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BoxyLuxe September 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

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We have one more spoiler for the September 2019 BoxyLuxe box! 

The September 2019 BoxyLuxe includes:

STILA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Rubino, Angelo, or Patina Shimmer

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

IGK Hair Mistress Hydrating Balm

Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette


Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

Sutra Beauty 32mm Clipless Curling Iron OR MODA Makeup Brushes 8pc Brush Kit

Spongelle Mani Pedi Treatment and Clean Skin Water Bottle Infuser


Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette


Too Faced Natural Face Palette

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream


Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (136)

  1. I received an email about customizing 3 items last month. I chose the curling wand, Glow Recipe, and Spongelle/water bottle. Now let’s see if I get them lol!!

    • Well that’s nice that they ask someone if they want to customize but I certainly didn’t get an email asking that. How do they know who the email and ask and how do you get on that list if there’s a way? Thanks in advance for your help

  2. So I haven’t subscribed and I want to try Boxyluxe and then cancel if I don’t end up liking it. Would I get charged boxy charm and boxy luxe for september? Or will they just charge me for boxy luxe?

    • you pay $21 the regular and then they add X amount on to have the boxyluxe

    • yes you get charged for the boxy charm of 21.99 a month , plus 28.99 for boxy luxe so a total of 50.00 for september then resume to 21.99 monthly .Boxy luxe is only every 3 months

      • It’s 21 dollars even before state tax,add 28.99 for a total of 49.99 again before your state tax which varies state to state

    • You would get boxy charm u do not qualify for the lux box

  3. Anyone heard anything about the last 2 spoilers?

    • I was wondering the same thing! It’s 9/2 already. I think I may have seen something about them curating the last 2 specifically for you? So maybe we won’t know until we get the box. I cannot find that post.

      • That worries me a little. Every time Boxy has told us they were going to incorporate customization, they got mine wrong 😂😂😂

      • I received an email stating that I would have the chance to customize, and to watch for the email (Around August 14th). I emailed them to tell them I never received an email to customize. They replied with an email that didn’t have anything to do with a response in regards to the customization… lol… glad I’m not the only one a little confused and concerned!

      • Kelsey Alfred has an unboxing on YouTube. She got the VV palette, Tarte Park Avenue Princess palette, curling wand, Sunday Riley cream, Dr. Brandt mask, hair balm, Hank and Henry black eyeliner and Stila lipstick.

      • This is my first Boxyluxe. I was also wondering if they usually post all spoilers/variations or do they leave it as a surprise. Maybe the hurricane is keeping them a little preoccupied down there in Miami.

    • Did anyone else get charged twice for the Boxyluxe box for September? I recieved an email saying they tried to charge me but were unsuccessful but I was actually charged and then got charged again the next day. I’ve already contacted them. I just wanted to make everyone aware & to double-check in case they got that email but was actually charged that may have charged you twice.

      • Every time I get charged 93.00 for Luxe.

      • Well the way I understood the Luxe Box every 3 mths you would be charge $49.99 every mth there was a Luxe box. The other 2 mths u would be charge $21. I dont want the Luxe if its a 93. Are you receiving both the Luxe and the reg box on Luxe box mths?

      • That’s right – it’s 49.99. They charge you the base subscription rate of $21 (plus tax) and then do a separate charge of $28.99 (plus tax) in Luxe months. You do not receive both the regular box and the Luxe box – you get Luxe only.

      • Yes, I finally got a response from customer service. This is the second time they have chsrged me incorrectly. You think they would have offered me something, like to choose a product. They charged me twice for the Luxe charge $28.99 guess they had a glitch in their system. I widh they would send me my tracking # already. This is my first Luxe so excited. I hope I do not get the Violet Voss palette. If they do Ill see if someone wants to trade.

  4. Me too is a beautiful color

  5. If I were new to the sub game I would absolutely love this. Kudos for all these high quality products! However, after two years of diehard subbing, I have reached a saturation point. This is NOT a dig on Boxycharm! They did a fabulous job of helping me build a collection I love and giving me plenty of extra products to make awesome gift bags for friends and family. It’s just that between BC and Ipsy I don’t need another face palette or lippie. I signed up for IGBU and am cancelling IGB, IGBP and BC/BL. Hopefully this will keep things a bit more manageable.

