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Limited Edition J-Beauty + K-Beauty Allure Beauty Box Available Now

Allure Beauty Box September 2019 FULL Spoilers + Coupon

We have FULL spoilers for the September Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The September Allure Beauty Box will include:

*New subscribers will receive a gift with subscription. This lists a mini Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb as the gift but check this link to see which new member gift is currently active. Right now, it’s Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum.

What do you think of the September spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the August Box.




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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (65)

  1. Does anyone want to trade the ciate dewy stix or the Nars liner for the Laura Mercier powder? Click to email me!!

  2. September is meh to me. Nothing exciting and I actually liked the plastic envelope with the snaps. Used them for receipts, pens, etc… Looks like they are taking a que from Macy’s box and the wrong que.

    Let’s see if they come back for October…

  3. I signed up for this mainly for the flowebomb perfume,I love that stuff!

      • I’m not sure,I know it’s a mini but I know it’s larger than a carded sample lol,I love flowerbomb but I have never been able to fit it in the budget.


  4. I’m expecting th August box from Amazon (I have a delivery date ranging from tomorrow to the end of next week).

    I’m thinking that if I get a don’t get a decent color I might use the discount code on the website. There’s a set of 5 minis that mostly look nice and $25.

  5. I totally love my August box. I got the lipstick from Cargo in the Palm Beach shade which looked very coral in the tube but it’s more of a pretty coral- pink on me when applied.

    I think they’re doing a great job and I’m looking forward to the upcoming boxes. 🙂

    • I got the same shade (palm beach) and absolutely love it! It looks better on than I thought it would! I loved my August box as well!

  6. I don’t agree with a lot of the comments about the quality of August’s box. I absolutely loved mine. lol I must be the only person getting the Allure Beauty Box that got a decent lip color. Matter of fact it’s stunning. The shade is called Paris, a gorgeous deep red. I love it! Anyway, good job on the August box (n my case lol) Allure.

    • I loved my August box too, I got the palm beach cargo lipstick which is very pink but I love it and it looks amazing especially with a darker pink lipgloss on top. I loved the full size eye cream the most, I’ve been using it daily and it’s amazing! I also love the eye masks, they were super moisturizing! I was 95% happy with this box with is pretty good for a subscription box.

      • Definitely. You’ll get a few duds, but most of the products you get in an Allure box are pretty dang amazing. And at a $15 price point…Come on now y’all, you can’t beat the value or the quality.

    • I agree with you. I love my August box. I get two. The lip color is gorgeous red. I love allure. They always come through.

    • I ended up buying Paris using the discount and, you’re right it’s very nice.

  7. I just got my August box and another unwearable lipstick. I got the color Kyoto, which is a horrendous bubblegum type pink (the swatches online are NOT accurate), I don’t even think liner can save it. I didn’t even get the ABH lipstick, then the warm toned Huda (also unflattering for me), now this pink abomination. I’ve liked the past few months so I guess I was due for a dud, but what a bummer to see the pretty fall colors that other people got.

    • I had to laugh at your description of your lippie color – it sounds like mine. I got Palm Beach, which is almost a neon pink on me. I can maybe see it if I’m doing some kind of retro Pop Art look. Or maybe not. I loved the rest of the box though, especially the eye cream.

    • Oh, trust me, mine was worse. Lol! I got Punta Cana and it’s the brightest hot pink I have ever seen. I’m a little disappointed, because it’s a product I actually wanted to try, but I’m used to getting stuck with the most unwearable shade for me. I’m going to gift this to one of my friends with darker skin that it will look great on. I personally just can’t.😅

      • I went to their website to checkout all the shades they have available in this lipstick and there isn’t one that I would ever wear. Maybe in my clubbing days??? I got Sedona, and by the shades name, I expected more of a desert/fall type or an orange-red. Holy Moly! It’s bright! I’m not putting anybody down who likes it or wears it. If you can rock it, rock it! For me, it would just make me look ill.
        They are bringing back a lot of “our” fashion in clothing, hair and makeup. My teenager has on high waisted jeans, a cropped t-shirt & hightop nikes. I’ve seen the mullet coming back too! Next thing will be spiral perms! 😂

      • Oooh mullets MUST MUST MUST stay gone….omg friends dont let friends bussiness in thefront, party in the back…hahaha

    • I got Kyoto too. It looked like maybe a wearable soft pink in the tube but I tried it on and yeah, it’s bubblegum, and now I can’t even donate it. Oh well.

