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BoxyCharm September 2019 Spoilers Round #2!


We have more spoilers for the September 2019 BoxyCharm box!

The September BoxyCharm box will include:

Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette


Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette


Too Faced Natural Face Palette

The September brand spoilers are:

  • dr. brandt
  • tarte
  • Violet Voss
  • Too Faced
  • M·A·C Cosmetics
  • Hank & Henry Beauty

The September box will also include:

Image: hankandhenrybeauty

Hank & Henry Beauty Liquid Liner in Blickity Black


M·A·C Cosmetics Frost Lipstick in CB 96

What do you think of the September spoilers? Which one is your favorite?

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet:

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I just canceled my boxyluxe subscription so I don’t get charged tomorrow. I’ve had it since the first box and I have more products I haven’t used collecting dust and the products that I love have all been available in the boxycharm regular box. I completely believe you can never have too many palette but I do believe that you can have too many mascaras and eyeliners but boxycharm doesn’t feel the same way lol

    • I just did the same and cancelled boxyluxe – I don’t need fillers like eyeliners and lipstick color I won’t use , don’t need a water bottle , curling iron, or another set of brushes . I’m glad I had self control to save items I won’t use and my money . I rather put the money towards Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate 🙂

      • Bravo. I feel the same about other subscription boxes. I am really curious to know if the subscription boxes are profitable on their own or only a marketing ploy partially funded by cosmetic lines to push their products., Please consider publishing (to the website) the backgrounds of how subscription services work. Thanks.

  2. I really hope I get that violet voss palette!

  3. I absolutely love my Boxycharm Deluxe. I especially enjoy trying out all the different skin products I wouldn’t normally just go out and spend the _$$$ for without trying. And that orange lipstick pictured is a beautiful peachy pearl.

  4. Would be really nice to see another spoiler…. they are being stingy.

  5. Too Faced please…

  6. I think I may be in the minority here, but I really do want the water bottle and Spongelle buffer in my Luxe!! I already have sooooo many face palettes that I will never use another one. I never even use the Park Ave palette from the 1st Luxe box. My favorite face palette ever created is my Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Leaders palette! I bought it from Sephora. It’s the darker version of it, and it’s my holy Grail! Anyways, I love Spongelle products and I’m not worried about retail value of my box. I’m worried about if I’m gonna like and use what is sent to me. What’s the point of saying “I got something that cost X amount of dollars, but I’m never gonna use it!!!” Lol I picked the bottle and sponge in the 1st choice so here’s to hoping I get it.

    • I’m with you. I already ordered some items from the company that makes the bottle. Really bored with the same items all the time.

    • Same! I hope I get the water bottle and spongelle!

    • Fruit infusion water bottles are awesome, and so are Spongelles! I already have an infuser bottle but I won’t have a fit if I get this variation. I can always use one at the office.

    • I cancelled my Luxe so glad I did used that money and got Ipsy add ons things I’d actually use . BC Luxe is not worth as you said water bottle , curling iron I have , spongelike have and more palettes have so so many no value in this took my money elsewhere

      From now on just sticking with regular BC nomore Luxe feeling like there trying to be like FFF which I dislike so much

  7. FYI for anyone that misses out… a lot of these products are going to be in Ulta 21 Days of Beauty that starts this weekend. Your obviously almost guaranteed the item but then you aren’t getting it quite as cheap as cheap as Boxycharm even on sale.

    I may grab a Dose liquid lip and the Tarte mascara.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I just got my circular today and checked it again. The too faced natural face palette will be on sale Sept 8 for half off.

  8. I can already tell what I’m going to get. There are a few items I don’t like, I’d rather have the eyeliner vs the orange Mac lipstick that’ll look awful on me – so am expecting the Mac. 😂

    • Always, always expect what you don’t want. Happens to me every. Single. Time..😂😂

  9. I finally gave in and cancelled. Not very excited about the items in this box

    • Same. I cancelled…

  10. If I get the water and spongelle, I’ll be mad. Why not guarantee the VV eyeshadow and1 face palette?

    • Exactly. If they can give s palette in the regular box they should be able to give an eyeshadow palette and face palette in Luxe that is more than twice the price.

