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Rocksbox Exclusive Deal – First Month FREE & $45 Credit!

Liz Cadman
ByLiz CadmanAug 27, 2019 | 46 comments

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42 Ratings | 22 Reviews

We worked with Rocksbox to get MSA readers an exclusive deal! 

(If you aren’t familiar, Rocksbox is a designer jewelry styling and renting service. It’s $21 a month to rent 3 jewelry pieces out a time and you can buy any piece you like at a discounted member price.) 

Now through 9/1, use this link and coupon code MSACREDIT19 to get your first month FREE + a $19 credit to buy what you love from your first jewelry set. (That credit will be stacked with a $21 credit + $5 credit for a $45 total credit.)

UPDATE – FYI this is a free box deal, but Rocksbox will put a temporary hold on your credit card when you check out to verify that your credit card is authentic.

We require a valid credit card to start your Rocksbox membership even if you have a promo code. This allows us to send you jewelry to try and then we’ll have your information if you decide to make a purchase.

Here’s how to work this deal:

First, sign up with the coupon code MSACREDIT19:

When you sign up with our coupon, you’ll get your first month free, PLUS a free $19 in credit in addition to the regular $21 monthly credit.

That means you’ll have $40 total in credit after you sign up with this code. Next, you’ll be prompted with this offer:

Just add 30 items to your wishlist to get another $5 in forever credit:

In a few minutes, the extra $5 credit was in my account:

This credit can go to keeping any of the pieces in your monthly rental box.

Here is the set I picked out – all three items are under $45 each. Once I get the set, I can choose to purchase one or more of these pieces and my credit will be deducted!

Check out all of our Rocksbox reviews to learn more about this subscription, and Anna’s guide to everything Rocksbox, here.

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box for jewelry rental. Receive 3 pieces of hand-selected jewelry in every box. Wear them as long as you like, and then return them in a pre-paid shipping envelope to swap them out for a new set.
Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!
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I like the idea of this subscription but the turn around time is ridiculous. I purposely sent my items back on a Monday to minimize the turn around time and it will take almost 2 weeks before i get my new set. They sent me an email to confirm my new set and i agreed to it within the hour.

They do not use usps when mailing out your new set.

Until they fix their turn around time I can’t recommend this service as it will spend more time in shipping than in my home even if I wear / try it for only a week.

It will take them almost 2 weeks to get it from their facility in Ohio to Austin, Texas, wear a week and then be stuck in the shipping process for another 2 weeks. So for a months of membership $21 you get to rent 3 cute pieces for 1 week. Seems a little steep and extremely frustrating.

Cary San

I just clicked the link discount applied automatically then used Paypal said $0 $21 credit showed first then $19 credit after then said chose 30 items for $5 which I did then I got $5 added within minutes. Paypal emailed me $25 charge then few minutes later $25 refund. I only kept 18 items in wishlist only items I would be 100% ok with. And added 3 to my top 10.


Loving the 3 pieces I have coming. I have a moon and stars ring that’s really dainty and cute, a pair of heart hoop earrings in a tortoise shell type resin, and dainty hoop earrings with rows of rainbow colored gems. Two are under $45 and one is a few dollars over. I can keep one for free or just a few bucks. All 3 will cost me $67. I just signed up Friday and the box shipped yesterday. Says it will be here Tuesday. Everything was super easy to fill out. No issues with the credits being applied. Hope the rest goes this smoothly. I had planned to get one piece and cancel, but you never know. This sub might just have to stick around!!


How funny! I got the same moon and star ring and rainbow earrings! I got a tortoise shell heart earring as well. I referred a friend and got another $25 so now I have $70 in credit. I’ll probably buy all 3 items – such a good deal!

I just signed up late last week and my box is already on the way!

A big thanks to Liz for hooking us up!


This was a great deal but rocksbox worked it like a scam. I have been subscribing for a while but when I saw this deal I signed up a relative. Losing any federal credit because this deal was so amazing. She ordered but her box arrives AFTER the free month so she has the choice to either purchase an item without actually seeing it in person or lose her free $21. Customer service didn’t care at all!!!!! So we both cancelled our subscriptions. I had purchased items every month of my subscription so they are losing money by being petty. A month implies 30 days not a deal that expires before you actually get the box.
Not using the august credit is like throwing $21 away

I really appreciate this deal and thank you for it!!!! Rocksbox just handled it badly .

Liz Cadman

Sorry for any confusion. She should get an additional $21 credit on September 1st so she doesn’t lose the $21 monthly credit – it just doesn’t roll over to the next month. Hope that helps!


I must say my initial excitement for this deal was incredibly high. I found a lot to wishlist and a lot around $40-$50 but some I was willing to invest more in. I was a little surprised when I got my email to check out my set that 2 were from my wishlist but ones I didn’t love as much as many of the others. I went to swap them only to find a total of 5 of my wishlist items were available to my set.