  8. I am MORE THAN HAPPY to send you my reds and get your nudes!! I have a bunch, most not even swatched, that I’d be totally willing to trade! If you’re interested, lmk.

  9. I actually got the cargo lipstick in the
    ‘ bombay’ color and I love it ! I can’t believe I lucked out and finally got a wearable color

  10. Ugh…Yes and No. I have no use for eczema cream, don’t need the glow stick or the scrub, and the NARS color won’t work for me which would pretty much guarantee I’ll get it. I actually want the powder since I’ve never tried it. So…do I take a box that may or may not have the one item that excites me. The hero item for me is the flower bomb and that’s the new sub gift. I think I’m going to have to cancel September unless they want to offer me the perfume to stay. IMO, it should have been a part of the box to begin with and in the past it would have!

  11. No, thank you.

  12. How do we pause an allure bag?

    • Your best bet is to call them. But be very specific about how long you intend to pause or skip or they will simply deactivate your account. Make sure you get the persons name and if they give you a hard time, hang up and call back. 1-800-274-1603

    • I emailed allure customer service yesterday, asking to please skip September, and I received a reply this morning that my sub will resume in October. Its very easy and I have done it at least 5 times with no problems.

  13. I’m stoked! I am most excited for the Ciate highlighter stick!

  14. The only items I would want are the shampoo & conditioner but no sizes are listed. I can drive 1 miles to a beauty supply store and spend the same amount as the allure box for the full size products I use. So, this is an easy pass for me. I really am becoming an every other month subscriber to allure. Lol! I probably would be a consistent subscriber but since they don’t offer me anything to stay loyal…

  15. If Amazon subscribers get the Laura Mercier variant, I might pick one up.

  16. I hate seeing the word OR in the description of a box I feel like I always get the one thing I don’t won’t.

  17. I’m going to sit out September. I’m trying to be more selective… we’ll see how that goes 😂

    • Same! I skipped November & July. I am almost certain I am also skipping September.

    • Lol! Same here 😉 So far I’m doing good with Allure by skipping this month’s & next month’s boxes since nothing’s really wowing me. But I’m already looking forward to seeing what October’s box brings!!!

  18. So happy i cancelled September

  19. I loved this month’s box but to me, the September box looks a bit MEH. I adore Allure, but September…not so much. Heck, it’s the luck of the draw and every so often all sub boxes have an off month (or four).😉

  20. I canceled in August & after seeing September IM psyched I DID cancel. Same O Same O. Hopefully October will look decent enough to want to order again

  21. I am not a fan of small foils for shampoo/conditioner samples. I can’t tell at all if it’s good or not on my length of hair, so it’s a wasted item for me. And I don’t need my 52nd highlighter lol. (I’m not attacking highlighters! Don’t kill me lol!!) SO…it’s a ‘meh’ box this time.

    Still better than the eye lashes and orange-red Huda lipstick I’ll never use, lol! : )

    • Based on my experience, Allure usually tries to send travel sizes.

      I agree on foil packs. Never enough conditioner for us long hair types, but usually enough to tell if I like the shampoo.

  22. Personally, I would like them to stop sending warm red lip products. As it’s impossible to swap red lipstick (because almost no one wants it), I’ve started trying them in the hope that I would find one that works on my pallid complexion (I’d love to know how many others threw that revolting-colored orange red HUDA lippy straight in the trash after trying it on). I’ll try the lippies in this box, but that Cargo product looks like a travesty that the couldn’t sell. Thankfully, I live for skincare, so I’ll use all of that. I wish LA Ritzy would just go away…their box used to have good brands, then LA Ritzy decided to make their own crappy brand and forcing them down subscriber’s throats (and they made it impossible to unsubscribe).

    • I received the Cargo lippie in a hot pink that doesn’t look good on ANY skin tone. Great for accessories such as a purse, bracelet, or scarf, but not on your face. Oh well – I get these boxes for experimentation. No complaints here.

      • Dea, I liked the color…as did my other half. Hey in the end, it’s all just so subjective. What looks good on you might look wretched on me and visa versa. I=The color was a bit our of my comfort zone and I like that push every now and then. It keeps things interesting…

      • I got that pink too and love it. It’s not really fair when people say a lip color or any makeup product doesn’t look good on any skin tone like that’s a fact when in reality that is just their opinion. I would have never picked that hot pink lip color out but I’m so glad I got it in my box because I ended up absolutely loving it and my husband loves it on me! That’s why I love sub boxes because they introduce me to products I never would’ve thought to try but 9 times out of 10 end up loving .

