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July 2019 Target Beauty Box – Available Now!

Target Beauty Box July 2019

The July Target Beauty Box is available now!  

Target Beauty Box July 2019

Hot yoga at 6 AM. Hot date at 6 PM. Back-to-back meetings in between… we’ve all been there. That’s why we keep our fav beauty essentials stashed in our gym bags—at all times. Whether you’re a yogi, CrossFit cutie or step-master queen, these power products are sure to keep you looking good and feeling fresh all day long. Try ‘em out, and if you love them as much as we do, find the full-size versions at Like what you tried? We want to see what you got, what you loved and how you styled it. Tag us with #TargetBeauty or #TargetBeautyBox.

The Box: Target Beauty Box July

Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Simple Sassy Sachet Moisturizing Face Wash – 1.69 fl oz
  • Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – 1.69 fl oz
  • Nexxus Frizz Defy Anti-Frizz Sheets – 8 sheets
  • Crest Kid’s Anticavity Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste Strawberry Rush
  • Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo – 3.0 fl oz
  • Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Conditioner – 3.0 fl oz
  • Acure Radically Rejuvenating Day Cream Facial Moisturizers – SPF 30 – 1.7 fl oz

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Target Beauty Box

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Comments (85)

  1. Target has a MASSIVE makeup sale btw, I suppose to coincide with Amazon Prime Day, and today is the last day. Definitely check it out.

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but, even CVS beauty is starting to out shine Target. At the moment CVS has a cute summer Beaty bag. Spend $30 on beauty products and the bag is free. Or buy the bag for $15. This time around CVS collaborated with Sunbum. Then CVS also every so often offers beauty bags with Burt’s Bee’s makeup. They had a $20 bag w/ 3 full-size Burt’s bees makeup products back in April.

  3. I might need a second box. The Acure is amazing. Mineral sunscreen 15% zinc no white cast or grit AND vitamin C. I’m all about the packaging of the Simple products. The Micellar water has a tiny flip cap to keep it from spilling out once open.

  4. For anyone who is upset about the box only containing one Nexxus frizz sheet: When I discovered this in my box, I double checked the website. The picture and the description both say 8 sheets. I immediately went into my email to complain to Target. They provided an immediate refund of the box without having to return it. The whole thing took a couple of minutes. I would recommend this if you are upset and annoyed about the false advertising.

    • Unfortunately this sort of misinformation is commonplace with Target beauty boxes, and they are not getting better at this.

    • Too bad Target’s customer service is so inconsistent. I did the same thing and they only gave me a $1 credit ☹️

  5. It is full size. I just got my box today.

  6. The SPF cream is $13.49, so this is really a good deal if you like the Acure line. I use a Murad sunscreen which is priced at $65. I am more than happy to give this a shot, since the Murad is no longer in my budget.

  7. It appears to be one wipe in the picture for the frizz sheets. I’ve found the pictures to be more accurate than the descriptions.

    • On Target’s website, both the photo and description say 8 sheets.

      • My apologies you’re right! It was harder to zoom in on this site to see it correctly but on the target site it is definitely 8 sheets!

      • Arrived today… the box includes ONE sheet… a little disappointed, since this is one of the two items I really wanted to try. Still a decent assortment for $7.

      • I immediately went to complain about this. The picture and the item description say 8 sheets. They automatically refunded my money and let me keep the box.

    • I got my box yesterday (2nd month in a row where I got my box the day after ordering!), and it was only one frizz sheet that was included. But the Acure was full size, so at least that was right.

      • I only got one sheet as well. In both boxes I ordered.

  8. I’m embarrassed to say I can’t decide if I’ll be “nice” and give the toothpaste to my sister, or keep it for myself (we are in the high 50 age group), so much for kid’s toothpaste! The acure is the deal breaker – well worth the box, and I LIKE the packaging for the Simple.

    • Lol. I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ll be using the kids toothpaste starting tonight! I smelled it already, and it smells really good. lol!

      • I have used kids toothpaste for years. My tongue does not like mint and I cannot use most adult toothpaste. Never tried this brand or flavor though.

  9. I got my box today and it only included one sheet of the Nexxus thing, not 8 :/

    • Ah, that’s precisely what I thought would happen.

      What size is the Acure?

    • Same here… I ordered two boxes and each came with one Nexxus Anti-Frizz sheet. The box is still really good. The spf face cream is full size.

