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BoxyCharm August 2019 Full Product List!


We have the full spoilers for the August 2019 BoxyCharm!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Each box will include:

Becca Cosmetics Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil

Tarte Big Ego Mascara OR Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

PÜR Pink Glitter Mask OR ACE BEAUTE Shade 7 Iced Latte Glimmer Shadow Duo and Shade 3 Cotton Candy Glimmer Shadow OR ACE BEAUTE Shade 9 Huckleberry Glimmer Shadow Duo and Shade Silver 12 French Vanilla Glimmer Shadow Duo

STEVE LAURANT Lip Liner in Chic OR Vogue OR Uptown

One version of the August 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Source: xoxodaniyell

Another version of the August 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

What do you think of the August spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet:

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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  1. I LOVE my August box! Got the light Becca powder which I’m so excited to try, Peach & Lilly (emailed requesting it and they said yes since I’ve been a loyal subscriber since the beginning), Ace Beaute in vanilla and huckleberry & lip liner in Vogue 🤗 Boxy has never disappointed for me, and their customer service is amazing!

  2. I feel like if all my sub boxes, sephora play has been the most on-point lately, and I almost cancelled them! So grateful I didn’t!

  3. Oh wow! This is the first boxycharm box that i’ve disliked. I don’t use setting powder, I tried the glitter mask and it doesnt come off, another black mascara, face oil? yuk, and to top it off eyelashes that id never use. Big disappointment this time. First time I didn’t peak at what was coming. Darn Boxy! eyelashes? another mascara? No colored mascara ever. I don’t use setting powder and I don’t feel like listing it for sale. Waste of time lately. But maybe.

    • lol can i have your powder?? its amazing!!

  4. Please, if anyone has 2 boxes and gets different variations, could you tell me how to do so?

    I keep getting boxes that are the one variation I can’t/ won’t use and I have 2 subscriptions.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  5. I also got variation 2,with the light Becca powder and the pink & silver Ace shadows. I’m pretty happy with it. I would have preferred the serum to the mascara, but that’s OK. I’ll live, lol.

    I couldn’t resist ripping open the Becca powder to try it right away, even though I already have 2 different setting powders open, & it is weird & wonderful! I can see why it gets mixed reviews. I can see why it might end up looking cakey on textured skin.

    • I would recommend not letting the Becca powder sit once open for too long. I have had it before and let it sit in my stash for a couple of months and when I used it again, it had lost some of that wet cooling effect. Still works fine but if it’s the cooling you enjoy, I’d use it sooner rather than later.

  6. I thought we were supposed to get a lip liner? I got false lashes and a mask I’ll never use. Joy.

    • Same. And lashes was the one thing in preferred beauty tools I *didn’t* select in the beauty quiz. 👏🏼

      • Boxycharm is variant crazy, you never know what you’ll get. Most people got the lashes and mask which were spoilers.
        Also Boxy doesn’t use the beauty quiz. I keep seeing people say I have this or that marked in my quiz, they don’t use it at all! The 2 times they said they would use it for skin tone preferences (cover fx palette and Becca powder) have been massive failures

  7. The lashes look like Lashaholic packaging.

    • The lashes are the Lashaholic brand. I got them in my box.

  8. Is there any way for a person getting 2 boxes to get different variations??

    I’m over 60 years old and I now have two GLITTER PINK BARBIE branded tubes of peel off mask and 2 pairs of false eyelashes to show for my August BC…

    There is something WRONG with whoever’s doing the product selection/ curations ( I can’t really call this jumble ” curation”).

    The absurdity of pairing a Barbie brand pink glitter mask product with grown up fake lashes is astounding.

    Please do better, BC!!

  9. I just got my Boxycharm today, and needless to say I’m very disappointed. I was hoping that the face powder would be the only useless item that I didn’t want, and I was open to trying the face oil. I got the mascara, which will be used (eventually), the peel off mask (which I didn’t want at all), and those dreaded false lashes which I have been hoping to never get as long as I was subscribed to Boxycharm. And I thought my GBP this month was bad.

  10. Got mine today – variation 2 with the Wander facial oil, mascara, brown and pink eye shadow duo, Steve Laurent lip liner in a nice wearable berry and, best of all, the Becca in the original translucent. I’m fair so I was really hoping to avoid the bronze shade. I’d rather have had the Peach & Lily than the mascara but overall I’m happy! I’m so relieved I didn’t get lashes – I’d NEVER use them.

