Ipsy August 2019 Glam Bag SPOILERS!

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We have spoilers for the August 2019 ipsy glam bag! (Thanks for the heads up, Cheyenne and LunaLee!)

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First, we have a look at the August bag design:

Here are some products Ipsy will be sampling this month:

Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Trophy Wife

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

Pixi by Petra Blush in Peach Parfait

SLMISSGLAM E61 Angled Shadow Brush

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extension in Brynn

Suva Beauty Eyeshadow in Coriander, Turmeric, and BBQ

Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion

Nanette Lepore Beautiful Times Eau de Parfum

Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask

Vasanti Cosmetics Concealer Buffer Brush

INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher

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  1. Ipsy let me pick one, I chose the SR Tidal. It also let me pick some add on like items with free shipping. I ended up picking a bunch of masks and an hydration skin set and a lip set

    • I wonder what the qualifications are for being able to pick an item, I’ve never been able to
      Do that 🙁

      • Not sure it is anything that makes sense. My friend joined 2 months ago and they let her pick the first month.

        • Yeah, I don’t understand how they choose certain people. I figured that they would pick people that has been a member longer but if your friend has been selected to pick a product and has only been with Ipsy a couple of months, than I have no clue how they choose.

          • It seems being a longtime member may not be who they chose for this round of emails. I am new (May or June 2019) as I read someone say they asked another new person they knew. Perhaps this was a small group of NEW people whose opinions they sought. I did get to chose ONE GB item. I was able to chose something for my GBP for another reason and didn’t chose SR then so I chose the SR sample for GB this time around to try it.

          • I have been with Ipsy for a little over a year now, I have been able to pick a product for my GB since they started the Choose feature. I am not sure how they pick who gets to choose a product but more than likely it is just random. I also picked the SR for my choice for the August bag. I think everybody that got the option to pick a product, picked SR. The only bad thing about it , is that they could offer it as a add-on product in the full size for $12.00 and we won’t get to buy it as a add-on since we are recieving it in our GB. I really was thinking long and hard about picking SR due to the possibility of it being a add-on product.

      • I was told by customer service that they picked a small group of people that has the original glam bag version. So, I don’t know if they base it on who has been a member of Ipsy longer and has stayed a member continually or what? To my understanding, possibly in the future more people will get to pick a product. They are working out the glitches with the Choose item feature. You could email them and see what they say about it. Hope this helps a little.

      • They will send an email when you can pick one product or check the app around the 26th of the month, they have the timeline for picking, packing, delivering, reviewing etc.

        • The choose a product offer is done for September, but starting next month everybody gets to choose a product with every sub that they have through Ipsy.

          • I meant starting in October everybody gets to start picking a product with each sub. I am assuming that we will get to choose next month for Octobers bag.

  2. Oh my, that SLMISSGLAM brush is BEAUTIFUL! Curious about the INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher … the idea of clear lippies just makes my heart skip a bit a little. 🙂

    • Curious about the INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher.
      I received this in the GB advent calendar 25 days box.
      I do enjoy using it, actually applied it like 10 minutes ago.

      Hopefully you enjoy it too.

  3. Ipsy did this bag im black why are they doing this design again?

    • Exactly, they did this bag in september 2017 because it’s my favorite bag.

  4. These look better then Ipsy glam bag plus spoilers , I’ll prob pause that one and keep the $10.00 one just for the add on’s which I love , hope they have a full size SR Tidal Wave as a $12.00 add on I’d be thrilled !

    • They will be having Sunday riley in the September boxyluxe subscription

    • I am hoping they have the Sunday Riley water cream for a add on also! I love Sunday Riley! Did you or anybody else order the Skin care red bag in the Ipsy offers? I am just curious what kind of products is in it and if it is worth buying?

      • I got the skincare bag. I liked it but it’s not super high-end stuff like Sunday Riley. You get two k-beauty sheet masks, and then the rest depends on the variant. There are 3 variants that I have seen. The one I got had a purlisse exfoliant, a pumpkin-walnut cleanser, an avocado balm, and a TONYMOLY black clay sebum control mask.

