Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the July 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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July 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

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  1. I paused my July glam plus bag but kept my regular glam bag so I was able to add on the Glow watermelon moisturizer. Its $21 at Sephora so I was happy to add it on for $12.

    • It’s actually $39 at Sephora for the full size:)

      • But this is the smaller version – not the full size sadly!

      • In the Ipsy details, it shows the $21 size being included (0.85 oz)

      • Yes but Ipsy didn’t send out the full size. The size we received is $21 at Sephora.

        • Unless I’m mistaken about the Glow Recipe if you are getting GlamBag Plus it should be full size. Everything is.

          • It’s the full mini size.

          • Like Boxycharm, ipsy appears to define “full size” as any size larger than sample.

          • it’s the “deluxe size” but not the full size

          • That’s not exactly fair Jessica. Ipsy has done it one time that I know of, while Boxy is constantly misleading and shady. The Sunday Riley last month was the $65 size, not the $22 one that they could have put in, according to your theory that they are just trying to screw people out of full size. Personally, if it takes putting a deluxe sample (or half of a full size) that’s available for purchase in stores, in order to get a new product in the box for us to try, I’m all for it! Ipsy is not always going to have access to the largest full size at a price that is conducive to including it in GBP. If they didn’t put it in the box just because of that, it’s a product we never get to see/try. That could be pretty limiting if you ask me.💁 I’d rather see products I’m interested in trying come in a slightly smaller size than not at all. It’s comparable to the Pixi in price and I would rather recieve a travel size of the glow recipe than a full size Pixi any day of the week. It’s a $25 box, I’m fine with an occasional travel size if it means I get something new and exciting.

          • This response is to Nicole: I wasn’t trying to suggest that either Ipsy or Boxy is trying to screw anyone over. I love both subs! But GBP promises “full size” products. My comment meant what it said: that apparently ipsy’s definition of full size includes anything bigger than samples.

          • Boxycharm isn’t shady either. The only small thing I’ve received from them is bum bum cream and it wasnt a sample just the smallest size you can buy. Ipsy is sending the smallest pixi spray so should I say they’re shady for not sending the biggest? For $25 they send a lot of value so not sure why people get mad.

          • I think you’re replying to the wrong person. I didn’t say either box was shady.

          • You didn’t but a few others on this thread were. It doesn’t tag specific people sorry.

  2. I’m really happy this month aside from one thing just on principle:

    HUDA BEAUTY 3D Highlighter Palette in Pink Sands (Super excited for this! I love highlighter and haven’t gotten to try anything from Huda before. Got to pre-pick this because I got eyeliner last month despite being opted out of it. Speaking of which…)

    IT COSMETICS Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara (Yeah, I’m opted out of mascara too :/ This was actually my favorite kind before my eyes got more sensitive too, but I can’t just ignore it so I emailed Ipsycare again. If opt outs aren’t going to apply to Plus they should just say it.)

    PIXI BY PETRA Glow Mist (Cool, I like their toner and sprays are awesome.)

    GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer (Yay! Never gotten to try this brand before and watermelon sounds fun.)

    NAKED COSMETICS 4-Piece Pigment Set (Loose isn’t my favorite format, but I’ve gotten a shadow from this brand before and liked it. Plus a set of four isn’t cheap.)

    Infinitely better than last month 😊

    • I’m opted out of highlighters and I’m getting the Huda palette…. and to make it worse, I’m super fair and am getting the darkest shade variation. 🥴

      • Ahhhhh I have the same problem in reverse! I’m opted out of highlighters and received the pink sands HUDA palette with and actual WHITE highlighter for my very tan skin. So disappointed in Ipsy for the first time.

        • I know!! They are usually my fav because of how well they match preferences, skin tone/type, etc. Now I’ve also received my third mascara in a row. I mean, I like mascara but I only have two eyes. Haha!!!

        • Me too! I’m tan. The highlighters wayyy too light. But I put some stuff on eBay and get a few bucks back

        • Lol this is what I was worried about I’m brown biscuit in the summer 😫😂 but I’m hoping it’ll work out. I watched quite a few YT tuts.

          I was on Boxycharm for a year and finally cancelled. I can only handle so many wash off masks. 😑

        • Hey! I’m getting bronzed sands and it will be way too dark for me. If anyone wants to swap for golden or pink sands or the touch in sol and LXMI, or maybe some other skincare, please email me at
          Brittanyjohnson 81487 at gmail dot com

      • Geez, they could at least give you the correct one for your skin tone 😯 They went too heavy on highlighters this month: the Huda ones, an Ofra one, and the Wander Glowtion. Needed more variety.

        • I received the full size ofra highlighter in my 10 bag 2 months ago

        • I agree with you. I understand and agree with them sending a variety of products for us to try, but they should at least match our skin tones, hair, eyes. I am medium skin toned year round, so I should have gotten Golden Sands to try, but instead I get the pink sands one. It’s disappointing.

          • I am light skin tone so I was hoping to get pink sands. but Ipsy will get the golen sands. In May box I got the highlitgter which was pretty golden shade but a bit dark on my skin so I am using it as an eye shadow.

      • I’m also getting the darest shade despite being ghostly pale. Their website is crashing and my bag products are gone too so I think they have a major issue this month. I too opted out of mascara and got mascara and said I hate neutrals and got the neutral shadow.

      • I skipped my GBP knowing I would get the highlighter pallet even though I emailed them and opted out of these… I can’t even give them away anymore after having soooo many. I am also very fair, and old, highlighters tend to accentuate my lines, so glad I made the right choice, (I have never skipped a month since they started) I kept my glam bag and added on what I wanted.. Happy!

        • Gillian, I think you are pretty smart. I’ve come to the conclusion that this “add on what you really want” approach might be the best for me, too, over the past few months.

          I have such FOMO that I haven’t been able to do it yet!

      • Omg I know no more highlighters don’t use and eye palettes. Way too many mascara. I have gotten no hair stuff from boxy or Ipsy! Really want skin and hair stuff.

      • You can always try to use it as eyeshadow… or add a little highlight to your lipstick/gloss. I don’t ever use highlighters but I’m going to give it a try since I do love Huda. Can you really try to opt-out of something? Does it ever work?

        • NO in my experience it doesn’t matter.

      • Jane- same problem here. Plus I’m getting mascara third month in a row! As if there is a glitch in their matching algorithm and we are getting the OPPOSITE of what we should. Everything is up for swap. I am not happy.

    • Box Twins!

      I opted out of mascara as well. Funny thing I noticed, I could add another IT mascara if I had wanted, but no doubles on any other products.

      I’m bummed I didn’t get option to add Touch in Sol moisturizer, this is the other item I REALLY wanted. I dont care for the Pixi Glow Mist, I produce enough shine. Instead of the Pixi and Mascara, wish I got the Benetint. I even liked the brand in my questionaire -_-.

      • I noticed that too! It’s like, seriously, give me anything other than something you know I won’t/can’t use. Like the LXMI body balm thing, or even a primer (Hate getting primers lol, but that’s a step above opted out, you know?).

      • I’m getting the Touch in Sol moisturizer and would love to trade for Glow Recipe Watermelon.

