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Birchbox September 2019 – Sample Choice + Curated Boxes Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the September 2019 Birchbox! This month includes four curated box options and you also have the option of swapping out for a full-size product or points.

While supplies last, use coupon code FREEPALETTE to get a FREE ColourPop Highlighter Palette with your first month of a Birchbox subscription!

Here are the sample choice options for September:

  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil
  • Eyeko Lash Alert! Mascara
  • R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam

Here is September 2019 Curated Box #1:

  • Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara
  • COOLA® Dawn Patrol™ Classic Primer SPF 30
  • Marcelle Micellar Water
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream
  • Lancôme Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss
  • Living proof.® Full Dry Volume Blast™

September 2019 Curated Box #2:

  • EXO Supply Co. Pure Remover Wipes
  • Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer – Glass Souls
  • Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum
  • Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream
  • amika 3D Volume and Thickening Shampoo
  • amika 3D Volume and Thickening Conditioner

September 2019 Curated Box #3:

  • Snow Fox Herbal Youth Collagen Boosting Mask
  • Naturally Serious Major Moisture Gentle Cream Cleanser
  • Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
  • The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream
  • HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse® Supplements
  • Davines MOMO Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Davines MOMO Moisturizing Conditioner

September 2019 Curated Box #4:

  • M·A·C Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil
  • Wilma Schumann Skin Care Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads
  • amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask
  • My Clarins RE-MOVE Purifying Cleansing Gel
  • thisworks® deep sleep™ pillow spray
  • Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge

This month you also have the option to swap the curated boxes and sample choice a full-size product:

taste Rainforest of the Sea H2O Gloss in Sandy Toes

Or, Swaps for Points:

In place of your September box get Loyalty Points to redeem like cash in our Shop on anything, (including gift subscriptions!)

If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox sample choice, each month subscribers get to pick one of the samples in their box, pick a completely revealed curated box for that month, or swap it. (Alternatively, you can pick nothing and get a complete surprise.)

What do you think of the spoilers for the September 2019 Birchbox? Are you going to pick a sample, one of the curated boxes, or swap it for a product?

Birchbox is $15 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!


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Comments (58)

  1. I chose box #1 because I needed more Coola Dawn Patrol Primer and because most of the samples look to be much larger than the other boxes and I will use all 6 of them. I’m excited to try the Lancôme Juicy Tube, the Marcelle Micellar Water and the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.

    If the Smith and Cult nail polish had been a solid color and not glitter I would’ve chosen box #2 just for that but I didn’t want the silver glitter.

  2. If I opt for the loyalty points, does anyone know how soon those points would be available to use?

    • Nevermind. I went to the website & answered my own question, lol

  3. First or last curated…decisions decisions

  4. I resubscribed when they jumped up the price (so I got a deal).I don’t want to be negative,but I think they are reissuing a lot of their old stock. I’ve gotten sooo many repeats since the change that it is ridiculous. I subscribed to try new products ,and while they do offer some new ones ,I’ve noticed an abundance of the old. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cancel when my subscription ends. Conversely, Ipsy seems to kill it every month. I subscribed to an annual subscription with them today (although I’ve been getting it monthly for the last couple of years. What do you think. Is Birchbox reissuing a lot of older products (or is it just me)?

    • Lots of repeats for me as well. I’ve been subbed for 6 years, and I’m probably going to cancel after the holidays. I’ve been swapping my box for points, and I plan on using the points for Black Friday.

      They’ve doubled the prices for their curated kits, too. I used to buy them all the time, but not anymore.

    • YES – they’re reissuing a LOT of older products! I think each box seems to contain 1-2 new products, while everything else is a repeat.

      My annual Aces subscription came up for renewal the same month they announced their so called sweeping changes, with promises of new brands. So I renewed, hoping for change. So I made the mistake of re-subscribing. Now I’m kicking myself. I wanted to cancel before the changes, and now I feel STUCK!!!

      This is another month I’ll be renewing for points. Not one single box is interesting enough for me to chose it. If I could cherry-pick items from boxes, I could create one I’d like, but as is – there’s nothing there for me.

  5. R+Co Thickening products work wonders on my medium-fine hair. I have several other R+Co products in rotation; I can’t say enough about how great this line is for me. Looking forward to trying this foam.

