BoxyLuxe September 2019 Spoilers Round #3!

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We have more spoilers for the September 2019 BoxyLuxe box! 

All subscribers to the September 2019 BoxyLuxe will receive:

Sutra Beauty 32mm Clipless Curling Iron OR MODA Makeup Brushes 8pc Brush Kit

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Spongelle Mani Pedi Treatment and Clean Skin Water Bottle Infuser


Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette

In case you missed the first spoiler, each subscriber will receive:

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream


Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Uuuugh! I missed it! Damn! They should’ve had it open all weekend even if they can’t promise you’ll get everything they choose. Boxycharm is so frustrating sometimes!

  2. I signed up for both boxycharm and boxyluxe but I haven’t received my email to customize my products yet 🙁

    • I ever received any customization e-mails either, but thanks to all the instagram previews I follow, I knew it was happening and basically hounded them until they sent me the link to the customization, otherwise, I would have missed out like the last one — for some reason, I no longer receive any emails from them regarding anything. I wasn’t pleased with the way it was handled, they only sent it because I said to please cancel it if I don’t get a choice.

  3. Ladies did you get the email that you can choose your items. I chose the curling wand the Sunday Riley and the water bottle combo. So happy I was able to choose

    • I didn’t get the email until literally two hours after it closed and they wouldn’t let me do it. Pretty annoyed 🙁

      • CJ the email said to chose your preferences and they would TRY to make sure you got ONE of them. I have NO faith in Boxy to actually get 1 correct let alone 3 since they screwed up the majority of Cover FX skin tone preferences when they said you would get the one you chose and other times they’ve said they would. They screwed up the other luxe choice for many the last two times they’ve tried to customize 1 item. With saying they would try to get you 1 item you chose is basically the same chances you had with getting lucky without the choices. How often do you want 3 things and actually get 1 or 2 anyway, it happens most of the time so this “customization” email was ridiculous.

        • I’m sorry I was replying to someone else’s comment and got it confused with your comment.

        • I hate to admit it, but I think you are prob. right. I have always had the survey on their site filled out since I signed up 2 years ago, and they still send the wrong tone. I’m not hopeful that they will get all my choices correct, especially when it’s 3. Makes me sad, especially when the options between the variants is so extreme ….like the August box, serum or mascara? I wonder ….ugh, so annoying, makes me want to cancel, but then I see spoilers and I like what is coming. I’m also not happy that they give so many perks to re-sub, but nothing for loyal customers.

        • I missed the deadline to customize also, but they said there will be another op before September so I’m watching my email like a hawk.

          • They said that last time, too, and it NEVER happened.

      • That’s what happened to me last Boxyluxe, so I cancelled. It wasn’t MY fault they screwed up, and it’s NOT fair to their customers to just say too bad. With all the variations, I said screw it. I’m not interested in taking chances with my money for a company that doesn’t give a crap. I cancelled, and I most likely won’t be back. It’s clear they are STILL pulling the same crap.

    • I chose the exact same things!

  4. I just got my shipping/tracking email! Shocked! I thought I was going to be waiting until August to hear anything! LOL

    • On the Popup items….

  5. I really hope that of all the things I dont get the pineapple serum, if it has actual pineapple I can’t use it my face will blow up like a balloon. I did the survey so I’m crossing my fingers!

  6. This is my fave makeup sub box. If I like more than two products, I’m happy! I like the customization options. Of course, it’s logically impossible to guarantee as 80% are probably going to choose on product over the other…that’s why they offered the hero item option to ensure you receive at least one choice.

