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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Mystery Box – Available Now!

Ipsy has added a new Glam Bag Plus Mystery Box to their Shopper section!  (Thanks for the heads up, Tanisha!)

The Box: IPSY 5-Item Glam Bag Plus Mystery Box

The Cost: $35

The Products:

The Mystery Just Got Bigger…

Each box will contain 5 full-size products chosen randomly from the June Glam Bag Plus assortment.

Want a hint?

Your mystery box may contain products from these featured brands:

• 111SKIN





& more …

(Check out the full spoilers for the June Ipsy Glam Bag Plus here to see what you may get.)

Are you going to grab a mystery bag? 

FYI – this is a one-time purchase separate from a subscription. If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (169)

  1. I received my mystery box today and I got the following :

    Girlactik 3-in-1 sparkle Balm Duo (Periwinkle &Twinkle)

    Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Cream

    Trestique Matte Color + Shiny Balm (lip crayon in Belize Bordeaux & Grenache Balm

    Suva Beauty Hydra Liner in Grease & Six Twenty Brush

    TETRIS x ipsy
    Game on eyeshadow palette

    The only item that was a repeat for me was the Sunday Riley all the other products I didn’t receive in my actual glam bag plus sub

  2. First when I saw my plus box reveal I noticed they put the same Nilotica cream I received months ago. When I complained they added exfoliating cream that would be offered in the August box. I told them they could just give me one of the other creams offered in July. They didn’t even acknowledge this, I got a “you said you like creams on your profile this is why you got this”. Standard email. Keep in mind there were 3 moisturizers offered I believe in July. One of which they still had in stock because I added it on for August. Then I had the same shipping issues this month that you all did. On the 14 a tracking label was created. And the box never moved for 10 days. I emailed ipsy. I got the standard email about tracking not being updated. I then emailed back and reiterated that no, it’s been 10 days. They allowed me to choose one item for August and basically scolded me that this would be a one time thing, like this was all my fault. Keep in mind they bill on time. So that aspect of their business works fine. After that my box moved across town and stopped for another 4-5 days. Finally August 1st I receive my July plus box. I think this is a bit Redic. This is completely a Ipsy issue and not DHL. When you post anything on their Instagram, I always try and keep it positive. I do love the boxes. The shipping sucks though, I get responses. You should contact the shipper. It’s clearly not the shipper. And even if it was the shipper, since it’s a regular complaint, it’s back on ipsy. Change your shipper. But they know it’s not the shipper. Nothing else I receive from DHL has this issue.

    Page ahead to the August plus box reveal. Nail polish 😑. I have rarely on my profile. So I email ipsy. Asking for it to be replaced with anything. Knowing they can’t give me mascara because I got that same brand last month. I get someone responding with the standard response. “Update your beauty presences”. I send them screen shots of “rarely”. Then I get the standard “we can’t promise you won’t ever get this”. But somehow they can take me off the list for nail polish and mascara. Ok so I requested this. Let’s see how this plays out. I already canceled my August regular bag. I will just stick with the plus bag and do add Ons. If the above issues continue I will find another sub. I hate to do it I love the ipsy videos and all that but I feel like they are working on the events like Miami and Chicago and not getting the boxes out. My two cents.

  3. Looks like this has been lowered in price to $32

    • Quite frankly, they should be giving them away free to all of their customers that were supposed to get one and then never even mailed them out. I cancelled my subscription and went to another subscription box company that values their customers. Shady business practices isn’t for me. This entire ordeal screams class action lawsuit.

    • I emailed them in July telling them that I wanted them to send me the items that I was supposed to get in June. They told me in June that they were sold out, when they clearly weren’t. They then told me that the mystery boxes were sold out. This is August 8th and the boxes are still available. How many lies are they going to tell?

      They told me they’d send me 2 additional items. I asked that they send me the items from the August selection, as it was the end of July at that point (It took 3 emails before I got a response). They ignored me and the package was mailed on August 1st. It still isn’t here. I know that most of the items from July were sold out. The only reason I said okay, was because they told me the mystery box was sold out and the items were out of stock.

      Lies after lies. I really don’t get it.

  4. Just received my ipsy plus today !
    I got
    1.Jolii cosmetics trio in scuro, Lilla & amore
    2.Sunday Riley vitamin c hydration cream
    3. Apto skincare – healing turmeric mask
    4.suva beauty -hydra liner w/ brush set
    5. Tetris x Ipsy block party palette

    • Ordered a couple days after this was announced as I thought there was no way anyone would get SR or 211 , but when I saw a people were getting the SR cream I jumped. I got the same as above, great box, it is too bad though that people who ordered back in June and never got theirs didn’t get SR sent out to them.

      • I never got my SR or Suva. It’s BS. They told me they were out of stock. I contacted them again in July, when this mystery box came out. It took me 3 emails and calling them out on FB, before I got a response. The rep then told me the mystery box was sold out (it’s still available). More lies. He told me he would send me 2 bonus items. I asked for him to send them from the August selection. He sent them at the end of July, despite the fact that everything was out of stock. June was my first box and I got 2 items from a $10 bag, a broken Tetris palette, that they claimed was also out of stock (so they couldn’t replace) and 2 original items. It’s a bunch of crap. They refuse to make it right with those of us that they literally screwed over, then they sold our products for a higher price.

  5. I think they sent everyone the same mystery box.
    Mine has:

    Sunday Riley CEO cream
    Pixie Mascara
    Game On Tetris Palette ( green one, my third)
    Jolii Lip Trio
    R + Co Hair High Dive

    I have multiples of all these products except the mascara. Not thrilled.

    • This is the exact box I received, also when added up equals less than what they state for the mystery bag itself. 190 when they say 203. Looks like no one got the 111skin.

      • I’m actually fine not getting the 111Skin serum. I didn’t use it the first time around, a few months ago now. Retail price is somewhat important, but IMO, for me, personally, the serum was way overpriced.

        I have really sensitive skin and now I have a whole new batch of Sunday Riley CEO product. It’s unbelievable, first Allure beauty box and now from IPSY, and I really do not need a Vitamin C topical.