        • If you’d like to swap please email me at ninakellett (at) yahoo (dot) com

      • I wish I got the Touch in sol instead of the Naked shadows or even the mist. I didn’t get the glow recipe but I don’t like watermelon scents so no loss there.

    • Same frustration. I’ve only opted out of bronzers but never rate Mascara or highlighters high for the first I dont always like getting snd the second never use. Also both are marked rarely. So after emailing two months in a row I get the algorithm story and how they try to match etc. but even with the rarely marked and low reviews each time for a third month I’ve received a Mascara!!! So i also got a liquid highlight which I hate even more than a powder one. I know you can’t always perfectly match everyone every month but i also shouldn’t get something I clearly don’t want three months in a row 🙄

      • IGB does NOT take my preferences into consideration even my opt outs, I skipped this month thankfully.

    • Just got a reply from Ipsycare. Same deal as last month; you get to pre-pick between three items for next month:

      MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
      SMITH & CULT Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie
      THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

      I chose the cleanser.

      • Easy skip for August.

      • I got the same. “Ah, yes, so sorry we sent you a mascara this month even though you are opted out of mascaras. Would you like to choose one of these products for next month? Perhaps a mascara? The same mascara you didn’t want this month?”

    • I’m getting the exact same products! I cannot wait to try the *HUDA BEAUTY* palette and the *GLOW RECIPE* watermelon moisturizer!

    • Box twins! My gbp was a disaster last month, the only thing I loved is the Sunday Riley moisturizer! Looking forward to trying the huda highlighter & glow recipe. 😍

    • Can someone trade me? I have the bronze sands. I really want the pink sands as I am very fair. My email is soshirachael at g mail dot com. No spaces.

  3. I got:
    Pixi Glow Mist
    Huda highlight in Pink Sands
    It Cosmetics Superhero mascara
    Goldfaden Bright Eyes
    Glow Recipe Watermelon moisturizer

    This is a mixed bag for me. I can’t deny the value. Happy with the eye cream and glow recipe. Would have preferred Thrive mascara over IT Cosmetics. Would have preferred Huda eyeshadow to highlight, but at least the highlight is the right color. And wish I got one of the Benefit tints. I think fewer total products in GBP compared to Glam Bag means the matching algorithm doesn’t work as well.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this box!
    I’m getting:

    Huda Highlighter Palette in Golden Sands – Looking forward to trying this! I have fair skin, but think these colors will still work wonderfully.

    Benefit Cosmetics Benetint
    – I have high hopes for this product and can’t wait to try!

    Pixi Glow Mist
    – I have so many facial mists, but I go through them fast. Hopefully the oil gives my a nice dewy look.

    Purlisse Matcha Tea Priming Moisturizer

    Primer is one thing I have marked as rarely, not needed, but still worth the try. That’s what subscription boxes are all about, trying new and exciting products. Its a gamble sometimes, but I don’t always mind getting something that I necessarily wasn’t interested in in the first place.

    Thrive Mascara

    I’m not a huge mascara fan, but there is a lot of buzz about this item and the wand looks interesting.

    I added on the Glow Recipe Pink Juice

    Love this stuff and all of Glow Recipe products!

    • I would love to trade you for the matcha primer to the naked loose shadows, I’m digging for it.

  5. I’ve only been getting this bag for a few months. Last month was great (although it was weird that people getting the 111skin could add on Sunday Riley, but not the other way around) but this month is a bit of a miss.
    I got two primers, and won’t need them for months with the couple I already have open at home. I checked out with 2 add-ons to make this bag more usable for me and saw that only one was added. The other, I guess, is sold out.
    I already set my account to skip the next few months because I’m sure I’ll be on overload after the FFF sale and with all the stuff I’ve already received. You can’t cancel from the account preferences, which I always find a hassle for a company to do. I’ve deactivated & reactivated FFF and BoxyCharm a few times. When I have to cancel with the company rep, like with Allure, I never order again. 🤷‍♀️

    • What do you mean you can’t cancel? I have canceled Ipsy online before. You go to the very bottom, Manage Membership, Help me stop my membership. The only downside is if you want the current month and you are canceled, you won’t get it. Even though it is the 2nd, if I signed up now I wouldn’t get July, for example.

      • The only options I had for membership were skip 1 month or skip 3. I’ll see if anything interests me in the next couple months, but there was no option to cancel entirely.

    • You just have to look at the bottom where it says help me stop my membership. You do have to confirm canceling with an email link but you can definitely cancel online.

      • Sooo, I decided to order a second GBP with an old deactivated account and it said I’m getting the GBP next month. I wanted two to hopefully get some variation.

        Does anyone else do this? Does it work or does it wind up being the same two bags basically?

        • I’ve heard people getting the same in both bags and others get some variations. I would set your profile differently to try to get some variation. I’ve heard you can also opt out of 2 categories if you let ipsy know, but of course this won’t help if it is an item everyone receives, like the tetris eyeshadow palette.

  6. Hi all! I got the huda beauty highlighting palette in the shade pink sand, I’m looking to trade for any darker palette shade. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ashley! I’m getting the Huda Golden Sands palette. Will that version work for you? If so, I’d be happy to trade.

      • Hi Amber, I would love to get Golden Sands!! My email is [email protected](dot)com

    • I’m getting the Bronze Sands and would loooove to swap for a lighter palette! Happy to email you and set up a trade!

      • If you can’t find anyone to swap with I will be getting both the pink and golden sands. My email is [email protected](dot)com

      • Hi Jen if you want I would love to trade you my pink sands for your golden sands, if you still have it! I have medium skin so why the sent me the lightest shades is beyond me please email at c j durbin at a o l dot com thanks!!

  7. I’m pretty happy with what I got, no add-ons needed this time:

    Huda highlighter palette (already have the smokey eye from previous)
    Purlisse matcha green tea (love green tea and love primers)
    Thrive mascara (been wanting to try this for a long time)
    Pixi mist (love mists and haven’t tried this one)
    Naked eyeshadow set (this would be the only definite swap)
    4 out of 5 is not bad, I think the only way it could have been better is for me to get the Touch in Sol water glow cream but it’s not in my add-ons, so my wallet is safe!

    • Same bag.

    • Flora, box twins!!

  8. Only good thing I’m getting the Luxie Beauty Brush I picked from my email – at least they listened to that but everything else just goes to over load in products or give aways

  9. So glad I was forced to skip this month due to a move. No FOMO with these items.
    I’m usually a complete cheerleader for Ipsy plus but, this month is a lot of major item repeats. They have had too many of those in the short time they’ve rolled out the plus. I sure hope it’s not the signs of them going downhill from here.

    • Ditto ALL of that. I’m seeing red flags, and it’s soooooo disappointing because GBP is my fav 😞

    • Agree. I’m seeing a lot of repeats, which they should just keep for add-ons AND not forcing them as variations to current subscribers.

      If I had wanted it, I wouldve added it to my bag. Now Im guaranteed to get it next month because I didnt get it this month! Thanks Ipsy- NOT!

      • It would be pretty extravagant to expect them to pick products based on what people didn’t add on..maybe you were broke that week, or who’s to say people didn’t add on because they didn’t actually want the product..Or for that matter only 3 add-ons are allowed anyways..so i guess they just assume you didn’t want the rest because you didn’t pick every one…Like seriously, some peoples expectations are through the roof man.

