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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the July 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

July 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!


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Comments (439)

  1. I was really disappointed with this month’s Glam bag Plus. Last month was bad as well. I cannot wear the OFRA Rodeo Drive highlighter. The dark gold color makes my face look dirty. I would have much preferred to have had the Huda highlight palette. I could have used some of those colors! Why would they sene a dark gold highlighter to someone with the palest skin in the world? They sent me another Huda eye shadow pallet in a shade that I do not like and will not use. Don’t they pay any attention to the preferences that they are always asking us to fill out?

  2. I am pretty happy with my July GBP. I got:

    *Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette in Bronze Sands (wish I would have gotten Golden Sands since I’m a light-medium skin tone)
    *Touch In Sol Waterful Glow Cream
    *Thrive Mascara
    *Naked 4pc Loose Pigment Set
    *Pixi Glow Mist

    Then I added on:
    *Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer
    *Purlisse Aqua Balm
    *Luxie Pro Small Contour Brush

    I am very grateful at how great Ipsy Customer Service is because I live in SW Florida and it has been so incredibly hot when my GBP was delivered the Pixi Glow Mist exploded from the heat I imagine so Ipsy is sending me a replacement for the glow mist, the highlight palette (the oils seeped into the unicarton/package and the powders were wet) and the Luxie Pro Small Contour Brush.

  3. Ipsy was late to reveal for me and it just popped up today. thankfully they still let me do add-ons today as well. My box this month is not great but I will say this is probably the very first month I have been disappointed since they started the glam bag plus.

    Huda Beauty highlighter in Bronze sands – way too dark for me
    IT cosmetics mascara – this is my 3rd time receiving in a sub box but I don’t remember if I ever received in glam bag plus. I do love the mascara so I can’t complain about this item.
    Pixi glow mist – not for me
    touch in sol glow cream – although I would have loved the Glow Recipe watermelon cream I am looking forward to trying this one.
    Benefit Cosmetics gogo tint in the dark red – not sure about this one. maybe it won’t be so dark when tried on

    I added on just one item – Purlisse matcha green tea moisturizer

    Not a bad month but def. not a great one. Hopefully I have success swapping items I don’t want.

  4. I had paused July but then emailed them July 2nd asking if they could still bill me and send it and they said yes. My account still says I am not receiving it even though customer service verified I am and I still do not know what is in it.

    • I did the same thing CJ. My reveal just went up today so yours will probably be as well. Best month I’ve actually ever had. I actually got the Glow Recipe, the one thing I really really wanted.

  5. Lol, I messaged IPSY customer service to complain about the Naked Cosmetics pigments. The shade of the pigments is neutral/smokey. I marked that as rare on my profile. I told them that I marked that shade as “rarely” and they replied with “just because it’s marked rare, don’t expect them not to send it” really? then what is the point of profiles???

  6. I emailed customer service and told them I am let down by them sending me Bronze Sands when i am marked light and medium on my skin tone- not dark or tan. They replied back that they’re sending me golden sands with a separate shipping number! Does this mean my whole bag is going to be delayed?? Or are they sending me two palettes? I thought our bags were already produced and sent out??

  7. Does anyone know what’s in the FOMO box? My payment for some reason didn’t go through with my gbp but did go through for the regular gb. It took over 2 days for them to process my new payment. And now all the site saying is it’s picking out my box choices. I couldn’t even get on the second day of add ons that they had. I was able to do add ons for my regular bag. But I wanted the watermelon moisturizer but it was sold out.

    • I didn’t realize Ipsy had a FOMO box? I thought it was just boxy that did that??

  8. This is my first Ipsy plus and I’m not mad at it and excited to try everything. I’ll be receiving the Huda Palette in Pink Sands, It Cosmetics Mascara, Pixi Glow Mist, Purlisse Green Tea primer/moisturizer & Yensa Tone Up primer. I also got 3 add ons the Huda Mauve palette, Glow Recipe & Smashbox lippie.

