Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the August 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

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  1. I am receiving the IT foundation in fair but I think light is a better color option for me.

    Does it make sense for me to also order in in light?

    Has anyone used the IT Foundation – is it really nice. I am always looking for a good foundation. I am currently using Feinty.

    Also why am I only showing three of my choices when I go to the page. This is annoying because last time I only saw three so I ordered the Sunday Reilly and it turned out I was already getting it so I got two.

    • Click the arrow to the right of your last pictured item and you’ll see the remaining 2 items.

      • Thanks but I didn’t get an arrow to the right. But for some reason if I log out and then log in, the products all appear. It’s odd and I don’t remember exactly what I did to make it happen so I guess I will have to hack around next month also :-).

    • I wear Fenty 150 and the light shade is too dark for me. I added on the It foundation in fair.

      • I went ahead and added the Light. For $12 I figured I could chance it and I might be able to get the ideal color by mixing them as I generally pump on the back of my hand before applying with a brush so mixing would be relatively easy.

        • ooh, smart! I agonized between the two, then went with light.

        • I’m getting the light in the box and ordered medium for 12 bucks because I figure if I mix the two it would be a better shade for me.

    • I’m getting medium because I’m tan now but I ordered a light and I will mix them to get a perfect color. I do that a lot with foundations because my skin tone is always changing. The fair is really light.

    • FWIW, It Cosmetics foundation tends to oxidize and run dark. I’m usually a light/medium or solid medium, and I need a Light in their CC cream. So, you might be okay with Fair.

      • All foundations oxidize a bit on my face. Light for me is one useful in summer

    • I use the cream almost everyday. I have all 4-matte, original, luminous and bye bye. I blend colors and types.
      Depending on time of year, I use the fair-light, light-medium and medium neutral. The others are too yellow and seem to oxidize. The foundation goes on easily and feels so light. I do have to touch up because it does settle into wrinkles.

  2. I am looking for the HUDA beauty coral palette. I have lots of items available for trade that are ipsy and non ipsy products.

    This month I got ::’
    -SUVA illuminating drops
    -purlisse blue lotus moisturizer
    -tarte eyeshadow palette
    -f.a.r.r.a.h brushes
    -it cosmetics foundation

    Add ons:
    -sol de janerio moisturizer
    -royal blush brush

    • I’m pretty disappointed in the GBP. The past 2 Eyeshadow Pallettes have been completely Wrong wrong wrong for coloring. I’m cool/neutral and dont have anything “adventurous” in my preferences so WHY am I getting the Coral Pallette?!? I’ve emailed Cust Svc to see if they will switch me to the tarte Pallette (but figure it’s a lost cause). Has anyone had a successful change when the boxes are getting Built?

      • Ipsy doesn’t seem to ever pay attention to preferences. I have ail polish as “rarely” and dark spots/hyperpigmentation as my only concern, as well as “often” for exfoliant sand cleansers….and I’m getting dark green polish and no AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser.

        Both of my plus subs are blah.

    • Lynn, will be happy to mail my coral to you. 🙂 Send info to tlrl at g mail. Will get it out beginning of the week.

      • Lynn! Oops…..tlrl 1961 at g mail. 🙈

    • I got the coral palette and would be willing to trade since I already own it. I’d be willing to trade for the tarte palette or the illuminating drops if your interested

      • I have a illuminating drops. Let me know if you want to trade in Huda Coral

  3. I hit the jackpot this month. My items:

    AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

    In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette

    Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn (Rich Black)

    Show Me Magic Eye Brush Set

    Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie

    I added on the IT cosmetics foundation as it’s my go-to foundation and I’m almost out so the timing is perfect.

    • Bag twins!

    • Me too! I got the same except I got the Hey Honey Peel Off Mask instead of the mascara. I got it last month though.
      I’m not ecstatic about theBalm palette because it just looks super boring but I guess it can’t hurt to have one ultra-conservative palette in my collection. I would’ve preferred the Laura Sanchez or the ColourPop one. I had CP chosen on the brands page, I didn’t have theBalm checked off and I have “Rarely” on neutral colors but oh well. I am over the moon about everything else! The only other things I would’ve liked were the Goldfaden face scrub, which I added on, and the TokyoMilk Blush Oil, which wasn’t offered to me as an add-on.
      I REALLY wanted the Murad Cleanser and S&C nail polish the most. I can’t believe I got both! I didn’t really need another eye brush set but I adore the colors/design! Plus I love Hey Honey and peel-off masks. I was just stunned when I saw my spoilers. My jaw actually dropped.
      BEST Glam Bag Plus EVER!!!
      (and I was one of the first subscribers thanks to MSA so I’ve gotten many)
      Now my regular bag…that’s another story. I give it a C-. But pretty tolerable since I got my dream bag with Plus.