      • I do agree that is a drag when you missed a month and then get it the next month. Especially if you skipped a month specifically because an item didn’t interest you and suddenly you are getting it. I can kind of “tell” when I’m going to get an item that is a repeat if I didn’t get it last time. Like I knew I was getting 111skin and was kinda annoyed because I had skipped that month, but I’m sure they try not to give the same items to someone who didn’t skip that month and I believe EVERYONE got it who was subscribed at the time. This month my only concern was whether I would get the OTHER shade of the Huda eyeshadow, but nope! Guessing if you are new or skipped, you’re likely to get eyeshadow and if you were subscribed at the time you get highlight.

        On the other hand, if I *do* want a repeat, I’m sometimes sad not to get it. I wouldn’t have minded another Bright Eyes, but not enough to pay the $12 for it. It would be nice if they acknowledge repeats and give little quizzes on whether you would be interested or not. I consider a product a repeat if it has been in the bag before, even if I didn’t get it personally.

    • I’ve had plus since the very first bag, and i have never had a repeat. I think the repeats you are seeing are for new subscribers. (which I think is smart, they have all been excellent products, and they get new subscribers all the time) I have only seen 1 maybe 2 complaints of actual repeats in their boxes. Just because it’s an option doesn’t mean all subscribers are getting it. I honestly would be more disappointed as a new subscriber to think “Oh, i would have loved that, but they sent it once and never will again”..as long as the repeats are for new subs, what’s the problem?

      • not true, I have been a sub since November and got a repeat item AND an opted out item this month. I honestly kept this month in hopes for the glow watermelon. didn’t get it but glad i was able to add on. though, now that I am doing the math. I was better of buying this at sephora rather than being out $40 (box + add ons). ugh, i wish i had a friend who has a sub and will let me just buy the add-ons. this box for me is pretty boring. only thing that I like is the pixi mist which is probably like $12 retail.

        • Little piece of advice, updating a profile often, or to trying to manipulate a certain months bag based on spoilers doesn’t work and can be counterproductive. Ipsy tells you that their algorithm takes a couple of months to work in any changes. So it’s best to just be completely honest and be very thorough in your reviews.
          That being said, the longer I’ve used it, the better it’s gotten for me. I know a lot of people have complaints about getting types of makeup they don’t like but I think if you’re the type who never uses a huge makeup staple(eyeshadow, mascara, highlighter) that will most surely be there nearly every month, a beauty sub is probably not a good idea.
          And about the Glow Recipe, i know it’s a moisturizer, but it’s mot meant for dry skin so people who have dry skin marked down most likely won’t be receiving it as the Purlisse is much more suitable for dryness

        • I’m curious as to what you have in your box because I got the Pixi mist and will probably not end up using it. I’m on the waitlist for the site but I would be willing to trade!

      • I’ve gotten two repeats in my Ipsy Glam Bag plus so it does happen.

      • I have had Plus since the first one they offered and just this month, got my first duplicate. I’ve had Ipsy for 6 years, so it is a rarity. It does happen though.

      • Repeats definitely do happen.

        I’m okay with recycled items from previous months being included in the bags of new subscribers, but, man. We have a profile for a reason. Ipsy didn’t send me that lip balm in April because it didn’t fit my profile in April. Guess what? It still doesn’t fit my profile in June! Why send it to me then?!

  10. Thrive mascara
    Huda Highlight palette in Golden Sands (would love to trade for an eyeshadow palette)
    Pixi Glow Mist
    Touch in Sol glow cream
    Goldfaden eye cream (very happy about this)

    The whole reason I subbed this month was to receive a Huda eye palette. I thought I had a pretty good chance since highlighters are marked rarely on my profile. Oh well, I am stoked about the eye cream.

    • That eyecream is really good! I have a Huda coral palette if you are interested, but I got the highlighter palette this month so I would have to swap you for something other than your highlighter.

    • Bag twins!
      I got the pink sands palette though, I have enough highlighters to last me a lifetime.I still feel it’s a pretty solid bag!

  11. I would get that stupid coffee a scrub and that purple nail polish ( which I marked rarely in my box) , GBP was so so added on smash box , and laritzy glow bc I love that highlighter ) watermelon stuff was sold out – all other Add Ons were boring or repeats oh well both my bags ehhh!!! This month blah :/

  12. Worst bag ever! I got the LXMI which I just got a couple months ago and all makeup with no skincare! I emailed them and they better change my bag. I pay $27 for different items not the same thing over and over

    • I wish you luck with getting your bag changed. I’ve never heard of anyone getting there’s changed, and I’ve tried myself lol. But I really do hope they can do something for you. The best resolution I’ve gotten is picking one product for the next month.

      • They have changed it for me before when they have given me the same item

        • Oh ok, well that is a different situation than mine was. Hope it works out for you. I emailed them because I’m opted out of eyeliners and Mascara’s. Last month I got the Suva Eyeliner and said nothing. This month I got a mascara and emailed them about both to kindly remind them what’s going on lol

    • I have to email and see if we can ask not to get a certain product anymore..for me: primer,I received 2 this box.

      • They promised to send me the pink juice moisturizer this month because of a bag error last month and I got no pink juice but I did get a repeat of the eye cream and the Shea butter somehow with my three subscriptions I ended up with three identical boxes with three repeat I am not happy

    • Same here, got that balm in February and now again!

      • I got the repeat balm too. 🙄

    • When i saw my spoilers i contacted Ipsy.i let them know that the lxmi was a repeat and i didn’t like it the first time. It smelled really bad. The e-mailed back apologizing and said they would send me the goldfaden md doctors scrub.so i was happy but…i recieved my box today and my add-on of the green tea matcha primer wasn’t included. So i had to email them again.hmm.however i still love ipsy💗💗💗
      Also i have a question for the lxmi. I see a expiration thing but it’s so small i can’t even read it with my glasses on(I’m 49) lol .and it looks like 050418 are printed in the end of the tube. So is that a lot number or may 4th 2018?? If so i guess that would explain the bad smell of it. Does anyone else’s smell bad?

      • It may be a manufactured date, not an expiration, but a lot number sounds more likely.

  13. I hate my ipsy plus this month. My profile clearly indicates:
    -NO highlighters….getting the Huda Highlighter palette
    -NO eyeshadows…getting the Naked Pigments
    -NO Mascara…getting the Thrive Mascara

    And the of the other 2 items I only care for 1….the Pixi Glow Mist.

    Bummer….and I canceled. I switched from boxycharm to ipsy plus becuae I was told Ipsy follows the profile and they did when I got the Glam Bag. But they did not for the Glam Bag Plus. Guess I will go back to Boxycharm since the product brands are better in my opinion.

    • Some are have suggested that ipsy is using the add ons to get you to buy what you really wanted by sending you what you marked rarely. I want to say never f—ing ever for highlighters, and guess what I’ve gotten 2 of my 3 boxes now? All while there’s a eyeshadow palette available that I have marked as would love just sitting there to buy for more money. How greedy! They have extra of what I do like and are sending me what I said no to! Well, I don’t want that palette bad enough. I tried emailing them last month to have them permanently exclude highlighters and never heard back. It’s easier to cancel, is that what they want? I have skin texture issues that make highlighters look so sad on me, I wear makeup to be a better me, not worse. Ipsy was supposed to be more custom. At least Boxycharm has better brands and doesn’t pretend to be as custom.

