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GlossyBox Mystery Bundle Available Now! 2 for $20!

Glossybox has a Mystery Bundle available now!

UPDATE 11:40am EST: The Mystery Bundle has sold out. 

The Box: Glossybox Mystery Bundle

The Cost: $20

The Product: The Mystery Bundle contains 2 past Glossyboxes

Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from past boxes.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (92)

  1. GB just told me the exact same thing! word for word! I also got the July box. Their customer service is terrible. I had a subscription for years and didn’t resub cause I was on product overload but I got the July box and really liked it so I was going to start another subscription after the second box arrived. I’ll never give them another dime of my money!! This experience reminded me of all the bait and switch issues I had and bad customer service. Shame on me; I know better than to do business with Glossybox.

  2. FYI, this bundle is back in stock. I just ordered it.
    I skipped last time and regretted it getting it after seeing everyone’s boxes.
    Hope I’ll get some not too old boxes, don’t want expired products.

      I just received my order and they sent me only one box: the July box. I called and they said too bad, they don’t have a return policy. They can credit me 50% in store credit.
      I told them, I want the second box or I would like to return this one and re-order the bundle to get 2 boxes. I don’t want $10 in store credit. They kept saying they understand where I’m coming from but they do not have option for return nor re-ship? Really?
      I did not get what I ordered but they do not want to comply to make it right?

      • GB just told me the exact same thing! word for word! I also got the July box. Their customer service is terrible. I had a subscription for years and didn’t resub cause I was on product overload but I got the July box and really liked it so I was going to start another subscription after the second box arrived. I’ll never give them another dime of my money!! This experience reminded me of all the bait and switch issues I had and bad customer service. Shame on me; I know better than to do business with Glossybox.

  3. I am in Toronto and just received mine today.
    I got October bag( happy) and March ( not happy – already have it , was my last glossybox). If someone want to swap March box let me know !

  4. I was out of town, so I just received mine. I got October 2018 with the sleeping mask variation and March 2019 with the same variation as reviewed here. March 2019 is a repeat for me, but I am happy with the full-size Nurina cleanser.

  5. I received May with 2 added animal print scrunchies and April with a different color Juice Beauty colorstick that I got originally! GO GLOSSY!!!

  6. I got October 2018 and May 2019 (a mixed combination of what other people are getting). The box is labeled as Mystery bundle 3. 🙂

    • I got the same one today! Also labeled bundle 3 🙂

      • I also received October ’18 and May ’19. Best items for me are the Tree Hut Overnight Mask, GK Rose Toner and the Body Scrubber. The scalp mask does smell really good! While I have a lot of hair, it is short, soft and straight as a board. I plan to try this on a day where I have no plans, incase it makes my hair too soft and unfixable. Interested to try it, however.

        I agree with most everyone that this is a good deal, but I wouldn’t be super impressed if I had paid full price. Not sure what I’ll use them for, but the boxes themselves are solid and very nice!

  7. Mine came today, and I received the May and June 2019 boxes. I don’t think these are quite as nice as the older boxes I received in my last mystery bundle, but for the price, I’m not complaining.

    • Mine arrived today and I got the same two. May and June. Ironically, I just purchased a full size Purlisse watermelon balm from someone in a group. Then this arrived with the smaller version! I’ll use most everything. Very happy with them for $20 total!

  8. I got my mystery bundles over the Labor Day weekend. I also received the October and March boxes. I have never purchased anything from GlossyBox in the past and thought these boxes were a great deal for 20.00 I did receive a face mask rather than a hair mask in the October box, but it’s working well for me. The candle is lovely! I will look for these mystery boxes in the future.

  9. Received mine. Not a repeat of last time they did this for me. I got October 18 and March 19 boxes. Here is what was in them: Tocca Montauk Candle, Nails Inc Victory Place Nail Polish, Royal Apothic lip scrub, Georgette Klinger Rose clarifying toner, Tree Hut Hydrating overnight mask, invisible scrunchie, Yensa tone up primer, DWTN Paris eau de teint highlighter, Nuria rescue rebalancing cleanser, Briogeo leave in mask, Manna kadar mascara. No regrets of getting this incredible deal

    • I got the same 2, happy

    • I got the same! This was a really good deal.

    • Great boxes. I received different ones, May and June. The May box was supposed to have both watermelon and cucumber masks but the cucumber mask was missing. Still a good deal. 🙂

      • I got the May and June as well, not bad for $10 each, wouldn’t pay $21 for each box though.

      • I got May and June, too! Good deal for $20!

      • Mine was also missing the cucumber mask. I may contact them about this, can’t lose by asking!!

    • exact same. I was very happy with one, kinda meh on the other, but still a sweet deal!