  9. Here goes August (Maybe):
    AHAVA Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion
    NANETTE LEPORE Beautiful Times Eau de Parfum
    WANDER BEAUTY Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask
    VASANTI COSMETICS Concealer Buffer Brush
    INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher

  10. Do you get to choose which ones you want or do they choose for you based on your profile??

  11. Just got an email from Ipsy recognizing their mistake with everyone they sent the repeat LXMI to. They are adding a 6th product to make up for their mistake! It’s a Goldenfaden scrub. I prefer chemical exfoliants but will use physical one’s in between, as long as they aren’t walnut shells, peach pitts, etc. Kind of excited because I really loved the eyecream by this brand. I don’t understand the people who say they get poor CS from Ipsy Care, they always bend over backwards to fix things for me and I can’t really say that about any other box. Most of them, especially Boxy just ignore it and don’t care if you lose their business. At least Ipsy tries to correct their mistakes.

  12. I am very excited for this month. I am getting the Huda Highlighter palette in bronze sands (my shade), the Thirve mascara which looks amazing, the Touch in Sol Glow Cream (perfect timing because I am almost out of my Tarte H2O day cream) the Pixie Spray (I just hope its not super dewey and the Yensa primer which I wanted in my box last month so I will take it! For $25 this box is 100% worth every penny this month. I also added on the Huda Smokey Palette for $12 which is a STEAL and a $3 Luxie brush which is one of my favorite brands.

    • How funny I got exactly the same stuff and I bought the same exact add ons….

  13. I love GBP but I swear since I buy add ons every month they put stuff in my box I’m not crazy about so I’ll spend the money in add ons lol. Only thing I got in my GBP that I’m not at all crazy about is the naked cosmetics loose pigments; I hate how messy loose pigments are and don’t care for the brand but I got the Huda highlight, the Pixi spray, the thrive mascara, the Lmxi balm to oil, and added on the glow recipe, the huda smokey eye palette and the red earth oil. I added on to my regular bag too. Ipsy’s add on program really is brilliant lol. Birchbox could learn from them.

  14. Is anyone looking for the Thrive Causemetics mascara and want to trade for any skincare items (from this box or previous ones)? I’m on mascara overload; it sounds like ppl like this one though so hoping someone wants to swap.

    • I have the Pixi spray I would love to trade for. Is this Jess Fox? If so, we have swapped twice now so just email me if interested. I also have a few other items from other boxes 🙂

  15. Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Priming Moisturizer – I like priming moisturizers, but in comparison to the other options, I would have preferred the glow recipe watermelon moisturizer.

    Thrive Causemetics mascara – While I do have a cache of mascaras, I have heard very good things about this one, and have been interested in trying it.

    Pixi Glow Mist – I have heard great things and have been interested in trying this. I love glowy products.

    Benefind Benetint – I’m interested in trying a product like this, but think I would have preferred the gogotint.

    Huda Beauty Golden Sands – I would have been happy with the Pink Sands, but I think the golden sands may be too dark for my fair skin. I don’t understand the color choice when I have fair skin listed in my profile.

    • If you want to trade for my pink sands I’d love to have the golden sands, I am medium skin toned which is marked in my beauty profile please contact me cjdurbinataol(dot) com thanks!!

  16. For some reason only 1 out of every 5 or so comments I post actually post on the MSA page lately.

    For those talking about Ipsy not following their preferences, I saw a comment earlier saying that messing with the profile every month wont really help, bc it takes their algorithm a couple of tries to really get the items you want. I tend to agree with that. My boxes got better and better each month since Last October. But when I started changing my actual profile each month to try to get certain spoiler items it backfired and reset the algorithm.

    From what I have seen personally and from what Ipsy Care has told me, the best way is to keep your profile set to what you truly want and then rate the items you dislike very poorly on your glam bag review each month. The product review is what really helps customize the box each month, not the actual profile.

    • I will totally agree with this. I had regular Ipsy for like 4 years and it was always great. I upgraded to Plus 3 months ago and really did not like my box. Last months was better and this month (my 3rd box) is great! I make sure to review every item each month.

    • Thank you ALEXIS for passing that valuable information along about how to keep your profile to what you like and review items you don’t as poor. I haven’t even tried many of the items I have received and would hate to go review them poorly when they just don’t interest me. I just add them to my give always boxes that are named for family members. Then when I see my kiddos they can have their box and trade if they want.

