Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2019 SPOILERS Round #2!

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We have the latest spoilers for the August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in August. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are the latest spoilers for the August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus:

Each August box will include a palette from one of the following brands:

Here’s a look at the previous spoilers:

MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

SMITH & CULT Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie

THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

What do you think of the first spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the August Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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  1. I love my Ipsy plus. The things in it are just what i like and can use. Thanks IPSY.

  2. So stoked!

  3. When should I unpause for august?

    • Before July ends.

    • Now. You wont get Julys box if you unpause now. If you try to unpause on august 1st (after they attempt to bill you on July 31st), then you will wait like a week or 2 for spoilers…that has happened to me before…and you also probably wouldnt get your box until the end of August.

  4. I really like the spoiler. I would be very happy to receive everything … except for the nail polish and the brushes. I really dont want that.

    • Same!

      • ~me too…i received brushes last month..& the polish is jst to light…not my color…~i do like the colors of ths palette….alot more than wht they hve sent me in the past…
        ~hoping there’s a really gd round three set of spoilers….we shall see….~**

        • I love S&C nail polishes but this one is definitely way too light. Reviews says 3 coats are needed to get an opaque color.

    • Suva is a liquid highlighter I believe and not a polish. 🙂

      • The Suva is a liquid highlight and it is a beautiful one at that. They have a Smith and Cult Nail Lacquer as a variation.

  5. Looking good to me! Definitely not a pause month😂😂

  6. My ideal box right now would def be:

    – The Balm Cosmetics palette
    – Murad
    – FARAH Brushes
    – IT Foundation

    anything else would be a fun bonus!

    I already have the Thrive mascara from this month, both Huda shadow palettes and the highlighter palette, the LS palette, and the Tarte palette from earlier this year – so I ‘m hoping for no repeats!

    • Same. They already sent me all the other palettes (I gifted Tarte and LS). Would love to get the balm, as I don’t have any eyeshadows from them. The brushes look awesome, I could always use a cleanser.

      • They will send repeats..I have received the LXMI balm to lotion nonsense 3 times lol..out of like 6 boxes mind you😔😔

        • Me also, I complained and they are sending ppl am extra product. I’m so mad I didn’t receive any new moisturizer last month, there were 6 different ones!

        • You should contact customer service when they send you repeats. You should be getting a 6th product this month if you received the LXMI as a repeat. So yes, Ipsy makes mistakes and sends repeats, but to be fair here, it bears being said that they do compensate for it when asked to. Besides Ipsy, I don’t know of any box that does any more than tell you that you’re SOL when they send you a repeat.

          • I got the LXMI but no 6th item?

    • Me too!!!

  7. Wait… says it’s moisturizer. Boo

    • It has the same coverage as their CC creams. I don’t love this one (don’t have but tried it) but I would consider signing up for the box just to get it. I love all their other CC creams and they are all basically foundation with skin benefits.

    • No – its a foundation – just a moisturizing one! Like all IT products, they take care of skin concerns, as well. I am hoping so hard that I get that!

      • Meeeeee too! Almost wish I had a mishap this month to ensure I got it next!

    • It’s like a full coverage tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. Kinda covers all the bases 🙂

    • They mean it when they say full coverage though. I add this to my moisturizing sunscreen to make a TM with SPF. I think it would work well on its own as a foundation.

  8. FOUNDATION!!! I’m such a foundation junkey. That’s the one thing I buy a lot of from Sephora, full price. Fingers crossed!

  9. Is anyone still waiting on their July box? This is ridiculous!!!!

    • Still waiting! The tracking number is fake. Shows still waiting for pick up since 7/11. 🙁

      • There’s 2 different tracking numbers. The one from DHL, then it gets transferred over to USPS. Go to the DHL tracking page and scroll down, there should be a USPS tracking number that starts with 9.

        • I will! Thank you!

