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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy September 2019 Spoiler!

We have an exclusive September 2019 ipsy spoiler just for MSA readers!

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For September, ipsy will be sampling the brand new Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara:

This is the travel size, (6 ml), which retails for $13.

This is a bold formula that lasted the entire day for me without smudging. (The wand is big and takes some getting used to if you have hooded eyelids like I do.) And while you can go VERY bold and dramatic with this formula, you can also get a more subtle/natural look. Here’s Marne modeling it for us!





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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Big surprise- no Tidal in the add-ons (for me at least). A little disappointed in my bag, but I’m sure I’ll get more excited when it ships. I have to remind myself it’s a cheap way to try products I would probably never buy otherwise 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. This was my first Ipsy add on this morning! I got Inc.Redible (sp?) jelly shot lip quencher (I’ll regret it but it was so cute!), TheBalm creamy lip stain in Namaste, and Youth Superfood cleanser.

    My bag is an angled brush, IT Confidence gel moisturizer, Papa cleansing foam, Adesse lip cream in Beverley Blvd., and Nails Inc. polish in Weekend Superhero. I’m happy!

    • Congratulations on your first add-ons! It is always exciting for me also. The Confidence in a gel lotion is really good, you should like that if you like moisturisers. The only bad thing about it, is the price on the full sized one. It is definitely not cheap.

  3. What time do the add ons go live for Ipsy? I cant find the time for this morning anywhere

    • When your reveal is up you can buy add-ons. It was live for me a few minutes ago.

    • They are on right now, try going off of the Ipsy site and then get back on it, to see your products that were picked for you, the add ons should be there for you. If it is not there than you need to contact Ipsy care on Twitter. Hope this helps!

  4. There are new point rewards up!

    Laboratoires Filorga Anti-wrinkle cream
    Marc Anthony True Professional curl cream
    IBY beauty highlighter in 24K Magic
    Estate Cosmetics lip icing in Drip
    and Estate Cosmetics eye shade in Schmoney

    • I am not impressed with any of these points rewards. To me, I don’t think they give us enough options or colors on the products. For 600 points most of these rewards are not worth spending them on, but it is free products, so I guess I should not be complaining!

  5. I actually like that I get mascara in every bag. I haven’t found my preferred yet so it’s nice getting to try out so many different brands. Plus if you wear it everyday (like myself) you can go through them pretty quickly.

  6. More mascara. Imagine that. I will not need to buy mascara for at least another year. 😂

    • I think you look so damn good Marne! Lol! I just had to say that, and no I’m not Too Faced! Haha! Another dumb joke! No really I’ve wanted to try this mascara from inception!!!💕

  7. Not really a fan of the BTS mascara, but I am willing to give this one a shot.

  8. I have already got to try this mascara through Sephora. It is not a bad mascara, I like it, but Better Than Sex mascara is still my favorite. I am always looking for the next best mascara and trying all of them that I can. I will be happy either way if I recieve this or don’t. If anybody has a mascara brand that you think is better than sex, than please let me know, so I can check it out!😊 Thanks!

    • I have really enjoyed Tarte’s Gifted mascara!

      • Thank you for your suggestion! I am now on a mission to try this mascara!

    • I really love Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous (not the extreme), Tarte Lights Camera… and I was super pleasantly surprised by the It Cosmetics mascara that just came in my ipsy this month. I make sure to give a mascara 2-3 uses before judging it as personally I notice that the brush is usually not saturated on the first use.

      • The Tarte lights, camera is my holy grail! It’s the best I’ve ever used and is one of the only one’s that doesn’t transfer to my lower lash line. I can hardly bring myself to try others anymore, because I know I’ll just be disappointed.

      • I really like the IT Cosmetics mascara too! And surprisingly like the Wander Beauty Unlashed volume & curl.