    I think I have a very good chance at my selections: pineapple serum, Pedi and bottle along with wand. Since I chose two lower price unpopular selections, I think I may score all three! Fingers crossed…

  7. I’m super excited about this box. I know the curling wand is obviously more expensive, but I’d rather the brushes bc I’d get more use out of them, being the curling wand seems really neat, i’m sure I wouldn’t get much use out of it. It’d just build up dust. Also I really think I’d enjoy both serums. I want the Sunday Riley one more though. I have oily skin. Just worry it make make it more oily but maybe not. Great reviews on both. And I had trouble choosing out of the Tarte contour palette or the spongelle buffers and bottle. Both seem neat out the spongelle and and bottle but honestly prob wouldn’t get much use out the bottle. Probably get more out the contour palette. Seems a lot like most we’ve been getting lately though. Can always put up for later til my other contour palettes run out. But I’m super glad they are letting us choose what we want out of all 3 variations. The email I received today, asked which we want the most and then says they’ll do their best to try to give us all 3 choices. I’m super excited. I’m hoping if I get the brushes like I chose for my choice that the other items we don’t know about yet will add up as much as the curling wand bc if not that’s a huge difference in the box prices. But I’m sure they will. Boxy hasn’t let me down yet. Yes I don’t always get the item I want the most but overall I always enjoy everything and love being surprised. It’s like Christmas every month lol.

  8. about the email to pick variations there is a questionaire. It asks which we prefer to get either mascara, eyeliner or surprise me. Does the surprise mean their choice of either the mascara or eyeliner or will it be something completely different?

    • Great question! I was wondering too bc I don’t want either…have MORE than enough of both!

    • Yep, it most certainly means they will surprise you out of those two items

  9. Everyone check your email boxycharm is allowing us to customize our boxyluxe products for september….I already filled out my products.. i hope everyone gets what they like.

    • I love their wording… customize your box and we will *TRY* to make sure you get at least one of your choices! lol

      • I noticed that as well. I think it is a covert method of anticipating how much inventory they need to purchase. At first I got all excited and then I realized it was almost futile to do.

        I am so not liking Boxcharm.

      • Ashley S Right that’s what I said So basically they aren’t really customizing it because odds are you’d most likely get at least 1 product (out of 3) that you wanted anyway. Boxy is getting sneakier and pulling the bait n switch tactics more n more

    • This is why I love MSA. I’m on this site every day which is more often than I check my email. I would have missed the opportunity to customize. Thank you.

  10. I’ve been contemplating the Boxycharm & Luxe subs but these “spoilers” just arent doing it for me. I have all the hair tools I could need, vrand new NUME’s still in their boxes, I have Tarte palettes coming out my ears, sooo overstocked on QUALITY serums & moisturizers etc. Obviously I’m just on product overload lol. My IGB & IGBP have also been keeping me well supplied along with my FFF subscription. Kinda happy this is an easy pass for me.

  11. I received my email to customize too! I chose the curling wand, pedi bottle set (I really love the palette, but I have five new highlighter palettes), and the pineapple serum (I’ve been dying to try – Was waiting for the Sephora 20% VIP Sale, but I can have it now!)

  12. Just an FYI!!! I just received an email that let me CUSTOMIZE ALL THREE SPOILER choices! I chose the bronzer palette, curling wand, and Sunday Riley!

    • I got the email too – I hope it means we’ll get the 3 we want but I think it said that they’ll try their best to give you at least one of them…..fingers crossed

      • yes, they said they’ll try their best. so no guarantees. BUT they did ask which one of our choices would we be most excited to get. so hopefully our top pick is more of a sure bet.

        • i chose the curling wand, pineapple glow, & the tarte palette (even tho i already received the palette from them before. i just REALLY don’t want the alternatives.) so if i do end up getting all of my choices, including the palette, that would be a pretty good confirmation that they really are striving to honor our choices as long as their product inventory allows.

          • I did exactly the same thing as I actively don’t want the water bottle and at least a friend will like the palette versus the water bottle which would just wind up in my donate to charity pile because no one I know wants that kind of useless clutter.

