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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review – July 2019

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus July 2019 beauty subscription box review

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. (This box was voted as a best makeup subscription box and a best beauty subscription box by MSA readers!)

open hot pink ipsy box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

all of the items inside the box together

About the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: DHL, or FedEx + USPS

Our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus July 2019 Review


Now, on to the items!


IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in ‘Super Black’, 9 ml – Retail Value $24.00

Another day, another mascara! My collection is really impressive. Luckily (or unluckily?) I have eyelashes that are like chameleons. One day, they are great! Another day, the mascara that was perfect the day before looks terrible. Sometimes one eye looks incredible, while the other set of lashes is just like.. missing for the day or something. Where do eyelashes go on those days where they are MIA? Sometimes I feel like I should put up Missing Lashes fliers on my local telephone poles. I have never tried this brand’s mascara so that was a plus! It was a solid formula and coated my lashes well, giving them both length and definition. Was it groundbreaking? No. But it earned a place in my stash.


Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Waterfall Glow Cream, 1.76 oz – Retail Value $34.00

I wanted so badly to love this cream. The packaging is gorgeous, I loved the gel-like formula, and it was a pretty shade of pale pink! It also has hyaluronic acid, so you know it is a moisture bomb. I thought the lightweight formula might be great for summer daytime use, but the finish was just so sticky on my face. It felt more like a layer of film than a product that had truly absorbed well. If it was heavier, I might consider using it at night (when I don’t give two figs about tackiness!) but I need more moisture while I sleep.


YENSA Tone Up Primer Essential Glow, 1 fl oz – Retail Value $35.00

I just received this back in my May Ipsy GBP so I was a little disappointed to see it again so soon. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really like this product. It evens out my skin tone just enough for a no foundation look, though it also works beautifully under concealer, foundation, and powder. It is also pretty hydrating for a primer and feels like nothing on my skin. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining about getting a repeat item that I would likely want to buy again, because I’m not. I think I just get really excited about new products from this sub.


Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette in ‘Bronze Sands’ – Retail Value $45.00

This palette is SO freaking pretty. Like, stunning. I love Huda Beauty and I have had really good luck with her items I have gotten in boxes. This palette might be a little too warm for me in its entirety, but let’s go through some more factual observations before we dive into that. This quad is composed of one cream and 3 powders. The cream is a base to apply before the other shades. It is kind of like a strobe cream made of gold. The three powders are for setting, sculpting, and flushing. The only real issue I have with this palette is the cream formula because it is just way too gold/warm for me. I think I am going to treat it like a cream eyeshadow instead. I can make the other three shades work as long as I use an extremely light hand. I probably would have benefitted from the lighter version of this palette, but these colors are so gorgeous I am willing to make it work for me.


Top to bottom: Barbados (cream), Maldives, Aruba, Bora Bora.


Pixi by Petra Glow Mist, 2.7 fl oz – Retail Value $20.00

Finally, our last item is one I like very, very much. I am a big fan of keeping a mist of some sort in my purse for multiple reasons, the most important being hydration and dewiness. This mist is a mix of aloe, propolis, and other skin-loving ingredients. I like to spritz it on throughout the day when my dry skin starts looking a little dull and find that it gives my face a little pick-me-up while refreshing my minimal makeup.

Verdict: This box has a value of $162.00 which is incredible for a $25 box. This box is always worth it for me, even with the misses. How can I complain about that value? My favorite items would be the primer, the Huda quad palette, and the mist spray. Those three items alone total $100, which I would still be thrilled with for this inexpensive sub. The mascara is useful, if not exciting, and the cream will go to a friend who I hope will have better luck than I did.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? If you want an Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription, get on the waitlist here.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $25. Here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • IT Cosmetics Mascara $3.70
  • Touch in Sol Glow Cream $5.86
  • YENSA Primer $5.40
  • Huda Beauty Palette $6.94
  • Pixi Mist $3.09

Alternatively, each item has an average cost of $5.00.

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What do you think of the July Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Which items did you get?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (155)

  1. Did anyone else’s pallet have fingerprints on them? They sent me a replacement and that one has fingerprints too!


    Finally received mine today. 1 pan of the Huda Pink Sands is broken, pieces are powdered into the other 3 pans. It’s unusable.
    I emailed customer service, got a response advising me it is out of stock but they are refunding $5.36 to my credit card. WHAT??? Where does that amount come from? $5 each for 5 products equals $25 plus the tax?
    I’ve responded back asking for a supervisor to intervene. They can’t replace it with a comparable item?? How long do you think it will take to hear that others are buying this as an add on or that it will repeat in future GBP??

    I love Ipsy but no way is this good customer service. It’s ridiculous & insulting. Ipsy should be ashamed of themselves.

    • I’m still waiting for my July box. I’m already thinking of pausing my August box.

      • I’m not sure what the problem was this month with the late shipping on the boxes. I had an add on & they sent me a 6th item because they repeated the LXMI balm to oil but I’ve added items on before & my box has never been so late.
        I’ve had problems the last few months with buying something with my points but then Ipsy canceling it. I’ve paused my regular glam bag since May while still getting my GBP. Customer service always responds that I didn’t get my points purchase because I paused my regular glam bag. Not sure why they can’t put it in my GBP. Their reasoning why it keeps getting cancelled makes no sense. I’m sure there’s a ton of people who only get GBP. I can’t even spend my points before they are due to expire.
        Ipsy really needs to up their customer service game.

      • Update: I emailed them again requesting a refund because box never moved. Ipsy replied with refund confirmation extra rewards points with the reason that the replacement box is not available because they sold out. They also cancelled my Ipsy Glam Plus box.