My disappointment was hard to hide as I emailed them asking if it was possible for me to wait until more of my wishlist items were available. I got a fairly quick response but the answer was basically to try what they have (that’s part of the fun, they say) or check back because their stock constantly changes. I get that, and the rep was nice enough, but I had planned on buying at least two if not all 3 if I could get some of the 7 or so I really was smitten with. I did find that a few of my wishlist items were available later in the day but still not any of the ones I had my heart set on.

I just found it a little deceptive that it shows all of these great products you can have but when you actually can customize your set very few are available. And for someone who knows what they like jewelry-wise it really isn’t fun to not be able to get what you really like or want to try. If you are in the same boat I was, though, keep checking throughout the day for their stock to change. Maybe you’ll find your top wishlist item(s)!

Thank you though, Liz for bringing us this opportunity to try RocksBox, and I’m sorry that this turned into a mini review. I hope it doesn’t sound ungrateful because I am grateful and although I’m disappointed I’m still looking forward to seeing my box.


A little disappointed…
I entered the correct code but apparently it was changed in the system somehow. (I had a problem getting the payment through, so had to “Open in Chrome” – guessing this might have been when it happened??)

Rocks Box is saying there’s nothing they can do, and I won’t get the $19 credit ($45 total) I was signing up for.

Not a great way to start a new relationship.
Have asked them to cancel and not ship. But later I got notification that the first box has been shipped.


They did the exact same thing to me and finally through email told me that I entered the promo code mysubaddictxoxo which I know I did not. Not the best way to start a new subscription. Was told there was nothing they could do as it’s one promo code per account.

Liz Cadman

So sorry about this! Can I reach out to Rocksbox on your behalf? If yes, please email me [email protected] with your permission + what email address your account is under.

Sorry again!


@LizCadman totally not your fault… We all love you for all the deals and coupons you share with us.
It’s such a shame that the system seems so glitchy with this particular one.
I really appreciate your offer of assistance, and respect you so for looking after your followers like you do!

I had sent a message to Rocksbox cancelling my account, and explaining why – It was clear that I was signing up for that deal (based on timing, the link I used, and my knowledge of the deal) and I didn’t want to enter into a subscription relationship where the first interaction involves them not honoring the deal I signed up for.
They did get back to me this evening and they have decided to honor it after all.

Although their initial response was disappointing, they have now made things right. Which is a lot more than some sub companies will do. So I will at least try out this sub. Based on the items currently on their way, I will almost certainly purchase at least two of the pieces… So the company will be “up” too.

No doubt your influence and the significant number of followers you have means that companies listen to what you have to say, and no doubt follow these posts and comments too. So I’m fairly confident that you deserve thanks for their eventual fix of the issue I had.



When do you have to cancel by to avoid getting charged for the next month? And you get a $21 credit every month to put towards a purchase? But that credit expires at the end of the month? So if I signed up now, I’d have less than 3 days to spend my credit?



Also something to take into account – When you cancel, they need to see via tracking that you have started the return of whatever items you still have before the cancellation goes into effect.

So if you haven’t started that return shipment before your bill date, you will be billed for the upcoming month.


I read in their FAQ that you will be rebilled on your initial sign-up date each month.

I signed up on Aug 28th, so I’ll be billed again on Sept 28th.

The $21 monthly credit “resets” at the beginning of each month though, and can be used toward a purchase once per calendar month. So, I suppose if you signed up mid-month, you could use the $21 toward a purchase before the end of the month, then send the rest of the box back, receive a second box (because you’re not limited to only 1 box in a month – they send a new one as soon as the current box is returned), have the $21 reset at the beginning of the month after your signup, use that toward another purchase before you are rebilled in the middle of that month.

My $21 will reset before I even receive my first box though. 🙂

Copy/Paste from their FAQ:
As a monthly member, the renewal date is the day you’re billed each month. For example, if we first billed you on February 4, your renewal date is the 4th of each month. We will bill you for another month of service every 4th day of the month.

Liz Cadman

On the first of every month, you get a new $21 credit, so while your August $21 credit will be gone at the end up the month, you’ll instantly have a new $21 credit for September. (So you still have a full month to spend that $21 credit, it just doesn’t roll over every month + stack.)

(Also, I just reached out to Rocksbox about your cancellation question. I’ll follow up once I hear back.)


Thanks Liz


Does anyone know if they have real sterling silver (I mean not just plated)? My meraki box does, which is why I subscribe to it. Liz?

Liz Cadman

Hm, I don’t think so. I saw pieces that were Sterling Silver Plating over Brass, but not just sterling silver. (The brand Gorjana had sterling silver plated pieces.) I can reach out to Rocksbox to double-check, though.


Thanks Liz! I got so much junk jewelry from Emma & Chloe, I don’t want green fingers/ears etc. again.