            And who in their right mind would choose $10 worth of brushes versus a curling iron. I don’t particularly want it but at least someone I know will like it versus a set of cheap brushes. One really high quality brush would have been infinitely preferable to the cheap Moda Walmart set

          • I chose the curling wand, Sunday Riley, and the water bottle and spongelle. I love spongelle. I first got one in my first fff box and loved it

          • <>

            Someone with naturally curly hair? That’s me, and I don’t know anyone who would want one as a gift. I chose the brushes, Sunday Riley (although the pineapple serum would be exciting also), and palette.

          • Amarante, I chose the brushes over the curling iron! LOL!!!! (but then again I’ve never claimed to be in my right mind when it comes to these boxes. 😉 ) That curling iron will get absolutely no use in my household, but those brushes sure will! 😀

          • I chose the brushes. I liked the previous sets of Moda brushes we received. I lost my hair after receiving chemotherapy and it didn’t grow back. I have no use for a curling iron or any heat styling tool, but I think it’s great that Boxycharm includes these in their boxes. Even better that they are giving us a choice this time.

    • Read it carefully – it says they will try to send you one of your choices.

    • Read it carefully- it says they will try to send you one of your choices.

    • Me Too! My daughter called dibs on the curling iron, but I didn’t get the Tarte Bronzer palette last time, and I’m always up for Sunday Riley!

    • I just received it too! I chose the brushes, the water bottle bundle and SR. I really wanted the pineapple and SR, but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. I’m excited for this box.

    • That’s so cool, July is my first box, so I’m not expecting an email, but I’m glad for those that did receive it, it’s very encouraging!

      • July is my first box too (I actually just subscribed this Tuesday) and I received an email about customization

    • That’s exactly what I chose! I’m excited! 🙂

    • I got that email too and got SUPER excited thinking they were giving us a choice of what 3 items we wanted until I got to question 4 where it asks out of those 6 items which would you most want so I’m assuming ONLY 1 is guaranteed! But I’m really hoping I’m wrong!

  13. What’s going on with all of the this or that variants so far? Boxyluxe wasn’t really like that before. I know I won’t get the Tarte palette bc I got it in the first one, and I’ll be able to customize the SR Tidal, but this spoiler is a variant too. Are they all gonna be variants?

  14. I’m one who didn’t get the palette last time, and I don’t want it now. I just don’t contour that much and am so pale none of those will work for me anyway. So, I hope that doesn’t mean I will get it for sure.
    Also, Last time they let people choose an item, I Never did get that email. I kept getting all the other emails from boxy but never that email ( why just that one missing?) and I repeatedly checked all my junk and spam files, nope. I hope we do get to pick and I hope everybody gets the email if we do.
    I do like everything else though 👍 Hoping for curling iron, water bottle, and watercream.
    I smiled when I saw the brushes because I remember a time when I thought I could never get too many brushes, lol.

  15. Agree with all the other comments that Boxy needs to figure out at least 1 customization. I’m considering cancelling bc the only thing I want is the SR.

  16. I never got my Boxy Luxe for June. It was supposed to be delivered FedEx lost it apparently. I emailed customer service got a bunch of generic emails saying they were busy would get back to me eventually. Finally on June 29 they agreed to send me a replacement after all, but accusing me of lying about not getting it. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for 3 years without ever a complaint. They told me to check with neighbors etc. When after three weeks they agreed to send a replacement they said it would take another two weeks to ship. Then last week they email me and say they can’t give me a replacement they don’t have the stock. Dragging this out for 7 weeks and paying $50 for something I’ll never get and being treated like I stole from them has really turned me off the whole subscription.

    • OMG! Like for reals boxycharm has the worst customer service ever!

    • The “check with neighbors and housemates” is standard email. They will then do what they did to me once the item was out of stock, which is give you charms worth the amount you are out. whoopdy doo! In my case I had already canceled by then so the charms they issued to me became worthless, unless I resubscribe. That’ll learn me. Never cancel until they have completed honoring their obligations. (of course they take so long that I would’ve been charged for two additional boxes prior to canceling.) cest la vie! Live and learn.

