Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the July 2019 Glam Bag!

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The July 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. I never had the option to pre-select, but I am very happy with my bag this month. I am getting:

    Hempz Lotion in Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon.

    12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment.

    Luxie Beauty 1010 Small Contour Brush – I love Luxie, but am on brush overload. The only product I am not excited for.

    Smashbox Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert.

    Ciate London Glow-To Highlighter in Moondust.

    I also added 2 add-ons this month:

    Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer.

    Oseque Hand Cream in Black Forest of Dreamlike Fantasy – Interesting name. I hope it smells nice.

    • We’re getting the exact same bag and add-one except I added the Firma brush, too.

    • Almost bag twins! Instead of the brush I’m getting eyeliner. And I added the hand cream too! Lol

  2. I didn’t actually look at what was in my bag because I like being surprised, but I bought the following add-ons:

    – PACIFICA BEAUTY Bronzer Blush Duo
    – LUXIE BEAUTY 1010 Small Contour
    – JOLII COSMETICS Luxe Creme Matte in Focoso

    I really wanted that blush/bronzer duo, and I didn’t have the option of adding the other item I wanted (the tea eyshadow) so I hope that means I got it in my bag! Now I just have to wait for the damn thing to arrive; last month my package arrived on the 20th so I have to keep reminding myself to be patient!

  3. I took a break from Ipsy for a couple years and decided to sign back up this month as I need mascara and other things. What a great way to try out some great brands without paying too much and happy with what I’m getting!!!!

    -HEMPZ Herbal Body Moisturizer in Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon
    -MELLOW COSMETICS Precision Pen Eyeliner in Black
    -BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Curling Mascara in Black
    -THEBALM COSMETICS Eyeshadow in The Rundown
    -CIATÉ LONDON Glow-To Highlighter in Moondust

  4. I didn’t have the option to preselect, but I’m still really happy with my bag!

    PHASE ZERO MAKE UP Blusher in Cotton Candy (I just hit pan with the blush I’ve been using, and this is full size!)

    12 BENEFITS Instant Healthy Hair Treatment (Yay!)

    THE COFFEE SCRUB in French Vanilla (Meh. I’ve used this before, and it’s messy!)

    CUCCIO COLOR Nail Polish in Mercury Rising (Yay! I love getting nail polish!)

    SMASHBOX COSMETICS Always On Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert (I love getting lipstick too, and Smashbox is one of my faves!)

    GOLDFADEN MD Bright Eyes (add-on)

    RED EARTH Brighten Concentrate Oil (add-on)

    IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer (add-on)

  5. I STILL can’t see reveals or do add-ons for regular Ipsy. I had no problems with reveals or add-ons for Plus, except at 9 am the 2 items I wanted (concealer & watermelon glow) were already sold out. The profile “matching” is a joke – I get exactly opposite of what I select. There must be a glitch in the Matrix (more like programming code error)

  6. I am really really excited for my Glam Bag this month! I’m getting:

    Phase Zero Blusher in Making Moves

    Laritzy Dew Pot in Utopia

    Twisted Sista Curl Activating Creme

    The Balm Eyeshadow in The Rundown

    Benefit Roller Lash Curling Masking (I chose this)

    My Add Ons:

    Huda Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Mauve

    It Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti Aging Concealer

  7. I’m over the moon with my bag!


    •The Balm Cosmetics eyeshadow in “Ooh La La”
    •12 Benefits instant healthy hair treatment
    •Murals Essential- C cleanser
    •Pacifica Beauty bronzer blush duo
    •Color Club nail polish in “Mrs. Robinson”

    •Luxie Beauty 1010 small contour brush
    •Phase Zero Blusher in “Making Moves”

    I received the phase zero blusher from an FFF add-on sale last month and it smashed into a million pieces during shipping so I’m extremely happy to be receiving it in my Ipsy bag!!!! By far the best blush shade by Phase Zero! ♥️

    • Murad* not murals 🙃

  8. This is the worst Ipsy I’ve gotten ever!

    I repeatedly ask for no mascaras or nail polishes and I got one of each this month.

