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Macy’s Beauty Box August 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the August Macy’s Beauty Box!

August’s theme is Color Riot:

The Color Riot trend is all about bright pops of color against a glowing canvas AKA your skin. This month, you’re getting a mix of skin care, makeup & fragrance so you can nail the look of the season. Over a $60 value.

The August box will include:

  • Makeup Bag
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
  • Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Parfum
  •  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
  • Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea
  • TONYMOLY Mini Cherry Lip Balm

What do you think of the spoilers for the August 2019 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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Macy's Beauty Box

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Comments (112)

  1. I think this was handled poorly. The cost has been the same for 2 years. It takes a special level of incompetence to make this type of error. Their response was cold and unapologetic. This month’s bag is particularly weak, making the decision to cancel the subscription easy

  2. Contacting Macy’s customer service is a joke! I cancelled my sub this morning. It was your error in charging $2 and without my knowledge you debited my account for additional money and then told me, that was not cool at all. They should have eaten the error and moving forward corrected it for September. My beauty box sub is now down to just Boxycharm. Smh.

    • yes plus we got charged tax twice. I finally got mine cancelled after it went pending for no reason. I am going to dispute the charge with my credit card. It is a real shame because think this is a great sub but HORRIBLE CS. Dont even bother calling them. they have no idea what the monthly box even is on the phone.

      • I only got charged tax once. I was charged $2.16, then refunded $2 and then just charged $15. I am usually charged $16.20/month. $15 + 8% tax. Anyways, it’s a savings of $1.04 this month since I was only charged $15.16 in total. Yey! I am happy

  3. Tell me if I’m over-reaching but do you feel Macy’s should’ve sent an email about this? It’s almost like they don’t care they made a mistake and reversed and charged the correct amount.

    On the bright side, I added the water spray to my regime before Clinique suntan lotion. Good for my skin, maybe not my wallet when I need a new bottle.

    • Just received an email about this!

      • I received an email stating they were crediting the 2.00 charge and charging 15.00. Not sure how I feel about this.

  4. I wish Macy’s would get it together with their billing issues. I am normally charged $16.20/month which is $15 plus tax. I was charged $2.16 last week and $15 is currently pending so that’s about $1 more than usual. I don’t like that they can charge whatever amount whenever

    • Where do you see your pending?

      I was charged $2.18 on 7/30 & have a credit for $2 on 8/4. If they were going to reverse the charge, they should’ve reversed tax too.

      Received my beauty box. Underwhelmed. I kept 2 items, going to give away everything else.

      • Oh I was charged $15 on 8/4 too

  5. I feel really badly about Macy’s undercharging for the August box that’s on it’s way to me and has reached other customers already. I realize it’s their mistake, but once I’m aware of it, the buying agreement I checked off when I signed up states I’ll pay $15/ month plus tax. Thus, it’s partially my obligation as well.

    The problem with trying to notify them to charge the correct amount is that to date, my brief interaction with the Macy’s staff online/ phone/ in -store, and via email has been dismal in that ” no one knows anything about this box” or ” It’s not their department”.

    Has anyone been able to reach the proper department to speak with a CS rep. about the fact that they didn’t charge a lot of us (or maybe not anyone) the correct amount?

    I realize that it’s easy to look at this as a small gift, favor, boon or lagniappe, and IF Macy’s makes the statement that it is a bonafide discount, hooray for Macy’s.

    I get MANY free boxes/ products which are always a surprise from other subscriptions, but it’s totally free, not a partial charge on the date the full charge was supposed to be made by the supplier. I get either free unordered boxes or unordered free full-sized items in plain brown envelopes or boxes every few days, and I KNOW that’s a gift or maybe a glitch ( the FFF box that arrived this past weekend which was not ordered nor paid for was likely a glitch on their part as I just cancelled my subscription with them). I am SO not an influencer, as I am not even a user of social media, so I guess everyone receives these same freebies.

    However, Macy’s hasn’t addressed the $13.00 undercharging as far as I know.
    The problem for me is both ethical as stated above, but also, if Macy’s has contracted with an outside party to procure the makeup bags and fill them for the retail price of $15.00 per unit, and we only paid a tiny fraction of that cost for the August bag, as we are well aware, then might this affect the quality of curation until they’ve made back their shorted amount,however much it might be?
    Likely some of you may have an idea of how many boxes they ship per month and can do the math based on units underpriced for this month. I don’t know how much they are losing in total based on the set retail price of $15.00 plus tax.