  6. I think I’ll choose box 1 or 2 or the Sunday Riley oil. Not sure yet because I want to get the best products out of September since I just signed up for Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate and will prob have to cancel Birchbox in October. Box 3 looks interesting too. I’m glad they each have 6 products this time

  7. I like box #2. The sample choices aren’t really singing to me.

  8. So when exactly are we able to make our choices? And is there a certain time in the morning it seems to go live or do you guys just check a bunch throughout the day? I seem to keep missing it every month and my choice is gone lol. I want to get that lipgloss this time!

    • The email I got today said that sample choice is the 26th for Aces and the 27th for everyone else. It didn’t specify a time though, but I usually check around 6am PST and sample pick is already open. 🙂

      • Than when I usually check too or maybe a little earlier. Around that time is usually good because not everything is sold out yet so I normally get the curated box i want

      • Luna..are you going to sign up for the ultimate ipsy glam bag.? do you think its going to be worth 50.00..or do you think boxyluxe is better…thanks tammy g.

      • Hi Tammy!
        Yes, I’d like to try it out so I signed up. I’ll give it a run for 2 or 3 months to see how it compares to regular Ipsy, but primarily IGBP. If it feels like all I’m getting is two Ipsy bags and two IGBPs (which I don’t want) then I’ll cancel Ultimate since keeping my bag & IGBP would be cheaper, and I can live without the extra products. lol $50/month is steep, and if I’m going to sub to a box for that price (especially a monthly box) there has to be something “special” about it to me… like new, unique, & fun products I can’t get in other boxes as well as a fun or unique experience. In a way I’m hoping that Ipsy will include products that are only exclusive to Ultimate, because if they include products that are eventually included in IGBP or regular Ipsy, then I probably wouldn’t see the point in keeping it.

        Hmmm, that’s a tough question re Ipsy Ultimate vs Boxy Luxe since I haven’t experienced Ultimate yet. I really do love the Boxy Luxe’s I’ve received so far (even though I’ve never had a box where I kept everything), but Ipsy has the add-ons which is super appealing, plus they seem to try to include products that match my profile (for the most part) which I don’t even think Boxy Luxe does. It’s also tough to compare them since one is monthly and one is quarterly (although it sounds like Ipsy is giving the option to skip months, so maybe one could make it quarterly?). If I could sub quarterly by skipping months and putting it on a more level playing field with Boxy Luxe, then I *think* I would lean toward Ipsy Ultimate more due to the add-ons, choice selection, flash sales after making the choice selection (assuming they’re going to still do those), and they seem to match my profile a lot better than Boxy Luxe.

        What are your thoughts on it? 🙂

      • Hey Luna…I was just thinking how 50.00 a month was very high on maybe products that half I may like and half I may not like…I haven’t tried boxyluxe yet..i just don’t know..i mean I already have allure, beautyfix, ipsy (2) ipsy plus (2) and I joined qvc TILI box last month..and I have boxycharm too…I guess I could cut out a couple, but I would like to see what ipsy is sending out first in the ultimate..these boxes are really adding up in money…just wondering also do you know how big the boxyluxe box is , just to see if it fits in my mailbox..also let me know how big the ipsy ultimate box is if you can…thanks a lot luna…love tammy

      • Hi Tammy, ya these boxes sure do add up, and FAST! $50 is a lot of money to gamble with so I don’t blame you for waiting to see what the boxes will be like and to also hear about others experiences with Ipsy Ultimate.

        I’m not sure exactly how big the Boxy Luxe box is (I believe dimensions are posted in the shipping emails, but I’ve long since deleted mine from June’s box), but I’d say it’s at least 2x the size of the regular Boxy Charm box. I feel like I have a standard size mail box (that’s attached to my house) that would probably fit Boxy Charm’s box, but definitely not the Boxy Luxe box. I’ll try to remember to come back to this post when Boxy Luxe & Ipsy Ultimate ship so I can post the dimensions of the boxes. 🙂

      • Great, thanks Luna! I am determined to not miss it thing time 🙂

      • Yay! The only reason I don’t miss it is because I start work at 6am and the first thing I do is “admin” stuff like check emails and MSA 😉 However, chances are good I may be a bit late this month on choosing my sample since I’ll be on vacation next week, so chances are good I’ll be getting my beauty sleep at 6am. 😉

  9. I swapped for points the last 2 months. I wanted a curated box 2 months ago but it was sold out when I went to choose (and it was in the morning). This month I’m going to try for the Tarte gloss, and if it’s gone I’ll try for the Sunday Riley oil, and if both are gone I’ll swap for points again.