    • I hope I ll get the same 🙂

  10. I receive mine tomorrow. Excited to find out what will be in it. Hope it’s not the same stuff I got the last time they ran this deal.

  11. I think I got March and May last time.

  12. Did anyone else get that Emma & Chloe coupon at the bottom of their order confirmation? Mine did NOT work, which is a shame because I would really like to try it.

    • I got it at the end of my email as well, it did say limited to the first 500 subscribers, so maybe they hit that number already? I didn’t actually try it myself.

      • I suppose it’s a possibility but I ordered the bundle as soon as I got the email and tried the coupon immediately after receiving the confirmation. Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be 😆

  13. I’m glad I missed out on this, I save $20+tax today🤣 Plus my last bundle still left untouched😁

  14. I ordered last night and they were shipped this morning. I was happy with my last bundle, can’t wait to see what I get this time! 🙂

    • I ordered this morning at 7:48 and received my tracking info at 12:49!

  15. the website says sold out..

    • This promo is such a gimmick. They had the exact same promo a month ago.
      Reports of them canceling orders because they “ran out of stock” even though people offered right after it was announced. Pffft… they have plenty of old stock sitting around – they just only release a small number of old boxes. If you missed out and have any FOMO at all, just wait a month for the same promo..

      • Hi Paula, I kindly request that you state your sources for the information about which you wrote. If these are merely your opinions please state it as such. It is confusing when one’s opinions are taken as factual by unsuspecting readers.

      • There’s at least one comment on the bogo Glossybox msa post from July 18th from someone that ordered and her order canceled as out of stock. IIRC there were also post on R eddit about this box in July.

      • Thank you Anna, for the info. I looked it up.

      • Claire you are incredibly rude. How dare you take such a snide nasty tone with someone. You’re basically challenging her saying I know you’re lying and I’m going to prove it. Just look up Glossybox Rituals on msa to see proof that Glossybox has taken orders then cancelled them.

      • Hi Nanci, yes I was incredibly rude and I apologize and rescind my words. I truly wish I had not done so, we are not perfect and I do make mistakes.

      • You’re exactly right. Just happened to me. Ordered right away and got confirmation but no shipping. Just called CS and saying out of stock. The Hut Group needs to honor the promotion. People saying they ordered after I did and orders for them have shipped. I’ve subscribed to Look Fantastic for years and I love it but I will not renew if The Hut Group doesn’t do the right thing.

      • Unfortunately, this also happened to me, and it’s not the first time dealing with Hut group. Not only that but they never even send you an email letting you know that they cancelled your order. I’ve had the same problem the last time they did this for glossybox, multiple boxes from look fantastic and skin store, all Hut group sites. For me, when they cancelled my last glossybox order without notifying me they also completely deleted my account, I was an active subscriber with glossy points and all that jazz and it’s all just gone. Months worth of emails to them have only been met with automated response and then no response for months. While the boxes are nice some of the times, the customer service for myself has been atrocious.

  16. Crazy! I ordered this at 11pm last night (thanks for the notification Liz!), and I received a shipping notification at 7:19 this morning! I just did a quick glance at the last several months, and they look pretty decent. I have never done Glossybox, and I’m excited to see which months I will receive!

  17. So how does this work? I placed an order, shipping confirmation from Glossy Box saying one box was shipped. Was I supposed to put in some code or add 2 boxes to my cart for this promotion to be valid? I emailed Glossybox and their rep said “you only placed one order for one box and sorry for the confusion” Grrr what does that mean? Lol

    • This is what the description says… You should be fine.

      Back by popular demand – Buy 2 Glossybox’s for less than the price of 1 with our Glossybox Mystery Bundle’s! Please note that the second box in the Mystery Bundle will be dispatched as part of your order below, although it will not show on your order confirmation.

      • I read that too. I also bought what I thought was one BUNDLE for $20 so didn’t add 2 to my cart. If I did I would have been charged $20 instead of $22. Darn. That was not clear.

    • My order and shipping confirmation said I ordered 1 mystery bundle. But the bundle consists of 2 boxes. And the picture shows 2 boxes. Everyone who ordered this should receive 2 boxes.

      • I only put one in my cart and was charged $22. If I put 2, I would have been charged $20. Anyone else?

      • That extra money is sales tax.

      • My bundle already dispatched. Weight .22 lbs. Is that the weight of one box or 2?

      • I don’t know, but I have the same weight and it’s supposed to be the bundle.

    • When did you order? It was sold out this morning . The mystery is what box they send. They did this few months ago and sent April and November box.

  18. Well that sold out fast. My wallet is secretly happy about that.

    • Mine too lol

  19. I’ve always wanted to try Glossybox but don’t need another subscription box so I am really happy to see this post! I placed my order!
    Thanks for the heads up!!