  4. I got the one eyeshadow palette I didn’t want 😩 So close to a perfect box… If anyone wants to swap The Balm palette I’m receiving for the Tarte one or the Huda Coral or anything else I’d be happy to!!

    • I am getting Huda Coral and would love to swap!!! mjw 215 at g mail . com

      • That sounds amazing Michelle!! I can email you as soon as I get my shipping notification😀

    • I am getting the tarte palette and would also be totally down to swap if you’d prefer the tarte over the huda!

  5. GBP:
    Laura Sanchez palette (will probably trade, not my shades since I dyed my hair)
    Thrive Mascara (super excited to try this)
    FARAH perfection set (plain silver set, but this is perfect for me, I like simple brushes)
    Doctors Scrub (on the fence, my skin either loves or hates products, we’ll see)
    Purlisse (excited, loved the watermelon aqua balm last month, got another full size)
    Add ons:
    Bretman Rock x Colourpop LIT palette (LOVE BRETMAN, Most excited about this)
    Eva NYC leave in conditioner (also added on to my regular Ipsy)
    Pixie by Petra eye pencil in black noir (love the sagegold one in my first ipsy bag)

    Ahava Dead Sea water mineral body lotion (haven’t liked anything by this brand yet, but I’m holding out hope)
    Inc.redible jelly shot lip quencher in ex revenge (was hoping for this)
    Suva eyeshadow in BBQ (excited, perfect Halloween purple)
    Vasanti cosmetics concealer buffer under eye setting brush (love brushes, and give the ones I don’t care for to one of my many sisters so I never mind getting them)
    Thrive mascara

    Add ons:
    Buxom cosmetics big tease mascara (mini mascara hoarder here oops)
    Estate highlighter in Lit ( I got the one in Dew Me and holy hell its my go to right now, layers so well)

    I’m thrilled with this month 🙂

    • OOHHH! I really wanted the Scrub! I will trade with you! I’m getting Balm palette..or have other stuff!

  6. My Plus box has

    TheBalm – in the balm of your hand volume 2 – palette – YAY

    IT cosmetics bye bye foundation – in light (YAY this is my shade!)

    FARAH Show Me Magic Brush Set – so pretty and I like the detail brushes included

    Sundays Nail Polish No. 44 – uhh not sure about that green color

    Purlisse – blue lotus essential daily moisturizer SPF30 – LOVE!

    I am super happy with my box! Only possible miss is the polish color. I added on to my regular bag. (will post that on the regular bag page) Now to wait for it to ship!

    • This is exactly what’s coming in the box I get for my daughter. I agree, the 🤢nail polish 💅🏻

    • I’m surprised the Sunday nail polish is now an item in the IGBP box. I remember receiving the full size polish in my regular $10 bag last year.

      • I agree. This month I got a nail polish in both, my regular and GBP. This nail polish feels like a filler item. I feel cheated out of any other great items more up to GBP level I could get instead.

        • What is the deal on that Sundays nail? It is a light greyish green, right? I love everything but that. It is dead human nail color really.

          • Agree. I love pastels but would never put a green color on my nails. Light green looks like cadaver nail color, dark green like gangrene. This month, I got both, one in each bag 🤦🏼‍♀️🤢🤣

          • Hey guys, I’d love to buy the nail polish from you, lmk if you want to see.

          • Agreed! I got Nails Inc in my regular bag this month in the most hideous dark green. Not even a forest green, more like a fungus green.

      • I agree, I got it in my regular bag while waiting to get off the waitlist for GPB. I loved the dark red color, but it didn’t dry. I painted my nails hours before bed and woke up the next morning with sheet marks. I’ve never used it again. And this green color … ugh.

      • Yeah. They could have at least done a polish duo.

    • I got that nail polish and suspected it might be punishment for my having complained to Ipsycare about my super- late bag. 😛 It is SO UGLY, and I had no option for buying any of the pretty colors listed above :/

    • I’m not happy that a subscription box brand, no name nail polish they put in the regular bags showed up in my GBP. But, I think I might be the only one who loves that green color, lol. I usually go for more natural makeup, but love offbeat nail colors. It’s a soft, almost pastel green and not something you see everybody else wearing and I’m here for it.

  7. Who is getting the Tokyomilk blush oil stick and the Murad cleanser? Those are the two things I really really want.

    • There’s someone on Reddit beautyboxes getting the blush stick that didn’t want it.

    • I have the Murad cleanser and I’m not quite sure I want it. I got one of the things I wanted! Hopefully it gets better.