      • I still haven’t tried the Sunday Riley but I like their Luna night oil. I tried the pixie mascara last night and I actually really like it, especially the little brush, I have short sparse eyelashes so the volume ones make me look like I have spider legs on my eyelashes 🤪 which is why I hate getting mascara in any subscription box.
        I was really hoping for the Suva eyeliner or the Girlactik. It did seem like the box was supposed to be curated for someone else.
        Ipsy’s reply was funny, they were like well it’s all within a range of $30, and now you get to try something new.

  6. I had some kind of mental lapse when I purchased the june mystery bag. Realizing I was paying $35 for something I had paid $25 for in June.

    When I read the comments I figured I would be disappointed and give most away. Other than never knowing when Ispy items arrive, the purchase was a pleasant surprise. In June, actually early July, I received the SR CEO, the purple Tetris pallet, mascara and a few other decent items. Today I got:

    Sunday Riley
    Pixie Mascara
    Game OnTetris Pallet
    Jolii Lip Trio
    R + Co Hair High Dive

    Not bad. Maybe Ipsy got another shipment of SR. I have had good experiences for the past 3 months. They have answered all emails and a add on Huda pallets (2) arrived intact. After reading all these comments I feel very lucky. I’m happy. Would still like the brow brush that was out of stock. In the end it’s a nice product and love opening my boxes.

  7. Saw a mystery box on Reddit that had both the SR cream & Suva liner that I was told were “out of stock.” Immediately canceled my GBP subscription.

    I’m just so angry. How can they think it’s okay to treat subscribers this way???

    • I want to know the same thing. June was my first box and they told me they were out of those items, after they failed to ship my box. I was left getting 3 original items and my Tetris palette arrived broken. They then told me that they couldn’t replace it, as they were out of stock. They are sending people all 3 of the items that they told me were out of stock. They flat out lied. I was told I was getting these items and I want them.

      I sent them a message on Twitter yesterday, requesting these items, since they clearly have them. I haven’t heard back. They also owe me my add on from June, which appears to have disappeared in Hebron, Ky 8 days ago. It’s completely ridiculous. There has to be a law protecting consumers from this type of fraud. They never mailed packages, kept the products and are now selling them for a higher price. It’s unethical.

      • Right!! I ordered 3 add ons with my June box, I get both ipsys and still no add ons

      • I emailed them yesterday- for the THIRD time in about a week. They weren’t responding. Of course, they told me they’re now out of the July mystery box items. They told me that they can’t send me the items from June that I never received. They’re claiming that they don’t have them.

  8. Omg I didn’t realize the 111skin and SR was out of stock. I specifically ordered 2 of these boxes for those 2 products. I will demand my money back if they don’t send them in these June boxes. Anyone receive theirs yet? Let me know what you got!

    • I ordered it and received today. Mine has the Sunday Riley in it.

      • Hey Jennie do you mind telling us what else you got in the mystery bag?

      • Jennie can you tell us what else you got in the mystery bag?

      • Just got mine…

        Sunday riley cream
        Jolie lip trio
        Pixie mascara
        Tetris eyeshadow palette
        R&Co High dive cream

      • Thanks for letting us know!

      • I sent them an email telling them that I want my June items that they claimed were “out of stock”. We shall see.

      • I received:
        Tetris Block Party
        R&C High Dive
        Pur Big Lash

      • Thank you for posting this! I still have not recieved my July box.

    • Kind of unreasonable considering it’s a mystery box. I don’t understand people who think they are automatically getting a certain product. There was a list containing several products that could be in these mystery boxes, nowhere did it state that any particular product is guaranteed. Why on earth would you demand a refund if you don’t get what you wanted. You bought a mystery box, you get what you get!

      • The ad clearly stated it’s a June box with mystery items. I took that to mean it would either have the SR or 111skin like the June box has, but I wouldn’t know what I was getting, and wouldn’t know which alternate products would be picked for the other 4, unlike when they send me the emails that have spoilers.

      • I agree, Nicole. I can understand the people who were supposed to get a couple of these items, in their regular GBP for June – then told it was out of stock – and seeing people receiving those items in this mystery box.
        I do not agree with anyone complaining that they didn’t get any particular brand in this mystery box! It clearly states “may” contain. smh

      • I’m buying these 2 boxes for my sweet teen neighbors, who have helped me tremendously while I’ve been injured and who’s birthdays just passed. I wanted to give them each a high end skin care product in their birthday bags. I’m not trying to be greedy. The June box was guaranteed to have one of these 2, SR or 111. That specifically why I ordered 2 boxes. I didn’t realize people had never received their box or add on, but then Ipsy was giving others the chance to buy at an additional charge. It’s very shady to me.
        Thanks for you option.

    • Elizabeth – you do realize they said the mystery box MAY contain – then list of brands. Its a MYSTERY box, you were not guaranteed to receive all of those brands! How can you think its okay to demand your money back for that??
      Key words here – MYSTERY box and MAY contain.

      • Actually I posted that before I realized that other people hadn’t received their box at all or an add on for the month of June. I’ve seen others that have received either the SR or 111 with their mystery box. Now I’m going to send them an email asking why other people got neglected to that we could order mystery boxes at an additional charge. I don’t want to take from other people. I think we should all be treated fairly, and then open to additional sales. I think the whole thing is shady.
        I appreciate you opinion though, thanks.

      • I’m one of the people that didn’t get my items. My box never left the warehouse. It supposedly shipped on 6/9. They made me wait until 6/21, to acknowledge that there was an issue. They then made me wait ANOTHER 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS before they shipped an “accommodation box”. They told me that they were out of Sunday Riley and Suva Beauty. They told me that they were out of all substitutes, too. They sent me 2 items from the $10 bag (a single sheet mask and a generic gold lip gloss). My Tetris palette also arrived broken and my add on was incorrect. I feel cheated, as they were being deceitful the entire time. They told me they won’t replace the broken palette either. This was my FIRST box. I messaged them 4 days ago asking for my items, since they lied about them being out of stock. They didn’t respond.

      • I’m so sorry that happened to you. I think it’s happened to quite a few people as well. I’m going to email them too. Especially if I get the items I bought the June box specifically for. That’s not fair that Ipsy would cancel on some then offer to others. Just shady. I hope they resolve it for you.

