Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the June 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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June 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I opted out of liners and yet I’m receiving the Suva beauty liner. And then when I emailed them, they lied and told me that reveals weren’t out yet. They always come out the 2nd of the month, it even says so on the face page.

    • How do you opt of things? Is it just selecting “rarely” in the beauty preferences quiz?

      • I know with the regular Ipsy bag (I haven’t tried with the plus) you can specifically email them and opt out of, up to two categories. Like eye liner and lipstick. It has to be the entire item not like, I don’t want red lipstick or black eyeliner. So, I’m sure it’s the same for the Plus. Email them requesting to opt out of something you don’t want. Then I believe it’s good for up to 6 months at a time.

        • Oh okay, thanks for letting me know!

          • I have tried to opt out of eyeshadow palettes since the first GBP. I have emailed numerous times and spoken to as many CS reps. They each tell me that they will “try”. I have continued to receive an eyeshadow palette in EACH AND EVERY ONE of my GBP baring bags I’ve skipped (1). Opting out may work in the regular GB but I can tell you from experience that it does NOT work on GBP. Maybe just especially with eyeshadow palettes since they tend to be in EVERY freakin’ bag and are sometimes a higher RV item. To me they are just useless filler/garbage since I don’t and won’t use eyeshadow at all. I would be happier receiving one or two cheap lip balms since I use those everyday but Ipsy doesn’t seem genuinely concerned with anything their customers want since the GB/GBP bundles come in specific predetermined sets that they will make substitutions with or break up. Don’t get me wrong. I love my GB and GBP. I love trying new items. *Except* eyeshadow. It just really seems like a huge waste of money and product on their end to keep giving people items that they KNOW FOR SURE they don’t want and won’t use.

        • Oh! Who exactly do you email? Thanks for this little tid bit bc I really get annoyed when I get sheet masks. 😉

          • Just email regular customer service and request up to two items you would like to me opted out of (ie mascara, eyeliner, liquid lipstick, perfume, highlighter). I’ve never had an issue with them not honoring the request in my GB OR GBP

          • Really cool! Thank you!

        • Po Box 3663
          Po Box 3663

      • You just have to email Ipsy care on the website bottom of my account page and tell them to opt you out of two things max . They have been good following through I no longer receive eyeliners and mascara 🙂 good luck !

        • Thank You so much for sharing. I’m pretty new here, and there’s no way I would have known that. I wear contacts because I’m as blind as a bat, and I’ve found contacts and eyeliner don’t go together well, so I’d opt out of that for sure knowing it’s an option.

        • That’s so cool. I wish I had known this awhile ago. I hate sheet masks with a passion 😉

      • you email them directly and you can opto out completely of two products
        ipsyis trash they ask you what your preferences are and send you the opposite of what your preferences are \, and then give you additional options to pay extra for and those are always things that match your preferences i choose not to support them because of that it is dishonest on so many levels and usually just cheap stuff noone wants

    • They said they can’t change it, but will be offering me these options for next month:
      PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer
      PIXI BY PETRA Glow Mist
      HUDA BEAUTY 3D Highlighter Palette in Pink Sands

      • Wow, I expected better from Ipsy.

        • I opted out of shadows and, you guessed it, I am getting the shadow palette. Very disappointed with them as telling me I won’t get something and then sending it to me is lying. Will be cancelling them.

          • This exact same thing happened to me 2 months in a row so I canceled! They kept saying that it was the best curation for me – how is that possible if I’m getting eyeshadow which I opted out of ?!

          • From my understanding you have to opt out of palettes since they consider it a seperate category.

          • I too opted out of eyeshadow palletes and will be receiving one this month.
            Disappointed, but still a good box.

          • I also opted out of eyeshadow palettes but am receiving one. I emailed them showing them where they promised to not give me palettes for at least 3 months and they responded with how this box was the best curation for me this month (which it obviously wasn’t if I didn’t want eyeshadow). They did however offer to let me choose from a couple options for a guaranteed product in July’s box. So for those who are in the same boat, I would suggest emailing IpsyCare. They won’t change your box, but hopefully you’ll receive the same offer they gave me.

            Overall I’m happy with my box, just disappointed with receiving a palette for the 4th month in a row.

          • The spoilers did say every glam bag plus would include the pallette.

        • I imagine if they started switching products around every time there was a dissatisfied email, it would become impossible to operate. At least she got to pick an upcoming product.

          • Right? 99% of lip products I can’t or won’t use and I’ve never contacted any company asking for an alternate item nor did it ever cross my mind to do that.