        It going to be disappointing if they sell this box next month as a mystery box for $35.

      • Why did they cancel your bag ? There have been a lot of complaints this month.

    • You are right, they wrote and told me they were “out of stock” when I emailed them immediately and I know they were sending others new ones. So anyway, they sent me a “comparable item” a Wander liquid highlighter duo with the stick on the end of the tube. I wasn’t happy, but this was better than nothing, right? Better than your $5 refund!

      • You definitely did better than I did. They said it didn’t matter if the broken item retailed for $45, they consider each item $5 each. So they refund that plus tax.
        What really gets me is I told them I’d take the next darker shade (golden sands) or they could choose a comparable item (like they did for you.) They didn’t even offer that. Then 2 days later, the golden sands palette is offered in the $59 bundle. Ridiculous. I’m crossing my fingers my box comes intact this month.

      • Well it’s cheaper for them to just refund you $5 than having to send you a replacement.

    • They did exactly the same thing for me. The eyeshadow they sent looked like it had been tampered with. I wonder if they’re just reusing returned products and that’s why they can make $ off from charging $25 for products priced much higher.

    • Well, i didnt recieve my add ons for August and emailed Customer Service and they had a replacement order sent out for my missing add ons on the 16th, i still have not recieved them. I contacted Customer service again today, i finally got a representative that is going to refund me but made the comment that it is odd that this is my second replacement this year since they have a less than 1% replacement rate for the replaced items that they have to send out. I dont know where she came up with the %1 but i let her know that there is always issues with there shipping and products every month and it was not just me.

  3. I just have to commend Ipsycare real fast. I emailed them about how I had been excited to try the Huda highlighter palette but was unable to use the shade that sent me because it was way too dark for my pale skin. I asked if there was anyway I could swap the medium shade they had sent me for the light shade. I truly didn’t expect a positive response but got one. They responded quickly and apologized for the incorrect shade match and are now sending me the correct shade (without me needing to send back the wrong one). I know that some people haven’t had the best of luck with Ipsycare but they have been great with my concerns.

    • It depends if you get the right customer service representative. Some of them are really good and others are awful!

  4. I’m still waiting on my plus box and it shipped out on the 6th 🙁

    • Mine says the 7th and has not moved in the tracking info…but apparently this is normal? per the customer service for IPSY.

    • Me too. I contacted Ipsy via email and they indicated that since my box didn’t move for 10 days they would resend a new box and in about 5 days I would get a tracking number. I hope I actually get the box and my add on I ordered too. I hope you get yours soon, otherwise contact them.

      • Same exact thing happened to me too. I just got an emailed stating they are sending me another box as well but the billion dollar brows brush I ordered is not in stock any longer so they refunded my money. So my question to them is, am I gonna get two boxes? What happened to the first box with the brow box? I haven’t heard back yet. This seems to have happened a lot this month. What gives? I hope you both get your boxes with all of your products soon!

      • My box never moved at all. They sent me an email stating an accommodation box has been shipped. I wonder if this will be the products I was supposed to get or whatever is left over?

  5. I was going to be angry with my Ipsy this month because I did add one, it comestics concealer, purposes watermelon balm, and glow recipe watermelon glow. The watermelon glow is the small size! I would not have spent $12 on it had I known that. This size is orginally $21 so yes still half off but I didn’t need it and just got it at what I thought was a deep discount for add on. Top it off they gave me a repeat item this month the LXMI melt. But they did refund me $5 and now opening my box they also included another goldfaden item. So I’m not mad at the glow recipe since I received an extra item. So a win this month.

    • I just got mine and the same thing happened with the small Glow Recipe. Like you, I never would’ve bought it had I known that. Surely they had to have sent the full size to the people that got it in their box instead of the Touch in Sol. I think I will email them as well. That was pretty sneaky.

      • No, we got the small one too.

      • Wow. That was definitely not fair. The Touch in Sol was over double the amount of product. And when you look at the Pink Juice on Sephora “mini” is actually in the name. I thought Ipsy Plus was supposed to be ALL full size products. Maybe I was mistaken?

      • I received the small Glo as well in my box. I emailed them they responded 2 days later and told me they were sending out an accommodation order. Not sure what it is, however I applaud them for trying to make good. We shall see.

      • I got an accommodation order–a mini Ciate RED nail polish! I hate red anything and have let them know many times.

      • I am getting an “accommodation” box too. Did you get yours yet? Is it what you were originally getting?

      • No, they sent me a Filorga Meso Mask 15 ml. Not that thrilled. I just wish they would make us aware that they are sending minis . I really like Ipsy, however I hope this is not going to be the new norm.

      • With this being GBP they should be sending a full size product, nothing smaller. That don’t even make since.. We pay fifteen extra dollars plus tax for 5 full size items and if a product is damaged or ext., they should send out another Full Size Item, not no 1 face mask. If I was you, I would email Ipsy and say something about getting a mini accomadation item. Sometimes you just have to contact them a few times to get something done right.

  6. Same thing happened to me light medium got bronze sands. E-mailed them today, hope they fix it. Took forever to even get. The cream shade was so melted from sitting in a warehouse too long. They should honestly use only refrigerated storage, and trucks for makeup and skin products. The way they store makeup in warehouses to begin with is disgusting (I know from first hand experience working for sephora they don’t discard old products everything is not even in a air conditioned space, 100 plus degrees inside in the summer everyday). Nothing but breeding bacteria.

  7. Is anyone else still waiting on the July box? This is so ridiculous. Not only do they have my regular $25 + tax. They have an extra $12 + tax for an add-on I purchased. They need to get it together

    • I am still waiting for regular glam bag and the plus! Frustrating for sure! I haven’t contacted them yet because it says 10 business days which is Friday from the first “pretend” shipping date.