      • I would love to trade for the Murad . I have the suva , the brushes, and the tarte dream big that I asked not to receive . I put highlighter , eyeshadow , and brushes as things I didn’t want to receive . Got all 3! 😫

      • Ashlynn I would love the Murad

        I have this for trade

        Touch of sol waterful cream
        SUVa drops in trust fund
        Tarte dream big
        And Farah brushes (green and blue)

        Lmk if interested at
        Rebecca dot Crystal dot 88 at Gmail dot com

        • Correction it’s Rebecca dot Crystal88 at Gmail dot com

  8. I am actually super happy with my bag this month even though I got probably 2 maybe 3/5 items i really want. still worth it for me this month.

    Murad AHA cleanser (got to pick this one bc they gave me an opt out item last month)

    It Comestic in medium (REALLY wanted this one and closes to my shade. hope it works)

    Balm eyeshadow/blush pallet (best of the pick but willing to sell/swap this)

    SUVA drops (willing to swap/sell this too but liked the idea of mixing this in lotion for body glow)

    Purlise moisturizer (don’t care for this brand)

    added: Inc.redible lippie.

    • I am willing to trade the balm palette or the Suva drops or even the brushes the eye perfection ones for the purlisse moisturizer. Xcalburldy8 at yahoo

      • I would make this trade, Suva drops for Purlisse. I was crossing my fingers for the drops. Never traded before, let me know how this works.

      • I would make this trade, Suva drops for Purlisse. I was crossing my fingers for the drops. Never traded before, let me know how this works.

    • Box twins!

    • I am getting everything you are except I’m getting a brush set instead of the Murad cleanser. I really wanted the Murad cleanser, but I’m still very happy with the rest of my bag.

    • I’d like the balm palette!
      Willing to swap the tarte palette, purlisse moisturizer with SPF, thrive mascara, or farah brushes!
      I also am willing to swap the Purlisse green tea priming moisturizer or the Yensa tone up primer from last month

  9. I’m glad I decided to unpause for August because I love what I’m getting.

    -Murad Cleanser *Yay*

    -TheBalm Palette *Yay*

    -Thrive mascara *I’m also getting this in my regular glam bag*

    -Farah Eye Brush set

    -Smith & Cult nail lacquer in Pillow Pie *I would have preferred the Purlisse moisturizer*

    *I added on Coco Cabana Body Cream*

    • I’ll trade my moisturizer for your pillow pie polish?

      • If no one gets back to you about trading Murad for pillow pie nail polish. I’d like to. I love my GBP the nail polish was the only thing I didn’t want and I got it.

  10. I’m getting:
    Murad Cleanser (yay)
    Farrah Brushes (will give to my daughter, very cute style)
    IT Cosmetics (YAY! Love there CC cream, excited to try)
    Balm Palette (UGH! I opted out of palettes)
    Finding Feridinand Lipstick (UGH! Repeat product, disliked it)

    I guess 3/5 isn’t so bad! Add on: GoldMcfadden Scrub and JellyShot Lip Quencher.

    • hey just fyi it seems like everyone gets a palette every month…i’ve gotten one every month since January, don’t think we can truly opt out of those lol. a break would be nice!

  11. I’m getting the HUDA coral palette, Thrive mascara, SUVA drops in Trust Fund, Sunday nail polish, and Purlisse Blue Lotus moisturizer. I liked last month much more, but aside from the SUVA drops, I’m okay with it.

  12. I haven’t been this happy with my Ipsy bags in a long time! So excited
    Murad cleanser
    The Balm palette
    IT foundation
    SUVA illuminating drops
    Thrive mascara

    SLMissGlam brush (only thing I’m not excited for)
    Coco Cabana cream
    Elizabeth Mott matte primer
    Papa Recipe foaming cleanser
    Adesse lipstick

  13. I will be receiving:

    The Balm palette (swapping)

    Ahava hydrating cream mask (would like to swap)

    FARAH show me magic eye brush set (would swap if someone really wanted them)

    Purlisse spf 30 moisturizer (would like to swap)

    Goldfaden scrub (my pick)

    added on:

    Coco Cabana

    Not a great box for me, better luck next time. Would like to swap for either S&C polish or the Murad Cleanser

    • Amber- I’m getting the S&C polish is Pillow Pie but would prefer the Purlisse moisturizer.

    • This is my box too. I also picked the Goldfaden. I’m hoping the option to select 1 item continues!

    • Wish I had your luck and received 3 skincare items.

  14. Thebalm palette
    Purlisse moisturizer
    F.A.R.A.H eye brush set
    IT foundation
    Hey Honey Mask

    Very happy for the foundation

    • I’m getting the same box. They hit it out of the park for me with this month. I’m excited about every single item!

    • Box twin here. I think it’s a great box. My only issue is that I already have the Balm palette. I got it on clearance at Kohl’s a year ago for $12. Not Ipsy’s fault I got a repeat, but I sure wish I got the beautiful Huda palette.