      • They also did that to me. I opted out of lipsticks for the duration of my subscription and I’m getting Trestique lipstick. I emailed them at 6:30 this morning and still haven’t heard back

        • Same here, opted out of lipstick but I’m getting the trestique

      • Thank you for the information but I’m sorry about the poor customer service 😥

      • Those are the 3 spoilers for everyone are they giving you all 3 or is it possible? I’ve never called them tks is my 1st month with GBP

    • Yeah, I opted out of eyeliners too and got the Suva. Also, the 111Skin wasn’t in my bag and I also never had the option to add-on.

      • Unfortunately, not every item is offered as an add-on.

    • I opted out of liners too and I’m getting that awful cake liner. I wrote to them and they said in the future you can opt out. I ALREADY DID!!!! I’m getting a matte lipstick which I hate, the cheapo moisturizer, a repeat of galacktick glitter lipsticks and the ugly neon Tetris. My profile says no to neon colours and eyeliners. The customer service woman didn’t care . In my small bag I’m getting repeats. June for ipsy is a massive fail. I am trying to cancel the whole order.

      • Hallie, if you are interested in trading anything for the girlactick lippies, I would be happy to trade one of my items or heck, even a few items. I sub to so many boxes I have a ton of unopened brand new high end items. Fro. The GBP this month you are welcome to my sheet masks, mascara, or basically any item from the past 2 months allure boxes. I’m dying to try that lippe! If interested, jalexisgreene at Yahoo:)

        • Alexis: I subscribe to several boxes & got a ton of lippies (including Girllactic). I hate liquid matte lipstick with a passion (yes, I’m old) & I’ll gladly swap them for any skincare sample. I am rather new on swap site so I don’t know to to look someone up or how to link my swap profile to my name in comments. Can anyone explain please? Thank you!

          • Hey Jane! That is awesome! And welcome to the MSA world, lol. Shoot me an email and we swap for something!! Jalexisgreene at yahoo dot com 🙂

    • I would be fine with liners if they weren’t all black. Why can’t they send a greyish color or anything but black. I keep giving so much stuff away, I’d like ot get more use out of my stuff.

  2. Does anyone know what size the Sunday Riley is?

    • It is the 50 gram size.

      • Thank you!

      • That’s pretty insane. I wasn’t impressed with anything else, this is my first GBP but wow. That’s value.

        • Right!?!! I have had my eye on that Sunday riley cream for months but didnt want to pay the $65 for it. But I’ve been wishing for it. So if I was at a store and saw it on sale for $25 i would IMMEDIATELY buy it! So it’s like that, but getting 4 other nice items as well. So many people complaining, but it really is such a great value.

          Now, to the folks who got BOTH the SR AND the 111skin, now that is some unfair bs right there hahaha. Really tho, I’m super jealous of that jackpot winning box.

          • Bloop. Good news is… they apparently send out the 111Skin Vitamin C serum regularly.

    • Due to how it’s not showing up like normal, I can’t tell. But from the pics, it looks to be the bigger size. And with the smaller size, my bag would amount to about $70. So the only way it can meet their $120 promise is if it’s the large. Fingers crossed

      • It’s the 50ml size and retails for $65. On Ipsy it says 50g. I looked on Sunday Riley site and they have 1.7oz and 50mls so, I’m sure the 50MLS is what Ipsy meant.
        It’s full size, just SR full sizes can be small.

        • 50 mL is the same as 50 grams and is 1.7 ounces. 😀

          • Yes 1oz = 30mL so 1.7oz = 50mL, and 1mL= 1g so 50mL = 50g.
            So 1.7oz, 50mL, 50g are all the same
            If that makes sense 🙂

          • Thanks for that tip Edie & Karen! I feel pretty comfortable in knowing conversions between ml & oz (and vice versa), but when I see grams I’ve always had to pull up a conversion chart. lol!!! Now I don’t any longer!!

      • They list it under details as 50 grams also they sent 50 grams in Sept glam bag plus.

  3. I can only see my products when I go to the add-ons screen, but according to that I’m getting:

    TETRIS™ X IPSY Block Party Eyeshadow Palette (Would have preferred the other one and had my profile set to indicate that, but whatever.)

    SUVA BEAUTY Hydra Liner in Grease & Six Twenty Brush Set (I am OPTED OUT of eyeliners and have emailed them about this, so hopefully it can be switched for something else.)

    TRÈSTIQUE Matte Color + Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux & Grenache Balm (I got one of these in Boxycharm and hated it. It IS a berry lipstick, so it fits my profile and I can’t blame them there. But it’s cheap compared to other items.)

    GIRLACTIK 3-in-1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo in Periwinkle and Twinkle (Cool, I like lip balms and can finally try this brand. But it’s cheap compared to other items.)

    SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream (Makes me not genuinely angry when I would be otherwise.)

    So it’s a “They tried”, just laugh at the dumpster fire month.

    • I will get the green palette (yay!), Ceo cream, Tula masks, and Jolii trio. However I’m receiving the liner which I opted out of. I emailed them about this (with the screenshot of the email confirming my opt out) and they lied and told me that reveals weren’t out yet. I’m so frustrated. I know it’s just one of the products and I like all the others, but it’s frustrating that they’re not abiding by 1) my profile (I had never chosen for receiving eyeliners) and 2) my opt-out.

      • I’ve opted out of lipsticks and getting one, so confirmation email is useless.

    • I got the same bag (though I’m not opted out of eyeliner, yikes).

      I definitely also had my preferences set to receive the other shadow palette.

      Girlactik balms I am also kind of ‘meh’ on. I would have liked to receive this in April instead of one of the products I got back then, but now it’s leftovers they’re putting into my bag as filler when there’s better stuff I could have gotten this month.

      I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the R+Co or Nature Lab hair creams when I have basically all hair products selected in my profile, & I would have liked the Jolii lipstick trio.

      • Yeah, I would’ve been more excited to get them back then. Now it feels questionable. My profile leans heavily towards skincare, so getting all makeup (They’re clearly makeup type balms, meaning I got two makeup lip products, which I thought wasn’t allowed) other than the moisturizer would bother me no matter what.

        • I decided to email Ipsy about this shortly after I replied to your comment, & I just received a total bot!fail of a reply. I wrote in my initial email that I felt like I was “missing out” on June’s new products due to receiving old content from April, & the bot emailed me back wanting to know which item was missing from my glam bag. ::facepalm::

    • Box twin

    • I’m getting the same bag and I like it. I guess I just like dumpster products 🤷‍♀️

    • This is the exact bag I’m getting. Not very impressed and I also have eyeliners as a no go on my profile so that kinda sucks. I will probably be giving 3/5 items to friends this month. Boxycharm hasn’t been super impressing recently also though.

    • I’m getting everything you are EXCEPT the eyeshadow palette. I was really hoping for block party and am getting Game On instead 🙁

    • To be fair, the trestique lip crayon and shiny balm is a $25+ product, so as far as lipsticks go, it’s not cheap 😉

    • Hi Shawna,

      I’m getting the Game On Tetris palette, which .. eh. I could take or leave it. If you’re interested in swapping for the Block Party palette, let me know. I’m not sure how swaps work on the MSA site, in terms of getting each other’s info, but would be happy to try and work it out!

  4. I sill can’t even see mine! Anyone else having this problem?

    • Yes, I am. Both are not accessible and they charged me on time ( of course).

      • Use the link in the email instead of going through the site. Another workaround that may work is going through the add-ons link and your things will be at the top. They just didn’t draw attention to it on those pages.

    • Yes, but I figured out how to see it viewing my bag from last month, clicking see all products, and then changing the 5 to a 6 in the url, clicking on the ipsy palette, and then it tells what other products you’ll be receiving this month.

    • yes, still can’t see anything….I tried the app, I clicked on the add-ons link on the desktop, logged out and back in…..and still nothing. It’s after 1pm now and still nothing

      • Did you get any emails just now to purchase things? I got one for face items and at the bottom was a link to the Add Ons. Try that?

    • I had to hack the page to see my products….right-click on the pink GBP box , hit “inspect”. And delete the “ng-hide” under phase 3 and hit the enter key.

      • Imhilly, you’re awesome. Thank you!

      • Took a while to figure out but it worked! Thanks!

  5. Like others below, my bag disappeared after I did addons! Before then I got:
    *SR vitamin C (yay!)
    *Tetris Game on (yay!)
    *Tula masks (yay!)
    *Trestique lip crayon (also yay!)
    *Suva gel liner with brush

    Looks like box value may range from $103-$120 depending on how they value the masks (assuming 2) and the palette. I also am assuming only .5 instead of 1.7 on the SR.

    • Box twins!

      • Yay! It’s honestly 80% of the box I would have picked for myself. I might have swapped the eyeliner for pixie mascara or a clay mask but still a good product. I messed up my other gel eyeliner brush when I cleaned it and I can’t get it back together to a point!

    • Sunday Riley is the $65 50 gram size.

      • This makes me very happy! I finally got to see my box again and recalculated the value too. It’s actually 3 masks too. So the value is around $155-$165 which is awesome. Unlike last month, it’s recognizable brands and products. I don’t mind mixing newer indie brands but not the whole box. I’m super excited!

