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We have one more spoiler for the September 2019 BoxyLuxe box! 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items in one variation:

And the new spoiler we didn’t have before: IGK Hair Mistress Hydrating Balm. (FYI – this is not a picture of the full box.)

In case you missed it, all subscribers to the September 2019 BoxyLuxe will receive:

Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette


Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

Sutra Beauty 32mm Clipless Curling Iron OR MODA Makeup Brushes 8pc Brush Kit

Spongelle Mani Pedi Treatment and Clean Skin Water Bottle Infuser


Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette


Too Faced Natural Face Palette

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream


Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (155)

  1. The Violet Voss vs Tarte palette, was on the quiz?

  2. Until Boxy gets their act together and either offers guaranteed choice items (more than 1) or uses the beauty quiz to curate everyone’s box, I refuse to re-join. I have a pile of colours that do not work for me and I was unable to sell or trade. I do not need to add more to that pile.

    • Same… I finally cancelled a few days ago… I’m done… their customer service is awful, too…

  3. This box is quite expensive Is there anyway to not get a water bottle?

    • Lol isn’t it the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard?! A 60$ LUXE box and giving ‘some’ ppl a water bottle!! SMH I more than likely won’t get it and will instead get the tarte palette bc I didn’t get it last time and choose it on my survey but I STILL canceled bc it’s so messed up that they are doing that! I wont EVER go back to boxycharm or at least not until they start treating all their customers equally and make it fair for EVERYONE! And I can’t believe ANYONE would actually take up for them bc of it! So those ppl are really saying that if they were to get the lesser box than everyone else from here on out that they would be perfectly fine about that?????? LOL

  4. I’d really love 💕 the Too Faced palette, but it wasn’t an option when I took the survey a month ago. There are so many variations where I have a strong preference. I’m feeling doubtful about getting a box I’ll enjoy

    • Can’t believe I got the water bottle and now they’re offering a Too Faced face palette which seems so beautiful. Eh. As always.

      • Yeah it’s really messed up that they done that!! All the ppl who’ve been with boxycharm since the launch last year and already got the tarte palette will more than likely get the water bottle and esp if they submitted it on that survey they emailed us the first time. But NOW offering the 2 faced palette! Wow! A cheap plastic water bottle VS a 50$ face palette!! That’s crazy! And ppl wonder why so many of of are always complaining! It’s bc they aren’t fair to all of us. I’m NOT okay with getting a cheap crappy product while the next person gets something really nice. I already planned on cancelling my charm/LUXE subscription when that happened but holding off until later in the month to see what else they got up their sleeve or possibly change their minds and decide to do what’s right but knowing them I won’t hold my breath! I wasn’t able to snag the upgrade last year so I didn’t get that palette yet and picked it on my survey so more than likely I should get it this time but now that they’ve screwed others over yet again I don’t even want the damn box! Once I discovered ipsy ULTIMATE yesterday I couldn’t ‘officially’ cancel my boxycharm fast enough! Hell that’s like getting boxyluxe EVERY month but better AND cheaper! Also they are letting us select 1 product of our choice every month too! You can’t tell me that’s not awesome!!! Ipsy is about to put boxycharm out of business!

      • I am hoping with the new Ultimate they step up their game. They made a lot of people mad, only sending some people the email. I have been with them for years, and when I contacted them about not getting the email, their reply was sorry you weren’t able to respond on time. Also, to check my spam, which it wasn’t there. I feel like I’m one of the few that want the Clay Play Palette, but this will be the one time I dont get a Tarte palette. Haha!

  5. My dream box would be

    1. Violet Voss
    2. Brush set
    3. The two face face pallette
    4. Sunday riley water cream

    But I wish I would have known for the “email” would have said the choice for two faced pallette. I choose the water bottle because I already got the park ave pallette from boxy a while ago, and thought “surprise me” meant I would get one of those two, and I figured since I already have it, that I’d choose the water bottle and spongella (which I’m not interested in)

    But Christmas is coming up and I can always gift things I dont want to friends.