    • Exact same thing happened to me. The last thing I wanted was the highlighter. My beauty profile says I don’t use highlighter, but wam getting it in my bag. 😡 I had to purchase the mauve obsession pallet as an add on. 😥

  14. I am getting the Huda highlighter and thrive mascara…opted out of both highlighters and mascara, so very disappointed. Pixi-meh, LXMI balm is a repeat for me. my worst box yet.

    • Same for me. I’m getting the highlight pallet (marked rarely as I have enough to last a lifetime), pixi spray (not very interested but I’ll try it), mascara (for the third time in a row), touch en sol (I’ll use this), benetint (definitely won’t use). So far this is my least exciting bag as it seems the profiles were ignored. The glow watermelon was sold out as an add on by the time I got up west coast time.

  15. Pretty happy with my box, though I got 2 eyeshadows this month. I’ll never need to buy any eyeshadow ever again bc of Ipsy. 😆

  16. I got:
    Huda highlighter palette in pink sands
    Thrive mascara
    Pixi glow mist
    Naked cosmetics pigments (not excited about this one)
    Purlisse matcha green tea primer

    Added on the glow recipe

    • We got the exact same bag and added the exact same add-on! Super twinning lol.

      • 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

    • Almost box twins! I got the touch in sol instead of the Purlisse. Added on glow recipe 🙂

    • Also should add-if anyone wants to maybe swap for the naked cosmetics pigments, I might be up for that

  17. May was my first IPsy plus bag and it was perfect. But decided to skip June since it wasn’t very exciting. I have mixed feeling about this month. I am getting:

    Yensa primer (has anyone tried this??)
    Pixi Glow Mist

    I am looking forward to:
    Huda palette in Mauve (I’ve never tried Huda)
    Thrive mascara
    Touch in Sol Glow Cream

    • I got the Yensa Primer in my May bag and I really like it. Its nice on its own or used as a primer.

    • I got the yensa primer recently and have been using it. I like it. So far it works well for my combo skin. I hope it works out for you.

    • I love the Yensa Primer.. it is now my go-to primer. I think you’ll love the Huda Palette as well… I do.

    • I do not like that yensa primer ! No offense it doesn’t prime good for me plus it’s on the heavier side with a nudist color to it , the Add Ons were so less interesting maybe better off I’m sick of my box turning into a lot money ,
      When I should be getting them in my
      Bag what I payed for – oh well dislike to be Debbie downer , but it is frustrating when you tweak your profile , and do reviews they listened to nothing I say but got the color of the Huda palette right ( sighs)

    • I bought the Mauve palette as an add-on the last time they had it. I really like it. I have fair skin & green eyes, so the rosier colors really pop. I thought it run cooler-toned because mauve is usually a cooler color, but they’re all pretty warm toned and lean on the red side of mauve. I usually add a slightly lighter crease shade than the tan that’s in the palette because I’m pale & using that one is a little dramatic for me. But I really like the colors and the formula goes on beautifully.

      • I second this completely..I also think the mauve’s are a lot more on the red side, which warm tones don’t work near as well for me, so i was a little disappointed in it.

  18. I decided to reactivate Glam Plus after recieving an email about a guarateed Huda palette but when I reactivated the cornfirmation page says Im getting August bag! I reactivated for the Huda. Anyone else have this issue? I emailed ipsy and am waiting for a reply

    • I’m not sure about Plus, but this happened with my regular Ipsy. I called and they fixed my account so I received that month as I wanted. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the items in my email.

    • They should accommodate you as long as you joined before the 5th of the month. They have been very accommodating to me! I emailed unhappy with my shade of the Huda Palette (Bronze sands) and they are sending me gold sands now, according to the email from the rep. We shall see… I’m unsure how they plan to do that. Idk if my whole package will be late or if they’re going to send an extra.. she said it will ship separate from my normal box.

  19. This is my first glam bag plus box… I am excited but slightly confused since I am receiving two eyeshadow products. Anyone else? Oh well… I will still use them both and also ended up adding on Bright Eye since I am in need of some creams at the moment.

    -Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Smokey
    -It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara
    -Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm
    -Pixi by Petra Glow Mist
    -Naked Cosmetics 4-piece Pigment Set

    • The Huda Smokey palette is a repeat I didn’t like it it’s up for sale

    • hmm, I also just signed up for GBP and I’m getting that exact same bag. Wonder if it’s the newbie bag?

      • No, this will be my first GBP on a different email and I’m getting the Huda 3D highlighter.

  20. I could have sworn I was sent the watermelon aqua balm in a previous Ipsy box and I cant find it. I know I have tried this before. Not sure if a diff box sent it to me? Is this a repeat item for anyone?

    • I think they had sample size in the regular ipsy bag???

  21. I have fair skin selected for my complexion and I got the darkest highlighting palette from HUDA. Bronze Sands. Like wth? I don’t bronze or contour either so this is such a waste for me!

    • Would you like to trade?

      • Hi!! I got the Bronze palette as well, and I have a light-medium skin tone and would love to trade with you if you got either of the other two versions of the highlight palette! My email is sydney (dot) currier at gmail 🙂 thanks!

  22. I am getting :
    The Huda highlight palette in plank sands (excited to try to this)
    It cosmetics mascara ( I think I tried this before but it wasn’t my favorite, I do wear mascara everyday to work so I go through them)
    Pixi glow tonic (interested in this)
    Purlisse watermelon balm ( not that excited about this one)
    Feel beauty moisturizer (this has pretty good reviews so kinda of interested to try)
    And I added the Gogo tint

    Overall for $25 I am happy with this month

    • First bad twin I’ve seen! I am also kind of interested in the Feel moisturizer; I read the reviews too. I’m honestly not thrilled as I don’t need highlighters (I am not a big eye shadow girl either but was excited to have a palette to try) but got Pink Sands (I’m olive skinned). Ill try the Purlisse watermelon but I’m hit or miss with that brand. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I added Benetint too along with more. I have no self control! 🙂

  23. I’m super disappointed in my July GBP. I got 4/5 items I didn’t want.
    -Huda Highlighting palette in bronze sands[I don’t bronze or contour!]
    -IT cosmetics Stretch mascara [I’m opted out of mascara and I don’t use it due be extremely difficult to get off and it transfers days after applying and removing. HATE IT]
    -Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm
    -Naked Cosmetics Loose shadows
    Only product I actually wanted:
    Pixi Glow Mist!
    Any twins? Anyone want to trade?

    • I’d love to trade for your Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm.

      Any/all of these are up for trades:

      Huda Highlighter palette
      Thrive mascara

      I’m not on the swap site but you can let me know. I’ve emailed Ipsy about the repeat LXMI & opted out mascara but I doubt they’ll switch them out before shipping

  24. I’m not sure Ipsy is doing a good job of matching products with my profile. I am getting mostly things that I have designated as rarely wanting:

    It Superhero mascara (rarely)
    Huda Highlighter palette (rarely)
    Pixi Glow Mist (rarely)
    Naked Cosmetics Pigment Set (this might be okay)
    Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm (the one match to my profile)

    This is my third month of GBP and I haven’t been super impressed. I end up spending a lot in add-ons to get the products that I want. Maybe since I’m spending so much extra in add-ons I’m incentivizing them to not include things that match my profile.