    And honestly I feel like Ipsy did me so dirty sending me a wet n wild product? If I wanted wet n Wild I would just buy makeup at the local pharmacy : (

    In my Ipsy Plus I got yet another mascara and a Huda Pallet they had already sent me in the past.

    Plus the site was down for me all morning so I couldn’t get the Glow Recipe in the add ons that I actually wanted.


    • I know how you Feel! Wet n wild is one of the most cheapest brands there is! It is almost insulting! Every thing they put in my bag was products that I put rarely on my profile, meaning I don’t want that product! They also sent me a repeat product! If it was not for add-ons and getting to pick a product, I would seriously cancel my bag and go some where else! They seriously don’t look at our profiles like they say they Do! I think they just put whatever they want in people’s bags. Try emailing Ipsy customer service and ask to be opted out of mascara and fingernail polish. They are supposed to let you opt out of 2 products. I have opted out of fingernail polish and brushes and have not received either since opting out. Hope this helps!

      • You can try switching what brands you like. I heard that helps with what you receive.

        • They told me that you can’t be opted out of any brands! How do you pick which brands you like? I just seen in the beauty quiz the products that you would like to try, I didn’t know you could pick brands that you wanted to get your products from.

          • It should be right there in the beauty quiz, they ask which brands do you love or would love to try…Also when you get your shipping email be sure to actually look in it and it will tell you why they picked the 5 items they did for you…like for example, i got a liquid lipstick last month and in my shipping email it said they picked it because I left rave reviews about lipstick…They will tell you why they picked all 5 products for you..it does go by profile and reviews…and seeing why they are choosing items for you, is a huge huge help in how to adjust your profile and do your reviews to get what you want. So be sure to check the shipping emails..I hope this helped a little.

          • Thank you for the help!☺ I just know that all the products that got picked for me this month were products and colors that I marked receive rarely on my beauty profile but I will see what it says about why they picked the products for me. I am going to do my profile again and try changing brands like you suggested. Thank you again!

      • I’m sorry you had the same experience! And this really helps, thank you! I have enough mascara to last the rest of my life, 😂🙏🏻

        And fingers crossed they don’t try to send any more wet n wild in the future!

    • Same here. Wanted the Glow Recipe Watermelon moisturizer and a few others were nice too. But I somehow ended up with Huda pallette, highlighter, and mascara. 3 things I have said in quiz and in reviews that I do not want. It went from being spot on last month to a complete miss this month, and sad thing was, there were amazing products to have a chance of getting. And I have mine set to skincare oriented products is mostly all I want. But somehow I ended up with my glam bag plus being a major fail and couldn’t even do add ons bc was messed up and once I was able to get on it, was ofc sold out of all good things. Had potential to be an awesome month, but the ball was dropped sadly.

    • You can try switching what brands you like. I heard that helps with what you receive.

      • Thank you! I will try this

  9. This month was pretty good for me (4/5 for GBP) and 4/5 for regular.

    PACIFICA BEAUTY Bronzer Blush Duo (picked from email)
    RED EARTH Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum (almost added this to my plus when I couldn’t see the regular but good thing I decided to wait)
    FIRMA BEAUTY 204 Wide Blender (I like my FIRMA blush brush from a previous bag)
    FEEL Mindful Palo Santo Soothing Mask (❤️masks)
    CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer (This is the only miss as I hate watermelon scents and I’m getting the Purlisse matcha primer in my Plus, up for swap it is!)

    Added on
    BRTC Vitalizer Sleeping Mask & Pore Tightening Sleeping Mask Set
    DILLYDELIGHT Real Egging Pack (packaging was too cute)

    • Bag Twins, I am so excited!
      Add ons are:
      Huda Beauty Mauve Palette
      Smashbox Lipstick in Babe Alert

  10. Sorry, if it posts again, because after 10 minutes I don’t see it.

    Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper in Dark Brunette

    Curl Activator Creme

    Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Crown of My Canopy

    Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum

    Always On Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert

    204 Wide Blender

    Eyebrow Brush

    1010 Small Contour

  11. Here’s mine:

    I wanted a nail polish, and they gave me eyebrow gel last month.

    Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper in Dark Brunette

    Curl Activator Creme

    Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Crown of My Canopy

    Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum

    Always On Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert

    204 Wide Blender

    Eyebrow Brush

    1010 Small Contour

  12. I can finally see my regular bag reveals again!

    Here’s what I’ll be getting in my regular bag:

    BRTC Vitalizer Sleeping Mask & Pore Tightening Sleeping Mask – Yay! I love trying new sleeping masks

    La Beaute Fatale Cosmetics Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper in Dark Brunette – Yay! I love trying new brow gels

    Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Yay! I’ve tried this before and loved it! It curled my lashes like no other so I’m thrilled to get another one.

    Red Earth Brighten Concentrate Oil – Yay! I was really hoping I’d get this.

    Ciate Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer – my sample pick

    Another 5/5 bag for me! With the exception of one bag that was 4/5 this year, Ipsy has been spot on for me! 🙂

    • Same bag as mine – I like it 🙂

  13. I’m receiving:
    Coola SPF (ok)
    Smashbox lippie (❤️)
    Color Club green polish (❤️)
    Luxie contour brush (ok)
    Coloured Rain Who, Me? (👍🏻)

    First time they’ve sent me green nail polish. Looking forward to it!

    • I am getting the same polish. It does look pretty.

  14. Oh, me too. Love the color of the gloss. It’s so so pretty and love Smashbox. I am also getting Color Club nail polish in Palm to Palm, the egg mask, Phase Zero blush in Making Moves and Glamg
    low Illuminating Moisture. I’ve tried the Glamglow and really like it. Love my bag and love that it has lots of makeup on it.

  15. They are having major site issues. UGH I just want to know what I’m getting. I know add-ons will be gone.

    • That sucks. It’s not fair. 🙁 So not happy.

    • I just went online to see what I was getting and I could see the add-ons, but not the bag items itself. The only add-ons left were the Eyeko Mascara, an eyeliner, a Glamglow moisturizer and the Red Earth Concentrate oil. I didn’t order any of them because I don’t even know if I will be receiving any of them in my bag. So frustrating.

    • I missed out and only got a highlighter because of the issues on site! Dang it, the first time I really am not to happy and being a choice member, as well! And I did not mean to vent on here, so sorry! Usually I’m a happy camper!!!

  16. Page won’t load just keeps telling me error on the page. I just wanna know what ipsy is sending me. 🙁

  17. Love this month! It seems like the last few months all my subs have been way too focused on skin care. Finally some fun makeup items!

  18. July is not the best bag, but still usable. I got

    Trust fund nail polish
    murad facial cleanser
    Benefit real mascara
    Hempz hand lotion (i choose)

    I added on face masks
    Also my Glam bag plus is not showing the app is acting up….I honestly forgot the last item that is how bland my bag us this month.. I like the makeup bag it’s too cute…

    I usually get an eyeshadow each month but its weird that didnt get 1 in regular glam bag, because I love getting them. The balm had some cute shadows thus month…

  19. Mine is still pending lol! I guess I’m a tough one to curate for.

  20. Okay, that’s weird…. I can no longer see my reveals on either of my accounts. I was just about to list what I got in my regular bag (I just listed my Ipsy+ items a minute ago), but now that I switched over to my regular bag, it’s just showing the bag itself and not the products. Then when I switch back to my Ipsy+ account, I just see a picture of the box. Dang. I wish I could recall what I’m getting in my regular Ipsy bag. I do remember liking the reveal too. I just hope I still get both reveals with my add-ons!

    • If you click on any one of this month’s products, then scroll down to the bottom of that page, you should see a little “in your bag” section.

