Ipsy September 2019 Glam Bag Reveal + More Spoilers!

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We have the first look at the September 2019 ipsy glam bag + new spoilers too!

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Here are some of the products ipsy will be sending this month:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. LOVE the bag. Hate the products. What to do?

    • Lol! Same here. Whatever comes in my Glambag that I don’t want will go into the stocking stuffer box or donation box.

    • there should be more spoilers before you have to decide! My plan “was” to skip the regular bag, if I didn’t like the actual bag. Well, I did not like the August bag at all – but the products looked good! So it’s on its way. lol. For Sept – I do like the bag – but so far, eh. I’m holding on until more is revealed before I decide, for sure.

    • If you love the bag I would say to get it. The GLAMBAG always has alot more items that are not in the spoilers.

      • This!! My GB doesn’t have a single one of these products shown.

        • I know, that makes me so mad, you would think that you would get at least one of the products shown, or are you happy with what you are getting in your bag for September?

          • Yeah, but I’m also really easy to please. I’m really excited I will get 111Skin Eye Gel. Also in my bag is an IBY highlighter, OFRA blush, First Aid and Beauty Coconut Water Cream, And Benefit Eyebrow Gel, with the Smashbox foundation as an add-on.

            111Skin I am really excited abiut. I got this brand in a box before and I loved it. It’s a really pricey brand, so I’m excited to get to try another product. I’m always down with more makeup, so I’m cool with the blush and highlighter. I honestly don’t know what Coconut Water Cream is, but I’ll definitely find out. The only thing I am a little bummer about is the eyebrown gel. I don’t do anything to my brows besides some light plucking and all brow products are set to rarely. But I’m good with being happy with 4/5 products. To me, that’s a win.

          • I am glad you are happy with your bag this month! Yeah, i have gotten the Benefits Cosmetics eyebrow gel before in my bag, i dont use it either! I get my eyebrows done at a salon and i dont mess with them. Make sure when you do your review, to tell them that you dont use anything on your eyebrows, that is what i did. I added the 111 Skin eye serum and the FAB Coconut water cream, i am getting the foundation in my bag. I have used the FAB Coconut water cream before, it is actually a pretty good moisturiser, and i love the FAB brand, they are a little pricey but i have not used a product from them that i didnt like. I also like 111 Skin products, this is the only way i can get to try this brands products, they are way out of my budget! Lol
            Honestly, i am happy with 2 products that is actually in my bag, one of the products i got to pick and the other is the foundation. If it was not for getting to pick a product and add ons every month, i would cancel my sub, Ipsy never goes by my profile and sends me products that i never use.

        • LOL. Except for the bag itself. Neither does mine!

    • Is there an option to not get something? I hate mascara and anything on my eyelashes. Yet subscription boxes always send mascaras despite what I put in my preferences.

      • You can actually email them and say so. They will let you bar one type of product upon request (mine is bronzer).

      • Yep email them and tell them up to two product types you dont want. However sometimes it doesnt work.

      • You can email them. They give you an option to list 1 or 2 items you would not like to receive ever. Other then that all we have is the Beauty Quiz. Hope this helps!

      • I emailed them requesting no perfumes as some I can react to pretty badly. They try to avoid sending me anything heavily scented now and absolutely no perfumes.

    • When do we get to choose a product? I dont want to miss it!

      • It was supposed to be today …. August 24 sometime in the morning. I was also waiting for the invitation, but it didn’t come. It should be noted that previously I had been invited, via email which said that from now on I would have the opportunity to choose a product in future bags. I know that after September that will be an option for everyone and maybe these changes … changed the fact of choosing this month. And for me it is really good that we all have the opportunity to choose, regardless of the membership we have … We will wait for October to see.

        • Thanks!!

        • My customization email came today at 10am. When i went to pick my product at 6:30pm. It said it was already closed for my glam bag plus membership. My regular glam
          Bag customization worked however. I decided on the glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask which i am super excited for. Last month same exact problem. They are liars. It does state that products can become unavailable but if there was not even one product selection available to choose from that means ipsy does not have enough products for the amount of subscribers they have. And they do no intend to meet their subscribers needs. Thanks ipsy for another big let down cant wait till next month when you get to dissapoint me all over again. But third times a charm Boxycharm in fact.

      • in october yay!!!!!!!

  2. loving all this , can’t wait for September..

    • My customization email came today at 10am. When i went to pick my product at 6:30pm. It said it was already closed for my glam bag plus membership. My regular glam
      Bag customization worked however. I decided on the glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask which i am super excited for. Last month same exact problem. They are liars. It does state that products can become unavailable but if there was not even one product selection available to choose from that means ipsy does not have enough products for the amount of subscribers they have. And they do no intend to meet their subscribers needs. Thanks ipsy for another big let down cant wait till next month when you get to dissapoint me all over again. But third times a charm Boxycharm in fact.