    • That’s totally the way I feel about add ons. For the past 2 months I have recieved 4 out of 5 products that I have marked as rarely. I contacted them and told them they are out of their minds if they think I’m going to give them more money to add on for products that should have been in my box to begin with! They are going to have to start sending me 2 products each month that fall in line with my profile before I’ll even consider add on’s again.

    • Same! I’m getting products I said I didn’t want. I have dry skin and didn’t get any moisturizer, super disappointing. I was so excited for July’s box but now really bummed cause I’m getting mascara and a loose pigment set I didn’t want.

    • Wao, I was thinking the same about add ons, this is the first month that I am not getting moisturizer included, and this is the first time that they give me 3 options of full size, I won’t get any add ons next month and see what happen next

    • If you have mostly skincare as things you want its harder to match your profile since they wont send three moisturizers at once. Also don’t forget to rate them low for products you dobt want which might help whatever algorithm they use to pick your products.

      If you tend to buy more add ons to get the products you like maybe just get the regular bag and then get the adds ons?

    • Same here! Disappointed and I canceled. If they are not going to follow the profile, I am better off with BoxyCharm as it is slightly cheaper.

    • No – I’ve only bought add ons once and they completely missed my profile this month too. I kept telling myself to skip, then new spoilers came out and I had hope. Those hopes were quickly dashed when I saw my reveal. I am also getting a duplicate, from October. I’ve emailed them already. First GBP since it first started where I’m really upset about it. Hopefully next month will be better! Thankfully, I am good with my regular bag this month.

    • Agreed 👍

    • Agreed 👍

  25. I am so so confused ok so I’m paying $25 for 5 full size products right? I just check my July Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and one of the items I’ll be getting is the GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer, I checked the details and it says it’s the 25ml which is the MINI SIZE not the full size. I’m confused now.

    • I was going to add it on to my bag when I realized that it was less than half of the full-size. By my calculations it has somewhere around an $18 value. Paying $12 for it didn’t seem like such a great deal.

      It doesn’t seem right that they market full-size products and then include something that isn’t.

      • It is considered full-size because it’s a product you can purchase from Sephora or the GR site. It retails for $21. Everyone’s bad attitude regarding this product size is getting really tired. But, that just means there was plenty for me, and I added one to both bags. This stuff never goes on sale.

        • *** Sephora
          Standard size 2oz / 60ml $39
          Mini size 0.85oz / 25ml $21

        • I didn’t know glow recipe was a mini size until now, but as I see is almost 1oz, and this is standard for moisturizer, so still happy for getting as add ons, anyways, it retails for $21 plus shipping

        • I added the Glow Recipe to both of my bags too 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try this moisturizer for a while, and even though it may be .75oz (if my conversion is correct), that’s still a decent size bottle that will last me quite a while, and $12 for a bottle that will last me more than one month is worth it to me 🙂

          • Ooops, it’s .85oz. Even better 🙂

        • Amber I totally agree with you! Well said 👏 I added on one to the bag I didn’t get one in and I’m more than happy to get the discount, because it never goes on sale and it is considered full size. Just because there’s more than one size listed, doesn’t mean it’s not full size lol

          • The reason why the .85 fl oz would be disappointing is because the other moisturizer alternatives such as the Touch in Sol and both Purlissse products are 50ml. Seems off in value and size.

    • Looks like Ipsy is taking lessons from Boxycharm!😂

      • Lol…I think boxycharm is the one that needs the lesson.

        • Lol true that Jessica !

          • I’ve never gotten a travel size from boxycharm. People need to remember products have different sizes. They’re not always going to get the biggest for the boxes 🙄 and they still retail for more than the box usually

  26. For the first time since subscribing a few months ago, I’m super excited about my Glam Bag Plus.

    I’m getting and keeping the Huda highlighter palette in Pink Sands, the Benetint, and my all-time favorite mascara, Thrive. Also hoping to pick up another tube or two of that in swaps.

    I’m getting and will be swapping the Pixi glow mist and the Touch in Sol moisturizer. I’m sure they’re both nice, but I have too many similar products to get through in my stash.

    • I’m getting the same box that you are except my Huda is in Branze Sands. I must’ve skipped and resumed a million times before I decided to just get the box. I have been pretty lucky with them since I started in October and thought that I would get the things that I want which I usually do. Not so much this time. I should’ve stayed skipped 😒. Instead of a 4th mascara in 5 months I wish they had given me something different . I spend enough on sub boxes each month to not want to pay extra for something that they should be giving you anyway instead of giving you duplicate products .

      • *bronze*

    • Box twins! 😀

    • Dana, I thought I replied to this before but don’t see my comment anymore.

      I have the Thrive mascara and don’t need/want it. I’ll gladly swap it with you for the Touch in Sol. Let me know. I’m not on the swap site but my email is jessfox81 at Gmail

  27. This is the first month I’ve truly been disappointed in my box. I’m getting
    – Purlisse Matcha Priming Moisturize
    – Pixi Glow Mist
    -Thrive Cosmetics mascara
    – Benetint Lip/Cheek Stain
    – Huda Highlighting Palette in Golden Sands

    Only thing I’m excited about is the Purlisse. I’ve gotten a mascara every box for the past 3 months. Who needs that much mascara?!!

    Also I’m crazy pale yet they sent me a warmer highlight palette (I have very pink undertones so I’m not sure Golden Sands will work for me).

    I’m not on the swap site yet but if anyone wants to swap for any of the above, please comment and let me know!

    • hi ! I am getting the pink sands but would prefer the golden sands pallet !

      • This is super late, but Stephanie did you find anyone to switch Huda palettes with? If not, I’d love to swap. My email is jessfox81 at Gmail.

  28. My bags are awful.
    2 black mascara- hate, but get almost every month
    2 pixi glow- hate
    2 benetint- hate
    2 matcha- I’ll try, but prefer no primer in my moisturizer
    2 Gold Sands Highlighter palette- I have pink undertones. There’s a pink variation. Why send me the wrong color?!

    • Because ipsy doesn’t know your undertones…Pretty sure it’s going by light, medium, dark,..I have light skintone on my profile. I’m getting the pink. I’m assuming if you have medium light or medium skintone marked then you would get gold. and darker skintones will receive the bronze.

      • I have medium skintone and I am getting the pink….which will likely be too light for me. 🙁

        • Hi!! Im getting the bronze highlighter palette, and would love to trade for the pink one if you are interested! My email is sydney (dot) currier at gmail 🙂

    • I know how you feel! I have light skin tone and they are sending me the bronze sands palette which is way to dark for me skin! It was the one thing I was most looking forward to so I’m super disappointed!

      • Yeah i would be super mad if i had light skintone marked and got the bronze one 🙁

      • I also have light skin in my profile and I’m getting the golden pallette. What is the use of the profile? I was so looking forward to the pink!