    • All i know is this is my first boxyluxe, I have had the reg boxy for almost 9 months and I finally get this and I didnt get an email to even know I could have chosen anything as far as a for SURE item! I think its messed up that we ALL pay the same fee, but only some of us get the “better” items! Water bottles and pedi mani sets and a curling iron? First off, the huge majority of the world get their nails done professionally , 2nd most woman who curl their hair already has a curling iron , 3rdly a water bottle??? Really, anyone who wants it can easliy get them, and they are NOT a beauty item! Im trying to be optimistic about this and I hope im wrong about me getting all the “crappy stuff” i think im going to get…:
      Water bottle
      Sunny lotion
      Mani pedi sponge
      Curling iron
      Violett voss pal
      And 3 other items that might be better than those, but that will only mean one thing, im paying 60$ for 3 good items!!! Please boxy im upgrading in hopes you guys will make things better. PLEASE BE FAIR. 🙂 I have hopes!

  6. The box I want looks like the one that is pictured. I’d honestly really like the infuser bottle/spongelle. I don’t want any more Tarte products, so I’m hoping for Violet Voss. Truthfully though, I don’t NEED any of this stuff, so I might just cancel. I guess we’ll see how I feel on August 31st.

    • Hey Diana!
      If I end up getting the water bottle in one of my boxes, I’d love to trade you for the Tarte palette (or something else) if you don’t get it!
      You can find and add me on fb, if you’d like …my name is Ryan Guerin (I’m a female lol) and in Northport NY.

      • Thanks Ryan, I’ll keep that in mind if I end up with something I don’t want. 🙂

    • I’m hoping for the violet Voss cause I’ve not tried them and the too faced pallet and glow pineapple I’d prefer the brushes but am ok with the curling iron I think my niece would like it. I just really hope I do not get the water bottle. Please, please, please no water bottles lol

    • If I get the water bottle I’d love to trade too keep me in mind lol

  7. My email gave a choice from each category and then at the end asked me which would be my #1 choice, I chose the water bottle and spongelle mani/pedi combo that nobody wants to get lol, it also stated that they would do their best to try and get us at least one of our choices! I have so many pallettes and contour blushes and bronzers ,I was excited to see a different option, plus we’re getting an eyeshadow palette as well! It’s not a cheap water bottle, it’s a good sturdy one and if you’ve never tried spongelles, you need to, I’m addicted to them, I use the ones for the shower and will not use anything else now, I’ve never used the mani/pedi spongelles but I have used their foot buffer spongelles and they are AMAZING!!!! So I’m really looking forward to trying these out! Don’t knock something before you even get it! And by the way, I don’t know how much the mani/pedi spongelle is ,but those babies are not cheap either! They range in price from $18-$25 each ,if you don’t want the water bottle you can always gift or trade it,and the same with the spongelle, they are pretty popular, I would be happy to trade anyone for the combo! 😁 just dm me! But you may end up loving it! And remember, they didn’t promise you would get your choice, they said they would do their best to get you at least one! But that doesn’t mean you were sure to get it! And it’s a sub box giys! You never get everything you want! That’s the way it goes!

    • Hey Tammy!

      If I get the waterbottle/spongelike I’d be happy to trade ya for something else!

      You can find me on fb , just look up Ryan Guerin (i’m a female lol) and I’m in Northport NY.

      Or should I just give my email or something? I don’t know never traded from here, just have on fb lol

  8. Wow this is really annoying, I never got to pick my preference for anything. I guarantee I’ll get everything I don’t want 😂 if they give me that too faced palette or water bottle instead of the park ave palette I’ll be so mad. That too faced palette sucks.

    • I didnt get an email either 😔

  9. Yeah i never received an email asking me about what I want either. Maybe they just haven’t asked us yet. I already know what i want. The curling wand would be really great mine is MIA!!!

  10. Yeah if I get that water bottle I’m NOT gonna be HAPPY..

    • I just made a deal with myself. So if I receive the water bottle I will cancel altogether 😂 I haven’t been liking my reg boxy so been looking for a way out……

      • I agree…if I get that stupid water bottle I’m DONE altogether!!

      • I agree, there’s nothing luxe about a water bottle.

    • Absolutely feel the SAME!! I started getting Boxy for makeup….I can tolerate the skin care but a water bottle?!?!?! No ma’am

  11. Did anyone have the option today to chose between something else other than the SR Tidal and the Glow Recipe?

    • Just those two for me.

      • I originally did, before I canceled it back in July. I signed back up, so I could customize, and those were my only options. Last time I got to pick between the curling iron or brushes, and the water bottle or palette. I was very disappointed!

