Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2019 SPOILERS Round #3!

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We have the latest spoilers for the August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (Thanks for the heads up, Marion, and Brandi!)

(These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in August. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are the latest spoilers for the August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus:

TheBalm Cosmetics In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette

Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub

Ahava Hydration Cream Mask

Purlisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

Here’s a look at the previous spoilers:

Each August box will include a palette from one of the following brands:

MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

SMITH & CULT Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie

THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

What do you think of the first spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the August Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ipsy cancelled all my shopper orders with no explanation… after repeatedly pressing their customer service, they stated that ‘you order was deemed fraudulent per our internal checks at ipsy.’ And literally all I did was updating my billing address after moving to a new apartment. I mean, why bother joining if they are just not going to send you anything and CALLING YOU FRAUD right in your face? They also canceled my account and invited me to rejoin in the same email, hehe, so funny. I love the product selection but I am done dealing with this crap. For all the tempting friends, proceed with caution.

    • Astrid OMG this is the same exact thing that has happened to me and I have written them over and over and asked why it is deemed fraudulent and they will give me no explanation and just keep saying your account is deemed fraudulent thanks for understanding. It pisses me off so badly. I can pay for ipsy and GBP all day long pay for add ins etc but I can not use shopper and have not been able too in about 5 months or so. I feel that they don’t even read my emails about and that’s why they won’t answer me straight fwdly. It use to make my blood boil but I finally just gave up.

      • Totally feel you here Leslie! It seems like the shopper team doesn’t talk to anyone else at Ipsy and there’s no solution once they marked the account as fraudulent… The first time I emailed them the rep said that she would talk to the shopper team but never gotten back to me. Then I wrote some more aggressive emails & got almost instant responses, but no solution offered even after pressing them for one. I was really pissed and requested deletion of all my personal information with them which they promised they did, but they sent me an invitation to reactivate literally the day after with my account information AND MY PAYMENT spelled out in the email. They straight up were lying to customers here with no shame and I now regret that I had ever signed up with them – now they have all my information and won’t give up.

        • D*** room sorry to hear that. I definitely understand your frustration. I know they cancelled your subscription but if you ever do sign back up I realized that if you email them on Twitter it seems to be a real human you’re speaking with and they don’t just send you computerized responses which is what I felt was happening with mine. I never got it fixed bc she told me to go make a purchase and try again to I could come back and give her more info but I literally have not wanted a single thing from shopper lately and idk why I should have to make a purchase to tell her what happens bc I could tell her whatever she needed to know at that very moment. SMFH.as soon as some luxie brushes or idk something worth my time money and disappointment are worth it is only when ill make another shopper purchase. Other than that I just can’t let ipsy go. It was my 1st sub box and I love the 2nd of the month. Feels like Christmas 😁

      • Wow! I thought it was only happening to me. Everytime I order from shopper, a few mins later I get the email saying it was cancelled. And just like you the reason was fraudulent activity on my accounts but with no resolution or way to fix it. I have two separate accounts and it was happening to both. I’ve missed out on some good deals.

    • I made no changes and my orders were also cancelled for fraudulent activity!

      I have emailed and they just refuse to answer me. Fb messages have been useless.

      Customer service sucks!

      • I had the same situation. I literally had to post on their instagram for them to even respond to me. They used to have great CS, what happened?

      • Tarte high dream eyeshadow palette, Suva Beauty chime drops liquid, thrive mascara, IT cosmetic bye bye foundation, Purlisse bue lotus daily moisturizer, Farah brush set

        • ikr 🙏🏻

    • Hmm.. sounds like perhaps ipsy got hacked on their end.

    • Ipsy cancelled both my glam bag and glam bag plus for no reason. I sent an email asking a simple question about my account and the reply was “as requested we have cancelled your glam bag and glam bag plus subscriptions” I replied that I didn’t ask them to do that or even anything close to that. They sent me a reply that had nothing to do with what I said. I threw my hands up and said whatever. Deleted my card info and let it stay cancelled. I have been with Ipsy for years. They really went downhill when they started glam bag plus.

      • I am sorry that happened to you : (. Pls do not be offended, but I was with Boxy for a long time, then when they added BoxyLuxe I noticed my regular bag contents to be repeats, expired?, and just stuff from old stock. So, in sum, I think Ipsy Plus is headed that way sadly. IDK….. I am 52 with dry skin, all I get is moisturizer that is for combo or sensitive.Ugh am so tired of GLITTER. What do you all think or can you advise a sub box for a 52 young girl?

        • Fabfitfun has add-ons and you can customize the box.

        • Beautyfix?

      • I swear, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying, but then all these girls in fb groups I’m in seem to have had such “great” experiences with ipsy CS, when mine was the worst thing I’ve ever been through as far as CS issues go!

        I was with them for about 4+ years without a SINGLE issue. But once they started with the Glam bag pluses , PLUS the add ons, it’s been non-stop problems, like several missing items I order from add ons (I have a couple accts) that I’ve paid to get, and never do!

        They even KEPT LYING ABOUT ISSUING ME A $40 REFUND ALL THE WAY BACK FROM JANUARY for GB+ and add ons I paid for & NEVER RECEIVED (& I wanted it all soooo damn bad!😞🤔🙍🏻‍♀️), literally took me about 15-20 DETAILED & LEGNTHY emails & I still got NOWHERE with them, EXCEPT LIES!
        They told me to call my bank & have them “locate the refund” ummmm WTF? Never heard of such a thing, it’s either it’s there, or it’s not & IT NEVER WAS. MY BANK EVEN CONFIRMED THERE WAS NO $40 (or ANY) REFUND FROM THEM!!!
        I even comment on their lives and other places and it’s always just “email us and we’ll get your issue resolved”

    • They cancelled both my glam bag and glam bag plus saying I requested the cancellation but I didn’t. I’m done with the incompetence. I just deleted my card info and will let it stay cancelled. I have been a subscriber for years and they’re customer service was always amazing til recently.