    • That’s nice, but won’t affect things like receiving repeats or receiving items that I’ve opted out of, which are the 2 problems that I have this month.

      If people are trying to gamify their profiles, it’s because Ipsy is hyping up certain items, IMO. For example, they had to know that many people were dying to try the Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice moisturizer this month, because they were hyping it all over the place, but instead of including it in more of the GBP boxes, they reserved some to sell as add-ons.

  17. So just an update. Contacted ipsycare. Why is ipsycare so terrible, lately? They used to have the best customer service and really care. Now they are worse than boxycharm. I told them they gave me the darkest shade huda and asked to switch to the light. And I also told them they are sending me mascara which I opted out of. They told me they wouldn’t do anything to fix it. No points, no switched shade. No switched product. They offered to let me choose from 3 products for next month, but those products stink, too, aside from one. I told them I like the huda I just want one for my profile skin tone which has always always been fair for literally like 6 years. They said no. Fyi the spoilers for next month are a nude pink nail polish, extension mascara, or face exfoliator. I’m so disappointed in Ipsy. They got big and now they just don’t care about their customers anymore.

    • They also gave me a darker shade of the huda, even though my profile has always been fair.

      • They aren’t willing to make it right. I’m disappointed. The old ipsy would have wanted to help. They’ve gotten conceited now that they are more popular.

  18. How do I get added to the swap page? I can not for the life of me figure out. Does an admin have to approve?

    I have the bronze sands and would like to swap for a lighter color, if possible.
    My email is brittanyjohnson81487 at gmail dot com

  19. I’m getting the pixie glow mist but I can’t use it on my skin. Does anyone want to trade for it? Comment below. I’m open to most trades.

    (Also getting the highlighter palette in pink sands, purelisse moisturizer, naked eye shadows and thrive mascara)

  20. I am superhappy with my box – once again!

    – Huda in pink sands
    – Pixi Glow mist
    – It cosmetics superhero
    – Touch in sol creme
    – Naked pigments

    I added as an add-on Smashbox contour palette, contour brush and another IT cosmetics mascara. I love that mascara, it is just so great. I would have preferred Huda eye palette instead of Highlighter, but I think because I have reviewed earlier highlighters really highly (Ofra Rodeo drive), I think the system thinks I want highlighters. I have reviewed eye shadows a bit lower (have not always loved the quality). Happy with my box!

    I went to the Add ons almost instantly and It cosmetics concealer and Glow recipe creme had already been sold out.

  21. So this is my first time on commenting on this website and seen that a lot of people are swapping products. I wanted the Huda beauty highlight pallet (the lighter shade) rather then the
    wander beauty
    It mascara
    or PIXI glow mist.

    Please let me know if anyone is interested I really appreciate it!

  22. I got the glow mist,wander beauty higlighter,the thrive mascara,the huda pallete in mauve,the touch in sol cream and I added on the glow recipe moisturizer..only thing left that I really wanted but didn’t get,lol. I think my box is amazing!! ❤

  23. I was so excited for some of the products this month, and after getting my reveal I’m pretty disappointed. I wish that they had in between skin tone options because I am more of a light/medium than either a light or medium, but it doesn’t seem like it even matters to ipsy because seems as though they decided to put the darkest highlighting palette in my gbp this month.

    Thrive Causemetics – Liquid Lash Extensions Masacara (Do not wear mascara & already have enough from past subscription boxes)
    Huda Beauty – 3D Highlighter Palette in Bronze Sands (This seems to be the darkest out of the 3 & I have a put a medium skintone)
    Pixi – Glow Mist (I’m actually pretty excited for this product)
    Benefit – Gogotint (I really don’t care for tints, so I’m whatever about this product)
    Touch in Sol – Pretty Filter Waterful Glow Cream (I have mixed feelings about this because I do want to try it but I would have preferred the Glow Recipe Moisturizer)

    Huda – Obsessions Palette in Mauve

    I sadly forgot to check add ons earlier this month, even though I told myself to so I missed the Glow Recipe moisturizer that I absolutely love

  24. Would someone be kind enough to invite me to the swap site or be willing to trade? I am getting the Huda highlighter palette in bronze sands but I’d prefer either of the eyeshadow palettes

    • I’ve been asking to get added since January and no one has ever commented on my post or added me, so… meh.

