whatever I happen to have from a box if I don’t have one handy with an SPF. My mineral makeup & powder that I even brush around my eyes has SPF (I know some people cringe when they hear others use a makeup with SPF as their main source of SPF on their face, but I’m okay and feel comfortable with just using that), plus I’m always in sunglasses (even on cloudy days), and I’m not out for long periods of time in the sun on a regular basis so I feel like I’m doing okay. 🙂

      • Thanks, Luna. I happen to be using the Estée Lauder Night Repair now. I like it just fine but won’t purchase it because they are not a cruelty free company. The one I’m using came in a sub box (of course). I just wondered if an eye cream designed to repair was just wasted by using it at night. I’m in the preventive stage for wrinkles but I get puffy in the eye area from allergies in the fall and spring.
        I have to use sunscreen liberally, as well as wearing sunglasses if I even think about going out into sunlight. I usually just use the same SPF cream around my eyes that I use on my face, trying to take care not to get too close to my actual eyes. I have lupus and the sun is my biggest trigger for a flare. I also have to protect my head….I love winter because it’s so much easier to wear a hat than in the summer. I’m just waiting for a hair product with SPF. 😺

      • Yeah I also noticed my eyes puffy from allergies which reek havoc on me literally , but my left eye is puffier then the right which drives me nuts . It appears as wrinkles but then when allergies seasons over and my eyes deflate lol they appear better . But i always use eye cream and my foundation has spf in it I avoid the sun at all costs . But good tip on sunglasses I have so many pairs but need to wear them more 😆

      • April/May New Beauty TestTube has a hair product with UV Filter (They didn’t said SPF, just UV Filter). The brand is Scalpforce & it’s in a spray bottle. I think I saw it in the Swap page.
        It’s easy to use & kinda feel like detangler spray, though I’m not very fond of how my scalp felt like at the end of the day. But regular SPF creams/sprays also give me ‘uncomfortable feeling’, so it might be just me.
        I’m not under the sun for long period of time, so I’m not sure how strong it is.

    • I use whatever I get in subs and swaps but my preference is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. I just can’t afford it all the time. I keep undereye masks in the refrigerator for really bad mornings. At night, I seal everything on with a facial oil and will sometimes go back over my eye and mouth area with another drop later if I’ve been out in the sun or just feel dry. I had run out of eye cream and that’s when I started using oils. I’m 44 and the first place I noticed aging was my earlobes! Not a joke. Don’t forget to moisturize your ears too!

      • I check my earlobes after I read your comment. 😀
        But I’m confused here, I’m not sure what to look for, what did you notice as a sign of aging?

      • Fine lines and wrinkles. No joke. I noticed it in my late 30’s. The two places that show my age the most are my neck and ears. I was always an out in the sun growing up and I’m still an outdoorsy type person. I have a few piercings in my ears. So, I never gave it much thought until I started developing allergies to metals and stopped sleeping in earrings. That’s when I noticed it. Nobody else seems to notice, but I do. I have always taken care of my skin even when all I had was baby shampoo and baby lotion. Lol! I just wish I had paid more attention to my skin period when I was younger.

      • I know one sign of aging is that earlobes start to look longer with age. Not sure why though (besides wearing earrings).

      • Luna, that’s probably because ears (and noses) continue to grow throughout our lives.

  17. So I have not been crazy impressed with this subscription but I can’t complain too much as I have only been paying $10 a month for this… I signed up in July using a $5 off coupon and I used PayPal as my payment method and have only been paying $10 since. Not sure why, but hey I’ll take it! 🙂

    • It happened to me for 4 months also (just like you, I’m also not sure why, but of course I happily accept it). Then suddenly in the 5th month, the price go back to $15 again.
      Did yours happened for more than 4 months?

      • It’s been 3 months so far… will definitely keep an eye on it in the next few months.

      • Yes after 4 months it goes from $10.00 to $15.00 dollars. I call up and ask when will be my last $10,00 box mine is November then I cancel . Or ask to extend $10.00 price sometimes It works sometimes not depends what CS rep you get .

  18. Anyone know a way to get the box for $10 a month? I’ve been a long time subscriber but it’s getting to the point where I would only keep it if it was 10 bucks.

    • Yes just email them and tell them
      You want to cancel. Has worked for me every time.

      • That never works for me. They just cancel my sub.

  19. I just cancelled after the bummer of an October box that was spoiled. Neither of these are interesting to me in the slightest.

    Also, just FYI they didn’t offer me $10 a month to stay right now.