  2. Poor Ipsy…..They are having SOOOO many issues with their website and app! I received my package weeks ago. I was invited to select an item (but could not decide right away) and waited a few hours…and then the opportunity was gone! Actually, at first it said that i was getting my item, but when I refreshed the page…I had NO item.

    Then the app was not able (?) to show the proper image on my tablet’s screen (their image was too big). I did have the “customize” heading at the top.

    Now, it has regressed back to “shipping”….and the “customize” has been removed.

    So when I originally got the customize email, it said that FOR NOW ON I would be able to choose an item, but I am not too confident about that now. I guess we will have to see what happens next.

    Too bad, I am still ‘on the fence’ about keeping this box or skipping. Being able to pick an item would have definitely made the choice easier. I don’t need any of the items, but it is fun to receive a box, right?

    Anyway, I do think that Ipsy is trying to make the experience better, but it can be frustrating. Let’s just hope for the best! Maybe we will all get to pick in a few months (after they work out the bugs).


    • Agreed 🙄

    • Ipsy offered you a choice? I have both boxes. Wow, that I did not know. Was never given a choice……

  3. Ipsy messed on my July box and sent me the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub. Which I shouldn’t have gotten yet. They sent it and my regular 5 items in July.

    • What’s it like?

    • I got that scrub too. I had no idea of why they sent it to me.

      • How did you like the scrub? Is it a face scrub or body scrub? I got an eye cream by the same brand and I liked using it to moisturize my undereyes, but I didn’t notice it brightening my undereyes. To be honest though, I don’t know that any under eye cream that claims to brighten has ever actually brightened my under eyes. Unless it has pink or lavender hue to it. So, curious about the scrub.

        • I have not opened it because I do not need it.

          I was disappointed to receive it.

          Another thing, I wish Ipsy would lay off all the sparkle and highlighters! I don’t want a Trisa Paytas Glitter Box!

    • They sent the scrub to those that got the LXMI in a previous box to make up for sending a repeat.

      • Oh now I understand. I did get a repeat of the LXMI. I did not mind since I love it!

        Thanks for the explanation! 🙂

    • What size was it? The 1.7oz or 3.4oz.

    • Did they send you a repeat item ? That’s what happend to me and they sent the face scrub as a extra for the item I got 2 times.

    • Did they send u a repeat item in your July box? I got the drs scrub also but it was because they accidentally sent me an item I got a few months ago so they sent the scrub to make up for it

  4. It says that a Huda palette will be possible in next months as well, does anyone know which Huda palette it could be? Will it be the same eyeshadow one from last month that some got in their box??

    • Probably the same Smokey , mauve Obsessions or the highlighter palette. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I got a Huda palette in my box for July and it was a Huda Highlighting palette which is super nice. I had already gotten the mini mauve Huda palette so I’m pretty sure that’s why o got the highlighting palette, so if you’ve gotten the shadow palette I bet you’ll get the highlight palette too. I didn’t realize there is a cream highlight in the palette too, and it’s gorgeous. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that’s what you get! If you would like that, that is. 😊

  5. Did anyone that got to pick a Glam Bag Plus product check the app today? Mine did say that they had my product choice and now it looks like it did before I picked. It just shows the reviews part and then stay tuned. Doesn’t mention that I picked an item at all. Is anyone else’s app doing the same after picking an item?

    • Now it’s changed again and I have the personalize me button. After I picked my product it said that they had my product choice for August. Has anyone else had their app change that got to pick a product?

      • Yes, I just checked mine and my choice for the regular Glam Bag is gone 🙁 I had picked the Sunday Riley moisturizer.

        The customization has disappeared from the timeline of both my Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus 🙁

    • I got to pick my item for the reg ipsy bag today, and received a email that I got my item in my August bag.

      • Same. I got a pop-up inviting me to choose an item for the regular glambag for August when I logged into the site. I never saw the “Customize”/”Personalize” tab some people are talking about, nor does it say anything about my product choice anywhere on the site. Nevertheless, I DID get an email confirming my choice. I would say if you got an email, not to worry, regardless of what it says on the site or app.

  6. I finally cancelled after being with Ipsy for years though not by choice. I asked a simple question about my account and the reply was “as requested your subscription to Ipsy and Ipsy Plus was cancelled ” like seriously! I replied that I didn’t ask them to do that or ask anything close to that and got another random answer that had nothing to do with anything. I just deleted my card and let it stay cancelled. Ipsy used to be great but since rolling out Ipsy Plus the customer service has gone down horribly.

  7. I for one, don’t want that Balm palette and probably in the minority ( I have a warm undertone and the Balm cosmetics don’t work for my skin tone) but everything else is good to me. This month looks like it could be a good one, if their shipping and packing is better than this month. They forgot to include an add-on in my July box, but they did replace the exact same item, so I can’t complain. But I am frustrated that Ipsy is doing this “small number” of people being able to select and others not again. It didn’t last long the first time in 2017, so why do they think it’ll be better this time. Have any long-time members been asked to participate this time?? I’ve been subbing since 2014 constantly, but I NEVER receive any type of special offer. If their products and the monthly GBP wasn’t such a good deal, I’d leave.

    • I just signed up about 4-5 months ago, and I didn’t get any offer to pick a choice product. I was wondering if it was only long term members.