  3. I’m interested in everything, except foundation, because they never get the shades right. I’m extremely pale with pink undertones and huge vitiligo spots, they always send shades darker and in yellow undertones :/

    • I feel you on this one! I’m not pale, but I do have red & pink undertones. I also have melasma. There’s a lovely dark patch on my chin, across my upper lip making it look like I have a lopsided mustache even though there isn’t any hair there, a spot on the bridge of my nose , one on each eyebrow, and it just keeps getting worse every time I step outside. I usually don’t wear a foundation or cc cream at this point in the year because of the heat and humidity. However, when I do, it’s IT Cosmetics. I added on the medium one as it will work in the winter for me. I am still using the medium concealer from IT Cosmetics and it seems to color adjustment on its own. I keep 2 shades available, medium and tan for cc cream and medium and light for concealer. That way, as the seasons change, I just mix my own shade. Even my mom was shocked at the results of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer a couple of months back. I was at her place, we were getting ready to go to doctors appointments that day. I was just putting some concealer under my eyes and then blend it onto the darkest areas when she walked in. 😳 “What are you doing?!” 😂 I was like just come back in 2 minutes, this stuff is going to color adjust. She didn’t leave the room, she just stood there amazed! Since I have the IT Cosmetics cc cream in medium for winter, I figured, why not get the foundation for $12 and see? You can use your camera to try on shades online. My sister is lighter skinned than I am but has the same issues. She emailed It Cosmetics and they ended up sending her several little foil packets to try.

      • Wait, what?!? Try shades online? How? I have terrible melasma. It is barely visible from the front….. because it’s taken over almost my entire face!!!

        • If you go to It Cosmetics website and click on the product you want to try, you can take a selfie and use it in their system to try the different shades. You can use live video to. Sephora’s website has something similar for trying on shades.

          • Hi Daisy! First of all, I’m sorry you are dealing with this too. Please remember that you are beautiful with or without makeup. Taking care of yourself and your skin is most important. Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Don’t forget sunscreen! I should add that online, it only shows a light application of the foundation or cc cream or whatever on the IT Cosmetics website. I know their products are buildable. I have their cc cream in medium and tan so I can mix to my liking as my skin changes shades quickly. I did add on their foundation in medium to my Glambag. It will be interesting to compare the two. I use the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer everywhere I need concealer and sometimes layer it. It’s waterproof!!! I don’t wear a full face very often at this time of year unless I feel it’s appropriate. I no longer use color correcting shades either. I focus more on skincare. I just do the best I can and go on about it. I know some days that’s easier said than done.

      • Dawn’s, I use to have severe melasma….I had what looked like a tattoo around my lips untily doctor prescribed a medication called TriLuma, total miracle worker, after 6 weeks my skin was smooth, even and porcelain, it took away any areas of splotchiness and the brown area around my mouth…I just wanted to suggest it to you for your melasma, it changed my life!

      • Dawna, I use to have severe melasma….I had what looked like a tattoo around my lips untily doctor prescribed a medication called TriLuma, total miracle worker, after 6 weeks my skin was smooth, even and porcelain, it took away any areas of splotchiness and the brown area around my mouth…I just wanted to suggest it to you for your melasma, it changed my life!

        • Thank you. I am aware of that particular Rx and a couple of others. I was told no by my PCP on any and all of them. She will be happy to send me to a dermatologist though… 🙄 She’s about to get fired. That’s all she ever does anymore, you go in to see her and her answer for everything is a referral. Don’t bother getting sick, you will be told to go to a walk-in clinic. Then you call to get in for the follow up and end up going to the walk in for that too? I love how doctors are great at first but once they have a ton of patients… 🤷‍♀️ I will be without a much needed medication because she never told me I needed to see her in 6 months… I’m not the only patient she’s doing this to right now.
          I do have some skin lightening cream but because of my medium/tan complexion, I can only use it on the spots I want lightened or my face won’t match the rest of me. One of my husband’s friends wife used the cream you’re talking about but didn’t listen to what the doctor and everybody else told her. She’s not all white but ended up with an almost porcelain face and an obvious difference between her face and neck.
          I appreciate the advice. I really do. I’m shopping for a new doctor & will be keeping it in mind for spot treatment. I am not using anything on it right now as being an outdoorsy girl, it’s like fighting an endless battle. I do like fruit acid peels, they do help plus, I got a brightening mask in my Summer FFF Box. I’m absolutely shocked that it helps! It’s noticeable immediately! 😳

      • Hi Doll! I used to have the Saaame thing! I freaked out when I got a “mustache”. Turned out My Mom knew what it was, from birth control and the sun. I used Clinique Even Better Serum to get rid of it. Also, Clinique Turnaround Line IS AMAZING!!! Or Anything with Vitamin C too, AND A GREAT SUNSCREEN! Also, Korres Rose Line WORKS FAST To lighten 😽

        • Thank you! Yep! It can be genetic issue too. I can’t take hormones. So, it’s not birth control, it’s my age(mid 40’s), genetics and the sun. Thankfully, this too shall pass. Eventually. 🙄 I noticed that I have more age spots on the left side of my face and as far as my “mustache” goes, it’s wider on the left than the right. My only guess is because of the sun I get from driving. I’ve been pretty lucky in getting most of my skincare from subs & swaps. So, I have been able to try a couple of the products you mentioned. Another thing I’m totally enjoying is random, permanent hair loss. Not just on my head… I literally have bald spots all over including my face. There’s actually bald spots in my eyebrows! 😳 🤷‍♀️ It’s really hard to to draw in eyebrows with hyperpigmentation tossed in there too. 🙄 I have been using a sunscreen from Neutrogena. To treat the melasma, I’ve been using Juice Beauty Green Apple peel sensitive, followed by Generation Clay brightening purple clay mask. Wow!!! Both came in subs. Just using the clay mask alone, I can see it’s lighter immediately! I do have a skin lightening cream aka skin bleaching cream. AMBI SKINCARE fade cream which I apply using a q-tip only to the darker areas. I usually do this at night because if you sweat, it will ITCH! At this point, I’m not using the skin bleach at all. I will restart that in a month or so when I’m not outside as much. My Dr is fine with what I’m using now but does not want me using Rx strength bleaching creams. I know there are options out there, but, $$$$$$$…

        • I had the same problem! My dermatologist prescribed hydroquinone. Works wonders! Best of luck to you and know you’re beautiful in and out!