    • I can’t see my spoiler or any addons. Both URLs are blank pages to me. I tried to post the spoiler to facebook, but that doesn’t work either. I also can’t see any of this months products in general either. It seems like most people are able to access it though, so its not a widespread problem with the website, like last month.

      • OMG !! LOL I think the IPSY app or site exploded with incoming emails lol I can’t see NADA 🤣 just a grey screen

    • They just posted on their fb page. The site is down and their engineers are working on it.

      • Thanks.I was wondering about that. I have been having problems all day.

      • I’m glad they are working on it since I still can’t see the spoiler. However, this will be the 2nd month I’ll lose out on points for not being able to post the spoiler to Facebook and not being able to see/buy add-ons in time before being soldout.

        • Its working now! I can see the spoiler, but the post to facebook option is not there. Maybe they got rid of that for-points action permanently? Anyways, I received a brush, highlighter, sleeping mask, moisturizer and liquid lip. Unlike everyone else in the ipsy universe, I want skincare only bags, so I’m just okay with this one. Last month ipsy nailed it and gave me all skincare, so i knew it would be hard to top that one. Addons are also available to me now too. I picked the sheet mask, since 1.50 per mask with free shipping is usually a good price.

        • Me too! Dang it!

      • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I figured some technical glitch was happening. I just hope it doesn’t mess with my reveals or add-ons. lol

  21. This is what I am getting:

    😊BRTC- Masks
    😊La Beaute Fatale Cosmetics- Eyebrow Tint &
    😊Benefit- Lash Roller
    😊Ciate- Watermelon Primer
    😊Red Earth- Brighten Concentrate Oil

    Add on’s:
    😊Billion Dollar Brows- Eyebrow Brush
    😊Smashbox- Babe Alert Liqiud Lipgloss

    Pretty happy about this months!!!

  22. I love my ipsy bag…thanks ipsy…everyone have a great 4th of july, and be safe..

  23. July is a dud for me. I had planned to skip this month but when I remembered to do it, it was already July 1st (!!!), what an ultimate fail 🙁 Anyhow the 2 brushes (Luxie, Firma), I wanted, I didnt get 🙂

    Heres my bag:

    -Phase Zero blush in peach (preferred pink one)
    -Billion Dollar Brows brush (brand doesnt produce good brushes, i rated LOW and brow pencils have spoolies attached now, really no need)
    -TheBalm eyeshadow in grayish purple (ok-usable)
    -Smashbox in nude pink (i hate nude lippies)
    -Glamglow nude moisturizer (only item i like)

    Ipsy made more money off me bc I wanted the 2 brushes 🙂 And lastly, the bag is ugly.

    • If it was not for the item we got to choose and the add-ons this month I would not be too happy with my bag. I got a repeat item of the Ciate highlighter and another cleanser, I received one last month too! This month’s bag is really disappointing for me but I did add on the It Cosmetics superhero mascara and Huda Beauty Smokey eye shadow palette plus I picked the benifet cosmetics roller lash mascara.

  24. Last month I was pretty disappointed because I only received skincare products, but Ipsy sure stepped up its game this month. I received a perfect mix of items.

    – Phase Zero Blush in Making Moves ( pretty shade)

    – La Beaute Fatale Cosmetics Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper ( love anything for brows)

    – Murad Essential-C Cleanser ( I’m on a serious vitamin c kick with my skincare products! Can’t wait to try this)

    – Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara ( I already have 3 unopened mascaras and another coming in the plus this month)

    – Glamglow Illuminating Moisturizer ( I have this already, but forgot about it and hadn’t tried it yet)

    Add ons: Red Earth Oil, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Coverage, 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment

    • I still have a sample of the Glamglow Illuminating Moisture. I am getting a back-up which I’m happy about. It is so good. I got a sample of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Coverage. I love it. It doesn’t crease or cake. It is thick and a little bit goes a long way. It is really good stuff. I’m getting the same blush. It is a very pretty color.

  25. So excited I am getting a nail polish, lip color, hand cream, watermelon primer(cool), and a face mask(the only thing I can’t use this time)! Hooray for no eye shadow or mascara! I look forward to this month’s bag!! Go Ipsy!