    • It shows the weigh as 50g!

    • Box twins!!! Yay!!

  6. Ok I finally got to see my 2 GBP by going through the add on link.

    2 SR CEO cream YAYyy!!!
    Trestique yayyyy
    Suva Gel liner and brush yayyy
    Farah brush set (have it already, but can always use more eye brushes)
    Purple Clay mask (got in FFF but love it)
    R & Co shine cream Yayyy
    Ciate lippie Yayyy
    One of each Tetris palettes Yayyy!

    I am super thrilled with my boxes this month!!! They nailed it with both of my profiles! Thank you Ipsy!!! 😁

    • Wow you made out great! I can’t seem to get my two GBP to stop giving me doubles of the same makeup products

      • Same. I have 2 purple palettes but wanted a green. I also have 2 Trestique even though my profiles are for lighter colors and on one account I’ve opted out of lip products. 🙁

      • Rachel, I had twin boxes last month and I was so upset because I wouldn’t mind doubles but they didn’t match my profile at all. Ipsycare suggested I tweak the profiles a bit, but I left them alone bc that’s exactly what I wanted them as and this month was perfect! I’m really not convinced at all that they use profiles. I think it’s just the luck of the draw in my opinion.

      • Yeah me
        Either I tried to get two Ipsy glam
        Bags so I would receive different variation products and it’s like another boxes mirror each other which [email protected]*ks! Lol maybe their onto me :/ but I hate getting the same products in both boxes ,
        Guess it’s the luck of the sub. Game however I’m losing ,
        And enough with shadow palettes I can’t even sell the ones I have from all the sub boxes even cheap on eBay and I don’t want them a lot eyeshadows and eyeliners
        Don’t look good on me makes my eyes appear smaller I rather have my almond eyes with mascara and a little highlighter on my brow line other wise the palettes just don’t work on me , I could always give them away I guess , but I to think it’s just a filler on any sub box :/

  7. I’m getting the

    * Sunday Riley Cream
    * Ciate Lip Color
    * Generation Clay Mask
    * Suva Liner
    * Block Party (Purple Palette)

    I really wanted the 111 Skin, Green Palette and the APTO Turmeric Mask.

    Let me know if anyone wants to swap!

  8. Tetris Block Party palette
    Suva Beauty liner and brush
    Apto Tumeric mask
    Jolii Cosmetics lip trio
    Sunday Riley
    Added on Tetris lip balm L33T and M4d Sk11lz and added the hey honey mask

  9. I opted out of eyeshadow, yet they’re giving me the block party palette. Do you have to opt out for both ipsy and the glam bag plus separately?

    • I also opted out of eyeshadow and mascara because I have such sensitive eyes, but they are showing eyeshadow and a mascara! I sent them an e-mail. If they send me the bag as is I will cancel. Ipsy is supposed to be about personalization.

    • Yes you do, I had the same problem with blush when I started my Plus, even though I was opted out on it in my regular glam bag.

    • It was posted that everyone was receiving a palette this month. So it may not have mattered if you were opted out or not.

    • How do you opt out of particular products? I wish there was a “never” option in addition to the “rarely”

      • Veronica, you can email Ipsy and tell them two broad categories you’d like to never received (i.e. mascara and lipstick). You can’t opt out of specific colors or anything, just broad categories. I find it useful, since I’ve enough mascara samples to drown in 😝

        • Thanks! I sent an email but of course it won’t take effect until next month. I should not have assumed that specifying rarely would keep me from getting products.

    • You should skip June, because they annouced that EVERYBODY will get palette green or blue.

      • Another tetris one? I feel like I would just deal with it if they were decent, but they seem a little cheap to me.

    • They told me opted out of eyeshadow not eyeshadow palettes, but will fix it for next month 😑

  10. I would’ve liked to get the 111skin and green palette but didnt… everything else looks good. Anyone want to trade something for their 111skin and green palette email me at boxybeautybabe (at) gmail.

    • I would advise you not to trade like this. I did this earlier this month with the BoxyCharm blush trio. I sent Amy lynn S my product and she never sent me hers. And I really wanted that blush trio in fair/light but I guess karma will come back to her. ALS if you’re reading this, seriously can you send the product?

      • Thanks Steph! I’m sorry your trade didn’t work out… I hope she sends your trio soon. 🙁 Maybe I’ll get lucky and find someone local. (South GA/North FL)

        Sorry Pam in LA! Good luck with your ISO!