      • Thank you for the suggestions Lori! I have been getting a lot of people that are saying the lights,camera mascara. I have seen it a lot on Sephora but never have received it in any of my subscription boxes or bags. I have really been wanting to try that mascara. I like Tarte makeup brand. I may have to get the mini, so I can try it first, if I don’t get it in any of my bags first or like very soon!😂

    • I used to use Better than sex mascara but recently switched to Kay Von Ds Go Big or Go Home and have found my hg! I would definitely recommend. I think they have smaller ones for $12 at Sephora

    • I like BTS mascara a lot too, but a more affordable one that I like as much is Loreal Voluminous line! The Lash Paradise is what I have now, but the Voluminous line has some really great ones. I also like Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes and Urban Decay Perversion. Benefit Roller Lash is the best for adding curl! These are all really great mascaras and they also don’t weigh down my lashes which is the issue I have with some of the heavy ones.

      • Thank you for the suggestions!❤ I have heard a lot of people say that the Tarte lights camera action mascara is really good, I am going to have to order a mini to check it out. I was also curious how the Urban Decay mascara was. Actually all of the mascara that you named are ones that I have been wanting to try. I usually go on EBay to get the BTS or any mascara that I want to try because usually it is A lot cheaper than even buying a mini or full size at the store or online. There is a lot of people that get items in there subscription boxes that they don’t want and sell on EBay pretty cheap sometimes. Thanks again for your help!😊

    • Urban Decay Perversion is wet & coats super well!! Lasts long too

    • Sherri, after trying almost every mascara out there, i finally found the best one ever! Butter London Double Decker mascara makes my lashes incredibly long & full, and doesn’t clump. It goes on so nicely, easy and without smudges and again, i just have to say that the length is incredible! I highly recommend it! 🙂

      • Thank you Wendy J! I have heard of Butter London but have never tried any of there products. I will have to try the Double Decker mascara! This is the first time i have heard about this mascara, now i am curious!😊

  9. I do not miss my subscription to Ipsy at all. Same old items. Even only $10 it’s not worth it. I cancelled BB a long time ago too. I was pleased with my first Test tube beauty subscription well worth the money for full size items. Target is a better deal for $7 than Ipsy

  10. This is meh for me…. I have enough mascara to last me for the next several years LOL

  11. I’d much rather get another mascara than more skincare products cuz lately that’s mostly what I keep getting & I dont really use them. I love the Better Than Sex mascara by TwoFaced so maybe I’d love this one as well.

  12. So excited to try this. Thanks for the spoiler before I went out and bought a trial size to sample myself 🙂 Can’t wait and I hope all or at least most bags include it.

    • I like to use my monthly Play! pass as an excuse to take a monthly trip to Sephora to see what’s new and to treat myself to a little something in order to use the pass, and for the past two months (or has it been three since it launched?) I’ve had it in hand to purchase but always found something else less expensive but just as desirable, so I’m glad to have the chance to finally be able to test it out. 🙂

  13. Too Faced mascara is the only mascara I wear. And, I love the new Damn Girl! mascara. Can’t wait for a travel size for my purse.

  14. Hopefully it’s better than their “Better Than Sex” mascara, which is terrible, in my opinion. I don’t know yet whether I’ll skip September. I’m on such product overload that I only take an ipsy month if I like the look of the cosmetic pouch itself.

    • I read that September’s bag is supposed to be pink with constellations and October’s bag is supposed to have Betty Boop’s face on it. I hope that’s true!

      • Those bags sound great! I would love to try this mascara.

      • I read this also, they sound adorable! I will sign back up for those. I love the themed bags from Ipsy.

      • I’m super excited about the Betty Boop bag! I wonder if there will be any Betty Boop themed makeup in the bag. 😀

      • where did u see the betty boop?

      • I didn’t see the actual bag, but someone posted about it on reddit.

      • Can you send me the link where you saw this on reddit? i cant find it! so excited!

      • OMG, I hope that’s true, Luna! Since I upgraded to the Plus box, my deciding factor (for the regular bag) is the bag itself. (pausing the other months) Although, I’m breaking my own rule for August. I don’t want the bag but there are so many great items, that I’m keeping it active. lol

      • I’ve thought about doing that too (subbing based on the bag spoiler), but I feel like I’m in a sweet spot with Ipsy right by getting choice selection for both bags (they’ve given me choice selection for my regular bag since March or April), the curation for my regular bag this year has been stellar (5/5 every month but one that was 4/5; although my Ipsy+ could used some improvement… I would like to be able to keep more than 2 or 3 products from my Ipsy+ every once in a while. lol), no shipping issues (other than May for my regular bag, but that was a one-time thing so far), so I’m scared to ruin the good thing I’ve got going on right now. lol

      • Yes! I do understand that fear. lol. I hope they offer that choice selection to me soon. It’s annoying, after being with them for over 6 years now, that I don’t get that option.