  8. I’m not sure why they are saying that everyone is going to get one of those 4 palettes listed, they all weren’t an option when I got the customize email. I could only choose the Balm palette. It is sucky that not everyone gets to choose one of their items, I do think it is something in a trial stage but I think people who have been with Ipsy for many years should be the first to test these kinds of things. I am curious to know if other had a different palette to choose from in their customize email though… Or did everyone only get to choose the Balm one??

    • From what I could tell, everyone who had the option to choose an item for their Ipsy+ only had The Balm as a choice from the eyeshadow palettes.

  9. I just emailed them to complain about not being able to customize. Also, they told me that the palettes are only for members who had cancelled and now resubscribed, which sounds like a lie.
    I’m getting tired of this crap.

    • Doesn’t everyone get a palette in their gbp?

      • They deny that’s the situation.

        • WTH is going on with them? They’re not just treating customers differently/unfairly and putting out contradicting statements and misinformation which is all bad enough but they’re actually LYING now? Because that has to be the case. First everyone gets one of four palettes (which they’ve definitely done before even if you’re opted out of eyeshadows), then there’s only one palette and presumably only some people (like the few that actually got to pick a Plus product and chose it) will get it, and now only resubscribers are getting it? They really need to get their story straight. And not just when it comes to this issue. Their customer service reps are either great or awful depending on who you get and/or what the issue is, they rarely bother to read your message completely and instead look for key words and just send prewritten replies even if it makes no sense, and the disparity between the treatment and solutions offered from one customer to the next is outrageous. They’re not just becoming the next Boxycharm, they’re on their way to being worse.

          • I have not had to deal with your situation, but Boxy is awful, their basic box is basically overstock, expired and they put a lot of attention to their Luxie box. I have been with them for 3 yrs, they are sooooo different and sadly I am upset. Cancelled both…. so if you choose boxy, pls ask others what they think.

    • Maybe they misunderstood what TheBalm palette you meant . New subscribers are getting What’s The Tea palette.

    • It’s not a lie.

  10. After several years of subscribing I decided to cancel. I belonged to both. It was really starting to bother me that some members can choose and I could not so I decided to take a break. I am sure that at some point I will be back but for now I feel better 😃

  11. I want that theBalm palette! I wish I had gotten the customization pop-up so I could have chosen it.

    • You and me both!

    • I’ve been a member for years and I sent an invite to a friend. She got the customization email and I didn’t. Her first month and she got it. The email didn’t work tho. She tried over and over and just got her basic ipsy page.
      I still think ipsy and Macys are the best boxes tho. Even a bad month is usually great. Tho now that they have the whole shopper thing, I notice I don’t get things I say I use often, I get things I say I use rarely. I wonder if it is a way too make us buy more add ons???

      • I love Ipsy! But I honestly think that too! Out of all the things I do want. That I see if offered it’s not what I get. So then I do buy it as an add on. I do not like that.

  12. I’d really like the foundation, the balm or Tarte palette and maybe the brushes….

  13. I didn’t get an emai a pop-up, nothing!!!! ☹️

    • Not everyone did

  14. Tempted!

  15. Love seeing a cool-toned palette for a change!

  16. I am sad that I didn’t get to choose a product in my glam bag plus. I didn’t even know they were doing this. I got no email or anything regarding this. I wish they would have put more information out there sooner. I did get to choose one product in my regular glam bag so that was nice. I wish they would start doing this monthly and give us a date to go look for it.

    • I feel the same. I was able to pick for my regular bag totally by accident. I had no idea they were doing it, I just happened to open the app yesterday to look at the daily Ipsy Shopper deal and I was automatically prompted. Unfortunately when I logged in to my other account that’s associated with my Plus subscription nothing like that happened. After finding this post I double checked my email accounts and neither one had an email from Ipsy. Not even the one that actually allowed me to choose. It’s so strange how some people got emails but still couldn’t choose at least for Plus, others didn’t get them but got to choose for one or both subs, etc. This inconsistency is very frustrating and unfair. If they’re going to “test out” new features, if we can’t all participate then I feel like those of us that are long time subscribers should get to use them first. I’m not sure if it’s new customers that are being chosen to participate or it’s totally random. I just know I’m not happy I didn’t get to choose one of my Plus items since that’s the more expensive and full size product subscription. I don’t mind gambling $10 as much as I do $25. Especially because August has some great products but also several I have no desire to receive. At least August looks fairly skin care-heavy. I hate when I get mostly (4/5 products) makeup.

      • I commented earlier and after reading yours I thought I’d mention I have been with Ipsy for about 3 years now. So maybe it is random? I saw a lot of comments of bad customer service and stuff too… only once which was this last time regarding the Huda Beauty highlighter palette… that I wasn’t supposed to get because I opted out…after a couple emails they fixed it… before that I have had great experiences especially in comparison to Boxy… it took me 4 weeks to finally get a real answer and some results.

        • How did Ipsy fix you getting the wrong palette? I emailed them too b/c I opted out of highlighters but got a palette of 4 highlighters, and they said they can’t change anything about the box or give me any credit or partial refund, but all they offered was to choose one of 3 items to *maybe* include in my next box, also locking me into another month of subscription

          • I told them that wasn’t fair that I had to pay for their mistakes. I paid 25$ for this box and expected to not get an item I Optd out of. I said it’s not fair I dont get to have the experience of a Huda Beauty eyeshadow (because she tried to offer me a jelly pong pigment) I said that pigment wasnt equal to the highlighter or eyeshadow palette so that was unacceptable. I have been with Ipsy for a few years and any other time there was a mistake I have always been offered a replacement item… it has always been made right so I know you can do better than me picking an item.
            I said all of that because it is true just last month they fixed it by sending a whole new regular bag because the nail polish broke. And so after a said that a couple times they agreed to send a palette. I would have chosen another color scheme but I took what I could get.