  15. I have been getting Ipsy for years. I saw the Murad cleanser and finally subscribed to the Glam Plus bag. I didn’t get it and it wasn’t offered as an add on. Boo!! I will say I’ve been very pleased with my bags this year. I am getting:

    – F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES Show Me Magic Eye Brush Set
    – PURLISSE Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF30
    – Thrive mascara
    – SMITH & CULT Nail Lacquer in Forever Fades Fast
    – Huda Coral palette

    I’m okay with this but would have loved the Murad. I added on the IT foundation in Fair.

    • Fingers crossed the Murad will cross our paths again 🙂 Add-on or in the box, I’m not picky!

      • Someone I have swapped with in the past just sent me the following info: If you go to gmadeals dot com they have that Murad cleanser as well as other items in their line for 50% off ($19 for the cleanser.) It’s free shipping also. Today is the last day so I’d jump on it if you’re interested. I just ordered mine using PayPal and it was exactly $19, no tax, free shipping, and rave reviews about the website.

  16. I am getting:

    Obsessions Palette in Coral
    (Swapping not a good color on me)

    Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn (Rich Black) (also in ky regular glam bag. 🤣)

    Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer™ with SPF 50+ in Medium

    Show Me Magic Eye Brush Set

    Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF30
    (Not sure about this one I need to find out what it smells like).

    • I bought the purlisse during an Ipsy offer because I had the normal blue lotus moisturizer and loved it….. However, once receiving this one, I was highly disappointed! It smells like straight up sunscreen. I’ve only used it once.

      • I thank you.

  17. Really happy with my box, but I do wish I had the option to add on the murad cleanser. That’s the one item I was really hopeful to somehow get my hands on, but that’s ok bc my box is great.

    Getting: Farrah brushes (not the plain silver ones)

    The balm pallet

    Hey honey peel off mask

    The it cosmetics in my shade (light)

    And the purlisse with spf.

    I added on the touch n sol and goldfadden doctors scrub. Super excited about those add ons for so cheap!

    Lastly, if anyone would be interested in swapping their murad cleanser, i would be happy to trade my pallet from the balm or the purlisse with spf. Jalexisgreene at Yahoo 🙂

  18. Ipsy 100% killed it for me this month. Every single product I am getting was the one I was hoping and wishing for:
    1) Balm palette – love Balm powders and this one will be perfect as a “one stop shop” palette for me as all eye shadows are my colors, bronzer and blushes included are perfect shades as well.
    2) Hey Honey peel off mask – one of the very few peel off masks that does not irritate my super sensitive skin
    3) Bye Bye Foundation is light – my exact shade match and I just love this foundation!
    4) Farah magic eye set – I am never passing out on brushes and these look just damn too cute
    5) Purlisse moisturizer – yes, please!

    Love Ipsy GB! I can say that they did follow my profile as I got exact shade match in foundation, I did not get any nail products (specifically requested no nail products in my profile), and no repeats!!! Fantastic job Ipsy! I actually might now cancel couple of my other boxes since Ipsy GB cover all my bases.

  19. I really love Ipsy and in no way not trying to be negative but I am kind of bummed about my Box this month:
    – Ahava cream mask- I’ve already received this twice before from other subscription boxes and to be honest I don’t think this is a great product.
    -NYX blush palette- Not to knock NYX but I’m never excited seeing drugstore brands in my subscription boxes. Seems chintzy. You subscribe to ipsy in hopes of receiving prestige brands not drugstore brands.
    – The balm eyeshadow Palette – It looks pretty but I’m so overloaded with eye shadow palettes that I’ll probably never use it. Will gift it.
    – Suva drops – excited about this
    – Foundation- Which I would be excited about but I recently purchased the exact same thing from Ulta, and to be honest I’m not loving the way it performs. It is supposed to be a full coverage foundation, however it’s so moisturizing that you constantly have to reapply the product.
    And as far as the add ons go, I saw many repeats like the Laura sanchez palette that came out several months ago. And the Huda the palate which came out last month. Not sure if they’re trying to move old stock but they need to up their game. I have been really happy with Ipsy thus far, I hope they are not going south and this is just one isolated bad month.

    • I’d be willing to trade you for the Balm palette!
      I can offer: Purlisse moisturizer w/ spf, farah brushes, thrive mascara, tarte palette. I can also offer Yensa Tone Up primer and Purlisse green tea priming moisturizer from last month. IG: @sallymanderchoi

  20. I am getting the Murad cleanser, Balm cosmetics palette, Farah brushes, hey honey peel off mask, and Sunday green nail polish. Not happy with the nail polish, but love the rest. Added on It Cosmetics in both light and medium so i have winter and summer shades. Overall, very happy.