Great deal I thought. I used the link, coupon code was already in there. I didn’t have to put coupon code in there manually. I added the 30+ pieces to my wish list and see my full $45 credit in my account.

Read the fine print though, the $21 part of shine credit expires at the end of the month so make sure you pick something close to your budget that you want to keep.

I’m excited, thanks for the hook up Liz.

Liz Cadman

Glad to hear it all worked correctly for you! Let me know what piece you decide to keep! 🙂


I used to have Rocksbox and I won’t sign up again because it is difficult to cancel. I had to call them and wait on hold to cancel. I have a rule that I only subscribe to boxes I can cancel with one click of a button.

Katherine Delaney

Wait I’m confused I used the link and I understand about the credit hold but I didn’t get the $19 forever credit?

Liz Cadman

Hi Katherine,

Did you apply the MSACREDIT19 coupon? If not, that might be the issue. I can reach out to Rocksbox on your behalf if you’d like. Just send me an email: [email protected]

Sorry about this!


Wow, waaay too much manipulation to get this deal…. I will chalk this up to one that ‘sounds good on paper’ but really isn’t….


I could be wrong, but I think the issue is ppl are just using the link, you have to type in the code manually, I did it last night, didnt take more than a few minutes, it was very stress free:) also, so many gorgeous pieces below 50 it will be a treat keeping one for free or adding $5-10 bucks more for an extra special one. I understand those not willing to try it but I just wanted to share my positive experience;)


And wow, I didn’t get an email but just checked my account and it shows my box has been shipped out already 😯 impressive 😎

Elizabeth Griffiths

I did not get the $19 forever credit.

Liz Cadman

Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry about this! There may be a slight delay in that credit appearing in your account. If it doesn’t appear by the end of the day, can you email me and I’ll reach out to Rocksbox on your behalf to resolve this? [email protected]


I ordered using the code last night & my cart said $0 but I woke up this morning to an alert of a $21 charge to my credit card during the night by Rockbox.


Even though the first month is supposed to be free & no commitment, Rocksbox does a pre-authorization charge. Stated: “You will see a temporary authorization charge so we can verify your card.”

A little more detail reveals… “We reserve the right at any time to determine whether your Payment Method(s) is/are pre-authorized to accept a minimum charge equal to the Membership fee or to each Product being tried or purchased. If we conclude that the amount of available credit is not sufficient to cover these amounts, we may request the immediate return of all outstanding Items and/or that you provide a second valid Payment Method before continuing to use the Service.

For some forms of payment, an initial authorization charge may be processed, confirmed by you, and then returned to you in order to verify the validity of your Payment Method. There will then be a second authorization for the actual amount of the applicable monthly Membership fee or purchase price. Once the order has gone through and shipped, only the actual amount of the order and any applicable taxes/fees/charges will be charged.

Liz Cadman

Sorry, Rocksbox will put a temporary hold on your credit card when you check out to verify that your credit card is authentic. (This money should be refunded to you within days.)

“We require a valid credit card to start your Rocksbox membership even if you have a promo code. This allows us to send you jewelry to try and then we’ll have your information if you decide to make a purchase.”

I just added a note about this to the post.


Liz, I just remembered to look at my paused Rocksbox account to follow up on this …and they only used $21 of credits off the piece of jewelry I kept and left the rest of the credits on my account. I assume this means that they charged my credit card for the remaining necklace purchase price instead of using the full $45 of credits I got from this deal? I’m contacting my credit card company now to find out & hope it’s not too late to dispute it if they did.


Does anyone know about using this code of you have already tried Rocksbox? Can I make a new account with a different credit card?


If it helps, I used the link but it didn’t apply the discount for me, so I had to manually add the code to change the price to $0. Could be some people used the link and the promo didn’t apply? My account showed both the $21 monthly and $19 forever credits right away, then added the $5 after I added items to my wishlist.


My account was charged $25.01 too.

And then I got an immediate refund, but will apparently take 3-5 days to post.


This did not work. Did all the steps and only have the $21 credit


In the end, I just sent a message to the company directly.
Haven’t heard back yet, but will update once I have.

Liz Cadman

So sorry about this! I’m assuming it may just be a slight delay before the credit shows up, but I will verify with Rocksbox in the morning. I’ll make sure you get the credit!


Same thing happened to me… Looks like the $5 adds when you add 30 items to your wish list? And, I’m guessing the additional $19 will show later?
I guess we can email them if it doesn’t.

What I find a little more concerning… It says only 5 days to use the $21 credit though…
Does that mean we will be charged again in 5 days? And lose that first $21 credit before first box is received?
Ugh. Confusing.

Liz Cadman

The $21 credit will exist for the full month, that’s just in reference to August. So you’ll get a new $21 credit that shows up on September 1st. (Basically, you always have that $21 credit every month to use, it just doesn’t roll over to the next month if you don’t use it.)

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.