    ***I know the arguments:****
    These are samples, and they give them away anyway.
    It’s Macy’s responsibility to charge the correct amount.
    We don’t ” police” Macy’s credit card charges.
    THEY messed up.

    However, if they do not charge us for the $13.00 owed to Macy’s retroactively, which they still may do, this may cause them to either short change us on products in a few future boxes or to cut supply of the usually cute and useful makeup bags.
    They also may see what I, and likely you, see: There’s a problem with the service, as it seems very fragmented, and they may discontinue it altogether.
    When I’ve changed card info, the next month’s box is ALWAYS skipped by them, even if I change it one day after they shipped the current month’s box. If any other small thing is changed in the buyer info, they likely will skip charging and shipping the next month’s box for some weird reason. I consider this sort of issue to be a detriment to the subscription service in total by either Macy’s or the fulfillment service they have contracted with for the subscriptions.

    I really like the products they send, more than Sephora Play! usually and 100% more than the usual no-name IPSY $10 bag items.

    There are a few of the Macy’s makeup bags which stay in my purses and never get swapped out, I like them so well. I have never used an IPSY bag for anything except to hold lip balm in a nightstand drawer so I’m not fumbling for it late at night.. they are too small and just not my style.

    I don’t want the subscription to be discontinued with the reason given being problems with their charging system.
    JMO, with friendly intention.

    • I really wouldn’t be concerned about it. Think of it like this: Macy’s advertises a necklace with a sale price of $59.99. Day of sale arrives, and the necklace actually has a sale price of $79.99. Macy’s honors the publicized price of $59.99, as it was their mistake. This is a very common retail practice to maintain good customer relations. Happens a lot with airline flights as well – a mistake fare is listed, and the airline honors the tickets purchased at the mistake fare, taking the financial loss.

      We are signed up for an automatically billed subscription, and if Macy’s has billed it incorrectly, that is their problem. The price in their system this month, for whatever reason, is $2. That is an error on their end, and as far as I can tell, they are honoring the error rate. There should be no “guilt” on your end. You aren’t physically standing at a register, knowing the price is wrong. They charged the wrong price, without you seeing what the list price is in their system or tagged on an item. Their problem.

    • If you want to search and find who is responsible for this error, go ahead and good luck with that. I personally think you are overthinking this. I don’t foresee Macy’s canceling this bag or the quality of items in future bags to be compromised. This company makes so many mistakes every month. Pretty sure, this is just a blip on their radar. One of my boxes was lost. I contacted CS. I can’t even remember if it was via email or chat or both. Anyways, they were trying to tell me that it was delivered. And I told them no it wasn’t. Tracking said update coming soon and it said the same for 1 week. Eventually they refunded me. But my box was found 2 weeks later. I suspect this was error by post office. They didn’t go back and charge me again. I kind of feel the same about this error. None of this is subscriber error. I will just let it go.

    • This is my second box so I dont’ have much of an opinion. I’ve read this website since May;s box. It seems Macy’s is selling this box but they haven’t trained their employees. No one has noticed that they have severely undercharged us yet. I’m sure they are still making a profit with beauty box because most of the items except the pouch are free from manufacturer’s. I highly doubt this hits their bottom line.

      One lady had 5 boxes sent to her and she couldn’t get it fixed. Another month, the coupon was worth $10 instead of $5. With all the headaches that some of us go through, I will take this. I don’t even want to know how difficult it’ll be for me when I finally cancel this box.

      Random question, if you ordered clothes from Macy’s and you get your clothes but they ship an extra shirt in your size., would you keep it or return it? Your thinking is honorable but I don’t think Macy’s realizes the mistake or even employees knowing about the Beauty Box.

    • Lily I understand where you are coming from and how you feel,but honestly there is nothing you can do about it….When you call Macy’s to ask them anything about their subscription box not one of them know anything about it….So there is no way for them to help you and fix this problem….You are just going to make yourself sick by worrying and stressing over it,and that is not fair to you….I could understand us feeling bad if someone at Macy’s knew anything about the subscription,but no one does so there really is no way for them to fix it for any of us….This is on them and not you,and I am sure they will not loose any money,and maybe this will be a wake up call for them….Maybe they will finally get some people to work for them that will know about this box and be able to help us in the future with any issues with this box…If you really feel that bad you could go and do a good deed for someone,that is what I do when I feel like you are feeling…..Anyways I hope you are feeling better about this,take a deep breath and realize everything happens for a reason.