      • Very frustrating that only SOME people got to chose an item. I emailed Ipsy and they said it’s something they are “testing” and only a “small random group” was chosen to test it. I’ve also been with Ipsy for 3years and been with Plus since the beginning so not happy that it wasn’t available to everyone or at least to loyal customers. I actually think their customer service is pretty good. I’ve been satisfied any time I’ve had to contact them.

      • It’s a makeup sub. Maybe try a skincare subscription box

    • I noticed on my accounts where they have the List of Events there’s a timeline of the different stages of the glam bags, and on mine it said “Customize” for 7/24. Does your timeline show that? I saw it ahead of time so I just crossed my fingers that it meant I got to choose a sample. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a Customize stage in the future so I’m ready. 🙂

      • I haven’t had the option the pick an item, yet. My page has “personalize me” saying to do reviews, by 8/1.

        • I don’t have a “Personalize Me” me on my account. I wonder what that means since you didn’t get to personalize your bag by choosing a product and how it’s different from Customize. On my account, it goes from “Reviews” on 7/20 to “Customize” on 7/24 to “Stay Tuned” on 8/1.

        • My GB has the “personalize me” tab, but when u click it… nothing happens…. its just there for decoration:-)

          My GBP is stuck on “now shipping”, but already received 2 was ago.

          • I read that the “Personalize Me” tab was supposed to lead you to review the products in your box/bag, but if you had already reviewed the products (by clicking the “Review” link under each product) then the Personalize Me tab would do nothing since you already reviewed the products.

      • Wow. I did not get an email, either. That doesn’t seem fair to send it to some. I have been with them since the beginning.

        • Same. It’s pretty disappointing 😞

      • Nope! Never seen “customization” option in my time line.

        My timeline says:
        “Reviews 7/20 > Stay Tuned 8/1”

      • Mine still says tracking and I’ve had it for ages. 🙁

  17. Also so loving I got to choose a product I wanted for IGBP and regular Ipsy I picked purlisse which I adore and gentle on my skin, and of course my skin adores SR so choose Tidal wave which I put under my moistuirizer for added hydration , I’m so happy Ipsy did this bc it made me in pause my August box 🥰

    • How did you get to pick a product for Plus? I was able to choose one for my regular $10 bag but wasn’t offered a choice in my Plus bag. I’d really love to be able to choose one of my full size products in case the rest are things I don’t need or like.

      • For me, when I clicked on the Ipsy+ tab I received a pop up screen to customize, then later I finally received an email. The same happened for my regular bag too.

        • Same for me too first email then I went on my app and got to pick for both

      • That happened to me last month band almost happened to me this month but you after you choose your item for the first pop up you have to click the GBP tab and it will pop up for you there. Someone may have already answered you but I didn’t read that far so if they did my bad but I saw what you said and I was like omg this almost happened to me 😊

    • Never mind. I just read more comments. I’m not a happy camper! I have one account for my regular Ipsy and another for my Plus subscription. I logged into both today and was only offered customization on my regular bag. I just double checked my email account I use for Plus and I didn’t get an email inviting me to pick one. That’s really not right. Especially this month because while I am excited about some items, there are several I really do not want which means there’s a chance I won’t like any of my products. Most months there are at least two products I’m happy with but there seem to be more products than in previous months which could be good or bad.

      • At least you got one … I didn’t get to customize either bag!!

        • I think I read a comment from someone that it’s still in its testing stage since this is the first time they have done this and was only to a select few that got the email.

          I only got it for my glam bag but not my plus.

          • They’ve actually been doing this for a few months. This was the 1st time I got to choose a product for my Ipsy+, but I’ve been able to choose a product for my regular bag since March or April. I think last month was the first time I saw them roll it out to a bunch of people, which I thought was cool since I figured it was out of the testing phase, but it seems like this month they’re back to not letting as many people do it. 🙁

    • I picked the same thing. Although I like the balms eyeshadows and formula I have like a million eyeshadow palettes and some that I still order outside of my sub boxes and I already have those dusty mauve pinky purple colors in my collection and I just didn’t really want the other items so I picked the blue lotus moisturizer hoping it’ll be better than the watermelon Purlisse I received last month. I have dry skin and it was just not moisturizering enough and a bit sticky. Smells nice though. I’m curious to see what everyone else picked

  18. What do you guys think of the shop duo deals ?

    Anybody buy anything ?

    I think I’m gonna wait for add ons

    Hope I don’t regret it

    • I picked up two of the $5 lip product sets just because they were brands or products I hadn’t tried before and thought it was a good deal.

      • I also got two of the $5 lip product sets. I already have a theBalm deluxe lip sample in a different color, and it’s a decent size, so $10 for four deluxe samples (with free shipping) did seem like a good deal. I checked ingredients and none have mineral oil (a lot of Ipsy lip products do), and it was a nice array of colors.

    • I picked up:
      Beauty Rest Skincare Set – primarily to try the eye gels, but everything else looked good too.
      Hydrate & Glow Set – primarily for the Pixi mist, but everything else looks good too.
      Sheet masks from Midflower & Patchology – I’m actually trying to not buy sheet masks since I have so many, but for $2 each and the fact I like these brands and know I don’t have these sheet masks, I thought why not. 😉
      I’m sort of regretting not picking up that other skincare bundle with the Pixi Glow Tonic. While everything looked good in the bundle, I really wanted it for the Farmacy masks, but I wasn’t sure if it was “worth” it to get it primarily for those. I should have just bought it though because I really love the Pixi Glow Tonic, and the only reason why I held off was because I still have a jumbo size of that tonic that I still need to use.
      I was actually quite happy with the choices this month. The past two months I didn’t buy anything during the flash sale cause nothing was really catching my eye.