  6. When do I have to cancel boxyluxe ?


    • Great question Dot! According to the FAQ on their site, you must cancel your account before the 1st of the month to prevent being billed for that month’s box. If you cancel your account after you are billed for the current month’s box, then that box will be your last.

  7. Does anyone think they will do 2 palettes in this box or is it just a dream of mine!? At least there will be at least one palette though, but it really isn’t fair to those who got the Tarte before and will get the water bottle( if that’s how they are going to do it who knows)
    I’m fine with the hair balm, heard it’s good, I’ve never had a stila hippie, but cant do red at all!!! As far as the curling iron and brushes, Idk how to feel about it bc they are so diff in value. If they were more high end brushes, then maybe(like the IT brushes) I’m happy with the skincare, God help me if I get a sponge and water bottle. Please please please no…

  8. This is my first time trying Boxyluxe. Is it worth the price?

    • I think so, but it depends on your expectations. You get a lot of quality products, for sure, that far exceed the cost of the box. On the other hand, you’re almost guaranteed to get a few products that you don’t like or can’t use. If I get the curling iron, for example, it’s useless to me because I have a pixie cut and my daughters don’t curl their hair. I also stand to possibly get some very useful palettes and am guaranteed to get either Sunday Riley or Glow Recipe skincare and a high end hair balm I’ve been wanting for a while!

      • I’d swap for the curling iron, I have tons of brushes!

  9. Really want the curling iron, which means ill definitely get the moda brushes. Problem is, I have way more brushes than I need now. My daughter will kill me if our makeup storage gets anymore cluttered. Besides, im too hooked on Luxie to try something else.

    All in all, the box underwhelms me.

  10. I saw on snapchat that they featured Iconic London prep set and glow… I’m thinking this is a spoiler for Boxyluxe. Anyone else see it?
    If that’s the case I’m interested! I like the Stila liquid lip, but I was kinda hoping they wouldve done the heaven hue highlighter as that it beautiful and so buttery. Maybe next time 💁‍♀️

    • I have not heard anything about the Iconic London prep and set, that would be awesome!! Anyone else hear this?

  11. PREACH!! This is exactly how i feel every time I come on here!

  12. I;ve been on the waitlist for BoxyLuxe for awhile now. How long is the wait usually?

    • Unless they have too many subscribers on the waitlist, you should be off during the next cycle in September. Your account won’t be updated as active until they successfully bill you on September 1st for Boxyluxe.

  13. New boxy charm subscriber and looking forward to my boxyluxe. I have no interest in the waterbottle/spongelle thing. Only want the tidal and curling iron. If anyone gets a curling iron and wants to trade I’m totally down !

    • If I get the curling wand I would trade with you. I have short hair and would have no use for it. (:

      • Hey ! That would be awesome! I’ll keep you updated with what I get from the luxe box.

    • I’m not excited about this box. I can get Stila lip colors at TJ Maxx now for $6.99 and the colors they are sending are horrible. I don’t wear eyeshadow so I’ll probably get the VV pallet. I Don’t curl my hair so I’ll get the wand. Not a good box Boxycharm. Let’s step it up a notch.

      • Anybody Else Think This Box Finna Be Trash ? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Like What The Heck Boxy Usually You Guys Don’t Disappoint For Luxe But This Isssss 🚮

      • This made me laugh..that emoji

    • I have short hair and can’t use the curling iron and got it- I’d totally trade for the brushes if you didn’t get it.

  14. In my experience, the more a sub box offers, (I.e. customization, variations)the more unhappy subscribers seem to get.
    Personally, all of that ruined FFF for me. I knew everything I was getting and it was no longer a fun surprise.
    I, for one, love that I don’t know what I’m getting and there always seems to be a sleeper hit in the box!