    • A few months ago, Macy’s sent out a bag with a $10 coupon; most subscribers could only redeem it for $5. I called Macy’s customer service and they were rude and uninformed, I was transferred three times and was eventually hung up on even though I was polite and patient. I consider this compensation.

    • So glad to find out I wasn’t the only one with the $2 problem I’m going to wait it out and see what Macy’s does. Love my box!

      • I just saw $15 pending in my account from Macy’s in addition to $2 plus tax previously charged. Not cool at all Macy’s. So now I am up to over $17.16. Usually it’s just $16.20. Not happy. I will not argue about $1, but just hope it’s not a monthly thing

      • The $2 charge on my card is now refunded and the $15 is pending. May just take your bank a little time to catch up.

      • Yes, I was now refunded $2. So I am up to $15.16 now. Hope there is no more charges from Macy’s.

  6. I was charged 2.16 for my Macy’s box this month,and I received my box today…..This is the first time I have ever received my box this early,and I got it for 2.16….Well done Macy’s,even if it a mistake,I will gladly accept it.

    • One of the things I don’t like about this. It’s from the west coast and I’m in the east coast. Shipping is slowest possible. My package left California on July 30th and USPS hasn’t updated to it arriving on the east coast. It says it’ll be delivered August 6th!

      • Erica,I usually do not receive m box until the middle of each month,this is the first time ever,that I have received it this early.

      • Wow! That takes a long time!

      • Mine is coming Aug 6th also.

      • Macy’s says my package is expected to be delivered today, August 6th but it’s not close to where I live. I would expect it to be August 8. USPS doesn’t estimate a delivery date. Not surprised.

  7. I just subscribed to this box but it says that September will be my first box. Bummer.

    • You have to sign up by the 10th of the month to get the next month box. So you’d have to sign up by July 10th to get this month’s box.

  8. My $2 charge has now gone through instead of pending. But no $15 extra charge.

    • Me too!

    • Same here. I wonder if they’ll charge the difference.

  9. So now my $ 2 + tax previous pending charge has disappeared. So I guess I am not getting this box. Honestly, I am not too upset about it. I have way too much product. I do love this box and will probably never cancel though.

    • The pending charge has disappeared for me as well, but my box already shipped.

      • Same here…

  10. Hey guys, I just used my $5 coupon on a Spring Perfume sampler with FREE SHIPPING>. Yes, I know its samples but I’ve been wanting to try three of them and there are 11… I only use the coupons when there is free shipping. Im so excited that I was able to get free shipping twice in one month…I used the $10 coupon on a Christmas gift for a friend that loves Nanette Lepore (though I am not sure if she’s tried this one… SCORE !5.00 bucks for parfum, lotions and purse spray in a gift box…

  11. To everyone saying they’ve been charged $2, check your account now. I’ve been charged the $15 plus $2. Hopefully they will refund me the $2.

    Anyways, this box is kind of boring. I will probably only care for the lip balm and fragrance sample (also the coupon). However I will continue with the boxes because you never know what the fall/holiday season has in store for us.

    • I just checked mine and I still only have $2 plus tax and it’s pending

    • Mine still says $2.21 and it shipped already🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Mine was shipped with $2.18.

        I’ll see how much they really charge

      • How do you know that it shipped. Did you get an email? I might have deleted mine or looked over it

      • I got an email yesterday with shipping info – haven’t been charged the $15 yet, the $2 charge disappeared.

      • Yes, received an email.

        It gives you the the amount charged and tracking number.

        Title is “Your order 168932xxxx has shipped”

      • Weird. I didn’t get an email, but just logged in to my account and it says that my order has shipped with estimated delivery of Aug12th. There is no tracking number however. So wonder if they are just getting ready to ship it. I would love a free box, Macy’s. LOL.

      • Between someone saying they received 5 boxes one time and a whole lot of us being charged $2, not surprised you’ll get it for free! lol

  12. I have been curious about this box and if I weren’t grandfathered in my Birchbox sub at 10/mo I might have switched. But this particular Macy’s box doesn’t really appear to have a high value. I love Mario’s sprays but that size is on Amazon for less than 10. I’ve gotten that same tarte sample size in three subs in 3 months, the lip balm is cute but it looks like what id buy my five year old and the bag is garish.

    My question though for subscribers is if this is usual for a Macy’s box or if this box disappointed you or if it is better than some?