    • I don’t have my box either!, It just left DHL yesterday, I know, this is ridiculous! There is no way I am ordering anything from Ipsy! This is how it is for me EVERY MONTH!

      • I called DHL and asked what was going on. They said I should have it by the 19th. I asked how do they know that if it hasn’t updated since the 13th. This is my first time experiencing this but it is frustrating

      • DHL is probably going by what it says from Ipsy estimated day that it should be delivered,But if that was the case it should have showed up on your tracking as well. Mine is saying that it should be here by the 23rd. I know it is very frustrating! I don’t get my bag until close to the end of the month every month, by the time I get my bag, it is time for the next month’s spoilers and add-on choices. DHL is a cheap mail carrier! I wish they would use a different carrier, but a lot of times my bag don’t even leave Ipsy until between the 14th and the 18th. It makes me so mad sometimes! I have learned not to purchase anything that Ipsy ships out because it has took them a couple of months to even have one of the Ipsy offers shipped. They said it was for inventory issues but did not tell me that until my package shipped and I had to be refunded for the item that they ran out of, instead of just telling me in the very beginning what was going on. I hope that this is not the start of your boxes being shipped late every month!

  8. after June’s nightmare with GBP….I am so happy with JULY! I got:

    Huda Highlighter palette in Pink Sands (I LOVE it)

    Purlisse matcha green tea moisturizer primer (LOVE it and got to choose it since Ipsy messed up my bag last month)

    Thrive lash extensions mascara (LOVE IT)

    PIxi glow mist (love it)

    NAKED 4 piece pigment eyeshadow (I am loving these!)

    YAY IPSY and so glad I didn’t cancel

    • Almost bag twins. I got the Huda palette in Bronze Sands, which is ok since I like both palettes. Otherwise I got what you got.

  9. My Ipsy Glam Bag Plus box was completely except for the yellow padding!! Did this happen to anyone else??

  10. I have a serious issue and I hope somebody will give me an idea what is going on.. am I the only one that was charged twice this month? Is this normal I mean I’ve been a subscriber for a long time and I’ve never had them charged me twice but now I think I need to go back and make sure they’re not charging me twice oh my God. It’s funny thing is just charges are two different amounts on the 2nd they charged me $26.50 and then on the 5th they charged me $28.62. I did not buy anything extra at all. I contacted but no response so I’m feeling kind of weird

    • I am not trying to scare you but I have seen a couple post saying that somebody had hacked there account and there was items that they were being charged for that they never purchased. If I was you, I would get a hold of your bank and check your info and account to make sure nothing is going on. Keep trying to get a hold of Ipsy too! Hope this helps a little!

  11. Anyone else missing their add ons? I paid for the purlisse watermelon item and it wasn’t in my box! I emailed Ipsy and hope they send it.

    • That has happened to me twice, both with the regular bag. The first time was 4-5 months ago, and they sent the item to me (it took a LONG time, though). Last time was last month, and I had 2 missing add ons. I guess they must have been sold out, because they refunded my account (that was done the day after I emailed them).

    • That happened to me last month. I emailed them, received a response within an hour and they mailed out my items a few days later. It took about 10 days. I was impressed with how quickly it was resolved and I guess I got lucky cause one of the add ons was the Sunday Riley cream.

  12. I got my box today (July 13).

    It took as long as it usually does and shipped from NC. I live in the Detroit area, so it could be that mine got out before the warehouse got slammed.

    I got the highlighter palette in Pink Sands. I’m pale, so the shades will work, except I never use highlighter.

    Got the It mascara, which I’m not a fan of. Got the Thrive mascara as an add-on. I was kind of disappointed that it will be in next month’s box, so who knows what I’ll get instead.

    Got the LXMI balm thing. I like the brand, so we’ll see.

    Got the PIxi mist; I have never tried it, and I don’t mist a lot. My skin is combination, so I’m not sure how it will work for me.

    Got the Goldfaden eye product, which I’m looking forward to trying, I am a total sucker for eye creams and it’s been well spoken of here.

    I went mildly nuts on add-ons and also got two eyeshadows and the Purlisse green tea moisturizer/primer. I think I didn’t get it as a regular product because I opted out of primers.

  13. I received Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Waterfall Glow Cream and I love it. I have really dry skin and this stuff makes my skin dewy. My hands get so dry they hurt and this stuff works like a charm. Absorbs quickly too

  14. I wonder if blush preferences influenced the highlighter palettes because although I am fair/light skin toned, I put rarely for the pink blush and I did not get pink sands. I am getting golden sands (which I am happy about).

  15. I REALLY like my Ipsy GB Plus this month! ( I may be getting two, IDK, they messed with my accounts).

    I already received:

    Huda Highlighters in Pink Sands ( thank you Ipsy for the correct palette).

    Feel Moisturizing cream

    McFadden Bright Eyes serum

    Yensa Essential Glow

    Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink

    SUPER happy as I adore watermelon K- beauty products very much!

    • I would have been so happy to get your box. Mine was not great personally.

      Anyway, was the Glow recipe full size for you? I got one as add on, and it was very very small. It was less than 1oz and I was so disappointed…

    • Same for me as well.

  16. I got shipment notification on the 6th, and it has literally sat there. Still says DHL is waiting on it to arrive. I’m starting to worry that my box got lost. 😩

    • Apparently DHL in NC is shut down…? Read that today on Reddit.

    • I’m in the same situation

    • Same here

      • DHL is shut down in NC.