      • I also had melasma when I was taking a certain type of contraceptive pill. Since then, I began using NuvaRing , and my melasma disappeared almost immediately. I also have pink/blue undertones, and I haven’t ever received a foundation that isn’t too warm/golden for me. Still, I’ve been loving the Ipsy boxes that I’ve been getting lately; they have stopped sending me brown lipsticks and grey nail polishes!!! Yay! for them listening to my feedback (and I used to be very disappointed with my boxes for the longest time…and left a ton of negative comments).

        • Oh ya! Hormones definitely play a part in it. I’m glad you found the that contraceptive. I hear good things about that. I can’t take any birth control so being in my mid 40’s, I already closed the factory. So to speak… Dr. and I are close in age and, yep, it’s genetics, hormones and age. The fact that im outside in the sun doesn’t help it either.

    • My problem is that so many powders are yellow-toned! ELF used to make a pink-toned powder, but now they don’t anymore. I’m almost out. I feel you.

      • I have a peach tone powder from Becca. ELF also makes a peach tone for under the eyes but it’s a small size. I use it under the eyes with the Becca under eye brightening concealer.

      • Besame cosmetics does a really lovely pink toned powder, bonus it also smells very faintly of vanilla and roses

    • I have yet to find a match for me with smashbox. Sorry, my brain was still stuck on August…

    • I am extremely pale with cool undertones and I have literally only found one foundation that is a perfect match for me. Kevyn Aucoin candlelight foundation in C1 which is their lightest shade. Even Fentys lightest shade was too yellow and it was supposed to be meant for albinos. I use Bareminerals translucent mineral vale or Makeup Forever white translucent powder and those 2 work perfectly for me.

    • I’m very pale with pink undertones as well, it seems they ALWAYS have warm/yellow toned ones available for us tho. I just got the IT bye bye one in my plus in fair and it’s sooo yellow I look ridiculous

    • Yes it’s super hard when they put base products dependent on skin tone in. Finding shade matches in lines of 40+ colors is hard enough, it’s next to impossible with a few shades in a sub box. And super frustrating to so many when getting a product that’s unusable because of skin color. If they can’t implement shade selection for every subscriber the item shouldn’t be sent.

  4. Not sure where to ask this…
    New to Ipsy…this is my second month…
    Playing with the beauty profile to get more of my favorites..

    Lip colors..I am kinda picky…so there’s red, berry, and natural…typically like Mauves…too light and I feel washed out…too dark I feel like a clown…

    Also have to laugh…first two months I have received the same category products…brushes, primers, masks, and face oils…it’s not that I don’t like the categories but I was expecting more makeup and variations
    My variations were mascara one month and blush the other…

    Is moving them to occasionally enough or do I really need to move to rarely for a few months? I hate to put too many categories in the rarely, not sure if then by default I will start getting those…

    • Do be honest lipstick colors can be hit or miss mo matter how to answer the quizzes in subscription boxes last year orangey reds were trendy ans I usually love reds but I got a few last year that were more orange than red and too bright so I reduced my interest in red lipticks. My best advice is to be a little generous with your flexibility on the quiz and sell colors you can’t stand (hey this funds your subscription so you can subscribe guilt free right?) And if you really aren’t likeing the colors your getting just check up on current trends (getting tired of this lip gloss fad myself) and lower your desire for lipsticks until trends you don’t like pass. The whole point is to sometimes get things that may be outside your norm to discover a new love you didnt know you have and this kind of concept always comes with a bit of dissatisfaction however you are getting a great deal on great brands either way. I hope that helps :3

    • I also only want the reds, berries and mauves, but I get a lot of warm nudes and corals or even orange I can’t wear. It seems the warmer colors are more popular or at least what I’ve seen a lot of from ipsy the years I’ve subbed. So that’s why we get them. Even a lot of the pinks they send are more on the warm side leaning peachy. Same for blush, bronzers and shadows. I get so excited when I get a nice cool toned lipstick or other make up. There have been some stunning wine/berry and red gems. Does anyone else notice this warm trend where there is more peach/nude/gold/beige or is it just me?

  5. Ipsy just posted a lot of FULL SIZE point rewards !!!

  6. Highlighter? Really? Still? We’re heading to 2020 and that trend has been dead so long now.

    If you get a deluxe sample sized highlighter once a year and you manage to use it up before you get the next one then you’re wearing too much highlighter. By a lot. If you ever put it on the tip of your nose you’re wearing too much highlighter. If you think you’re wearing too much highlighter remember that no one actually looked worse by not wearing any. Maybe they had a little less “glow” but they didn’t look plastic, shiny, or sweaty unless they were already any of those things.

    Highlighter is sweaty in a pan. Wear it at your own peril.

    • Oh good gried get over yourself.

      • That bag is really cute. Other than the highlighter it looks awesome! 🙂

      • lol 🤣🤣

      • My thoughts exactly….what a drag this broad is.

        As pale as I am it’s nice to have just the right hilighter that combined with the right foundation or powder gives my skin more of a matte glow. With the side effects of meds dulling what was a well cared for blue toned complexion, highlighter has made my beauty routine something more rewarding.

        Get over yourself…sheesh

    • I love highlighters. I mean clearly there is a market for it. OFRA seems to be doing pretty well. And I think they look pretty. Yes people over do it but you Just have to know how to use it.