    • Their bags are always my fave! However, I’m not sure ab this one in regards to the look, but I know the size will be big.

  13. That bag almost hurts my eyes… like they want to keep focusing when I look at it. lol I like the design though, so hopefully it’ll be more forgiving on the eyes in person. 🙂

  14. I wish I could swap my sad little birch box sub for THIS!!! 😭

  15. Wow, great box! I wish spoilers came out early for Macy’s. I would have bought this in a heartbeat!

  16. Whew! So glad I stayed! I was going to cancel 😄this will be my second box🙌

  17. This is likely my favorite low- cost beauty subscription.

    I’m rather confused about the $2.14 charge to my card today… That’s not the price of the box, but when I go to my account, it says the charge is for the box.

    Is August Macy’s birthday Customer Appreciation Month or something? No, seriously, they have messed up.

    I know better than to try to contact them about this. It’s like putting a phone to my dog’s ear and expecting her to know what I’m talking about, LOL.

    • OMG! Best comment ever!

      I love their beauty box but I agree that their customer service reps are not equipped to handle calls about it.

    • I was charged $2.11 I agree customer service would be useless

    • I thought they applied Macy’s cash that I earned earlier this month. I guess not since it’s a common occurrence

    • Hahahaaaaa! Completely agree with you on that! CS is horrible when it comes to Beauty Box issues… they have no clue what’s going on!

    • There customer service is the worst. One month I received FIVE boxes, but was only charged for one. I called several times trying to straighten this out. No one had any idea what I was talking about. They said someone would call me back, but they never did. They need a separate number for their beauty boxes. You get Macy’s general customer service–some of who have no idea what a beauty box is.

      • I shop online at Macy’s a lot and over the past few years I’ve received doubles, triples and even an entire case of something I ordered only one of! My husband is always like what in the heck did you buy now?

    • I was charged $2 plus tax too! I was so confused! Wonder if they’ll try to fix it?

    • Me too !! The same charge !!
      Last months box didn’t have the little list of the items or $5.00 card off .anyone else ?
      I like Macy’s box

      • Mine didn’t either. It was my first box, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I loved the items!!

      • Mine did, but I have had a box in the past where they didn’t include the booklet with the coupon, and another box where they included the booklet but no coupon. The glue for the card was on the booklet but no card. 🙁

      • Mine was missing too. I thought it was the new normal, apparently not. Not worth calling the clueless customer service about though

  18. I think I’m in the minority here because this is the first Macy’s box in a while that doesn’t appeal to me. I’m glad so many others seem to be loving it, though!

    I don’t wear blue liner or matte lipsticks, so that’s two items that will be donated. (For once I’m hoping for a variant item so there can be a chance of getting a liner in any color other than blue! )

    The face spray, lip balm and perfume are just “okay” to me. I might get around to trying them at some point, but they don’t excite me. I think the SK-II is the only item that somewhat interests me.

    I know every bag won’t be a winner for everyone and since I’ve been pretty happy with the Macy’s boxes so far, I won’t complain too much about getting a “meh” box here and there.

    • You’re not the only one. Cathy and I mentioned it below. This is my second box. Going to give it another chance to see if I should keep this box or not.

      On another note. If anyone wants to use their coupon from last month, smashbox, mac & estee lauder has some items on sale for 40% off. About $12-14. Lipstick for mac & smashbox. Estee Lauder has their gift set for lips & eyes.

  19. WOW! Now this is a bag*! Can they sustain this wow on a monthly basis? IDK but I will be getting this and watching for next month’s spoilers to decide if I’m on the boat or just passing by, lol

    *the whole kit and caboodle

    • and by the time I got there it was gone, lol

    • Sadly you never get spoilers in advance with this box. Once the spoilers are released it is too late to get that month’s box.

  20. This might be my favorite Macy’s box ever!!!! Love seeing them include TONYMOLY….

  21. I would subscribe for the Aug box, but it’s too late to do it now. The site said “to get your September”, too bad and so sad for me 😥. On the bright side though, my card got away from charging today 😂

  22. Oh wow, I’m really excited for this box! The eyeliner is my favorite color, I want to keep the face spray in the fridge, and everything else sounds great!

  23. This will be my first bag (subbed in July). Very excited!

  24. Figures I cancelled last month and now 5hey come out with a great box and bag. I stayed subbed just for the bags for a while and last 2 months just weren’t worth it for me anymore. I would love to get my hands on that bag though. Anyone will to trade or sell it?