      • Oh man Luna you got a lot lol that rocks 👍 yeah I wanted the pixie too but , decided I didn’t really want everything else so idk , but I thought that was a good option for Ipsy to offer they know how to make us spend money lol
        And Dani I wanted that lip set but it was sold out next time I’ll just go with my first instincts and get it

    • What are shop duo deals?!?

      • They were deals that popped up after the sample pick was made. There were three sections of deals: duo deals (two samples; I think some had two different brands in a duo, but they all may have been two items from the same brand) for $5, bundles (think multi-branded Ipsy Offers) for $16, and sheet masks for $2

    • I wish they’d go back to the single items for $3, like the first month they did flash sales. I’d be spending a lot more, lol.

  19. Did anyone else see the ipsy live video this afternoon on Insta or Facebook showing the sneak peeks? There was also a Toykomilk cream stick, looked like a blush maybe?

    • I did e-mail ipsy about the customization because I didn’t even know I could do my GBP and only did my regular bag (Thanks for MSA comments for always keeping me informed!!) but when I went back in, it was infact already closed. Their response was it’s 24 hours or while supplies last.

      • Ugh, I missed the GBP window also. I was able to do the regular glam bag. I wonder if they’ll do this every month? I didn’t get an email either!

        • Exact same here. No email, no option when I logged in to my Plus account. I have a separate one for the regular bag and got to choose one but I’d have MUCH preferred to pick one of my full size products. It’s really not fair to only let some customers have a say and the rest if us have to completely gamble.

          • Please don’t lose sight of the fact that some of us did not get to pick for either bag. And no, new subscribers were not the only ones that got to pick. I am only about 4-5 months in for Glam Bag. And August will be my second Glam Bag Plus and I did not get to pick for either one. I heard some things were already sold out so I guess those of us that did not get to pick at all gat whatever is left after the lucky ones got to pick.

      • I received the customize email yesterday, went in and it was already closed despite saying I had 24 hours. I am not happy.

    • https://margotelena.com/collections/tokyomilk-makeup/products/blush-oil

      It is called Blush Oil. It looks so pretty in the live video and I dying to get it.

      I was getting ready to pause my subscription this month before today’s reveal.

      Really want the Blush Oil and believe it or not, the face wash as I am running low. I actually like getting face wash because they can’t be a miss (as long as it cleans and does not dry my face out, it is good) and it does get used in my home as hubby uses it too.

      Just hope I don’t get Purlisse (I have tried it before and really hate the scent. Also too high in stock on moisturizer) or the nail polish. I do love the Thrive mascara and don’t mind getting a back up. I would be happy to try everything else. But wait let’s not get my hope up or else it would have been the same disappointment as last month.

      • I got the blush oil as an add-on in my regular Ipsy bag a couple of months back. It’s really nice! Sheer, natural looking color that blends out well and lasts all day even when I’m sweating.

  20. I didn’t get an email, so when I saw this post (I think I am addicted to MSA) I went on my Ipsy account and was prompted to make a selection for my regular glam bag. I picked the Sunday Riley sample, then clicked on Glam Bag Plus, but it said “August Customization is Closed.” I was planning on skipping GBP this month and probably would have changed my mind if I could have selected a product, but now that I could possibly get 5 things I don’t want (the sneak previews for GBP are not appealing to me at all this month), I’m definitely going to skip GBP and just get the regular bag (and probably some add-ons). I agree with all of you who say if there is going to be customization it should be for everyone!

    • Thanks for this, I went to my account just now and got to choose for my regular bag at least.

      • I also got to choose from GB but tried GBP and it said it was closed. SO I at least got to choose ONE thing and I will say I was online when the email came through so I jumped on it right away.

    • Thanks for the post! I was able to go to my Ipsy account and choose one item for my GBP.

    • I’m tempted to skip as well. However, I REALLY want the Murad cleanser. I saw it on Sephora and added it to my loves but even with such great reviews I know I’d never pay $40+ for a face wash. I’d try to get it as an add-on but I seriously doubt it will be offered due to popularity and retail value. I would also like the IT foundation but again fear it won’t be available to add. I like the brush set and nail polish and think there’s a good chance I could get those as an add-ons but I’m not sure they’d be enough of a value for me to pay $12 each. I don’t want the Ahava or the Purlisse and I definitely don’t want that boring theBalm eyeshadow palette. So I guess I need to decide if I should spend $25 gambling mostly for the face wash or just skip it since I don’t often get much skin care, which I really hate as that’s my main reason for subscribing. And when I do get it it’s usually not the product(s) I wanted. All this unfairness with letting certain people choose their items may be the deciding factor for me. Like you, if I could’ve picked just one product I wouldn’t even consider skipping. The face wash alone would be worth my $25.

  21. I didn’t get to choose anything, that’s kind of uncool – but I’m happy for the people that did!

    • Thanks !! 😊

  22. I didn’t get a email to choose but I did get the goldfaden md doctors scrub this month becouse I got a product I got twice and I love it it makes ur face so soft but I do wish I could have gotten to pick

  23. That’s so wrong, I received an email at 10:03 this morning and checked it at 11:30 and it said that the customization is closed. Wtf, in an hour? But it says 24hours. Something is not right 🤔😏😱😤

    • I don’t even get those emails anymore…

    • Same with me! Got that same email, same exact time and then an hour later tried to customize and it was closed. I think that’s really crappy on ipsys part

    • The same exact thing happened to me. I got the email around 1 PM, logged in around 3 PM, and was tld customizations were closed.