    • I was told (unverified) that a reddit thread said that Cargo line is being discontinued. If that’s true, it would explain seeing it in our box!

      Even if that’s not true, any time I see ‘shades will vary’ on the sub box item, but all we see are the same 2 or 3, I have to wonder if the company isn’t dumping unpopular colors it hasn’t been able to sell.

      • I think you hit the one spot on! Allure might need to change their name to Oldies Beauty Box because mostly, what I see is not much new. Already seen most of this stuff make the rounds in other subs

      • It makes perfect sense for the companies to dump colors that haven’t sold to Allure or to any sub box for that matter for cheap. That’s how we are ending up with these ugly reds and let’s not forget that Anastasia dead color back in the spring. Nobody would buy them

      • That would explain BoxyCharm. I would get pretty much get only brown/beige/nudes that I couldn’t use.

    • Rose, actually, I liked both the HUDA abd the CARGO lippies, BUT you need to fuss with them a bit. I always use a lip liner with them otherwise they look a bit messy, but with a liner and a bit of blotting and touch of gloss, both of them are really pretty with my summer tan. I hope you didn’t throw yours out because the formula is really nice and maybe all you need to do is a bit of blotting to get the look you like. Couldn’t hurt, yes?

      • Actually with red a warm orange red will not look good on someone who needs a cool “blue red”. I gifted mine -looks fantastic on her-made me look like I’m trying to wear makeup for the first time! (I’m 50-and a lipstick junkie) 🙂

      • Right? No amount of blotting and lip gloss is going to change a warm toned red to a cool toned red and people who can’t wear warm tones, really can’t wear them. They look beyond horrible on certain skin tones. I’m one of them, but I can rock a blue toned red all day long.

      • You sound just like my co-worker I gifted the Huda lippie too 🙂 I swatched the lip gloss, but it was way too bold for me. When I gave it to my co-worker who can ROCK bold colors, she almost insisted I keep it, because with my skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc., that it’d a beautiful shade on me, then she proceeded to tell me how to make it work by basically giving all of the same tips you just did! While I love doing my makeup, I don’t like spending a lot of time on it (maybe 5 minutes tops; now skincare on the other hand… 30 minutes minimum. 😉 JK lol!), so I insisted she keep it. Then when I saw her the next day rocking it, she told me how crazy I was for passing it up because of how good it’d look on me. lol

    • Yeah Laritzy honestly has some of the worse products I have tried none of it looks good ! I really dislike this company and their products

    • I actually LOVED the Huda red lip!! It was bright and summery, for me personally, it was perfect!

      I found I could build it up nicely as well. I know it isn’t a shade everyone will like, but it was a definite winner in my house.

    • Rose, I am 100% on board with your opinion on laritzy. just consistently awful products and they have featured them nearly every month this year. ugh! I have paused every month with a laritzy product and I think I’ve only recieved about 3 boxes this year. I feel the same about amorepacific, the hydra of mediocre skincare brands. very heavily fragranced + not effective imo. truly hoping they stop featuring these two c o n s t a n t l y

      • Yep! I don’t wear lip color very often. So, I’ve given one laritzy to someone because of the shade. I wanted her opinion. Covergirl is better and this woman is a cosmetologist. Lol!

    • I would LOVE to get red lip colors.

      I keep getting nudes that I hate.

      This box I got a horrible bubblegum pink that looks awful and fake on me.

      • They say they go by our profile but apparently that’s not true because I love the nudes and I’m up to my ears in red lipsticks. If they really did go by that then u would be getting the reds and I would be getting the nudes lol. Willing to exchange with anyone anytime.

  23. I’m happy with this box 🥰 compared to June and July, august was OK , I’d be happy to finally get a box decent from

  24. I have really thick hair and love that Tokyo lab smoothing co ditioner!

  25. i wish they would send us some perfume every now and then..

    • July had a perfume sample.

  26. I’m actually pleased with everything here but the highlighter stick (it’s almost Fall, can the glow trend go away already). Looks like I won’t be skipping September.

  27. Yeah, it’s a no from me. Bring on October spoilers

  28. I just cancelled. They offered me four months at $12 to stay on if I didn’t skip the September box, and even that wasn’t enough to tempt me. I wouldn’t use a Dewy Stix, I have the powder at home and don’t need a lip liner, and the other three samples look like items from a Target box. I haven’t loved the last two months, either. I’m sure I’ll resubscribe at some point, but for now, I need to take an Allure break.

  29. Well, hello September! That’s an awesome box. I’m psyched!

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