      • Stephanie I have the fair light. My Instagram is angel_lynn290 look me up and message me 🙂

  11. I’m getting the

    * Generation Clay Purple Mask
    * Sunday Riley Cream
    * Suva Liner + Brush (willing to trade)
    * Ciate Lip (willing to trade)
    * Ipsy Block Party (willing to trade)

    I’m not too happy about this bag. I really wanted the turmeric mask, 111 skin, and the other Ipsy palette. If anyone wants to trade let me know!

    • bag twins, this is a 2/5 for me too 🙁

      • ahh I know 🙁 not sure if I still want to be subscribed after this month

    • I will gladly trade the turmeric mask for your SR cream. Just let me know.

    • Same for me. I will use maybe the SR.

  12. Still can’t see mine or Add Ons. And I still haven’t even received my May bag in the mail. They have sent a replacement but said it will not have the same items. 😭

  13. This is my first GBP and I’m really disappointed. It looks like they just threw some stuff in a box and disregarded my profile and reviews completely. I’m getting bright colored eyeshadow, and a matte lipstick that I answered I rarely use. The only thing I’m excited about is the Sunday Riley, I’ve never used it before but have heard great things about it!

  14. Sunday Riley.. eyeliner combo.. green Tetris pallet.. shimmer crayons <— super excited.. and the lip crayon/balm combo.

  15. – 111 skin
    – Pixi mascara
    – Ro+Co
    – Purple Tetris eyeshadow
    – Trestique

    I added on the sundat riley and tetris lip balm.

    I’m super excited about this month! I love everything I’m getting.

    • Box Twins! Added the SR 😉 and added another SR with my regular bag! I’m over the moon!

      Ipsy got a lot of money from me this month!

    • I got the same bag and could not be more thrilled! Not crazy about the Trestique but the color is good for me so I’ll use it. This is my first GBP and I’m pretty impressed that they seem to have followed my profile preferences.

      • Yeah, my bags are always right on point minus the eye shadow. I don’t take the time for eye shadow anymore, I’ve gotten eye shadow in every single box for 4 months in a row….. but I have a 13 year old daughter that I give all the shadow to and she will die over this months eye shadow pallet. The purple is her school color so I know she will wear it for cheer. So still a win.

        • I do a nude wash every day so eyeshadow is pretty low on my list too. Purple actually looks good on blue eyed people, I’ve read. Maybe I can manage a party look…

          • It depends on the skin tone. My eyes are quite blue, but my skin is very fair, and my tone is neutral. The purple in that palette isn’t flattering on me at all.

  16. 😢😭😭 Does anyone know why the add ons dont show the same for everyone??
    I’m not getting either of the clay masks or the 111skin serum in my plus bag, and all three are not showing for me to add them. And, I started looking at exactly 8am est, so it’s not that they are sold out.

    • The add ons are shown on a different MSA post, they did not include those three as add ons.

  17. In my Glam Plus bag:

    Sunday Riley CEO Vit C Rich Hydration Cream (YAY!)
    Pixi By Petra Lashlift 188
    R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme (like to try this)
    F.A.R.A.H. 5 Piece Eye Perfection brush set
    Tetris X Ipsy Block Party Palette (purple one)

    Ordered the extra Tetris eyeshadow palette and a couple small things. Pretty happy with it all.

  18. I skipped June’s and I’m not regretting it. I already received a few of those items. Hopefully July’s is more exciting for me.

  19. Hello, I know this isn’t about Lola BeautyBox but I was hoping that someone knows what’s going on with it. I still haven’t received my May box, have been charged for June even though I canceled. No one is responding to messages. Their IG was last updated in April. And they blocked comments on their pics. Does anyone know what’s going on?

    • Their facebook page disappeared about 10 days ago & as you say they don’t seem to be responding to anything plus some people have been charged twice for a June bag they know nothing about. Contact Paypal or your bank to get your money back. BTW Lola has the same business address as Boxycharm. hmmmm…

    • Same situation here. I cancelled Nov 2018 and suddenly got charged again even though i did not re subscribe. I will be contacting my bank because it looks like fraud

    • Same thing happened to me, I cancelled back in like October, November of last year, only got one box. Got charged on the 1st for a box, went into my account and they’d reactivated my subscription!!!

      Seeing as how they’ve all but disappeared off of social media, I’m wondering if they just decided to charge every customer they’d ever had and get as much money as they could before completely dropping off the face of the Earth!!

      I emailed them, but from the looks of social media, they haven’t been responding to emails either. Dispute with bank, all we can do at this point! I also logged into my account and changed my credit card to a dead one, hopefully this will prevent them from charging me again.

  20. I got

    *Pink clay mask
    *Game on pallettes
    *Lip trio
    *Sunday Riley
    *Pixi mascara

    Super happy with everything but the mascara and just because I have plenty already.