  24. Just an FYI – I did not get an email, but I logged onto the app and it popped up (it did not come up on the website and I checked frequently this morning). It also offered me some bundles and add-ons to add for $5-$20 (I believe the top price might have been a bit higher).

    • Actually highest was $16 I got the hydrate and glow kit.

    • Ya, same here…via the app

  25. I never received email and didnt see any pop-up after logging into my Ipsy acct. I sub to GBP and GB.

    Sounds quite familiar… like how BC never sent me an email for BL Sept customization.

  26. I emailed Ipsy because I want access to pick an item as well and this is the reply..

    We’ve received some feedback that this is the kind of feature ipsters want to see. This new feature is currently available to a small group of members.

    If we decide to make it available to all members, you may be able to participate later. Thanks for your interest, and I’ll be sure to share your feedback with our team.

    • It’s not a “small number” of people. It’s irritating to those who don’t get a choice.

      • Exactly! It’s more than a small group of people and I was one of the people that filled out the survey saying I would like to see that feature.

        • Hopefully they open this up to more members next time. It’s frustrating that some can choose and some can’t.

    • That’s word for word the answer they have in their Ipsy FAQ, updated July 25th. Then they also have this gem (but it was updated in April) about being able to pick your 5th item AFTER billing.

      “If you’re part of the small group of members who can see the option to pick the 5th product in your classic Glam Bag, you’ll be able to access this through your Glam Bag timeline (ipsy.com/glambag), or through an email we’ve sent you. You’ve got 24 hours to customize your bag, but act quickly—products will run out. (Keep in mind that you can still purchase up to 3 Add-Ons during this time!)

      If you don’t choose your 5th item within the 24 hour window, we’ll pick the item we think you’ll love. Glam Bags usually leave our warehouse mid-month, and you’ll get a tracking email once it’s on its way.”

      I’m just bummed everyone who had this option is picking the Sunday Riley- I really wanted it available as an add-on 😭

      • I am very dissatisfied with this also. I read somewhere that certain products were already “sold out”. So does this mean that those of us who do not get a choice get leftovers? Or did they only alot so many for preselection?

  27. I already received the Huda, Tarte & Laura Sanchez palettes so hopefully will get the Balm palette. They let me choose one item for August since they repeated an item from a few months ago so I chose the Murad cleanser. I’d love the Purlisse, It foundation & the Goldfaden. My box is SUPPOSED to get here today finally, after sitting with no updates for over 10 days (my email to Ipsycare was replied to with a detailed explanation of how shipping works…ok…& an assurance that indeed my box wasn’t lost. We’ see…

    • My July box never shipped and now I’m waiting 5-7 days for a replacement box to ship. The Glow Recipe watermelon lotion was OOS, so I won’t get that add on. I wish they would expedite

      • My box just arrived about 10 days after I received notice that it shipped. It’s never taken that long to get here.

        Everything was included, but the Huda palette has one section that’s shattered. This whole month’s box saga has been ridiculously frustrating. Since Ipsy has been more consistent than not, I’ll email them to see what they want to do about this latest goof

      • Yet they are offering boxes from the month in mystery boxes after things supposedly sold out.

        • yes I was just going to say this. My June box never came, they sent me out a replacement of leftover crap including my add ons and told me there were no more Sunday Riley, TetrisxIpsy palettes etc. I didn’t even get my SR add on I paid for and then saw in a mystery box unboxing someone got one in theirs PLUS had 2 other SR’s from the reg box and add ons. I feel the long time subscribers mean nothing to them.

    • I’m thinking the same thing regarding the palettes. I got all of the previous ones already too, so I should get The Balm palette on one of my accounts at least. I never got an email to customize but I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyways bc I’m on vacay right now and had a glorious time kayaking yesterday! I’m super excited for GBP this month though! Can’t wait! 😊

  28. I chose the SR Tidal for my regular bag and the Ahava mask for Ipsy+ 🙂

    I also bought a few things from their flash sale in addition to today’s Ipsy Offer so Ipsy got a bit of my $$$ today. lol

    • How come I get none of the emails for any of that? Is it just on the app?

      • No, I don’t have the app, but I just got separate emails – one fore my regular bag, and one for Ipsy+. I actually came across the sample picks because they popped up when I got into my account. At first the Ipsy+ sample pick selection popped, then a little later I went back into my account then the pop up for the regular bag came up. Did you get to do a sample pick last month? I read a possible workaround to not getting the email this month is to use the email you got in July and if you click that link it’ll take you to the August sample picks.

        • I’ve never gotten an email from ipsy for sample choice, shipping info or for deals. The only emails I EVER get from them (including in my spam box) is when I add on products on the 2nd and they send a confirmation. I have no idea why.

  29. I dont understand their short window of a selection time…. I got an email timed at 1:09 but just now got to check my email… at 3:20 and it has already closed…. ugh!!! And I really want that palette…. super frustrating…

    • I picked the palette as my sample choice and now I’m not sure I want it. I would trade with you if you are interested.

    • That’s disappointing. I got the email and it states I have 24 hours to respond. I did it earlier, so I can’t see if it’s still available

    • Me too!! What’s up with that?

    • Th same happened to me. The email says customization is available for the next 24 hours. In the words of the great Maury Povich, “The lie detector test determined… That was a lie.”

      • Someone on Reddit posted they emailed Ipsy to ask why they didn’t have this option and Ipsy responded that this feature is no longer going to be available and if they tried to pick item they will not be able to finish as engineers are working to remove it!