      • I barely use highlighters. Out of sheer laziness lol. I have really pale skin so I use the highlighters as eye-shadow. They make the perfect barely glimmery look.
        I always wondered why you get a huge pan of highlighter for the same price as maybe one pan of shadow. The ingredients are pretty much the same.
        That OFRA highlighter was in everything this year!!! I had a stack of them. Luckily its a beautiful present.

    • I don’t wear highlighter myself, but I’m not going to criticize those who do. Sure, some people overdo it, but I wouldn’t try to dictate how much highlighter is too much. I hate nude lippies because they make me look washed out, but I’m not going to attack those who do because, for all I know, nude lippies may look good on them. Just like they may think that red lippies might make them look like clowns while they look flattering on me. It’s all personal preference.

    • I agree! Highlighters look dated and out of style. I hate them!

    • What are you the highlighter police? I wear highlighter every day on my cheeks and nose I own highlighter in every color blue, green,purple etc . I shine bright like a diamond don’t be a hater .

      • 💎

      • Love it Lisa !!

        That’s right shine bright like a diamond !!!

        I love a good highlighter , people just need to learn to use them

      • 😂 love this response

      • I love Milk highlighter in Supernova which is full on iridescent mirror shiny. Blue highlighter looks really good on my pale skin and Tarte mermaid glitter is my bestie lol

    • I have enough highliters to shine all the way to the moon. Maybe another galaxy. I just give the extras to my nieces but really I would prefer to no longer get them.

      • I too have enough highlighters to shine for all eternity. While im fine with using highlighters, i do kind of agree with the OP. Enough already. There are other cosmetic mediums. Brows? Undereye creams? Daily exfoliation? Toners? Makeup setting spray? Makeup removal wipes? Why are setting sprays rarely an option?

    • Wear it across your chest and on your shoulders to give you a sunny look.

    • Settle down.

    • Highlighter and primer are my latest “do not send” items. I can’t even give them away. I thought this trend would die off, but there is no end in sight for the need to “glow”… shame this wasn’t a thing in my clubbin’ days. I stick around for the add ons. I am pretty sure they realize this. Spent an extra $27 in August. Great strategy by Ipsy.

      • Hey! I have been subscribed to Ipsy for over a year and never get to get a highlighter. If u want to give some away I’d be so excited to receive it. Thanks

    • Ha! Ha! I just got into highlighter a few years ago because ipsy sent it, and I wondered when I would go out of style without my realizing it. Oh well, I love it, just a light touch.

    • I still have highlighter from over a year or more ago, I kept getting it . A little goes along way/

    • I don’t use highlighter how it’s meant to be used but I do use it as an eyeshadow. Cream ones I use as a base for my eyeshadow & powder ones I use in my inner corner and under my eyebrows. However, one is still enough for forever using it that way. I like the idea someone said about using it across your chest & clavicle, I might try that.

  7. This is the first bag I’ve been excited about in a long time, and plan to use as a clutch!

  8. I love the bag!!!! Not overly excited in any of the spoilers, but would like to try the It Cosmetics Cleanser.

  9. So far, It seems like The GB for September has way better options than the GBP. Even in August, the GB had Sunday Riley as an option , but it wasn’t even listed as a add on option for GBP . I was pretty disappointed to say the least. I had reactivated my GB on 7/31 , but who knows if I’ll actually receive it because it still isn’t showing me what I’ll get. ( even with emailing ipsy care and they keep telling me I will get August. So because I can’t see anything, I missed out on the add ons for the GB ( my Sunday Riley ), ugh . So aggravating.

    • How frustrating! The Sunday Riley wasn’t available as an add on anyway. Fingers crossed you got it in your bag!

      • I agree…the regular GB has been great lately! I thought I was just half asleep during the add ons and missed the Sunday Riley. I did not get it in my bag. But that’s ok. The rest of my bag is pretty awesome

  10. Ipsy billed me twice this month, so they offered to let me pick one item for my bag next month. Here are some of the other products that will appear in next month’s bag:

    -First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream
    -111Skin Space Defiance Bright Eye Lift Gel
    -IBY Beauty Highlighter in Private Jet
    – Don’t Despair, Repair Moisture Leave-In Mask

    • For the GB or the GBP?

      • Regular Glam Bag

    • Thanks!

  11. I paused my GBP because of the mascara. I don’t wear it. I opted out on the regular Glam Bag but don’t think I can on the GBP. If they put something up that is better I will probably remove the pause.

    • I complained to support multiple times and then threatened to leave bad reviews on all the spoiler sites. I have mascara set as rarely. Yet every month in either my GB or GB+ I would get a mascara yet have it marked as rarely. How is rarely every month?

  12. I really like the bag, is that a crystal on the zipper? I paused my GBP for this month after I saw the spoilers but very excited to get this bag.I Really want the Ofra highlighter and the smashbox foundation. 🙂

    • It looks like it but I’m sure it’s plastic.

  13. That mascara is simply awful. One more highlighter and I see m going to pop. And the make-up is never the correct shade. And I am obviously on their brush-a-month list. Big Sigh…..

  14. oh, ipsy, please no more brushes. please. this bag and products look good though..i cancelled one of my ipsy glam bag plus last month…this month does not look good..

    • Why don’t ya just opt out of brushes?
      I don’t know if you’re aware, but You can actually email them and tell the a specific type of product (i.e. brushes, mascara, eyeliner, etc…) that you don’t want to receive anymore.
      I’ve heard you can do it with 2 categories , but w/that I’m not 100% positive about, have just heard it through the grapevine lol.