      If you DO get added, please let me know how to get added!

      • You have to request to be added (I don’t know where the link is because it’s been so long, but it’s on this site somewhere), they will ask for you to submit your email address, after that you will recieve an email informing you once you have been added. It doesn’t happen right away and can take 4-6 months, so you’ll need to be patient. I had all but given up when one day, bam…”you’ve been added to the MSA swap site.” It’s well worth the wait and I can now see why it takes so long. There are a lot of inactive accounts on there. I’m thinking they probably go through every few months and remove people who aren’t trading to make room for the new ones. They also “police” it, as in if there are people getting negative feedback for not sending their items or something like that, they will step in and remove them. I’m sure it’s a lot to maintain and I’m pretty sure they probably keep it to a certain number in order to be able to properly maintain it, which is why it takes so long.💁

  25. I emailed them and confirmed that the Glow Recipe is indeed a “travel size” (their words.) So, it appears as though they are moving away from the full-sized products. Bummer

    • In the box they sent to influensters to announce the release of GBP, the Bum Bum cream was a travel size, and that’s the last travel size I have heard included, so 1 every 10 months isn’t bad. I am fine with receiving anything of a size that can be purchased in stores.

    • I think the Benetint is mini as well unless Ipsy has a typo? It’s still a pretty high value at $141 for me but if you do a $ spent per $ value received, Boxycharm is higher this month. $5.64 to $6.10. Not sure on actual likability ratings though which goes beyond value. I need to rate my boxes once I get them. 🙂 maybe Ipsy 4 and Boxycharm 4.75 to 5 but I don’t know my exact variant yet for BC.

  26. I’m getting:

    – PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer

    – THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn

    – HUDA BEAUTY 3D Highlighter Palette in Bronze Sands (if anyone would like to trade for the golden sands, lmk!! my email is sydney(dot)currier at gmail 🙂

    – PIXI BY PETRA Glow Mist (I have oily skin, but I’m still excited to try this)

    – NAKED COSMETICS 4-Piece Pigment Set (not a loose pigment gal, would trade this as well for anything cool from any beauty box in the past few months- email me as well!)

    Added On:

    – GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

    – PURLISSE Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm

    • I would like to try the Naked Cosmetics 4 piece set. What shades did you receive? Email me! Veronicanovajean @ gmail

  27. I’m initially disappointed with mine but that’s because I really wanted the touch in Sol or the glow recipe but otherwise I’m ok with my box.

    I received

    Huda 3d in pink sands (I got to pick this)

    IT cosmetics mascara (this is my 5th mascara from plus… Will swap)

    Pixi mist (I LOVE their milky mist, I haven’t tried this one yet though. I’m not excited since I can get it from target but it may surprise me so I don’t mind it)

    Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Bomb (not excited but don’t mind it. Might swap)

    Feel Moisturizing cream (not excited but I may give this to my mom or keep it for myself to mix with my isle of paradise tanning drops)


    Pacifica blush/bronzer duo (excited! Love the colors and it’s a great size)

    Thebalm (Lavender eyeshadow single, never tried them and the color is right up my alley)

    Ciate watermelon primer (excited to try this out since it’s a new release and I love everything fruity for summertime)

    I had 3 alarms set to grab the glow recipe and I missed every single alarm. Of course it was sold out by 10am 🥴

    If anyone doesn’t want their touch in Sol and/or glow recipe, I’d love to swap.

  28. I’m getting:
    Huda in bronze sands-little dark there ipsy 😒

    It superhero mascara: besides the fact that I never want to see another mascara again I already got this in boxycharm and would have preferred the thrive one to try.

    Touch in sol waterful: I’m ok about this

    Benefit go go tint: happy about this

    Pixi glow mist: i like pixi and haven’t tried this so I definitely will.

    This month is a little better for me than last month

  29. Pixi glow mist
    Thrive Mascara (my absolute favorite mascara)
    Purlisse primer moisturizer
    Benefit cheek and lip tint- will be getting rid of this. They are not cruelty free and I have asked Ipsy not to send me them, but for 3 months in a row I have gotten something from them…Oh well, someone else will enjoy.
    Huda highlighter palette

    I added on the Purlisse watermelon aqua balm (which I LOVE) to match the energizing peel off mask from FFF edit sale.