    • Yea, I don’t think they matched skin tone at all. I’m receiving Pink Sands and I’m marked as Tan in my profile.

      • If you want to trade your pink sands for my bronze sands when we get our boxes message me!

    • If you have pink undertones steer clear of pinks ! You want to deflect the pink undertones so you don’t look red , stay with yellows or neutrals I was told bizzillion times 🙂

      • I was wondering this, i honestly feel like i have light olive skin with red undertones…I’ve never been sure what to use lol. I feel like yellows will make me orange and pinks will make me redder.

    • Yeah the color match on the highlighter seems to be all over the place. I’m also super pale and got the Golden Sands palette rather than the Pink Sands. And from the look of the comments, it seems like a lot of ppl are getting the wrong shade.

    • I have a Pureliss blue lotus moisturizer, bronzed sands palette, naked pigments, and smashbox major metals palette to trade if you would be interested in swapping for one of the gold sands palette?

  29. All those products and I’m getting a repeat. I’ve only had GBP for 6 months, I’m NOT ok with repeats on full size items. My box is once again full of products I have marked as rarely in my profile.😞 I don’t know what to do anymore. I review all products, try to tweak my profile and contact customer care to let them know when I am unhappy and why.💁 This month is the worst box ever with 4 out of 5 items having no personal value to me. I don’t like having to trade everything I get! I got the LXMI, Huda highlight palette, Pixi Glow Tonic, Naked loose pigments and the Thrive Mascara. I guess the Thrive is ok, but I all ready have a favorite that I typically reach for.

    • Just curious….which products do you prefer? If you could curate your perfect box after knowing all of the variations, what would you pick?

    • We are getting the same items and I’m disappointed too. The only thing I wanted is the Thrive mascara. I got the LXMI in October, hate Pixi anything, have marked it as such as well as rated all single shadows as a 1 – so they are sending four of them?? The Huda is in pink sands and might be okay. I am just on highlighter overload. I’m getting the Ciate highlighter in my regular bag too! I’ve emailed them, just waiting to hear back about the duplicate. I doubt they will address anything else.

  30. I am thrilled with both of my GBPs this month! I am getting;

    Glow Recipe Pink Juice
    Huda Highlight in Golden Sands
    McFadden MD eye cream (just ran out and loved the stuff)
    It Cosmetics superhero mascara
    Pixi Glow Most

    Huda Highlight in Bronze Sands
    Touch in Sol glow waterful moisturizer
    Benefit Gogo tint
    Pixi Glow Mist
    Naked 4 piece loose pigment set

    And I added on another Glow Recipe Pink Juice!

    • That second box is bomb! I wish I had gotten that (even though that would be the wrong color highlighter palette for me, lol).

  31. Thrilled with this month’s options in add ons!!! I was able to choose all of the things I didn’t get in my box, and this is the first month I’ve been able to do that! I cancelled FFF last month and have not regretted it a single second bc of Ipsy Plus!!

  32. I’m really happy with my bag:

    Huda Highlighter Pallet in Pink Sands – I prefer this to an eyeshadow pallet since I never use eyeshadow
    IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara – Not super exciting but I will use it
    Pixi by Petra Glow Mist – I love Pixi products and I haven’t tried this before
    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes – Always happy to try a new eye cream
    Glow Recipe Pink Juice Moisturizer – YES! This is what I wanted. Really excited to give it a try

    Add ons:
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye – I’ve been wanting to try this and they actually had it in fair!
    LXMI Nilotica Melt – Sounded interesting so I figure I’ll give it a try
    Ciate London Watermelon Primer – Sounded interesting and I needed a new travel primer

    I am loving Ipsy Plus. I will admit I am in it mostly for the skin care and so far they haven’t disappointed.

    • My bag twin!! Except I got the Huda pallet in Golden Sands which I would’ve preferred pink sands but since I spray tan, I should be okay. If not, it will go t my 15 year old who is a make up fanatic. I LOVE MY BAG! I was going to cancel for this month but forgot on the last day and I’m glad it happened that way.

      • I am almost impressively fair skinned so the pink sands pallet was probably the right choice for me. I was going to skip this month until I saw the Glow Recipe and decided to take the chance and stick around. Glad I did. This box seems like a pretty appropriate box for summer. Now to just wait impatiently for shipping.

  33. LXMI
    Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-oil
    Naked Pigments
    Huda Beauty Highlighters in Pink Sands
    Pixi Glow mist
    Thrive Causemetics mascara

    The LXMI is a repeat from February & I rated it low then & I’m supposed to be opted out of mascara.

    • I’m opted out of it too, but I still got it. I actually love both of mine this month, but I did still send Ipsycare and email to remind them I’m opted out of eyeliners and Mascara’s. Hopefully they can do somethi g about it for future boxes 🤷

      • Jill,
        I sent Ipsy an email too, not sure what they’ll do but hopefully at least confirm the opt out on mascara (previously I was told it would be for 6 months which is perfect. It only lasted 1 month. They need to at least extend it to the original 6 months.) I’ll try the Thrive unless I get the chance to swap it with someone it’s received some decent reviews.

    • I’m actually interested in the LXMI balm. Do you have any interest in the Benetint Lip/Cheek Stain for swapping?

      • Jessica,
        I’m actually more interested in skincare items, especially the PURLISSE Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm.
        If you have any unused skincare items you’re interested in trading even if it’s from last 2 months let me know. I’m not on the swap site but you can send me your email & we’ll go from there.

    • Box twins!!! I wasn’t subscribed in February yet so the LXMI is not a repeat for me but I still would have preferred another moisturizer or primer.. may I ask why you didn’t like it?

  34. LXMI Balm-to-Oil for the THIRD time in less than 10 months. I don’t even like the stuff. Ugh. Done with GBP. Sick of paying for repeat items that I don’t like. I think they purposely give you items you won’t enjoy so you feel forced to spend even more money on add ons. I know this is a great deal for a lot of people and they love their GBP but I’ve found I’m more often than not really disappointed with what I receive. I also realize that many people don’t like negative comments like this but, you like your items! I just can no longer justify what every month feels like a huge waste of money. At this point I’d be better served by keeping the regular GB and doing add ons. I’d get items I’ll actually use and spend less money.

  35. Hey there 🙂 I’m getting
    THRIVE – Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn
    HUDA BEAUTY – 3D Highlighter Palette in Bronze Sands
    YENSA – Tone Up Primer Essential Glow
    PIXI BY PETRA – Glow Mist
    TOUCH IN SOL – Pretty Filter Waterful Glow Cream
    And yes i’ll love them 🙂

    • Bag twins!! Although I’m kind of disappointed about the highlighter palette in bronze sands because I have light skin tone. I have a feeling it’s going to be way to dark for me.

      • Hi, Breanna! I am getting the Huda Palette in pink sands, would you like to trade?

  36. I’m not excited about my bag. I paused it but then decided to get it and only got one thing I wanted…..the mascara. I just want to know who do I have to kill to get an eye care item lol?
    (laughing but crying too)

  37. I feel like they purposely give items I list as ‘rarely’ hoping I will buy the items I actually want as add one. Second month in a row I’ve been dismayed . I hate highlighters , blush and have 4000000000000 mascaras. Guess what I’m getting.
    I out that I live hair items, moisturizers and make up…didn’t get any.
    I told everyone I know about how amazing the large ipsy is and the last two have sucked.