          • Super random and Mildly offf topic… But my name is Enid Also! But yeah I always receive my boxes around the 20th. DHL is not very common here so it take them FOREVER to sort their mail. But Retpunzel is right once it’s in your area use the USPS tracking number.

      • So I got my box today but my Ipsy profile still shows it awaiting pickup. DHL apparently didn’t scan my package when they picked it up. So I’d be curious if others had the same issue.

    • I am waiting too. It seems that any box with a certain weight ends up at that black hole known as DHL.

      I have a regular Glam Bag with add ons still MIA
      I am not buying add ons like I did if at all.

    • Mine just arrived last night (San Francisco area).

    • My tracking was stalled from the 6th til the 14th. Finally updated on the 15th, still 3 states away, and showed up today!

    • Yes, for both GBP and regular GB.

    • Yup still waiting and I am far from impressed. My shipping label was for 7/7 and DHL is still awaiting the package. I’m going to be some mad if I don’t get my Glow Recipe I added on. I’m still waiting on my regular bag as well. This is just ridiculous!

      • This happened to me too! I tried contacting ipsycare but they said it has not been 10 business days so there is nothing to do other than wait. I am tempted to cancel this as I am trying to cut my subscriptions and I’m ending up with such a stockpile…

      • Right. Mines “shipped” on 7/7 and has not updated since 7/13. I have the Glow Recipe add on as well. I’ve never experienced this before. I called DHL and they said I should have it by the 19th. I asked them how are they seeing that if it hasn’t been scanned by USPS and no update has been entered?

        • They gave you that date, 7/19, because that is within the 10 days that it should arrive. I’m guessing they don’t actually know when it’s going to arrive or where it is. How can Ipsy and DHL have this many shipping issues in a 2 month span? Clearly they should stop using DHL.

        • This is my hope too. I’m disappointed that this has happened because I was just thinking of how luck I have been in not really having any shipping or ipsycare issues. I am strongly considering cancelling though just because I have so much stuff in stock already. Shame. I had a really good month last month.

      • So I got my box today but my Ipsy profile still shows it awaiting pickup from DHL. DHL apparently didn’t scan my package when they picked it up. So I’d be curious if others had the same issue.

    • I’m still waiting for my July box. I already have that eyeshadow palette

    • My fake tracking was created the 7th and hasn’t been received by DHL

    • I’m still waiting on mine too; it says expected delivery is 7/19 but I’m not holding my breath. It sat in NC for 4 days with no movement; got scanned today but doesn’t say where it’s at.

    • Mine says it’s being delivered today……in a different state! I’m in Minnesota and it says my box is being delivered in Illinois. Wth?! I contacted Ipsy care today but have not heard anything back yet.

      I have never had a prob like this before and shipping has never been this slate. Could this be because of Hurricane Barry?

      • *this late

        Lol 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • Mine was supposed to be handed off to USPS 5 days ago. DHL says something went “awry.” It’s been two days and I can’t get a response from ipsy care, despite email and tweet. Super frustrated.

          • My regular bag was supposedly handed off to USPS days ago but USPS still says their awaiting the package from DHL. I have a feeling neither of my bags are going to make it to me. 😦

      • My penny + grace is out for delivery in Hawaii. I wish I lived in Hawaii, but I don’t.

    • Yep! I’ve never received mine this late. Said it was ready to ship since 7/6. Maybe delivering by Friday. We will see. And these spoilers aren’t exciting to me. That Tarte palette sucks. I got it in another Ipsy box.

    • I just received my glam bag plus…July 20…

      • I’m still waiting….

        • Box is supposed to be delivered b the 27th….

      • I’m still waiting. Tracking created July 7, but no updates.

        • Same 😦 and I’m sure by the time they fix it some of my items will be sold out. This is insane!