  26. I’m getting:

    BRTC Vitalizer Sleeping Mask & Pore Tightening Sleeping Mask Set (Yay! I love masks and this looks interesting.

    CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer (I don’t want primers, BUT watermelon sounds fun and the full size is expensive.)

    THEBALM COSMETICS Eyeshadow in He Said (Yay! Love this brand, eyeshadows, and lavender colors.)

    RED EARTH Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum (Yay! Was super hoping for this. Oils are so fun to try.)

    PACIFICA BEAUTY Bronzer Blush Duo (Picked this. I love blush and bronzer!)

    Awesome bag 😊

    • Also just remembered that this is my birth month lol, so extra yay for no disappointments!

      • Happy BDay shawna !!!

    • I smelled the watermelon primer today at Sephora… and it was good.

  27. I have mixed emotions after checking my GB and GBP this month. I spent all of June going back and forth with a cs rep who allowed me to pick four items in my bags this month, 2 from each. I only got 1 of the products I “chose” in each.


    Glow Recipe Pink Juice (one of my picks, the only item I’m excited for in this bag)

    Pixie by Petra Glow Mist (really useless, I have oily skin I glow plenty on my own, will never use this, selected “rarely” on toners/mists.. complete miss here)

    Huda Highlighter in Pink Sands (even more upset with this one. The reason I first contacted the cs was to opt out of highlighters!! And I selected “rarely” on top of that. I’ve been getting so damn many from Ipsy, I’m sick of it.. Plus this story is way too light for me, giving this to my bff for her bday)

    It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (I can’t exactly comment on how I feel about this one, but my second pick was the Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions bc I got a travel size last year in my CGB and absolutely loved it and was so psyched to see it being featured this month! So by default, I’m super disappointed about not getting what I picked but I have never tried this particular mascara so I can’t knock it too much)

    Naked Cosmetics 4 piece loose pigment Set ( similar to the previous comment.. because I opted out of highlighters, I fully expected to receive an Obsessions pallet, but obviously that didn’t happen. So although I really wanted the Huda pallet, I can’t comment on how I feel about this product. I have two other Naked loose pigments, they’re super messy and I’m a complete noob when it comes to eyeshadow looks so Idk how this will go..)

    I added on: Huda Obsessions in Smokey and the Thrive Causemetics mascara


    12 benefits Healthy Hair treatment (no thanks, I have a ton of hair styling products, selected “rarely” for hair treatments, bc I have way too much hair to even bother with sample sizes bc it’s never enough product to disperse through)

    Luxie Contour Brush ( again, one of my selections was the Firma beauty blender brush, so default disappointed in this.. I’ve never contoured, don’t know how, and don’t care to learn nor start. I guess I’ll be using this for all the freaking highlighters I have..)

    Oseque Hand Cream (another complete fail, selected “rarely” for hand cream and unselected the floral scents from my profile.. This apparently smells like peonies)

    Color Club nail polish in Mrs. Robinson (this was my pick, really excited about this one, I love the shade and wear it often and it suits my skin tone very well)

    Smashbox Cosmetics Lip (really wanted this one too but it wasn’t eligible for product selection according to the cs. Really psyched for this one too!)

    I added on the Hempz moisturizer, Laritzy gloss in Curve, and the Firma Beauty blender brush.

    After reading through the comments I had an idea: an Ipster Exchange Program where we can post items we’re looking for and what we want to trade etc each month, split the shipping costs and both parties walk away happy!

    I would love to trade with someone for my 12 benefits treatment! Then we wouldnt have to add on products and could trade for them instead… Am I missing some thing here? Why isn’t this a thing yet?? Sign my petition!

    • If it helps you feel any better, I’ve loved every version of IT mascara I’ve ever tried. And I’m super picky about mascara. I’ve found all of their brushes to separate lashes and their formula does not flake.
      My eyelashes are quite long which causes me to get raccoon eyes, this has never happened to me with an IT mascara. I really hope you enjoy the formula as well.

