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Ipsy Skincare Mystery Bag – Available Now!

Ipsy has added a new skincare mystery bag to their Shopper section!  (Thanks for the heads up, Heather!)

The Box: IPSY 5-Item Skincare Mystery Bag

The Cost: $12

The Products:

Dive into summer with an all new, limited edition mystery bag filled with 5 totally suprise skincare products for just $12.

Want a hint? Your mystery bag may contain products from these ipster-favorite brands:






& more …

Are you going to grab a mystery bag? 

FYI – you must be a current or previous ipsy subscriber to buy through Ipsy Shopper. If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (82)

  1. I got the same thing everyone else did. The bag is really cute, not very impressed with the products though. This had the potential to be an amazing bag, with all of the great brands Ipsy has to offer. I really thought I’d get at least one 111Skin or Philosophy or Sunday Riley or murad or Goldfaden… but no, not even one. I imagine most people who ordered this bag we’re hoping for at least one high-end product, oh well. Also, am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like the Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2-minute Polishing Peel? And I have a million of them. 😕

    • Sorry, didn’t see that there actually was a little bit of variation and bags. This is what I got in mine:
      Apto Skincare Nourishing Mask with blue Spirulina
      First Aid Beauty Coconut skin smoothie priming moisturizer
      Purlise Watermelon Energizing 2 minute Polishing Peel
      Feel Renewed Pumpkin walnut facial cleanser
      Belief True Cream Aqua Bomb
      And didn’t mean to capitalize all the brands except for Murad. Sorry Murad, love you! 😄

      • I do have to say, the feel Renewed pumpkin walnut facial cleanser smells amazing!! Makes me think of fall, pumpkins, and apple cider 😊

  2. So I bought 2 thinking I’d get different items, but nope. Got 2 bags with exactly the same contents.

    Inside were:
    Apto Skincare Nourishing Mask with blue Spirulina
    First Aid Beauty Coconut skin smoothie priming moisturizer
    Purlise Watermelon Energizing 2 minute Polishing Peel – this is the third time Ive gotten this from Ipsy…i guess more like the 3rd and 4th time…
    Feel Renewed Pumpkin walnut facial cleanser
    Belief True Cream Aqua Bomb

  3. I just got my bag today. Here is what I got:

    2 sheet masks by huangjisoo
    Belif aqua bomb
    Lab for you multi ex repair cream
    Preventive measures 101 lip balm
    Neogen dermalogy Canadian clay pore cleanser

    If I knew this is what I was going to get, would I have bought it? I dont know. The only brand I know and recognize is the belif. I have never heard of any of the other brands. The bag is super cute. I thought it was going to be red like bright red from the picture but it’s actually like a pink coral so I love that.

    • Mine is exactly the same as yours and Gina’s. It was the allure of the mystery!

  4. I just got mine. A little disappointed, but the bag is cute??
    2 Huangjisoo masks
    Belief aquabomb sample
    Canadian clay pore cleanser sample
    Lab For You multi ex repair cream sample
    Preventive measures after hours lip balm

  5. I got mine. The bag is really nice. The color is kinda a coral.

    I got 2 sheet masks
    Purlisse watermelon energizing 2 min polishing peel (.34 fl oz)
    Tonymoly black color clay
    Botanic farm avocado honey rich water balm cream (love it!) (10ml)
    Feel renewed pumpkin walnut facial cleanser (I’m allergic to walnuts)

    • Just received mine. I also received the same products.

      • Still waiting for mine and hoping to get this variation… I love k-beauty and would really like to try the Botanic Farm cream and Tony Moly clay, plus I can always use sheet masks. The other two variations people have been posting are not as exciting (for me) — I have several of those samples already. Will update when the bag arrives!

      • Still waiting. It’s been in transit for 8 days. It was supposed to arrive today but the USPS has not even received it. Ugh.

      • I got the variation with the Apto mask, the Purlisse watermelon peel, Belif aqua bomb, Feel pumpkin walnut cleanser and FAB coconut priming moisturizer. I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping to get the sheet masks and Botanic Farm sample… I already have two of the samples I received and I don’t care for wash-off masks. Lesson learned! I will stick to my GBP. More upsetting though, the bag itself came damaged 😢 (it has creases and permanent indentations because it was crammed in the mailer and I guess it got damaged in transit). I wrote Ipsy to see if I can get a replacement bag.

    • Thanks for posting the list! I’m glad I held off now. The only thing I would have wanted is the water balm cream. (and the bag, which still looks cute but let’s be real, after years with them, I have many bags)

      • The Botanic Farm water balm cream is on shopper, $5 for a sample ha

    • That’s better than my bag. I was kinda disappointed with mine. I got:

      – 2 Sheet masks (excited for these)
      – Hemp infused lip balm (I’ll have to see how this smells but could be okay)
      – Canadian Clay Mask (I have dry skin so I tend to avoid clay masks)
      – Belif Aqua Bomb (meh)
      – Lab For You Multi-Ex Repair Cream

      I mean it’s not terrible, it’s just pretty meh for me.