  12. Just thought I would mention for the ones that didn’t get the Peach and Lily serum this month, it is gonna be 50% off on Sept 9th ONLY during Ultas 21 Days Of Beauty Sale! I really wanted it, but didn’t get it so I’m gonna wait and buy it then. Hope that helps someone 😊

    • This is great news Jill! Thanks for the heads up, adding that to my calendar, now!

    • Thank you for posting this… I wanted to try that serum & didn’t get it, either…

    • You just made my day with this news, thank you! And I appreciate knowing enough ahead of time that I can gather the necessary funds.

    • Thanks so much, Jill! That was the one thing I really wanted, which should’ve been enough for me to know I wouldn’t get it. 😄
      So glad to get the opportunity to try it for a reasonable price. Plus if I don’t like it I can get a refund!

  13. So I got an email several days ago saying if I upgraded to Boxyluxe I would get an email today at 2pm letting me choose an item in the box. I did not get the email. These people lie. I am still on the waitlist for Boxyluxe and no email. Their customer service isn’t responding to my emails. I am frustrated. I have never tried Boxyluxe and thought I’d take advantage of their email and this is how they treat a new customer. Worst customer service ever

    • Same. Very frustrating!

    • Try contacting them thru the chat link or on Facebook and/or messenger, or even instagram. Maybe check back with your emails. I’ve had Boxy for several years and have ever only had 1 problem a few years ago when several boxes one month were late due to a product itself being late getting to them. They ended up refunding that box, gave me the next box for free and gave me 1000 charms which is the equivalent of $10.00 in the charm shop. Maybe bc this Sept Luxe box appears to be so good, they’re having an email overload. Deffo not making excuses, but they’ve always been awesome customer service wise for me. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! I hope you get your Sept Luxe AND whatever Item you choose. XOXO

      • Well, I’m still waiting for them to reply to messages from literally 2-3 MONTHS ago!!!
        Wtf kinda customer service is THAT?!?🤔

        Every damn time I miss out on customizations. This is the THIRD time now! And no, it’s not like it went into my spam folder, they just flat out didn’t send it (and to 2 diff accts I have!)😡

      • I’ve actually been pleased by their CS via email. My July box was lost, i contacted them via email with documentation of lost delivery and CS responded quickly and replaced the box. A highlighter pallet broken last January, i sent photos and tracking information and the highlighter was replaced in the next box. I’ve always received a response within 24 hours.

    • Boxy is known for their issues (failing to send emails, sending product/shades outside of your beauty profile specifications, damaged boxes, shipping issues, horrible customer service). I’ve experienced it all and depending on what I get will be the deciding factor if I cancel for good or keep my subscription going.

      • Most of the problems with emails is because people email them like 6 times in two days and every time you email them again you get bumped down to the bottom of the list. I usually give any customer service a week before I start emailing again, and then I reach out via social media, but it seems like lots of people are emailing constantly and getting bumped back down.

      • Yes people are so impatient these days. They want instant fixes.

    • The boxycharm customer service has been great with me. I got a palette that wasn’t matched to my skin tone and they emailed me an apology and gave me the charms that equaled the value. I have never hated a box I’ve gotten in over a year and a half. I’ve gotten products that don’t work for me, but at $21 a month, I have never felt I didn’t get my money’s worth. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but in my opinion, if people are upset enough to post bad comments, I’m confused why you still subscribe. I don’t mean that in any kind of mean way. I just think that consumers vote with their cash. Posting comments won’t cause changes to occur.

      • You’re probably right as far as Boxycharm, but there are many smaller companies like Happy Rebel for example, that DO read our comments and take them into consideration for future boxes. But no matter how influential it may or may not be, everyone has a right to express their opinions, experiences, suggestions, etc. This is basically a forum for subscribers and other interested people to discuss pros and cons of this subscription and ALL info, negative and positive, can be quite useful as well as informative. Boxy is very polarizing. You have people that defend it unconditionally no matter what factual bad business practices they are guilty of simply because they haven’t experienced anything negative personally. But LOTS of people have had genuinely unfair, unethical, frustrating issues with them and they have every right to share their experience just as those that paint a flawless picture of the company do. It’s a complicated problem. Especially for those of us that have been with them for many years. Of course you’ll always get a great value for your money but it’s just not that simple. Many of us are conflicted and trying to figure out if it’s getting to the point where the cons outweigh the pros or if perhaps there’s still hope Boxy will resolve the issues rather than keep letting them get worse. So we all have a right to share our thought on Boxycharm. It’s not as simple as, say a candle subscription where you get one candle a month and it started coming late or damaged or wasn’t the scent choice promised or advertised every other month. That would be simple and painless to unsubscribe from. But a beauty subscription that’s always been a good value and typically has good products and reliable shipping but has gradually started to go downhill in a number of ways for some people isn’t as easy to give up. Especially not for us beauty/subscription addicts. 😄