    • You should join the swap page here. That is effectively what it is, but you can swap for items from other subscriptions as well.

  28. Mostly loving this months box – but really wish I were getting a highlighter palette instead of shadows. Can someone here recommend a good/active swap group?

  29. This month’s bag isn’t for me. I loved last month’s bag so I thought ipsy was really catching on to what I wanted, but no luck this time.

    -Coola Mineral SPF30 Sun Silk Creme
    -Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow Brush
    -TheBalm Eyeshadow in He Said, She Said
    -Smashbox Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert
    -Ciate London Glow-To Highligher in Moondust

    The brush I won’t use at all since I don’t use brow products. The eyeshadow I was excited about because it looks beautiful in the pan but in swatches it looks like it loses all the purple which is a bummer. Everything else is just kind of eh. I’ll try the products but not excited like I was last month.

    • Oh man, this would have been the perfect bag for me (I hate mine). Sorry you don’t like it!

    • If it was not for the item we got to choose and the add-ons this month I would not be too happy with my bag. I got a repeat item of the Ciate highlighter and another cleanser, I received one last month too! This month’s bag is really disappointing for me but I did add on the It Cosmetics superhero mascara and Huda Beauty Smokey eye shadow palette plus I picked the benifet cosmetics roller lash mascara. The worst part is that they are featuring Wet n wild highlighter that is cheap and can be bought for a dollar at most places! I am glad I did not receive this brand!

  30. I wasn’t excited about the July spoilers but I like what I’m getting. I like that they included a contour brush to go along with the highlighter I’m receiving.

    Eyeko mascara
    Hemptz Pineapple lotion
    Luxie small contour brush
    Smashbox lipstick in babe alert
    Ciate London highlighter in Moondust

    I added on TheBalm eyeshadow in Ooh La La and the Glow watermelon moisturizer.

  31. Opted out of mascara after June’s bag. In my preview I have a mascara. 🙁

  32. Love the five words under “Red Earth” (above). Try putting THAT on your face LOL!

    Looks like a great mix of products this month. I can’t see my bag yet, even though the money was charged yesterday.

  33. I can’t see either of my bags so I can’t see Add Ons which sucks so I will possibly miss out on Add Ons & its 7:30 am July 2nd

  34. I still can’t view my regular bag. I hate selecting add-on’s for the GBP when I can’t see my other bag because I could end up with duplicates or too many similar products.

    • That’s what happened last month to me, I couldn’t see the reveal (no points ipsyCare says 10 points for reveals) and I got so many Tetris & other lip balms that I do actually like! This month I couldn’t see my reveals or add ons, so I tried to login to Facebook and when I went back to ipsy, it added a highlighter! Just venting, as well! Sorry! I’ve been with ipsy for 4 years with no breaks and maybe they are sick of me! Who knows? I hope you all like your products : ) ! Thank you MSA for letting me post and vent a little!

  35. I got:
    Smashbox liquid lipstick
    Ciate watermelon primer
    Phase zero blush in cotton candy
    Red earth oil
    Brtc masks

    I added on 2 the balm eyeshadows and the Hempz moisturizer.

    • I got the same bag and added the It Cosmetics u see eye concealer.

  36. This month was the first month that I wasn’t excited about any of the previews, but I ended up with a decent bag anyway. My bags are usually skincare heavy, but I welcomed the change this month. I got:

    Hempz body moisturizer
    12 Benefits hair treatment
    Smashbox liquid lipstick in Babe Alert
    Ciate highlighter in Moondust
    Luxie contour brush (my pick)

    I added on:
    Ciate watermelon primer
    Oseque hand cure
    Firma wide blender brush

  37. I am getting

    Ciate watermelon primer I chose this but I chose through link posted on Reddit so wasn’t sure Ipsy would follow through.

    Red Earth oil As Austin Powers would say Ya baby. I responded to their we have to refund you for your rose oil add on we never added to your bag with I sure hope I get the Red Earth oil then .