  21. OK with my selections this month.
    Tula sheet masks (love sheet masks)
    Tetris green palette (would be happy with either)
    Jolii lip trio (yay for non-neutrals!)
    Pixi mascara (no need for any mascara, but I didn’t get any last month)
    Sunday Riley (not a fan of the brand; got the 111skin last time, and didn’t want it, either)

  22. I am getting the purple palette, 111 skin, ciate London liquid lipstick, pur mascara, and the eyeliner with the little brush. The only thing I’m super happy with is the 111 skin and I got to add on the Sunday Riley cream. I wish I would have gotten one of the wash off masks or one of the hair products. I prefer skincare and I don’t mind getting hair stuff and I like getting perfume. I have been thinking about switinching to a box that sends only skincare items but I’m not sure which one or if I’m ready to cancel my Ipsy yet. I might wait a couple more months IDK…

  23. I seen my regular ipsy bag and the available add-ons and seen the SR for $12 and jumped on it. Then checks my plus box and realized I’m getting the SR, so I’m getting two now. No complaints here.

    In my plus;
    – Tetris eyeshadow palette
    – Tula Sheet Masks
    – Suva brush set
    – Trestique lip thing… Ugh!
    – SR CEO

    Happy with my selection.

    • Box twins! And I feel the same about the Trestique. Double-ugh!

  24. I got 2 GBP bags (I plan to cancel one and due to add on panic don’t quite remember what was revealed):

    Bag one: (newer sub)
    SR cream
    111 skin
    Jolii lippies
    One of the Tetris palettes
    Unsure about 5th item

    Bag two:
    SR cream
    Pixi mascara
    Tetris palette-block party
    R+Co hair shine cream
    Jolii lippies

    Overall I’m happy with my bags, I think I was in shock that I got both the 111skin and the SR in my newer glam box that can’t remember the other items.

    • I too got both the SR and 111 and I’m over the moon about it. Although once I purchased add-ons it won’t let me see the content anymore.

  25. I am getting the Tetris Block Party palette if anyone would like to trade for the Game On palette?

    • Me!

      • I don’t feel comfortable posting up my email, do you by chance have Instagram or Facebook, my Instagram is @fetchingmommy for anyone looking to swap the Block Party I’m receiving for the Game On palette

        • on it!

        • sending!

  26. 😊Tetris- Block party
    😊Skin 111- Vitiman C Brightening Booster
    😊Suva Beauty – Liner and brush
    😊Trestique- Matte lipstick
    😊Pur- Mascara

    Happy about everything but the liner& brush, I definitely don’t need anymore liquid eyeliner. And really not happy about the matte lipstick, if it were a different color then Id be more happy!

    Realllly wanted Generation Clay Purple Mask but i guess oh well!!!!

    • I agree with a lot of you – I made my profile so that I would not get any lipsticks or lip color, yet every single box is at least TWO lip products! Same this month I just don’t get it! Why do the profiles if they don’t use them??? I e-mailed them but I doubt it will help. Even the colors of everything they send don’t go along with my profile. May cancel which is sad as I waited forever to get the Glam bags.

      • I’m the same way. I look ridiculous in anything that’s not a nude lip so I completely opted out of lip stuff yet I keep getting it. If I get one more red lipstick, I’ll scream. Ofc, I got a red lip this month

    • You should email them. You can opt out of two broad categories. I opted out of mascara, and haven’t received one in my regular or GBP since.

  27. mine still says it is choosing products for me. the payment was processed successfully, perhaps i’m very hard to shop for? 🤔

    • I had to log in to a browser, the app wouldn’t work for GBP.

  28. So glad I skipped and bout ceo for $12. The only one thing I wanted

  29. This is weird. It’s my first month and I initially saw my contents- was getting the Tetris in block party, lip trio, pixi mascara and BOTH the 111skin and Sunday Riley. It also let me do the $12 and $3 add-ons. Now when I go back it says “their using ipsy match to build my bag” and contents are gone. Sad face.

    • Same thing happened to me! 🙁

      • At least I know I’m not going crazy. I was, like, this is the best glam bag plus ever! 😂

        • Logout and log back in. Same thing happened to me.

    • Same

    • Sounds like the site is being glitchy. This has happened to me in the past, you will get whatever you first saw even though it’s not showing now.😊

      • Click ‘GET EXTRA PRODUCTS’ again and it’ll show you again what you’re getting.

    • Same with mine😔😞 I don’t know what’s happening. And I hope my bag is same like urs, I really want to get both, Sunday riley and 111 skin!!!!!!

    • Mine did that too. Look in your email conf and click on your add on item and they’ll show.