    • Oh heck no!! I’d be pissed!

  17. IF I was still getting this box, I would cancel immediately. That type of water bottle (fruit infused) is so out of date and useless (probably got them dirt cheap from some company wanting to unload them) and I certainly don’t need yet another bronzing palette because I don’t even use bronzer. When you voice these things to Boxycharm they refer you to the Facebook groups to sell or swap what you don’t want. Can’t get rid of it because EVERYONE is dumping theirs so you end up stuck with it. They have peaked and are now on their downward spiral.

    When Boxycharm first came out the boxes were filed with close-out items purchased from liquidators. You would fall in love with something only to discover you could no longer purchase it because it was discontinued. There were a lot of nail decals too lol. I’m fearing they are headed that way again, purchasing close-out items from companies – such as the water bottle, or palettes that aren’t perfect or palette packaging being repurposed but they don’t want to sell the palette to the public so they sell it discounted to BC. I sure hope that’s not the case.

  18. Well the good news is I should be able to buy the Tarte pallete super cheap off a swap site soon! Lol. That’s the only thing I want.

    • what swap sites do you use?

  19. I wrote boxycharm about the palette and they said it’s only for those that didnt received it and it was a requested item from who I dont know. Also they said they dont know if there will be an opportunity to choose just yet between the water bottle or the palette. I really want the curling wand because it will keep me from having to buy one of lesser quality… I dont want the palette because I dont use contour…hopefully they will work it out…

  20. Please be saving the best for last… 🙁

    Please… lol.

  21. Welp, keep remembering how awful curling irons are for my hair, how I have really lovely Jane Iredale cosmetic brushes, and how I dislike the Tarte PaP palette, and cancelled 2 BoxyLuxe subscriptions.

    These products just aren’t for me.. Hope it will be a great box for a lot of people, though.

  22. This is totally off topic, but can someone please explain how you ship your swaps via PayPal shipping without doing an invoice or estimate? I’ve done it before but can’t figure it out now! And I’m soooooo beyond frustrated trying to ship my swap out!!!
    Thanks in advance!

    • I tried posting the link twice but no go lol

      Maybe this will…just delete the spaces. 🙂

      paypal . com / shiplabel / create /

      • Thank you so much Lesly!! I got it to work and it’s a lifesaver! you wouldn’t believe how aggravating it was searching the whole website for something I KNOW is there, but can’t find anywhere! grrr LOL
        So, thank you again!

  23. And removed myself from the waitlist. Again. If i wanted this type of box I would go to FFF where i can at least customize c amount of products. I don’t curl my short hair. The brushes and iron are not comparable in any way shape or form. Boxy just made this choice super easy for me.

  24. Is there any way to pause a subscription because so far this is a box that I don’t want.

    Regarding the curling iron – yes it’s a curling iron but many people don’t want or need a curling iron. And one can get a curling iron if one desires for way less money. And stop with the Moda Brushes – I think a set of Moda brushes (which is the cheapest of the lines) is about $10. If you are doing a “luxe” box, then why not a luxury branded brush like a Mac brush.

  25. Anyone get any shipping confirmation from the Boxy Popup sale yet?

    • I read that they won’t be shipping the items until closer to August, or maybe even in August.

      • Thx Luna. I saw that little disclaimer on my order confirmation about them hoping to ship by August too.. was just hoping maybe some orders were being filled and sent by now. On another post a girl said she had received shipping info just a couple days after ordering! (Hadn’t heard anyone else say that tho)

        • Oops! Sorry Nina… I didn’t realize there was a disclaimer about it on the order confirmation since I missed out on the sale. I hope you get shipping soon! 🙂

    • I saw someone post a pic on FB of their Pop-up order, received it today.
      Apparently she didn’t get a shipping email, it just showed up on her doorstep today.
      So, apparently they have shipped some already. But it’ll probably take some time for all orders to be shipped out. I’m only expecting mine sometime well into August. Anything earlier would just be a fun exciting bonus.