  30. Well, this is a surprise! I was just about to buy the thrive mascara from the thrive website and ta da its in my bag 🙂 That is totally random!

    Happy with the products this time. I am going to sparkle like a diamond when I’m done……

  31. Im getting:

    Huda Highlight palette in Bronze Sands (if anyone wants to trade for the gold or pink palette, let me know! My email is sydney (dot) currier at gmail 🙂

    PIXI Skin Mist

    Naked Loose Pigments (if anyone wants to trade for these as well, lmk!)

    Thrive Mascara

    Purlisse Green Tea Moisturizer

    Added on:

    Glow Recipe Pink Juice Moisturizer

    Purlisse Watermelon Moisturizer

  32. Anyone interested in swapping gold sands with pink sands? Pink sands is too pale for me! Please let me know aygenn at gmail dot come. Im also registered in MSA Swap group.

  33. I have fair skin in my beauty file, and got the bronze sand color for Huda beauty. Seriously?? Their beauty selection system sucks.

  34. TOUCH IN SOL Pretty Filter Waterful Glow Cream
    PIXI Glow Mist
    THRIVELiquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn
    YENSA – Tone Up Primer Essential Glow
    HUDA-Palette in Mauve

    and I absolutely hate it all.
    I hate anything glowy, opted out of mascara, and only wear grey/browns eyeshadow.

    I was excited for the spoilers because I figured I had to get at least 1 thing I would want, Huda in smoky or Watermelon primer or lotion.

    nope and I refuse to add on the Huda palate I wanted for an addt 12 after wasting $25.

    I love Ipsy they always were dead on with the $10 bag, this is the first glam bag I decided to try and so disappointed. I figured since they follow my basic bag so well this would be perfect. I literally got everything I DID NOT want.

    • Dawnn I have the Huda Smokey Palette I can swap you for the Mauve palette or the Touch in Sol. If you’re interested email me. Jessfox81 at Gmail

  35. Can someone please tell me how to get added to the swap page? I’ve asked a few times and never gotten a response. I’m unsure if there’s an admin who has to approve or what?….

    Anyway, I am LOVING my GBP. However, I’m getting the darkest Huda palette (the bronzed sands) and if there’s anyone who’s darker completed who is getting a lighter one and wants to swap, I would love to do so!

    I am getting the Palette, Purlisse watermelon balm, Pixi glow mist, Naked cosmetics loose pigments (I’m not sure what I’ll do with these), and superhero mascara. I added on a Smashbox liquid lippie, the Coola mineral SPF, and the beach waterproof mascara.
    I ALMOST added on the watermelon moisturizer but I already have so many at home it will take me forever to use it.

    I would love to be on the swap page to swap my Huda palette and the loose eye shades!

    • They don’t automatically add you, it’s a wait list you signed up for. Took about 4 months for me to be added.

  36. I’m getting a product I already received before and am disappointed. Second time this has happened!
    I get they have a lot of people to make happy. I emailed them though and I hope they fix it. Is anyone having the same issue and did Ipsy fix it?

    • I still haven’t heard back from customer service regarding the repeat item I’m getting but they did offer to let me choose one item next month because they are sending me an item I opted out of 2 months ago.
      My repeat is is LXMI & the opted out item is the Thrive mascara. I get to choose either a Murad cleanser or a Smith & Cult nail lacquer.

      • I’m getting a repeat of that too. I got ahold of cs and they refunded me 5$ for the product

      • Awesome! I would have loved that option. Even though I appreciate the chance to choose an item for next month I feel like I would get the one I’ll probably choose even without the consideration from Ipsy. I’ve tweaked my profile over the past year to get more skincare (most months anyway.)