      • Oh wow, lucky! I get two IGBP and two regular IGB.. never gotten the choice to pick an item yet 🙁

      • I would LOVE a pink bag with constellations. I saw that same post on Reddit, but the person never confirmed where they heard that info, so I am skeptical

      • Ya, I was debating on whether to share it since it was just a generic post, but most rumors I read on boxes seem to be true, so I thought it was worth the gamble to share, plus it lets me look forward to September’s & October’s bags early on! lol I hope it’s true though! 🙂

      • September bag sounds great. Can’t stand Betty Boop… but I loved the Gudetama bag, so to each her own. 🙂 I am super appreciative of the spoiler, regardless.

      • I’m so bummed I missed out on the Gudetama bag 🙁 I was on a stubborn streak of being sub box free regardless of how much I wanted the box when that one came out, and now all I have to show for my being good is regret. lol

      • I really love the Gudetama Bag as well! My son laughs every time I get it out!

      • Those sound cute!

        The August bag itself is rather boring for me personally.

      • Luna, I just saw the Betty Boop bag, it’s actually really cute (and I’m not a big BB fan)!

      • Where did you see that?

      • One of the girls in the Ipsy group on FB received an email from Ipsy- asking her to come back. It had the bag and 6 spoilers for October!

  15. I love my Ipsy but I’m not going to be trying any new mascara unless it is definitely waterproof. I’m opted out of eyeliner & lipstick. If I get this, it’s a stocking stuffer for sure!

  16. I have tried this. The brush is MASSIVE. I typically don’t mind big brushes but this this one is twice the size of regular big brushes and too big to be useful.

    • I love Too Faced, but not their mascaras due to how big the brushes are!

    • Yes! I hate how big the brush is. It is next to impossible to coat the lower lashes without getting it all over my face. I got one of these samples with Sephora points and I am not a fan.

  17. Me encantaría poder recibir esta máscara se ve fabulosa y la presentación espectacular

  18. I LOVE 💕 getting new mascaras that I can try. For me I have watery eyes all the time and getting a mascara that doesn’t eventually give me dark circles is rare…. Even the waterproof formulas are not that waterproof for me… So I say bring it on! I’ll try and toss!!

    • @Melissa. Me too. Have you actually found any that work for you? I’m still searching…

      • I have the same issue (finally discovered I’m allergic to most mascaras which causes the eye watering). Try Thrive Cosmetics mascara. The brush is thin but the pigmentation is great! It’s also a true waterproof mascara that lasts through 3 hours of tennis in Dallas summer heat and a full day at the beach without a single smudge.

      • Thank you Heather for that information! I needed to know this! I have Choice and I picked it for my August Glam Bag!

      • @Laney So far I’ve had some promising times with Tarte lifted sweatproof and the IT Superhero (IT doesn’t say it’s sweatproof or water proof) but it stuck to my lashes like glue and did take some time to get back off… I even took a nap in the middle of the day and woke up to find no smudging with the IT.

    • I know one that works! Even after 3 years of subs, I still won’t buy any other. It’s Avon Wash off waterproof! And it’s pretty cheap! We used to have an Avon store but it closed. I wait until it’s on sale and the shipping is free and just stock up on it. It’s pretty fast drying but it lasts through allergies, the pool, the ocean, even funerals. I think it’s $8, but I usually buy it at $4.99. Avon has free shipping on orders of $40 or more but sometimes, it’s free shipping with orders of $25. You can google local Avon Reps and contact one to simple just buy one to try. I work in short term end of life care. I won’t where any other.