    • AND it’s the size of a folded Wet Nap wipe that you get when you eat BBQ ribs! Lol. Better change your stock photo picture Target because what is shown for this item is definitely NOT what we get! Other than that the box was OK for me

    • Same. I called customer service and they’re sending me a whole new box free of charge (presumably also containing just one Nexxus sheet, but that’s okay with me).

    • I also only got one sheet.

  10. I am going to wait until beginning of August and see if this gets discounted to $5, lol. I am travelling in August and my son can use small toothpaste and I can use the Acure sunscreen product. Simple has an interesting package and I think it is suitable for travel as it gets smaller with use.

    • I would get it now. It’s only a $2 difference. The acure is a full size product which sells for about $14 on their website. I don’t think this box will last till August.

  11. Great sizes and variety! This is an easy choice to order immediately.

  12. Gee Target, when the April box is still available in July, you know you need to step up your game. I remember when these boxes used to sell out before I even knew they were available. Sad.

    • I haven’t bought a beauty box in around 3 months, they’re just not interesting, same ole stuff, please Head and Shoulders ? I want some of the good samples you used to have in the boxes..

    • The last one I ordered was April – for my daughter who needed some travel sized items. Before that it was November 2018 – the Holiday Dermstore bag. Prior to that it was May 2018 Mothers Day box. Wow! I also remember when these would sell out so fast and I would be one of the people ordering it, every.single.month. They just aren’t as good anymore, not by a long shot.

    • Agree. Still waiting for the old Target boxes!

  13. I was slightly tempted because of the Simple Products. I like the packaging.

  14. Target has several BB available including the men’s from last month. It was great. My husband and son like the boxes simply for the razor. The pet boxes are fantastic!

  15. I like it!
    But I’m new. 😀

    • I like it too! And I’m not new 😀

  16. This is the first box in probably a year that looks good to me! I’m going to get one!

  17. Good grief Target! How about including an ACTUAL beauty item? I’m tiring of the toothpaste and washes. At least there was no dry shampoo this time. But this time, the lame packaging for the Simple samples is the killer for this deal.


    • Agree 100%

  18. I loved the brightening Acure and wanted to try the spf version so I’m getting it!

  19. Ho hum!
    Come on Target, make fun boxes!

  20. No. Again. They quit including any makeup. The shampoo and conditioner are in every sample rack anywhere. Kids toothpaste isn’t a beauty item. They should just rename it Household Box.

    • Yeah, Target box of stuff. I don’t have kids, so am a bit put out by that being in a “beauty” box. But maybe I’m not their target audience.

  21. I grabbed one because the Acure is full size according to their website and sells for 13.49! Worth it!

    • I’m intrigued by the Nexxus Frizz sheets, which are also full size and retail for $11.99.

      • People are saying the box actually only contains one sheet of the hair wipes. I’m really going to be ticked it that’s all mine has in it!!

      • Well, yeah, that’s all it’s going to have. The boxes don’t vary.

  22. For $7, and my big 5% off, I will bite on this one.

  23. I guess I’m the only one that is excited for it! It’s perfect the kid toothpaste for my son the head and shoulders for my hubbs and the rest for me! I love miscellar water so I can’t wait to try that!

  24. I ordered one, just for the Acure. With my Redcard, the box is half the price of that one item. Target’s description states the box contains the 1.7 oz. size, which is full size. In the daytime, I only wear moisturizers with SPF. The rest of the items are just bonus items for me, but I’ll definitely use the Simple face products too. I keep the small shampoos and toothpastes for guests.

  25. This is so strange, with the caption they wrote for this box, why are they including *kids* toothpaste??

    The curation at least (for once) sounded halfway cohesive until then.

  26. Pass, the ones months back were so much better

  27. I really miss the Baby boxes. I wish they would bring those back. The beauty boxes aren’t that appealing anymore.

  28. I might be the only one who doesn’t hate this box!

  29. These boxes used to be so good.. but seriously, kids toothpaste doesn’t exactly scream “beauty box”. I’ll pass this month, again.. 🙁

  30. I was more interested in the May box which is still available for $5… I bought that one instead.

  31. I wished the people that curated the boxes before the last 7 or 8 months would come back! Not being mean but whoever is in charge now the boxes are boring! I used to but a couple of boxes every month for myself and friends.

  32. yea, our target gives out samples too..and you can buy this box at target also..

    • Where do you get or ask for the samples? TIA

      • At my Target, they have a table set up in the main aisle of the store at one of the end caps. Also, I noticed that sometimes my Target will have packet samples randomly along the shelves in plastic containers for people to take too.