      • I live in TN. So that may be why my GBP has not arrived. I hate DHL. They lost my last month’s GBP and now I am afraid the same will happen.

      • What do you mean shut down in NC? On strike or closed up? In the same situation not moving. Thanks.

      • I read a post on the Ispy Reddit forum last night about Raleigh NC being overloaded with shipments and they had to temporarily close and something about a cut off day for new shipments? I’m trying to go back and find the post! I still haven’t recieved my bags either yet.

      • Sorry I’m trying to reply but my comments aren’t posting. Someone in the Ispy Reddit forum posted last night that DHL is overwhelmed with shipments and had to temporarily close down and anything before a certain cut off date wasn’t being sent out… I don’t know how true this is but it would explain the long delays.

      • I haven’t heard anything else either. I live in NC and this is so frustrating. Who gets overwhelmed? It’s their job to deliver packages!

      • Did she say that DHL is closed in North Carolina? Are you serious?😤 Than Ipsy needs to use a different carrier! My tracking for my bag shows that it is on its way to DHL, that was Friday, but because the way Ipsy does the shipping it is probably still at Ipsy. It never gets to DHL until a week later. If Ipsy knows this and makes me and who evers bag is supposed to be shipped and we have to wait for DHL to open back up than I am going to be so mad!

      • Someone posted in the Ispy Reddit forum that DHL in Raleigh NC is temporarily closed… I went back to try and find the post but I can’t find it now…

      • I tried looking it up too but couldn’t find nothing about them being shut down right now, that would make since thought because on some of the post I have seen that there bags has been at DHL since the 6th and should of done left DHL. Who knows? I am going to look more into it and see if I find any info.

    • Me too!! Stopped on the 7 th for me!! Never happened before…

    • I’m in the same boat. Got notification on the 6th and it has stayed at “en route to DHL e-commerce facility” ever since. I really loved my spoilers and my add-ons and I hope my Plus isn’t lost

  17. Ipsy makes up the guide booklets and sends what is in the booklets. They create bundles that are convenient for them, they don’t customize them for us anymore. That’s why everyone keeps getting colors that don’t suit them or ignore their profile. That’s my guess.

    • You are completely right! You and me and everybody knows they don’t use our profiles or reviews. If they did people would be getting more products and colors that they liked. Those little cards we get now in our bag is making it worse for our profiles. I could care less about getting those cards with our products on it. If it was not for the add-ons and getting to pick a product for our bag from now on, I would cancel! Every item that they picked for me for July is items that I marked RARELY on, meaning I don’t want that product or color! I can see getting a product here and there that you don’t like but every single product!, No way that they went by my beauty profile or reviews! Funny thing is, people that post comments have made the comment to me that they do go by profiles and reviews and swear by that! Whatever!😂

    • With the regular glam bag, there are also a set number of bag variations. But because there are so many products sampled, the matching algorithm can work better. With fewer overall products sampled, Glam Bag Plus will probably never match our profiles as well. I don’t think they’ve given up on matching, just that it doesn’t work as well with fewer products. But they definitely botched a bunch of highlighter colors this month. Hope that improves!

      • Yes, that being true about the bag variety, Ipsy always makes the comment to me in all my emails from them that they curate everybody’s bag differently to meet there beauty profiles since it is not a one size fits all bag. The way they put it, they really look at our profiles and reviews and that is how they pick the products for us. There is no way they looked at my profile this month! Every item that I am getting that they picked out for me is marked RARELY on my profile. They give us what they want to give us whether it fits our profiles, reviews or preferences.

      • NOBODY is “looking” at your profile! Hahahaha! It’s computer read and bag generated through that! Artificial intelligence is “looking at” your profile. You didn’t honestly think an actual person was perusing your profile and hand picking samples, did you???? Honestly……

      • That is why I said “the way they put it!” I was meaning WHOEVER or WHATEVER gives us what they want. I am not stupid! Could you imagine if they actually had to pick items for everybody bag?

      • Honestly…you didn’t think that laughing at and mocking someone makes you look like a nice person, did you???? I get it, you, like so many other people online, would rather be snarky and superior than nice.

      • Thank you Bonnie!😊 When I read what she had wrote about my comment that I had posted, it incredibly embarrassed me! It made me feel awful because I thought these comments that we made about our Ipsy products and experiences were supposed to be helping each other, not trying to put somebody down. When I read what you had wrote to her, it really made my day! Thank you for that!

      • I have posted a couple of comments to you but I don’t see them posted

      • I have posted a comment to you but I don’t see it posted. I do agree with you about Ipsy not using our profiles and sending what is on that card. No way they went by my profile this month, every item I will be recieving I marked RARELY on my profile.

      • Sorry, that last comment was for someone else!😊 I was going to respond to you about our profiles and Ipsy not going by them. I think those cards and a lack of different products and colors is a lot of the problem. Like I said in my last post, they could not have looked at my profile this month.

      • They really did botch the highlighter colors this month. The reviewer for this article, Megan, shouldn’t have gotten colors that dark. If they weren’t shiny they would be contour for her. That she wants to try to make them “work” by using a light hand is ridiculous. It’s not a highlighter for her.

        For me, highlighter isn’t even a cosmetic product. It doesn’t enhance anything. I have texture issues and a couple of decades old pockmarks that highlighters enhance to the point of making me look worse and it depresses me. That they had Huda eyeshadows and sent me the stupid highlighter palette anyway, no matter how many times I rated highlighters badly. I went to rate this one badly, too, only now it asks if I like “cheeks.”

        I am so frustrated. I love blush. I hate highlighters. Now I can’t even rate highlighters poor without making it seem like I don’t want blush.