          • I have a package that is supposedly coming today from New Jersey (Long Island native!) but the tracking has not updated since it arrived in Jersey. I emailed IpsyCare and they are sending a replacement but I will not get my add ons or rewards. They only swapped out one thing in my actual box but I think this will probably be it for my Ipsy subs

          • I’m not even going to get my box till past August 1st and they’re sold out of the Glow Recipe I added on 😤 I am fuming mad about all of this! I’m canceling my plus after this crap.

  10. It looks like a decent box. Would love to get the It foundation but after they sent me the darkest Huda Highlighting palette I don’t have a ton of faith in the matching process. They did let me pick a product, though, so I will definitely be getting the Thrive mascara that I didn’t get this month. The GBP is on my watch list… I enjoy subs until I hit the point where half the products are not usable for me, it’s starting to go that way a bit.

    • They sent me the wrong one too but I emailed them and they are sending out the pink sands. They have great customer service.

      • Their customer service is HORRIBLE!!! 2 Months in a row the tracking information shows my GBP never left the warehouse. My GBP boxes are each a month behind!!! I contact them and they give me a run around with a computerised generated message. Once in awhile you might get a few words or a sentence that’s personable if you’re lucky. I get a message saying we’re sending you out an accommodation box… WTH!!! BUT the add ons you ordered are sold out…. An accommodation box? It’s your fault, but you’re accommodating me…. hmmmm For your inconvenience we’re also sending you a free gift… a sample size crappy face wash!!! Then I’m told pick from thses 3 items and we’ll make sure you get it in your August box… repeats from June’s box. Then the personable comment…. Pick something from the upcoming spoilers… did that and was told I couldn’t I could only pick from the previous offers selected 🤦‍♀️ Now we’re back to generalized computer responses. It’s not like I’m new to Ipsy… I’ve been with them for years!!! So, to hear their customer service is excellent starts my blood to boil!!! Still no GBP box….

  11. I’d be happy with anything but the Tarte palette (already got) or the Suva drops (opted out of highlighters, so fingers crossed?).

    Also, those brushes are to die for!

  12. I’m super excited for the possibility of getting a palette from the balm ♡♡ Also love the drops, the brushes and the cleanser …lol…
    I’m just over here like don’t mind me …curating my dream box!

  13. I would love a theBalm palette! Also, love the look of the brushes.

  14. I love that Smith and Cult nail polish.
    Hoping for a tarte palette.
    Would like to try the IT Foundation.
    Hopefully no Illuminating drops!!!
    Looks like a nicely rounded box to me.

    • These are my preferences too! I would love the IT Foundation with SPF 50 🙂

    • I feel the exact same way and want the same as you! Here’s hoping, fingers crossed 😊

  15. I’ve already gotten the Moods palette and really don’t want the Tarte. Anything from theBalm would be great. For those who have gotten the Huda eyeshadow palettes before, which one did you get and which colors did you have marked on your profile?

    • I get two plus Boxes with COMPLETELY different profiles (blue eyes on one, green on the other, one neutral colors only, one adventurous only, one 28 yr old, one 43 yr old, etc) so one (hopefully) matches me or if not will work for my sister. Despite this, when they had 4 possible Huda palettes I got Mauve in both, which made me look like a zombie. 😄 Actually our entire boxes were the same which was super disappointing.

      And that was several months ago when it seemed our profiles and preferences were being used at least somewhat. Lately I think many of us feel like they’re not being used much at all. So basically it’s a crap shoot. Good luck!

      • I know, right? I’m just hoping not to get something I’m opted out of for the third month in a row -.-;;

    • I got the coral palette and the mauve eyeshadow palette. I only tried the coral one but wasn’t impressed. The shades are pretty but there was a ton of fallout & it took a lot of work for me to make them look decent on the eyes. Some showed up very patchy and I had to add a lot in order for some of the shades to show up well. Other colors were very pigmented. The shadows also made my eyes so uncomfortable! I ended up having to rinse my makeup off sooner than planned because my eyes were itching & watering so much. I haven’t used it since to see if it is a fluke. I’ll likely give away the mauve one. I hope I don’t get any more eye palettes from the brand & have my fingers crossed that the highlighter palette from this month won’t cause my body to react poorly.