  21. I’m happy with 2/5 of my products. I’m ok with everything, and who knows, maybe i’ll love the stuff i’m not happy about now. That’s happened before 🙂

    Tarte Dream Big Palette
    Farah Brushes (boooo)
    Murad Exfoliator
    Ahava Hydrating Mask
    Suva Illuminating Drops

    Only added on the Inc.Redible. lip quencher.

  22. I added on 3 It Cosmetic Foundations in Light, just to realize it’s the wrong shade for me. I needed Fair 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Can you email them? I mean God knows it won’t ship today lol. But it’s worth a try!

  23. I wrote Ipsy an email about the Tarte palette repeat so we’ll see…

    Anyone who wants to trade if they still send that for the Balm palette (also interested in the Murad cleanser) my email is
    earthboundmisfit at gmail dot com

    I also have items from July (LXMI, etc) & I really don’t want the Suva drops. I’m not on the swap site so let me know!

  24. Wanted the tarte Big Dreams so bad and its not on my feed as an add on and I didn’t get in my box 🙁

    • Check places like Mercari or eBay. You can probably get it cheaper than if you added it on 😊

    • I actually just looked one Mercari and they have them brand new for $15 with shipping included, and I’m sure you can get it cheaper by sending a lower offer to someone. Hope that helps a little. Just make sure the seller has all good reviews before buying or making an offer 😉

    • There’s a comment above yours about the palette.

      • I know. I left both of them lol. I left the comment for her about Mercari and then came back to comment again after checking for her. The names are the same if you look.

    • I’m getting 2 of the tarte Palletes since I have two boxes. Kind of annoyed that the boxes are almost the same even though I made the profiles completely different. I’m willing to trade 1 for something else. I’m also getting two of the Suva glow drops and I won’t need both. Message me if interested. Salenav01 at gmail

    • I’ll sell you mine for $9 ($5 for the pallette plus $4 shipping) if you’re interested! I cracked the dark brown shade slightly and repressed it but there’s no performance issues. The rest of the shades are swatched only

    • Joyce, I will sell you my Big Dreams for $12. Let me know beckynking7 at gmail dot com.

  25. Ipsy hit it out of the park this month with my GBP. My regular GB… Meh. But I’m more than happy anyhow.
    I’m getting:
    The Balm palette (the one palette I wanted!)
    The Purlisse Blue Lotus(LOVE Purlisse and this has SPF!)
    IT cosmetics full coverage moisturizer (I wanted this. I’m dry skinned and was very curious to try)
    FARAH brush set(I wished for this after seeing the spoilers because they’re so cute even though I literally have over 100 eye brushes)
    Ahava mask(this is the one thing I didn’t want. I really wanted the Murad)
    4 out of the 5 things I wanted and I’m a happy camper.

    Add ons (specifically for my 11 year old lol):
    Tarte Dream Big palette
    INC. Redible jelly shot
    I let my daughter look through the spoilers and pick a few things she might like if I got them because I usually give her something from my Ipsy as she’s a budding makeup lover building her first collection

    If anyone wants to trade the Ahava for the Murad, lemme know!

    • I have the Ahava and would like to trade for the Murad bekindlivefully g mail

  26. I’m glad I skipped this month. Lots of good products, but several things I really didn’t want that I was terrified I’d get. I added a Huda palette from add ons to my regular bag so I’m happy.

  27. I’m getting:

    TheBALM cosmetics.. In the balm of your hand palette

    Farrah 5 piece eye perfection brushes (will prob. save for my daughter)

    IT cosmetics bye bye foundation in light (I’m light)

    Sundays ..#44 polish in light green (my Ipsy has a dark green polish lol )

    Ahave. cream mask (I chose this one)

    plus 3 add ons..not overly excited this month, but satisfied and hoping next month is better

  28. I get two GPB and two black bags, and I pretty much got everything I wanted except the Coral Huda palette, and a Murad cleanser. I added on A LOT this month.

    This is by far my favorite month to date, and I’ve been a member for YEARS. Now we play the waiting game….. where it takes 3 weeks to actually receive the items 😞

  29. I exempted out of eyeshadow palettes but I got one /:

    • I opted out of eyeshadow also, and I also got one. Plus eyeshadow brushes. Gee thanks Ipsy.

  30. If anyone is interested in the green polish let me know as I’d love to trade for pillow pie or something else! I am also getting purlisse and brushes if anyone needs those😊🌸

    • I’d love to trade the Ahava mask I’m getting for the green polish. Get me at dani(dot)farris12(at)gmail(dot)com if you wanna swap.

    • I am willing to trade the balm palette or the Suva drops or even the brushes the eye perfection ones for the purlisse moisturizer. Xcalburldy8 at yahoo

  31. Who do I have to kill to get something like the illuminating drops or a concealer. I never get the high end concealers (or any product from brands like IT COSMETICS or TARTE). I have to brushes and nail polish marked as big NO’s. I’m starting to dislike IPSY.