  11. Just cancelled my BoxyLuxe, I will keep my regular box. Not worth my time to pay for what I don’t need/want in hopes that I can resell 90% of it.

    • I’m about to do the same thing. I’m only really interested in the too faced palette and the glow recipe serum. It’s not worth the risk and I’d rather save it for IGBP add-ons anyways. I may keep the regular boxy though. Idk

  12. Can anyone tell me if it is difficult to cancel Boxy if you need to? Do you need to call, go o line, or what? Does Boxy have a history of messing up billing, or anything like that?

    • I cancel all the time never had a problem. To cancel you go under account and next under subscription. I believe you have to be on desktop to see all options. If you sub today you would get August and be billed today unless it’s sold out or Boxy has a promo box and then be billed again on the 1st. You have to cancel before the last day of the month to not be charged for the next month. 😊🦄

      • Thanks. That helps a lot!

  13. Canceled. I don’t use highlighters, face palettes, black highlighters, or orange lipsticks. I had planned to get Luxe for the Glow Recipe and it would have paid for the box, but that alone is not enough.

    • I totally agree with you about the water bottle situation! That would REALLY suck to pay 25$ extra and end up with a water bottle. Also I’m a bit worried about face palettes being in 2 variations and hoping they aren’t intending on sending some ppl 2 in the same box and not only that but we just got a tarte face palette in our last boxyluxe! It’s so ridiculous to put ANOTHER tarte face palette in September’s boxyluxe! I don’t get that at all and think it was really boring and lazy of them to give us something we just got..tarte has got themselves into a really bad habit of putting out palette after palette with the same ole drab color stories so if you got 1 of them then you pretty much got them ALL just like the rain forest of the sea palettes. That’s why we keep seeing them pop up in subscription boxes bc they aren’t selling so they are unloading them onto us in our sub boxes. Booooo!!!

  14. I would love any of these palletes. I want to subscribe so badly. There was nothing I really wanted in the August box but if I wait until September I won’t get the new subscriber gift. What to do…..

    • I don’t like the August box either but resubbed today to get the free gift 😆


  16. So I upgraded to get boxyluxe for September, but the same palettes that you might get are the SAME as the regular boxycharm.Even though luxe we will get the Sunday Riley or glowrecipe, which is awesome but their is still a chance that you might get a variation with a waterbottle/sponge instead of a palette!!! I don’t care about getting the brushes or curling iron but hate that they are not both comparable in value(the brushes are cheaper than a Sutra curling wand)…so for an extra 29$ and be luxe I don’t want to get a water bottle when I could of saved that money, got a cheaper boxycharm box and I know I’m getting one of the palettes and no water bottle…the variations have to stop…I’m defined gonna cancel and go with Ipsy ultimate…

  17. I don’t see how the VV palette is comparable to the other 2 palettes. It’s probably worth less than 1/2 of the Too Faced or Tarte.

    • Exactly!!! If I get that I would love to trade with someone for either tarts or the too faced! So if anyone wants the VW and would like to trade if they get the other ones, message me!!

      • Hoping for the VV palette. Would love to trade if I don’t!

      • Cristina, if you don’t get it and i do I’ll trade with u, just dm me if u want on ig @katpenso. Here’s to hoping we both get what we want though!!!

      • I totally agree with you about the water bottle situation! That would REALLY suck to pay 25$ extra and end up with a water bottle. Also I’m a bit worried about face palettes being in 2 variations and hoping they aren’t intending on sending some ppl 2 in the same box and not only that but we just got a tarte face palette in our last boxyluxe! It’s so ridiculous to put ANOTHER tarte face palette in September’s boxyluxe! I don’t get that at all and think it was really boring and lazy of them to give us something we just got..tarte has got themselves into a really bad habit of putting out palette after palette with the same ole drab color stories so if you got 1 of them then you pretty much got them ALL just like the rain forest of the sea palettes. That’s why we keep seeing them pop up in subscription boxes bc they aren’t selling so they are unloading them onto us in our sub boxes. Booooo!!!

