Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2019 SPOILERS Round 3!

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We have more spoilers for the September 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! Thanks for the heads up, Monica! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in September. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are the some spoilers for the September 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus:


And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask

Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in Midnight

EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the September Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ugh the first time I’m thinking of skipping but I’ll keep it because addons always make me happy. They already did that same Wander beauty palette 2 months ago! I wouldnt mind small things to repeat like eyeliner or mascara but eye palletes last a whole year. The only thing I could use is the blush pallete because I havent gotten any but I’m hoping there are better items added.

    • I got that palette too. This month I opted out of eyeshadow palettes so here’s hoping I don’t receive any palettes.

      • Me too , but it’s not a guarantee bc eyeshadow palettes are one of their main staples in their boxes unfortunately . I did get one last month even though I opted out, so I emailed the and they let me choose a product for this month – I choose disco kitty bc it’s amazing 🙂

    • When they repeat the palettes, it’s normally for the new subscribers that haven’t received it yet

      • ipsy plus isnt supposed to send repeats period!
        but yet the repeat palettes are for
        newer folks who haven’t received them

        • yes*

  2. I see people mentioning picking an item for September already, but I’m not sure how you do that?

    I received an email to pick an item for August, but nothing for September

    • They will be letting everyone pick one item on the September box .

      • Really? That would be AWESOME!!! How do you know? And like around when will this happen? So that I don’t miss it, lol thanks!!!

        • August is my 4th month, I’m not an influence or anything and I was allowed to select an item for August. I’m mad though because I didnt get an email, I just logged into the site to check the deals and the option was there. I didnt think to check my glambagplus until it was too late. Does anyone know if the ones lucky enough to choose get to choose for both boxes? Only reason I can think of that would make them select me is that I always add on the maximum # of items, full and sample sized but maybe it was just random.

          • I think it is just random. I have done multiple add ons the last few months and I have never gotten to pick for either bag. But I don’t even care. Ipsy has been great for me I don’t somehow always get what I want.

          • I have both and got to chose for both.

    • I think they are still Beta testing this. I haven’t been able to pick a product yet. I think they pick different groups each month to pick. Hopefully if it goes well it will be rolled out to everyone on a permanent basis.

    • I think people who have “already” selected an item probably had a customer service issue and were offered a selection by the CS staff… in other words, the monthly selection day hasn’t happened yet.

      • No- I’ve never had a customer service issue and was allowed to pick one item in each bag last month.

  3. Hoping for the Ofra palette. I already have the Wander.

    And the lipstick in red.

    • I meant the Nomad palette.


  4. Which box sent out a HUGE tube of Glamglow cleanser 2-3 months ago? I got 2 of them, but still don’t recall if it was BC/ BL, IGBP, or another sub box.

    I dropped Boxy and added another GBP. I think Ipsy truly tries hard to fix problems when they arise. I’ve never gotten an email from BC except to say my boxes had shipped out and maybe one or two half way spoilers MSA had already posted ( with photos not outlines).

    I love IPSY. Most people say Birchbox was their first sub, but IPSY was mine when it was called ” Glam Bag”, I think? The name change causes me to not recall that original IPSY came before Birchbox in my life, LOL.

    • BCL

  5. The skulls on the nomad palette! Screw even using the shadow I can just frame that <3

  6. Has anyone purchased the June glam bag plus mystery box? I’m interested to see what people received.

  7. I would love all of it, except the lipstick and eyeliner. I have a ton of both at the moment

  8. I have gotten at least 4 or 5 GBP so far and while I may not be in love with every single item, I at least try it. Pretty much everything i have gotten I like or found someone who does. All the reviewers who leave negative feedback before even receiving it really astounds me. The point, or so I thought, was to get products you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself and try them out. The fact that people take what they receive so personally is crazy. Why not cancel and buy what you want then? I don’t understand all the negativity, here and on the Ipsy reviews. Maybe people don’t have other things to stress over so they pick make up subs? It’s supposed to be fun. If it isn’t, don’t do it anymore.