    • I got to add on for my regular Ipsy and saw my contents then, but now can’t see contents for Plus or regular.

      • The same thing happened to me..try scrolling down the page to where it says “More Products, Please! All the Add-Ons Info You Need” click on that, then click the add on’s link that is highlighted, and you should be able to see the contents of your bag

      • I can’t see mine either!

      • Click ‘GET EXTRA PRODUCTS’ again and it’ll show you again what you’re getting.

    • Yes and it is infuriating. I am so annoyed! I saw what I am getting briefly

      Bag 2:

      Sunday Riley
      Pixi Mascara
      Trestique Lip Crayon (I actually like these and I don’t have this color!)
      5 Brush Set
      Game on (green) palette

      Bag 1:

      Block Party (Purple) Palette
      Another Trestiqe lip color (will donate)
      Pur Mascara (not excited based on bad reviews)
      Hair Shine
      (add the 3 Lip Set and Cake Body wash/polish)

      I am very happy with these. Glad I bought two but am going to skip a few months now because I am on beauty overload!

    • I downloaded the app and my contents are showing up there if that’s helpful!

    • Mine aren’t showing on the app. This has happened to me before though, whatever you first saw is what you will get. It’s just the site being glitchy and has nothing to do with Ipsy Match.

      • Click ‘GET EXTRA PRODUCTS’ again and it’ll show you again what you’re getting.

  30. I could see my GBP once and then not again

    Still can’t see my GB

    Block Party Palette
    Pur Mascara
    R&C Company Hair Gloss

    It’s OK. Not thrilled about the hair product

    I have another GBP but can not see it at all!

    • Click ‘GET EXTRA PRODUCTS’ again and it’ll show you again what you’re getting.

  31. I love my GBP this month! I’m getting the pur mascara, the block party palette, the trestique lippie, purple generation clay and SUNDAY RILEY CREAM!! Idk if I’ll keep the palette lippie and mascara I may swap them but I love the skincare I got! The palette really don’t get my Motors going though it is pretty colors I think this is one of my best Glam Bags so far I am so happy with what I got

  32. I saw my reveal when I did add-ons, but it isn’t showing now.
    I had the Sunday Riley, Block Party Tetris palette, Suva, Girlactik, and Trestique.
    I almost cancelled, but am happy with this variation – though, would have preferred the other Tetris palette.
    I added on the Base Tape.

    • There’s a trick to it. Click the ‘GET EXTRA PRODUCTS’ again and it’ll show you again what you’re getting.

  33. I am getting the Block Party palette which I HATE and absolutely won’t use. I would love to swap it for the Game On palette if anybody is up for it! I’ve never swapped an item before, so if someone wants to fill me in on the process I’d be super grateful!

  34. I got the apto tumeric mask, the farah brush set, the trestique lippie, block party pallet and Sunday riley. Not bad. I just don’t want any more eyeshadow pallets

    • We got the same box

  35. I am getting the same box! I was kind of hoping to get the purple instead of the green Tetris palette, but I can make it work. I am not really familiar with Jolii. Does anyone else know how good their liquid lipstick is?

    • Brandi I’ll swap the purple palette with you for the green one. I’ll use the green one, but not the purple one.

  36. SR Cream (wanted 111skin and hoping it was add-on)
    Block Party Palette (didn’t need because I bought the set)
    Suva eyeliner (don’t use)
    Trestique lipstick (opted out of lipsticks for the duration of my subscription)
    Tula Sheet Masks (constantly give them one star and they keep sending them!)

    This month was a total disaster for me! I really wanted the Generation Clay Mask and 111skin. Oh well! I feel like they don’t use my reviews or profiles at all. I take the quizzes, do the reviews, have talked to cs! I don’t know what else to do!

    • I have the same experience, keep getting the opted out items and the opposite of my preferences and their CS has been truly awful!

  37. I’m sick of getting these bright eye pallets I will never use. I’m getting:
    Tetris block party (hoping to trade)
    111skin (bought before as an add on, but I’ll use it)
    R+Co creme
    Pur Big Looks Mascara (hoping to trade)

    If anyone wants to trade email me at cybergrl at rochester.rr.com

    • I am geting the game on if you want to swap. I also have the neutral brown shades Luxor sent out last year. If you click on my name, I think it will take you to my swap page.

      • I’m still on the waitlist for the swap site. 🙁

        I don’t really want more shadows. I have sooo many. Looking for more skincare or haircare.