        • Lisa,

          That’s so sad to read, hopefully it’s untrue. I feel like if they emailed us ahead of time to give us the option they should email us ahead of time before removing it. Communication is key with your customers😕

          • I also hope it not true and maybe that is just for GBP( that didn’t say which sub they had) since a lot of people could do it for regular but not Plus . But seeing as they took it down after few hrs I heard( I already picked item for regular Ipsy so I can’t see it) it just might be true?

        • I emailed them about the short customization window.

          Ipsy’s response
          “The feature to customize your Glam Bag Plus is only available for 24 hours, or while supplies last. If you didn’t get the chance to customize your box, no worries—we picked the box we thought would be best for you based on your beauty quiz and reviews. This feature is new, and we’re still working out the kinks.”

          I know many people that were not offered the option are frustrated but apparently they can’t handle the number of subscribers they are offering it to. Hopefully, they will continue to try to improve the feature and eventually open it to all subscribers. (Although, the popular choices will possibly be gone within minutes)

        • I was able to choose an item (for my regular glambag) after logging into my account on the site and getting a pop-up inviting me to do so. I also got a confirmation email. So I really don’t think this is true.

    • Same here!! It was 3 hours and 8 minutes after i received the e-mail that i saw it because you know, work and things.

      I’ve emailed them stating the e-mail said 24 hours so we will see what they say.

    • Me too! Literally less than three hours after I received the email, I can’t select and item! I was so excited, now, SO disappointed!

    • I skipped next month and still got the email!!!! ?????

  30. Yay I’m Brandi ! Just excited to see my name at the top because I visit every day for spoilers!

    I choose the Md Doctors scrub.

    It’s a nice surprise to get some customizing in this sub.

    Hope we can do it next month as well.

    • When did you get to customize? I haven’t received an email from Ipsy about that.

  31. I received an email from ipsy, allowing me to chose one item for my Classic Ipsy bag and for my Glam Plus. I chose The Balm face palette for the Glam Plus account and a deluxe sample of the Sunday Riley Tidal cream for my Classic Ipsy bag. That’s awesome!

    • You got the perfect set…. 👌 Nice

  32. I like The Balm palette… I already have a tarte palette… the face scrib seems okay… hopefully I get the thrive mascara

  33. I was asked for ipsy gb chose SR because i didnt choose it in the bigger option.

  34. Some of these look really good to me, but I got a notification yesterday that my GBP was mis-shipped and is 3 hrs away, and I just got emails from ipsy saying I got refunds for my add-ons. Super disappointing…I hate DHL.

  35. My July box still has not shipped. Been at DHL for 2 weeks! I don’t think I am going to get it at all. Ipsy did not seem concerned when I emailed them and offered no help!

    • I posted on their FB page and they said if I didn’t receive my box within 10 business days to contact them and they’d send a new one. Luckily mine finally came yesterday after being “shipped” on the 13th.

  36. Has anyone else had their July box shipped (per the website) but never received an email stating it shipped. When I click on the tracking button, this is what I get:

    No Results

    We wish to inform you that a number of packages may experience delayed or missing tracking information. Continue to check this tracking page for the latest update. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this may cause.

    There is a tracking number but no activity, it has been like this for a week. I contacted Ipsy and basically got the same info as the the DHL email. I wouldn’t normally be very sad, but this is the best bag I’ve ever received from GBP 🙁

    • Mine hasn’t moved in 2 weeks! Still at DHL!

    • Mine hasn’t moved either! I’m dying waiting….

    • I always receive tracking emails for Ipsy+ and only sporadically for my regular bag, so there are times when I have to go to my account for my regular bag to follow the tracking since an email was never sent. However, I have never received the message you posted before when I click the Track My Bag link.

    • I experienced that last month, in the end my bag arrived at the 4th week (forgot the date).
      After the “no activity” stagnacy, suddenly my bag was in my state, the previous tracking appeared, and in 3 days (or less) I received it.
      I often not receiving email stating my bag’s shipped, but always receive it.

    • DHL sent my package back to Ipsy. When I called DHL they said it was ipsys fault. I cannot get Ipsy to send me a confirmation email back. I have lived at this address for 2 1/2 years without any problems. I hate to cancel .

    • Mine sat since the 13th and just started moving this morning. There’s still hope, though I know it’s beyond frustrating.

    • https://i.imgur.com/8WemJAG.png
      I am seriously learning to despise IpsyCare. I recall reading stuff on here, ages ago, about how much people liked them; I only had Allure at the time and was like, ‘wouldn’t any customer service be nice…’ IpsyCare has either gone downhill, or they just hate me, because every one of my interactions with them to date has been both incredibly annoying and functionally useless. I just get these perky, condescending little responses that are pretty much cut and pasted from the FAQ and don’t address my specific question/issue. So far, no one there has been remotely helpful, just flippant little non-answers like, ‘that’s too bad’ and ‘oh, well! maybe next month you’ll get a pony!’
      When I emailed them about the DHL update above (it’s changed dates like 5 times), the perky! girl! [bot?] responding wrote: ‘Great news! Your ipsy gbp is on its way to you! You can track it here!’ and linked me to THAT EXACT SAME PAGE. How is getting my June bag the first week of August (if I’m lucky) ‘great’ and how is linking me to the page I emailed you about ‘news?’ Aaaaarggggh.
      I also love how I keep getting these pestering emails from them about how I’d better hurry up and review my June GBP products, so they can customize my August bag. I WISH I COULD, Y’ALL, HONEST!

      • I’ve had the exact same problem. Ipsy care service is shocking. My parcel was lost and the response was so poor and from 3 people all the same.