    • Must be a Melissa thing. :o)

      I just got a sample of the Hourglass Extreme Lash mascara that is currently 100 points at Sephora, and that’s really good at staying put. The only down side is that it takes a little effort to take off.

      • Try the TwoFaced Mascara Melt Off. It works like a dream. Takes off even the hardest of waterproof mascaras. I personally cannot live without it.

      • MMO is awesome! Doesn’t irritate the eyes, either. 🙂

    • The Tarte lights, camera, lashes is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t transfer to my lower lash line and I don’t even use the waterproof one.

  19. Normally I’d be thrilled with a new-to-market mascara since it’s my favorite kind of makeup. If I only have time for one product I will choose mascara every time. I also like many of Too Faced products. This tube is gorgeous and the brush looks promising. However…this mascara is getting BAD reviews on Sephora. Their classic Better Than Sex mascara is a top selling product world-wide. One sold every so many seconds I think I read. If it ain’t broke…?

    Hopefully since I personally don’t like the Better Than Sex one that so many people love, this one will actually work for me.

  20. Yaa, I love receiving mascaras especially since I change out every three months and to have an assortment with various brush shapes is a win for me! I hope I get this sample🤞🏾

  21. Ipsy….you are killing it! Yes! So far, if I had to pick one to keep between my ipsy and my boxy, ipsy wins. At least for me. Loving all they’re coming out with

  22. Yay! I hope I get this in my bag or at least as an add on 🙂

  23. I hated the Eyeko and IT superhero mascara, but loved the PIXI. I really didn’t want more mascara but I love Too Faced so I can deal. lol Who knows what I’ll end up with though? I’ve been having major customer service blues and the items they say they send are always different from what shows up.

    • I agree- the Eyeko mascara made my eyelashes so stiff and gross. No thanks!

    • I agree regarding the issues with ipsy, lately! I’ve emailed them because I didn’t get my Ouai hair & body scrub and have not heard anything back from them and it’s been forever, dang it! And I love ipsy so much💕 I’ve been a subscriber for going on 5 years!

  24. I love getting different mascaras to try

  25. I say ENOUGH MASCARA ALREADY!!! Honestly, how much mascara can one person wear? I swear I have 30 sample & full-size mascaras in my drawer waiting for me to try them. (Yes, it’s time to sort thru them and give a bunch to my young nieces.)

    • Not everyone feels like you do.

      • Believe me, you would feel the way she feels if you’ve accumulated enough mascara to last a lifetime. I myself currently have enough to last me the next couple of years.

      • I also enjoy receiving mascaras as well. It’s nice trying them all out to see what works n what doesn’t

    • Literally all you have to do is send an email to IPSY letting them know you want to opt out of receiving mascaras. You can opt out of two items total.
      Example: no mascaras and no eyeliners
      And they won’t send them again until you ask to opt back in.

      • You should see the collection of mascara I’ve received in my GBP while opted out!

      • Did you specify that you wanted to opt out for both the regular and the plus?

      • I don’t think you get to opt out of anything in the GBP. I had heard that somewhere

      • I opted out of blush and bronzer after my first GBP, haven’t recieved it since.

      • Very not true! I sent Ipsy an email stating that I wanted to opt out of eyeliners and mascara. Got a reply back, we’ll try hard….blah, blah, blah. The next month, what did I get? MASCARA! I kid you not! I wrote them back and them gave me the same story, We’re sorry you’re not happy, we’ll try harder next time, blah, blah, blah. If I get mascara again, I’m going to cancel. It really shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

      • You may have to keep emailing ipsycare until they opt you out of products that you don’t want. I got to opted out of two products and they are supposed to let you. If they are giving you responses like that then more than likely they are adding there automated answers system to your email and not really even paying attention to what you are wanting. It has happened to me a lot, I got fed up with it and told them first thing to please read my questions and concern and don’t give me no more automated answers. Also, they have the rate me at the bottom of there email, just be honest with them, tell them that it is not fair that other ipsters get to opt out of two products and they won’t let you. Also, if you give them a bad review, somebody will get back to you and help you with whatever you are needing. I have had to do this myself, so trust me, if you want to be opted out of products than you will just have to be firm and straight forward with them. Hope this helps a little!😊

      • Same thing happened with me. I’ve been getting highlighters every month for the past several months and emailed to opt-out in June.. And guess who got a whole PALETTE of highlighters the very next month?? 😤

      • I was opted out of eyeliner and nail polish. I ended up getting eyeliner in a Glambag. I emailed and then attached the email that confirmed it. They apologized and sent me a sample of something else. Haven’t seen either one since. Start a new conversation with Ipsy about it.