    • Agree with you 110%. The GBP is $25! ONLY $25 and the value is INCREDIBLE! I too have no idea why all the complaining at all. If you’re unhappy with it, CANCEL! How hard is that? Go buy whatever you want, when you want! Good luck getting even CLOSE to the deals that literally fall into our laps with IPSY at Ulta or Sephora, let alone WALMART or TARGET! I am a very busy working woman, I love beauty products but I don’t have time to browse a make up counter. I love getting my Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus every month because I can try new products without the financial commitment of buying stuff I may not like just to try it! This is designed to get out of your comfort zone and try brands/colors/products you may not normally purchase on your own- I love that! I have tried and fallen in love with products I then went out and purchased- that’s what these companies are doing this for- IT’S BUSINESS, HELLO???? It’s not supposed to be, “pick out exactly what you want and we will only charge you pennies for it because after all, you are just a special snowflake”…honestly! Any item you really hate save them throughout the year and during the holidays you can make some cute gifts for co-workers, friends and family who will fall jump with joy at some of these items! This is supposed to be FUN. Life is hard enough for everyone, have some fun with this or don’t do it, no one is forcing you.

      • I could have written this myself. I don’t understand the attitude either, except to observe that folks seem awfully entitled. The whole point of sub boxes, for me, is to discover new brands. Getting high end products makes it even more exciting and fun! Also, a lot of us on this site have multiple subs and are just harder to impress. I really appreciate being able to see spoilers so I can drop in or out of a sub when I see something that intrigues me. I’ve only gotten a couple of ipsy/ipsyGBP boxes but I was very pleased with both and impressed at how well ipsy followed my preferences.

      • The value of the GBP is phenomenal, and incomparable. People need to look at these as what they really are: a “mystery” box. I can’t believe so many people get irate about items they are paying essentially $5 for, even though their actual retail price might be five or ten times that

        I save the items I don’t care much for, or that are duplicates, for Christmas or birthday gifts, particularity palettes.

        Just unsubscribe if this subscription box makes you that miserable.

      • I think the box is worth it just for serum everything else is just bonus.

    • YES! I have thought this every single month. I always feel bad about how customers act and always question why they are even a part of Ipsy if they seem to hate it so much lol

    • EXACTLY!

    • My thoughts exactly. I just don’t get it. Who needs more stress in their lives especially over silly things like this. Come on people, it’s a $10 or $25 grab bag. Have fun with it!

      • Oh, and I will remind people again if you get something you don’t like or won’t use, you can always donate it to a women’s shelter or the like. It might make you feel better and I can guarantee you will make someone else’s day.

    • 👏👏👏👏👏

      I feel the same way! Sure, I do occasionally get items I don’t like or won’t use, but even if every month I only got 2-3 products that wow me that is well worth it for $25! I actually do read the reviews, especially if an item has already been featured in a box and it’s something I might receive, and it’s really unfortunate seeing reviews that say “I don’t like highlighters,” or “Ipsy promised they wouldn’t send XYZ but I got it anyway.” They can’t cater to the thousands of subscribers they have and make them happy 100% of the time.

      I think some people just have very unrealistic expectations of the service, especially given the price.

    • Agree. Unfortunately alot of the ladies who comment here have the I’m a very special snowflake and only I matter syndrome. Entitled cry babies.

    • I love GBP. It’s easily my favorite subscription. For the price, it’s an insanely good deal. These spoilers just don’t interest me at all though, so this is the first time I’ll be skipping a month. I fully expect to resume my GBP in October.

      I think people get bent out of shape because they think they’re supposed to love all 5 products each month as though they had picked them out themselves at Sephora, lol. They fundamentally misunderstand the concept of subscription boxes. You may only like 2 or 3 products some months, others you may love them all. No need to run Ipsy down because they didn’t hit it out of the park for you this time. These are all quality products they’re offering even if they aren’t your preferred ones this go round.