    • Ill send you the bag once I get it for free, girl !
      (I just got a new makeup bag so I don’t need it)

      • If the bag doesn’t work out for someone else, I would love to have it. beckynking7 at gmail dot com. Thank you so much.

      • That would be awesome my email is xcalburldy8 at Yahoo. Com I would gladly give you shipping money or some stuff I have on hand for the bag. Send me an email to arrange it and thank you.

    • You can have mine 🙂

      • I’d love it if she is going to give hers to her! Are you on the swap site? or my email is beckynking7 at gmail dot com. You are sweet! Maybe we can swap something else too I have loads of stuff.

      • I just saw this comment! If you still want the bag just let me know 🙂

      • how can we set up a swap?

  25. It’s a great box! Looove it all!!!

  26. I love everything except for the tiny lipstick and the bag. That’s still a win in my books. I’m hoping for green eyeliner

    • I hate that lipstick and it’s everywhere!

    • I would adore a green eyeliner!! 🤞 for variations.

      • Butter London has a dark green liquid eye liner on sale for $9. Check it out if it isn’t too dark for you.

  27. What a fabulous group of products! I really hate that when you subscribe it takes so long. I’d join right now if I could get August but I know that won’t happen.
    I subbed when it first came out but until recently they kept having products I was already familiar with and didn’t particularly like. But this makes the 2nd or 3rd month that looks great so I may have to try them again.

  28. I did too! Not sure why either?

  29. I am loving everything, the facial mist sounds refreshing, even though we get so many already. And I have been wanting one of those cute Tony Moly balms! I love masks and Tarte. I even like the bag!

  30. Ugh bright pops of color sounds horrible – I can’t pull off red lipstick -really wish boxes would do more neutrals.

    • The eyeliner is blue. No way am I going to wear that!

      The tarte matte lip paint looks nude.

      This is my second box and unsure if I’ll keep the subscription. Last month’s box was ok. The only thing keeping me is the pouches.

      I’m going to end up giving away half the stuff.

  31. Did anyone else only get charged 2.00 for their box?

    • Yes! This is the first box in awhile I’m really excited about, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled because of a billing error on their end. Their billing system with these boxes is a nightmare. My subscription has been cancelled 3-4 times since I started subscribing.

      • my account went pending after i changed to a new credit card and was SO frustrated when i called, No one has a clue about the subscription boxes there. I finally changed my card number since it wasnt allowing me to cancel thinking it would decline but it still went through. I am baffled. If i can ever get it cancelled i think i might because it is too difficult dealing with them.

      • sorry i meant suspended, not pending..

      • I had SO much trouble when I got a new debit card, 3 months straight their system cancelled my order, even though I had the new payment info entered. Turns out, I had to cancel the subscription entirely and then sign up again – they have a parallel billing system that kept billing my old card. Super frustrating.

      • All I did was email Customer service about canceling. They canceled me quickly.

    • Me too! I wonder why?

    • Yes! I really hope my order doesn’t get cancelled due to their billing error, this is the first box in a long time I’ve been really excited about!

    • Yes I did

    • Yes, me too. They had a problem a couple of months ago, too. Ughhh

      • What did they do at that time to fix it?

    • Yes I was just charged $2.00. I assume it’s an error?

    • Well, it’s only says pending. I bet when it goes through it will be full price.
      My thought on this box is that I like everything except Tarte lip product. I’ve gotten it before in another box and the color just looked horrible. It went straight in to trash. Will have to see how this color looks real life. Everything else looks awesome


      • Uhm, was it necessary to use all caps? Pretty sure nobody wants a used lipstick. Have a fine weekend as well

      • Don’t let Nat rain on your parade, you just keep being kind!

    • Yes, wonder why?

    • Yes, count me as one of the $2, but it is only pending, I think they will catch it and get their full amount. Hopefully anyway! I hope they don’t cancel it as there is NO customer service at Macy’s for this box. I had a billing issue last month and none of the reps could handle it, so no box for me in July. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again this month, I really love the looks of August!!

      • What’s interesting is that at least for me, the $2 plus tax is also on my actual order notification as well, it’s not just a pending charge on my credit card.

      • Same here

    • I did.🤔

    • Yes! $2 plus tax. Came here first to see if anyone else experienced this.

  32. Ooooooooh I love every one of these items! 😃 when you throw in that $5-10 off beauty purchase coupon this box is looking strong this month

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