    • I have a label but the awaiting shipment date isn’t until next Monday. Label’s just pending…

  26. I canceled my spot on the waitlist. I already own that tarte palette, don’t need a water bottle or curling iron…the 2 skincare products are nice, but I don’t *need* them. I’ll just stick with my monthly Boxycharm subscription.

  27. Sooooo over all of the variations! As someone else says, not happy about it but willing to put up with it with a $21/month box. For a $50 box, I expect to be able to “expect” something! Variations are rampant and don’t have equivalent values at all … maybe okay if we could “choose” (as some options might be more valuable to me regardless of monetary value). Boxy needs to re-evaluate … they keep introducing new things (pop up shop, LE boxes, rumors of mystery boxes) – but the value to loyal subscribers keeps going DOWN.

  28. Hopefully the brushes and curling iron are not variants especially of each other…. !

    • They are

  29. Stop with the Variations ESPECIALLY since they are no where near equal value! I seriously can’t believe Boxy is sending a repeat Luxe item n I can almost guarantee those palettes have been sitting in a warehouse since last year. O n since I got screwed over on the first luxe box I ended up having to buy the PAP palette off a swap site, used it a few times n didn’t like it but I’m guessing I’ll get stuck with it this time around. I’m just so over the variations n price differences

    • I totally agree!

  30. How is the curling iron and brushes anywhere in comparison of being the same value? I love brushes but I want that curling irond

  31. Cancelled my luxe when I saw that water bottle😂 and I don’t want the Tarte palette either, sat the first luxe out because I didn’t want it. Was kinda worried I’d love the next spoiler but Nope! No regrets! I feel like they are just asking for it with all these variations and not customizing the boxes…you do it to yourself Boxy!

    • Omg! I hear u!! I saw this and just cancelled too! Was psyched for pineapple but of course I won’t get I always get the crap box there’s a new box called “the box” by fashionista. It’s 19.00 for 7 full size

  32. I always end up getting the lower value box every month, so if I wind up with that brush set and that water bottle, I am done for good!

    • That’s funny bc I want the water bottle and the brush set. I don’t curl my curly hair, and I have the palette 😉 I hope we both get the variations we want!!

    • I know, my boxes are the same…
      I can pretty much perfectly predict what I will be getting based on which is the lowest value variant option. Every single time.
      I mean, I get that it’s still a great value for what you’re paying… Sometimes I just really hope for some of the better variants. Lol

  33. OMG!!! I hope i get the curling iron, the pineapple serum and the water bottle combo!! Please oh please #boxycharm! I recieved the princess Tarte palette the first boxyluxe box. I dont use contour. So excited for this box!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!

  34. So I’m excited- though I really hope these aren’t variables and everyone is just receiving the vast majority of these items in their box.

  35. How is the curling iron and brushes anywhere in comparison of being the same value? I love brushes but I want that curling iron

    • Seriosuly. Ten dollar brush set or an 80 dollar curling iron???

  36. This is just ridiculous. I’m not putting up with all these variations I have no say in when I’m spending $50. I was super excited about either of the first 2 spoilers, particularly the serum, so either would be ok. The second I’d want the palette for sure since A.) After being a subscriber for over 4 years and spending nearly 4 hours online only to get cheated out of that palette in the first Luxe box and B.) I have Spongelles for months or years depending on how often I use them since they come in almost every sub box out there and enough water bottles to last me a lifetime, including a couple infuser ones that I’ll never have the need for. And now this? I already own a curling iron just like that one and several others but I NEVER curl my hair anymore because it’s too difficult with my very debilitating and painful upper back and neck issues. And I’m sure there are way more people like me that would much prefer the brush set either because they too have whatever curling iron they prefer, choose not to use them or have curly hair already. Or just like the brush set better. I have those same type of brushes but I always like trying new brands and believe having plenty of back ups is great.