      But yeah!…I’d def email them & tell them you’d like to opt out of getting brushes if you don’t want em anymore!💁🏻‍♀️

      • Opting out of brushes would mean having to opt out of all beauty tools. Like tweezers and eyelash curlers. I don’t wear eyeshadow but I’ve gotten 7 eyeshadow brushes from Ipsy this year alone. I don’t contour or use highlighter, but they send me those brushes. I do wear blush and powder. In the 3 1/2 years I’ve been with Ipsy, I’ve gotten 2 blush brushes, one powder brush and one beauty blender. It would only make sense for Ipsy to match a tool fitting a long time subscribers profile. 🤷‍♀️

        • I agree Ive got an eyeshadow brushes in every bag. But Ipsy care told me if i opt out of brushes. I wont get any brushes or the like again. 😩 i just don’t understand they won’t send me a blush brush or contour brush.

          • Or tweezers, or beauty blenders…

        • how often do you see Ipsy sending out tweezers and beauty blenders? Almost never. Seems like a better trade off to opt out of tools instead of receiving 7 eyeshadows brushes for the chance of receiving a beauty blender once in 12 months.

          • I always look at all the available items Ipsy has for the month and I have seen blush brushes, powder brushes and YES!!!, even tweezers and beauty blenders on numerous occasions. But, I always get the beauty tools that I can not use. Even further proof that Ipsy doesn’t go by our profiles. I rate eyeshadow and eyeshadow brushes at 1 & even say,” I NEVER EVER USE THESE! PLEASE STOP SENDING!” I have chatted with Ipsycare, 🤯. Considering the revamping Ipsy is doing and increasing the prices of everything, including rewards points items, the least they could do is upgrade their beauty profile and so called algorithm.

      • Yeah I don’t officially opt out of anything because just as sure as I do, they’ll have a fantastic version of it and I won’t get it. Just like I really don’t care for most of the brushes I get from Ipsy, but then GBP gave out the It Cosmetics brushes and I was so glad I got one.

        • I do love Ipsy! Don’t get me wrong here. They’ve done better than any other sub for me so far in 3 1/2 years. Last month was great. I’ve learned to look at all of the products for the month before I decide if it’s really a dud or just the best they had with my preferences. This month, dud. I’ve said from day one that I only wear waterproof mascara. This month, they have four different mascaras. One of them is waterproof but that’s not the mascara I’m getting? 🤔🤷‍♀️ At least I have stocking stuffers. Lol

      • Aside from the other issues people posted about in the other comments here, although you can request to be opted out of up to 2 categories (for example I’m opted out of eyeliner and highlighter in one of my accounts), they won’t guarantee it. I’ve done this with a few different accounts and Ipsy’s response is always “We’ll try not to include…” so no promises. Although in my experience they’ve only sent me an opted out product once in the several months since I set it up. Also, you can tell them to opt out for 6 months or a year or forever if you want. But they’ll let you opt back in if you change your mind at any time no matter what you choose or how long you initially requested.

  15. This looks better then GBP so I’m putting IGBP on pause and keeping this instead – plus I want at least 3 add ons 😁👍

  16. The constellations would have been beautiful on a pretty midnight blue bag.

      • The multi colored galactic bag convinced me to start getting Ipsy and the blue bag is one of the few I’ve actually kept. High hopes this one is as cute.

    • My comment didn’t go through = maybe b/c I put links in it to the bags. They did a midnight bag with gold and one with silver constellations in fall 2016 and also a purpley blue galactic bag with stars and plants the same year, I believe, in January. I love this bag and the constellations are 100x prettier to me, but I agree it would be gorgeous on a night sky!

    • They did do one similar at one point. I still have it. It’s midnight blue. The zipper is golden, handle a star and instead of real constellations, it’s makeup shapes instead.

      • I also had the opportunity to choose a product. But when I saw the invitation email, 4 hours had passed and basically everything was sold out, including the too faced mascara. All there was to choose from were Ofra products, except for the mascara and Glow Recepit mask…

    • They actually did a midnight blue bag with constellations about a year ago and it was beautiful.

    • I know. I mistakenly gave the navy one that I had away, not realizing that it was one of their better bags. I wish they had leftover bags that we could request, and there are three or four that I love.

  17. Oooh! Congrats to Madison Miller on the ofra collab!! I would love to get that highlighter in the GBP!

    • Came here to comment the same thing!

  18. I have grown to truly LOVE IPSY, both bags/boxes actually. This is the 3rd time I have sub’ed to the IPSY bag and found that their curation has gone through the roof…I adore what they usually send. And the funniest part of this praise is that I have found their less expensive bag is more on target for me than the IPSY PLus.

    • Yes…I have debated the plus bag but with half as many variations about 23 products vs about 45 products…I am guessing I would get too many products I won’t actually want…granted at the 12 dollar add on price, I would only need to like two products …

      also for the same price I can add on one full size product and one small to my reg bag, that I truly want…so one large and six small vs 5 large…if it’s offered as an add on and if it’s still available…

      So I am still on the fence and debating with myself…lol

  19. 🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎈 Courtney!

  20. OMG! The bag! YAS!!! 😍💕

  21. Will keep this one and skip my GBP unless some AAAAMAAAAAAZING spoilers show up!!!

  22. Has anyone tried that Too Faced mascara? Wondering at the quality.

    I love this bag though and all those samples look pretty good! I was planning on skipping GBP after the disappointing spoilers (Ipsy must have stock in Eyeko, I swear) so this will be a nice substitute.