        You can usually tell if a comment is full of praise or dissatisfaction at the beginning so just don’t read the ones you don’t approve of. But some people want and/or need to hear about a variety of experiences to decide whether or not to start or even if it’s time to stop subscribing to Boxy.
        This is a subscription box website chock full of opinions on all sorts of subscription boxes/companies. It’s not a promotional site or fan club for Boxycharm.

    • The boxycharm customer service has been great with me. I got a palette that wasn’t matched to my skin tone and they emailed me an apology and gave me the charms that equaled the value. I have never hated a box I’ve gotten in over a year and a half. I’ve gotten products that don’t work for me, but at $21 a month, I have never felt I didn’t get my money’s worth.

  14. I didn’t get a customization email so I sent boxy an email. They immediately sent me a link where I could select the pineapple serum or the Sunday Riley cream. I chose the serum.

    • I got an email too just bc I missed customization as I said to them the window to pick is so short , and I work super long hours . So they let me choose , I chose SR and the brush set . I have so many curling irons and hair tools I never use . So I’m happy with my choice now only if I could get my hands on Too Faced Palette Id be over the 🌗🌙

  15. Shouldn’t the people who have already received the Tarte Park Ave Princess back when they started last year get the chance to re-select? Because this is a repeat for many of us!!
    I chose the Park Ave Princess again when they sent out the survey last month, because I seriously don’t need or want any more water bottles! And I got this box for the makeup and skincare! At least I would have a backup of the PAP, it seriously is a great palette, but I would love a chance to try the Too Faced one!

    IMO, Newbies should get the choice of Tarte Park Ave and water bottle/ spongelle since either product are new to them and not repeats!

    I have been hoping they would send out another email to have us choose again, but I am not holding my breath!

    • THIS! I’ve about had it with Boxycharm… this month, I didn’t get the eyeshadow duo, the lip liner, or the serum… I got my THIRD pair of Lashaholic eyelashes in Instaglam… I’d love to try something new, like the Too Faced palette, because I already got that Tarte palette, but I bet mostly influencers will get the TF, and us longtime customers will get repeats… I’m about to cancel & spend my money elsewhere….

      • You won’t be alone bc I’ll be right behind ya!!! I’m beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of boxycharms games!! I was under the impression that we would ALL get a new customization email yesterday SINCE they added to the variations since the last time we filled out the survey! It’s looking like ONLY new subscribers or ppl who have yet to upgrade are getting that option! I’m NOT okay with that! It’s bull$hit! They always got some kinda slick game theyre trying to run on us and I’m pretty much done! I’ll go spend my 60$ elsewhere!

      • Yeah I agree influencers get the best boxes and customization which is so unfair . Their unboxing is never anything like mine :/ I feel longtime consumers get the stuff no one wants and leftovers , very unfair !! We pay money we should be able to try all the great products they get as well. That is BS 🙁

      • Sadly influencers and reviewers matter. Regular subscribers don’t.

      • How effective is that form of advertising when it leaves so many customers disappointed in their own boxes?

    • Boxyluxe is a lifestyle box, not a make up box.

    • exact same feelings i have. don’t want a water bottle so chose to repeat the park ave just to avoid it. REALLY want the too faced face palette but feel like i won’t get it because i didn’t choose “surprise me” which i could only assume meant surprise me with a plastic water bottle.

  16. I just signed up and am still waiting for my August box (but it is on its way, yay!). I was sent an email to sign up for Boxyluxe before August 14 so I can customize (I signed up). I got another email this week revealing the value of the September Boxyluxe box to be over $300. So I guess I’m getting a Boxyluxe oox in Sept. The next email said I will have a choice of one item (not sure which one) but that it would be between the SR and Glow Recipe or between the curling iron and the water bottle/spongelle set. It also said I would receive 1 (Too Faced, Tarte or Violet Voss) and an additional 5 specially curated items. So is it always like this or just because I am new that I have the option to choose only 1 item? I also do not really understand all the variations! Can I really receive multiple palettes (I’d love too!) or will they only give out 1?