    All I can say is if we’re not allowed to customize at least one of those last two sets of spoilers I’m OUT. I put up with this from the $21 box because it’s fairly cheap and I have to in order to qualify for Luxe. But I would skip those months if they allowed it. So in a way my Luxe box requires me to spend $90 a box. I know people will bring up Ipsy Plus but that’s only $25 and we can often add in the products we didn’t get. The $50 FFF box allows for at least 3 choices and 5 for annual subcribers, which we kind of are with Boxy since we have to remain subscribed all year or risk being waitlisted for every Luxe box. I’m so disappointed they’re now doing this with their boxes that cost more than double the regular box price. And before people get in a huff, yes the RV will still be there but why bother spending $50 (plus the other two $21 charges) to potentially only get one product I want?

    • On boxycharm Instagram it said that if you didn’t get the palette in the last boxyluxe or if you were new , you would get it in this one.

      • Where did you see that? I saw them say if you got it before that you wouldn’t get it again. This will be my first boxyluxe though and I’m really hoping I don’t get a water bottle.

    • I totally understand where your coming from! I got cheated out of the first BOXYLUXE too! The one that had that park ave palette that I wanted SO BAD! It was the sole reason I wanted the luxe box when it launched. Did you receive your email the other day to customize the first 3 spoilers??? I REALLY hope you did bc the link was only active 24hrs. I heard from the beginning those who already got the palette won’t get it again and then received that email to customize and chose pineapple serum/brushes/tarte palette I was REALLY excited at first bc I thought we could choose until the 4th question asked ” out of all 6 which would you most want ” so ONLY 1 is guaranteed so I went with pineapple serum since I already have plenty of palettes. I still got my fingers crossed for the palette tho and hoping I get it since I didn’t get It the first time! If I don’t then September WILL without a doubt be my last month with BOXYCHARM. It’s bad enough I missed it the first time DUE TO BOXYCHARM MISCOMMUNICATING WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS! They had their loyal subscribers that were on the “interest list ” waiting for our email with the link to upgrade that ended up coming late but didn’t matter bc they announced on Twitter at 9am sharp all you needed to do was sign in to your account and simply click the upgrade button! I’m going to shut up about that fiasco bc all it’s doing is making me furious AGAIN! Anyways i really hope everything works out for you and you receive the items that you actually want!

    • You’re right. I was in love with the previous Boxy Luxe and would put up with the regular Boxycharm. But I wasn’t impressed with the last Boxyluxe and now that I’ve seen the spoilers, I was underwhelmed. I already received the Tarte Palette, so the other option is a water bottle? That’s ridiculous. Of course I’m interested in the curler, but even then I bought one recently. The SR and Glow might be worth it… it’s just so frustrating that everything is a variation now. Even with August, there are 3 possible spoilers but I don’t know anything that’s 100%. I just decided to pull the plug at the last minute. I’m much happier saving my money than like you said, having to put up with regular Boxycharm just to maybe receive 1 item that I like from Boxyluxe.

  37. I’m on the wait list and am strongly considering removing myself. I haven’t used a curling iron in over 20 years, since I stopped straightening my hair.


  39. Do many of you use a clipless curling iron? I had one and a heat resistant glove to use with it and it was a NIGHTMARE.
    I didn’t ever feel safe using it because there was no safety cool cap on the end to protect my skin if I accidentally touched the end to my neck ( It was for salon use so no plastic parts).

    My hair is very long and thick, and I can get smooth looser curls in about 20 minutes. The clipless kind like the one BoxyLuxe is sending out took over an hour because all that held my hair was my other hand.

    Huge price difference in the two items but I do not ever want another smooth barrel curling iron without the hair holding clip.
    A hand is not meant to tolerate that amount of heat, not even with a silly silver glove on. JMO.

