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Crystal Wellness Club – Should We Review It?

yogi surprise crystal wellness box

There’s a new monthly subscription box from Yogi Surprise available now – Crystal Wellness Club and we have full spoilers for the first box!

For a limited time, sign up here to receive 15% off for life! (Regularly $34.99 per month)

Crystal Wellness Club is a magical monthly crystal & candle delivery. Each month we choose a special new crystal/intention theme and send a carefully selected exquisite 3+ inch ethically sourced natural crystal ($35+ value), a healing Wellness Candle® ($25 value), and Collectable Crystal Intention Card.

Whether you’re new to crystals or an experienced collector or healer, the Crystal Wellness Club is a wonderful way to grow a quality crystal collection while maintaining a nourishing & healing environment with the crystal-infused Wellness Candle® (made with a healthy blend of pure organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, therapeutic grade pure essential oils and natural crystals).

Each month, you’ll receive:

  • 8oz Glass Wellness Candle® ($25 retail value)
  • 3”+ Ethically Sourced Natural Crystal ($45+ retail value)
  • Monthly Crystal Intention Guide
  • Access to Private Collection & Crystal Candle Specials

If you sign up now, your first box will include:

Our very first box aims to impress with an incredibly rare Rainbow Moonstone crystal. Each member will receive a unique one of a kind crystal – hand carved & polished by an ethical mining cooperative.

The Cleansed Wellness Candle® helps create a nourishing environment that brings clarity, balance and deep healing. This cleansing aromatic blend infused with moonstone will strengthen your spiritual connection and instill a new hope for dreams and future possibility.

The Box: Crystal Wellness Club

The Cost: $34.99

Coupon: Sign up here to receive 15% off for life!

The Products: “Each month, Crystal Wellness Club features a powerful new intention and includes an exquisite 3+ inch ethically sourced natural crystal, a healing Wellness Candle® and a beautiful Crystal Intention Guide.”

What do you think of this new box? Would you like to see it reviewed?

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Comments (35)

  1. Well I got my first box today and I was not disappointed at all. Everything was so well packaged and put together. The candle smells amazing and the crystal (moonstone) is by far the largest crystal I’ve ever gotten in a box and is very good quality (it is polished, fyi). The crystal comes in a SUPER luxe drawstring bag – thick and so so soft. There is a card that goes along with the crystal that has a picture of the crystal (great for those us who forget which is which) with the basic “properties” on one side, and some brief instructions on intention setting (a little more info would have been nice though since I’ve never really done that before).

    I don’t personally believe in crystal power but I think these could be a great aid to meditation to give you something to focus on and I DO believe in meditation so this all works for me. Can’t wait for the next box!

  2. 🙄🙄🙄 please don’t give this type of box any attention.

  3. Sounds interesting. I don’t get why there’s always candles though? So many damn candles.
    It seems a little pricer than it should be? but maybe once I see whats in one that would make more sense.

  4. Yes, Please!

  5. I would love to see this reviewed. I did subscribe already and look forward to it.

    Also, I learned long ago that just because I don’t know how something works does not mean that it does not work.

    Western science is constantly changing and so is our view of the world and the materials and energy in it. Science is not fixed- it is an unfolding process! So my personal choice is to remain an open-minded skeptic, but not a cynic 😉

    • Like!!!! 🙂👍

    • So true!!! I love your open mindedness

  6. No

  7. Since it’s from Yogi Surprise, I already ordered the box. I hope the stones are unique and beautiful because the three Marshall’s stores in my area already sell candles from the Wellness Candle brand at $12.99 to $16.99 a piece, depending on the store. I have a half dozen of them, and they are nice. I’m fascinated by rocks and crystals and frequent gem and mineral shows. I have a few gem directories/encyclopedias, but there is never any scientific evidence presented that stones possess any particular power or energy. Please review it. I would like to know your opinion on its value. Thank you.

  8. I’m curious why the pictures on IG feature two candles

  9. I’m in the minority but I’d like some reviews on it. I’ve seen the candles in stores and they are pretty and have nice scents and usually retail for $25 on their own. I’ve given a couple as gifts and people really seem to like them. I don’t believe in crystals but I do like having some. The quality of the crystals will make a difference – I have a store near me also where I can buy some nice ones but they are pretty expensive.