    • I’ve never received an email from Boxy asking me to make a choice? how weird is that?

    • I’m not sure if the email to choose an item will be going out to everyone, but it’s not just for new subscribers. I’m not a new subscriber, but I also received an email last week stating that I’ll be getting an email today to choose an item…. so far no email though.

      • I got an email to select one between sunday riley or the pinneapple serum today at 2pm. I signed up for boxy charm yesterday.

      • I too signed up for boxyluxe yesterday and today I received the email to chose between Sunday Riley and the pineapple serum

    • I’m also a new Luxe subscriber and I got to choose between the Sunday Riley and the Glow Recipe. I got an email a few minutes ago and did the customization. I think we should be able to customize more than one item too. I admit I don’t like so many “ors” in the product spoilers, but what can you do?… Besides, all the products look to be more than decent and what I don’t keep will make great stocking stuffers.

  17. Too many variations and it sounds like we’re stuck with our picks from the first survey. Honestly, I don’t even trust them to honor our choices after people had issues with the August box.

    I just cashed in the charms I have to get those little brushes and I’m going to cancel both Luxe and regular Boxy once the brushes ship. If there’s something I really want, I’ll just buy it on one of the swaps lol.

  18. Well I’m just plain stupid. 🙁 I got an email (used to sub) saying to come back, upgrade to Luxe and customize my box. I quickly scanned it, saw like 3 of the “or this” images and was stunned. Wow, they’re gonna let me choose all 3 categories, I gotta sign up or I’d be insane.

    So, I signed up (will now be getting August box) and am on the waitlist for Luxe. Went back to the email and look at the glorious items that I’ll be able to choose from and finally notice that I will only be able to choose from the Sunday Riley and pineapple serum. I feel so dumb. I can’t believe I didn’t pay good enough attention. I got WAY too excited too quickly and now I’m stuck.

    Here’s to hoping:

    Sutra curling wand
    Too Faced Palette
    Tarte eyeshadow/face palette
    Sunday Riley – which I will be able to choose

    • You’re not stuck, you do have the option to cancel before September.

    • Too Faced pallet wasn’t in the Boxyluxe choice I got – just the Spongelle/bottle or the Tarte Park Avenue Princess pallet that we got in last September’s Boxyluxe

      • Same!!! Which I’m bummed because I totally would have chosen the two faced.

      • Me too! I’m really disappointed because I didn’t want the other choices, but do want the too faced.

      • Ugh seriously same! If Too Faced was an option I definitely would have chosen that in a heartbeat. Bye that wasn’t even offered in the options. So upsetting, it looks like that was o my offered to their promoters and beauty gurus on YouTube 😓

  19. Glow Recipe pleeeze!! My new hg! It replaced Sunday Riley for me. The 5 piece glass skin set is amazing!

    • I was able too customize and chose the Glow Recipe, I have SR products piled up and its good but not the “holy grail of skincare” like most make it out to be… not to me anyway.

      • Just curious, did they just curious, did they ever send you the customisation email on the 14th. I received a customisation email I believe July 28th asking me to pick between the Sunday Riley tidal cream and the pineapple brightening serum. I also went on to say that if you have never received the Park Avenue princess palette from tarte that you would be getting that one in your box. I was okay with that until I saw they had a violet Voss palette as well. Because prior to announcing the violetvoss palette you had either the show face or the Park Avenue princess that was it. So then now there’s two other I believe palettes or at least the Third. Really I’m getting so tired of the variations I really am I mean I don’t mind if there’s maybe one or two products that can be very but nothing as important as the pieces they are varying. I’m really tempted to cancel… Again! Yes… I re-subscribe which I think now is a huge mistake. There really are too many great subscription boxes coming out now 4 less or equal cost for them to be pulling stuff like this! On the fence not sure what to do.

  20. Slightly off topic, but for those that missed out on getting the Peach & Lily Glass Skin serum in their August box, it’ll be half off for $19.50 on 9/9 during Ulta’s Beauty Steals event! 🙂 The Becca powder that was included in August’s box will be on sale on 9/3 too!

    • how do you know about those dates?

      • She’s a spy.


      • !!! 😀 !!!

      • I’m not sure how Luna knew, but Trendmood has posted the full list for each day of Ulta’s sale.

        Lol at she’s a spy!