  5. I love the bag and hope for this color. Also like the spoilers, so far.

  6. I just resubbed to get August’s bag. Love the spoilers! The bag is ugly, but I’m surprised so many use them. What does everyone do with theirs? I don’t need a gazillion mini makeup bags.

    • I am starting to use the make up bags by months to hold all my sub boxes cards with descriptions of the items so they stay organized in case I want to reference them later. I am new to sub boxes so still figuring out my system for organizing, storing etc.

    • I love the bags and use them, but a great way to get rid of them is to fill them with stocking stuffers, grad gifts of gift cards, etc, or to give them to a women’s shelter, teacher for their prize tubs, or school nurse (for feminine products). Here are some fun ways I use them: I use them to organize my handbag. in a large tote, it’s easy to find what I need by grabbing the ipsy bag. One for makeup, one for odds & ends, emergencies, etc. I love it when an ipsy bag compliments my bag of the day! Such a small pleasure, but it is fun to look inside a tote and see the pretty colors. Even if I’m using a small bag, I put everything in one ipsy bag to avoid making a mess inside the bag. I change my bags often; ipsy bags make this more convenient. The insides of all my bags remain clean, and I am so much more organized this way too. Ipsy bags make great organizers in other places too. I use one as a pencil case, one contains hair ties, you can use one for coupons, etc. You can put a piece of masking taper or label on the bag to say what’s inside until you get used to them. I give away all the ipsy bags I don’t like. I either give them away right away by filling with a little gift or ipsy products, or I save a few for stocking stuffers. If you have some younger relatives, little girls would love to have them to carry around and fill with treasures. If they are not useful to you, I can see how having so many is overwhelming. Even I don’t keep them all! 😉 Have fun passing them along!

    • I love the bags for organizing inside my handbags small and large! Even in a small bag, I like everything contained, and in a tote, they are awesome! I have an ipsy bag for everything! I love it when the colors match my bag or compliment the color, and it’s more fun to look in and see all the colorful ipsy bags! Even the ones I don’t love, I give away as gifts filled with ipsy extras, grad gift with a gift card, a random surprise, or as stocking stuffers filled with anything. I can imagine if you don’t use them, they are overwhelming. Even I don’t use them all, but those go!

    • Organize different things from house to my job , keeps everything organized 👍

    • They’re nice for organizing things in my office desk. One bag with some makeup essentials, one with backup contacts and solution and a case, one with feminine products…

      Like others, I have some for organization in my purse. One holds feminine products, the other holds medications like advil and zantac.

      When I take longer trips, I will sometimes use multiple little bags to coordinate makeup looks, which I then try to color coordinate with the bag I put each look in (i.e., something with coral shadow, something with purple, something with a bronzy look…)

      I do go through and purge routinely, though. I try to limit myself to one bin full.

  7. UM, love the bag design. No strong feelings on the products.

  8. Loving the products so far and love the bag – I’m not into cutesy designs. Nice simple studded design in solid color.

  9. Does anybody know if the pixi blush is powder or cream?

  10. The spoilers look ok but the bag is awful. We had a similar bag like this a few years ago and I gave it away.

    • I am with you. The bag is terrible in my opinion. I like more colorful and fun colors.

  11. Didn’t we get this same exact black studded bag a couple falls ago? I really liked it, & I gotta check my bag draw now bc I really do remember getting one SUPER similar! (Maybe they’re diff materials bc the last one seemed to have more of a matte finish than the one on this pic)

    And btw, I think they actually come in diff colors! (for August).

    • I just thought the same thing! We so totally did… but I think it had a pop of color for the zipper

    • If the bag comes in different colors that would be great. Hope I don’t get the color that’s pictured. lol

    • Just found my bag and it is very similar but not identical.

    • I loved that black one! The pattern was a little different. What colors will this one be in?

      • No one knows. However, it is similar (identical) to one that comes with a mystery bag ipsy was selling last week. That bag was red, though. (I bought it immediately. LOL.)