  16. Oh my! Just seen the latest spoilers and I’m pretty happy to see these items! 🤗

  17. I’ve received the Tarte palette, Thrive mascara and HUDA palettes (both eyeshadow and highlighter) in the past so chances are slim I’ll get those again.

    I’m just hoping for the it foundation (and wouldn’t mind the murad or the balm and no nail polish and was not too impressed with the last Laura Sanchez shadows)

  18. Laura Sanchez only has one palette and I’ve gotten from ipsy this year. I already got a Huda highlight Palette and two of her obsessions palettes from them too. The tarte or Balm is perfect for me. I like all these spoilers.

    Even if ipsy messed up both my glam bag plus and regular bag EGREGIOUSLY this month.

  19. Please no Suva. I don’t know if all of their products are made in PRC but the liner I received was. I don’t use cosmetics or skincare made in PRC.

  20. They’ve had a lot of Suva Beauty lately. I wonder that if they had theBalm Hot Tea & Iced Tea samples in July glam bags, then had the full size palettes as add-ons & in GBP in August, maybe they’re sending the Suva Beauty shadow palette samples in August & will send the Suva palettes in September?

  21. I should get the Balm palette, since I’ve got all the others (from Ipsy) already, would love the IT foundation and even the brushes! Those are pretty and not the same set they sent out before. I’d be happy with the nail polish, even though I’m not of fan of their packaging.

  22. I think I’m gonna skip, if I don’t cancel completely. I personally think the most exciting item is the Tarte palette, & I already got that.

    How many FARAH brushes do they think I need, man? Can’t swap em away fast enough.

    • I wonder if the FARAH brushes are to GBP as the PUR palettes are to Boxycharm?

    • I canceled. Saw the supposedly “out of stock” items that I didn’t get in my June GBP in someone’s June mystery box.

      I’m so angry.

  23. August has some great spoilers for IGBP. I did receive the Tarte eyeshadow palette back in Feb of this year, so I don’t think I’ll be getting that, again (at least I hope not). The Murad cleanser looks great, as does the Thrive mascara.

  24. I am SO excited about this box! I desperately hope to get Murad, Tarte Pallete and the IT Cosmetics tinted moisturizer. I use Murad and accidentally left this cleanser in a hotel and they’re sold out at my local Sephora and I’ve really been wanting to try the tinted moisturizer. I currently use their CC cream. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a sub box before.

    • I agree this is almost a 100% perfect box just put that Tarte palette & Murad cleanser and I’m happy with anything else the foundation would just be the icing on the cake. That would be the best box I have seen out of all boxes and I’ve watched them all since April.

    • Agreed! 🙌

  25. My Dream bag would have the IT foundation (currently use CC cream and LOVE it), Murad cleanser, Balm eyeshadow (even though I have opted out, I know they will send a palette to everyone..seems to be the norm), NO NAIL POLISH! , Brushes and SUVA…MEH?? Hopefully a few more good things to come..Think I will cancel my regular and take my chance on another plus bag.

  26. Wow checked out the Laura Sanchez palette, OMG is it beautiful. Bright bold colors, really hoping for that. I looked at the balm stuff too and thought it was all boring neutral stuff that would be the worst for me. I couldn’t find huda palettes. The tarte one is ok to throw in my purse for days when I need to do makeup on the run, but I did buy a small one from them for that purpose already. I got one that I could basically use with my fingers to apply and it had one light shadow that could be doubled as a highlighter. Depending on what palette I get I would be willing to trade with someone who gets the Laura Sanchez one and doesn’t want it. July will be my first box, I’m excited and still waiting for it to come. I cancelled my ipsy sub over a year ago and got myself on the waitlist for the plus bag back in January and I got an email from them in June offering me to try the plus bag. I was super excited and glad I didn’t have to get the regular one first. I like full size stuff so the little simple things are not worth it for me. I hope my box comes soon can’t wait to get it and play with my new products

  27. I guess I’m the only one not excited about any of these spoilers? I already got a Farah brush set a couple months ago, getting Thrive mascara this month, which I don’t want any mascaras, and getting the Huda Beauty highlighter palette this month too. Don’t really like Tarte or theBalm that much. So far I’ve been skipping every other month.