      • This has been shown not to work for a lot of people who have opted out (so it’s not just as simple as that). I understand that people keep saying this, but it does NOT guarantee you won’t receive an item. I continue to receive mascara and that’s fine. I can donate them.

    • I agree with you on the having too many mascaras part. I already have 16 full and travel-sized mascaras from mostly Ipsy and Boxycharm. And I’ve already gotten a mascara in my GBP THREE MONTHS IN A ROW. I will actually cancel my GBP if I get one more mascara in that box. It’s one thing to get a full-size mascara every other month or a sample-sized one every month, but getting a full-size mascara EVERY MONTH?!!! Now that’s just ridiculous! Now, I love Ipsy, don’t get me wrong. And I am enjoying most of the GBP boxes that I’m getting so far (July was kind of a bust for me; hopefully August will be better). It’s just that I think it’s ridiculous to be getting a full-size mascara every month, especially since they last two or three months. Thankfully I haven’t had that problem with Boxycharm yet, but it is an issue I’m having with Ipsy GBP.

      • Yep

      • Wow! I have been with Ipsy a year now and I have never received a mascara! But my hooded eyes resist mascara. I always get it everywhere but on my lashes. If you ladies have several, maybe you can tell me which is the easiest to use.

      • If you don’t want anymore mascara you can go into your beauty preferences and say that you want mascara early or only sometimes and you should stop getting it as frequently

      • I have marked RARELY on a couple of products and I am still recieving them every month, like eyeshadow, I have it marked RARELY and I have received eyeshadow in my last three boxes.. in fact this month the only items that they picked out for me was items that I have marked RARELY and it was the same last month. They may say to make sure to review and keep your profile updated but I have found that it doesn’t matter, you are going to get whatever bag they randomly select for you.

      • I did mark mascara as Rarely on my profile, but I still got it three months in a row. I’ve thought about emailing IpsyCare and asking to opt out of mascara, but I heard that you can’t really opt out of anything for the GBP due to the variety being smaller than the Glam Bag.

    • You can write in and opt out of mascara and one other category too! What I had to do as keep getting every month and NOT using and will have to toss eventually!

    • I’d much rather have another mascara than some ugly unflattering eyeshadow or nude lipstick that makes me look a corpse. Or yet another (WRONG!) shade of red lipstick. The mascara is at least usable.

    • Do you all know that you can donate makeup to women’ Shelters and the like? Maybe that will help some of you deal with your overload and make someone else feel good about themselves.

      • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      • ❤️❤️❤️

      • What an awesome idea! I think if I was going through such a challenging part of life as living in a shelter, make up MIGHT be a small distraction for a moment to do me.

        I mean even now it’s a little time for just me.

  26. I’m not in the market for Too Faced or more mascara, but I did want to try this one.

  27. AMAAAAZIIING! Wohoo!

  28. Yawn. I’m opted out of mascara, but even if I wasn’t, I’m WAY over Too Faced.

    Eat the rich.

    • Exactly!

  29. The instagrammers pics look great, but all the pics from the company’s ad campaign look horrible. Yikes.

  30. Ooh! Yay!!

    • I have been looking for a mascara that doesn’t come out all gloopy and thick. I never know what the wand is supposed to look like. I need [email protected] but it always gets on my lids no matter how careful I am. What are you supposed to do with a gloppy wand?

      • If you’re looking for a mascara, that’s not all gloopy, don’t go for wands that are big and thick you want one that has a wand that is thin and separated, the best I have found so far is thrive liquid lash Extensions, or a wand similar to that one, just Google the picture of the wand, that’s the type you will want,, I hope this helps😁

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