    • I hear you. I LOVE being able to select what customizations that I get, but you are right about the lack of a surprize. Unfortunately, I usually find that when I get a “surprize”, I get the things that I want the least. Given that, I’ll take the customization option.

      • I agree, Rose. Especially with Boxy because I don’t believe who gets what is random at all. So if you’re not an Influencer or something similar, you’re going to see the awesome spoilers knowing those are not likely the products you’re going to receive. If it was truly random and everyone had a fair chance of getting all the variations I’d be much happier with the surprise way. But since that’s definitely not the case here, I strongly prefer as much choice in the customization as possible.

  15. I’m interested in Boxycharm for sure…but for everyone that’s already subscribed or has had a subscription in the past; I’d like your opinion. Should I start with Boxycharm and then upgrade to boxyluxe after a while; or should I just dove right in..?

    • Dive right in you’ll be sad if you miss even one luxe

    • Dive in girl. I’ve been a subscriber to Boxycharm for over 6 years and signed up for Boxyluxe the second I got the email about it. I LOVED my first and second one, and this third one looks even better. Don’t miss out and have to wait 3 more months. Get it !!!

    • Boxyluxe is so worth it!

      I am so exited to see shipping appear in my Fedex ap.

  16. I’m excited to try the hair balm and like alot of ppl I’m hoping not to see a curling wand or bottle in my box,I wouldn’t mind the spongelle portion of that though. Spongelle is great!

  17. does anybody know the measurements for the luxebox for boxycharm..i wanted to see if it would fit in my mailbox?

    • It approximates 12″ x 12″ by 4″ deep.

      It’s a big box.

      • thanks pink5…I don’t think that will fit in my mailbox..

      • The post office wl put a slip in your mailbox letting you know you have a package. Or, leave it on your porch. Unless of course you live in an apartment complex.

      • Stacie,
        Unless your apartment complex has office staff that hold your packages or you or someone else can be home all day for several days around the expected delivery date (it may arrive sooner or later than what the tracking shows online), I’d get it delivered somewhere else if possible. I say this because my building DOES accept my packages if I’m not home and they keep them locked up until I come to get them. Unfortunately around the holidays last year we had a substitute mail delivery person who didn’t know the rule that if no one is in the office they must use their key to lock up the packages or wait until the next day to deliver. This person probably wouldn’t have had a key so they wrongly decided to just leave the packages on a desk in the lobby that anyone could access. Because their distinctive black boxes say “Boxycharm” and due to them being quite well known at this point, someone stole my box. Sure it’s possible they would’ve taken ANY box, but theft is extremely rare where I live even when people leave their belongings outside their apartment.

        So… I advise you not to subscribe unless you know for sure your box can be delivered to a person every month. Boxycharm did eventually replace my box as a “once in a lifetime courtesy” mainly because of the post office’s part in the situation, but it took MANY frustrating emails and a lot of time and effort to get proof of the circumstances.
        If you’re just starting to build your makeup collection it’s a great subscription and definitely worth subscribing and just having it delivered somewhere else if necessary. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy it if you decide to subscribe!

    • Not sure how big the box is, but it is pretty big. It is usually shipped via FedEx then turned over to the post office for me. So, they place the box on my porch. Hope this helps.

    • How come I never get an email, giving me a choice but everyone else does (and it’s not in my spam)? I definitely hope I don’t get the curling wand or the bottle. I would be pissed 😤 and probably cancel. But I hope boxy doesn’t let me down,so I can continue being a loyal customer.

      • Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much, the wording in the customization email was:
        “Let us know which 3 items you prefer in your September BoxyLuxe and we will try our best to send you at least one of them.”

        So basically… You MIGHT get ONE of the items you pick.


        If your experience is anything like mine with Boxy, you will DEFINITELY get both of items you really don’t care for.

      • Whatever system/program Boxy uses to email folks doesn’t always play nice with all other email servers. If you have a second email, try updating it to that. I switched from my hotmail to my gmail and had no additional issues. Other folks have just opened a ticket with Boxycharm and they have been able to fix it on their end. Prior to that I’d only get shipping notices but not other emails like spoilers or promos.