  20. Mine have already shipped and are due to arrive by September 4, awesome!

    • Yes, that is so fast! I woke up this morning to see I had already received my shipping notification last night with my parcel due to arrive by 9/4, possibly earlier. Can’t wait!

  21. I picked up a set, so excited. And Glossybox always seems to ship really fast. Hoping for the birthday box or one of the older ones with the super nice body lotion.

    Thanks, MSA! 🙂

    • Fingers crossed that you get a birthday box! 🙂

      • Haha yes, fingers crossed, lol. Thank you. 🙂 🙂

      • Well I’m not getting anything even though my order was confirmed and submitted early. I just called their CS and was told out of stock. It seems they pulled this scam before. They should’ve learned from their prior errors with their inventory. So I’m left to believe it’s a scam.

      • Did you receive an email confirmation that your order went through? I hope it all gets resolved for you.

      • Yes I received an email confirmation with my order number. I also took a screen shot when order went thru successfully. When I heard people on here saying they got tracking numbers I became concerned and called their CS. That’s when they told me out of stock. If this just happened last month in July, why are they still pushing this promo and still can’t get it right?

  22. I caved when I saw it was two full boxes. I’ve never subscribed to them before so hopefully it’s good.

  23. One would think a business would know how to make words plural in their copy.

  24. Got it. Also purchased it last time they offered this and was happy with it

  25. I got the email and they were free with my credits.

    Hopefully they are worth THAT price and I am only half joking as Glossybox for the past few months has been really disappointing. I foolishly signed for annual subscription when the boxes were better or else it would probably be on my cancellation list.

    At least I won’t have wasted my credits when I cancel.

  26. I hope they also add the products review so we can get points.

  27. I caved. I hope it’s good! 🙂

  28. I got it. Curiosity reigns.

    • I’m laughing because so many are asking the same question instead for reading description before they bought on sight and then come here and not read any of the past posts from many asking the same question and it has been answered over and over. 🙂

      • I’m laughing because I just post without reading what I wrote too. 🙂 site not sight…opps

  29. I subbed to Glossybox for three months this year. Hopefully they don’t sent me a repeat, but if they do it’s not the end of the world. I can just gift it to a girlfriend or something. It’s a great price either way

  30. Got mine! I’ve never tried glossybox. This doesn’t sign you up for the monthly right?

    • Hi Paula, it doesn’t, it is a one time purchase.

  31. I grabbed one. I have never subbed to them, but have bought a few of their boxes. Usually it was the versions where you can see what you’re getting. Can’t wait to see what I get!

  32. Thank you! Thought the boxes I got last time were well worth the money and am happy to get in on this deal again.

  33. Got it! Thanks!!!

  34. If we order 2 will they be the same boxes?

    • Based on the 1st time they did these mystery boxes, I’m thinking you should get different boxes. 🙂 I saw a lot of reveals last time, and none of the ones I saw received duplicate boxes.

  35. Still on the fence about this. It’s $20 I could either gamble on products I won’t like or spend on one time Boxycharm or ipsy glambag plus……..

  36. I got these last time, they were ok. They were the November 2018 box and April 2019 box.

  37. I went for this immediately after I received the email. I had some glossy points so brought it down to $15 which I think is really worth it.

    • For $15 I’m sure you’ll find something in one of your boxes that’s worth it.😉 I’m so tempted, but I’ve been overload with makeup and I’m getting there with skincare too. I want it, but I don’t need it…the struggle is real.😆

      • I agree Nicole, the struggle is indeed real! I sub. to a box when it has a coupon or other deal, that way I never actually pay the stated price. With Glossybox I purchased a three month gift sub. in Dec. discounted, haven’t used it yet as I found a better deal later and am waiting for it to end. I have an annual sub. for Look Fantastic which brings it to $16 monthly. I am guilty of cancelling subs and resubscribing when a deal is offered. This way I can sample different boxes and decide which ones I like the best. So far the British Beauty Box is my favorite with high end, full size products. After getting a BOGO deal for two boxes: Summer ’19 and Winter ’18, I’ve decided that at $65 a quarter it is money well spent. It’s a heavy box and ships for free from UK.

  38. Couldn’t resist! Thanks for the heads up! 😀

  39. This is 2 full boxes??

    • Yes. Two full boxes. A mix of full sized items and deluxe sample items. Past boxes. It’s a great value.

  40. Got it!

  41. I got it to work by typing mystery box in the search engine on the page that said it didn’t work.. I did not want to miss out!!! Hopefully I’ll be saying that after they arrive 👍😉

  42. Hi Liz. The link is invalid.

    • Sorry link should be working now!

  43. The links all take me to a page that doesn’t work help!!

    • Sorry about that! Just fixed it. Should be working now.

      • Thanks, Liz!! You are on top of things

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