    And why are only a few people getting the link to pick 1 item for their boxes? What’s up with that IPSY?!?!?

    • 👍

    • I didn’t get the link either, but I wouldn’t have noticed this month bc I was on vacay at the time. Also, I don’t know if this is you’re case, but it seems to me that the ones that have been with GBP since the beginning are getting the newest spoiled products, and the newer subscribers are mostly getting the products from previous months. I could be wrong, but I have noticed a pattern with my first sub that’s been since the 1st month of GBP and my 2nd sub that I started when they opened up the waitlist the first time, and it’s been exactly how I said earlier.

      • I’ve been getting the GBP since the beginning but even when I had the regular bag, I never got It cosmetics, Hey honey, tarte, becca, etc. It’s like my preferences don’t matter. I would have loved to try the illuminating drops but I never get things like that.

      • I’ve been getting GBP since last October, the first month it launched, and I think you are right about the older subscribers getting the newly spoiled items. But I dont think that is a bad thing, bc there is a much more wide variety of items each month than when it first launched, and most of the items would be repeats for long time subscribers.

      • I am really new to the ipsy subscription. August is my third month. It has been two months since ipsy sent me the invitation to choose a product for my regular bag, not PLUS. And I am super satisfied with the products they chose for me … I don’t know if they are old or new: But I will be receiving.

        1.Murad Cleanser
        2.The Balm
        3.Suva Drops
        4.Purlisse SPF
        5.IT bye bye Foundation.

        Very happy of all products.

    • The picking 1 item has been in a testing phase, so far. I’ve been with them for over 6 years and have not been able to pick one yet either. They will release it to more people when they feel they can do it, without messing up our experience.

      • I don’t particularly think that link is going to help anyone in the long run. They don’t pick each box specifically based on the profile. They have variations just like everyone else, they simply match you with what they feel best suites your profile. Picking an item is only going to minimize the variations available to you, because only so many variations would have the item you choose. It just makes it easier to end up with the one item you chose and the rest of the box full of “rarely” items because you pinned yourself into recieving only from the box variants that have your specified item. Sometimes you get lucky and it works out, but I find more often that it makes my boxes go against everything in my profile. I personally wouldn’t use the “pick an item” even if they offered it to me.

  32. How can you tell what you are getting and how are you adding products?

    • Just log into your Ipsy account, and they’ll have them up for you 🙂

      • Mine doesn’t show yet…. why is that?

        • Did your billing go through? I’d make sure or email them

  33. I’m getting the Ahava mask and the purlisse moisturizer and would like to trade for literally anything else. Drop a comment if you want to trade for these.

    • Would love the Purlisse – I don’t need my sundays nail polish or the brush set.

    • I want the moisturizer, I would be willing to trade the balm palette or the Suva highlighter drops xcalburldy8 at yahoo

  34. I really wanted the brush set, I got the Ahava mask and Suva drops I would trade (one) for them

    • Rachael, I’ll trade my brush set for the Suva drops if you want. Rachel nanny (one word) at Hotmail.

  35. I’m getting 3 of the your 5 products. The arava, same color nail polish, brushes. Also getting the tarte palette and the red lipstick. I would have loved the other color lipstick and the other nail polish color.

    I paused the regular bag and it has a better product selection: (

    I’m not doing add-ons since I did last month but never recieved the box.

  36. I’m getting
    The Farah brushes
    I Balm palette
    Murad cleanser

    The light S&C nail polish
    Hey Honey peel off mask

    So happy about the first three, not so much for the latter two.
    Peel off masks are terrible for skin elasticity.
    I love nail polish but I wear bold colours.

    I added
    Luxie blending brush
    Blush brush
    Pixi tinted lip balm

    I wanted the foundation, but the light would be too dark for me and their fair is very yellow. So no to that.

  37. I cannot express how satisfied I am with both of my GBPs this month 😁

    Bag one:

    Murad Cleanser
    The Balm palette
    Hey Honey mask
    Smith & Cult polish in Pillow Pie
    Farah Show Magic eye brush set

    Bag two:

    Murad Cleanser
    The Balm Palette
    It Cosmetics foundation moisturizer
    Purlisse Blue Lotus SPF 30 moisturizer
    Suva Liquid Highlighter

    They absolutely but the nail on the head with both boxes this month!! I am a cleanser addict and wanted two of the Murads, I wanted the balm palette and will trade the 2nd one, I got the correct shade for the It Cosmetics moisturizing foundation, Always happy to get brushes, Love Purlisse moisturizers and needed one with SPF, Been wanting to try the Hey Honey mask for a long time, the Suva Liquid Highlighter will go great with my tan, and I really dont have any polishes and will use this one one my toes.