      • All I got to choose between was the tidal or the glow recipe

    • As far as I know, you can have your post office hold it for you to go pick up!
      I know a few girls that do that with their packages. Hope this helps! Just give them a call ASAP and see what they say. I’m not positive if they have to hold all mail/packages, or can just do it with one when requested.

  18. This will be my first Luxe and I’m actually really excited about not knowing which variation I am getting. There’s definitely some items I like more than another’s but that’s ok . As a person somewhat new to the makeup and subscription game I’m still building my supply so it all works for me. I can definitely see that anyone who has received makeup/lifestyle boxes for a while or already has alot, it may not be worth it for them at all.

    • Same here! I’ve only received one Luxe and three regular boxes so far. I only own a handful of palettes so I’m good with any of these! Very excited to receive this one and I didn’t customize so I have no idea what I’ll get.

    • That’s how I was my first luxe box! This will be my second and I’m still excited every month to see what I get. I’m still learning to use it all but I’ve definitely improved!

  19. Does anyone know if its the Clay Play vol 1 or vol 2? I saw a spoiler that said it’s vol 2, but everything else says vol 1. This would be the one time I want the Tarte palette, if it was vol 2. The first one was really good, but has been discontinued for over a year.

    • It’s Vol. 1

  20. I’m new to Boxyluxe…Does anyone know until what day we have to cancel before getting billed? And, how do we cancel our Boxy subscription? I cannot find a link under my account.

    • Great questions! BoxyLuxe subscriptions must be canceled by the 1st of the month to avoid being billed for that month’s box.

      If you are interested in canceling, you would visit then navigate to “My Account” to log in. Once there, navigate to “Edit” on the subscription you would like to cancel (on the left panel of your dashboard). From there, you can select “Cancel Subscription” then “Cancel Anyway”, provide a reason for canceling and then select “Yes, Please Cancel”.

  21. Too many variations and very little to customize.

    I look awful in pale lip makeup. I can do the red but the others are awful on my skin.

    I think it is time to let this subscription go.

  22. Breaking up is hard to do, but I fell it’s time. This is just too many this or that. I always get the item I don’t want. Lippies I can never use. I don’t want a water bottle at all. I keep hanging on for the serum. That’s almost the cost of the box. After that it’s break up time!

  23. I have been considering going back to regular BoxyCharm for sometime now. This month is the month that finally made me do it. I chose the SR, curling iron and the tarte Park Avenue princess when I head a choice. Now I feel like I’m going to get stuck with the Violet Voss palette because I really don’t see them giving me two tarte palettes in one box. Too bad the Too Faced item wasn’t available as a choice I would’ve chosen that one and I would’ve stayed. There are just way too many variations now for me to want to continue. The prices are not equal with so many variations. IGBU is looking really good now.

    • sorry, what’s igbu?

      • IGBU is Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate which is new and debuting in Oct. $50 for 8 full sized & deluxe samples. I had Boxycharm for a long time but canceled after receiving so many items that I cant use because they are not flattering for my skintone. Ipsy tends to be better with personalization & matching the survey. There is more about IGBU on here and their website.

      • 8 full size and 4 deluxe size for $50

    • I feel the same way except I don’t think I want to keep the monthly boxes coming. The water bottle or repeat palette were bad enough. Adding the Too Faced palette later and reserving it for those who had not yet selected choices is just wrong.

      • yeah, that was SUPER SNEAKY! I think this will be my last boxyluxe. it really isnt worth the stress anymore lol

    • When I got the customization email there was not a choice for the Violet Voss and that is what i really want. I don’t do well with nudes, and do NOT use bronzer AT ALL. So, maybe you and I can swap. I’m a safe swapper on the Ipsy Birchbox page on Facebook and I sell makeup on Mercari and have over 730 5 star reviews, if that helps. I know it can be super scary trying to swap with someone for the first time, bc you never know who is going to keep their end of the bargain.

