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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy September 2019 Glam Bag Reveal + More Spoilers!

We have the first look at the September 2019 ipsy glam bag + new spoilers too!

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Here are some of the products ipsy will be sending this month:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received a liquid lipstick in my September Glam Bag. I love the color, but the container was flawed. When I twisted it to make the lip color come up to the brush on the end, the lipstick leaked out the side near the top where the brush section connected to the rest of the container. Is there a way to receive a new one?

    • Contact IpsyCare and tell them what happened, they should replace it through a accomadation order. If they act like there is nothing that can be done about it, contact them again because you will talk to someone else. Keep contacting them until they resolve your issue properly.

  2. I’m a little nervous about the foundation- I have never found one that works for me. Also, I’m 17 and prone to breakouts, but here’s to hoping this one won’t cause any (on the chance the color fits and I use it)

    • Smashbox’s foundations and products had never broke me out, i have to watch which products will break me out too, i have always had good luck with this brand. When i receive foundation or BB,CC products in my Glam bag, Ipsy usually gets the shade right for me, i have never had nothing to dark, but everybody’s shades are not the same and sometimes they are only featuring a few shades of the product and not everybody will be a exact match to the shades. Hopefully this foundation will work out for you, it is a awesome brand!

  3. Hey everybody product reveals and add ons are live!! They have some awesome add on options this month and I love that we can get 5 now!

  4. Shoot, I really want the bag, but not what’s in it!!!

  5. I’m wondering why this far into the month there’s only one bag variation. By now, there’s usually 4-5 different variations of items that they’re sampling for the month, but I’ve only seen this one on every site I’ve looked on. I’ve been checking back over and over, but so far nothing. Usually not a good omen… considering I don’t wear highlighter at all…

    • I had this same thought too! Why no additional spoilers this month?

      • Idk, but like I said, the further into the month it is, considering they’re fixing to prep all the bags to be sent out and this is all they’re showing…idk, makes me really nervous.

      • Agreed! Maybe the add-ons will save the day this time. (trying to be positive lol)

      • Y’all are right…. it’s the last day of the month and only one spoiler for September? Everything else has been about their expansion. I’m excited for the bag though. It’s my birthday month. The contents of the bag ??? 🤷‍♀️

    • I wonder if we put on all the highlighter we got this year so far at the same time, you’d be able to see us from space.

      • I know! Like, I love a glow as much as the next gal, but this is a little much…

      • I still have yet to get an Ofra Highlighter in my regular ipsy glam bag. Ive gotten liquid and cream but no ofra. I luckily did get the ofra highlighter blush palette this month in my glam bag plus though. But would of loved one of the smaller ones.

      • I have got two Ofra highlighters already, that i dont and wont use. One of the highlighters has been used 1 time and the other is brand new and never been opened plus i am recieving one in my September bag. I personally dont like the Ofra highlighters and even put that in my review and even told Ipsy that i dont like Ofra products. If i had a way to contact you, i would just give you the highlighters, i dont want any of them.

  6. Contacted Ipsy about my last bag and was offered a to make a selection on one of my items in my September Glambag

    F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES Contour 218M
    FIRST AID BEAUTY Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream
    111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel
    IBY Beauty Highlighter Private Jet
    BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask

  7. My customization email came today at 10am. When i went to pick my product at 6:30pm. It said it was already closed for my glam bag plus membership. My regular glam
    Bag customization worked however. I decided on the glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask which i am super excited for. Last month same exact problem. They are liars. It does state that products can become unavailable but if there was not even one product selection available to choose from that means ipsy does not have enough products for the amount of subscribers they have. And they do no intend to meet their subscribers needs. Thanks ipsy for another big let down cant wait till next month when you get to dissapoint me all over again. But third times a charm Boxycharm in fact.

  8. Everything is already almost ‘Sold Out’ from the choices. It’s full of the Madison/Ofra stuff and little else. I was hoping the Smashbox foundation was a choice, but nope…it wasn’t. If you haven’t gone to make a selection…Do It SOON. This is only up for 24 hours !!!!

  9. Ipsy pick a product is up there are actually 2 Ofra highlighters, 2 blushes, 2 lip glosses .and a liquid lipstick( my choice). All full size . They also had the mascara to choose and 10 ml watermelon mask.

    • Where??? I have looked everywhere in my account for it…

      • It was there as soon as I went on my app on first page I didn’t have to look for it. I am not sure everyone gets to. This is 3rd month I have. Hopefully next month everyone will.get to without a hitch.

      • I believe you are right. From what it says, selection starts for everyone starting with October. So, I’m guessing everyone will get to pick a product for October sometime in September.

  10. Are you kidding?? This will be the 3rd Starlight highlighter and the 2nd same brush! It’s Aug 25th and I still don’t have my Add-on items? I’m so over there being a problem every month! At the beginning of the year, it was exciting to pick the add-ons, but it’s steadily gotten worse. I have 4 palettes I can’t stand to donate and I’m asking myself WHY I’m doing this to myself especially now that they’re raising the price?! I’ve been loyal for over 2 yrs but I’m done after seeing the bag for Sept… Sorry, I’m just so fed up.

  11. Only Instagramers with zero makeup training need that much highlighter lmao

  12. Are there anymore spoilers????

  13. The only thing that will keep me from skipping is that OFRA highlighter as I am OBSESSED WITH THEM. I have three or four already.

  14. Since they are raising the price in October, I will be cancelling. I hope my last bag will be amazing.

    • Yeah, that is my thoughts too! Since they raised the price, dont go by my beauty profile and cant even get my add ons to me, there is no way i am paying anymore than $10.00. Ipsy sends products and has add on products like Wet N Wild, that is on clearance at Wal-Mart for $1.00 and under. The Allure beauty box had 7 products in there box this month and 3 of those products were full size and there subscription is only $15.00 a month plus they are going to have the New, has not been released Sunday Riley Ice moisturiser in October.