    • I feel the same! I’m always rolling my eyes when the first spoilers come out and so many complain about cancelling. September is a great example with people so upset over the first 3 spoilers when they were clearly the lower tier products for the month. I wasn’t thrilled with the first 3 spoilers, but I would gladly take one of those if there is something I want in my box, like the Murad serum. I’ll throw away an Eyeko eyeliner to get the other stuff, no big deal. Even when I don’t get what I want, I always get at least one item I’m happy with that pays for the box. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m into skin care that I don’t mind so much. The way I see it is I get 2 skin care item’s that more than pay for the box and the make-up is just a bonus. I always find the value and I’ve run into a few make-up products that have suprisingly become holy grail for me. I could never go out and buy the things I do use and love for $25, so I see no reason to complain or skip/cancel. I challenge any of the complainers to go buy 5 beauty/skincare items for $25, I’m betting you can’t get more than 1 for that price, which is why they complain rather than taking their money elsewhere. Even my husband thinks this box is a great value and money well spent, as I rarely go buy anything make-up/skincare related. This is the only beauty box I get, except Allure occasionally, so maybe not being on product overload helps. I think GBP has the best product selections and value of any of the beauty boxes. You won’t hear me complain, there’s always a few products I’m interested in.

    • Another great option Ipsy has is that you can pause the month/s that you aren’t super interested in all the item that they have to offer you. It’s awesome and I’ve done it twice now. Really shouldn’t be any complaints. Ipsy is great!

    • I agree its supposed to be fun and not stressful. I don’t always get the items I like or want but that’s fine. I can always use two to three of the items I receive. If not next month might be a better fit. I feel bad for the poor customer service people that have to read the emails. Lucky for them they don’t have to answer any phone calls.

    • Ipsy says they use your reviews to help customize your boxes. This encourages bad reviews for the categories of items you don’t want to see more of and rave reviews for the types of items you want more often. I believe this is why you see “I don’t like…” and “ I want…” in so many reviews. IMHO

      • I’ve come to think that ipsy goes by your smiley face ratings only and your written review is just a courtesy for the other consumers

  9. I’ve already received this Wander palette so I’m hoping I dont end up with it AGAIN. I would love to recieve the Nomad palette and the Murad and the Ofra looks awesome too!!!

    • I’ve received the Wander palette and the Eyeko eyeliner so I really hope I don’t get either. I know Ipsy has been trying to make sure no one gets duplicates. If you do and you contact them they’ll make it right from what I’ve heard from others. I’d also love to get the Nomad palette and I’d be super grateful to get the Murad for these dang sunspots I have now. If I got those two items I really wouldn’t care what else they sent.

      • I’ve gotten the Eyeko in my regular bag, do u think that counts? Should I not expect that in my bag? Thanks…

  10. I’d love to stay subscribed but the customer service team is a huge let down this month. After i complained that i didn’t receive the item that i chose for August, they decided the best way to deal with the complaint is to ignore all communication 😳😡 one email unanswered for 2 weeks, i followed up 3 days ago and still no response. At this point as little as an acknowledgement would be nice. Terribly disappointed and thinking of pausing or even cancelling.

  11. Is there ever a GBP that does not include a palette? I enjoy full sized products but rarely use palettes and it feels like a waste for me.

  12. How do I opt out of a category? I see this posted frequently. Thanks to anyone in the know.

    • email ipsy customer service (i believe its support @ ipsy dot com)
      you can opt out of two categories. for example, I’m opted out of eyeshadow and brushes.
      they do their best not to include those products in your bag, though it is not a guarantee.

      • Hi, can I ask you please, since you’re opted out of eyeshadows, do you really never get a palette?

        • Hi Yolanda, I do not receive the Glam Bag Plus, I only subscribe to the regular Ipsy glambag. So I don’t think my answer would be accurate. I’ve been eyeing the spoilers for the Plus bag to see if it’s worth it for me to sign up.
          After reading comments over the past few months, it seems subscribers to the Plus are still getting items they opt out of because there just aren’t as many products offered in GBP like in the regular glambag to curate more to your preferences . It seems Ipsy has multiple pallets every month and you’re bound to get one even if you’re opted out of eyeshadow.
          Though, opting out has worked 100% of the time for me in the regular glambag.