      • Is the balm by Hempz? I don’t like that one. It feels great at first, but the ingredients are drying. It’s probably good as a layer over a moisturizing balm.

      • No it’s from a brand I’ve never heard of, Preventative Measures 101. I used it last night; there was no weird smell but it wasn’t very hydrating (which I need because my lips are always super dry).

      • I like your variant!

        I almost never use wash off masks, but they talked about the Neogen Canadian clay mask in one of the ipsy lives, so I bought it as an add-on & I think it’s fun! You rub it into dry skin & then rinse off, so it’s really easy for me to do quickly just before I shower.

    • That’s what I got too

    • I also got these items, and I’m pretty happy with them.

      I have a ton of sheet masks but I do like them, and these are good through 2021. I didn’t get them when they were offered as a monthly item (I think there were other masks that month, and I got those).

      I’ve like all the TonyMoly that I’ve tried and while I’m not sure this mask will be good for my face, I tend to break out where my arms rest on my desk all day, and it’s been extra hot and humid, so I might try it out for that. Same with the pumpkin cleanser.

      Not crazy about the smell of the honey water balm but I’ll have to see how much it lingers once applied. Texture seems great.

      And I personally am thrilled to get another Purlisse watermelon peel sample. An esthetician suggested I get this kind of exfoliator, and it seemed to be compatible with my skin when I tried it out previously.

      I expected the bag to be redder, not so bright pinky coral (not sure why– I mean, I look at the photo now and it looks pretty much the same). And I don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting it to be plastic. Again, I look now and it looks kind of obviously plastic, but for some reason when I first saw the photo, I was thinking faux leather. Maybe because I think the August one still looks like faux leather.

      • Sorry, this was supposed to go under Enid’s post; not sure how I got it in the wrong spot!

    • I also got this bag. Everything is up for swap except the avocado honey balm.

      I definitely made a mistake purchasing this, lol (I actually would have liked the lip balm variant, strangely).

  6. the bag is pretty hot!!

  7. Would love to hear what the contents are from anyone who may have gotten their bag!!

  8. They had to have had more Sunday Riley if they’re selling it on sale right now.

    • Where do you see Sunday Riley being on sale?

      • It was a smaller size, not the size we received in the bag.

      • Girl I was so excited about SR being on sale lol. I loved their moisturizer that was in the GBP

  9. I skip July’s ipsy glam bag. It had nothing I wanted or really use. I decided to get this bag instead. Hopefully it’s worth it!

  10. Well I can’t order one… poo

    “Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment.
    Shopper should be available again as of 7/3 after 6pm PT.
    If you need to you can always contact us”

  11. Haaaaa…. yeah, I bought 2. FOMO was strong.

  12. I just got an email that my skincare bag has shipped and it says the weight is 0.01 lbs. I really hope it’s not just a bunch of sheet masks!

    • whoa, mine is .01 pounds, too. That’s… worrisome, for a skincare bag. :/

      • I received a bonus sample from Ipsy yesterday for an error that occurred last month. It was a tiny tube Hanalai lip gloss and the weight on that package was 0.057 lbs!

      • That’s worrisome for any ipsy bag . My april mystery bag weighs 0.01 lbs .

    • Mine was 0.447 lbs. 🤔

    • Mine’s 0.01 lbs too. Im going to be pissed if I paid $12 for a bunch of sheets masks or foil samples. Really disappointed with ipsy lately. There are so many amazing products they could’ve put in this bag, really hope the weight is a mistake.

  13. i’m in …ipsy is always a good deal..

  14. This is very tempting but I want to wait and see what the add on options are tomorrow. I recently ordered the May mystery bag that’s still for sale and I was really happy with it. I think I liked it better than the one I actually got in May

    • May I know what you received in the May mystery bag? Thanks a lot!

      • The May mystery bag had
        Iby Beauty radiant glow highlighter
        #inm Velveteen Dream Shadow- super bass
        Lorde & Berry crayon lipstick- 20100 Maximatte
        Missglam(?) Brush SS57 (the one with the pink and blue glittery handle)
        Biorace Intense hydrating spirulina mask

  15. I just bought it. I dont know why because I have a million and three samples of everything already lol. I did have a $5 glam bag plus credit so it was only $7 for me. Can’t wait to see what’s in it though

    • Haha a million and three sounds about right for me as well 😉

    • When you bought the Mystery bag, did you have to pay for a July bag as well, or did you just pay for the Mystery bag this month?

  16. Do I have to subscribe for July’s box in order to buy a mystery box?

    • No, if you have previously subscribed to Ipsy and cancelled (like myself) or have an active subscription. If you meet the criteria you can order, otherwise you will have to start a sub with the July bag.