      • Just an FYI Rach, I did get both of my “June mystery” boxes. I received one with SR and one with 111, one of each of the Tetris palettes, one had they clay mask, one had brushes, both had Ciaté lip in the same color, and I can’t remember the last 2 items from each, but I know it wasn’t the Suva eyeliner that some were hoping for. I’m really disappointed that many had tried to add on these items and been cancelled saying they were out of stock. Or in your case, never got the June box at all. It was exactly as I had hoped, not a random product box, but a JUNE BOX with mystery items, including the hero items advertised for June (the whole reason I said I would be upset, if I didn’t receive the hero items). But I still think it’s unfair that Ipsy sold these boxes before making things right with their subscriptions. I’ll email and tell them as much. Hope it doesn’t happen again in the future. Definitely stand your ground and have them make it right, but hang in there because the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus box (other than this issue), has been great so far.

      • Thanks for sticking up for us! Unfortunately, Ipsy isn’t budging. They’re claiming that they always save monthly items for other uses and that they’re once again out of the June products. It’s always something.

      • I’ve contacted an attorney regarding this matter because Ipsy has refused to make it right! Consumers have rights and they have been violated by Ipsy’s poor business practices. There is absolutely no way our June box was even shipped. It never moved from the initial 2 am response “En route to DHL ecommerce distribution center.” How can you not even send a box out that was clearly paid for and then tell your customers they have no more product so all they can do is send you a refund 30 days later? Now they turn around and sell the same products for more money. I refuse to be treated this way and if it requires legal intervention than so be it!

      • I’m 100% positive that my June box wasn’t shipped. They also “ran out of inventory” very quickly. They knew all along that those boxes didn’t leave the warehouse.

        This is why: There was a lady that commented on one of these threads when people were just starting to realize their boxes were missing. She signed up mid-June and didn’t even know she’d get a June box. A GBP arrived and included the “sold out” items, plus items she didn’t order. She was confused about the extra items, but she liked them. So much, that she ordered a SECOND GBP. It arrived and once again, it included the “sold out” items and extras. It was then that she stumbled across this thread regarding the June disaster. She realized a lot of people were missing boxes. For some reason, she decided to remove her shipping label… there was the proof! BOTH of her boxes had shipping labels belonging to other people.

        They seriously never shipped our products and stuck a new shipping label on it, then shipped it to a new customer. If everyone would have removed their shipping labels from the June box, I bet a lot of people would have been surprised. It’s also interesting that Ipsy has so much leftover stock, when so many of us had serious issues and were sent replacement items from the $10 bag, which isn’t even equivalent. I ended up with 5 items. 1 was broken, 2 were original, 1 was a single sheet mask from the $10 bag and then I got a gold lip color from the $10 bag. It’s crazy. It’s hard to believe that Ipsy considers that issue “resolved”.

        This rep said that he will let management know about my issue (I doubt it) and I’ll get 2 bonus items sent to my house. I asked if they could be from the August selection and sent with my box. I was ignored. Knowing my luck and how this has been handled (not even publicly acknowledged), I’m not holding my breath. It’d be cool if they were from the August GBP. I’d feel satisfied. Anything from the $10 bag doesn’t correct the issue, IMO. I don’t subscribe to that bag and I missed out on 2 amazing items from the GBP, due to their deceit.

        I hope this corrects my issue, so I don’t have to deal with CS anymore. They never respond and it’s an ordeal.

  9. Has anyone else’s box gotten lost by DHL this month? Something “went awry” during the handoff to USPS and both USPS and DHL deny responsibility.

    • I’m getting worried about my add on for June. They had to replace it (sent me the wrong item) and they failed to send my June box (that’s why it’s so late). It has been sitting in Hebron, Ky since July 13. My box was there at the exact same time and just arrived a few minutes ago. The add on didn’t. That’s where they pass the item to USPS.

      • Good luck ever getting that add-on. They charge people and send confirmation emails for add-ons
        and then never send the popular ones but keep your money unless you contact them. Then of course when you do contact them, the add-on is out of stock. I love ipsy but no one can convince me that this part of it isn’t a scam. I never get all of my add-ons but I always get charged for them.

      • I’m worried about my entire box. My tracking was issued on the 13th and the info still says DHL awaiting item. I contacted Ipsy and they assure me that my box has left their warehouse and my tracking just hasn’t updated. I don’t believe them. Yes, it normally takes several days for DHL to recieve it, but not an entire week. If my tracking isn’t updating, how the hell does Ipsy know my box is moving? I love my Ipsy, but I might have to cancel and go with someone else if they can’t straighten their shipping out. I don’t believe for a second that my box isn’t still sitting in their warehouse somewhere. That or DHL didn’t update tracking and it’s sitting in Hebron, KY with your add on…mine goes through that distribution center as well.

      • That is a copy and pasted response that the reps send to all the people, they never checked and they do not know. It happened to me in June. They will make you wait 10 business days until after the shipping label was created and then offer a replacement or a partial refund because the items are out of stock.

    • My add on is officially missing. It has been in Hebron, KY since the 14th. They never gave it to USPS. This is my add on from JUNE. Ipsy won’t even respond to me. They are a joke.

    • Yesss! First of all it took forever to get a shipping notification, then for over a week it said a label was created but they had not yet gotten the actual package, got this message for about a week.Then finally it said id get my box by the 29th(today) but of course nothing so tracked it again and now it says they(dhl)are sorry that theres a shipping delay but Ill have it within 2 days.I will update when and if i actually get it.

  10. I had ordered one. I just got an email saying it was canceled. Uh okay lol

  11. Regarding DHL:

    I order a LOT of clothing, shoes and accessories from a boutique of shops on the Internet under an umbrella name.

    Each seller ships out their product separately, and all of them are located on the W. Coast or in Utah, which probably doesn’t matter. just stating where the shipping originates.

    I live in a state that’s the beginning of the Southwest.

    I get EVERY single package I order UNLESS the merchant creates a label and then doesn’t ship their items out. It happened on June 29, and I’m still waiting on a pair of destroyed denim joggers, but the seller finally shipped them.

    DHL is likely the ” least premium” shipper in the US and they do not lose my packages, or tear open those shipper bags, or fail to deliver my items to the USPS hub in the area that serves DHL.

    I worried a LOT when I read here about DHL laying off a lot of their workforce, but my tops, shorts, sandals, fun handmade earrings and so forth are arriving on time.

    SOME of these sellers are huge volume sellers. Some are Etsy sellers. I don’t think it matters.