  10. I love box #2 and the option of swapping for points.

  11. Would love the SR. Buy I’m going for box 2 for the full size S&C polish.

  12. If I swap for points, how many points do I get? Does anyone know?

    Unreal how none of it appeals to me. I’m typically not that picky.

    • Last time for me it was around 8 dollars. I think it varies depending on how much you paid for your sub.

      • Thank you Jackie! I will swap for points.

  13. Maybe it’s just me. I just don’t care for any of these boxes. I have a year long sub. and just not that fun for me. I always let them pick but nothing really exciting.

  14. Please tell me that this means that Juicy Tubes are back!

  15. I would totally get box #2 for the polish alone, but I’m not into glitter polishes anymore, so I’m sadly going to pass on it. I’ll be going for the Sunday Riley glow oil. Even though I already have one or two of the .5oz bottles plus at least one other sample, I just can’t say no when I have an opportunity to get a SR product in a box. lol This will be my first sample pick I think this whole year as I’ve been choosing curated boxes since re-starting my sub, so it’ll be fun to see what else they choose for me.

    • As usual, I’m right there with you, Luna. For the longest time I loved glitter polishes. Or any kind of textured polish. I used to do each of my nails differently but all with certain colors and textures that coordinated. I really enjoyed spending hours on my designs but I live a much simpler nail care life these days. I’m lucky to have any polish on at all, although I do faithfully apply cuticle treatments and nail strengthener as part of my nightly skincare routine.
      Plus I feel a bit silly with the glitter at my age. Well, on my fingernails anyway. I still do “fancy” pedicures sometimes where I paint all toes the same color but then use a coordinating glitter or texture topcoat on my big toe. But I still have plenty of that stuff to last me until I start keeping my toes super simple too. Some glitter polish is more subtle but I happen to own that Smith & Cult one from getting it in another sub box of course (can’t remember which) and the glitter is very large/chunky. I probably wouldn’t even use it for a pedicure because it’s so flashy.

      I don’t know about you, but I just don’t feel like Birchbox has lived up to their promises as far as upgrading the boxes to justify the 50% increase in price. The first few months were decent but after seeing what they’re offering lately I’m glad I opted not to renew my subscription. There are just too many other boxes with much better values and products out there now.

      Speaking of their competition…did you get an email from Ipsy about their upcoming changes to the monthly subs? I was thrilled when I read mine early this morning. However, I have two accounts and I only got an email for one of them so they must be sending them out in batches.
      ***So hey everyone, don’t panic if you’re reading this and haven’t gotten one!*** 😄

      • Hi Dani!
        I still love to wear textured & shimmery polishes, but I just can’t do the chunky glitter polishes anymore. Not only are they a bit of a pain for me to apply (if I apply the polish like normal sometimes I’ll hardly get any glitter to stick at all or they’ll bunch up on one part of my nail; I never could get it to apply evenly unless I dabbed it on… which would then apply too much polish to each nail), but I loathe trying to take it off too. lol I prefer natural polish removers since they’re so much more gentle on my nails, but yet just as effective as conventional removers (most times), but with the chunky glitter polishes, I’d have to use conventional removers and they seriously dry out and scratch up my nails which I don’t like.

        Ya, I agree that Birchbox doesn’t feel any different despite their price increase. That’s too bad. I don’t quite understand their new philosophy/model that it’s no longer a beauty box and is geared toward those that aren’t into beauty or trying the newest launches, since this IS a beauty box. lol But I’m thinking that’s why there hasn’t been any really “exciting” products lately…. they’re trying to introduce non-beauty addicts to “cult classics” that they haven’t been exposed to before. But then again, I don’t see a non-beauty addict or someone who’s not interested in beauty subbing to a box of beauty products anyways. Once my annual is over I think the only thing to get me to re-subscribe is a good discount or if I feel the “need” to keep my Ace status next year. lol I mean, overall I’ve been enjoying my boxes and feel like I’m getting what I’m paying for, but it would have been nice if they had started to include different brands than before and “better” products (i.e. new launches) in the boxes after the price increase.

        I didn’t get an email for the new Ipsy box, but I did get a pop up screen when I went into my account today. I’m pretty excited about the change, but unless it feels sooo much better than regular Ipsy & IGBP, I only see myself being subbed for 2 or 3 boxes. For $50/month, I’d like to receive unique or newly launched products plus the “experience” of the box needs to feel unique or more fun too. I just hope it doesn’t feel like a mish-mash of regular Ipsy & Ipsy+.