  11. The lashes are Lashaholic luxury lashes I’ve recieved them in a subscription box before

  12. got my box today: #2….Becca Powder.tarte big ego mascara. ace duo in iced latte and cotton candy..wander face oil. and laurant lip in vogue….i’m so happy I did not get lashes and sparkle mask…yea…

    • Was anyone else’s setting powder half full?

  13. I signed up in July using the Glamglow coupon code. I just received my July box without the Glamglow in it. Did anyone else experience this?

    • They send it separately. I haven’t gotten mine yet.

  14. Every time I see an eye shadow try to copy Colourpop in any way it just reminds me that I can buy some of the best shadow ever for $6.

  15. I really wanted the Peach & Lily Serum but instead I got the mascara, face oil, lashes and peel off mask.

    Putting glitter on your face and peeling it off is a huge no for me! That is so bad!

    • I got the same exact items as you. So disappointed!!!

  16. Not a full list. I got mine today with an eyeliner pencil in black by Hollywood in Vine brand. Im quite disappointed with it. Its dry and awful.

    • I also received the eyeliner. Why no lip liner? I keep getting black eyeliners in my beauty boxes. I rarely wear black liner. I wish I could opt out of it. Otherwise happy with my box. For those that aren’t happy about the mascara, I have a trial size of it and love it. It will make your lashes pop.

  17. I received my box yesterday and got variation 11 which had 2 sheet masks in it from haruharu wonder maquiladora berry antioxidant sheet masks, better than the lashes but not what everyone else seems to be getting

  18. This is the first time I actually hated my box. Becca powder is kind of cool but I don’t need another mascara for the rest of my life, a glittery face mask?, face oil that doesn’t seem worth the $42 value and lashes I will never use. Most of this box will be donated.

    • I agree my box really stinks! I understand you can’t make everyone happy but mascara AND lashes …..UGH!!! We get enough primers or like products. I’m almost 40 face oil instead of serum??!! Lashes over hair mask?!!! Come on boxy you can do better!!! REALLY just a crap month. If next month Luxe box doesn’t redeem them… bye bye boxy!!!

  19. I loved my box.

  20. My box weight says 0.620, can anyone guess what I’ll be getting????

    • Mine weighed .6 and I got the Becca powder, wander oil, tarte mascara, eye shadows in the copper and pink shades, and the lip liner in “chic” which is a 90’s brownish shade.

  21. ***PSA**** Lasies I see this all the time in comments and I hate to disappoint you but Boxycharm does NOT go by your profiles or the “quiz” you can take. The said they would go with the skin tone preference with the Cover FX palettes and screwed that up royally. They said they would TRY to do it with the Becca powder this month and from the looks of it screwed up again. Ipsy n Ipsy plus is the main one that even attempts to go by your profile and that you can “opt out” of categories of products. Boxycharm has been saying for almost 2 years they would TRY to START using the profiles but the 2 times they’ve tried with just the skin tone has been a mess.

    • Completely agree! Ipsy’s system is far ftom perfect, but at least I always get the products that match my skin tone.

  22. I hope I do not receive the peel off masks. They are not good for the skin. And suddenly they are in every sub box. I got 2 in my Ipsy glam Bags.

    • I don’t like them either. Glitter is cute for the Instagram crowd but I don’t use social media so…

    • Agreed! It seems like just a few months ago that we got the Wander peel-off mask in Boxy, and I am getting a smaller size of it in my Ipsy regular bag this month. And based on the box weight, I’ll probably be getting this glitter mask, which I definitely don’t want.

  23. I hope to dear god i don’t get the mascara…

  24. I was pleasantly surprised by this box. The face oil felt really light to me. I loved the Ace beauty shadows. The Becca powder actually came in my shade and felt amazing. I liked the mascara (although am well overstocked on mascaras) and actually needed the lip liner!

    • That Ace Beauty palette they sent out last year out performs most of my others and I own quite a few high end palettes. Love that brand!

  25. I loved my August box. I got the powder in original which is my shade as I’m extremely pale. The Wander highlighter which I love,the lashes which are awesome, the Tarte mascara which I can always use more of and the glitter mask. The only thing I won’t use is the glitter mask as I don’t really like peel off masks but my 15 year old niece loves it. I guess I’m just easier to please.