    I think Ipsy is definitely the problem with DHL right now because all my other items are getting to me just fine and in perfect condition, inside another plastic bag and wrapped in tissue paper.

    JMO, but I’ve been ordering multiple items from multiple sellers daily and there’s been absolutely no drop in service time or quality. It’s what I’d call ” average to above average” with Amazon Prime being the gold standard at no extra cost.

    • I’d normally agree that DHL isn’t bad, but in this case, DHL had possession of my box and it got lost in the transfer to USPS. USPS didn’t ever receive the box.

      • Ipsy and DHL are both to blame. Ipsy isn’t shipping boxes, only creating labels. I learned this with my first box (June). When your box says “en route to DHL”, a shipping label has been printed, but the box is at the warehouse.

        I also had an issue with DHL this month. The item shipped 7/11 and made it to Hebron, KY on 7/14, where it was supposed to be handed over to USPS. It didn’t happen. My box made it through at the same time, without an issue. This was a replacement for an add on and it was sent in a pink mailer. I think the bags are so small, that they get misplaced, lost and wedged in places.

        Boxycharm started out years ago using DHL. It would take weeks for the boxes to arrive. They were much smaller than Ipsy, yet they upgraded their shipping, by using a partner. They now use a partner, who ships through FedEx and UPS, then usps delivers it once it reaches the final destination. It takes about 5-7 days.

  12. One of my post on here was deleted, I’m very sorry if my opinions r not allowed, but, I didn’t say anything that others were saying? SIA, MSA, And Everyone!

    • I still see your post.

    • Your post is still there but no one can reply to it. Why did Ipsy cancel your subscription?

    I just happened to be searching for Ipsy emails today and I had an email (in my spam folder no less) from Ipsy from Friday that stated someone in the Philippines had accessed my account from an unknown device! Wtf? It said to change my password if I hadn’t done this and that was it!!!
    My account indicates that my July plus has shipped, I have no email from Ipsy stating this, and the tracking with DHL does nothing. Also, DHL is stating:

    We wish to inform you that a number of packages may experience delayed or missing tracking information. Continue to check this tracking page for the latest update. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this may cause.

    What the hell is going on? I know I’ve seen other comments about members having their account hacked. I personally use PayPal for my account and only have prepaid cards on my PayPal at the moment so they can get a whopping $2 out of me. Highly suggest PayPal as your payment method or prepaid cards for these subscription boxes. Concerned Ipsy isn’t addressing this security issue and have read enough horror stories with other sub box companies. Smh

  14. So, I emailed ipsycare about the fact that they’re advertising Sunday Riley when they said they were OOS of Sunday Riley. Here’s the response I got:

    “Thanks for contacting ipsyCare and I’m so sorry to hear that you’re disappointed and considering cancelling.

    I definitely understand your concern and I’d be happy to explain. We have limited inventory of each product available each month, and sometimes inventory is used for multiple offers. This product was used for the Glam Bag Plus as well as Offers.

    Don’t worry, we’ll pass your concern to our management team to explore solutions.

    In the meantime, I’d be happy to send 2 bonus products out to you right away to make up for the trouble! You’ll get a tracking email for it once it leaves our warehouse.

    I hope my explanation makes sense! Let me know if I can help with anything else.”

    • Loling at “I hope this explanation makes sense!” To be honest, it feels like this response (which I’m sure is copy-pasted) is deliberately unclear. I feel like they’re maybe trying to say, “Yes, we had Sunday Riley all along, but we reserved stock for the mystery bags, so we told customers that we were out of stock.”

      If this is what happened… man. Ipsy definitely did not make a good faith effort to even *try* to fulfill customers’ bags with what they told us we were going to get.

      • It’s going to be a you know what storm, once people start getting these mystery boxes if they do include the Sunday Riley or Suva liner or anything else they said they were out of, for the missing June boxes.

      • Ipsy canceled my order out of nowhere

      • Do you mean the Mystery Box? It’s still up for sale on their site. I don’t understand why they would cancel your order. I’m sorry this happened to you. I don’t want mine and it’s shipped out. Gah. 😉

      • Yep. I just got an email saying it was canceled and I wouldn’t be billed. I was billed.

      • Honestly, I a little bit hope there is some kind of storm. Ipsy started doing partial refunds for shopper orders in teeny amounts & instead of replacing damaged items over a year & a half ago, & it seems like they just started doing this for glam bags within the past couple of months.

        I’ve been keeping my eye on it, because although the shopper order stuff is small potatoes, I feel it can’t possibly be legal (can it???) for a company to flat-out say “we’re going to send you ABC items worth $X for only $Z”… and then say, “sorry, we’re out of stock on your defective item, here’s a $1 refund.” I think they’ve been getting away with it because no one cares that much/the stakes are so low no one cares to fight it.

        While the legality of doing this for the glam bags seems way more gray an area, because Ipsy only promises a “personalized” bag when you pay (& not specific products worth $X), it’s definitely unethical for them to tell customers something is out of stock when they actually do have stock.

      • They tried the partial refund for a Shopper Summer fun bundle and the hero item was a Jules Smith $50 necklace that’s still sold on her website.
        Mine was MISSING. Not in the box, the packaging, or any of the items that were cosmetic/ skin care things.

        Ipsy offered me $3.00 for the $50 necklace.

        I told them I was taking it to the BBB if they didn’t either replace the necklace or reimburse me for the cost of the necklace.

        I got a refund for the price of the box plus the necklace’s retail price the next day.
        BTW, I doubt I would have worn the necklace but I think they have to be kept accountable for missing items.

        Stand your ground with your $ !

      • Eh, while I agree the reasoning comes from the idea of inventory being allocated to specific areas. I work in customer service for another unrelated company and the fact is while there might be inventory available it might be already sectioned off for another purpose and is then unusable for where it is needed. That being said, I think it is bad business to prioritize future possible orders over existing demand. I doubt it is what they’re doing, but it FEELS like they are creating demand for a specific item and then taking away the product to then try to boost sales in another place for a higher compensation. These boxes cost more than if you got it in your GBP. I don’t think that is what happened but it is a smack in the face to your existing customer base.

      • Companies have limited quantities for everything! Geez you guys…its 20-50 bucks…get over it! Have fun, it’s not meant to be taken soooooo serious as to a law suit. People, it’s makeup.