      • On the rare occasions I still use a textured polish or glitter (usually my toes for the glitter) I have SO much trouble getting it off. I used to have fabulous natural nails that were very strong and grew quickly. They could take a fair amount of abuse. Unfortunately between all my health issues and the aging process, just like my hair, my nails are now very fragile and as soon as I get a little growth they start breaking or peeling. So now I can’t use my old method of removing glitter/tough polish. I used to take a big cotton ball, dip it in remover, cut it into smaller pieces, place a piece on each nail, then wrap scotch tape around it. I’d let my nails “soak” for 15-20 minutes and that made it fairly easy to remove the thick/chunky glitter stuff. I still use this method on my toenails because for whatever reason they are still very strong and grow super fast. What a blessing! 😄

        I may be misunderstanding you but I got the impression you’re going to try the new “Ipsy Ultimate?” That’s not what I was excited about. I’m sticking with one $10 (well $12 now) bag and the $25 Plus. What excited me is that we now get to choose one product for each sub and we can purchase up to 10 add-ons. The “Ultimate” option doesn’t appeal to me because, 1.) I definitely don’t need eight full sizes in addition to the other full and travel sizes I get from other subs and regular beauty store shopping. And if I wanted that many I think it makes much more sense to just get two Ipsy Plus subs and get 10 full size products and just add on any travel/sample sizes or add a regular sub. It would be $12 more but I think you’d get a better value. And 2.) There are some months they don’t even have eight items I need or want. Heck sometimes there aren’t even five that truly interest me.

        Now if things change and they start featuring LOTS more products every month, especially cruelty-free, clean beauty brands I might reconsider. But at this point I plan to just have one small bag and one Plus. Currently I have two accounts with one of each but that was only for months they had something I desperately wanted and needed to increase my odds. For example, I REALLY want, no NEED, that Murad serum this month. You may recall me mentioning my terrible sun spots and I’ve heard people say that stuff not only works but starts working almost immediately. If the new policy of picking one item was starting in September I would be overjoyed that I would only need to order one Plus bag. But since it doesn’t start until October I’m hoping between the two Plus bags I’ll get at least one bottle. I’ve seen many comments where people are hoping to grab it as an add-on if they don’t get it. Call me a pessimist but I just don’t think they’re going to offer a $70 (or around that much I believe) Murad product for $12.
        I’m happy about the changes so I won’t have to double up again since we’ll get to pick one product. They sometimes have a few I’m really interested in but usually there’s only one I feel I MUST have.

        So did I understand you correctly? Are you giving the Ultimate option a shot in October?

      • Yes, I’ll be giving Ipsy Ultimate a shot 🙂 When I read your comment (I just re-read it too) I assumed you were excited about Ipsy Ultimate. I think in my excitement for Ipsy Ultimate, I totally forgot about the changes to the other bags for a sec. Sorry! 😀

      • Dani, I had to respond re your comment about aging, hair loss/thinning/ and nails. One key is to take a Biotin 10,000 each day. You will be amazed at the difference in your hair and nail strength and rapid growth. Also, as we age, iron depletes (especially during pre- and menopause.) Get a blood count and check your iron saturation and most important of all, your Ferritin level (that is your iron store). Ferritin must be in the 100 range to properly grow hair. Most women aren’t even close, even younger women. Most doctors don’t have a clue to the Ferritin/hair connection. They may tell you that your Ferritin is in ‘normal’ range; however, if it’s not in the 99-100, your hair will continue to thin/fall out, get coarser, and not grow. Hope this helps. I went through heck and had to do all my own research to learn how to regrow my hair. I’m almost 60 and my hair is back to waist length again! I had lost almost half of it and cut it much shorter pre-menopause. Good luck!

  16. Are there going to be any postings about the Ipsy Glam bag Ultimate today??

    • Hi Katy! I cant wait to see the chaois that is certain to ensue once Liz posts the ultimate info! lol Plus regular Ipsy is going up a few bucks so people are gonna lose their minds! hehe

      BTW- I signed up for the ultimate already! 😀

      • I signed up too! The FOMO is real! lol From a lot of the comments that I read, most people don’t seem to mind the $2 increase in the bag… but then again, I find that MSA comments tend to have a different tone than most other places I read, so you’re probably right. lol

      • Thanks for the head’s up ladies! I just immediately signed up too. LOL. But does anyone know if there are likely to be repeats between Plus and Ultimate? Or if the bag is going to be the same between the regular and Ultimate? I couldn’t find that info in the FAQ. I figured I’d keep all 3 of my subs for now (ugh) until I get more info or a better idea of how it is going to work. Just wondering if you’ve heard any more details….