      • I’ll trade you if I get the tarte face palette for the VV eyeshadow palette!

      • I would love to trade. I really want the VW. I’ve never done this before so I don’t really know how it works.

    • I think RV is very subjective and people get too hung up on it. I personally find more value in the v.v. because I already have several tarte face palettes from sub boxes that I haven’t touched . I don’t contour and wear minimal highlighter, but do wear eyeshadow. Even though the RV is higher on the other two, I’d get more use out of the v.v., so it’s worth more to me.

      • I completely agree! I honestly have no use for that blah Tarte palette since I would only use it for eyeshadow. The Too Faced one is better, but I would still get MUCH more use from the VV. I’m worried I will get the Tarte or TF though because I chose the brushes instead of the curling iron. There’s such a huge price difference between those two. If they try to make the total RV’s of all boxes closer I imagine that’s how they’ll do it. I didn’t really need either but now I wish I’d picked the curling iron.
        But most important to me is the Sunday Riley Tidal Cream. If I don’t get that I’ll be so upset. Because otherwise given that I dislike most of the variations it will not be worth spending $50 on it. If I don’t get it and I do end up with mostly stuff I don’t need or want I’m for sure going to cancel. Starting in October Ipsy’s letting you pick one product so it (Plus for $25 or Ultimate for $50) will be a much safer economical option.

      • You just reminded me to try the little Tidal sample I got from Ipsy. I get reactions from S.R. products sometimes. If I do have one and you get the pineapple and I get SR I would be down for a swap 🙂

    • I get what you’re saying, but both the Tarte and Too Faced have been on offer at e.g. Ulta for half off in the past few months as well, so I can understand why they are deemed to be equivalent as a variation.

      • Exactly, I bought this toofaced palette from Ulta 30 or 50% off a month ago. It is really nice palette.

    • I prefer eye shadow palettes to face palettes, so I’m hoping to get the Violet Voss palette.

      I also have tried Tarte & Too Faced before, and for me personally, I have found them just okay for the price point. Both of those companies have also been involved in some PR shenanigans, too, so I’m not a huge fan of those brands due to how they promote themselves. (I’ve actually made a conscious decision to not buy any more Too Faced products at this point.)

      On top of that, I have heard some good things about Violet Voss shadows, but I’ve never had the chance to try them out myself. So for me personally, receiving the Violet Voss palette would be a better value.

  18. I hope I get that Violet Voss palette, but the Too Faced one would also be wonderful

  19. I dont like frosted lipstick, i have enough eyeliner and i have enough eyeshadow palettes. also those face palettes dont seem to run dark enough for me as a brown skinned girl. I really wish we could skip a month because month’s spoilers are not appealing at all. Looks like im gonna cancel this month…

  20. Anyone know what the free brushes can be used for that you get for signing up? I need a fondation brush and it may be the push I need LOL
    Thank you 🙂

    • One is a foundation brush, but I use it for masks.

      • Yes I love using a flat foundation brush for masks too! They are perfect 😃

    • The free brushes for signing up are labeled as foundation, precision crease and large eye blending.

    • Paddle brushes are technically “foundation” brushes but aren’t necessarily for blending foundation, more just putting it on lol. That being said, these brushes are incredibly soft and legit awesome. But if you’re thinking about subbing just for a foundation brush, you’ll be disappointed

  21. Not enough to get me to re-sub and if I’m not guaranteed the Too Faced then it’s a loss for me, unless they have something great in the next few spoilers but I doubt it. Last month I re-subbed for the powder only and it’s amazing. Although the rest of the box was a total mess….mascara and black eyeliner and two glittery eyeshadows in silver and magenta. Who wears glittery silver eyeshadow…seriously who?