      • I’ve never swapped Whitney, but I’ve bought on Mercari. I really want the tarte clay face palette, I will get the most use out of it. I’m not interested in the VV at all really. I’d be happy to swap with someone if I get the VV. I’m also scared to do a swap since I’ve never done one. I’m subbed to fabfitfun also and have tons of stuff I would like to try swapping, so I want to start somewhere lol. I’m excited and a little worried about this box, there’s so many great items but then there’s the chance of getting the water bottle…all in all I know the value is there.

  24. This is a little off topic, but I bought spongelles through the Boxy pop-up sail, and Maybe I’m a baby, but those hurt! It feels like rubbing my body with sand paper. I only use it on my feet now.

    • They soften up pretty quickly. And they have lots of product in them so they last a long time.

  25. As much as I want either the Tidal or the Pineapple serum….that Ultimate Ipsy is so much better for me. I canceled my subscriptions to Boxy.

  26. So excited for this Box!!!

  27. Boxycharm, I am really excited to get Too Faced Natural Face Palette, Eyeshadow palette, Brightening Serum, Glow recipe Serum

    • You aren’t getting all of those. It’s one of the skin care products and one of the palettes.

  28. Ok, I finally broke down and subscribed. *hangs head down and sighs*. Haha, these spoilers are too good. The box as a whole is a fantastic value. I love makeup and after a few misses, I think this might be the sub box I’ve been missing. I love the TF palette, Stila, unclipped curling iron, I D K hair. Tbh, you can’t go wrong with this box!

  29. The Stila in Patina Shimmer is the only shade that could possibly work for me… which means I’m absolutely NOT receiving it 😩 also feel that the water bottle is heading my way since the Too Faced palette was not an option, and I e already received the Tarte palette from Boxyluxe 🙄

    • If you’ve already gotten the palette from them, they said they won’t send it again.

    • Same. I can pull off reds, but don’t want another red lippie. I REALLY want that one. But, like you said, we won’t get that one. If I get that first one, I’m NOT going to be happy with it. It’ll just go in a give away box.

  30. I wish Boxy wouldn’t send us lip products containing petroleum byproducts. The Stila contains petrolatum (petroleum jelly). I know many do not mind it, but that is an ingredient I avoid.

    Other than that, and the very real prospect of getting a water bottle and/or a curling iron I don’t want, the rest of the box looks good to me. I like all of the palettes, and I’d be happy with either the Tidal cream or the pineapple serum. The hair balm looks great.

    • Do we get to choose any of these items? I was just billed for mine today, and I know we’ve been able to make a few choices before but I haven’t received any emails about it.

  31. I’m so excited for this box!! I love everything in it except for the Stila lip.

  32. Too many “OR” s in their spoilers now. I end up with the crap every time. Not doing it anymore.

  33. I’m cancelling Boxy after Sept im done w/ the bait and switch also and ive been subscribed to them for years and they’ve really gone downhill I always seen to get the crappy boxes also I’m staying w/ Ipsy GBP until they do the Ipsy Ultimate and then im getting that one only

  34. Just cancelled. I’m not feeling any of this, except maybe the Sunday Riley.

  35. Omg, I am LIVING for this box! Boxycharm is that one subcription that never let’s me down. If you love make-up and skin care you NEED this box. Other boxes don’t even come close. But Ipsy’s cool too.

  36. Wow, there’s too much variation happening now and none of it looks promising except the first spoiler of GR or SR. No FOMO here and I cancelled my regular box a couple months ago. Too many highlighters, glitter eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks and colors that didn’t suit me but would have worked had I received the right palette for my skin tone. There’s usually one 1-2 products that suit me per box.

  37. What is everyone’s thoughts on what will be in Regular box? I am guessing the lipstick, VV or Tarte, and waiting on others maybe? So wonder why it is so late getting spoilers..wish they would come on..I am on the fence of cancelling..This one isn’t as good as the First one last year this time…I thought things were supposed to get better with time..but kind of disappointing!

