FabFitFun Upcoming Box Poll – Pick This or That Round #15!

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If you aren’t familiar, Katie Kitchens is the Co-Founder of FabFitFun, and she often shares potential future products on her Instagram feed to get feedback! Here are some of the latest potential future box items. (FYI – these are not confirmed products, they may or may not be in future boxes, and they also may not be in the same box.)

And, if you aren’t familiar with FabFitFun, it’s a quarterly subscription box for women that costs $49.99 a box and sends you over $200 worth of items.

Which would you prefer in an upcoming FabFitFun box:

Source: Katieakitchens

 Set of 4 Circular Woven Placemats or Jonathan Adler Scented Candle

Let us know which item you would prefer in the comments!

(FYI – FabFitFun transitioned to a new Warehouse Management System in the past few months and there have been some issues in shipping since then. Some readers have reported not receiving their Summer Box or Summer Edit sale items yet. We’ll update when we have more information, but please keep in mind that shipping may be delayed with FabFitFun orders currently.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Placemats, with option to buy another set.

    • 4 placemats are really useless if you can’t get more.

      • Candle candle, always want a candle

        • Yes, you can never have too many candles to make a home feeling

    • Definately the placemats.
      I’m 99.8% happy with fab fit fun and the choices they give us!

    • Totally what I was going to say!

  2. Neither. Placemat sets are 5.99 at tj max and you get to pick ones that match your decor. Candles are a total no for me. Yes, let’s light fragrance on fire and fill the room with toxic chemicals. Mmm.. toxic chemicals. Organic essential oils with diffusers in my house. And frankly that would be an innovation not crap you can buy at toss where I see those candles for 4.99.

  3. Candle

    • Candle. …I’m too messy for things that cant be vigorously scrubbed, and placemats look woven or textured…

  4. Candle! That brand of candles always smells wonderful! The placemats are boring

  5. IMO You can never have too many candles. I burn them daily. Definitely the candle.

    • Liz, baby, please do a search for what toxic chemicals are in fragrance and how burning candles releases those chemicals into the air for you to breathe. If you live in a city, it’s hard to beat back pollution but filling your interior air with chemicals is something that you can control. Please investigate organic essential oils and diffusers. I’m not affiliated with any company just switched myself and now I can feel good about filling my home with fragrance. My fav is mixing wintergreen and lavendar but mixing wintergreen and sweet orange smells EXACTLY like the scent of valentine heart candy. Just reaching out because I care. Mixing your own Essential oils can be fun. You get to control exactly how things smell. (And no chemicals added to the air you breathe)

      • Debbie, baby, you should really do thorough research from reputable sources before pushing your view on others. It’s misleading and not backed up by scientific fact.

        Candle fragrances must meet the International Fragrance Association standard which ensures the fragrance is non-toxic and safe for human use. The problem comes down to the scent itself in terms of how it can cause difficulty breathing for asthmatic people (as an example). This is true for essential oil fragrances in a diffuser as well. It’s all a fragrance!

        • I use candles and essential oil and diffusers. I don’t give a crap what I breathe cuz I breathe toxins everyday with our polluted atmosphere. Im not trying to live to be 100 either. But my house is gonna smell nice while I’m alive and if a candle smells amazing, it’s getting lit. Sometimes you just can’t get the scent your feeling with essential oils.

        • Lols

        • Thank you, Chalsey!! So glad to read words of wisdom!! 🤗 I make soap and use essential oils and fragrance oils daily; it depends on the oil, but essential oils are a lot more dangerous and less regulated than fragrance oils. Everyone should be careful and research any and all scents they bring into their homes! There are essential oils that can kill your pets and even seriously impact children’s health!

        • Thank you! Essential oil people drive me nuts, just enjoy your oils without repeating the total bunk they teach you to get you to buy their expensive products!!

      • Also, some essential oils can be toxic to animals and children.

        • Not everyone has pets and kids though.

      • Also also, those valentine heart candies are nasty. 😆 What a weird, random reference.

      • I seem to recall reading many articles about essential oils being bad for kids and especially cats. Maybe you don’t have kids, cats or any animals and that’s ok, but saying that I’m polluting the air with candles is a little unfounded. They have been used for centuries, and I have not once heard of them being toxic or harmful to anyone or anything, unless they are used wrong and start a fire.

        • I didn’t say Jack about candles being bad. I just pointed out that not everyone has kids or pets to worry about.

          • Jill M wasn’t responding to your comment, but Debbie, dears. She did write something claiming candles are toxic. Absolute rubbish, but WOW! This is the best comments section I’ve seen in a long time!! 😂🤣😅

      • Debbie, where are you sourcing from? I would love to read where studies have been validified and proven that candles are harmful.