      • At least one of my add-ons is missing every month with my GB. I get charged and I get a confirmation email but at least 1 is always missing, usually the most popular one(s). Then I’m refunded only AFTER contacting ipsy, because of course by then the products are out of stock… Just seems so incredibly shady. I mostly love ipsy but you can’t tell me they don’t know exactly what they’re doing promising people these add-ons, charging them for them, and then never sending them, but not refunding until after being contacted, and of course being out of stock because they never had enough in the first place! How is that not a scam? Am I the only person this consistently happens to?

      • I purchased three full size add-ons this month and none of them were included in with my GBP box. After contacting customer service, they were able to replace two of the items, but stated the third was out of stock and they would be issuing a refund. I responded back that I don’t want a refund, but a replacement add-on. I’m waiting to hear back. I agree, this is very disappointing.

    • I got a similar email! I contacted Ipsy about getting the bronze Huda palette and me being pale. They Said something along the lines of I’m sorry that you’re unhappy and thinking about leaving us. Normally we don’t do this but in your case will make an exception. We will send out a replacement palette with a separate shipping tracking in 5-7 days.
      And then it never came so I emailed back. I got the response that There was some kind of system glitch that had calls my order to not process but they said they are personally keeping an eye on it and it will ship out along with an extra item for my troubles within 5-7 days. Hmm. That was Saturday and I haven’t heard anything. Who knows If it will even go through!

      • They can be slow sometimes

  15. Anyone else furious that they are selling mystery Glam bag plus from the month that so many people did not receive theirs and they reportedly ran out of inventory so they were not able to replace them and yet here they are advertising those very same products? I’ve had ipsy for 4 years. It’s the only subscription I’ve never cancelled and never thought I would. Ever after totally not getting either my Glam bag or plus last month. In fact I felt bad for them over this until now. Now I’m angry. I feel lied to. Betrayed and I’m done. No one should ever have to be this upset over a subscription service.

    • Hi Samantha
      I feel the same way. After numerous emails assuring me that my coveted June GBP was on
      it’s way, they first issued a replacement, then 2 hours later cancelled it!
      I only got a refund— customer service stated that
      the SR was out of stock.
      Now they are selling it in “mystery bags”!!
      I’m upset,to say the least.

    • I totally feel the same way! My 15-year-old daughter gets this box and truly looks forward to it every month. Her June box never came. It doesn’t even look like it ever shipped out. When I questioned it, I got the same response that they were out of stock and our money was refunded. We had even purchased the entire Tetris collection so she gave away the palette she was supposed to be getting and then her box never shows. Ipsy offered nothing but the $25 refund. This is how they treat their customers of almost 2 years??? They had our money for an entire month to run their business and we get nothing but an apology and clearly a bunch of lies. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice. I get it it’s only makeup but when you are a child waiting anxiously every month to get your special package from Ipsy, it’s more than that. We feel lied to and cheated and quite frankly it’s BAD BUSINESS! It’s time for Ipsy to take accountability for the error and treat their customers like we’re truly valued. Otherwise, there are a ton of other subscription boxes out there that would value our business.
      Signed…a very angry parent!!!

      • What palette is she missing? I have 2 of one of the palletes!

      • It was the Game On palette with the blue and mustard shades in it.

  16. I thought there had to be either the 111skin or SR in this. This was my favorite GBP but I didn’t have shipping issues. I do now, though. My GB is still just waiting to be picked up since the 6th.

    • Mine too. I just got my Ipsy+ yesterday which shipped a day later than my regular bag, and my regular bag is just sitting with no movement since. I had no shipping issues like a ton of people did in June, but I did experience this exact same thing in May, and I had to contact them to ship me a replacement bag which of course didn’t have my spoiled items. I’ll give them credit though that they did a pretty good job of including like products in the replacement bag, but my spoiled bag was still better.

      • For 2 months Ipsy has lost my GBP and regular bag.

        They respond this is perfectly normal? That is what they told me at their Twitter customer service!

        DHL is S**t! I usually do not curse but I am livid about this!

      • Every month DHL always has a banner on the tracking page saying that my bag experienced a delay and to please give them an extra 48 to 72 hours. Every. Single. Month. I really wish ipsy would find a different company to work with. It shouldn’t take over 10 days for my bag to come from NC to WV 😏

      • And for being with ipsy since 2015-I’m livid, as well! Actually I’m so very Mad! I wonder if I subscribe to the canned email what they will say? I’ve been one of the best customers with them! Review every time, etc….The only other box I have is Play! In the last few months I’ve had a gut feeling of something wrong with Ipsy? I have even posted on here about it! And now this!!!!!!!! I’ve also been looking for a new Box on here! I feel bad because I’ve been with them soooo long!

      • I have always hated DHL, I get my first ipsy glam bag plus last month and it was actually my first ipsy ever I almost cancelled when I saw they used DHL.

  17. This is a big pass for me, but I NEED MORE AUGUST SPOILERS NOW LOL 😂😂😂

  18. Why does everyone not like the Tetris palettes? Bad pigmentation/blending/staying power? I really like the one with the blues and purple/pinks and was thinking of getting one. TIA for any answers/reviews!!

    • I have both if the palettes and I’m having a blast using them! I think they are great quality!

    • They are actually really bright, beautiful palettes. I got the green one and traded it because the purple is a better fit for me, but I looked at it before I sent it off and had some FOMO after I saw how pretty and bright it was. I love the purple, not sure what’s not to like about them.😉

    • I have the green one up for swap. Just click on my name.

    • I found the formula to be chalky. And trying to build up the colors it just looked patchy 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve been spoiled by Natasha Denona and Jeffree Star formulas tho ~

    • I liked them myself but it seems like they may have had a huge quality control issue with then since so many people had the opposite experience.

  19. I swear every other person saying they didnt get a box, happenes everytime a big name is in there. I guess the mail services just throw those boxes away. Smh… karma

    • I was thinking the same thing! 😂

      • Really it’s ridiculous and then it messes it up for those people who really had something happen to their box.

    • It really did happen last month. Lots of people didn’t get there boxes because of an issue with DHL. That’s part of the reason one of mine was shipped with FedEx this month. I ended up getting mine, but it was at the end of the month, but right after that, something happened and I’m not exactly sure what it was. I do hear you though, because I’ve heard of people saying that just to get another box.