        • Thank you! I ordered the red one too! I like the look of this bag in both the red and deep green. I love my old black one and look forward to this similar style! It looks like the red one is slick.

  12. Those are great spoilers! Can’t wait to see GPS spoilers! Seems strange choice of a hunter green bag in August but I like it. Agree it looks very similar the black one last year. Hoping there are more lip products this month, July had like none…

    • I’ve noticed that when there is a theme it tends to match the following month since by the time we get our bags, it might be late in the month. That green will make a great fall color!

  13. On the whole I like these spoilers better than July’s. My bag curation’s been going downhill in the past few months, though, so with my luck I won’t get anything interesting.

  14. But its looks very similar to september’2017 bag :/

  15. Not gonna lie…..this bag is not cute :((((

  16. I haven’t really been fond of any of the actual bags I’ve gotten from ipsy yet, and this one has to be the least personally appealing. But the contents of the bag look great – if I don’t get that SLMISSGLAM brush I really hope I can buy it as an add-on! The eyeshadows are also beautiful!

  17. Great spoilers butttt that bag!!! Thats NOT a summer bag!!!!

  18. NOT sure how valid this is but I had so much trouble that they offered me a choice of one of these. I wasn’t thrilled with any really. I chose the lotion sample and I wouldnt mind the lip quencher but none of the other stuff interests me at all.

    They replied to me because I had so much difficulty seeing what was in my bags and shopping.

    IPSY saaid: In the meantime, I’d be happy to help you handpick at least one of your products for next month to help make up for the trouble. Here are some of my favorites from August:

    AHAVA Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion
    NANETTE LEPORE Beautiful Times Eau de Parfum
    WANDER BEAUTY Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask
    VASANTI COSMETICS Concealer Buffer Brush
    INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher

    • I’ve never had an issue with Ipsy, and I also got to choose an item for July.

      • How? I want to choose one too! Thank you!

        • For July, some members were able to select an item on June 26th or so. Ipsy sent an email, although I think if your account was set up to let you select, you’d have gotten the option just by logging in.

          • Neat! I have an annual sub though, and they seem to punish us for that.

  19. I was going to skip August because of my not so desirable July bag… but I can still use the products or gift them. I do like like August bag it is adorable and looks more like a Fall cor and bag…

  20. So excited another SR product. the tidal cream is perfect for summer ! I hope I get it!

  21. I get the GBP but I will definitely add the SR, thrive, and vasanti brush if available

    • The Thrive mascara is going to be a product in the GBP again for next month.

  22. Because of the mystery skincare bag looking the same but in a different color, I wonder if August will be several bag colors.

    Suva Beauty shadows are from their Saffron & Block Party palettes. Wonder if those will be showing up as GBP items/add-ons/subscription renewal offers. (I was offered an Iced Tea palette from theBalm this month for reactivating my canceled glam bag straight to GBP, & the What’s the Tea? samples showed up in this month’s bag.)

  23. The bag doesn’t say “summer” to me. I don’t like the color. It should have been black and offered in the fall. I like July’s summery bag.

    • By the time half of us get it at the END of August, summer will be practically over, so I’m not super bothered by its lack of summeriness.

      • Very true!!! Lol

  24. This is the most “me” bag Ipsy has offered this year. There are a fair number of interesting offerings, too. The only thing I don’t want is the same mascara that’s in my GBP this month…

  25. That bag is so cute!! I love it. August is looking good!!

  26. These are great spoilers!

  27. After reading all the comments I have no clue what color this bag is, but I don’t care 🙂 ALL of these spoilers look amazing! Can it be August already?

    • lol. It looks like a hunter green to me. The comments are because they did a bag before, kinda the same design but it was a different color.

      • On mine it looks black, but I’m good with it either way. I am excited to see what else they are going to have 🙂 This is definitely a great start!

  28. I’m a sucker for masks with cool colors or effects like glitter, so I’m hoping for the Wander mask. Normally I don’t like getting brushes, but brushes with glitter in them are a different story [insert sparkly emojis here, haha!}

    I love Sunday Riley’s CEO line, but unfortunately I hate the smell of the Tidal line — luckily I was able to discover that with just a foil packet!