  20. It’s this OR business that I do not like. I said that when I canceled.

  21. Is the October and November box the same items? Slight variations?

  22. I got the Lumify eye drops in a different box and they are amazing!

  23. What is November? Eye drops and bath salts? What? And didn’t we get the st. Tropez color a few months ago?

    • That was the trio in Mykonos, it was a mauve/pink one.

    • That is October . November has only spoiled Peter Roth variant so far.

  24. I don’t know why they say there’s an either/or option. I get two boxes and have NEVER gotten a variation. For instance, got two Laura Mercier powders, wish I’d have gotten a nars lippy in one of the boxes but nope.

    • I feel the same way Elizabeth. My sister and I both received the powder but would loved a lippy!

    • Amazon sent everyone NARS variant.

      • I sub directly via allure and I also received the lippie.

  25. I can use all the eye creams I can get!

    • Lol me too , just wish someone had a recommendation for a really good one 🙂

      If anyone has any recommendations for a great under eye cream for wrinkles which I’m trying to prevent I’d appreciate it , I don’t have dark circles just fine wrinkles .

      Thanks 😁

      Also is it true satin or silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles from getting worse ?

      • SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair! It’s expensive but works!!

      • I’ll second the TNS. I got a sample in a DermStore box and it was A. Ma. Zing. Too bad it’s WAY out of my budget.

        If you’ve got nothing against using retinols, I’ve personally had good success with ROC’s Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

      • SkinMedica is nice, so is the 111. Murad eye serums are fab, too. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

      • Sleeping on your back is the only way to prevent sleep creases in your face.

      • Silk or satin helps.
        I’ve been using mostly satin for years because my grandmother told me if I wanted good hair* to do so.

        *White woman good hair.

      • Thanks so much for all your replies and input , much appreciated 🥰

  26. Good start once again like October. Will wait for more. Hopefully no more ModelCo or Laritzy

  27. Not complaining because I love Bum Bum Cream, but isn’t it a summer item and not a “fall favorite?” 🤔 Although, I do use it year round, I prefer the Acai Power cream for fall and winter. I do like these spoilers though and am gonna have to resub for October 😜

  28. I’ve been using the Freeze 24/7 eye serum for several years now. It works for me. I have zero lines of any kind around my eyes thanks to this product (and I’m 60). It’s a gel/serum that absorbs quickly. It’s expensive & I rely on getting it in sub boxes & buying it from people who sell it online. I’d be happy with either product. Even if the rest of the box is meh, I’m happy! I really don’t mind the last few months boxes. There’s always some hits & misses with every box. Yes, I get disappointed (and down right pissed) when I get something I’d never use (like fake lashes. On some sub boxes I indicate I don’t use them) but I give alot of stuff away & everyone always loves what I give them. And at least with almost every sub box you get 1 or 2 items that already covers the cost of the box. So I’m way ahead. It’s still nice to treat myself.

    • Thanks for review on that eye serum , I’ve been looking for a good eye serum for awhile now and haven’t found a good one …

      Anyone else have any recommendations for a good eye serum ? To prevent and help with lines around and under eyes ?

      Much appreciated 🥰

    • I just finished a decent sized sample of that Freeze 24/7 eye serum, and it was soooo good!!! It actually reminded me a lot of Drunk Elephant’s eye serum in that I could feel a really nice firming effect when I used it. I almost wish I didn’t give away another sample I had of it after using it because I wanted someone else to try it too since I thought it was that good. I’m already planning to re-sub for the October box due to the SR, M-61, and Bum Bum, and now I’m thinking of taking my chances and staying subbed in hopes I get that eye serum (which looks full-size). I wouldn’t be mad if I got the PTR instead, but my main motivation to stay subbed would be for the eye serum. 🙂

      • Agreed. I’ve been using Freeze 24/7 serum a few years now. I received a trial size in a sub box. It’s expensive so I buy trial sizes when I can find them online or I receive them. I have no lines around my eyes (I’m 60). The only thing I need to worry about now are under eye hollows I’ve gotten a couple of years ago due to stress. You’re never too young to start taking care of your skin. I’ll be happy with whatever I get but I’m hoping for the Freeze 24/7 serum.