      • So, I got bronzed sands and I’m light medium. I emailed and said I was extremely disappointed. They replied back almost immediately and said they’re sending me gold sands and I’d get notified when it shipped. It’s been a week and no notification, so I emailed again. They replied back and said there was a system error and it didn’t process. They said they reissued the order and are including a bonus product for my troubles. I can’t wait to see what it is. I also am getting another golden sands in my second glam bag plus. So I’m excited if it actually processes…. TWO HUDA palettes and a spare golden sands (if anyone’s looking for one- I should have an extra!).

      • Same thing happened to me light medium got bronze sands. E-mailed them today, hope they fix it. Took forever to even get. The cream shade was so melted from sitting in a warehouse too long. They should honestly use only refrigerated storage, and trucks for makeup and skin products. The way they store makeup in warehouses to begin with is disgusting (I know from first hand experience working for sephora they don’t discard old products everything is not even in a air conditioned space, 100 plus degrees inside in the summer everyday). Nothing but breeding bacteria.

  18. They are completely ignoring our profiles! I think the problem is that Ipsy is trying to include these cute printed guide booklets and creating bundles that are convenient for them and not custom for us!

    I think they gave up customizing.

    I have spent years, at least four years, giving low reviews to every highlighter they’ve sent, yet they’ve sent me another damn highlighter. It’s rated as almost never or whatever on my profile and I’ve written them twice to try to get them excluded.

    So many of us are getting the wrong color for our skin tone or a product we always negatively review. The only conclusion I can come to is that Ipsy does not customize anymore.

    • I have posted a comment to you but I don’t see it posted. I do agree with you about Ipsy not using our profiles and sending what is on that card. No way they went by my profile this month, every item I will be recieving I marked RARELY on my profile.

  19. Thanks for the review Megan! I got one of my boxes today and still waiting on the other. I got the Huda in Golden Sands today which is gonna be perfect for the winter months, but my skin gets so dark in the summer and Bronze Sands is on the way in my other box. Works out perfectly for me! Love the packaging! It’s so pretty! A little disappointed to hear about the Waterful cream because I want to like it too lol, but I have two Glow Recipe Pink Juices to compensate. I already have the It Mascara so I put mine up for trade (both of them,) and the two Pixi Mists I’m getting I will definitely use up this summer. I still can’t wait to try my GoGo Tint that’s coming 🙂

  20. Just got my box today! Love the Huda palette. Warning: everything is shimmery! Got pink sands, but it definitely looks darker than the picture on website. Very gorgeous and I would never pay full price, therefore i love it so much more. The Glow recipe is tiny!!! A small travel size item… Kinda disappointing.

    Don’t care for the other items: Pixie spray, It mascara(opted out), Naked loose pigment(packaging looks cheap).

    • Was your Glow Recipe Watermelon moisturizer part of your Glambag Plus or an add-on? The reason I ask is because I complained to Ipsy that I paid $12 for the sample size and they emailed me back and said the one in the Plus Box was Full size, 2 oz. and the add-on was the 1 oz. sample size. So if yours was the sample size in the box, you better email and complain that you heard it was said it should be full size!! I said, if this is sample size does that mean in the future your guarantee no longer is true and there will be sample sizes in the Plus box? and that is what they said.

      • Becky, that’s interesting cause I had the Watermelon Glow as an item in my bag and got the .85FL oz.. so it should have been the 2. fl oz bottle.?

      • Can anyone confirm that they received a 2 oz ? I received the mini in my box. I really would have loved the 2 oz.

      • Becky, thanks so much, I believe you. I think I will email them about it. I know that when they sent us the mini bum bum they also sent another product to compensate. I did hear that it looked like the mini from others on MSA. I just wish Ipsy would make it known. I think I would be more upset if I bought it on the add on thinking it was full size. I would love to know if anyone did get the full size in there box.

      • When you email Ipsy tell them that you understood there is a guarantee of 5 FULL SIZE items in each box and ask if this means in the future boxes will include sample sizes instead, because this definitely makes a difference when choosing the box. Especially since when they decided to leave out the bag, they said this would mean products would be more high end and more money would be going into the products. Each box seems to be less money instead, I. e. lower r. v. products and drugstore brands. More $20 items and samples sizes?

      • Thanks again Becky. I emailed them last night. Not sure when they will get back to me , but I will let you know the results. If they are going to send minis so be it, I just wish they would let everyone know in advance.

      • are you serious?? the $12 add on is only a deluxe sample size! I pretty much kept this month’s box after disappointment reveal bc I was able to add the gr watermelon as add on!! I am going to be soooo disappointed when I get it. Damn it! should have paid attention to the size.

      • That has aggravated me too! There has been a few of the add on products that they say are full size and they are the smallest size that they make besides sample size. It is very misleading! Just like the GBP items, we are supposed to be getting full size items! A lot of times it is hard to determine what size you will actually be getting when you are looking at the add-ons. All we know is that it says Full Size items for $12 and Deluxe size $3. To me a Full Sized item is the biggest size that they have in that certain product. $12.00 is still a steal on the add-ons and $25.00 for the GBP, I just wish they would be more specific on the size of products!, because like you, I would not have purchased certain Add-ons that I have purchased!

  21. Thanks for the review!

    I so wanted the Yensa and ended up getting the LXMI again and the Naked Pigments (which I scored super low last time I got them). Wanna trade lol…

    I’m looking forward to August, I hope they have a good selection and it is a better box. I’m not going to cancel or anything, but after the amazing previews, it was a bit of a let down that I didn’t get any of the amazing skincare offered.