      • Not the full list, just the ones that will be in the physical paper ad. An additional one or two items will be on sale everyday in the online ad. That usually shows up a few days before the sale starts. And don’t forget, much more HotBuys etc. 😉

      • Lol! I just replied to Ashley basically stating the same thing 😀 (I didn’t see your reply until my comment to her posted right under yours 🙂 )

      • Hi Ashley! Allure just posted an article listing all of the products in Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale occurring next month from 9/1 to 9/21. These are most likely only the items you’d see listed in the Ulta catalog, and not the online only beauty steals or the Hot Buys.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been wanting to try this product.

      • Me too! I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get it in my box, so I’ve already marked my calendar to make sure I get the serum during the sale. 🙂 Actually, I think that’s the only product I’ll be getting during the sale. I hope they have a decent gwp that day! (I always feel a bit let down when I receive an Ulta purchase and all that’s in the box is my purchase and no freebies. 🙁 lol)

      • Me too ! I feel cheated lol

        I love get GWP ❤️

        Thanks for the heads up Luna 👍

    • Awesome! Thanks for this! How did you find out the actual sale items? Oh wait…”she’s a spy”. Sorry! 😉

    • Lol Luna..I just commented the same thing before I read your comment. Mine didn’t post of course, but I’m gonna get it Sept 9th because I really wanted it this month but didn’t get it in my box. I got those awful purple sheet masks that I gave away

  21. Wasn’t there a survey a LONG time ago where you had the option to choose the water bottle bundle or the curling iron. I didn’t really want either but I opted for the curling iron because I just decluttered water bottles so the last thing I want is to have more sent to me.

    • Yeah that survey was weeks ago. I opted for the curling iron, the tarte contour palette and the pineapple serum. I just hope I don’t get that other tarte palette ( since I already have it) I would rather the violet Voss one !!

      • The choices were
        curling iron or brushes
        spongelle/bottle or contouring palette.
        They have since added the Too Faced Palette, which would have changed my answer.

  22. This makes me so sad. I really wanted to resubscribe just so I could get the September lux But there’s just way too many variations. There are several things here that I really want but with my history with Boxee charm I would end up getting every single variation that I don’t want and end up being angry about it And feeling like I wasted all that money.

    • I canceled months ago and I’m just over here looking forward to the discounted holiday bundles. Helps with whatever fomo I might momentarily feel which hasn’t even been that bad because my fear of getting alternates I don’t want is stronger.

  23. So mad they didn’t have the Too Faced as an option. I would LOVE to have that. All these Variatuons Are making me crazy. There is a box where I would love and enjoy every item but there is also a box variation that I would want to throw in the trash. That should let people choose between every variation or just stop with the variations all together. And some of the variations aren’t even comparable!! here to hoping I get the items I really will enjoy.

  24. Am I seeing this correctly? It looks like there is a possibility between 3 different face palettes, all in different categories? That seems odd. I’m assuming they have things set up so people won’t be receiving 2 or 3 face palettes in the same box… but then again, this is Boxy, lol.

    Surely I’m misinterpreting what I’m reading here.

    • omg right? Who can wear that much makeup?

      • Lol, I know! Actually, I was looking at it the wrong way. You can’t get 3 face palettes in the same box because one of the categories has 3 variations in it and 2 of those variations are face palettes. But, that still makes it possible to receive 2 face palettes in this box. That’s nuts.

      • TWO face palettes??!! I can never get enough!! I know I only have one face….

      • i didnt get the serum either and really wanted to try it i got lashes when i must have stated several times i do not wear them lol getting a little colletion of them to give away or maybe sell if anyone is interested and i got an email a while back and i am pretty sure after i was done choosing there were two palettes coming to me in my sept luxe box

  25. My perfect box! 🥰

    • They were supposed to do another email today cuz everyone was confused. I haven’t got one so far. Don’t know if any one else has?

  26. I would like the voilot Voss eye shadow palette and I don’t need the hair curler I’d rather get the brush set I don’t want the tarte rather have face moisturizer instead no water bottle you have enough of those I hope I get box that I like this time we’re stuff that I like in it

    • Ruth, if I get the eye shadow palette and you get the Tarte palette, i would be happy to trade!

      • Ruth, I’ll trade the Tarte for the Violet Voss if I get it 🙂

  27. I choose Sunday Riley tidal wave and brush set 🙂 I didn’t want another curling iron or that glow recipe , pineapple makes my skin irritated

  28. Please no spongelle or water bottle – yuk !

  29. I would love the box shown🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Same!!! It would be perfect for me!

      I’ve been trying to swap for a sample of IGK Mistress on the swap site with no success.