      • Fed Ex delivered mine this month too. Maybe they’re starting to switch delivery services over to a better one?

      • Yeah I did notice that two of my boxes will not boxes me and both my daughters get Ipsy and all of our regular ipsys came through FedEx but the plus still came through DHL I freaking hate DHL they take so long

    • I mean… delivery services have tracking now. Yeah, I think Ipsy does replace a package even if it’s marked as delivered, but a lot of boxes straight up never made it out of DHL in June, & that was reflected in the tracking info.

    • My July Glam Bag Plus is now lost by DHL. They’ve got the worst service!

      • Are you sure DHL lost it? Because DHL still hasn’t received mine! Ten days now and Ipsy is just 🤷‍♀️. They have made it clear that they couldn’t care less. Ipsy has, I mean.

      • I suppose some of it could be Ipsy, but DHL does not have a good track record. They are definitely slow, mine always takes 5-7 day’s just to make it to their first distribution center and then it regularly gets held up in the second distribution center in Stow, Ohio. It can sit there doing nothing for up to 4 days. I do feel bad for anyone who did not recieve their box in July and were told Sunday Riley was out of stock. If they were ordering more, then Ipsy should have offered to send it once they recieved more. That’s what Allure does. It’s unacceptable to now be offering the product in a mystery box, when the people who were promised it, didn’t get it. If it makes anyone feel better, I love Sunday Riley, but the CEO cream isn’t that great. It’s heavy/oily. I have dry skin that’s very tolerant to heavier moisturizers, but this one doesn’t want to fully absorb. I find myself using it at night since I don’t want to waste it, but I would never buy it at the price point.

      • Nicole, I was having a problem with the SR CEO absorbing too. Idk if you ha e a little skincare fridge or not? You can always use the regular fridge too, but I put mine in my skincare product fridge I just purchased and for some reason it absorbs so much better now. Just though I would mention that in case you wanna try it. I still use it at night though too

      • I had the same problem last month with mine. I redeemed points on a sample of 111 Skin eye serum and it held up my box getting to DHL for about 12 days after it said shipped. The labels are made by Ipsy, but the boxes themselves are not given to DHL. So if it hasn’t arrived at the first stop and just says it’s in the way to DHL, then Ipsy still has it.

      • Hey Jill! Thank you for the tip on the SR CEO, I’m going to give that a try! I love keeping skincare in the fridge in the summer anyways, it’s so refreshing! Oh geez, now you have me wanting a mini fridge for my skincare…my husband’s gonna look at me like I’m crazy.😂

      • Why does ipsy, say on Social media when ipsters don’t get their Bags! The canned post “we’ll pass it to our team, great idea” ? I don’t get it!!! They have been doing that since the year 2015 up till yesterday!

    • I checked on my box once, it was marked as delivered. I’d had my door open, but hadn’t seen anyone. Went outside, and it wasn’t there. Looked all around, wasn’t there. Checked with my next door neighbor, wasn’t there. Saw the garage on the other side of me had the door open, and walked over. Guy’s wife was sitting there opening my box and I caught her. I went off. I got my box back products intact, but look what I went through to get it. So yeah, stuff happens even with tracking numbers. That driver was too lazy to look at the number on my house. There are crooked delivery people as well who will steal your box! There are thieves who will come onto your property to steal it! Beyond that, in the last year, I’ve had 2 months where Ipsy themselves left product/add-ons out of my orders. This month I had 2 missing, the thrive mascara and the Pixi glow mist. Stuff happens, and it seems to be repeatedly with this subscription. I hate having to make complaints repeatedly because it’s also made me wonder if they think I’m lying. But since it’s happened more than once, and of course I want my box intact, my solution is to take video of my mail person dropping my box off, and me opening it right there on the porch before I take it inside to save any disputes I might have when I need to recover my losses. I am lucky enough to be able to be home during mail delivery. By no means is Ipsy shipping nor the DHL delivery service perfect. When people say they’re missing boxes/products, I absolutely believe it due to my own experiences. I am very happy that Ipsy will fix issues like this, because if they didn’t I’d have already cancelled. Accidents happen, and they have no control over delivery/shipping, but then neither do I. As long as it’s right in the end, I’m good.

    • Karma? Not sure what you mean by that.

      The boxes last month never left the warehouse. DHL never had possession of them. They were all primarily shipped on 6/9 and never got past “en route to DHL”. The tracking numbers through DHL were also invalid. Essentially, a label was only printed.

      A woman also signed up for Ipsy mid-month and received 2 boxes with the sold out items, along with free random add ons. She thought that was strange and removed her shipping label, only to find labels belonging to 2 other individuals. She received 2 of the “lost” boxes. How is that possible, if they left the warehouse? Instead of shipping them to the correct recipients, they shipped the boxes to new customers, which is how they ran out of items.

      I was one of the customers that didn’t receive a box. I got an accommodation box with a broken palette, 2 original lip items and 2 items from the $10 bag (shipped separately).

      • the same thing happened to me. Ipsy blamed it on DHL but in never got passed the shipping label created and every communication where I mentioned that only the label was created, ipsy rep kept saying that the tracking was just not updating. Yeah right.

        But what annoys me is that ipsy claimed that the Sunday Riley and the palettes were sold out (in sending my replacement box). How is SR in this mystery box!?

      • That’s what I want to know. I didn’t get SR or Suva. My Tetris palette was also broken. I was so excited about my first GBP (June) and then I got junk. I feel like these items are owed to me, since they used deception as a maneuver to get away with not sending them in the first place. The entire mess was Ipsy’s fault. They never shipped the box.

      • Well that’s horrible especially it being your first box like I completely understand I’ve been with Ipsy years and like I said I have two daughters that also get it and I know it gets annoying but if you just keep talking to them nicely and sending emails they will replace your stuff it might not be the same thing but they’ll try and it might not work so well like if you get mean with them (I’ve done both) and noticed a better outcome when I was nice even though it was hard

      • They didn’t care. I’m always professional in emails. They kept giving me generic responses. I emailed them at 9 business days and they told me that they were already out of stock of SR, which is odd. This is before everyone noticed that their boxes were missing. It appears that they were stockpiling them for this special. Instead of letting people purchase them for add ons, they should have fulfilled the orders that were outstanding. They told me that it would take 5-7 business days before they would ship another box, which IMO, is ridiculous, as I had already waited 10 business days. By the time it shipped, Suva beauty was out of stock. I had been wanting to try their eyeliner for several months, as I have one of their palettes.