  26. Just no lashes no lashes no lashes please!
    I would hope they don’t duplicate already like they did with the Touch of Sol primer.
    I would prefer not to get the mascara but, won’t be too upset. I’m locked in to an annual till January. Biggest mistake. I can’t even skip.. like when I had no address for almost 2 months. Had to bother a friend to receive the boxes and forward on to me. Don’t like inconvienincing anyone so, gave an extra $50 Just to get last month and this months box.
    I will be never get an annual again unless it’s from Facetory. Best company ever… hands down.

  27. I’m pretty happy with my box even thou I didn’t get the glass serum : ((( I really wanted it the most! I got
    Big ego mascara
    Glow ahead oil-it absorbs right away which is nice ; )
    Becca translucence powder-I love how cooling it feels I think I applied like 50 times on my face lol cuz it’s such a cool and unique feeling product!
    Ace shadows in iced latte and cotton candy. – these are awesome! I love the colors and the application They feel soft without being oily like some other cream eyeshadows

  28. OMG, I’m so mad they sent the wrong shades AGAIN?! Gonna cancel this sub. I have olive skin yet they keep sending the lightest shades of everything. And more mascara. I’m done with them. Now you can’t even review your box, since when?? And why?

    • You can still review. August just isn’t up yet.

  29. I think wander beauty will become the new bella pierre. I’ve not had one thing from them I have liked. I wish they would stop being in every box.

    • I love the highlighter that was in this box. The Wander eye masks are really great too. But I agree that most of their products aren’t great.

    • Wander is good brand. It’s even sells on netaporter. Their mascara is my HG, I loved eye masks and I have tried their lipsticks and formula is real fine!

  30. I got my box today! What?!? Never gotten it this early. I got the pink and gold ace beaute shades and the Steve Laurant liner.

    • Oh and the tarte mascara. Box weight was .60

    • Same here !! I usually get my box on 15-16 of the month !! What a nice surprise !!

  31. Pretty disappointed with my box – I have the tarte mascara when I selected mascara as one of the last items I’d want! Same with eyeshadow…I’ll never use sparkly pink eyeshadow…will most likely go to my daughter as part of her dress up kit…

  32. Anyone interested in swapping their Peach and Lily Serum for the Tarte Big Ego (long shot i know. Seems everyone is getting the mascara) i am still on the waitlist for the swap portion of this site. I would also be willing to trade the Thrive Lash Extensions mascara from Ipsy last month or the Glow Recipe Pink Juice.

  33. Anyone interested in swapping their Peach and Lily Serum for the Tarte Big Ego (long shot i know. Seems everyone is getting the mascara) i am still on the waitlist for the swap portion of this site. I would also be willing to trade the Thrive Lash Extensions mascara from Ipsy last month or the Glow Recipe Pink Juice. Thanks 😊

  34. Total bust for me besides the powder .
    Willing to trade items . My ipsy glam was a bust too . Bad month for me.

    Got the lashes variation box and from ipsy :

    Touch of sol waterful cream
    SUVa drops in trust fund
    Tarte dream big
    Farah brushes show me magic

    From this box:
    Face oil
    And especially this peel off mask

  35. Total bust for me besides the powder .

    Willing to trade items . My ipsy glam was a bust too . Bad month for me.

    Got the lashes variation box and from ipsy :

    Touch of sol waterful cream
    SUVa drops in trust fund
    Tarte dream big
    Farah brushes show me magic

    From this box:
    Face oil
    And especially this peel off mask

    • I would love to trade for your Tarte Dream Big palette. Anything in particular that your looking for? I’m subbed to BC, GB, GBP

      • But I really like skincare, and hair care not a big fan of makeup . Prefer a full size product but will consider 3 minis depending on what it is .

      • Skincare or hair care preferred

  36. For everyone complaining, think of it like this, you are getting a *great* powder almost 50% plus a bunch of other goodies.

    • Yes, this is a healthy way of looking at it. I’m interested in the powder and the face oil, worth the 21 to me and worth it for the pop up sale and the boxy luxe (if I make the cut). Sad I didn’t get the serum, but doesn’t seem like anyone did. The rest will be swapped.