    • I have waist length curly, fine, thick hair. I find no clip irons to go much faster. It wraps and releases so quickly. I don’t use a glove, but I also don’t wrap the last few inches. Since my hair is curly anyway, I often like the results just fine. If I don’t, it is very fast to use a traditional clip iron on the ends. Since I’m only curling a small volume, the clip does big chunks of the ends in one try. It did take some practice and my no clip iron has a much longer barrel

    • My curling iron isn’t clip-less, but I’ve permanently removed the clip. I don’t use a heat glove with it either. My hair is super long, touches the top of my pants, and super thick, and I can curl it in 10-15 minutes with the clip removed, bit with it on it takes an hour. My curling iron, like the one coming in Boxy, has the plastic piece at the end which I’m sure makes it much safer to use.

    • I use a chi curling wand with interchangeable barrels. I don’t bother with the glove but I try to be super careful. Not too thrilled about a generic curler or those brushes. Either option will be a re-gift or donation. Maybe someone else will love it!

      This box might be a fail for me. I assign points to decide when to keep/ditch a box and they already dropped down the item count so it is almost impossible to get 10 out of 10 unless items get bonus points for being just amazing. So far it’s 2.75 out of 3 (1.25 + 1 + .5) which will probably translate to 7/10 total at that ratio.

    • I use a curling wand instead of the clip-curling iron.
      I find my hair curls so much better, and it’s much faster and easier to use. I don’t use a heat glove, I’m just careful about where the iron is, and how I hold my hands/arms.
      I found the clip would get in my way, create kinks, or pull on my hair.

      Of course, this means I already have a curling wand lol… So probably don’t need a new one from Boxy. Really not interested in those brushes either though. 🤷‍♀️

    • I totally agree. I already have a clipless curling iron and I hate it. I really hope I don’t get another one in Boxyluxe. I will be disappointed. The other spoilers are boring. They are putting in so much skincare lately that I’m not able to use. I thought Boxycharm was a primarily a makeup box. If I wanted this much skincare I would subscribe to BeautyFix. Having said all that, I’m still not ready to cancel.

  40. 🤢

    Do not like all the variations and I always end up with the junk box.

    I would rather have the Spongelle/water bottle versus another blush palette I won’t use.

    I will be glad when my 6 month membership ends. I wish I had never been that stupid. Every box except for the June Boxy Luxe have sucked.

    • I have to agree. I’m so glad I didn’t jump on board with the luxe. It seems to be duplicated crap that no one bought in the stores. I like the makeup brushes in this box my everything else is stupid and duplicated

  41. I would really like to try the pineapple serum, but there’s no quarantee I’ll receive it. I already received Park Ave Princess and don’t want the alternative.

  42. No FOMO whatsoever. Blah.

  43. Perfect box is curler, spongelle + bottle, and pineapple serum!

  44. With so many variations, it would be nice if we Could choose between them all so we could more customize. Like choose the wand or brushes, choose the SR or pineapple serum, choose the palette or bottle and spongelle.

    • You can … Check your email today

      • How can you choose between them?.

  45. Little fomo, just hit pan on my PAP pallet- it’s my HG bronzer

  46. How does a brush set and a hair styling tool be equal???

    • My thoughts exactly!! I hate those already so many variations!

  47. Too many variations and too many hair tools that I don’t use on my 4C natural hair. I’ve been thinking about cancelling boxyluxe and just getting regular boxycharm for some time now. I’m on product overload and I get IGBP so now may be the time.

    • I heard that we could customize is this true and how I never recieved any info

      • You can apparently! There’s a certain time frame to do it though. You’ll receive an email so that you can login to your boxy account and you’ll be able to customize your boxyluxe that way. It gives you a link in the email. I think you only have about 24 or 48 hours to do it once the customizing window opens.

  48. Oh yes! I like what I see! 😁

  49. Too many variations!

  50. 😀😛😊😁😄😃😀😊🥰😍

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