  22. What is everyone’s experience with getting a broken item replaced? Huda palette came shattered :/ contacted ipsycare with a picture but just wondering what everyone’s experience has been with getting a replacement…
    Thanks 🙂

    • They are really good at replacing things like that. Don’t worry!

      • You are right! Received a response to my email within 4 hours ; they are shipping a replacement 🙂

    • My palette was also destroyed when it arrived. They are shipping a replacement for me 🙂

  23. I got my box today also. Instead of the teens I got the 4pk of Naked pigments. I didn’t think I would like them but they are actually very pretty and not as crazy glittery as I thought they would be. I also got the pink pallet although with my skin it could have gone either way. I didn’t think the ToS glow cream was sticky at all! Maybe just different skin types. I like pick and the spray is best but I guess I fail to see the reason for it?
    Overall I’m happy as always with ipsy. I didn’t look at my spoilers and added on another highlighter so at this point my face can light up the night lol

    • *Yensa
      Not teens 🙃

  24. My ipsy June & July bags have been a complete fiasco. Wish I had the strength to cancel, but my FOMO gets the best of me.

    In June, I was one of the lucky people whose boxes vanished off the face of the earth. I got refunded for 2 items that were out of stock & got sent the remaining 3 items (which I did not want & which did not fit my profile) in July.

    July spoilers were lookin good, so I figured it was a fluke & didn’t even think about skipping July’s box… flash forward to reveals, & I got a repeat item & an item from a category that I had opted out of in my box. I immediately emailed CS, & they did let me cancel the box for a refund, which I do appreciate.

    I honestly don’t know what’s going on with ipsy. There have been some other issues besides what’s going on with GBP these past couple of months, & I don’t get it.

    Last night, someone hacked into my IPSY account, changed all of my information and then charged up a bunch of items on my listed credit card. I have been pulling out my hair trying to get them to respond to this matter and they still have not bothered. Now I am shocked at their seeming lack of care, as I previously thought their Customer Service to be among the best. NO MORE! I am speaking to you all on this very serious issue and how blase IPSY seems to be with our credit card information. Buyer Beware!

    • Yikes! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this! I’m also surprised ipsy isn’t getting back to you, this seems out of the norm for them. Hopefully they can still get it straightened out. Had anyone else had this issue? Is this the only one of your accounts that was hacked? It would be helpful for you to know if this was just your account or if it was a site wide hack. I checked my bank and everything seems fine

      • Ashbash: Thanks for your concern and YES it is upsetting and is making me reassess IPSY’s Customer Service. I have sent more than 8 emails since last night ad have posted on all of their social media. I had someone on Twitter ask me for my email addy, but no response from them either. I don’t know if others are having this issue, but I would think this is not unique to only me. BTW, I am really glad to hear your bank is OK, just please keep your eyes alert.💖

    • You are like the 3rd or 4th person I’ve heard talking about being hacked in just the last week or two. Has me worried. I hope you get it all worked out and are refunded for all of it

      • Jessica: Thanks I hope they ill respond at some point. Their lack of concern on this has me livid and your info that others have been having this issue is not surprising. When a company has our credit info on their site (as do all subscription boxes), it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to keep it safe. It is also critical they respond to those whose information has been compromised. I am reassessing IPSY at this time and their LACK of care in this matter. Please, be cautious, you never know when it can hit.

      • Me too, and I emailed my go to ipsyCare worker 6-7 days ago and I’ve not heard anything at all-except on Facebook…The ipsy team said to email ipsyCare and I told them I did previously? What is going on, now I’m getting scared, as well!!!

    • Wow!!! That’s horrible!! I would be so upset! Contact your credit card company or bank and they will stop the payment for those charges and open a case for Ipsy to respond to. I had to do that with Boxycharm when they charged my credit card for items I purchased with charms. It was Capital One and they put the available funds back immediately and contacted Boxycharm directly to handle it with them.

      • THIS is very close to what’s happening to me. I keep getting ” Security Warnings” from IPSY stating that someone from ( 2 other states) is accessing my account.

        I have had serious issues with IPSY overcharging me and not sending 2 Glam Bags and Glam Bag Plus from ONE account. That’s the account that was getting all the warnings.

        Then, when I emailed their CS and said ” Maybe the box charge was supposed to be for my other account”- and gave THEM the info- THAT OTHER account started getting the email alerts that my account had been access.

        What does this suggest to you? It suggests to me that IPSY employees are going into my accounts and their security system is logging events that likely shouldn’t happen, such as accessing my method of payment!!

        I don’t trust them any longer either. This is scary to me. I’m getting a separate debit card with a low balance for my IPSY accounts until this all stops.

    • That’s interesting you mention this. My dad let me use his credit card for three months of Ipsy as a birthday gift for me. July first, his credit card company phoned him to let him know that his credit card had been compromised. We don’t know were the breach came from, but now I wonder. I changed the credit card info that day to my own credit card and this evening received an email from Ipsy saying they’ve cancelled my subscription due to a chargeback from the bank. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see which card they’re referring to.

  26. When I contacted ipsy about sending me the LXMI for second time they said it was a glitch in the system and are sending a full size goldfadden md doctors scrub and I can keep the lxmi as well.

    • I’m glad this works for you, but I’m also glad they let me have a refund to cancel this box instead of receiving the extra product, since a scrub wouldn’t fit my profile/review history, either.