  37. Meh I feel so ungrateful but I don’t like this box.
    Only thing I like is the powder .
    Got the variation with the lashes .
    Hate face oil , sick of mascara , don’t like peel off masks and especially because I’m allergic to the ingredients in this mask , and I don’t even own lash glue so it will probably just sit around. Would’ve preferred the lip liners , the hair mask , or sheet masks that someone mentioned there was a variation of. Anyone up for some trading ? I also have ipsy , which was a bust too. 😫

  38. I only want the serum and possibly the powder

  39. I like my boxy this month! It was the only sub I kept. I skipped all the others as I was underwhelmed. I’ve been wanting to try the Becca powder forever. They seem to listen to my preferences as I got all the neutral shades which is in my profile.

  40. There’s also sheet masks as a variation and Brigeo something or other.

  41. I’m so tired of getting mascaras & on the beauty quiz I put it as the last thing of my preferences. I was so excited and hoping to get the peach and Lily serum, but was of course disappointed

    • I actually took mascara off the list altogether, so it’s not even numbered! So far I have not recieved any mascaras in their variations… but I don’t have August’s box yet. We’ll see.

    • You cannot opt out of products with boxy. So far they have only used profiles for the coverfx skin palette. Even then there was a glitch and some people received the wrong shade variation. Maybe in time they will allow opting out, but for now it’s just luck of the draw

  42. I’ve just received my Boxy and the Becca powder is less than half full. Anyone else noticed this?

    • Something non-liquid is packed by weight, not volume, so the visual is not a reliable indicator. Powder especially tends to settle.

      • That’s all correct but I knew for certain this was very suspicious, it was just a bit in my container.
        I shared my photos and details with BC and will receive a replacement…thank goodness!

      • Mine came today and I actually took a photo, because I thought it was odd. It’s half full at most.

  43. Don’t like this months box, only going to use the powder! I have enough primers and mascaras!

  44. I got the lashes today – they are Lashaholic brand. 🙂

  45. Under the lip liners it says ‘STEVE LAURANT Pink Glitter Mask in Chic OR Vogue OR Uptown’. I just wanted to let you know!

  46. I’m dark skinned and don’t know why I keep getting products for lighter skinned individuals. My profile clearly states that I’m dark skinned…SMH

    • They don’t use profiles. Once they start, I might go back to them. They’ve been saying they are “working on it” for over a year.

      • Yes, I canceled Boxy after getting the completely wrong shade in my Cover Fx palette and haven’t been back. Ipsy GBP isn’t always 100% on the mark either, but you can tell they at least attempt to follow your quiz. I do hope Boxy starts using the quizzes at some point and I may sign up here and there again on a good month.

    • They have said several times on social media that they were using our profiles to determine which shade of the Becca powder to send out this month. I would totally complain to their CS, they need to send you a shade that will actually work with your skin!

  47. This box is perfect for me. A lot of makeup with a little skin care. When I joined boxycharm i was into an all makeup box. Now I like having both skin and makeup. See boxycharm I’ve grown with you!

    • I feel the same way. I’ve been with them for years and I went from wanting all makeup to wanting as much skincare as possible. If memory serves, way back when, they didn’t send out all these crazy variations. I wouldn’t mind if they used our profiles/preferences even a little, but I don’t ever see that year(s) old promise coming to fruition.
      For example, if I get one version of the box my only skincare might be that oil (yuck. Not ever but definitely not at the height of summer.) That’s probably what will happen because I typically don’t get the version I’d prefer. On the other hand, some members will be lucky enough to get 3/5 skincare products (oil, serum, mask), which may disappoint those that still subscribe for the makeup. I’d really just prefer no variations or variations based on profiles. Or even letting us pick at least one product each month. Heck I’d even settle for letting us pick the one we really don’t want to receive.

  48. Worst box I’ve ever gotten

    • Which products did you get? And what version number is it? I’m still waiting on mine and I get #1 almost every time.

      • how do you know what number your box is?

      • Look on your info card that lists the products and descriptions. It should be in the bottom right corner of the card. It will be bottom right of the first card/section if there are multiple fold-out pages. There’s usually a little heart and a number, both in small fonts. So many people posted what they got but no one is sharing which version they received. I haven’t gotten mine yet but I ALWAYS get #1 and I’m dying to know what’s going to be in it. The suspense is killing me! 😄

      • How can u tell before u get the box which one u are getting

      • I got version 2:
        Becca powder, Wander face oil, Tarte mascara, Ace Beaute glimmer shadow in iced latte and cotton candy, and Steve Laurant liner in Chic.