      • Is it every day that they have the tables set up?

      • At my Target I’ve seen them set up on Saturdays. I’m guessing they may be set up on Sundays too, but I’m not sure.

  33. That’s an interesting packaging for a micellar water. I’m wondering how easy it’ll be to use and not have too much of it spill out at once. I love that Acure Day Cream, and it’s nice to see one with SPF 30, which I don’t think I’ve tried before. I really do hope the 1.7oz is included, but if they include the 1oz, which I usually see in boxes, then I’ll be happy too, because I always get a ton of use out of the 1oz tubes too.

  34. and this is why I found a box with high end products affordable because I cant stand these samples why is That nasty kids toothpaste in this and again more head and shoulders. I ordered from them last week the downy wrinkle release spray its a travel size why cant they add that kind of stuff and products weve never gotten or even makeup !! This is why they still have April boxes sitting around they havent caught on clearly 😕

  35. No thanks, but wanted to let everyone know that my Target passes out free samples on Sundays until they are gone. Yesterday was a body wash from Goodfellow & Co in Moroccan Mint & Cedar.

    • I noticed this about my Target a while ago too! I never go to Target on the weekends, to somewhat avoid the crowds but mostly because parking is just impossible and searching for parking is a major pet peeve of mine (but I digress), but I did happen go into my local Target two Saturdays in a row a couple of months ago, and they had a table set up filled with store made samples and pre-packaged samples, and both times the ladies were like, “take all you want!” That was a pretty cool surprise.

  36. Hmmm. This might appeal to someone traveling with younger children. Our could be broken up and used within a multi-person family.

    If the Acure really is 1.7 oz, that’s full size! Target is selling it for $13.49. Is that really the size we’d get?

    • A cure usually comes out in full boxes.

  37. Easy pass…. Not sure when I’ll ever buy another Target box again 🙁

    • Same. I used to buy every month without hesitation, but quality/variety has seriously gone downhill. It has been 4 or 5 months now since I have purchased a box.

    • Same… I used to love them and found great value in them. I used to race to make sure I got one. But I have only purchased one in the past 9 months and only because I knew my I could split it between two girls. I don’t even want the ones you could purchase for $3 and pick up in store. The fact that their boxes used to sell out and now they can’t even get rid of them should be a huge clue to whoever puts these together now. If you want foil packets of anything, all you need to do is email a company and tell them you want to try a certain product but don’t want to purchase it before you try it, they’ll send you samples and coupons! It’s not that this is not a complete bust, but I just don’t see the value in it. I can pick up the Head & shoulders for $0.97 each, the cleansing water has been in just about every box… I can’t even give it away. Frizz sheets? Come on! 🙄 Aaand strawberry flavored toothpaste?! 🤢

    • Me too. I stopped ordering them a few months ago along with cancelling the Walmart and Glossybox. Just kept Ipsy, Allure, Fabfitfun and Sephora.

    • Agree! They’ve been so disappointing the last several months. I haven’t ordered one for quite a while.

  38. Very nice… I ordered two boxes. With up-coming trips to WDW and two cruises, travel size toiletries are a must have. Glad to see they included a face cream w/ SPF. The toothpaste will go to my grandson for our cruise and the anti-frizz sheets will go to my daughter. Everything else will be for me. 🙂

  39. Target has picked up a couple new brands like Versed and Red Earth but they are sampling Head & Shoulders?? 🤔

  40. Also easy pass. All I’d want is the Acure.

    • me too on the Acure!

  41. I’d be careful on this one…the description says 8 sheets, but the pic shows one.

    • Not sure that is true. Why do you say that? You can zoom in on the picture of this box on Target’s website, and the package of Nexxus shown contains 8 sheets. That 8-pack retails for $11.99.

      • Oh, there is no way the box will contain both a full size of the Acure and the Nexxus. Target boxes usually have a total value of under $15, and unfortunately often misrepresent the sizing in their box descriptions.

      • It didn’t – only got one.

  42. Easy pass for me.

    • I agree, kids toothpaste is an odd one to include

      • The kids toothpaste is the only thing I’d want!

      • That’s what I thought. LOL. I was going along with the quick gym cleanup theme until I stopped at…kid’s toothpaste???? LOL. I mean I guess the flavor is probably better than boring mint but it did make me laugh this morning.

      • Same! So funny. I was wondering why I would use kids toothpaste at the gym. Maybe instead of using a diffuser in yoga, we can just open up the tube of strawberry toothpase and have a sniff 🙂

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