    • I haven’t tried the mascara but it’s not doing well on Sephora. I was excited to try it when they offered the mini as a promo with your order but ended up choosing a different bonus after seeing the reviews. It’s rated 3 stars I believe. I normally LOVE getting mascaras but I hope I don’t get this one next month. Actually none of these look very good to me. If I don’t see some good ones in the next riund I might skip. Although I do really like the bag.

    • I LOVE Too faced but dislike their mascaras. So far, all of them I’ve tried have a huge brush. I’m just not a fan. I prefer thinner brushes that you can get all the lashes without worrying about hitting your eyeball or hitting anything else that makes you start over!

    • I actually like it. I prefer a longer brush because when the brushes are shorter than the width of my eyelashes, the middle section ends up sticking up at an odd angle. But that could be user error lol. It is a drier formula which I prefer and it only takes a few swipes to get major drama without the spidery look or clumps. My only complaint is that it is not water proof which means it is not sweat proof and it smudges some…would be fine in the winter but not in the heat in the deep south.

      • My eyelashes do the same thing! 🙄 The key is to have a faster drying mascara and an extra spoily brush too. You can use that to hold your lashes where you want them while they dry.

    • I was excited about it at first but then I tried it twice at Ulta. I thought the first time I tried it that the tube was just dried out. The second time I tried it, the sales person opened up a new tube for me to test. It was so thick that I had to wipe off a ton of product before putting it anywhere near my lashes. The brush is super fat and picks up so much product. I usually like fat brushes that help me to load product onto my lashes but instead I had a hard time getting the product off the brush. It all came off at once as a big clump! I really wanted to love this but it has not worked for me. The Better Than Sex one seems better although I’m also not a big fan of it.

    • Its okay… And just okay… if you aren’t careful, you can end up looking like you’ve been pummeled in the face by coal covered ninjas.
      Use with a light hand, and you’ll be alright.

  23. Oh, no, more OFRA highlighter.

    Move over, Boxycharm, you’re finally outnumbered.

    The bag is rather cute but they are simply too small to be useful for me except to group things like hand cream and lip gloss in my nightstand.

    • I know. I swear I’d love to never ever see another Ofra highlighter as last long as I live. Even more than Eyeko eyeliners and I’ve received 3 times as many of them.

      • Same. I don’t mind Eyeko but dang, another freakin’ highlighter! I can’t wait for this trend to die a little

      • I’m actually so jealous, I haven’t received a single one in any of my bags! Guess I’ll keep hoping. Maybe this time around I’ll get it haha.

        • I also never received one! But I have received a ton of Eyeko eyeliners 😛

      • By the way, does anyone know where I can get some fun cute tiny bags, like half the size of ipsy or smaller (square) but with a full opening? I have one from bare minerals that is really old. Those tiny ones work better in my smallest purse.

        • I see smallish ones at the dollar store sometimes.

    • I love this bag size but that’s because they fit in my purse and as you said, in my nightstand. I do have a couple larger bags already though. I think it would be fun if they did a really big one once a year or so and maybe an occasional tiny one that would fit in my tiny purse! 😉

      • That is a great idea! might keep people around for the token bags. I could go for a variety of sizes for sure.

  24. Love this bag! Look at the cute crystal zipper pull! I don’t even care what’s inside! LOL!

    • I didn’t even notice the crystal zipper pull! It totally gives me Superman vibes 🙂

      • Aww, yes. The fortress of solitude. ❤️

  25. They probably got rid of that future because people were complaining and I was one of them. Only a select group of people had that option. I have been with IPSY for over 4 years and I wasn’t given the option to choose an item so I did email to complain.

    • You ever think though they were testing it before rolling it out to everybody?

      • That’s possible and I did receive a survey from Ipsy asking if that feature was something I would like to see in future bags. I answered yes on the survey but I wasn’t selected as one of the customers to use that option. Go figure. lol

        • It was probably computer generated that way it was fair. Like a comment picker on youtube giveaways.

    • Yeah, I got that survey too and I too stated I would love the opportunity to pick an item but when they ran the Beta testing on that feature I didn’t cry like a big baby that I didn’t get picked. Must be a generational thing…..eventually everyone will get to pick an item if they can run it without too many glitches but seeing is they stopped offering it in order to TEST it because of crybabies, we won’t be seeing that feature rolled out to everyone for some time….see how that works?

  26. I’m loving the Add ons in conjunction with the $10 Ipsy bag. I always feel excited knowing I will get 1-3 things that are merge to for me!

    • Merge=perfect. Lol

      • Stop trying to make “merge” happen! Haha JK 😆

        • I thought “merge” was a new use of the word and I was out of it again. I think it works, though.

  27. So far this bag looks way better than GBP.

  28. Love this bag!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  29. None of these interest me. Might skip this month, but that’s what I did last month. Until I saw the cheek stain that is. I absolutely love my benetint!

  30. Not a fan of most of the items, but the bag itself is cute.

    • I feel exactly the same. Hopefully the next round of spoilers will be more appealing.

  31. I have been wanting an Ofra highlighter can’t see spending $35 for it. If I don’t get it I sure hope I can purchase it as an add-on. Love that bag. Excited I love IPSY

    • I’ve received several all through various subscription boxes. I don’t use highlighters. I’m thinking I gave my sister at least one but I’m pretty confident I have one or more left untouched. I’d be happy to send you one. They are known to be excellent and they look gorgeous in person but I just don’t do the highlight/contour thing. If you can carefully post your info I’ll contact you to get the rest.