      • If you haven’t tried IGK Mistress, it seriously is my favorite hair product! I finally broke down and bought some. It’s one I will use every time I leave the house:)

      • Hmm maybe if I can’t swap for one & don’t receive it in my box, I’ll just have to break down & buy a sample on ebay.

        I really liked & was surprised by the Rich Kid hair gel.

  30. I want the Violet Voss and Too Faced pallettes soooo bad. I’m so sick of Tarte, it’s not even funny

    • Same! I want the VV palette over the Tarte palette. No water bottle!!! If I do get the water bottle, I’ll be MAD-lol.

      My picks:
      -Suva curler
      -VV palette
      -Tarte contour/Too faced palette
      -H&H liner/Mac lippie (great variants)
      -Last 3 item… I don’t really care 🙂

      • But let me guess… last 3 will be BC signature items: mascara, lippie, and a liner -lol.

    • Me too

    • Boxy has basically turned into a Tarte subscription box. Sigh.

  31. I love the IGK! Almost out of
    My little bottle so this would be great!

  32. I’ve heard great things about that tarte palette. I’ve almost bought it on like 3 different occasions

  33. I am roughly six months into my Allure Beauty Box subscription and wondering if there’s a way to customize this subscription. I keep getting items in my box like bright red liquid lipsticks or dark colors that I would never wear. Last month I also received eye lashes, another item that I would never entertain. So far I find that I am giving away more than I am keeping. Considering canceling my subscription. I also subscribe to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and because I can customize this subscription I am loving it! Any suggestions??

    • Boxy doesn’t personalize. They’ve been “working” on it for like 2 years, laughable! I was like you, giving away most of what I received from Boxy. I finally cancelled, the value just isn’t there if I’m just giving everything away. I get it’s only $21, BUT, I’m not paying $21 to supply my friends and family with free beauty supplies, I want to be able to use and enjoy what I get. And that doesn’t happen with Boxy. On the other hand, I have been absolutely thrilled with my Ipsy Plus boxes! I actually use the products I get from Ipsy because they’re suited to me! My suggestion would be to just keep IGBP and cancel Boxy if you’re in the same boat as I was…

    • No customization for Allure. But you can check out the spoilers here on MSA, allure sends them out way in advance…and cancel before your billed…and if you like a month just resubscribe. Alot of people do that, hope that helps 💗

      • That is an excellent idea! I didn’t realize that you could do this. Thank you for the suggestion!

  34. I can’t remember what I chose when I personalized. 🤣. That Violet Voss palette looks good though!

  35. I am so over ALL of those variations. I can understand a few, but this box seems filled with alternate products…😥

    • I agree. I’m done with Boxycharm because of the variations. There are always products I’m super excited about, but I never get them.

  36. I received a sample of that IGK hairbalm from a different sub box a while back and it quickly became my FAVORITE EVER HAIR PRODUCT EVER! It smells like straight heaven!

  37. If the regular Boxy were this good, I would resubscribe.

  38. The box they’re showing is the variation I want sooo bad. Spongelle, curler, serum, and violet boss ughh

  39. This is an amazing box! Can’t wait 😊

    • I definitely agree !!!

      • I’ll be happy as long as i don’t get the water bottle!!! I never got the tarte chisel palette bc i wasn’t subbed then, and i heard that if you did get one in their past box they won’t send you another(i hope that’s true) bc i really want that..but the other Tarte palette would be awesome too, if i get the VW palette id be willing to swap for the tarte. Also I’m hoping for the sunday riley bc its more suited for my dry aging a fairly newbie so im not sure how to do a swap

  40. I’d be so happy with that box featured.

  41. OMg, I resubbed. Didn’t see that coming, but I realized I wouldn’t be disappointed by most of these items and with the 2 free gifts it’s totally worth it.

    • If you resub today does it sign you up for the August box or can you just get the Luxe in September?

      • You’ll get the August box and be put on the “waitlist” for September

      • Yes, what she ^ said 🙂

  42. Any idea how long it takes to get off the waitlist?

    • I think everyone will get moved off when they bill for September

      • Lol, you might get my spot. I’ve been going back and forth about canceling BoxyLuxe and Just getting the regular BoxyCharm for a while now. When I compare it to FFF or other $50 boxes I just don’t know if it’s worth it for me anymore. I’m not using most of the stuff they send and I’m just really getting tired of too many variations.