    Feel mindful soothing mask Are they trying to tell me I need to chill out? Mask has lavender and chamomile I am all about it.

    Pacifica blush/Bronzer duo Err I don’t reach for one I got a year ago but that one might be duo blushes don’t remember. I have both blush and bronzer as rarely though.

    The Balm in Runaway This is a really nice dark grayish lavender finally an eye shadow color I likey!!

    No add ons they didn’t put either add on in bag last month and I redeemed a lot of points so probably would not fit so would not send this month either. Not getting my Sunday Riley until today other like I said was refunded.

  38. I got the Red Earth which is something I really wanted. I also wanted the 12 Benefits, added that on. Other items are La Beauty Fatale, I will give this one a try,Ciate London Watermelon primer… I just don’t like the watermelon smell, so nope. Benefits Cosmetics curling mascara, I usually don’t try new mascaras anymore but this one is waterproof so I’ll definitely try it. BRTC mask set, I have a lot of skincare right now but I love the packaging for travel, so I will probably put them in my travel bag. Pretty good match for me this month. The only thing that doesn’t match my profile is the mascara except for the fact that I’ve always asked for waterproof. So, that’s a win! Lol!

  39. So I’m getting the FEEL brand Palo santo mask, and am pretty sour about it. These trees are scared and endangered..Why are they using it in any skincare period? I officially hate this brand.

    • I had a bad experience with this brand, too. I got a sample of what was supposed to be a hydrating mask in another sub box. Well, their “hydrating” mask had a drying alcohol that’s a known irritant and can cause contact dermatitis as one of the principle ingredients! Your comment confirms to me that Feel is a brand to avoid.

      • Yeah i have honestly always been disappointed in their ingredients and this really did it for me…

    • And that’s supposed to be sacred* and endangered, but scared is also fitting I guess.

  40. I’m getting the Benefit mascara, a black eyeliner (yuck), the Ciate highlighter, Hempz lotion and Brow Tint. I added the face oil and hand lotion. 😍

  41. I can’t see what mine is or even see what the add ons are.

    • Same here. I have two separate accounts. One for the regular $10 bag and another for Plus. I usually log on earlier than they’re supposed to be ready and have no problems at all. Unfortunately today my Plus account went smoothly but I still can’t see my regular bag, which made choosing my add-ons a major gamble. There were so many products I wanted to try so I’m goung to be mad if I added on any that I’m already getting in the bag I can’t see yet. I’m so nervous because this has never happened and I keep hearing about people not receiving their bag at all for several months now. I hope this is not a sign foretelling me I won’t get mine this month.

      • Same here. One bag is showing and the other is not. Weird.

  42. *FEEL Mindful Palo Santo Soothing Mask (love skincare, excited to try this brand)
    *LARITZY COSMETICS Dew Pot in Utopia (this will probably be a miss for me, I have pinkish undertones that don’t do well with pink highlighter)
    *PACIFICA BEAUTY Bronzer Blush Duo (I’m opted out of blushes but obsessed with bronzers so I’m okay with this, also cute that the compact comes with a mirror)
    *CIATE LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer (I think through Ipsy I’ve tried this entire Ciate Watermelon line??)
    *RED EARTH Brighten Concentrate Oil (was the most excited about this from the spoilers)

    all in all, I’m happy with this bag. I would have loved that crazy egg mask instead of the dew pot but hey 4/5 isn’t bad.

    • I got the crazy egg mask. It looks so cute. I almost don’t want to break the yolk, lol.

  43. Happy with my bag this month!

    South Seas mother of pearl illuminator
    Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in Where’s my money?
    Benefit roller lash mascara
    The balm eyeshadow in rundown
    Red Earth brighten concentrate oil
    Added on Purlisse Watermelon aqua balm, Glow Recipe watermelon moisturizer and Phase Zero making moves blush

  44. Why is mine not showing me yet? 🙁

    • Mine still says July 1 on my page and won’t show me anything.