    • I canceled boxy and turned to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. They just created a new Glam Bag Ultimate too! Starting in October you get to pick 1 product each month – they customize – and you can pick add ons. A way better deal especially since Boxy has been lacking recently and showing one thing for sneak peeks then once you buy the box for the month tell you it’s a variant and switch it after the first of the month. Very uncool.

      • Agreed! I hate the sneak peaks of great items and then a week later it turns into a variant that only “influencers” get.

  38. Dusty rose looks very pretty

    • Agree, I’m hoping for Patina shimmer!

  39. So, let me get this straight, out of the 14 products shown, you get 6 of them, one is the IGK, and the rest are unknowns unless you chose a product out of incomplete choices? Wow. That is seriously pushing the boundaries of what would be expected. I wonder if the final 2 products will be variants as well. Maybe two more products out of another 8?

    • I’m going to guess that the other 2 items are the Hank & Henry eyeliner and the MAC frost lipstick.

    • It’s a mystery box, that’s how they roll. If you want to pick your items, go to Sephora lol

  40. I’m hoping the Stila is a variation – I do not like liquid lipsticks and they send them all the time. I’ve only ever gotten gloss twice (which I love), and never a regular lipstick (which I would much rather prefer over liquid lipstick) – I’ve subbed for almost 2 years. I’m liking most of the rest of the box though, so I guess if this is the only item I’ll have to sell or swap I’ll still be happy. Just hoping they actually give us the items we chose, and it’s super annoying they added an item after we made our choices. I guess we’ll see! 🙂

    • Unfortunately everyone’s getting one of the 3 liquid lipsticks, I feel the same way about them and LOVE glosses, I autre wish they’d send more of them instead of all the awful matte liquid lipsticks we get.

  41. While I like this product very much, it’s certainly nothing new or exciting and I only like one of the three colors (Patina Shimmer) which isn’t helping my worrying over which variations I will wind up with. I was waiting for another spoiler to help me decide whether or not I should cancel. Among all the many issues I’ve had with Boxy, their tendency to always send me the worst variations in both Luxe and the regular box is the most aggravating. I should look forward to getting my box every month, especially during Luxe months, but instead I almost dread it. I NEVER feel this way about my Ipsy Plus. Sure some months I don’t get the variations I want most but I’m never really bummed out with whatever I get and I feel much more excitement than stress with Ipsy. Probably because not all their products are fantastic but there are very few total duds, if any, and even so it’s only $25.

    I think I just didn’t want to give up on Boxy since they were one of my very first subs nearly five years ago now. They’re the only one I kept this entire time. I left once or twice but FOMO would hit me before I ever managed to miss even one box. But at this point I’m no longer hopeful that things are going to improve with them. At least not for older, non-social media customers like me. Plus there are just too many other options, especially Ipsy Plus and now Ipsy Ultimate if I really want to splurge. I feel certain $50 for that will be a much more solid investment that will yield me far better products than Luxe. And I will most likely be able to add a product if it’s not included instead of just see all the Influencers/You Tubers receive the best products that I don’t even have the option of adding.

    So for anyone that’s still waitlisted, although no one should be considering they’re still sending my old second account’s email address constant invitations to resub and get September’s Luxe, you’ll now have a little bit of a better chance of getting this box.

    I’m not really bitter because it’s been a pretty good run overall, at least up until about a year ago, with Boxy. They certainly helped me affordably build my makeup stash as well as those of friends and family members that got the items I didn’t want. And in a way I’m even a little grateful because with all the products I currently have, I really don’t need to keep spending so much money adding so many more with my multiple other subs, especially the more expensive ones. I’m pretty confident between Ipsy Plus or Ultimate and the other boxes I get off and on depending on the spoilers each month, plus the one-off boxes I pick up, I really won’t be missing much. If they ever decide to stop being so greedy and treat customers more fairly and equitably and perhaps add some features like Ipsy (skipping a month, customizing, add-ons) I may give them another shot. But for now, while I’m a little sad, because breaking up IS hard to do for a die hard sub addict, overall I know saying goodbye is what’s best. 😔

    • Oh, honey. ::pat pat:: I *SO* feel your pain – you sound just like me with Birchbox a little while back. Admitting the relationship was actually over and I had to move on took me way longer than it should have. I still have nostalgia like whoa (and, tbh, if they’d had *one* awesome box since I cancelled, I’d have resubbed in a second, but… nope They continue to be less and less awesome :/ ).