    • Actually I swapped for the two shadows you mentioned, and wore the magenta yesterday and the silver today with a copper natasha denaona shadow and it looked quite nice. 🙂
      I do agree the powder is awesome, it’s kinda freaky how it’s dry but it feels wet going on, it’s atrip everytime I apply it. lol

      • I’m so glad you said that. I kept rechecking my brush because I though it was wet! But it’s the powder. So wired. But I do like the finish and it looks good.

    • HahhahHhahHaha 100% agree. Faceoil was great tho

    • Hahahahaha I loved the huckleberry and iced vanilla (magenta and silver you mentioned) eye shadows and rocked the hell out of them at a concert. A true silver is an amazing eye liner, inner corner, accent, etc. I was happy to get these two. ☺️

    • I seriously would! And I’d be more than happy to take those beauties off your hands n Rock the hell outta them. I was looking to buy them from one of the BST sites but kept missing them n a lot of people weren’t selling them. If you wanna sell them [email protected]

      • Sorry, I threw them away after I received my box.

      • I’m not saying this in a mean way but people really just throw perfectly good makeup away? I’ve gotten lots of things that weren’t right for me and either give it to friends, sell it or donate it. I couldn’t imagine just throwing it away

      • Same here. I haven’t thrown anything away… I couldn’t imagine… Even if I hate it, lol. I save my “don’t wants” in a box and give them out to people as gifts. Christmas is going to be good to some of my friends and family, lol.

      • Me either! I actually cringed when I read that. And not just mentally. It actually sent a brief wave of pain through my upper body.
        I understand some people have no regard for the environment (although I will never understand why so many of them have children and grandchildren and still don’t care), but what about other people that are less fortunate and would be OVERJOYED to receive some brand new makeup? There are even underfunded theater programs in schools and local communities that would love to have makeup, especially bold colors that show up better from a distance.
        I really wish with all my heart people would stop acting on emotion and tossing out perfectly useful new beauty products, or any other products they get from sub boxes or other sources. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate them! If you don’t want to take them to a shelter or any other place you’d otherwise not go to, put the items in a bag and just leave them somewhere (either with or without a note stating “Free”) like a grocery store or pretty much any public place they’ll likely be found quickly. I used to leave all my unwanted items in my apartment building’s lobby and they’d inevitably be gone hours later at the most.
        I understand the frustration. I’ve been with Boxy for almost half a decade and yet I get what I feel are the worst variations every single month. And given the huge increase in the number of the “bad” products in the past year while we’re forced to see the other amazing variants only a select few subscribers, mainly Influencers and such get, it’s downright maddening. But I just have to keep reminding myself that if I like one or two products and get to bring a little happiness to others with the things I don’t want, ultimately it’s well worth the money I’m spending on the box. That being said, starting in October the less fortunate in my area will be receiving donations strictly from Ipsy versus Ipsy AND Boxy for many reasons, including that I am far less likely to get terrible variations like brown and orange lip colors, pair after pair of fake lashes, and enough highlighters to make everyone in an entire town glow every day for years. 😂

      • I throw stuff away. There are only so many light pink ,mauve grey lipsticks you can get and funky “filler” items. I toss roght into the trash if i dont know anyone that could use them and most of my few friends are sick of the brown lipstick and pinks…and dried out eyeliners and dried out lipliners….they go straight into the trash these days….ans itemsni try a time orntwo and they are bad i toss as well.

      • P.s. some of us dont have places to donate the, too, and the school theater wont take thek in ,y area eben if they are unopened and unused….so once you give to a few friends, and cant donate, what do you do?! I meam, ove got some dried eyeliners, dried lip pencials, even stuff i try once and its junk and i toss it. I have no kids, grandkids, cousins etc etc to pass it too, so in the trash it goes. It is what it is.

    • Me lol. I love glittery/shimmery colors, I’m not really a fan of mattes or nudes.