    • Same here. I guess it will make picking add ons much easier since there won’t be many left.

  45. My bag is AWFUL. Three out of five products (sheet mask, blush, eyeshadow) I have marked as “rarely send me” on my quiz. The only two products I actually like are the Coola SPF I chose, and a Smashbox lippie. If this is a preview of what the new Ipsy glambag matching system is bringing up, then I’m cancelling. This is the worst bag I’ve had since I started subscribing a year ago.

    I added on the Ciata watermelon primer, Eyeko waterproof mascara, and Billion Dollar Brows brow brush. The first two are items I wanted in my glam bag, and which I have marked as “send me often” on my quiz. I’m starting to think there’s something to the rumors that Ipsy is giving people bad bags in hopes of us spending more on add-ons.

  46. Classic Ipsy did really well, this month. Here’s what I’m receiving:

    FEEL Mindful Palo Santo Soothing Mask
    Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Where’s My Money
    Ciate London Watermellon Burst Hydrating Primer
    Oseque Moisturizing Hand Cure Black Forest of Dreamlike Fantasy
    Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert

    • Were bag twins! Excited about everything except for the palo santo mask..I’m pretty peeved about that actually, considering the palo santo trees are endangered.

      • Palo Santo is not actually listed as an ingredient.

    • This is what I’m getting, too, and I was pretty happy with it. I also added the Glamblow moisturizer.

      I waffled on adding one of the Thebalm Cosmetics eyeshadows, but I talked myself out of it. I also would not have minded the purple Cuccio Colour polish either, but it wasn’t an option to add on.

  47. I’m super excited this month because I got the thing I most wanted: the smashbox liquid lipstick!

    I also got the Midflower Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Masks, Coola Mineral Sun Silk Creme, Phase Zero blusher in cotton candy and the balm eyeshadow in oooh la la.

    I cancelled Boxy this month so I needed this 😉 I didn’t even need to add and add-ons.

    • This is my bad too and I honestly hate it. Only two products I will use. Disappointed in Ipsy for the first time.

  48. Bag is far better than the past few months. Never got the option to preselect, but I was going to take my chances this month anyway.
    Mother of Pearl illuminator – really wanted
    Smashbox liquid lip
    12 Benefits
    Trust Fund polish
    Coloured Raine in Who, Me?

    Added the GlamGlow and realized I’m very happy with this bag. I may actually use everything in it!

  49. Omg, you guys! My bags are amazing! For the last few months, personalization has been a disaster, but I am loving both of my bags this month! The Ipsy Gods finally heard me!!!

    Bag 1:
    – Billion Dollar Brows Brush
    – Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara
    – TheBalm Cosmetics Eyeshadow in He Said, She Said
    – Glamglow Moisturizer
    – Ciate London Watermelon Primer

    Bag 2:
    – Firma Beauty Wide Blender Brush
    – Coola Sun Silk Cream
    – Pacifica Beauty Bronzer Blush Duo
    – Coloured Raine Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Who, Me?
    – Ciate London Watermelon Primer

    Add-Ons – Coola Sun Silk Creme x 2, Hempz Pineapple and Honey Melon Moisturizer, Luxie Beauty Small Contour Brush

    • See, that second bag would have been good for me! (I selected the Coola in the “choose your sample” survey.) Why couldn’t they have matched me with that one?!

      • I picked the Ciate Watermelon Primer as my choice. Honestly, this is the first time in months I felt like personalization was right for me. Emailing customer care must of done the trick this last time.

      • I did not get a sample survey. Anyone know why?

  50. My bag is… fine. Can’t really complain since I selected the Hempz, so that decreased the number of possible variations I could have received.

    – Hempz body lotion
    – Pacifica bronze/blush duo (I believe I’m opted out of blush…)
    – Trust Fund polish
    – 12 benefits treatment
    – The Balm hot tea in Ooh La La

    Added on:
    – Smashbox liquid lip
    – Coloured Raine shadow in Super Star

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