    • I’m really hoping I don’t get it, I’ve gotten 3 Ofra highlighters in my bags just this year, plus one in an offer I bought for the other items. I’m swimming in them even tho I have highlighters listed as ‘rarely’, I sometimes wonder if they even look at our profiles, lol. I hope you get one tho! Let’s hope we all get what we want this month 🙂

      • No, they don’t look at our profiles. You can tell because they pre print the info cards that come with the bags/boxes. It’s not custom anymore. The only thing the profile is used for is foundation color and to sell your info to others. I am less salty about it all now that I’ve realized that I’m not really the customer, the companies marketing to us through the boxes are the real customer. I get a good deal and too many flipping highlighters that I detest. That’s the truth.

  32. Does anyone know if those are constellations associated with the zodiac, or are they just regular constellations? I know a lot of people love the horoscope thing but it’s definitely not for me.

    • Looks like it might be both. I see at least one of the dippers and one I think my be Cygnus the swan, but i think at least one of the others may be a zodiac. But I’m on my phone and find it too hard to use multiple windows to cross-reference.

      Because the dipper is there, it’s also possible none are zodiac.

      • Cool, thanks!

      • Agreed. I noticed the Big Dipper right off. So it can’t be all astrological symbols. But even if it were, you obviously don’t even know what the constellations related the astrological symbols look like, so what do you really care? This is like getting upset about someone giving you a green bag, because it’s green for marijuana… When you didn’t even know that that is why it’s green. Feel free to not ruin a cool design for the rest of us by making this about your beliefs.

        • So, you are entitled to your opinion but she isn’t entitled to hers?
          If the bag is about zodiac signs, it definitely does go against a few religious denominations that I’m aware of. I did not keep the October bag that had to do with witchcraft and had a Ouija board on it. Simply because that is not allowed in our home. I refused the gift of a Buddah statue for my new home once.
          There’s nothing wrong with what she’s saying or how she feels.
          Question: How is she “ruining” anything for you or anybody else for that matter because she’s trying to figure out if something goes against her religion and core beliefs?
          Maybe you should just mind your business and scroll on?

          • Lol. Your face is so cute when you try to get salty. 👍

          • You’re right. People are allowed to have homes where they practice one religion and not others. That’s not the same as discrimination, it’s being faithful.

    • Those 12 constellations are regular constellations too. They were not invented for astrology. Just don’t assign an astrological importance to them, and you’ll be fine.

      • Excellent reply!

        Constellations are a way to memorize stars. It’s just science. Saying that where they were in you were born gives you a certain personally is where it turns into religion or conflicts with other religions.

      • Yes, I am aware that constellations are simply stars. 🙂 I simply don’t want a zodiac themed bag.

        • I think I understand where you’re coming from. One year, October’s bag had a little ouija board on it. I was not ok with that at all. So, I didn’t keep the bag.

          • I didn’t keep the ouija board bag either. It was October 2016. It also had witches and potions and spell books on it. Nope.

          • Yes! That’s right! I remember! I get it! I really do. I was raised along the lines of Baptist, biblical fundamentalist… I love the stars and constellations and I’m loving the bag. September is my birthday month. Even if Ipsy does do a zodiac theme, I’m still going to keep the bag and look at it as constellations. I don’t see any wording on the Glambag. So, I don’t see a problem with it. I tossed the Halloween one of my own convictions after seeing it in person. I don’t think I’ll feel the need to toss this one. Ipsy received a lot of flack over that bag. I think they’ve made a conscious decision to try not to offend anybody with their bags. I know someone who didn’t want the June bag because it was somewhat rainbow themed. Ok, I got a pink bag with 3 shades of pink and hers was blue. To each their own. 🤷‍♀️

        • Y’all know God created the stars right? And using them to guide your ship, or pass down legends, or using them to determine placement of planets etc, could be why He put them there. And does not mean you worship stars. It may mean you love the stars, and thank God for creating them. All things are from God. And they only have the power you give them.

      • Yes, Dea…you hit the nail on the head. I like spacey-themed bags, even though I don’t follow astrology. The more glitter, stars, sequins, and rainbows the better (for me).

    • Hey Shanrell! I was just on my Ipsy app and the theme for the month does have to do with zodiac signs and horoscopes… However, I don’t have a problem with the bag itself personally. I was raised Baptiste and even attended a Christian school. I actually ran this one by mom and she has the same opinion that I do. It’s not like having a graven imagine, it’s a cosmetic bag. Just like the one they did for October a couple of years back, but that one definitely had things on it that I was not okay with. A spell book and a Ouija board? Nope! I think the bag is pretty and I enjoy the constellations. If it has things on it that are not shown in the picture that are about zodiac signs, whatever, and I don’t feel it’s okay, I will give it away. It’s all a matter of your own convictions on the matter. We are all different and we all have our own relationships and convictions. I hope you have had a blessed weekend.

  33. I love the bag, super cute. More so, I think this curation is great! Meh!… another mascara, which I have received in every bag or box I subscribe to, but overall a great bag for September!!

    • I’ll be changing my preferences to try and get that highlighter!

  34. I was going to cancel my regular bag this month and just keep the GBP but I absolutely love that bag. All these spoilers are amazing.

  35. I love this curation… less the mascara! But only because I have received a mascara in every bag or box I subscribe to.

  36. I think it’s an oopsie that they are showing that Madison Miller OFRA highlighter. The only thing that’s been shown from that collection so far is a lip gloss, right? Or did I miss it?