    • 3 or my 5 items I am getting this month are marked RARELY on my profile. All eye items. I do not wear mascara or eyeshadow because of eye sensitivity issues. That is why I marked RARELY on all of those. I would have marked NEVER if that was an option.

    • FYI, i’m pretty sure you’re correct. A while ago I googled how to make Ipsy pay any attention to what I want, and I found a page from like 2014, with almost all different specific site questions, but they still had some really interesting points. The first was that the single most important determining factor in what you get is the question ‘how familiar are you with makeup?’ If you’re like me, you answered ‘kind of’ or ‘very,’ assuming they’d take that to mean you knew what you wanted and would pay attention. Wrong answer! :0
      Their target market is cosmetics newbies that they can introduce to exciting new products they’ll fall in love with & become lifelong consumers of – not old hags like me, who have set preferences and aren’t going to suddenly decide, ‘ hey, I love green eyeshadow!’ So, weirdly, saying you know anything about makeup knocks you WAY down the food chain, and they pay less attention to anything you mark as desirable or ‘rarely.’ OTOH, if you say you don’t know a thing about makeup, but you have dry skin, think pink lip gloss looks cool, and that nail polish is kinda grody, you’re a billion times more likely to get bags with moisturizers, pinkish lip gloss and zero nail polish than someone who’s a ‘makeup expert’ and always has their preferences clearly marked.
      I can’t speak to how true that is, but as someone who has never had foundation/concealer, nail polish, or contour in their bag [great, now I’ve jinxed it :P], I suspect it might not be 100% off. If nothing else, it might be worth a try (my meh to yay ratio went way up after I changed it to say I’d never met makeup).

      As for opting out of whatever variation of the palette of the month is (tetris, huda, whatever), something tells me that that’s pretty much impossible. 😛

  38. Love mine this month!

    Purlisse Matcha Green Tea priming moisturizer
    Thrive Causemetics mascara
    Huda Beauty highlighter in bronze sands
    Pixi glow mist
    Naked Cosmetics 4 piece loose pigment set
    Added on Purlisse watermelon aqua balm, Glow Recipe watermelon moisturizer, and Dilly Delight real egging paste

  39. My GBP is a mess. I guess at least i got one thing i wanted.

    HUDA 3D in Pink Sands
    Pixi Glow Tonic (can’t use at all)
    Purlisse Antioxidant Matcha (I negatively
    Reviewed the blue lotus)
    Thrive Causmetics Mascara (put on rarely and still got it)
    Naked Cosmetics 4 piece pigment (eyeshadows on rarely and still got it)

    • If you are on swap, I really want to try the Thrive mascara and I skipped this month.

      • This is the first month I’ve truly been disappointed in my box. I’m getting

        – Purlisse Matcha Priming Moisturize
        – Pixi Glow Mist
        -Thrive Cosmetics mascara
        – Benetint Lip/Cheek Stain
        – Huda Highlighting Palette in Golden Sands

        Only thing I’m excited about is the Purlisse. I’ve gotten a mascara every box for the past 3 months. Who needs that much mascara?!!

        I’m not on the swap site yet but if anyone wants to swap for any of the above, please comment and let me know!

        • Box twins. And opinion twins. I really did not want the purlisse primer out of all the moisturizer options. I would have rather gotten the pigments than the benetint. I hate being so excited to look at my box and then be so disappointed at what I’m getting!

        • Would you be interested in Huda beauty palette in mauve? I would love the highlighter palette.

        • I’ll swap for the moisturizer? I’m getting touch n sol, pink sands, thrive benetint and pixi

      • I am not. I’m still on the waiting list. Hopefully soon.

  40. I got
    HUDA Highlighter Palette in Beach Sands
    Thrive Mascara
    Pixi Glow Mist
    Benefit Gogo Tint
    Glow Receipe Watermelon Juice Moisturizer.

    I am stoked!!!

    • Same exact bag and I love it😍

  41. I have two GBP and I got the same products in each of them this month. It usually doesn’t happen that way but oh well! The only thing I didn’t get that I would have liked to try was the Touch In Sol.

    Huda Beauty 3D Highlighting Palette in Pink Sands
    It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara
    Pixi By Petra Glow Mist
    Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer
    Naked Cosmetics 4-Piece Pigment Set

    Add-Ons – Thrive Mascara x 2, Purlisse Aqua Bomb, Hempz Pineapple and Honey Melon Moisturizer, Coola Sun Silk Creme

    • If you want to trade one of your Huda palettes I got Bronze Sands, which is too dark for me :/

      • That is way too dark for me. I am transparent lol. Do you have anything else you would like to trade?

    • If you are on swap, I would love to try the Huda palette and Glow Recipe. I skipped this month

    • I had that happen to me the first month I had two. This is the 3rd month I’ve had two and it’s been great ever since that first one. The only double I got this month is the Pixi Glow Mist, and I will use it up in the summertime bc I’m.in the sun a lot. Mists are refreshing for hot summer days. I keep a couple cold too. Love it!

      • I also am getting the pixi mist, but I’m scared to use it in the sun, the second ingredient is olive oil..Like really?? Let’s oil up and get in the sun..and it has a bunch of citrus essential oil which can make you much more sensitive to the sun too…I live in fl. and the ingredients read like a recipe for sun damage IMO..Kinda bummed because it is definitely marketed for summer and sounds refreshing.

      • Do you have each profile set differently? Maybe mine was too similar.

    • I have two as well, and it’s funny, because both of the top rows are almost identical: Pixi Mist, Thrive mascara, and Huda Sands (except one is pink and one is golden). The other two variations between the boxes are Glow moisturizer and Goldfaden Bright Eyes , vs. LXMI and Naked pigments. First box wins by a mile, but I actually like the LXMI, so the only real mehs for me were the Hudas and the Naked pigments.

      I got Benetint Gogo as an add-on, because Benetint was sold-out. :/ Fingers crossed it’s a good shade; really hard to tell from online swatches and examples – some look orange-ish red, some look more purple berry-red.

  42. My bag is very similar to yours I got the Huda Pink Sands palette and pixie I wanted that touch in Sol primer but super happy with what I got Ipsy is killing it I’m canceling boxy

  43. I’m very pleased with this month’s Ipgy Glam Plus. I’ll be receiving the following:

    Huda 3D Highlighter Palette (Pink Sands)
    Purlisse Green Tea Priming Moisturizer
    It Cosmetics Mascara
    Yensa Glow
    Pixi Glow Mist

    • Bag twins!! I added on the Thrive mascara, even though I really don’t need any more, it just got such good reviews!

  44. I’m sooo stoked about my box!! They made perfect picks for me, got everything I was hoping for! Ipsy Plus is killin’ it, best beauty box out there right now IMO, they’re blowing Boxycharm away.
    *Huda highlighter palette in Golden Sands
    *Thrive mascara
    *Benefit Benetint
    *Purlisse Matcha Green Tea priming moisurizer
    *Pixi Glow Mist
    *LXMI melt-AddOn, couldn’t resist lol

    • You are my box twin! I did 2 samples this month: egg mask and Coola silk screen.