      • Yes and I’m getting more products than I can use, and cluttering my vanity up

      • Lol, you can send them my way 😂

  43. I wonder if that is a variation box if it is I know I picked three things that’s in it so I hope so I don’t like that Violet Voss palette though I was so hoping the bright crystals would be in there or sugar crystals palette

  44. Wow that toofaced palette was not in the variation picks when they asked us what we wanted that sucks! I would’ve picked the too faced palette instead of the water bottle bc I got the tarte palette 1st round!

    • Wow! You are so right. I’m mad, I would have definitely picked the Too faced pallet over the water bottle also. I want the Tarte face pallet over the Violet Voss. Wonder why they don’t even out the RVP of the either, or items, because the VV pallet is $18 and the Tarte is $45.

      • Do you get to choose some of the items like FFF style or is it luck of the draw?

    • I would love that two faced palette!! I also want the pineapple serum.

    • I’m currently on the waitlist for Boxyluxe, but I received an email not too long ago stating that I’d be receiving an email on the 14th to customize my Boxyluxe. That sounds nice, but I also kept the customization email I received last month, and it’s pretty much worded the same. I wonder if we’re going to have to re-select everything we want again on the 14th that we selected last month. I also remember that even though the email last month said “customization” it also had a disclaimer that they would “try” to put my preferences in the box. It’ll be interesting to see what I actually get in September. lol

      • Oh I really hope they let us do it over. I don’t even remember what I picked but I really want that too faced palette 😕

      • Me too Salena!

      • They didn’t!!! I was under the impression that a whole new customization email would be going out to all boxyluxe subscribers today but I never got it. I emailed them and got them to send me the link but it was bogus! It was ONLY letting me customize ONE thing which was Sunday Riley or glow recipe then where you put your email address it kept telling me mine was invalid which isn’t true so I didn’t even submit it. I don’t guess it matters anyways since I already customized last month and picked glow recipe. This is crazy y’all! Idk what boxycharm has got up their sleeve for next months BOXYLUXE and I’m really thinking about canceling bc I hate how they’re doing this and not being fair to everyone. I guess getting to chose out of the newest items they added is ONLY for newly BOXYLUXE subscribers bc ppl who haven’t yet upgraded are given that option and not us. This is ridiculous. Its quite obvious we are all nothing but $$$ in their eyes and if they’ve already got your $$$ then they don’t care one way or another if your satisfied or not! They are just after everyone else’s money and using the fact that they can customize as bait!!

      • New subscribers only had an option to choose between Sunday riley or pinneapple serum. I just signed up and those were my only options in yesterday’s email. If you read the above comments, those were the only options given to new subscribers. I was hoping to get the option were the water bottle was one of the choices because I would pick anything else. I’m actually thinking about just canceling, because if I get the water bottle, I’ll be very upset and it will be a waste of $29 for me, so I get your frustration.

    • Same

    • Wow I didn’t even get an email asking if I had a preference this time!

      • Neither did I!

    • Me too…I just got charged and looked up the spoilers and if I would have known ….I thought we basicly had no choice. I feel like the did this on purpose so more people would choose that stupid water bottle and sponge

      • They routinely pull things like this! Post two possible options most of the time, and then once it gets closer, throw a third option into the mix. Their box variations that they first share never match what the options end up being in the end. That is one of the reasons I left. I find that dishonest and do not want to support dishonest businesses.

      • I agree 100%

      • I must agree bc that’s what it’s looking like to me as well! It makes absolutely no sense to be changing up the variations a mere 2 weeks before they were scheduled to start shipping our boxes unless it was done ‘ strategically ‘ for a reason and that could only be that they were trying to get the ppl who already got the tarte park ave palette to pick the water bottle THEMSELVES since it was made clear to us that you won’t get the palette a 2nd and also bc it was the ONLY other option to chose from besides “surprise me” which made absolutely NO sense bc that only applies to newer subscribers so thats 1 item they totally screwed up for their LOYAL customers! Unless they are willing to say that 2 weeks prior to billing they still had NO idea what they were going to be putting in our boxes and basically just ‘winging it’ as they go which is NOT good either! They should be ashamed for doing their customers like that!

    • My thoughts exactly! Really hoping for the violet voss palette. So tired of neutrals and highlighters!

  45. Definitely some good items. Not worth the risk of getting a variation i don’t like nor want.

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