  37. Got to pick one on the app and was so happy theBalm palette was on there so I could go ahead and guarantee it. I know I’m getting the Murad cleanser too (Because of getting mascara despite being opted out of it last month), so if they can just give me anything but mascara or eyeliner for the other three items I will be happy. If I dare to dream, I’d like to get the Ahava mask, the IT foundation, and maybe the brushes.

    • How does that work? Can anyone pick through the app or do you have to be invited?

      • I got no email, but logged onto the app and it was on there.

    • Yes i was wondering how i guarrantee something because i have tje app on my phone is there a certain place you go to on the app!

  38. I love my GBP, but I’m starting to notice a “sameness” in the brands offered each month. Ipsy really needs to expand their brand profile. There are a few things I wouldn’t mind having this month, but I’m not excited about any of the brands mentioned in the palette lineup. I’m really hoping they’re not recycling palettes from previous months’ GBP.

    • This is my first time getting the GBP, do you get make up bags with it too?

  39. I hope In the Balm of Your Hand will be an add-on!

    If you have any interest at all in this palette, I suggest getting it now, because the Instain blush line has been discontinued, so I’m guessing this palette will be dc’d as well.

  40. I have that Tarte palette already, and I have the Laura Sanchez Moods and Huda highlight palettes so if those are the ones they’re talking about for those brands I’m going to be stuck with the Balm palette (nothing against Balm, but I don’t use highlight, blush, or bronzer). 😕 Wish they’d not guarantee me a palette and just let the algorithm match me to something else. Really only interested in the Goldfaden – going to be so sad if I don’t get it. Maybe it’ll be an add-on. I’d take the Thive mascara too, but I got it this month’s box.

    • See if it’ll let you customize your box. That’s one of the options for customizing. 🙂

      • Wait, how do you customize?? I’ve never seen an option to be able to choose any items!? I’d love to know how you’re able to do that. Thanks!!

        • I still dont understand where to customize it

  41. I decided to upgrade to GBP because of these spoilers but I’m on the waiting list. I’m wanting more of the skincare stuff & bye bye foundation so fingers crossed they have them as add ons 🤞🏼

    • Do you know if we still get the July box since I subscribed before the end of July but got put on the waiting list as well but I paid for July’s box….. Do you know how it works I can’t seem to find the help with this ….. I really wanted the July box ….

  42. I picked the Goldfaden scrub for my choice for GPP and the Sunday Riley for my regular bag. Pretty cool.

    • How did you pick?

      • Go to the app! It lets you pick a product. I also received an email…click on the link in the email and it will take you to the selection page!

        • It’s only a small group of people. I have 2 accounts and neither of them got it.

          • Ya I didn’t get to choose on either of my two accounts this month or last month 😕

          • Nina and everyone, perhaps it just hasn’t arrived to your inbox yet. I literally just received mine in the past 15 minutes so that means it is just starting to make the rounds. Perhaps you will still receive it.

    • I did the exact same thing. Super stoked.

    • Just wanted to say thank you, I just read your post and went into my app and chose my product! I would have missed out otherwise! I chose TheBalm Palette because I’ve never had any from that brand. I’m on overload with moisturizers, exfoliators, and brushes lol Today’s my birthday, so getting to choose feels like I got a nice gift today 🙂

      • Happy birthday, Annie!🎂🎉🎊👏😊

        • Aww, just saw this! Thank you for the bday wish!

      • Happy birthday Annie!🎉😊🎈🦋🌹

  43. I hope I don’t end up with another Ahava mask, I selected the Purlisse moisturizer.

  44. I skipped August, definitely not impressed by any of the spoilers. So far I seem to be skipping every other month.

    • I agree! I already paused mine, but was considering unpausing if the spoilers sucked me in. So far nothing seems appealing for August.

  45. I want that palette! I could use some decent matte colors in my life.

    • I selected the palette as my choice, but now I’m not sure I want it. If you don’t receive it and would like to trade, let me know.

      • Hi Kenley! You said you selected the palette. I never have received an email or notification for any customization. Is it somewhere online? Thanks!

  46. I adore that Ahava mask.

    • Me too! I just picked one up in a trade and I don’t mind one bit that there’s a chance I could get another in August.😁

  47. I might skip this month

  48. Fun stuff!!!

  49. I might skip this month. What’s the deadline?

    • Last day of July.

  50. FYI – I just got an email from Ipsy asking me to choose which item I’d like from: TheBalm Palette, Goldfaden MD scrub, Purlisse moisturizer, Ahava mask or F.A.R.A.H. brush set.

    • It looks like ipsy sends lots of GBP members emails allowing them to choose an item…but I don’t get to select any of my items, and I’m pretty annoyed about that.

      • My SiL isn’t able to choose for either of her accounts.

      • I never get to choose either. I wonder why some people do? At first I thought it was make up for troubles they had …. I’d be happy to get one item I’d really want each month.

      • I didn’t get any email either, but when I go to my GBP account, the “choose an item” option pop out. Maybe you could check your account and see if there’s any option for that.
        Unfortunately, the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub is not available already…and that’s the only item I’m interested in the choices offered.

        • That’s super annoying because I’m on the ipsy site at least everyday. So I just HAPPENED to miss the 2 hour window and didn’t get an email? LAME.

    • I did not get any email invite to choose. 🙁
      It’s really not fair that only some members get to choose and others don’t.

      • Agreed! Hopefully, it’s just temporary testing so that they can implement it for everyone.

      • I agree with you. I have been receiving iPsy since June 2015. Last month I had the Thrive lash, but wouldn’t mind another. I’m glad they started the bonus item sales.

    • I’ve got this email too. But only one thing that I want (Goldfaden MD scrub) was already out of stock. So I chose The Balm Palette… Hope not to get 2 eyeshadow palettes this month…

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