  45. I got:
    – IT superhero mascara (one of my favorites already so I’ll take it…but I thought it was odd I had a chance to add on another one even though it’s in my box)
    – Purlisse aqua balm (would have preferred the Glow Recipe but I’ll probably try it)
    – Huda highlighting palette in pink sands (have highlighters in my opt out list but I suspected I still might get this). Ehh….probably will gift to my highlighter-loving friend.
    – Pixi glow mist (not sure my oily skin needs this but I guess I can use it on my legs)
    – Naked Cosmetics 4 piece loose pigment set (I’m such a klutz loose pigments scare me but we’ll see)

    Added on the Thrive Cosmetics mascara to try, the Glow Recipe (even though I really do not need any more moisturizers but I want to try it!) and the Coola silk crème.

  46. I don’t have my reveal or any add on options. Disappointing.

    • That only happens if they didn’t get the payment the first time that happened on one of my boxes I forgot to change my card information on that box but that’s the only time it’s ever happened to me

      • I did forget to put my new card on there so I paid it yesterday afternoon. I assumed, wrongly it seems, that I would still be able to purchase add ons.

  47. After last month’s disappointment (still waiting for my “replacement” bag to arrive, without the products that made the box worth the price), I’m beyond disappointed by my July reveal.

    – Thrive mascara (I’m opted out of mascara)
    – Nilotica melt (I received this in my October 2018 bag)
    – Naked Cosmetics pigments (I have neutral shadow marked “rarely” in my profile, but I’m getting neutral shadow in both my glam bag AND gbp)
    – Huda palette in Pink Sands
    – Pixi Glow Mist

    I would not have paid $25 for this if bundled together in Ipsy Shopper.

    • Make sure to give the mascara like zero stars or just one this is the second month are sending me mascara too so that’s what I’m going to do

      • You have to give at least 1 star.

        Ipsy had been pretty good about not sending me opted-out items until this month.

    • I got the same box. They could have sent me pretty much any other variation and I would have been happier. I emailed them and told them I don’t even want it because it has no personal value for me. Not that I think telling them that will make a difference, I know I’m stuck with it at this point. I understand that GBP is a great deal if you look at RV and consider you only spend $25 on it, but this month is the pitts for me personally. Nothing I will even use and everything is against my preferances. This is the first time that I wish I would have spent my $25 elsewhere.

      • I hope you got the same response I did, Nicole! They let me skip July.

      • I emailed customer service and told them I am let down by them sending me Bronze Sands when i am marked light and medium on my skin tone- not dark or tan. They replied back that they’re sending me golden sands with a separate shipping number! Does this mean my whole bag is going to be delayed?? Or are they sending me two palettes? I thought our bags were already produced and sent out??

    • Yay! Ipsy said they would cancel my July box & refund me for this month!

      • Though it’s worth noting that their repeated product policy seems to be similar to Birchbox’s… no guarantees not to receive repeats. According to the CS rep who responded to my email: “We occasionally repeat popular products that we know you’ll love, but it’s rare that you’ll receive the same product twice.”

    • Hi, are you willing to trade the Huda beauty highlight pallet for the wander beauty ?

  48. I’m getting:
    Pixie glow mist
    Highlighter palette in pink sands
    Naked cosmetics set
    Thrive mascara
    Purelisse primer moisturizer

    Wanting to trade the glow mist for something else! Let me know if you’d like to trade for it. Open to most trades.

    • were bag twins…I’m really only excited for the mascara..I added the glow recipe too.

    • Bag twins except my palette is in Bronze Sands. All I want in this bag is the mascara. I would have loved to try the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer. Oh well, it’s a gamble for only $25 a month. I guess we still win in the end

  49. I’m thrilled with my box this months IGBP!
    I’m getting…
    Pretty Filter Waterful Glow Cream
    Glow Mist
    Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn
    Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain
    3D Highlighter Palette in Pink Sands

    • Omg that’s like the perfect bag!

      • Thanks I think so too! I couldn’t believe my eyes!
        It’s as if they read my mind and added it to my box!

    • Bag twins! I think you’re my first bag twin ever! Plus or regular bag. At least that I’ve seen posted.
      The only thing I’m disappointed about is the Benetint. I swear I’ve gotten in a previous box. If not through Ipsy, I’ve definitely received it from somewhere. I wish they’d have chosen the newer GoGoTint.
      As for the Pixi mist, yikes. All those “dewy” or “glowy” sprays show off my pores in such an unattractive way. Highlighters will do that sometime as well but this Huda one is gorgeous so if it doesn’t work on me my young sister with invisible pores will love it.
      I know I don’t sound that pleased but I’m thrilled about the mascara as I am a total mascara freak and it’s one I’ve been dying to try. Also, I wanted both moisturizer spoilers so I added on the Pink Juice since I’m getting the Touch n Soul one. I knew I wouldn’t get both so I was happy to get one considering I heard not everyone got one of the two.
      Is this my best bag ever? No but I am still very happy with the value and the items for the most part.
      It’s certainly better than the July Boxycharm I’m not looking forward to after forgetting to cancel in time. 😄

      • We are all different. I love highlighters for under eye circles, it really brightens my overall look.
        Also, I use highlighters for my eyelids instead of eyeshadow, so the highlighter will come in handy for me.
        The Benetint is awesome! I haven’t used it in forever but love it!
        It gives a natural youthful tone to the lips and with a little lip balm it’s perfect for days by the pool!
        I have dry skin so the oil spray will come back in handy.
        I wish I could have gotten all the moisturizers! Lol!!!

    • SunnyT, I found a box twin! I’m happy and think it’s a pretty good box, except the glow mist.

      Add-ons are the travel Smashbox contour, contour brush, and Naked Cosmetics loose shadow.

      Anyone have experience with those loose shadows?

      • I’ve gotten an individual loose tint before and I didnt like it. Perhaps it was my brush, but I had major fall out issues even with setting spray.

        I’m no eyeshadow expert though. I threw mine out because I had a similar color that wasnt loose and didn’t want to deal with it. When it got on my face it didnt come off easily and I had to redo my foundation and everything.

        • Thank you for letting me know! I’m hoping I can opt out of buying it if I contact them. We’ll see. I’ve never tried it, if I do it the same day.

      • Yay!!! It’s a great box!
        You can always use the glow mist on your legs or arms!
        I usually use at night for extra moisture, but I have dry skin.
        It’s also great for the chest area!

    • Box twins! I was pretty happy with my spoilers this morning but I did add the Glow Recipe Pink Juice. I don’t need more moisturizers but I couldn’t resist!😂

      • Yay! So glad we all got such a great box! Last Tuesday was my birthday and this is the icing on the cake!

    • Box twin! 😀

      • Yippee! We should be the happy dance chics!
        Ipsy gave us a reason to smile!!! 🙂

  50. Has anyone tried the go go tint ? I was hoping for an opinion on it before adding it, thanks !

    • I haven’t tried that shade but I’ve tried other benefit tints and I love them. I added on the go go tint.

    • I haven’t tried eitger, but I’ve been watching all the ipsy lives waiting for the reveals/add-ons to drop, & they showed the Benetint being more watery than the Gogo tint, which is more creamy & more pigmented.

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