      • I’m really curious about the potential of overlap too! That’s one of the reasons why I thought I’d try it out to see if we’ll be getting different products between the bags. I saw that they’ll start to include a bag in IGBP valued at $8, so I was also curious to see if the bag they include will be the same bag as regular Ipsy (which I could see being valued at $8).

      • I was just catching up on the other comments below and saw the mention of adding a bag back to Plus too. Wow! So many changes. I can’t wait to see how it all sorts out. Maybe Ultimate will just be a way to combine GB with GBP since it seems a lot of people have both. I gave up my GB for quite a few months but just re-added it last month. I have no self control….LOL.

      • I was thinking the same thing about Ipsy Ultimate possibly being a way to mash regular Ipsy & Ipsy+ together, and I’m trying to decide if the extra $15 would be worth it. For the extra $15, you would get two more full-size products and switch out a deluxe sample for a full-size. Value-wise it seems like it’s there as the product breakdown for the additional $15 would be a little over $5 (taking into account the difference for the switch from deluxe to full-size), which I have no doubt the additional full size products would exceed at least three-fold, but most likely more. Gosh, I think I may have just talked myself into keeping Ultimate and maybe getting rid of the other two. lol! but only time will tell 🙂

      • I signed up right away. Lol. I’ve been spending more than $50 a month on Ipsy lately anyway due to add ons so it was an easy choice for me. Having the Ultimate sub may end up saving me money as along as I can stay out of the add ons.

      • I signed up immediately too, I didn’t want to miss out since it said spots were limited (fomo is real lol)! I didn’t get the email yet but I check the Ipsy app every morning to see if there is a flash sale and to check the daily shopper deals so I saw the glam bag Ultimate option early. I’m really excited about the glam bag Ultimate. I’m keeping my regular glam bag as well for now. I can’t wait until October!

    • I bet they’re working on it 🙂 With all of the upcoming new changes in general to Ipsy & IGBP (well, just the inclusion of a bag for IGBP), and now with Ipsy Ultimate there’s a lot to cover! lol I can’t wait to see all of the new changes take effect!

      • Luna!! HI!! I miss you! I could use your advice on soo many things and I just love all the information you still find for everyone! lol

        Yeah, their business moidel suddenly just changed like majorly. If I keep my THREE ipsy’s that’s a minimum of $87 a month from one person. Plus the option for TEN addons!!??!!

        I wonder if they will keep it small at first or just sign eveyrone and their mother up for it.

      • Hi Carey! I just replied to your comment in my long-winded way, but I forgot to enter my name when I submitted it, so it all disappeared 🙁
        Short version (believe it or not…lol):
        I miss you too! (assuming you’re the person who went by “Carey” on the forum. lol). I miss the good times we all had on the forum 🙂
        Ya, getting three Ipsy boxes feels like a bit much (even for me! lol), but I just gotta know what it’s all about, and especially compare it to IGBP. After 2 or 3 months, I’ll make my decision on what I want to keep. Shooo… I may just keep all three if I love it enough!
        I love the option of 10 add-ons too! I usually struggle to find 6 add-ons I want between my Ipsy & IGBP, but it’s still awesome to have that option!

    • I was thinking the same thing😄. Can’t wait for Liz post about it and read what others think of the changes🙊🙈🙉

    • I already signed up as well! 🙂

    • I was thinking of the same thing 🤔

  17. If I resubscribe can I choose from the curated boxes?

    • Yes

  18. I’m not usually one to gush over the box designs, but this one is super cute!

    • Came here to say the same! It’s just adorable. I really like the Birchbox boxes.

      I think I’m going with the box with Coola and Living Proof, it’s not exciting stuff, but I’ll use all of it.

  19. I would be happy with boxes 1,2 or 4. I’m leaning toward # 2 for the Smith and Cult polish- I’ve got a little collection of it going and would happily add to it. But none of this choices look bad to me. Looks like a good month.

  20. I like boxes #2 and 3, the nail polish and the Davines shampoo are both good.

    • # 2 for sure
      Birchbox bring back the slide out box .
      Super cute and so useable !!!!! Every month be nice live the tassle ….

  21. And the box is cute too 🙂

  22. I like the polish 🙂

  23. Yikes.

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