          • Thank you for your response! I wouldn’t want to be opted out of palettes, they are my favorite part! I was just asking because it sounded like u had the GBP and was curious to know because it seems everyone always gets a palette! Anyway, I get the GBP and emailed them about my sensitive skin and how I can’t use exfoliants… so far I haven’t received any! So maybe you can opt out of some things successfully 😉.

      • Thank you. There are several categories I would like to decline but will have to settle for eye shadow and highlighters.

        • If there are several categories you don’t want, why don’t you take the 25$ and go to the store and buy what you do want? You are setting yourself up for misery and negative reviews for products just because you’d rather not receive them.

          • 👍🏻

          • For real! So tired of seeing all these demands for boxes to cater specifically to me me me.

  13. I’m drooling over that Nomad palette!

  14. I got a The Balm palette and it is adorable. Very excited. Also love the full size Murad AHA cleanser I got.

  15. I’ve already received this Wander palette so I’m hoping I dont end up with it AGAIN. Nothing this month really excites me.

  16. I really want the Murad, being an older sun lover I need a product like this. I don’t care for glam glow masks but the cleanser might be interesting. I would also like to try the Nomad Pallete.

  17. I had skipped the August Plus on my second account and I wanted to skip September also but the “are you sure message” I get when I try indicates I will be skipping October.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to skip one month and then skip the next month also? Do I need to email them to do it? TIA 🙂

    • As far as I know you can’t , I asked one time and they told me no I would have to cancel resubscribe at a later date , hope that helps . Wish most boxes made it easy like IPSY to skip months

      • Thanks. 🙂

    • I got that same prompt. I then tried changing my account to every other month and now it’s showing my next bag is October. Hope that helps.

      • Oh, I saw that too. I think I will do that as well. Thanks. 🙂

  18. I soo want the nomad palette and the OfRa looks awesome too!!! But that nomad would be perfect and I’d be happy!

  19. I would love to recieve the Nomad palette and the Murad serum, if I could have those two, I don’t care what else they put in my box. I enjoy swapping, so if I can just get two things I really want I’m happy.

  20. Ah yes I’m excited. As long as I don’t get the first 3 spoilers then I’m good. My ideal box would be the Murad, glamglow, ciate powder, ofra palette and the nomad palette. The nomad one isn’t my fav type of color story (I like pinks purples and pastels/neons) but I love the quality and wouldn’t mind owning another. I could use more neutrals anyways and these look autumn appropriate. Hopefully they feature more of their palettes in the future.

    I already own the nomad harajuku palette and I really REALLY love it. I love the idea behind the company and the owners are sweet. The quality is amazing as well. Easily in my top 3 favorite eyeshadow palettes.

    I haven’t been excited about ipsy plus in the past few months but September looks amazing to me.

  21. just got my aug box. super excited to try all the things. sept is looking sad. I saw the GG cleanser at my local Marshall for $7 so you know GG is trying to get rid of that product anyway possible. gonna be skipping this month which is a blessing bc I am seriously having product overload.

  22. Hm looks like another skipped month for me. I would LOVE the Ciate powder, but I know I’ll never get it. I’ve already gotten the Wander palette and can’t tell you how many Eyeko eyeliners I have.

  23. When do you need to add the regular glam bag by to get the September one? I’m pausing GBP but the GB is too cute to skip (mine is currently deactivated)

  24. All the new makeup and brands coming out, and I see nothing exciting.
    I see repeats of items (and brands) I’ve already received from other boxes (Boxycharm, FabFitFun).
    I see what I consider to be cheap box fillers with artificially inflated MSRPs (eye liners and lippies).

    Where’s the excitement?

    Ipsy – I hope you’re at least glancing at the comments once in awhile.