    • No, you aren’t the only one not excited. I’m also getting the Thrive mascara this month (if it ever gets here). I definitely do not want to put snail secretions on my face (the IT foundation) because I googled it and it is cruel to the snails, and also there is an “ick” factor. I don’t like the smell of Murad products (smells like cheap drugstore perfume to me), I definitely do not need more highlighters, and I don’t wear nail polish (unless I get a pedicure.) Although I would like any of the palettes listed, and the brushes look great, I will be skipping this month in order to avoid getting a cruel product. I’ll get my regular bag though, because those spoilers look great to me.

      • Some brands are not cruel to the snails. They just have them crawl across a mesh. If it hurt them they wouldn’t be able to do it again. At least that’s how the brand Corsx gets theirs, that’s the brand I use. Snails in the wild crawl across things much harsher than a mesh, so I don’t worry about it. Some brands won’t say how they get theirs and I hate that. I’m happy with the Corsx anyway, it’s very affordable, I think I paid $20 and only use two tiny pumps at a time, it will last forever.

      • Yup, it’s “filtered” & they don’t hurt the snails, at least CosRx doesn’t!

  28. Not that exciting to me. I have the it cosmetics foundation (the best!!!) and all the other things don’t look very interesting. Think I might skip.

    • I’m on the fence too. I’d be sad if we ended up getting the spill the tea Balm palettes. I did reactivate my regular bag so maybe I can do an add on???

      I hope there are more spoilers before month end so I can decide!

  29. I’m hoping I get the Murad and IT Foundation…but mostly the foundation. It’s one of a handful of things I have consistently had listed as “often” because I figure foundation/concealer are never coming. I would be so disappointed to not get something when I’m like, “you could literally give me this every month please.” I get plenty of things I have listed as “rarely,” please let me get my “often” LOL

  30. Looking to be the best box so far.
    I know I’m getting the Murad, but am also hoping for the polish and foundation. Anything else would be lovely bonuses.

    • Of all of the awesome and expensive products they’ve sent in the past boxes, HOW do you figure this is the best?? This box is terrible.

      • Just because you think it’s terrible, doesn’t mean that I have to. 🤷‍♀️

        • I didn’t say you had to hate it, too. I ASKED how you could think it’s the BEST so far, especially when these products aren’t even close to being as good as previous ones.

          • 🙄

        • As you can see this is just a site for complaining. It kind of amazes me that people expect so much and the perfect color/preference from a makeup box that thousands upon thousands of people order. It’s worth like 6 times what we pay for it but few consider that. I think they’d be better off just canceling and picking out their own makeup, because some people let themselves get way too angry over something so trivial. If you need to be reminded how hard it is to please people, come on here, where few people are ever happy but still come back for more month after month. You couldn’t pay me enough to work in their customer care haha

          • It would be nice to receive the box that I pay for. Instead, mine never arrives so, I’m given a replacement box of leftovers (usually repeats). How would you like that? Not all situations are about color choices yadda yadda yadda… Customer service and shipping needs an over haul!! I’ve been with them since they launched the GB. More efforts need to be made.

    • Please tell me how you get to pick a product that you know will be in your box
      Thank you

      • They let me choose because I had opted out of highlighters and received a highlighter palette, rather than one of the other palettes this month.