  17. Unfortunately, I’ve had and subsequently seen other have too many issues with Ipsy for me to bite.

  18. Yesterday Ipsy was offering Ipsy cash back on this, today that is no longer showing up when I add it to my cart…oh well I will wait to see what add ons are available tomorrow

  19. I ordered and had a $5 off glam bag plus benefit? No idea what that is but I’m here for it lol

    • Me too! I have no idea what that is either but I took advantage of it.

    • How did you get a $5 off + benefit??? Did you use any codes?

      • When you upgrade to Glam Bag Plus, you get a one-time $5.00 off an Ipsy shopper purchase added to your account. At least I did a few months ago. 🙂 No code.

      • Thanks for your answer! 🙂 And do you happen if I have to be subscribed in order to buy a mystery box?

      • You’re welcome! I believe you have to be a current or past subscriber.

      • Ohhhh, that explains it. Thanks!

  20. I caved. Thank you for the heads-up, Heather!

    • Me too!

  21. It’s so tempting as it contains only skincare products. I put it in my cart but I am going to wait 24 hours to see if the FOMO wears off!

  22. I fell into this trap because the bag is so cute. In retrospect, I don’t know what I was thinking, since I don’t use cleanser, wash off masks, or sheet masks. Lol.

    Ipsy had a mid-month sale of sample bundles & sheet masks (most were 2 samples for $5), & a bunch of people, including myself, just got a refund for a Coola sample duo. Ipsy said they were “out of stock” of the duo… even though I got a shipping email from them June 25 saying my order (including the duo) had shipped! Several other people had this same experience.

    This makes my THIRD (!!!) June $$ refund from Ipsy due to items being “out of stock”. Ipsy also had to refund reward points to my account for an “out of stock” sample. I got a partial refund for Glam Bag Plus due to my bag going missing & Ipsy not being able to send replacement products for those items (my replacement bag is still in transit). I got a partial refund for the ipsy Tetris collection because there was a dark spot of *something* on one of my lip balms, & Ipsy said they didn’t have it in stock to send a replacement. Now the weird late Coola refund after my bag has supposedly shipped.

    Ipsy… what is going ON with you, man? You are not usually like this!

    • This happened to me this month also it was so weird. I was suppose to get the Sunday Riley which was the one I wanted the most and my package got “lost” and they ran out of stock so they are sending me a replacement but they didn’t say what the replacement was going to be. It’s a whole new box of replacements but they did give me a parcel refund so I can’t be too mad it was just weird.

    • The add-ons are part awesomeness and part big scam. 🙁 I *never* get all of my add-ons even though I get charged and a confirmation email for them. Sometimes the package is poorly taped and sometimes it secure as can be, which means they never even put it in. Funny thing is, at least one of the missing products is always the most popular and out of stock by the time I finally get my bag at the end of the month. And I get a refund only after emailing, so if I don’t contact them then they just keep my money knowing that they never shipped my package. Happens *every* time. And big surprise, my bag was missing the Sunday Riley Add-on for June too, even though my order went through, I got a confirmation email for it, and they charge me for it, and of course that it was out of stock. There’s obviously something going on there.

  23. Easy pass, I could make a half dozen of these from my stash.

    • I could make about two dozen but I still bought it 😂 The Bag was too cute

      • I got what I assume must be my mystery skincare bag… 3 sheet masks (1 purlisse green tea and something, 2 gold foil ones I can’t read), Nair leg cream, alterna hair blowout, a lemon bath ball, and a scalp detox that leaked and smells like assperfume all over everything (blech). I say “assume,” because the box was bag-free.

  24. They have three mystery bags available; you can choose the April or May bag, contents are the mystery!
    Wish I’d checked before I ordered; I would have chosen one of the other bags.

  25. I cant sadly as I dont get Shopper in Canada ugh

    • 🍁 Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

  26. Hey ladies, do you think this is worth it? Would like some feedback on anyone who got a mystery bag before please 🙂

    • For me, it depends on how much I like the bag.

  27. Hmm.. don’t like purlisse & ipsy has a tons of variations of purlisse products:-[

  28. I got one yesterday, it’s such a pretty bag and I love skincare. Also, the value will be more than $12!

    • What was in your bag?

      • Right? Like that was the only important piece of information…

      • amber is right, I ORDERED it yesterday, they just came out. I couldn’t possibly received it already.

      • I think she means she ORDERED one yesterday.

      • Thanks, amber! They just came out, I didn’t think anyone would misunderstand what I wrote.

      • They just came out, I ordered it yesterday when someone posted it somewhere else. It will be a while before I received it. I will post what I get when I do though.

    • Do you have a picture of what was in your bag?

      • They just came out, I ordered it yesterday when someone posted it somewhere else. It will be a while before I received it. I will post what I get when I do though.

    • They just came out yesterday so oi f course ORDERED.

  29. these are just samples size right?

    • Yes, unless it’s a sheet mask, lip balm type of thing.

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