  10. No way

  11. No, thank you.

  12. I’d love to see it. I also signed up!

  13. Hi – I wouldn’t mind a review I have been looking into these on cratejoy becausethere aren’t many reviews on new age sub boxes here.

    Please add some reviews if possible


  14. I love my Yogi Surprise Box so much and this looks fun. I’d like to see it reviewed but I’d love to see it more affordable 😊

  15. No

  16. Definitely. If you take the time to review Slut Box (love the comments on that one), you obviously have the resources to review this one.

    • I think this is the best point so far 🙂

  17. As a rock hound, I’d love to see more crystal (or rocks) boxes reviewed. But the combination of it with a candle (which I’d never use) is of no interest to me.

    However, I think these “review or pass?” posts are just a way to keep new content coming. I’d bet that there’s a box they’ve already been sent which we are about to see a review of soon, regardless of the sentiments expressed.

  18. I like crystals and have several cause I think they’re pretty. But there’s absolutely nothing mystical or magical about them. I can’t understand how anyone with a basic education can think so – but it’s a free country so to each his own. 😀

    • It’s fine that you don’t believe in healing powers of crystals, but you just basically called the people who choose to, stupid. Why? Was it really necessary?

  19. A small candle and a few rocks don’t equal 35 dollars to me. There’s a crystal/rock shop in my area and I can get 3 rocks/crystals for 10 dollars. Easy pass.

  20. Agree with general sentiment here; I’ll probably just skip reading the review if you post another crystal box.

    I would be more interested in the unique boxes on cratejoy like the blend box, kizuna box, bagel box, etc. Plus there are new types of subscriptions out there that I have never seen on msa before, such as imperfect produce, emeals, veestro etc.

  21. Yes, please! I might be in the minority here, but I believe in the healing magic of crystals. The crystals promised are larger than most sub boxes offerings and yogi surprise has stellar customer service.

  22. I love jewelry that contains natural stones and own several pieces actually, but personally I don’t have any spiritual beliefs associated with the stones themselves (no shade to those who do). So if the box was reviewed I’d definitely read it to admire everything, but I don’t see myself ever buying it. But then again, that sentiment probably goes with about 95% of the boxes reviewed on this site 🙂

  23. If there was a box for aspiring geologists to learn about minerals and gems, I would be all about it. But this is the millionth one of these kind of boxes I’ve seen.

    • I am also in the club of “crystals don’t do anything.”

      I remember seeing a box like you’re talking about on Cratejoy, but when I went and looked it up, all the reviews were complaints about shipping and not receiving boxes that had been paid for, so I won’t actually put its name down here.

    • Ditto! No for crystals.

  24. Not personally interested. Pretty to look at but, I agree, they do nothing. Maybe a placebo effect for some which, isn’t always a bad thing.

  25. I agree with the previous commenter. Crystals are nice to look at, but after you collect a ton then you just have a bunch of crystals. It’s kind of a fad that is dying out again.

  26. A. This looks like a cool box. But,
    B. I agree with Lily. Crystals don’t actually do anything.

  27. Personally, I’m not interested as ” New Age Crystal therapy” was popular 50 years ago, then 30 years ago, and here it is back again. Useless and worthless.

    Crystals do nothing, AND they belong in the unmined earth. We can do more when we leave nature undisturbed, IMO.

    • While I agree that crystal therapy is useless, I find the statement about leaving nature undisturbed kind of hilarious. How do you suppose we’ve come so far in science and medicine? Where would you be living right now?

      • Yeah, so like the lithium in batteries in all manner of electronic devices comes from minerals that are mined, and that’s just one example, but without removing minerals from the earth we would not have Pepto Bismol, lots and lots of pigments including the titanium dioxide used in sunscreen, anything made of clay (from masks to pottery to kitty litter), asphalt for roads, clean water (lots of minerals used in water treatment), pencils, cement, the mica that shows up in so many mineral makeup products, food cans, touch screen glass, steel, etc.

        Although I suppose it is good to discourage coveting items like crystals for decorative purposes, industrial uses far, far outstrip crystal collectors in terms of sheer volume of material.

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