    Didn’t even have to buy add ons this month! Thank you so much Ipsy!!

  38. I pretty much got the 5 products I would’ve chosen myself. Murad cleanser, The Balm palette, Suva drops, IT foundation, and Smith & Cult polish (the coral one). I love GBP.

    • We’re box twins! I’m a total Smith & Cult Polish junkie, you’ll love it if you haven’t already tried it 😉 I also got the color I wanted, “Forever Fades Fast.”

  39. I got:

    The Balm Cosmetics In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette
    I’ll most likely gift this due to the eye shadows, but at the same time I really do want to keep it due to the bronzer & blushes… but I don’t want the eye shadows to go to waste. Dang. Too bad they can’t be separated. I’m sure they can be de-potted into a z-palette, but I don’t any. It’s all good.

    Smith & Cult in Forever Fades Fast
    This is a beautiful color, but I’m going to gift this to my mom who loves Smith & Cult polishes, and I know she doesn’t have this color. I love to be able to add to her collection through my boxes. If this had been Pillow Pie, then I would have kept it since she already has that color.

    F.A.R.A.H. Brushes Show Me Magic Eye Brush Set
    This will be gifted since I don’t wear eye shadow.

    Purlisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
    I’m happy to get this since I loved a different Purlisse moisturizer I tried in the past about a year or two ago. I received a different Purlisse moisturizer in a prior Ipsy+ earlier this year, but I’m not mad about getting a different one to try.

    Ahava Hydration Cream Mask
    This was my sample pick. I’m excited to try it, and despite my oily skin I really love a good hydrating product.

    Overall, even though I’ll only be keeping the two skincare products this month, I’d still give my bag 3.5/5 since I love that they included a nail polish and I love that they included a face palette with blushes and a bronzer. I’m looking forward to trying everything I’ll keep, and I know the gifted items will be loved and greatly appreciated.

    My add-ons are:

    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation in Medium
    My mom loves all of IT’s foundation/complexion products that she’s tried, so I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity to either introduce her to this foundation if she hasn’t tried it yet or replenish her stock if she already has this.

    INC.CREDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher in Ex Revenge
    This just looked like fun to try. Plus, I think I recall hearing that it’s a good moisturizing lip product.

    Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Face Primer Matte Primer
    I love trying new face primers, and I know I don’t have this one in my collection yet.

  40. I’m receiving…

    In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette

    Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask

    Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer™ with SPF 50+ in Light

    Show Me Magic Eye Brush Set

    Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF30

    I’m happy with this box!

  41. *Sigh* They got SO CLOSE this month. SO CLOSE to me not having to contact ipsycare for the third month in a row. I’m getting:

    NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette – Nyx isn’t my brand, but this would make a great gift and matches my profile.

    AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask – Yay, I love masks and wanted this!

    SUVA BEAUTY Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund – I do love highlighters, although liquid is my least favorite form. Will try mixing this with the next thing I got.

    IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer™ with SPF 50+ in Light – Yay, super wanted this! I love their CC cream and haven’t actually tried much foundation before.

    THEBALM COSMETICS In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette – I got to pick one thing on the app and it was this. Super excited!

    Sounds great, right? Except it’s missing the Murad Cleanser I was promised last month when they sent me mascara despite being opted out of it.

    • Someone posted about having this issue in July either here or on Reddit. When you make a sample choice via the site/app, it supercedes what you’ve already requested from customer service.

      • I replied to the email from last month when they said they’d make sure the Murad was in my box, and they actually said they would ship it to me separately! Couldn’t believe it. So I actually lucked out and got an extra item this month.

  42. Dang it, I forgot to update my payment method and the card it charged didn’t work 🙁

    • You can still update it and process the payment immediately if you have the funds or credit available on a different card

  43. We got 3 out of 5 products the same! I got….

    – Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

    – TheBalm Cosmetics Palette

    – Hey Honey Exfoliating Peel Off Mask

    – F.A.R.A.H Show Me Magic Brush Set

    – Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie

    Add Ons:

    – It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation in Light

    – Sol De Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream

    – Slmissglam Angled Shadow Brush

    At first I wasn’t too thrilled about the nail polish and the palette, but once I looked closer, I think I’ll end up liking them.

    • Bag twins! And I added the It Cosmetics foundation, the It Cosmetics Moisturizer gel, and Belief eye cream. Was tempted by the Missglam brush.

  44. I don’t know why mine didn’t post

    I received;

    It cosmetics in fair
    Farrah brushes
    Finding Ferdinand (repeat item.) super disappointing
    Murad exfoliator
    The balm palette

    Touch n sol cream
    Suva Drops

    • Bag twins! I added the Ahava cream mask, the Coco Cabana Body Cream, and Namaste Thebalm lip stain.