  31. My perfect box would be:
    -Thrive Mascara
    -Balm Cosmetics Palette
    -Murad Cleanser
    -Farah Brush set
    -It Cosmetics foundation

    • I agree.. Looks like wehave the same taste👍😄

    • SAME! That would be my box line up too! 🙂 I am hoping that some of those are in the add-on’s section. I have been wanting to try that mascara and it seems like it’s everywhere. Hopefully I’ll be able to snag one!

  32. I’m ok with every single spoiler. That’s a good sign right? Hah

  33. I received thrive mascara this month in my IGB and I will happily take another! Best discovery for me! I love it!

    • Same here! This tubing mascara is way better than the drugstore one with a similar formula. I pretty much only use tubing mascaras but there are few options out there. Ipsy messed up on one of my orders and let me choose an item for my next box. I chose the Thrive mascara.

  34. There’s cute stuff I want for sure, but I honestly have been shopping too much this month and need to skip a month! Hopefully they re-run the brush set! (Wouldn’t mind seeing the cleanser, polish, the balm palette, and the foundation if it comes in fair again either!)

  35. Yes, to everything. Except the tarte palette which I already have.

  36. I’ve already gotten this palette thank God I won’t be getting it again

  37. Does everyone get the BYEBYE foundation??

  38. Ooohhhhh, I just got F.A.R.A.H. brushes but I NEED those. Trying to engineer my profile so I get the

    IT Foundation
    Smith & Cult
    Farah Brushes
    Tarte or The Balm palette

    We shall see.

  39. I want thrive, it foundation, Murad cleanser, nail polish, and a Huda eyeshadow palette! That’d be a stellar box!

  40. Wow back in like January or whenever they had that tarte palette they messed up on my box and then told me they ran out of stock on that pallet and that month I ended up getting two products in my plus box but they did at least give me a refund of 20 dollars psshhhh lol

  41. The Balm palettes look great!

    • How do you know which ones?

      • They sent out Iced Tea as a subscription sign-up bonus in July. I also saw in, like, June? that someone left a comment on an MSA post that they received In the Balm of Your Hand as a bonus item.

        So I’m thinking those 2 palettes & Hot Tea are likely suspects.

  42. I would love to get the bye bye foundation…no nail polish, and no suva drops..anything else is fine…ipsy plus is a great box..love it.

  43. I’m excited for the palettes and really really hope for the Suva drops!

  44. Oh wow! I’m super excited about these spoilers! August is my last month on my annual with Boxycharm(Not Renewing!) and I’m not even a little bit sad about it lol. Ipsy Plus is where it’s at!!😍😍🙌🏻

  45. Ugh! Nothing interesting!

    • Agreed

    • That’s when you know you get too many boxes LOL

    • Agreed – I’ve been on pause for summer. Just paused August because I have the palette, mascara, brushes, skin is too dark for light pink polish and foundation. I did like the July box with envy.

  46. Hmmm, I’ve gotten several of these items in past GBP so I’m hoping they will be aware of that and not send out duplicates. Has anyone had this happen before?

    I’d love the IT BB Cream and I’d be happy with the Murad too. Lots of nice things in here!

  47. Oooh! Very exciting! I would LOVE to get the foundation if they send it in my color. I’ve been eyeballing that for a while now. The Tarte palette is gorgeous, too!

    • Hands down my favorite foundation, I’ve been using it for 5+ years and won’t buy anything else!

  48. Anything but the Laura Sanchez pallet. I don’t need any kids makeup.

    • Agreed! Give that clown garbage to the kids to play with…..geez…..

  49. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is awesome, August will be my third. Favorite subscription box by far 🙂

  50. My perfect box would be:

    The Smith and Cult Polish
    A Huda or Sanchex Palette NOT A BRONZER OR HIGHLIGHTER THO! lol
    The brush set
    and The Bye Bye Item

    I’d bet I get one maybe two if I am lucky. Still a good deal though and I love a surpirse.

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