  29. I wouldn’t mind the SLMISSGLAM brush and the jelly lip quencher. August is looking good so far.

  30. I may un-pause my regular bag just to get this bag! It’s a little cheaper than buying as a mystery past month bag later at $12.

    How late should I wait to un-pause this month to avoid getting the regular bag this month? Is it the 5th?

  31. I’m really hoping for the perfume and jelly shot 🙂 I like the bag itself too!

    • Same here except for the bag. I’m neutral on that. I LOVE perfume though and I NEVER get it from Ipsy. I have fragrance set on “Often” and every scent group selected. And I’ve purchased fragrance deals from Ipsy Shopper. I don’t get it. I’ve been eyeing that lip balm on multiple sites for a long time because it’s so darn pretty. Plus I happen to be a lip balm addict. Hopefully we’ll either get these in our bags or at least be able to add them. But that’s another thing… I never have fragrance as an add-on choice either. It’s like they just don’t want me to smell nice! 😄

  32. The bag looks so familiar! At 1st, I thought it was a replica of the one that’s in my purse. It’s close. The one in my purse has smaller, widely spaced studs, but it’s very similar.
    Really hoping for the lip jelly with this flower in it!

    • I thought it looked familiar too. To me, it looks like a green version of the mystery bag that MSA recently posted about. I like it! I passed on the mystery bag, but I was sooo tempted to get it just for the bag itself cause I really liked it.

      • Surprisingly I actually passed on the skincare mystery bag, but I did get a June mystery bag because I loved that sparkly bag so much. I didn’t even care what they put in it. Funny thing is, it was a really great bag! Better than my usual bags. I’m trying to fight the urge to order another because I’m sure it was a fluke to get all good stuff in a single bag. On the other hand, that sparkly bag (filled with some of my stash) would be a nice gift for someone….🤔😄

        • I got 2 and they both had identical contents.

    • It looks like September 2017 bag.

    • We have had a similar Ipsy bag within the past year or so so you are remembering correctly but black is good- it goes with anything.

    • If the bag looks familiar, it’s because it’s almost identical to Ipsy’s September 2017 bag. August’s bag should have been Summery; Bright, colourful and happy. 🙁

  33. I like the skin care better than make up so I am keeping profile set at not comfortable with make up. I felt same about this month so just changed it and it worked got 3 skin products this month although to be fair I picked the ciate primer myself lol.

  34. Ooooooooh Ipsy looks awesome for August! Not a single spoiler I wouldn’t want in my bag!

  35. Come on IGBP spoilers!!!🤩

    • So far for GBP:
      – Same Thrive tubing mascara from this month
      – Smith & Cult nail polish in Pillow Pie (pale pink)
      – Murad exfoliating cleanser

      • Ipsy Plus will have Smith & Cult polish next month? In that particular color? I hope I understood you correctly. I love that brand and that color!

  36. Om gosh i love all of it!

  37. Loooove that studded bag💚💚💚 Hope it’s dark green like it looks to me, but would still be cool with black/grey. I ordered the mystery skincare bag almost exclusively because of the bag😁 I’ve collected all the bags I could since joining lolz

    And now I’m super hoping already for the Sunday Riley. Wouldn’t mind that pretty SLMISSGLAM brush either.

    • Fun! What do you use your bags for? I use as many as I can for organizing (see my post above) but can always use more ideas. 🙂

  38. Looks like it’s going to be a great bag! I like the bag itself (looks like a dark dusty green on my monitor), and would love to get any of these spoilers except for the perfume (am opted out of that) and the Wander mask. I am really really hoping to try the Ahava lotion, and love both of the brushes.

  39. Looks good so far. I paused for July but August looks worth unpausing for.

  40. I have that Wander peel off mask (from Boxy?) but was scared to use it after reviews on YouTube said it was difficult, so I hope I don’t get it.