  45. I’m getting:

    Murad cleanser
    FARAH Brushes
    Ahava mask
    Tarte Dream Big palette (a repeat…again)
    Suva beauty drops

    I added on the It foundation & I really wanted the Balm palette but didn’t add it on since I’m trying to keep my spending down (& it’s the palette Ipsy should have sent me rather than repeat the Tarte from February). Not sure about the Suva drops but the other 3 things I’m happy to get

    • Contact Ipsy and they should switch it out for you. I’ve heard of them doing it before.

    • I ve never done it but I’ve heard that you can contact Ipsy bc your not suppose to get repeats. I think they would send you the pallet from the balm for free.

    • They gave me a repeat last month and while they did not switch it out for another of July’s products, they did give me the Goldfaden from this month as a 6th item in my July box. I will say, my box took 2 weeks longer to ship, I’m assuming because of the added item. I just got it on Wednesday. But whatever, I’m down to wait if they are going to send me another product to make things right.

  46. I am getting the exact same box that is pictured above for MSA. I don’t know why am getting another red blush because I got one last month. I paid extra for the purlisse matcha primer and the hey honey mask. I would have paid extra for the murad but it wasn’t available when I checked. They really get you with these add-ons but at least we get the items at a discounted price.

  47. I’m getting :

    The balm palette
    The Farrah brushes
    Murad exfoliator
    It cosmetics in fair
    Finding Ferdinand in au natural (repeat item received this same one few months ago) suuupppper disappointed

    Subs beauty drops
    Touch n sol water cream

  48. I got the best box yet, I am receiving all the products wanted. As if I would have picked all of them myself!!

    I am getting the IT foundation (in my shade, light), FARRAH brush set (gorgeous handles), Hey Honey mask (thank god it’s peel off), and Purlisse moisturizer (only product I am unsure about).

    But overall, such a fabulous box and the value is crazy!!

    • Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention I am also receiving The Balm Palette. I am very pumped about this too!!

      • I got the same bag and I am very happy too

        • Woot woot!! :))

    • We are box twins! After recieving a box full of nothing that I wanted last month, I couldn’t be happier with this month! It’s so exciting when you get 4 or 5 products you really want to try. The only thing I might put up for swap is the Hey Honey. I got the Goldfaden scrub last month to make up for a repeat, so I’m kinda overloaded with exfoliants. But yeah, I’m super happy! Now if we could only make them do this every month!

      • Have you ever tried the hey honey products? I received a hey honey serum in one of my first IGBP boxes and I absolutely love it. It’s what I use as a primer on a regular basis.

        • I have tried one of their other peel off masks and I did like it. That serum has been on my wish list for awhile though! I would love to try more of their products, my only reason for wanting to swap the mask is exfoliant overload. Lol! I wish Ipsy would send out more serums. They seem very heavy on moisturizer and exfoliants. I’d love to see serums, toners and eye creams from them a little more often. I might have to bite the bullet and just buy that serum.💁 I love using certain serums and moisturizers as primer! I don’t think people realize that when you prep your skin with skincare, you really don’t need a primer.😊

        • Iv got a few of their products I haven’t got to yet. If I open everything at once I’ll have major spoilage!

          • I feel you, I don’t want these nice products to expire. So I’m trying to use up what I have first! I love the Hey Honey. 🙂

          • I’ve only tried that berry mask from the regular bag a couple months ago… I think June. I didn’t like that at all! And I rated it really low. Hopefully this product from Hey Honey is better.

      • Yay, I’m so happy for you too!! :))

  49. I log in to shop for adds on and see my August GBP is marked as skipped. I DID NOT do this, any idea why this happened? What is the correct email to use to contact these ding dongs at CS? I am new to Ipsy and each month something has gone WRONG! SO disappointing. I read all the time that so many are having problems. Get it togther Ipsy! I wouldnt even know how to skip a month if I wanted to yet magically my account says you’ve chosen to skip August GBP when I set my alarm to shop for GBP add ons. FRUSTRATED ANYONE??

    • You can email them directly at [email protected]
      Just send it straight from your email to them, that way you don’t have to mess with the stupid auto fill stuff they have on the website. Good luck! I hope they are able to send you a box.

      • I am NEW to subs and only one having issues with is IPSY! Hugely disappointing. Thanks so much for replying. I have emailed them and keep getting error messages.

  50. I’m getting the balm palette, IT foundation, nail polish in coral, hey honey peel off mask, and Farah brush set. I didn’t add on anything for the first time in a couple months. I’m happy with my box– I really wanted the foundation. I’m pleased with the palette and the nail polish.

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