  25. I am so upset and not sure if I should believe this or not. My daughter sent a question to Ipsy concerning the Murad serum. And they responded by telling her that that that product in fact well not going to be in September’s Glam Bag Plus. They didn’t comment whether it would be in a future Glam Bag plus but they did say however it will not be in September’s Glam Bag plus. They are not able to offer to anyone. Don’t know what to make of that totally confused. Any way someone could check or double-check that. My daughter did send a response asking them to clarify the fact that it will not be offered to anyone in in September’s anything glam bag or Glam Bag Plus. Now what?
    Was going to upgrade from the regular bag to GBP because of that product…. SMH😳😔🤥

    • Not surprised, they’re becoming shadier and shadier

    • You could always go and BUY the Murad at the store. Did you think of that? Just cancel your subscription and go buy what you want. If they have 2000 Murads to give out there is still a chance YOU won’t get one……so instead of stressing yourself out over something that is going to be given away practically for FREE, go buy it! Drama solved!

      • Love this, ROFLOL! So true and to the heart of the matter. 🙂

      • Exactly. I think all of these boxes should just stop releasing spoilers all together, that way people will have no expectations and nothing to complain (the word I really want to use starts with a b and ends with an h) about.

    • Gee no Murad? Life as we know it has stopped. Your daughter must be a wreck. Seriously go buy it if it’s such a big deal.

  26. Another month skipped.

  27. Murad plz!!! Already have to Wander pallet. Plz no Ofra or Eyeko!

    • What do you think of it? I’m probably going to snag it for add-ons.

      • I have only skin, but even with a primer the wander Beauty palette creases horribly on me.

        • Thanks for the heads up!

      • I love the Wander palette. Doesn’t crease on me at all and I don’t use a primer. It does have a tiny bit of glitter fall out though. I’m not a fan of that but I use it all the time because it’s not that bad and the shades are really beautiful.

  28. Glamglow cleanser, Murad serum, and Ciaté powder for me! The Nomad pallet would be nice but if I get the first 3 items I don’t care what else they send.

    • So agree those 3 items you mentioned then the rest would be just great extras !

    • That’s what I’m hoping for as well! Glam glow, ciate, murad and nomad. The fifth item could be whatever!

  29. I hate Glam Glow products. My skin reacts badly to them, so hoping I don’t get it. I wish we could opt out of 1 brand.
    Hoping to get the Murad and Nomad palette.

  30. So many repeats these last couple of months. That tells me Ipsy is having trouble getting companies to give them full size items in bulk for free or at a steep discount. September is looking increasingly like it will be a skip month for me.

    • I think more than it’s a business move to make their model more sustainable, the repeats mixed in are more cost effective after all they are a business. As long as they do a decent job of keeping repeats out of boxes where we’ve already received it, or if we’ve scored it high chances are we don’t mind getting a backup.

      • Which they don’t. I’ve gotten so many repeats and it sucks. They will send you an extra product if you email them about it, but I feel like that’s a bad business model in itself. Sending a free product because you can’t keep track of whom you’ve already sent certain products to doesn’t seem like it is sustainable. I’m appreciative they DID do that, it just seems like it would get expensive for them.

    • I disagree. its probably more like they had some extra from previous months. They are adding it for the people who are newer to Plus and did not get them before. All subs do this for newer additions to the company. Only once, in 6 years, have I got a repeat from Ipsy and that was last month. I emailed them about it and they sent me out another product, for the duplicate.

      • You’re lucky! It has happened to me muuuultiple times. So much so that I just expect a repeat in my bag

        • I am curious for those who receive repeats – how many subscriptions to GBP do you have? Perhaps if you have multiple subs, this is Ipsy’s method for weeding those out.

          • I’ve only ever had one subscription and I’ve received duplicates multiple times.

        • I’ve been with ipsy for 3 years, ipsy plus since November and I’ve never gotten a repeat. As the other commenter said, I’ve only ever had 1 account so maybe that’s why or helps…

  31. I paused; the nomad palette looks interesting but I just don’t need another palette right now; the Murad serum looks good but I probably won’t get it as I got Murad in August. The rest is meh for me.