    • They did same thing to me and included the LXMI for the second time. They offered me the same replacement item that they offered you as a bonus item (so also told me I would still get LXMI product). I was really impressed with the LXMI production question tho so I feel like their screw up was a double win for me even though they also gave me another mascara again even tho they claimed they had already changed my settings months ago and I shouldn’t receive mascaras at all. If I didn’t like the LXMI, I probably would’ve jumped on cancellation option myself, especially since I always get passed up on face creams, eye creams, and serums even tho I have made it CLEAR these are mainly the types of products I want to try. Was shocked that not only did I not receive the touch in sol cream but watermelon lotion either considering that part of my profile…but I’m getting used to being gipped. I’m giving them one more month to get it together. It’s so obnoxious when we miss out on items we would actually try AND don’t get opportunity to add them on either like almost everyone else does. They should have to wait to post up add on options until after everyone’s glambag has been curated and we should ALL be given access to the same add ons, whether we are already getting the item or not. I’ve seen some people for instance who had previously received 111 serum and so they were given Sunday Riley cream AND option to add on 111 serum and another Sunday Riley cream. In my case, I was given the Sunday Riley cream in bag but I didn’t get either product as option for add on because of how long it took to curate my bag (or maybe they just didn’t give me options like the others, that’s happened too!)

      • I’ve had so many problems in the last 2 months with add ons and point perks and much much mire! I know of 2 signers and nada! And I didn’t choose one of the highlighters and they charged me. When I emailed them they said for a one time only they would refund me? I’ve been with ipsy since 2015 and I signed due to MSA! Thank you, I do still love ipsy, but something is happening and I can’t pin point what is going on? Any suggestions would be great! I posted another one on here just now! TIA!

      • I also got a repeat Lxmi and mascara which is opted out. they offered me the same extra scrub and option to choice 1 item next month.
        I also agree they should allow everyone the same chance to purchase add ons. its completely unfair. I have also seen a super lucky few who got 111 serum AND SF cream in their box with the option to purchase more as add on!!!!

  27. I am loving the Yensa, too, from my May box, but I would also be very disappointed to receive again (especially so soon).

    • I had such mixed feelings about seeing it again. Like, yay! I don’t have to actually buy it! But also, waaa, what else could I have tried??

      • If you contact them and tell them you got a repeat they will definitely send you something new in your next bag for free!

    • I’ll love to get another one, but next year or on December

  28. When I read about this one it was for women of color. I’m surprised so many with pale skin got it? I’m tan so I’m hoping it works out for me!

    • I can make most of the shades work with a light hand, so I think you will be in luck! It really is a gorgeous palette. Let me know what you think when it arrives, ok?

  29. Getting a repeat item… it seems like Ipsy should be better with the GBP since there were other items they could have put in the box. Mine is coming next week, not super excited but not disappointed either. I do like that you can pause easily!

  30. Hey Megan! I really appreciate all the reviews you’ve been doing lately. You’re a product sampling champ!

    I’d love to see more about your process and how you manage to get through as many of these products as you do. It would also be awesome to see a post 3 or 6 months out about which products had the most staying power out of them all.

    Thanks for doing these with such incredible speed– It really helps me stay up to date!

    • Hey Em! It always seems like the boxes I get most excited about arrive within the same week! It does mean lots of sampling. I generally come to work fresh-faced and try things throughout the day, with loads of wipes close by. The samples of facewash also come in handy for removing and testing at the same time. I actually have a set of eyepads on right now from the upcoming July Beautyfix review! If it is something like a shampoo, or a bodywash that requires a shower, I take them home and jot notes down in my phone. I think it is super important to try everything before I write about it, though I know my experience won’t be the same as everyone’s due to differences in skin types and other personal factors. I absolutely love your idea about a 3-6 month update and I think it would be a greta addition to our posts. Let me pass it along tot he rest of the team and see what we can come up with! Thanks for reading! <3

      • Hi Megan! A while ago a few of us were discussing how it’d be cool if MSA could do a monthly empties post showing what the reviewers fully used up, and share their thoughts on the product based on full usage and compare it to their first impression review. This post will also give MSA readers a chance to share their monthly beauty box empties too! Do you think a monthly empties post could be in the future for MSA too? 🙂

      • That’s a blog post I’d definitely read!

      • Love this idea!

      • I would LOVE that, too! If I may also suggest, I would absolutely LOVE a post about what goes on “behind the scenes” and how MSA works. For example, what’s a typical day like for all of you, who does what, how posts are timed, etc. Obviously, if there are things that can’t be revealed due to privacy/proprietary reasons, I understand, I’m just curious and love to see how things are made!

  31. Sounds like I need to save the touch in sol cream for the drier winter months or just use a really light touch. I have really oily skin right now its awful.

    • I was really surprised by it because my skin is super dry! Not much ends up sticky on my face. I might give it a try in a week or so. Sometimes a product I have totally written off ends up being great if I try it down the road again.

      • My skin changes a lot so I’m using products now that my skin couldn’t handle a yr ago. I was doing a little research and someone suggested using it as a sleeping pack.

  32. So very disappointed in Ipsy this month. I get 2 bags with polar opposite likes and dislikes and I am getting duplicate bags this month. That “highlighter” is not a highlighter the colors are too dark. I am not on stage and don’t need to be a beacon from Mars.

    Pixi is junk for me and the product is not new or even relatively new. I have gotten IT mascara from them before and so to get it again is sad. I was excited about the waterfall cream until I read this review. I can’t deal with sticky anywhere but really not on my face. The benefit cheek tint is Betty Boop red on me so that’s a waste. Will be swapping 2 complete bags this month. What a waste.

  33. I am receiving almost this exact same box. Instead of the Yensa (which I would not be happy with receiving another so soon) I am receiving the Benefit cosmetics cheek and lip stain in cherry red. I was wanting to like the glow mask but not sure I’d like the tacky feel. From the way you describe it it reminds me of the First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream but that absorbs very well.