  15. I’m sooo curious on the new Glam Bag Plus Ultimate that I had to sign up for it! I logged into my Ipsy app this morning and saw the new option. Super excited for October! 🤗

  16. More spoilers please!!!!!

  17. What’s the earliest I can sign up for ipsy to get the September glam bag but not the August bag?

  18. What is the earliest I can sign up for ipsy to get the September glam bag but not the August bag.

  19. That’s a nice bag. I already have that brush and I never even used the brush.. Its still in plastic lol.. I’m not even gonna use that brush.. I have other brushes I already use.

  20. Does anyone know when sample choice will be this month? It’s not showing on my timeline.

    • I’m not sure, last month i got it on 24 Jul so it may be around the same time this month.🤷‍♀️

  21. The baggy is soooo cute and I’m loving the spoilers so far!

  22. Is that highlight Star Island in a collab package or is it a new shade. I can’t find a thing about it online.

    • No. From what I understand, it’s a new shade, Madison Miller. I know she’s a beauty blogger or whatever they call it… (I’m sure someone will pop up and over correct this) I’m not sure if she is still working for Ipsy or just collaborating. You can find her just by her name.

      • Hopefully I’ll be able to find the color soon. The web link to it is blank. No items. Can’t find it on ofra. Googled it and just old videos show up.

        I’m excited for a new highlighter by ofra. Highlighter is my weakness lmao

      • Isn’t it funny and awesome how different we all are?! I tried to like highlighter… I’ve tried numerous brands, shades and formulas. All it does for my aging skin is make me look like I’m trying too hard to look younger or it seems to emphasize things I don’t want emphasised. I’ve even had my makeup done professionally and it’s still a no for me. I do like some illumination sometimes but the only one I really like at all is the glam glow in nude. Even then, I mix a drop in with foundation or cc cream. All highlighters are passed on to my daughter or nieces. I think it looks great on others, just don’t like it on myself. However, I do love a good blush with a shimmer to it. Guess it’s just the era I grew up in.

      • It took me awhile to figure out highlighters so I dont mind getting them occasionally. However, I have gotten 4 samples and one full size highlighter plus eyeshadow pallets with highlighter and a bronzer highlighter set. I’m only out of my full size one cause I dropped it and it broke all over the bathroom floor. I also use the highlighters as an eyeshadow under my brows.

      • Your daughter and nieces are lucky! I’m so sorry that they don’t work for you! Sometimes continually trying different ones and getting the same bad result sucks. I feel like that for blushes. They never look seamless on me. It’s frustrating. They all show my texture and never blend seamlessly for me. Just sticks to all my texture there. Seems like that is where allllll my texture is.

      • Have you tried cream blushes or cheek stains. Even lippy stains will work.

      • Also, are you using a primer?

      • I have not tried those! I will definitely try them! I do use primer! Thanks for the tip 💕

  23. Why is my Ipsy and Ipsy Plus usually stuck in Hebron Ky sometimes for days

    • Mine was stuck there for 4 days. Not even sure why it went to Kentucky this time its never done that before. Usually comes right up the east coast.

    • Mine was shipped July 6. I won’t get it until July 22nd for my estimated delivery. Was no tracking for almost a week. Then bam in KY and still there. Ugh

      • This is the same thing that happened to me. It said it shipped on the 7th and then for 4 days nothing. When it finally update it had been in Kentucky for a couple days and still sat for a couple days. Its never gone through Kentucky before usually it just comes right up the east coast since i live in Maryland. Was supposed to deliver today now it says tomorrow. I think its crazy people in California have their boxes already and im only like 7 hours from where the distribution center is still dont have it. Also ive seen several comments of people saying theirs was stuck in Kentucky too. Not sure whats up with that.

      • Let me guess? DHL? If so, DHL will let packages just sit in a bin or truck until it’s full enough that they feel it’s worth them moving it all along it’s way.

      • Yep DHL. Now it makes sense why it took so long now.

      • I live in southern CA and I do not have my GB or GBP box for August. My GBP is sitting in KY. I think it depends on the add ons you request, maybe?? I also got my July GBP box in the last week of July.

      • Me and a couple other Ipsters had the same issue with our boxes they went out the same day. so we’ve been keeping in contact on who got their boxes first. California got hers Tuesday. Then somewhere in the midwest got hers yesterday. Im in Maryland and haven’t gotten mine yet. We all three ordered add ons. So im not sure if that’s it. I think its honestly DHL. And like some says they have a tendency to just sit.

      • I’m in Kansas. I ordered a full size add on. I’m shocked my Glambag arrived today. Mine always goes through Kentucky and usually sits there longer it did.

  24. Still waiting on my July glam bag lmao!!!! I’m so mad I’ve had to wait this long…

    • If you live in the South it’s probably sitting in Hebron KY. I asked Ipsy to stop using DSL but they refuse

  25. A few people were congratulating someone named Madison Miller for their collab. on that OFRA highlighter.

    Who is Madison Miller ( other than the person who put their name on a plain looking highlighter compact?

    I’m not on social media, and I usually watch classic movies and vintage TV so I clicked on the link provided and there’s no info or product listed. A search turns up nothing about makeup or a collab.

    I don’t like highlighters but do wonder why it’s a matter of comment that someone’s name is on the item.


    • She works for Ipsy (or used to?). She also posts videos on YT showing all of the Ipsy products being featured for that month. I think she only does it for the regular bag, and not Ipsy+, but I could be mistaken.

      • Thanks, Luna. I never watch those videos so it’s totally lost on me why that’s a notable feature of a highlighter. LOL.

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