  32. Skippable.

  33. I want glamglow , I picked disco kitten ( because that’s amazing stuff), I want murad and Ofra Palette that would be amazing ! I already received seascape palette so don’t want it again plus I opted out of eyeshadows 🥰

    • You can try – it doesn’t work though. Everyone who’s got too many palettes has already tried. You’re just wasting an opt out.

      • Well I opted out of eyeliners and eyeshadow palettes and haven’t got one since , so technically it’s not a waste for me

        • How do you opt out of a certain product ?

    • I’m curious, what do you think of the Wander palette? I’m probably going to pick it up for add-ons.

      • hey I have the wander palette from may if you’re interested in trading? haveyasena is my insta :)!

      • @redwoods301 I know that you did not ask my opinion, but I dont like wonder palettes. I have two. One from Ipsy and another one I got from Birchbox limited addition box. I found their formula too creamy and it hard to pick up eyeshadow on the brush. Plus, because of density of the cream, it is hard to blend. They are perfect for using fingers to smear over the lids in one stroke.

        • Thanks for the head’s up!

      • I like it! It’s my everyday summer eyeshadow palette! Super easy to use but still gorgeous! Just remember to use an eyeshadow primer

    • How did you pick? I only received an email to pick for August

  34. I got my August box today and it didn’t have a card in it with the value of the products . Did they stop sending these?

    • I got a card in my box. And, surprisingly, despite the entire end of the box being completely ripped open everything was still in it on my porch…including the item I redeemed points for. I either have a very honest and careful mailman or someone decided they didn’t want any of my products. LOL. Fine by me…I liked them!

      • 😂😂😂

    • I didn’t get a product card with my Plus box, this month, either! There was a card, but just about the theme. I hope they come back next month!

    • Same no card either

      • I DID receive a card with the prices on it as well. This is my first month maybe that’s why?

  35. The Wander palette and the Nomad one are coming home with me!

  36. Sorry forgot to mention she “borrowed “ my card. What’s a mom to do?

  37. I got my July box today to and I absolutely loved it best one yet. Worst thing my daughters boyfriend is in jail “she can really pick them “ anyway I had to cancel my bank card. Soooo my fff box got declined maybe I’ll get lucky and they will discount them by the time I get my new card. Sorry had to vent. Lol

    • Maybe he’s innocent 🙂

  38. I’m so excited for the Glam Glow and the I Dew Care. Wish I could get both in my box!

  39. I hope my GBP comes soon. Mailed on 7th and still not updated with tracking. It’s like in limbo 😔

    I’m hoping for the:
    OfRa palette (please have in add on if i don’t get)
    I picked the Disco Kitten (best out of the 3 first spoilers but really not interested in it or the 3 first spoilers) due to sane item in August
    Murad Dark spot
    Ciaté powder

    • You were able to choose your item already?

      • I chose an item via email because i am receiving a duplicate item in my August GBP. So they offered me to choose from the first 3 spoilers. ❤️

    • Mine was also shipped on the 7th. Looks like it made a bit of progress in the last couple days.

  40. I’ve been impressed with the Nomad samples I’ve received from Ipsy, & I’ve been hoping they’d have a Nomad palette. This palette does seem like a “safe” choice, though. I’d love to see one of Nomad’s brighter palettes. Not sure if I’d buy this one as an add-on.

    • I bought the Nomad Marrakesh Medina palette just last week from Ipsy shopper. Haven’t received it yet. I would love to get Berlin Underground! If I don’t get it and it’s available as an add-on I will snap it up.

      • Me too! It’s been sitting in my cart for weeks, I’m really glad I held off, though.

    • I’ve been impressed by this brand as well. While the colors I’ve received haven’t been fantastic for my coloring, the quality of the brand it top notch.