    • I so agree the box I got yesterday was awful. I don’t seldom use mascara and NEVER wear false eyelashes. So I got both falsies and more mascara. Add to that glitter peel-off mask, and I wonder if they mistook me for a 12 year old instead of in my 50s.

      • I dont think that they go by the beauty profile at all. I keep getting the complete opposite of what my profile states. I recieves eyelashes that i wont ever use, setting powder that is to light, a silly juvenile glitter mask and more marlscara, how much mascara does one need?? Boxycharm needs to get more creative, there are so many other items they can put in this box yet they put the same crap month after month. Time to cancel. Going to sign up with Ipsy and give them a shot.

  49. My box shipped Monday, I’m excited! I have my profile set for only skincare, but we’ll see. I’ll be happy regardless of what I get ☺️

    • There is a profile? I think when I first signed up but, I don’t recall if did one recently. I am praying for no more mascara and eyeshadows (two things I love but, I have more than I can humanly use in a lifetime especially since IPSY has been giving me mascara in every single Plus bag and every other month for the regular).

      • Lindsay & am2cents:
        Yes there is a profile but I think it’s in the form of a quiz or something. It’s been a while since I filled it out but it is still on the site. They began promising to use this data to customize our individual boxes for over a year now. The quiz asks your skin/eye/hair color and other “profile” type questions and also which products you prefer to receive in each category (makeup, skincare, hair care, which shades you like best, etc. so what I consider “preferences.”
        It sounds great but truth is they’ve only used it ONE time on ONE product (choice of dark or light skin tone face palettes) and that was an epic fail. So hoping for any of your preferences is futile unless you just luck out. But you definitely won’t ever get only skincare no matter what. They’re primarily a makeup sub so unless they completely change their business model, you’re going to get more makeup than anything else, then some skincare (usually no more than 2/5 products) and sporadically you may get a hair product. So if you REALLY only want all or mostly skincare you’ll probably want to switch to another sub.

      • I was assuming it was more geared toward luxe 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who knows.. I’m aware that it’s a makeup sub, but I like how they have been incorporating more skincare.

      • That’s what I figured about the profiles. I don’t mind the eyeshadows just, wish they were more “bolder”. The soft and nude colors don’t work against my skin tone. One makeup item that I never used until I got from Boxy was primers. I used to be anti-primers and now, well I am so excited to see them. On a side note, I do wish they sent other mascaras than black. I would die for a blue or purple mascara.

    • Lol Boxycharm is primarily a makeup box not a skin care box. They don’t use the profiles at all. You absolutely will not get just skincare.

      • So funny… just being optimistic. Like I said I’d be happy with whatever.

  50. I don’t think this is the full product list – some girls received Lashes and I received a Briogeo Leave-in Hair Mask.

    • I forgot about the lashes, I’d love to receive the hair mask!

    • I am getting the lashes based on the package tracking link and I am getting the big ego mascara!

      • May I ask how you can tell by the package tracking link? I’d love to know.

      • I think packages shipped to Canada have to include an item description. That’s what l have gathered from Reddit.

      • When you click on the tracking link they send you by email, you’ll see “description”. Besides that, you’ll see the name of 1 of the products you’ll get.

      • Thanks!

      • I would also love to know! I think you can also calculate the weight by the box dimensions mine are 8x5x2 if anyone can tell me my weight that would be great!

      • The weight of your box should be right above the dimensions when you click on travel history and click shipment facts. Its right under reference and above dimensions and my dimensions are the same as yours I believe and my weight is 0.08 lbs I’m praying I don’t get that ridiculous pur glitter mask. Who the hell wants glitter in a peel off mask. It sounds like a good gift for a teenaged girl. Either way it’ll be fine ill just gift it to a friends a kid or something.

      • My package weight says .7lbs and the dimensions are 6x4x2in. Does anyone know which box I will be getting?

      • My box was 8×5×2 and weighed 0.6 Ibs, I got the Becca Powder, Tarte mascara, Wander Beaity oil, Ace Beaute shadows in Iced Latte and Cotton Candy, and the Steve Laurant lip liner in Vogue. Hope that helps!

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