  34. You got an awesome bag!! I received that primer already; but would’ve loved to get your box. Also how did you get your box so fast??! Mine hasn’t even shipped yet and I’m lucky to get my box by the end of the month.

  35. one of my glam bag plus is coming today…and my other one is coming Saturday…cool.

  36. My June box arrived in July. My July box hasn’t shipped. My daughter is getting her box next week. We have exactly the same products and colors coming, so that’s not the issue. The only thing I’ll use is the Huda palette, after I swap for an appropriate color. I love my add-ons, but for a $50+ and shipping costs for swaps… this box could be on the chopping block

    • swapping seems so inconvenient and costly. I either sell on Poshmark, my FB page….or I gift it to my cousins or aunts for Xmas.

  37. Thanks for the great review! I’m excitedly waiting for my package.

    I really wanted the touch in sol, but perhaps it’s better I didn’t since it’s tacky. I’m receiving the light palette and would’ve loved the medium “golden sand”, but better light then dark.

    The shade being off for Huda reminds me of the shade being off with Coverfx palette thru BC. They will nvr get it right until every subber gets to personally pick, such as placing an order and fulfilling each and every order accordingly. I’m sure Ipsy/BC receives an “X” amount for their boxes and that’s it! So- it will nvr work.

    • I actually really was hoping for the watermelon product, but maybe next time. I so wish I had gotten the lighter palette! Let me know what you think when it arrives. 🙂

  38. I wish they would stop using DHL for shipping, they are horrible. I have at least one delay one my reg ipsy bag and for some reason my ipsy plus never fails to have two or more delays.

    This months picks for me were so off the mark that Im pausing my August Ipsy plus.

    • Totally agree about DHL. I’ve stopped buying Ipsy offers because I still haven’t received orders from 3 weeks ago.

    • Agree! I know I’m just too excited to for my GBP but DHL is so damn slow! They shipped my GBP on July 7th but I won’t receive it until the 18th and that’s just an estimated delivery date! Can be later than that as it always happens to me!

      • I know what you mean about DHL, my bag has not even been shipped yet, Ipsy still has it! It is still in the warehouse. It says on my account that it is supposed to ship tommrow but they have been adding a day for the last three days so who knows? We are supposed to get our bags two weeks after we have been billed but that never happens to me or anybody I know.

      • My regular Glambag is being shipped by Fed Ex this month!! it is getting here in 3 days!! They have never shipped anything by Fed Ex! Now this shows they can get good shipping done–why aren’t they using them more? My Glambag Plus was shipped over a week ago by DHL and still is not here and schleduled to be here in several days (the regular is being delivered today).

      • I forgot to mention both GBP and regular bags both have add-ons.

      • How did you get so lucky?😊 I am glad you are at least getting one of your bags today! Mine finally showed shipped, on its way to DHL yesterday, which means it is probably still at Ipsy and just ready to be shipped. I don’t know why they even say shipped because mine is the same as yours, DHL don’t show that they even have it until a week later, there is no way it takes that long from Ipsy to DHL. I don’t even get excited to see that it has shipped anymore until I see that it has left DHL. They could use FedEx but it cost them more. DHL is a cheap mail carrier. Maybe the weight of your bag plus add ons made them use Fed Ex. I wished they would use them or UPS instead of DHL.

    • Agree!! I never get my box before the last week of the month.

    • DHL is the worst. My last encounter with them was this week, my fiances suit for our wedding next week, they delivered to a different city….how does that even happen with the correct address on the label?

    • Omg yes, DHL is awful. Almost all of my packages have been delayed! Once again this months is delayed as well. It’s ridiculous. They definitely need to switch to something else. Anything besides DHL honestly. I’ve had the best luck with FedEx personally. Ups has damaged a few of my packages and lost 1. So I don’t care much for them lately either lol.

    • Amen to that. My bag got within 25 miles of my house then DHL shipped it to another state. I’ve suggested to Ipsy again and again to quit using DHL. I have problems with them at work too. Just awful.

  39. I have yet to even get any tracking. They said shipped 6 days ago yet I track it and nothing has been updated.

    • That happened to me for my June and April “regular” Ipsy bag. I get so annoyed. They keep telling me to “wait and see” for a month and a half and I still didn’t get it. And, it’s usually the months where I am really excited to try the items.

      • Ikr!? They told me the same thing. But did say after 10 days if I don’t see any new update on shipping and still says awaiting distribution then I need to let them know but not to count weekends 😖 it’s just not cool how the shipping is. I can see tho u getting so excited to get ur box and then having to wait almost a month to receive I feel ur pain

  40. I am so confused why everyone is receiving the bronze palette and it’s too dark for them. Meanwhile I’m getting the pink one for my caramel complexion. Not pleased with my citation this month. Totally off from my survey for the first time. **insert sad face here**

    • Same here, a gotten a lot darker during the summer, and the bronze sand would actual be perfect for me, but instead they send me pink sands which is way too light for me 🙁
      Emailed ipsycare, but wasn’t much help

      • Jazz I am getting the Bronze Sands pallette and it is too dark for me…I would be willing to trade??? I am on the swap site but have had a hard time navigation it and am a bit clueless…Would you like to trade?

        muttelfam at

      • or Elyse is you would like to trade…email me

    • I’m getting the Bronze Sands palette, but I made it super clear that I’m black in my beauty profile. In fact, in the comment section of the questionaire, I simply typed, “I’m black” to make sure there was no misunderstanding. 😂😂😂

      • 🤣😂 “in case there’s still any question…”

    • I got the golden sands (medium one) and am looking to swap with someone for the pink one. Are you interested? If so my email is jessfox81 at Gmail. Thanks

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