    • It’s not too difficult if you put it on thicker, especially around the edges, and let it dry a really long time. It’s only hardish to remove where you put it on too thin.

  41. I just read up on the INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher and according to Sephora, it is a bad lip quencher. People are complaining that ‘this’ lippie smells, breaks easily and doesn’t really hydrate…it just looks pretty.

    My luck…I’ll get it!

    • There are some good reviews for the INC.redible lip quencher also. I wouldn’t mind getting it in my bag, because it does have good ingredients! I would far rather have avocado oil on my lips than petroleum. Most of Ipsy’s lip glosses and lipsticks lately have contained mineral oil, so I’m glad to see one that doesn’t!

    • Oh, interesting. I haven’t read other reviews. Mine did break, also, down to the flower part. I tried to use it up, but the flower was scratchy, lol.

  42. I jut read up on the INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher and according to Sephora, it is a bad lip quencher. People are complaining that ‘this’ lippie smells, breaks easily and doesn’t really hydrate…it just looks pretty.

    My luck…I’ll get it!

  43. So glad I left Boxy and switched to getting GBP as well as my regular Ipsy! Their offerings keep getting better and better! Left Boxy mostly because of their terrible customer service.

    • Mary: Ditto on why I left Boxycharm. I was fed up with them back in February and their total blase manner IF I could get through to them left me pulling out my hair. SO…I left after being with them for over 3 years. Then I decided to come over to IPSY PLUS and became enamored with them, so I subscribed to their regular bag too. I am so much happier and yes, IPSY is rocking it!

  44. Holy cow… These spoilers are wonderful. August looks VERY promising. I’d love to try the Pixi blush, Sunday Riley water cream and Thrive mascara. Everything looks really good, though.

  45. Too similar to a black bag they did in 2017 (I think that was the year), but this gray is prettier.

    • That black bag is my favorite. It’s so chic! I use it as a clutch when I travel because it takes up so little cargo space. I may set up two account, just to have a back up!

      • Try amazon. I’ve seen that you can purchase past Ipsy bags there.

    • Lmao this bag is green. 😁💚

    • Gray bag? Interesting to me it looks dark green.

      • Looks Olive/Army green to me too

      • Me too! Like a dark/pine green. I thought it a little odd for August but gray would be even stranger. Although I’d definitely prefer gray.

      • Oh no, it’s the dress color argument all over again. I’m running away

    • I agree! That black bag is the one I use in my purse. Maybe this one will give me a reason to finally swap it out 😂

    • Yes I have 2 of those

  46. That Wander face mask hurt peeling unlike anything I have ever used. Maybe I have a hairy face haha but I only used it once.

    • It’s the same with their eye masks, which are drying IMO.

      • I agree about the eye masks! I thought it was just me because they’ve been in so many sub boxes and I’ve never seen anyone else mention that. I’ve tried so many eye masks and this is the only one that leaves my skin dry afterwards. Every other one actually leaves excess serum behind. I’ll be happy when they finally finish making their rounds in all the sub boxes and one time sets/kits.

    • You can rinse it off and see if you like the results. The other trick is to use something like a serum or light moisturizer under it… just enough to help it release

    • Lauren: Some tips for a less painful peel off mask:
      *Right before you maks, apply a thin film of your moisturizer, wait a minute or two and then spread the peel off mask on your face.
      *Also, another point is once dried, pull the mask in a downward direction, not up or sideways…but down
      I have found these tips really help me, good luck!

    • Wow, it hurt you? I just had trouble getting it off where I put it on too thin and it tore instead of coming off in one piece. My bigger complaint is that I don’t think peel off masks do a damn thing.

  47. I want that brush!!!

  48. Really excited about these spoilers, especially the brushes, the Wander mask, and the Jelly Shot lip quencher. Plus, I really do like the bag. Classy design!

    • I LOVE the Wander mask my skin feels SO good after I use it!

  49. I so want the Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion and the perfume!

  50. I like the bag. Nice “studs”. I love the Jelly Shot I have so that is always fun for a different one.

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