    • Would you say it’s comparable to “higher/quality brands” in terms of color payoff and durability? Or is it one of those palettes that “has a high price tag” and the color basically disappears before the end of the day? The pigments look amazing on their website and while I definitely don’t need another palette, I wouldn’t mind if it’s a good quality one. I have a few from subscription boxes like the “Skinn Cosmetics” that barely shows up on my skin.


      • I’ve actually purchased every single one of Nomad’s palettes ever since Ipsy introduced me to them with a sample. I ABSOLUTELY love them! They’re so pigmented and long lasting (at least for me). I usually always have to put eye primer for shadows from most brands to say put for an entire day (somehow very oily eyelids?), but their shadows I can do without primer with no prob.

        On a side note, I’ve purchase their palettes from both Ipsy Shop and their own website, and each time their co-owners (a couple) hand-write a thank you note to me in the package (and they recognize that I’m a recurring purchaser, probably from my email address). I know it probably doesn’t mean much for some people, but for me it’s really heart-warming, and I’ll continue to support them.

      • And on that note… I wish I won’t receive the Nomad Berlin Underground palette in this upcoming Plus box…. Since I already have one (lol)

      • I personally find the payoff to be great, I have oily lids, so I always use a primer, if you don’t, I can’t really say how durable the wear would be. The shadows themselves are rich and smooth, leaning towards a drier texture.

      • Yes!! Nomad shadows are very pigmented, long lasting, very blendable (some of the softest I’ve ever used!) I’ve purchased 2 from Ipsy shopper and I love them!

    • I bought the harajuku palette from them and it is absolutely gorgeous and unique in my opinion. It came with a handwritten postcard from the owners and a free highlighter sample. It was super thoughtful packaging.

      The palette in my opinion is good quality. Very little to no kickback, blends nicely. The colors are pastel. I wish there were a few deeper shades for the crease but that’s my only criticism so far. I still need to play with it more but so far I’m impressed.

  41. So excited for this box! Just got my August IGBP today and it’s amazing, as always!🤗 Now if September could just hurry up and get here lol

  42. Ugh.

  43. I hope I get the Nomad palette! It looks gorgeous!

    • I hope I get it also! I got the color in the upper left corner as a sample in my regular bag a few months ago, and it is a pretty, shimmery light mint green.

  44. Skipped.

  45. I already got the Wander palette so I better not get it again. I pretty much collect eyeshadow palettes at this point (80+) so that Nomad one would be nice to receive. I would love the Ofra palette. I have no need for that specific Murad product even though I love the brand. Glam glow is nice, really like the cleanser I received in Boxy so I wouldn’t mind trying this one. Exfoliating is always a plus for me. Really don’t want to receive another crappy eyeko eyeliner. I already have 3 I can’t seem to give away. I also already own the disco kitten and am not impressed so no need for more. I don’t even like peel off masks. Illamasqua is a brand that I discovered through subs and I’m really starting to like it as I’ve liked every item I’ve tried from them but I haven’t tried their lipstick yet. This month looks hit or miss so we will see when I reveals come out.

  46. I’m not particularly interested in any of these 🤷‍♀️ The Nomad eyeshadow palette is pretty but not so much that I’m willing to stay for this month. Definitely going to skip.

  47. I’m opted out of eyeliner and lipstick, and I got the Wander eyeshadow palette in a prior GBP…sooo theoretically I could get the Glamglow, Murad, Nomad, Ciate, and a fifth product and I’d be happy with that. But if they screw up and send me a product I opted out from, AND a repeat item I didn’t use in the first place.. this could be a waste.

    Not sure if I should pause for the second month in a row or take my chances!!

  48. I hope in get the Murad. Always trying to fade the years of sun damage and freckles that get worse as time goes by.

  49. So I know I SHOULDN’T get the Wander palette in either of my boxes bc I already had it in both, hoping for the Ofra palette bc I have eyeshadows on rarely. What I’m really hoping for is the Murad and the Glam Glow cleanser, but I got the Murad cleanser in both this month so idk 🤷

  50. Anything but the eyeshadow!

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