        “Articles warning against scented candles usually cite a 2009 study by a South Carolina State University researcher who claimed that paraffin wax gives off injurious chemicals like toluene.

        However, this study has been queried by the National Candle Association (NCA) due to the fact that it has no peer reviews, and has never been published in a journal. Deeper inspection by the NCA revealed that the researcher of the above study never confirmed if the candles he examined were really paraffin or soy candles. It was also found that the harmful chemicals claimed to be released during candle burning could not have been produced during combustion. This is because paraffin does not have the necessary elements for its production.”

      • FYI. Wintergreen is one of the most toxic essential oils . It should be used very sparingly and listed to be used with extreme caution. I’ve been studying oils for over 20years and you need to be very careful with this oil in particular as it is an synthetic derivative of salicylic acid. Just wanted to give my 2 cents ; )

    • I agree! The more candles the better! I have one in every room of my house!

  6. Candle, for sure.

    • I use candles and essential oil and diffusers. I don’t give a crap what I breathe cuz I breathe toxins everyday with our polluted atmosphere. Im not trying to live to be 100 either. But my house is gonna smell nice while I’m alive and if a candle smells amazing, it’s getting lit. Sometimes you just can’t get the scent your feeling with essential oils.

  7. Candle!

  8. Nope, I would pick the third choice or mystery item.

  9. Placemats are more useful to me.

  10. Candle, the placemats aren’t my style.

    • The candle but neither are exciting:( HOpe we get a cozy blanket for Winter.

      • Candle!

  11. Candle.

  12. The candle would be my choice.

  13. I really like the placements, but how long until they’re so gross looking they need to be thrown out? So candle!

    • In my experience (with similar ones), all it takes is one Thanksgiving dinner with my MIL.

      • Oh no! 😅

  14. Neither. I guess I’m not the target demographic of the box. That’s OK! Money saved and clutter prevented.

    • I don’t like either

  15. Both please,

    • Candle

  16. Both!!! But placemats

  17. Candle

  18. I’m getting placemats in Happy Rebel. I got some last year in Popsugar. I have plenty.
    I don’t use candles, but they are very giftable. So, I’d be happy with the candle

  19. Neither. Placemats is NOT something that would excite me to receive in a lifestyle subscription box… and I have dozens of candles already. Where is the innovation FFF? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Candle

  21. Candle.

  22. The candle. To me placemats are personalized to your dining room. These wouldn’t go.

  23. Can always use more candles.

  24. I think the placemats look like nautical rope, so I’d get those for my parents’ beach house.

  25. Neither. But if I had to choose, the candle.

  26. Neither really but I’d pick the candle of these were the choices.

  27. 🤔😂😴

    • 😂😂😂

  28. Def the candle

  29. Neither…🙈

    • Agreed. I have candles coming out my wazoo already as I’ve been buying my own in preparation for the upcoming Fall & Winter seasons to ensure I get scents I like. We dont use placements but i guess i could find SOME use for them. I just really dont need/want either. Blah. Boring

  30. Neither

  31. Candle

  32. Candle

  33. Candle

  34. Both ❤️

    • Same here, but the placemats do go with my decor.

    • Everyone complains every time but the boxes are great! I would like both, but have been wanting placemats. So I would chose the placemats and add-on the candle anyway!


    • Definitely the candle

  36. Candle

  37. Place mats!!!!!!!

    • You are very excited about place mats, lol

  38. Candle because who needs a table when you can just eat in bed lmao

    • Co-signed!

    • I love this!! My kitchen table is crafting central! We eat in bed while reading or watching a movie! (Or painting sometimes if my husband isn’t around to catch me!! Lol)

  39. Candle. Placemats are nice, but there needs to be color options like white, gray or beige.

    • Those are “color” options? 😂
      With the holidays coming something in nice holiday jewel tones would b nice fora change. Its ALWAYS brown, gray, or blue. BORING. lol

  40. Both! But if I had to pick one, the candle!

  41. Neither.

    • Neither really. But my Mom uses placemats

  42. I don’t really like either but I’d go with the placemats if I had to choose one.

    • Placemats

  43. Placemats

    • Placemats!

  44. The Candle

  45. Candle!

  46. The candle! PLEASE!

    Not a fan of circular placemats. Especially not woven ones that would be hard to clean. And they are white!

    • Neither

  47. The candle is my first preference but I think I’d want both!

  48. Placemats

    • Super easy choice – candles because I eat over the kitchen sink like an animal. 🙂 I just moved and haven’t bought furniture but, did restock my makeup supply 😀

      • Best comment ever.

      • Priorities!!

        • If that’s my only option, I would say candle but honestly neither of them are a good choice

      • I eat in bed like I’m a child still. Placemats have no place in my apartment! I burn candles and am picky about the scent.

  49. Nope 😩👎🏼

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