        • I do remember I got all skincare in my regular Ipsy before it went away lol

      • If no one else is planning on swapping with you! I’ll swap block party for game on if you’re interested 🙂

    • Would you like to trade the R+co for the FARAH brush set, APTO tumeric mask, trestique lip balm, or full-sized milk makeup blur stick from boxycharm? My email is isabelle.deng7 at gmail dot com if you’d like to swap!

  38. This sucks..and my last month as well…ipsy glam i’m cancelling if you don’t come up with better products next month…

    • I agree! The first was the best and it has been downhill since

  39. I’m getting

    Pixi mascara
    Block party pallet
    Tula sheet masks
    Trestique lipstick

    I’m pretty happy with this.

  40. If anyone got the 111skin, didn’t add the Sunday Riley and like to swap for it, let me know!

  41. *111SKIN
    *APTO SKINCARE Turmeric mask
    *Game On eyeshadow palette
    *Suva liner+brush
    Plus from the add on a PIXI lip gloss. I love this month.

    • I got the same, except I am receiving the Block Party palette. I’m really looking forward to it! I know I love the Trestique, because I got another shade in a FFF box a couple of years ago. Not sure about the black eyeliner, because I have SO many already, but all in all, a great box!

      • Do you think if the Trestique is good for dry lips?

  42. I’m getting the Game On tetris palette but I won’t use those colors…of anyone got the Block Party palette and wants to swap, please let me know!

    • I am getting block party (purple) and would love to trade for game on (green). Please email me at eric1953 (at) umn (dot) edu 🙂

      • Emailed!

  43. I am so disappointed this month. Where are the good brands? I don’t want a house brand pallette from China and I don’t want anymore Trestique, ever! Am I the only one who thinks their lip products are garbage? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m so unhappy because Ipsy took my profile and did the exact opposite of my preferances. I don’t normally complain about GBP, but I feel like this month truly sucks. I got the SR and Tula, these are the items that at least I will use. I’ll be trading the greenish/yellow palette, the Suva eyeliner and the Trestique lip product. I’m just not happy.

    • I feel exactly the same as you! Really disappointed.

  44. Sunday Riley
    Pink clay mask
    Jolii lip trio
    Maelle mascara
    Tetris green palette

  45. I love my products but am getting the Block Party palette and really wanted the Game On one. If anyone wants to trade please let me know – relatableboymom at Gmail

    • I’ll trade with you! Sending an email.

      • Yay! Sent you a reply.

  46. I’m pretty jazzed about my box!

    *Sunday Riley – CEO Cream
    *Suva Beauty – Liner and brush
    *Trestique Lipstick
    *Generation Clay – purple mask
    *Tetris palette in purple

    • My box is exactly the same.

    • Yes, that’s what I’m getting too.
      Jazzed about the moisturizer, will use the mask. I normally don’t use gel eyeliners though. I’m unsure about the Trestique. I have one of their tinted balms and I love it, but not sure about the crayon side.
      Palette seems ok. These colours are not unique to my collection.

  47. I can’t see mine yet, but I was able to do add-ons.

    • I cant see mine either. This is the second month that this has happened. But did somehow manage to do add ons at 630 central.

    • The items you’re receiving that month are on the top of the add on page. You scroll to see all the items.

  48. I’m getting the green Tetris palette, Suva liner + brush (I already have the brush and neon liners, I love them) Sunday Riley, Tula sheet masks (so excited) and the liquid lip trio.

  49. I am getting the Tula, trestique, and Sunday riley (YAY) plus the game on palette and the Suva. I’ll probably swap the last two but I am in LOVE with the first three. Also added on two farmacy sheet masks for 3$!!

    • Twins! But I am getting the block party palette. I love sheet masks and added on the Farmacy ones, too. Excited for this month!

    • I got the same box and the same add on great price for farmacy. I wish I got the green pallet instead.

  50. My box is PERFECT. I am getting the Sunday Riley moisturizer, the green palette, the brush set, the liquid lip set, and the turmeric mask. It’s everything I would have picked myself!

    • That’s a GREAT bag!

    • I got this box.
      Turmeric mask, brush set, lip trio, SR, green Tetris.
      I am opted out of mascara and eyeshadow.
      Emailed about it and will see.
      I had already got a Farrah 5 brush set in gold. Does that count as a repeat? They look the same.

      • I guess Farrah is not a repeat I got the 3 brushes in December and slmglam 3 set brushes as well. I do not like brushes that much the only brushes I seem to like are the it brushes. Might have to opt out if brushes and mascara and eyeliner and eyeshadow. Lol I know it’s only two categories.
        I wish we could opt out of brands instead like no Eyeko 🙃 just because of Eyeko I have to opt out of eyeliner

    • I got the same except the Trestique instead of the liquid lip set. I am Super Happy!

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