  42. Not excited about this excepto for the brush ser and the Tidal, but i won’t unsubscribe, Let’s see if i get some luck with the other items i don’t see here

  43. Nice brand, but I have these in DS except maybe Angelo so they’re swaps, but I’m still happy with the box overall. 😊

  44. Dear boxycharm DO NOT send me another red!

  45. I’m so thankful for this site because this is not worth $50 to me. The only thing I would want is the pineapple glow, however I just bought pharmacy’s vitamin c glow so I think I’m covered/

  46. Either pink odds are better!! 😍
    This box is getting me excited.
    Got to buy a vanity table to put it in now.

  47. This is a really nice box, I wish I get it, but I am not re-subbing just for it. I wish they would allow to sign up just for quarterly box.

    • I agree! Or have a skip option like Ipsy does. Right now, you have to cancel and re-sub.

      • Same. They MIGHT just get more money from me if they did and of course, stopped with the bait and switch/shady stuff. That all soured me on Boxy. I have a feeling they will step it up after the Ipsy announcement, though. They’ll have to.

      • I agree, boxy will have to step it up. I usually like the Luxe box, but this was annoying. I think I am getting a water bottle, the email mess, and now a liquid lip. 😕

      • I’m cancelling Boxy after Sept im done w/ the bait and switch also and ive been subscribed to them for years and they’ve really gone downhill I always seen to get the crappy boxes also I’m staying w/ Ipsy GBP until they do the Ipsy Ultimate and then im getting that one only

      • Well good luck if anything Boxy has extremely premium products. But lots out there you can hand picked for of course a premium price. Wish u luck❤❤

  48. I had to cancel due to budget issues aka Christmas coming, so hopefully someone got my boxyluxe ❤️ Everything looks great except the water bottle isn’t exciting and sorta unexpected in a boxy.

    • A lot of people are saying that, but I think Boxy is trying it out to see if their members would like the “lifestyle” products similar to Fab Fit Fun. INMHO I personally don’t care for it, if I wanted that type of box, I’d order FFF😄 I believe most people subscribed to Boxy chose this box because it is a MAKEUP box. It was originally the best makeup box out there! No skin care, no lifestyle, just makeup. My understanding is that is where most people have the biggest problem with Boxy now, that & the different variations. They aren’t trying to pull a Bait n Switch over anyone, this is them slowly implementing a way for people to customize their own boxes.
      All I can say is atleast they are trying to make us happy. There may be some growing pains in the process, so take a break if you must, be keep an eye open on MSA or other social media to see when they’ve ironed things out to your satisfaction ⁰a⁰(because I believe they will) then you can rejoin & be happier then ever! : )

  49. So when they had picking and they had park ave pallet or water bottle why didn’t they have the too faced pallet because I already have the princess pallet don’t want the water bottle but had to choose that like wth can we email them
    And change it

    • From what I saw on Boxy’s Insta contacting them about won’t do any good. There reply to others who complained about it was, you already chose. So basically, I don’t think they’re revisiting that at all.

      • That’s such BS especially for us who’ve gotten the luxe from
        The beginning like we had no choice really . Customer service has been really crappy lately as well I’m over it at this point

      • They are sending out a new email with all the choices. Idk when thought

      • Really? I hope so but it’s almost Sept. I emailed them, about people not getting emails, and they apologized and let me choose between the Sunday Riley & Glow Recipe. They didn’t mention a new email.

    • How do you pick what you want anyway? I’ve never known I had that option, aside from the little survey thing you do to say your skin color and whatnot. I’ve been subscribing to boxy for about 2 years now, and still didn’t know that I could do this.

  50. I hope I get the Patina Shimmer!!

    • Me too!

      • I want that too

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