        The CS rep then listed my items and told me that it was 5 items. I corrected her and told her that it was 3 items, plus my add on. (Trestique, Girlactik duo, Tetris palette and Benefit Gimme brows add on) She then told me that a supervisor was sending me an additional accommodation box, to make sure I was happy.

        They shipped a few days apart. My first box arrived with a broken palette and the wrong add on. I waited for the second “accommodation box”. It wasn’t a second box at all. It contained 2 items to create a box of 5, only the 2 items were from the $10 bag. I got a single sheet mask from a brand I’ve never heard of and a gold lip gloss.

        I emailed them letting them know that I received a broken palette and the wrong add on. They told me that they’d replace the add on, but the palette was sold out.

        Essentially, I signed up because the products looked amazing. I was supposed to get an amazing box. I got items from the $10 bag, a broken palette and a few lip colors. The value should have been $175 and it ended up being around $65.

  20. Um. You know how people sometimes ” buy while drinking?”

    I had a horrible allergy attack, Zyrtec and 2 Benadryl severe.

    I ordered this box while under the influence of histamine blockers, not realizing that the ONLY thing in there will be June items.

    I got 2 great June boxes. Also, this price is really dumb.

    I’m really dumb.

    Never order while sick.

    Now I bet Boxy will send me another Park Princess, which has 0 shades I can use.
    The energy field is really on the negative side here, or karma or whatever makes a day a ” Friday the 13th”.

    I totally forgot about those Tetris items. I think it will be full of them. Oh my dog.

    • You can cancel !! go to your profile > orders > click on the order and select cancel. I did, I read this as July’s box for some reason and which I regret not getting .

      • Got the email early this AM that it’s shipped already.

        It was my fault. Also, if I’d been thinking clearly last night, I would have cancelled, or tried to.

        Does anyone know if that Tetris stuff can be sold on eBay? Do not want more makeup made in PRC by who knows whom for Ipsy. Also, I got 2 green palettes so I’m sure mine will have the 3rd green palette in it. I’d have liked the purple one a lot better.

      • Can you post what you get when your bag arrives please? 🙂

      • I like them especially the more neutral one. And they stay on just fine!

        I like them and the lip balms the best.

        Actually Ebay has better deals than this one!

        Swapping is too expensive and too much work.

    • No, Lily, it’s “oh my doG.” 😸🙀🐩

  21. With my luck I would get 3 mascaras and BOTH Tetris palettes….

  22. This is not a deal since the regular glam plus box is $25.. also boxycharm is having a pop up sale with their overstocked products for a great discount so this isnt a deal for anyone..

    • Yes but popup sold out extremely fast with no new added products. The ipsy box your paying for a box not a subscription. No strings

  23. So for an extra $10 I can get a box not based on my profile. 🤔 I think that is an easy NO. Maybe if I could pick an item so I’m guaranteed one thing I would use. It would be my luck I’ll get the stuff i didn’t want from the two boxes I skipped.

  24. Yeah. I’m going to be pretty angry if people are actually getting the “out of stock” Sunday Riley in these bags. It might be the last straw I needed to push me into canceling.

    I did get a $10 refund for the SR cream & Suva liner from the June box, but that means I also did end up paying $15 for 3 items that I just do not want.

    • At least you got something— I was cancelled
      and big whoop — refunded!

      • I would have rather have been completely refunded than pay for products that I won’t use.

        In fact, I requested a cancelation/refund for my bad July box, & customer service obliged, thank goodness.

  25. My July Ipsy plus is still “en route to distribution center” and has been since the 6th, sooooo probably not gonna order a “mystery” box, before I get my current one.. just sayin..

  26. So, something is up it seems with their June boxes and shipping this month. Mine has the shipping label created, but it seems it was not dropped off at the post office because Dhl shows it hasn’t even been dropped off at the initial location. It seems like it’s happened to many times this month to be a fluke. Also, sounds like their customer service is telling everyone who hasn’t received their boxes or they got “lost” that they are out of stock of their most coveted items, the ones that it shows we would have been getting. Not cool. It’s like they realized they didn’t have enough product maybe and through out this story to us to cover for it, so now we prob will end up with crap products..hopefully not, we will see…

    • Is it happening this month, too? Trust me, CS doesn’t care. I went back and forth with them 11 times last month over this exact thing. I got my “accommodation items” this month. I got a broken Tetris palette (that they refused to replace), a duo lip set, another lip product and 2 items from the $10 bag. They also sent me the wrong add on, that I’m still waiting on.

      Never once did I say I was going to cancel, yet the rep told me he could walk me through cancelling. He had a massive attitude.

  27. I was screwed over on the April Mystery bag so I never am getting another. They promised a $75 value for that bag and had they sent me the stuff I saw unboxed on Reddit it would have met that promise they got a full size Rodeo Drive highlighter I got Hikari eye shadow they got full size seraphine lip gel I got sample doucce mascara . At least I redeemed points for Seraphine lip gel in new point rewards posted

    I also don’t think it is right they told people Sunday Riley is out of stock now they might put in.mystery bag. I got lucky mine I added was not in bag but they did mail to me separate this was after the 18th last month.

  28. This is not good to promote brands like Sunday Riley and 111 skin when they said they are out of stock. And the most frustrating thing is that my June box never arrived and Ipsy told me that they were out of stock. How sad and they selling the June box. I do not know what to think

    • I know! Ipsy lost my GBP last month and they told me they were out and could not send my GBP. Now this and I still do not have my BGP and one of my regular bags.

      • Did you contact the post office and put in a missing mail search? I’ve had several boxes lost and found that way.

      • No because DHL never got the box and bag. They never made it to DHL.

        I am SOL again.

  29. The only thing I need to decide is how many to buy 😉 June was one of my favorite boxes, and I’d love to have more!

    • I had a great box too!! Hate so many people had issues!!

    • Haha my June box was horrible, nothing I wanted was included so not taking chances on trying again.

      • I felt the exact same way and poor CS only exacerbated my displeasure with my June Glam Bag Plus. It followed a disappointing May box — seems like they intentionally send the opposite of my stated likes and dislikes on their site.