  22. Yeah, I really wish if nothing else they’d at least let you pick which palette you receive. Maybe email subscribers a month in advance or something. And then if someone joins too late they’d have to just get a random selection.

  23. If I would only guaranteed to get VV palette, I would re-subscribe in a heat beat. However since there OR and OR, I will just get this palette from ebay

    • Oh I didnt even think of ebay! I want the VV too, ot the others. I’ll just goto Ebay then if I dont get the one I want 🙂

      • at the end of September, ebay will be flooded with VV palette.

  24. Will I get August or September if I subscribe today?

    • You’ll get August. I found out the hard way a couple months ago. You’d have to re-sub on September 1st for the Sept box.

    • If you subscribe within the month, you will get that months’s box unless they sold out. August has not sold out yet, so you will get August (with the Becca powder).

  25. 100% resubscribing for September!

  26. I like (and hoping for) the Violet Voss palette!

    • I just got a cute palette Butter London from boxycharm a few weeks ago. That will last me a year, full size and has 6 colors so I dont need any more palettes. I Cancelled boxycharm as alot of items repeat. The Ace eyeshadows from last box I gave away bc again with that Butter London palette I have enough eyeshadow. wish there was more variety with what items we get instead of loads of repeat makeup not brands but types of. Maybe mix some skincare items in.

      • Lol

  27. Am I the only one who thinks BoxyLuxe isn’t worth the extra money? I mean, for me the palettes are one of the hero items, so if they come in the regular box, too..?

    • I’m thinking about cancelling Luxe for next month, my odds are better

    • The SR and Glow exceed the cost of Luxe box. If you don’t care for skincare products, it’s probably not worth it for you.

      • I agree. I’m going to keep Luxe because I got a sample of the Sunday Riley Tidal cream in my Ipsy bag and I have been using it daily and LOVE it. I chose it in that email we got (the one that says they will try to give us one of our choices), but if I end up getting the pineapple serum that would be ok too. But if I wasn’t into skin care/hair care I would probably go with the regular box.

    • I agree… I’ve cancelled my Boxyluxe twice, because the items I really wanted were in the regular box. I seriously want the Violet Voss palette (so I’ll probably get the Tarte palette). LOL It’s whatever… I love makeup so it’s totally worth the money to me, whatever I get.

    • Wow yeah. If I wasn’t already planning on buying the tidal again, I’d go for 2 regular boxys instead

    • Yes I feel the same!! I’m going to write boxy about this, bc if I’m sending the extra money I would think they would offer different palettes with more value than just putting them in both boxes…I could save the extra money and at least I won’t get a water bottle! If anything put the water bottle in the less expensive box!! I’d be happy with luxe if I get two different palettes (plus the skincare item) but if I get a palette and a Water bottle instead of a palette I’m going.g to be upset, I could of saved money and just got regular boxycharm…

      • I agree! What is the point of spending extra money to receive the same pallets?

    • I got the winter luxe and that was enough. I felt a little like it was a bait and switch as I expected to get regular boxy plus extra stuff. At least that’s what their emails seemed to imply, only to find out it was not true. And with the zillion variations, no guarantees on what you will actually get I cancelled. Especially now that Ipsy is letting you pick an item it just makes more sense for me to be guaranteed at least one product I will love. I’m still subbed to regular boxy, but I might be canceling soon.

    • For 2 1/2 yrs nearly every pallete rec’d has immediately went on sale. Palletes have always been in regular box as why I cancelled lux and stay with $21 boxy sub for full size premium beauty items that’s worth it. 😊

    • No. I think its rip off you get nothing special. You are charged 28 but only get 2 or 3 more items are l low end items . Youd be better off having 2 subscriptions for less and get more! I just canceled boxy for the second time. They send repeats quite often…

  28. I like the look of the Two Faced palette.

    • So do I! Which does mean, of course, that I’ll receive one of the others. Heh. Probably the VV, which is the one I’m least likely to use much, if at all. Isn’t that how these things go?

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