    • It says Madison Miller on the lid. I don’t want to get it even though it looks full size it looks too similar to Ofra highlighters and other brands as well actually I already own.

  37. For those who have been able to do sample pick, does it say customization on your Ipsy timeline? Someone on Reddit posted that Ipsy was doing away with this feature, which makes me sad. I never got to try this feature, so can someone who has been able to choose let me know if their timeline still has that option. Thanks!

    • Yes I think it did say that on my timeline last month when I was able to pick, I do not see it on my timeline this time. 👎🏼 I think you are right about them doing away with it because I contacted them through email asking if they could guarantee me the It Bye Bye foundation if I added that subscription and this is the response I got back

      “We ended our product selection program, so we’re no longer accommodating requests for specific products for classic Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus.

      We understand that this came as a surprise, but we appreciate your patience and understanding.

      We’re working on another fun product personalization opportunity for the future, and although we can’t give an exact date for when this feature will be available, please stay tuned!“

      • That’s a shame! I was so looking forward to trying it out! It seemed like most people enjoyed that feature, so I wonder why they would would do away with it?

        • I think they did away with “email us to pick” because people were abusing the system by emailing without having been invited to do so.

          I think the thing where they have 24 hours to pick online is still a thing. I was able to pick an item for August. I do not think that showed on my timeline, even though I think it had the month before.

          • Oh, I didn’t even know we could email them to request an item. Man, I have been missing out this entire time 😂

      • How funny. They definitely can offer subscribers one user- chosen item when they want to!!!

        I emailed IpsyCare to cancel one of my subscriptions because they messed it up beyond description purposes here, and the CS email said ” We will allow you to choose one of the following 3 products as a BONUS for the inconvenience in next month’s box”. IOW, here’s a bribe of selection if you’ll stay.

        The products they listed happened to be the first 3 spoilers MSA put up for that month’s GB or GBP ( I get both), so I already knew about them, LOL.
        I told them ” No, thank you. I don’t like any of the 3″. I did, but their solution was not a solution. I canceled the subscription and kept the 2 which don’t have any fulfillment/ shipping issues to date.

    • Yes I think it did say that on my timeline last month when I was able to pick, I do not see it on my timeline this time. 👎🏼 I think you are right about them doing away with it because I contacted them through email asking if they could guarantee me the It Bye Bye foundation if I added that subscription and this is the response I got back

      “We ended our product selection program, so we’re no longer accommodating requests for specific products for classic Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus.

      We understand that this came as a surprise, but we appreciate your patience and understanding.

      We’re working on another fun product personalization opportunity for the future, and although we can’t give an exact date for when this feature will be available, please stay tuned!“


    • I am not showing customization on my timeline this month . J want to say it showed on timeline last month on 27th but it actually was live the 24th and previous month on 25th. If you follow Reddit then you should have been able to pick iten for July because they posted a link which didn’t work for August but I was able to do it in July with link even though Ipsy didn’t invite me then they invited me for this month.

      • I just stumbled across the post. I don’t actually follow Reddit.

      • Was it there at the first of the month or did it appear on your timeline later?

        • Mine always appears later in the month for some reason but I hope they don’t take it away.

    • My customization option that was on the 24th last month is now gone for this month. I’m not surprised with the number of complaints they probably received.

      • I emailed them and they still have this feature for a select group of people. Maybe the customization will appear on the timeline later in the month?

  38. Super cute. I was going to pause September but I want this bag. Cant wait to get it.

  39. I want all of these, especially that bag!!!!

  40. Okay, I see you Ofra x Madison Miller highlighter! I’d love to receive that… the shade looks to be a pretty ivory. Anything from It Cosmetics is welcome. The brush featured in the photo above is nice… Cute bag of the month. Alrighty, September is shaping up nicely.

  41. The bag is super cute! I thought the brush was Luxie at first because it looks almost identical to the one they offered as an add on last month.

  42. That bag though! ❤️

  43. OMG… I LOVE this bag plus its my birthday month! 🙌🙌🙌

  44. This bag looks better than the glam bag plus…

    • I was thinking the same exact thing.

    • I wish they sent the bag still for GP. I switched to Plus and miss the bag

  45. For the five beauty sub addicts in North America who still don’t own an Ofra highlighter!!!!

    Seriously, I’m pleased. Nothing stands out as a “wow” for me, but it recaptures that “this is fun!” feeling that ipsy gave me when I first started with it in 2014 as a beauty bag novice.

    I’m skipping August because I don’t like the bag and need to use up some products, but I’ll reactivate in September.

    • I don’t have an ofra highlighter. And I know if I sign up now I will be the one person who doesn’t get it.

    • I still haven’t gotten one and i have 4 makeup sub boxes. Ipsy keeps giving me liquid highlighters for some reason. So much so i just bought the dream pack of OFRA’s website. Watch now I will finally get one 😂

    • I have several of the highlighters that I’d trade if any body wants to.

  46. Looking good so far to me!🤗😍👍

  47. That bag! ❤️❤️❤️ My birthday month too!

    • Me too! Happy Birthday!🎉

      • Me three, Happy Birthdays!

        Loving this bag! 👍👍👍

        • Me 4 happy Birthday! Mines the 15th!

      • Ooh! Ooh! Me too!! 😀 I hope you all have fun birthdays this month!

    • Me too! And happy birthday to everyone else 🙂

  48. I’m interested in all items except the mascara

  49. Oh no nothing I want for both GBP and GB…

    • Ditto.

      • Ditto!

  50. Oooo I would love to try that smashbox foundation. I’ve been eyeing the emails they send me, debating

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