      • Great thanks for all your input!! I’ll have to be on the lookout for that freeze to try , sounds like great stuff ! yes I agree your never too young to try and do preventative measures for your skin and body 🥰

      • Sorry one more ? Linda and Luna what’s the best way too use freeze morning and night ? And over moisturizer or under ? Thanks a lot 🤔😁

      • Hi Dot! I used mine morning & night under an eye cream. To me, the 24/7 freeze serum didn’t feel moisturizing at all (it has a really light, fairly thin cream consistency), and the skin around my eyes can feel tight and get dry if I don’t use an eye cream. But what I loved about that serum was how I could feel a firming effect happening each time I used it, especially in the lower outer corners of my eyes that seem to get the most action when I smile. 🙂

  29. I’m liking this!

    • Thanks a lot Luna!! , can you recommend a good eye moisturizer ? I kinda just use what ever I get in beauty boxes . I just don’t want to invest in a regular size until I know it works .
      Thanks for all your input 🥰

      You guys are all so helpful much appreciated I’m still learning , but take all your opinions and input and really consider it b/c I’m trying to do the best I can to enhance my knowledge on skincare.

      • An eye cream I enjoy for daytime is Ole Henriksen’s Total Truth Eye Crème SPF 15. I used this eye cream for years far before getting into sub boxes, and for me, it’s a really nice all around eye cream that keeps my eyes moisturized and feeling protected with the SPF.

        But the one eye cream that’s my most favorite is La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate. It feels incredibly soothing and nourishing when applied, and it really keeps the skin around my eyes moisturized and just feeling taken care of. lol What I also love about it is there are rare occasions during the year when I get the tiniest bit of eczema, irritation, or dry skin on a random part around my eye (usually around Winter time) and that eye cream is the only thing I can use that won’t sting or further irritate the skin around my eyes and it actually heals the skin overnight or in two days if it’s super irritated. Since it’s a super pricey eye balm, I only use it once per week on a spa night, and as needed during the Winter.

        I’m trying to rack my brain for other eye creams, but I think since I’m not really trying to treat anything per se they all usually pretty much feel the same to me. I’m liking everyone’s input on the SkinMedica TNS eye cream though! I’ve never tried it, but it’s definitely on my radar, and after reading everyones comments on it, I want to try it even more!

  30. Miles better than the ipsy glam bag Betty Boop cheapo China-made stuff! Will skip October ipsy and enjoy this to the max.

    • This is November but I agree October Allure is nice as well.

  31. I cannot tell you how sick I am of getting eye creams!!! I have dozens and you use so little they last forever. I’ve also noticed zero changes whatsoever.

    • Agreed. I can’t figure out what to do with them at my age…may they’ll prevent early wrinkles later??

      • Yes! Start early. Prevention is much easier than reversal!

      • Use them now, daily! Sunscreen is most important, though, to pReventon wrinkles. I’ll be 60 in November and only in recent years was I able to afford nicer skin products. However, since I’ve used sunscreen for decades, I have no wrinkles.

      • ‘prevent’

      • Yes, I started using eye creams and skincare in my mid-20s and I have no wrinkles at 41 even though I’m extremely fair-skinned and live in the South with the sun beating down on me. Eye creams are great for me because while the rest of my skin is oily and doesn’t like heavier moisturizers, my under eye area is a little drier and could use the extra richness of an eye cream. A lot of them also provide extra brightening for those with dark circles and I think they help concealer apply and wear more smoothly.

      • You’re a whippersnapper, ’41’! 😉 I’m in the same locale. The only plus for us is the humidity is wonderful for anti-aging on our skin! Hard to breathe; but, good for skin, lol! (I’ll be 60 in November.)

      • Ruby what eye cream do you use ? I would love no wrinkles when I turn 41 one day and can take all the advise I can get 🙂 I live in Nevada and that sun is 110 degrees 👀

      • Start now…prevention is key 😊

        Also, the back of your hands too. As we age the skin there also gets thinner. Many only think of their face but hands and necks are dead giveaways.

      • Indeed. I use the same products from my face on the back of my hands (and neck). A tip: When using products on your hands, only use the backs to work the product in. No one needs product on their palms! I crack up when I see folks moving product all over their palms and under-fingers! The back of the hand is where it is needed.

      • I do what you recommended when I have any excess skincare product (which isn’t often) or am sampling a skincare product… use the backs of my hands to work any excess product in…. although, lately I’ve been focusing on massaging the product on my fingers because the backs of my hands usually get all the love from sampling products & any excess product, but I noticed I tend to neglect my fingers and depending on how the light hits them I think my fingers can sometimes show their age. However, when I use lotions and hand creams I definitely have to massage it all over my hands otherwise my palms & fingers will feel dry… plus, I’ve been complimented many times on my really soft hands too so I can’t mess with that! lol!!

    • I got Sunday Riley’s high dose retinal . Its only .33 of a oz , but I only use a tiny amount under my eyes 2/3 days a week. Its been 6 weeks and my fine lines under my eyes do look better . I would spend money to buy the full size . It would last a year.

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