      • I loved my June box🎁💜

  30. Wow. SR was out of stock!!!

    How can they possibly advertise it in the June GBP mystery box???

    Very shady PR move if you ask me…

  31. No thanks! June was a huge dud for me. Why not just put the unwanted leftovers in the shop?

    • Agreed. I cxl my subscription after receiving multiple items that were similiar I did not want. No personalization. I went to birchbox!

  32. Not interested…

  33. What is the point of this box if you know the products are coming from the June box? Isn’t that the same as just getting the June box? Doesn’t seem like much of a mystery to me

    • Maybe for people who are still waitlisted

  34. Idk about this one. Why is it $10 more, when the regular mystery Ipsy was the same price as the regular Ipsy subscription? I got that one and while I’m happy with the actual bag, I only got 1 item of a brand I know which was Belif. I just don’t know if this one will be worth it and end up getting crap products or crap brands.

    • The other mystery bag was $12, not $10.

      • Oh my mistake, I thought it was $10. I only paid $8 anyhow as I had a $5 off coupon.

    • I’ve been wondering this about the regular mystery bags for a while, tbh. I really only think it’s worth it if you have a shopper credit.

      Otherwise, just make another account! You can get stuff customized to your preferences that way, & you would still get the reward points for reviewing. You can pause whenever you want if you don’t like the spoilers for that month.

      • Wait, you can pause after you see your spoilers?? I thought you had to do it before the 1st of the month!

      • You can pause after seeing THE spoilers up until the first I think. But once you are charged, there is no pausing. Your bag specifics are not revealed until after you are charged.

      • Yeah, you have to pause before you’re charged. But usually you can find at least 10 spoilers before then.

      • They aren’t customizing. I get 2 Plus bags with completely different profiles on each and got 2 duplicate boxes AGAIN.

  35. Not crazy about these brands. Pass.

  36. I would just buy the products you want off ebay. In my experience with the mystery bags from Ipsy, I never receive the products I want and it’s usually the reject products no one else wanted either.

    • Yeah, but supposedly many of them are out of stock. For example, people received an(other) Eyeko eyeliner in lieu of the Suva liner.

  37. You are absolutely kidding me!!
    I didn’t get my June bag and they are offering mystery bags with June products??

  38. I usually don’t complain about subscription boxes, but I’m going to be pretty upset if they include the Sunday Riley CEO in this mystery box. My June box went missing before it even got to the shipper. When I let Ipsy know, they sent a replacement box with two of the items I was supposed to get and substitutions for everything else because they said they were out of stock. One of the out of stock items was the Sunday Riley which, honestly, was the only thing I wanted from my box. I really hope it’s a different product or it’ll be hard for them to convince me they had a good reason for withholding my Sunday Riley.

    • Same thing happened to me with one of my add-ons. They didn’t send it in my box, so I emailed Ipsy about it. The representative told me they were out of stock. How can you be out of stock for something I secured and paid for and never received?

      • They’ve been overselling. Most notably the Sunday Riley cream (a few people received email cancelation notices the same day they ordered), & a Coola sunscreen sample duo from a flash sale (MANY people had cancelation notices for this a week after the packages had supposedly shipped out).

    • Don’t hold your breath. My june never shipped so I didnt get the sundsy riley ot the suva liner. Both oos.

      When this same thing happened in april? I didn’t receive my huda coral palette because it was out of stock. By that time it was the next month and the smokey was an addon. I asked for that one they send no. And then a month later I saw them selling the mystery boxes and stuff with the coral palette in it. So yeah. It’ll be in there

  39. I got the mystery skincare bag and there was not one recognizable brand in mine.

    • The mystery was to figure out where tf they found those “brands” LOL This say’s it’s 5 products from the June 2019 plus line up, so at least there’s that..

      • That’s too funny!! 😂😂

      • ha!

    • Yeah I wasn’t impressed either.

    • Try the April mystery bag. I got the full size gold Ofra highlighter and some other stuff all name brand

    • What was in your mystery skincare bag ?

    • Awwwe…. that’s too bad. I purchased the mystery skin care bag too, and got a Laniege item, and a Neogen mask. I loved the Neogen pore mask so much, I purchased two or three times since . And the first brand I mentioned is a very popular Korean brand, in fact it’s probably the most popular. I honestly don’t remember what the other two were… Oh, youth to the people and some look at me facemasks that I honestly thought were so amazing. I have actually purchased some of those since, as well. Are you sure they just weren’t up and coming brands that maybe not everyone knows about yet? Nonetheless, just because of brand isn’t well known, doesn’t mean it’s not good. Did you try them? And we can definitely all be guilty of it… Preconceived notion’s about certain things, and being turned off before we even give something a chance, but I was just letting you know from my point of you and my personal experience. I honestly feel like Ipsy is almost always spot on with my products. Every once in a while I will be disappointed, but it’s few and far between. I have been having a few issues with customer service lately, but that’s a whole Other issue. First time in years for those kinds of issues as well. I was actually thinking of purchasing a mystery box but I have the same apprehensions as others. I’m afraid everything is picked over, since Ipsters get to choose an item and also add-ons. I figure all that’s left are things nobody wants.

  40. I’d bet there’s a guaranteed tetris palette in this mystery box

    • I’ll be mad if there is… they wouldn’t replace my broken one because they were “out of stock”. They had them when they sent me the replacement for it, but some idiot packed me a lip balm instead. By the time that came, they said they were out of stock so them sent me a RealHer palette instead, which would be fine if they were telling the truth. I have a feeling though, since so many people’s went missing in June and everyone was being told they’re out of stock, that they totally lied about being out if they have enough to even do mystery boxes at all. I’ll totally be watching what people get in the next couple weeks and will definitely call them out if they lied to all of us about being out of stock and sending random replacements or refunds.

      • Im wondering too if the lost packages from DHL were eventually found and returned to IPSY and that’s essentially what theyre selling here

      • I’m 100% positive that the packages never left the warehouse. DHL never received the boxes. Ipsy had them the entire time.

    • Exactly! That’s why I would never buy

    • They told me that they are out of the Tetris palette. They never sent my box, so I got an accommodation box. My Tetris palette was broken. They told me they couldn’t do anything, because it was out of stock.

      • They did the same to me this month! They never sent my box and ran out of the huda palettes!

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