        On a separate note, I’m really wanting the Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm but I’m not on the swap site. If you or anyone has that to trade, I would love to trade out the LXMI, Huda Pink Sands palette, Thrive mascara or something from the past several months if I still have it. Thanks for your thoughts & appreciate everyone’s comments today

      • Hi anita, I would love to trade my watermelon purlisse for the lxmi and thrive mascara. Jalexisgreene at Yahoo send me an email and let me know 🙂

  37. Okay so I never got to see what either of my bags were including til AFTER I shopped. I wonder if they do that on purpose?? For GBP: I wanted the watermelon glow but am disappointedly not getting it but can buy it if many of you love it. It was sold out by the time I was finally able to get onto the site. Way too much DRAMA trying to log in see and shop! They desperately need to UP their game and I emailed them numerous times today to express my disappointment. I am however getting LXMI Oil, Huda beauty 3d highlight palette on Pink Sands which I did actually want. I’m also getting the thrive mascara that I didn’t want but after watching like 5 youtube reviews am now excited to try. Then getting Pixie by Petra and the Naked cosmetics pigment set. I did purchase a few $3 samples, one peach blush and two glam glow mega illuminating samples and a brow brush.
    For GB: I am getting Murad Essential C Cleanser, COLOURED RAINE Eyeshadow in Who me? The Pacifica Beauty Bronzer Duo which I chose. Red earth oil and a Luxe Contour brush. I’m looking forward to getting everything. Have a wonderful holiday friends and be safe!!!

  38. Talk about disappointing.

    I’m getting the It mascara (have a full size from another box I haven’t cracked), the Pixi spray, the highlighting palette (don’t use highlighter), and one other product I’m not impressed with.

    I am getting the Goldfaden product which I’m curious about since it’s been well spoken of here.

    Add ons will make this expensive. I picked up the Causemetics mascara and the Purlisse matcha moisturizer, both apparently full size at $12 each, and a The Balm sample eyeshadow.

    But, hey, the on-line horoscope I read said this month was going to suck for me, so… (jk)

    • Hi, which highlight pallet did you receive?

  39. Disappointed. First, I’m getting highlighter in Golden sands. I’ve listed highlighters as rare, and I’m porcelain. So even if I wanted I use this I couldn’t. If they are going to send face products, they need to go by profiles! Profiles are why I’ve liked Ipsy better than Boxy. Still I would have been happy with the touch in sol, or glow recipe moisturizers (I always rate moisturizers high and didn’t get.) But Second, I couldn’t get onto the website all day to get add-ons, and by the time I could in the afternoon, the moisturizers were sold out, so kinda bummed. First bag I’m not really looking forward to anything in it really.
    Getting Cheek/Lip tint; Thrive mascara; Primer; Highlighter; and Mist.

  40. I am receiving the pink sand in Ipsy glam plus it’s too light for me,willing to swap for the bronze sand or the huda Smokey tones on the huda eyeshadow palette.

    • Im like the only person who didn’t get the highlight palette and pink sands is my color. I am getting Huda Smokey and would love to trade. ardaremalkeenian at gmail

    • I’m interested. I have bronze sand
      Nzhang at bsu .edu

  41. This is my second GBP and I am excited about it. My bag contains Goldfaden bright eyes, LXMI nilotica melt, Huda pink sands highlight palette, IT cosmetics mascara, and the PIXI glow mist. I requested no eyeshadow and no bronzers and listed highlighters as rare. I can’t be mad at the highlighter though as it seems pretty much everyone is getting one. I am excited to try it out actually as it is different and contains different shades so can be used as a blush I think.

    I was hoping for the Glow recipe, but I am super excited by the Goldfaden eye product and interested to try the LXMI cream.

    When you look up all of the values of these products, it is amazing. If you will only use 1-2 products you have already gotten a great value. Anything you can’t or don’t want will make great gifts. I don’t really know anything about Pixi mist, but I guess I will try it out. It seems some people really like Pixi products.

    • I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t get the Huda highlight palette even though I wanted it. I didn’t even have it as an add-on option. I did get the Huda Mauve obsessions tho, and I’m very pleased with that. It’s the one out of all 12 obsessions I’m most attracted to. I got smokey as an add-on

      • I have one to swap if you’re interested. It’s the lightest one, pink sands. I have 3 of those Obsessions palettes, the mauve is my favorite!

      • I would absolutely love to swap! ardaremalkeenian at gmail

    • Good attitude to have 🙂 They mentioned that everyone would either get a Huda eyeshadow palette or highlighter palette so it sounds like they listened to your profile pretty well by going with the highlighter

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